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From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic


00:09:54. How to incorporate external instruments with a UR 22 interface?

00:14:58. Can I add my custom plug-in collections in right hand MediaBay?

00:17:33. Does the Akai mkiii controller work well with Cubase?

00:18:24. Will Yamaha and Steinberg work on a DSP card for Waves soundgrid?

00:20:38. How to sync track visibility with lower zone MixConsole?

00:23:17. Would love to see a tutorial on using the remote controleditor?

00:27:24. Is it possible to setup Cubase to autosave every time something new is recorded?

00:28:51. How to assign parameters to note expression?

00:35:18. How to use program change in VST?

00:36:31. Any tips to help a new visually impaired Cubase user?

00:38:59. How to get MIDI imported drum events aligned within the editor?

00:41:52. How can I customize modifier key functions with tools for editing?

00:44:11. Is Cubase capable of translating CV to MIDI?

00:45:00. Why are my logical editor presets not there when in Cubase?

00:47:37. How do I setup Cubase to send audio from my UR824 to my monitors?

00:49:09. Any way to save presets for external effects and instruments?

00:50:42. Why does Cubase stop playing when I switch to the UA mixer?

00:51:47. What is a quick way to delete a clip since the delete key on Mac does not do it?

00:53:02. How to split a track into pieces for applying effects to certain parts?

00:56:42. Will there be a future feature to make video export size smaller?

00:57:12. Are there any disadvantages of having the update display option in the export audio?

00:57:44. How can I save my current mixer space as a workspace?

01:01:56. How to assign a remote control to control plug-in parameters from a MIDI controller?

01:05:51. How can I record MIDI and audio as a real time track?

01:09:53. How can I pitch correct vocals of a music track recorded at A=432?

01:12:05. How can I change the name of an audio file after it is recorded?

01:15:11. Why is a loop imported from MediaBay out of time when syncing is activated?

01:19:18. Is it possible to see the grid in the sample editor in triplets when free warping?

01:20:20. Will having ADAT over system link allow 8 channels to be bussed for effects?

01:22:47. Out of 9,000 hangout questions has Greg learned something new?

01:24:11. Why am I not hearing the other instrument in VST Connect?

01:27:52. How to render a video file in Cubase?

01:30:34. Can you explain a little bit about expression maps?

01:36:28. How to incorporate my external summing chain in Cubase without latency?

01:44:03. What is the best way to find a key of the song?

01:46:43. How to get the Dark Presision preset bass to sustain longer and brighter in mix?

01:53:03. How to load a sample into the sampler track and play it via a MIDI note?

01:55:05. How to setup an instrument in control room for instrument in VST Connect?

01:56:02. Why does enabling musical mode on a recorded track move its position?

02:00:10. How to move items to a different position in info line with smaller screens?

02:03:03. What is the best way to export tracks with effects and EQ for someone not using Cubase?

02:12:14. What is the difference in WaveLab Pro 10 between export and save as?

02:18:35. Any tips for better workflow and sound design for EDM music?

02:25:24. How can I use my MIDI controller for tuning a vocal track?

02:27:42. Why can’t my new computer find HALion Symphonic Orchestra?

02:29:30. Can you recommend a portable external SSD to work with Cubase?

02:30:24. Can you give suggestions on recording levels and gain stage for my projects?

02:33:18. How to move a full project from a laptop in the field to a desktop in the studio?

02:37:14. Will Steinberg add a mono/stereo switch on channels?

02:39:13. Where are the recent project lists stored?

02:40:04. Where are the presets of the audio setup stored?

02:40:47. Why when opening an OMF do I get a message that must have software loaded?

02:42:51. How to prevent MIDI editor closing when deleting selected MIDI container?

02:46:41. Is there a way to meet or connect with VST Connect Pro to learn more about Cubase?

02:48:09. How can I import my old Steinberg Model E sounds into my current Cubase?

02:49:53. What is an email address to reach Greg?

02:50:25. How to learn in depth about HALion, Retrologue and Groove Agent?

02:51:39. What is the folder where user track pictures are stored?

02:55:43. How to separate MT drummer loops into individual tracks?

02:56:24. How can I use the sounds of a previous drum recordings as samples in other projects?

03:00:17. Why are some of the sounds in HALion Symphonic Orchestra too low in volume?

03:03:20. Why am I having problem having Cubase see Superior Drummer 3 plug-in?

03:04:39. Why do I need phantom power to hear dynamic mic and not able to hear a condenser mic on my UR RT2?

03:06:54. How to get the right formats to submit music for different music licensing libraries?

03:09:14. How to consolidate audio files when some rendered files go to other folders?

03:10:54. What will best reduce computer processing load more RAM or faster CPU speed?

03:13:36. Why am I unable to update to PadShop Pro?

03:14:54. How to split MIDI drums to different tracks?

03:18:03. What is a way to get support?

03:19:22. Can you give an example of copy and paste?

03:21:27. Can you explain gain structures that are normal for sending a project to mastering?

03:25:40. How to quantize patterns within Groove Agent 5?

03:29:32. Where to find the transport button in Cubase?

03:31:32. How to program patterns in Groove Agent with different rhythms?

03:34:33. How to make frequencies below 180Hz in center for vinyl mastering?

03:36:38. Is it possible to remove old soft elicenses and trial versions?

03:37:38. Is it possible to capture arpeggios on Windows like IAC on Mac?

03:41:23. Can MixConsole snapshots be transferred to other projects?

03:43:37. Why aren’t ARA extensions showing up in my Nuendo 10.3?

03:44:31. Is it possible to transfer MixConsole views between different projects?

03:47:11. Is it possible to transmit MIDI out of HALion Sonic?

03:49:41. Can phrases from FlexPhraser be sent to other instruments?

03:51:35. Can I use MicroTuner for any VST instrument?

03:53:49. Can the FlexPhraser be sent out to other instruments in real time?

03:54:16. Is it possible to show only tracks that are record enabled?

03:57:02. Wrap Up. Stay Safe and healthy.

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic

00:09:40. Could Steinberg offer a virtual environment for people not wanting to get trial?

00:10:33. What is the best way to adjust MIDI notes earlier to adjust for slow attack times?

00:13:24. What is the best way to include a library of guitar wav files HALion 6 or Groove Agent?

00:16:06. What can help expression maps load faster?

00:18:07. How to do a down sampling type of effect in Cubase?

00:21:09. How to program a hi hat pedal in MIDI?

00:22:52. Can I listen only to the reverb return isolated to a particular track?

00:27:39. How to record talkback mic as a slate when talkback is enabled?

00:33:39. Can you show the basics of the Cubase meters?

00:37:39. What can cause the error message audio dropout during record?

00:39:10. Is there a way to zoom in and out vertically using a keyboard shortcut?

00:40:41. Why would I choose OpenGL or DirectX in SpectraLayers 7?

00:41:41. Can I use Waves plug-ins in Cubase Elements?

00:42:15. Is it possible to create a macro to load a particular plug-in or add effect to a particular send?

00:45:04. Why choose internal or external clocking?

00:48:54. Why is my audio in a louder signal than is on the track when both are at 0dB?

00:54:50. Will internal or external clocking affect external analog effects integration?

00:55:41. How to view all channel strips in large MixConsole in same order?

00:59:52. How to cover full screen with project and MixConsole on wide screen?

01:02:02. Can you discuss differences in audio routing for instrument and MIDI tracks?

01:07:35. Can Cubase add a grip window to make it easier for touch screens?

01:08:42. Which version of Cubase is being used for the hangout?

01:09:18. How to adjust HALion Sonic to use less computer resources?

01:12:10. What is the best way to save MIDI files?

01:16:38. Why is loading presets in MediaBay slow?

01:19:09. How to avoid MediaBay scanning unnecessary folders to keep it zippy?

01:19:53. Is it best to run the UV22HR plug-in as a pre or post fader insert?

01:21:45. Why is HALion Sonic SE overpowering my CPU in Cubase Elements?

01:23:56. Can you discuss Reverence?

01:25:32. How to add a macro to automatically load a defined plug-in?

01:27:26. What are the square boxes above the faders in Greg’s screen?

01:28:50. Is there a big difference between work at 44.1 or 48k?

01:30:31. How to quantize triplets?

01:32:21. How to restore custom key commands that were accidentally deleted?

01:35:05. Is there a fast way to edit or cut the head and tail of field recordings?

01:41:15. How can I bounce MIDI and audio together for a a final audio file?

01:44:44. Is there a way to see compression gain reduction in channel meters?

01:45:59. Why can’t I colorize my MixConsole anymore?

01:47:06. Why is there no sound when previewing audio files in MediaBay using control room?

01:49:49. How does one become a certified Steinberg trainer?

01:50:14. Can you discuss the MIDI transformer plug-in?

01:54:24. Why is my output latency almost 3x higher than my input latency?

01:55:58. How to lock my Cubase inputs when starting a new project?

01:57:21. What is a wav64 file?

01:59:15. Will there ever be another Cubase sale?

02:00:13. Why when loading a template does my MIDI not follow after a tap tempo?

02:03:16. Why does my MediaBay preview not work when routing through the control room?

02:05:23. Will the CC 121 be replaced soon and be supported in the future if I buy it now?

02:06:39. Is there any difference in using effects in channel strip vs. dedicated inserts?

02:09:47. Are Cubase dials and faders controllable from my NI MIDI controller?

02:12:16. Can I snap Cubase screens left and right on a ultrawide monitor?

02:13:00. Does Cubase work well better on Mac or Windows?

02:16:25 Will I have to redo my loop collection in a future version of Cubase?

02:18:42. Can I run multiple outputs on a single instrument track of BFD3?

02:19:59. Does Cubase run well MacOS Catalina?

02:21:01. Why do I get a message on HALion Sonic about switching to multicore?

02:22:38. How to recover a Cubase project file that says computer memory full?

02:25:39. Does Cubase have chord detection?

02:25:57. Is there a quick way to find the highest amplitude peak in a audio file in Cubase?

02:30:07. What will be in Cubase 11?

02:31:57. Please explain 24 bit and 32 bit float differences?

02:35:41. How to setup the control room?

02:42:06. What is the create tracks from lane function used for?

02:44:58. Is there an easy way to print out my custom key commands?

02:45:51. Can you have Cubase not reserve inputs and outputs when using external effects?

02:47:19. Is there a shortcut to reveal a particular automation parameter?

02:49:27. Can we have MediaBay seamlessly integrate with finder or windows explorer?

02:49:54. How to export mon and stereo stems at the same time?

02:52:37. What are the world’s film composers doing during the pandemic?

02:54:24. How to do an 808 slide type of effect in Cubase?

02:56:46. Is there a way to see all of my MIDI remote control assignments to avoid conflicts?

02:00:01. Why do instrument sounds change by themselves when playing back a file?

03:02:53. Why does my motif external instrument not show up in some sessions?

03:04:23. How do you send your Cubase audio out for the livestream?

03:07:22. How to create a beat in groove agent?

03:11:10. Why do I have issues running an old HALion Symphonic Orchestra in current Cubase?

03:11:35. Does the audio statistics tell what the peak of a file is?

03:12:51. What is the start of the trial license based on?

03:13:24. Why does automation not read on some tracks in some projects?

03:14:20. How to load an fx chain preset on multiple tracks simultaneously?

03:17:21. Why won’t HALion Symphonic Orchestra 16 bit work in current Cubase?

03:18:46. Can I select a MIDI file of an event and drag it to the browser?

03:20:51. Is it possible to flip the left and right channels of the control room in one mouse click?

03:27:03. Why does my vocal recordings on different days using same mic and interface sound different? How can I fix?

03:32:06. Is my cloud server affecting my ARA2 editing for SpectraLayers?

03:34:42. Why is my autosave taking so long?

03:35:19. Why does the cursor sometimes switch from black to white?

03:36:25. Is there a way to send the chords from a MIDI track to the chord pads?

03:38:26. Why has the HALion Symphonic Orchestra GUI changed?

03:39:47. Is Retrologue 2 unofficially modeled on a minimoog?

03:41:23. Is there a hard copy of the Cubase manual available?

03:43:37. Does Steinberg sell any Cubase templates?

03:44:56. How do I get my songwriters add on to show up as a MediaBay icon?

03:47:55 Would having tracks disabled help with long autosave times?

03:49:18. Is there a way to multitrack free warp drums?

03:50:47. How do I know if my computer can handle a new version of Cubase?

03:52:27. How to sustain a chord over several measures?

03:53:56. Why can’t Cubase use the metronome as the reference for audio quantizing?

03:55:13. How to make notes last for several measures without retriggering the notes?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic


00:09:34. Is it better to use program changes or key switches for expression maps?

00:12:05. Is there a way to switch a synth to an audio track for vocoding?

00:13:17. Are templates supposed to come with Nuendo and Cubase?

00:14:44. Are nested folders and tracks within supposed to reflect color changes of folder?

00:17:23. What is the best way to use a matching EQ plug-in on a reference track?

00:21:19. How to get the most out of the Cubase channel strip?

00:24:54. How to copy part of an audio track and tempo changes together to a new time?

00:28:29. How to change a part with 32nd notes to 16th notes?

00:33:18. When I draw on a wav with the pencil what does it do with the blue line?

00:35:13. Does Steinberg negotiate with license deals with innovative 3rd party companies?

00:37:01. Is there a way to route the master out to multiple stereo outputs?

00:41:12. Is there a way to map the mouse wheel to transport jog functions?

00:43:54. How to easily move an audio event with all of its automation?

00:45:54. Could Cubase open in special learning mode so that documentation opens to active function?

00:47:33. Will there be a video showing how to use Zoom handy recorders from Steinberg?

00:49:47. How to make sound clean and fantastic everywhere?

00:53:03. Does Cubase have a built loudness meter?

00:54:10. Should we be mastering more to reach the headphone people?

00:56:56. Does Nuendo come with templates like Cubase?

00:58:10. How to assign quick controls to specific rack plug-ins?

01:04:30. How to automate pre gain via generic remote?

01:09:17. How to save MIDI and multi out instruments together?

01:10:39. How to shape an audio signal by both volume and frequency?

01:13:45. How to make the MixConsole channels skinnier?

01:15:05. Can drum maps be automatically created from Battery 4?

01:16:29. Can I reassign the EQ controls on CC121 and will the AI knob work in Kontakt?

01:18:39. Will Steinberg have a new device to replace the CC 121?

01:19:08. How to jump to the correct audio output in a multi out instrument rack?

01:22:50. Can you have Envelope Shaper and DeEsser active in channel strip at same time?

01:24:10. How do I import expression maps from Iconica?

01:26:55. How was the blue envelope volume accessed?

01:28:19. How to create multiple MIDI tracks for external MIDI instruments?

01:30:47. Is it possible to change the EQ send assignments on the CC121?

01:31:41. What is the purpose of the logical editor?

01:37:04. How to setup mod wheel on to control expression in HALion Symphonic Orchestra?

01:39:50. Is it possible to show how much CPU each track is using?

01:42:57. Can you discuss some of the control room functionality?

01:47:30. Can the CC 121 AI knob work with VST 2 plug-ins?

01:48:18. How to setup and connect minilab mkii in Cubase?

01:50:06. Is it better to use the plug-ins in the channel strip as opposed to plug-ins?

01:51:31. Can you do an overall loudness analysis in Cubase?

01:52:59. Is Cubase as efficient as other DAWs on MacOS?

01:56:17. Is mixing extremely different mixing in immersive with AmbiDecoder?

01:57:08. How to add a favorite VST instrument preset fast?

02:01:10. Can you tweak a non royalty free loop and claim full commercial use?

02:02:41. What is new with VST 3.7 protocol?

02:03:54. Are settings for my interface accessed via quick controls or only track and plug-ins?

02:05:41. Anyone having problems opening presets for Dark Planet?

02:07:54. Which stock plug-in makes sound more fat and round?

02:08:48. Is there a different key command to enable Write automation on selected track other than W?

02:11:52. How to update samples?

02:12:43. Why do I have problem locating “analogy” instruments like electric piano in HALion?

02:15:11. Why do I have problems hearing VSTis with my UR 44?

02:17:48. Is there a way I can collapse the right side tabs in HALion?

02:20:15. Why doesn’t the remote control settings panel work with MIDI CCs?

02:22:54. Can I fix audio edits that I forgot to do crossfades on?

02:25:27. What is the new parameter in MixConsole back front left and right?

02:27:08. How to render all MIDI tracks to record vocals without latency concerns?

02:29:34. Can I connect an external synth or sampler and record MIDI and audio?

02:31:43. Can you elaborate on how to use track quick controls vs. VST quick controls?

02:33:26. How to make melodies and bass lines using Cubase instruments?

02:34:56. How to do musical variations using logical editor?

02:38:07. Can you use the Cue Sends to send a low latency cue mix?

02:41:33 Any tips for someone who just switched from Pro Tools?

02:42:14. Can you set an all zoom out menu to the CC 121?

02:46:13. Any settings to make MediaBay work better with external USB drive?

02:47:37. What exactly is dsp on my UR44?

02:51:19. When do I turn on phantom power?

02:52:11. Can you explain how to use Prologue?

02:54:14 What is the purpose of the Ambi Decoder?

02:55:08. Can you show how to make the mixer left, right, front and back?

02:56:56. Can I use the Zoom R16 as a Mackie and CC controller?

02:59:22. Is it common to see an empty HALionOne in Cubase 10.5?

03:01:05. Is it possible to trigger the next preset in a list in HALion using MIDI controller?

03:07:46. How to bring back my metronome click sound?

03:08:56. What is the best way to bounce down stems of audio, MIDI and effects for mastering?

03:10:11. Why can’t I use crossfade?

03:12:40. How to send a reference track into the control room?

03:16:42. How to render a track with an external instrument?

03:18:46. Is there a zoom function to see all event vertically and horizontally?

03:20:30. Can the default zoom work better in Cubase?

03:21:37. Will the hangout be available after the live stream?

03:22:46. How to color the full MixConsole channel strip in Cubase 10?

03:23:54. Will the focusrite interfaces work with onboard dsp?

03:24:36. Why can’t I access the onboard dsp of my UR interface for mono inputs?

03:27:36. Is there a way to disable plug-ins to make recording smoother?

03:28:35. Can you change the starting point of an audio inside of an audio clip?

03:31:10. Why do I get a PadShop 2 error message in Cubase 10?

03:32:19. Why does the audio not export to the current project folder when directed to?

03:34:40. How to add key pitch meta data to audio files in Cubase?

03:36:29. Why is my SpectraLayers pro not retain settings after saving a project?

03:41:34. Where do I place my user track pictures?

03:43:53. Is there a way to keep HALion preset list open to easily audition presets?

03:46:02. Why is the file management for presets different for the Profile Manager?

03:50:16. Can you explain how to do the sidechain bass and kick trick?

03:53:09. If I have 2 separate elicensers in 2 separate rooms can I use a single license?

03:53:57. Where can I send an audio clip for advice for a future SpectraLayers hangout?

03:54:27. Is it possible to have my Groove Agent samples in audio pool for project?

03:56:07. Will Steinberg migrate to a cloud licensing system?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic

00:10:28. Why is my playhead showing as double lines?

00:11:54. Can you create a macro to directly open beat calculator to tap values?

00:15:33. How to delete multiple overlapping audio events?

00:17:10. Why is Groove Agent 5 so slow to load?

00:18:15. How to edit 2 MIDI parts that are layered?

00:22:48. Which time stretch algorithm is best for detuning an audio track?

00:26:53. Is there a gain plug-in in Cubase?

00:28:37. Can you show how to use project logical editor to open folder track with certain name?

00:34:03. How to verify the signal path of a track to see if it is transparent on gain and frequency?

00:36:42. Is it possible to export hitpoints to MIDI on all points from multiple parts at once?

00:41:01. How to fix measure of audio file imported from a different project with a different tempo?

00:44:05. Why is there no project time in Cubase 10.5?

00:45:55. Why is channel volume set from preview volume in MediaBay after dragging into new track?

00:51:42. Why are my logical editor presets greyed out?

00:54:03. Will the hangout discuss how Cubase is better than Pro Tools or Sonar?

00:54:46. Is it better to have multiple instances of a VST with fewer sounds in each instance?

00:56:48. Is it possible to show bar numbers in multiples of 4 as opposed to 10?

00:59:33. Can you sidechain to mirror volume of 2 tracks?

01:02:24. Is it possible to have arranger keyboard sounds sent through a USB flash drive into Cubase?

01:03:48. Can Cubase utilize multiple monitors?

01:04:44. How to include reverb tails when doing a render in place?

01:07:58. How to set up a Korg 01/W as a MIDI controller in Cubase?

01:10:21. Is there a maximum number of monitors that Cubase can use?

01:11:50. How to move the play head to the start of the selected range with range tool?

01:13:18. Does performing maintenance in the elicenser update the elicenser software?

01:14:10. Why is my trim end not following the quantize value

01:17:34. How to add delay to just a selection of an audio track?

01:20:37. How to set the default track height when adding new tracks?

01:23:46. How to transfer Cubase IC Pro settings from 1 ipad to another ipad?

01:26:13. Will there be another 10.5 update before Cubase 11 release?

01:27:29. Can I undo insert effects used in input channels during recording?

01:28:41. Is there a way to set the voices in sampler track?

01:30:31. How to set voices in sampler track and Groove Agent?

01:32:40. How to change the tempo in a song from 160 to 120 bpm?

01:35:19. How to render in place and include the sidechain routing?

01:39:32. Can you discuss the MIDI plug-in context gate?

01:41:42. How to record the MIDI arpeggiator plug-in when using external instruments?

01:45:56. How to create MIDI from hitpoints for multiple edited parts easily?

01:51:11. Why can’t I hear my real time export as it is exporting?

01:55:20. Is it possible to have the MediaBay browser in right hand zone of MixConsole?

01:56:32. Are MIDI loops widely used in the industry and what happens if instrument is not present to play them back?

01:58:18. Why am I getting error entering in my license code for Cubase Elements?

02:00:22. Will there be smooth scrolling on Mac?

02:03:43. Is there a way to fine control when navigating earlier and later in time in key editor?

02:05:46. Is it possible to load sf2 files in HALion6?

02:07:31. Why is the numbering of the playlist not the same as the date of the hangouts?

02:08:55. Is there a master index of all topics covered in the hangouts?

02:09:57. Why do I see random numbers in my master timeline?

02:11:06. Is there a way to quantize automation?

02:14:50. How to solo just the reverb without the source?

02:17:32. When will Cubase 11 be released?

02:18:01. Why is rendered in place audio coming in early in project?

02:20:16. Will there ever be track versions for automation?

02:20:42. Is there a way to simplify routing connections when switching audio interfaces?

02:21:32. Is anyone taking notes for the topics with timestamps for the hangout?

02:22:25. Why am I having problems playing back video in Cubase?

02:23:28. How can I fix soft elicense error messages after updating Windows 10?

02:23:58. When is the release date for Cubase 11

02:24:19. Can I upgrade my Cubase Elements education to Cubase Pro education?

02:25:30. Are all MIDI tracks automatically in musical mode?

02:28:31. Why does my rendered VST tracks’ timing off in project? Is it buffer size?

02:31:23. Is there a quick way to clean up recordings in Cubase?

02:35:20. Does activating a license automatically register the software?

02:35:47. Where is the diagnostic version of elicenser?

02:36:59. Is there a special setting for using older MIDI keyboards as a controller?

02:39:31. Will WaveLab in the future include more immersive formats?

02:40:04. Any recommendations for moderately priced Yamaha headphones?

02:41:13. How much do sample library content change from version to version?

02:42:11. Is there a way to solo the effects without using the control room?

02:44:10. Why do I have glitches playing back virtual instruments even on a single track?

02:45:22. Does Cubase Pro 10.5 come with every plug-in needed for mixing and mastering?

02:47:01. How to configure Novation 49SL to work best with Cubase?

02:49:59. Why does my latency look different than yours, expressed in milliseconds?

02:51:05. How to fix velocity to a static value?

02:55:27. Can I use my UR 44 as a headphone amp not connected via USB?

02:58:20. How can I create a round robin sample program in HALion 6?

03:04:27. Can you tell us some new features of the upcoming Cubase 11?

03:05:08. Is there a setting to zoom in on a selected event in the project window?

03:08:42. Is it possible to pitch shift all tracks to work in a A=432 tuning?

03:10:33. Any tips on getting rid of an insert that causes a project to not open?

03:13:07. Is it possible to assign MIDI controllers for the remote control editor?

03:16:53. Is it possible to save a MIDI track with multiple outs as a preset?

03:21:45. Is it possible to add a strumming feature to the key editor?

03:26:25. How to set multiple instruments to play back layered in HALion Sonic SE?

03:32:22. Can you do sound design in Cubase like Nuendo?

03:36:42. How to route a sample to a reverb or delay so effect ducks?

03:44:17. How to set different outs on multiple instruments in HALion Sonic SE?

03:49:16. How to select just a region of an audio file for direct offline processing?

03:50:18. How to import expression maps from Iconica?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic

00:10:15. What is the difference between routing and direct routing?

00:14:14. Can you discuss the use of the 4 articulation columns in the Expression Map Editor?

00:15:41. How to stop my audio from automatically stop fitting to project tempo?

00:17:24. Any tips for recording to a guide track in different room with Bluetooth keyboard?

00:21:07. How to get my mod wheel to trigger vibrato on a VST instrument?

00:24:08. What preference to activate editor opens in separate when part is double clicked on?

00:25:15. How to make my MixConsole colorful in Cubase 10?

00:27:03. Why have Hybrid and Wobble plug-ins disappeared from my Cubase Artist?

00:28:28. Should my vocal volume be low in Cubase when tracking and raised afterwards?

00:31:02. How do VST plug-ins affect CPU and RAM usage?

00:33:05. How would you use WaveLab for sound design work?

00:36:10. How can I disable the pling sound when changing tracks?

00:37:38. Can you teach us VariAudio pitch correction?

00:43:54. Is there a way to retain hitpoints after bouncing a track or ability to export MIDI?

00:47:34. How can I switch MixConsole to show 2 lines in name?

00:49:30. Is there a way to increase the size of the latency display in MixConsole?

00:51:10. Am I missing recording settings in Cubase when using my UR44C?

00:52:58. Can I have separate devices for input and output in my device manager?

00:55:06. Are text fonts in HALion 6 adjustable to make them larger?

00:56:49. How to dissolve a MIDI track so each note is routed to new track?

01:00:29. Do you know of any issues auditioning .mid files with The Kit in Groove Agent?

01:01:11. Is it possible to edit the file names in MediaBay?

01:04:18. Does Cubase support drag and drop?

01:06:24. Can I use my Spark guitar amp for recording and another interface for monitoring?

01:08:54. Can 2 faders be set to invert values against each other?

01:10:26. How to extract sustain, program change and other attributes from MIDI file?

01:14:57. How to edit audio wav outside of the track?

01:15:57. Any tips on gain from a speaker that drifted from the mic?

01:21:00. Is there a playlist of tutorials for someone just starting to learn Cubase?

01:22:20. How to remove the padlock from an event so that it is no longer locked?

01:24:32. Will we have more notice of future SpectraLayers hangouts?

01:25:18. When is the anticipated release of Cubase 11?

01:26:26. Do you recommend storing stereo mixes in a separate folder?

01:29:05. Does Steinberg notify other plug-in developers if there are issues with their plug-ins?

01:30:31. Can I get a darker theme for Cubase?

01:31:36. Is there a way set panning to center or fader to 0dB easily?

01:32:38. How to adjust gain structure pn Zoom R24?

01:35:35. Can a MIDI track be set to only receive a single note up and down the keyboard regardless of octave?

01:44:48. Why is there latency when adding a multiband compressor on a vocal track?

01:47:28. How to remove hot mic from recording, vocal is too out front?

01:49:45. Any tips on gain staging?

01:50:35. How to migrate projects, programs and VSTs to a new computer?

01:54:45. How to use the chorder MIDI plug-in?

01:56:54. Is it possible to set all controls settings as default in VariAudio?

01:58:46. Why can’t I adjust clip gain volume on parts on project window?

02:01:24. Does the audio quality of a wav degrade in the sampler track?

02:02:53. Will Steinberg ever introduce polyphonic VariAudio?

02:03:55. Is there a way to adjust the bpm by 1 value with a MIDI controller?

02:11:54. Can you show how to open a gate through side chaining?

02:16:08. Can you enter MIDI like Dorico where you set rhythm, enter note and move on?

02:20:34. Any way to speed up exporting hitpoints as MIDI on larger parts?

02:23:27. Why are there still latency when tracking guitar or vocals??

02:24:31. Will Cubase have step MIDI input in. the drum editor in the future?

02:29:55. How to quickly swap the position of 2 events in the project window?

02:31:58. How to have the entire signal path applied to files when creating stems?

02:36:25. What is the best way to EQ a voice in a track?

02:40:38. Why do I see 2 lines instead of one for my audio parts?

02:41:40. How to approach mixing music in surround in Cubase?

02:46:48. How to archive all files used in a project to a new folder?

02:49:28. Is there discussion of adding multi-channel audio warp for future versions of Cubase?

02:49:59. Is anyone on the hangout using the Steinberg AXR 4 interface?

02:50:48. Do you have to do a lot of slicing and adjusting when vocal levels are inconsistent?

02:51:46. Why does the audio interface revert to default settings?

02:53:16. Can you discuss direct routing in more detail?

02:58:22. Can you show efficient use of quick controls?

03:02:38. How to move a track from one project and put it in another?

03:04:50. Is it possible to move a note or a phrase in VariAudio with a MIDI keyboard?

03:07:02. How to filter a MIDI track to record only from a single MIDI channel?

03:09:54. Will there be some Cubase 10.5 updates after Cubase 11?

03:10:17. Is there a way to open the selected track’s VST instrument from a MIDI controller?

03:11:56. Is it possible to add a specific instrument with a key command?

03:13:30. What is the difference with live mode for multi band compressor?

03:14:21. Can you select notes in logical editor by defining all notes as unequal to?

03:16:49. Can you suggest best laptops for running Cubase?

03:18:49. Does the USB elicenser store user profiles?

03:20:11. How to import files from MediaBay and have them warp together correctly?

03:24:19. Why is the range area selection area small when in combined mode?

03:25:40. How to quantize a full song from 1978 to flatten the tempo?

03:29:01. Is it OK that my Steinberg UR 242 interface sees level when input is down?

03:31:07. How to get Steinberg instruments to see new audio interface in stand alone mode?

03:34:39. How to easily do a [itch envelope on a region with a macro?

03:37:59. Why does Cubase show such high CPU in my MacOS stats utility?

03:38:22. Why do some of my keyboard shortcuts no longer work?

03:40:18. Is Steinberg a Yamaha company?

03:41:34. Is there any way to quick key instruments?

03:45:18. Is there an option to transpose a complete chord track and not each individually?

03:47:31. Is there a way to start a specific VST instrument with a key command?

03:48:03. Is there a way to export stems with the master effects?

03:48:39. Why is chord track transmitting MIDI to empty tracks?

03:49:49. Why don’t multi outputs for a VSTi appear as tracks on project window?

03:52:14. Why does my MIDI record early?

03:52:56. Why isn’t my control room responding on a project from last month?

03:53:43. Is it possible to trigger more than one command from a single key command?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic

00:09:18. Why when loading up my full Kontakt up does it crash?

00:11:26. How to import key commands ffrom Cubase 9.5 to 10.5?

00:13:01. What is the fastest way to render a drum part in Groove Agent to multiple outs?

00:16:12. Can you explain the different insert monitor slots in the control room?

00:19:38. How to have process in WaveLab carry over to Cubase?

00:25:02. How to drag tracks around in the MixConsole?

00:25:51. Which tracks types can only be used once in a project?

00:28:14. Why after exporting a file does it continue to play?

00:31:10. Why does Cubase create .csh files?

00:33:34. Why have I lost MIDI communication after switching audio interfaces?

00:38:56. Which inexpensive interfaces would you suggest for Cubase Pro 10.5?

00:40:11. Why do lyrics not get added correctly after splitting MIDI notes?

00:45:20. Can you show how to undo VariAudio edits on a vocal track?

00:47:07. What is the best way to do a 3 octave harp glissando in E Minor?

00:54:47. How to alter pitch of an audio file that is several cents sharp?

00:57:08. Any known issues with focusrite products in VST System Link?

00:59:37. How to compile MIDI riffs to use in other projects?

01:03:04. How can I stop the count in on Cubase 10.5?

01:06:21. Can Cubase be use for live performance navigating between markers?

01:09:12. Can you demo the capabilities of LoopMash as an instrument?

01:15:54. Can I mult an audio track using direct routing?

01:19:48. How to match volume of track A to match track B?

01:24:15. Why do I get the safe mode on Cubase startup?

01:25:49. Why can’t I get a sound from VST Amp Rack?

01:27:59. How to determine the tempo of a song and create a chord track on the grid?

01:33:30. How to clear program. Change 1 from the inspector?

01:35:50. Why is the velocity and gain indicator different than FL?

01:37:44. Does 64bit processing precision make any difference?

01:41:12. How to record automation without using a mouse?

01:43:37. Is it possible to transpose a MIDI note triggering sliced audio?

01:48:32. Why is the level from my external synth hot when the volume on instrument is low?

01:50:13. Does exporting stems include the effects during batch export?

01:51:53. Can you go over the different parameters found in the MIDI modifiers tab?

01:58:02. Can Cubase 10 run on MacOS High Sierra?

01:58:46. Why do meters just show peaks and slowly fade away unlike FL?

02:00:01. What is a good cheap interface for my Cubase on Windows 10?

02:00:49. What is the best way to copy key commands from one computer to another?

02:02:10. How to use MediaBay to preview files?

02:07:26. How to configure sustain pedal to transport controls like play or record?

02:09:20. How to disable a particular MIDI CC?

02:14:14. Has Greg picked up any tips watching people work in creating trailer music?

02:18:56. Why when I move tracks is not reflected in the mixer in Cubase 9.5?

02:20:24. Does UR 824 have hi z inputs for best levels from guitar or bass?

02:22:42. Why isn’t there a render in place with current settings available with right mouse click?

02:25:00. Will the upcoming UR series have 5 pin MIDI connections?

02:26:14. When I move MIDI tracks why do they not change in the MixConsole?

02:27:40. How to configure the 8 pads in HALion Sonic?

02:31:19. How to change the position of instruments when running multiple instances of same plug-in?

02:35:08. Why does splitting notes prevent lyrics from being entered correctly?

02:39:40. Is there a way to draw vibrato on a segment in VariAudio?

02:40:18. How can I copy all notes and transpose them up an octave via logical editor?

02:45:46. What is the best way to convert Cubase Atari files to Cubase 10.5?

02:49:10. Is there a plug-in or setting to get a plug-in to get random resonance on bass?

02:53:51. If I adjust fine tune on audio down to -8 is it like working at a A=432 tuning?

02:54:23. Can you show parallel processing without duplicating the track?

02:57:47. Is it possible to export the tempo track as a MIDI file?

03:00:45. What is the best way to select tracks to lower clip gain volume?

03:05:52. How to use pitch bend in Cubase?

03:07:19. How to have a MIDI track follow chord track?

03:10:24. How do I make the click track louder?

03:12:26. What is the mastering plug-in that Cubase has?

03:14:53. Are you able to record the scenes in LoopMash?

03:16:00. Can I do a VST Connect session with a friend with an Alesis electronic drum kit?

03:17:34. Can sounds used for sampling be placed automatically into MediaBay?

03:21:30. Is it possible to get Superior Drummers mixer channels output to different outs to Cubase?

03:22:35. When is the next Cubase version expected to be released?

03:24:03. Why does my Cubase Pro sometimes start as Cubase Artist sometimes?

03:25:36. How can I find the sound that old tapes have in MediaBay?

03:28:39. Why does shutting down Cubase 10.5 take so long?

03:29:37. How to change grid in editor to 4 groups of 3 in 12/8 time?

03:33:36. How to record just the output of an effect used on a track?

03:37:30. How to program and replace sounds of a human beatbox part?

03:41:03. How to render a part in VariAudio so it can playback in Cubase Elements?

03:44:05. Will Steinberg make Frequency the basis for the default channel EQ?

03:46:43. How to keep parts in time when tempos are changed in other cues?

03:47:39. Can each cue in a multi cue project start at 1.1.0?

03:48:46. Is there a way to work with EDLs during a reconforming scenario?

03:50:58. How to do vocal chops in Cubase?

03:52:46. How to get MIDI recorded from my Yamaha PSR keyboard into Cubase?

03:54:52. Are CC controls used for quick controls blocked for writing CC data?

03:56:43. What is the best way to exchange files between Logic and Cubase?

03:57:01. Did Donny Osmond use a stereo backing track for his live performance? How were different songs loaded?

03:58:04. Does Cubase have any vocal plug-ins?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic

00:08:59. Is it possible for Cubase to create chord suggestions from a single voice melody?

00:11:54. Can a track send chorder plug-in data to another track that has no MIDI data?

00:17:15. Can you do varying speeds in time stretching to create a riser?

00:22:12. Is Cubase support still in lockdown due to pandemic?

00:23:20. Can you solve MIDI latency issues?

00:27:19. Why does my track pan hard right when hitting the sustain pedal?

00:31:45. Is there a fine control for Bezier curves?

00:34:37. Can you show how to save channel presets to speed up workflow?

00:38:34. How can I bounce 2 tracks into a single track audio and MIDI?

00:42:17. How to merge 2 MIDI events to become a single MIDI event?

00:43:49. How to change MIDI note lengths to match edits on project window?

00:48:07. Can the hangout be done in Chinese?

00:48:49. How to quantize an audio file that has tempo changes to a steady tempo?

00:51:50. How can I snap a measure to a MIDI note?

00:55:09. Is it possible to select an instrument in HALion with a MIDI message?

00:58:19. How to get more color options in Cubase Artist?

01:00:34. Will there be more tools for live use in upcoming Cubase versions?

01:02:38. Is there a way to hear Cubase playback while in another program?

01:04:17. Why does VST Connect Pro transfer mono files in stereo?

01:07:08. Is it possible to view gridlines in the envelope pitch shift?

01:10:52. Can I sing something into Cubase and turn it into MIDI?

01:14:18. How to remove EQ and channel strip settings from tracks?

01:18:31. Why doesn’t the tempo of project reflect in the tempo stamp of recorded audio?

01:22:12. Why does the audio quality degrade when using the latency button?

01:24:11. How to quickly save presets of samples I made in the sampler track?

01:27:48. How to control VST Amp Rack parameters with a MIDI foot controller?

01:32:24. How can I change bass patterns to change chords from live MIDI input?

01:38:41. How to adjust pitch bend to + or – 12 semitones?

01:40:51. Can I quantize my audio files like MIDi by hitting letter Q?

01:46:23. Will MIDI 2.0 be implemented in next version of Cubase?

01:49:05. What is the best way to get a vocal sample to fit the bpm of a project?

01:53:12. Is there a way to save presets for external fx routing?

01:54:28. How to snap a timeline beat marker to a MIDI note?

01:56:45. How to organize user presets all save in a common folder?

02:00:30. How to assign colors to Mixer channels?

02:05:17. Will Cubase 11 offer some enhancements to chord naming for 9th and 1th chords?

02:07:33. Is BackBone used to just create samples or can I use it as a normal VSTi?

02:09:03. Is it possible to see pitch on segments in VariAudio without hovering on it?

02:12:19. Is there a way to set the scale for the project globally?

02:14:36. Can time warp snap to front of actual MIDI notes?

02:18:09. Will Cubase 11 get a note repeat function?

02:19:11. Can the size of folders be increased in MediaBay?

02:20:41. Is it possible to not retrigger notes when doing glides in sampler track?

02:23:40. Can you give a quick overview of the CR tab in right zone?

02:28:19. Why does Cubase rescan plug-ins after adding a new plug-in?

02:29:27. Is it possible to retain a drum map so drum editor opens by default?

02:37:13. Can a MIDI bass track follow a chord track even though it is usually single notes?

02:38:04. How to do tempo changes to match video when scoring to video?

02:42:42. Why do some synths not respond to microtuner plug-ins?

02:44:23. Why have my sample and loop icons in right MediaBay disappeared?

02:47:00. Is there a way to copy all channel settings and apply to multiple tracks easily?

02:52:10. How to always have slider 1 on MIDI controller always control bass volume?

02:55:17. How to setup a dual mono compressor in Cubase?

02:56:52. How to sample real instruments into HALion?

03:02:22. Why is the first note missing when recording MIDI with precount on?

03:04:39. Why do certain keys not make any sound when using live transform?

03:05:51. Is there a macro to create new track versions easily when tracking bands?

03:09:20. Is there a way to export the tempo track in a MIDI file?

03:13:44. Is it possible to right click a parameter of a plug-in to show automation lane?

03:16:11. Does the reveal automation parameter work with 3rd party plug-ins?

03:16:39. Why is my volume output so quiet in Cubase?

03:20:01. Why do I get a message with Cubase helper tool?

03:20:47. Where is the volume control in the control room?

03:23:02. Why does doing a bounce selection not include VariAudio edits?

03:25:41. How to copy effects from one channel and paste them to other channels?

03:28:42. How to change the color of my folder track?

03:29:26. How to record notes from Groove Agent pads?

03:31:35. How to record the sounds that are sliced loops from within Groove Agent?

03:32:42. How to set a key command to move a wav file to sampler track?

03:35:16. Why do notes in MIDI editor become selected as cursor passes over them?

03:36:43. How to merge 2 MIDI events?

03:37:29. How to get MixConsole channels colorized?

03:38:14. How to quickly toggle between cue mix and Mix in control room?

03:38:58. When will Cubase be able to export m4a files?

03:39:39. Can Groove Agent SE host multiple Agents like the full version?

03:41:37. How to restore automation or MIDI track settings for writing MIDI CC data?

03:46:20. Are ruler track display formats preserved with the project?

03:50:02. Is it possible to delete part of a track name such as 001 in track named violin 001?

03:53:14. Is it possible to show only purchased UA plug-ins?

03:55:18. How to view multiple MIDI edit windows at the same time?

03:58:52. Will Cubase 11 finally have polyphonic VariAudio?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic

00:08:59. Is it possible for Cubase to create chord suggestions from a single voice melody?

00:11:54. Can a track send chorder plug-in data to another track that has no MIDI data?

00:17:15. Can you do varying speeds in time stretching to create a riser?

00:22:12. Is Cubase support still in lockdown due to pandemic?

00:23:20. Can you solve MIDI latency issues?

00:27:19. Why does my track pan hard right when hitting the sustain pedal?

00:31:45. Is there a fine control for Bezier curves?

00:34:37. Can you show how to save channel presets to speed up workflow?

00:38:34. How can I bounce 2 tracks into a single track audio and MIDI?

00:42:17. How to merge 2 MIDI events to become a single MIDI event?

00:43:49. How to change MIDI note lengths to match edits on project window?

00:48:07. Can the hangout be done in Chinese?

00:48:49. How to quantize an audio file that has tempo changes to a steady tempo?

00:51:50. How can I snap a measure to a MIDI note?

00:55:09. Is it possible to select an instrument in HALion with a MIDI message?

00:58:19. How to get more color options in Cubase Artist?

01:00:34. Will there be more tools for live use in upcoming Cubase versions?

01:02:38. Is there a way to hear Cubase playback while in another program?

01:04:17. Why does VST Connect Pro transfer mono files in stereo?

01:07:08. Is it possible to view gridlines in the envelope pitch shift?

01:10:52. Can I sing something into Cubase and turn it into MIDI?

01:14:18. How to remove EQ and channel strip settings from tracks?

01:18:31. Why doesn’t the tempo of project reflect in the tempo stamp of recorded audio?

01:22:12. Why does the audio quality degrade when using the latency button?

01:24:11. How to quickly save presets of samples I made in the sampler track?

01:27:48. How to control VST Amp Rack parameters with a MIDI foot controller?

01:32:24. How can I change bass patterns to change chords from live MIDI input?

01:38:41. How to adjust pitch bend to + or – 12 semitones?

01:40:51. Can I quantize my audio files like MIDi by hitting letter Q?

01:46:23. Will MIDI 2.0 be implemented in next version of Cubase?

01:49:05. What is the best way to get a vocal sample to fit the bpm of a project?

01:53:12. Is there a way to save presets for external fx routing?

01:54:28. How to snap a timeline beat marker to a MIDI note?

01:56:45. How to organize user presets all save in a common folder?

02:00:30. How to assign colors to Mixer channels?

02:05:17. Will Cubase 11 offer some enhancements to chord naming for 9th and 1th chords?

02:07:33. Is BackBone used to just create samples or can I use it as a normal VSTi?

02:09:03. Is it possible to see pitch on segments in VariAudio without hovering on it?

02:12:19. Is there a way to set the scale for the project globally?

02:14:36. Can time warp snap to front of actual MIDI notes?

02:18:09. Will Cubase 11 get a note repeat function?

02:19:11. Can the size of folders be increased in MediaBay?

02:20:41. Is it possible to not retrigger notes when doing glides in sampler track?

02:23:40. Can you give a quick overview of the CR tab in right zone?

02:28:19. Why does Cubase rescan plug-ins after adding a new plug-in?

02:29:27. Is it possible to retain a drum map so drum editor opens by default?

02:37:13. Can a MIDI bass track follow a chord track even though it is usually single notes?

02:38:04. How to do tempo changes to match video when scoring to video?

02:42:42. Why do some synths not respond to microtuner plug-ins?

02:44:23. Why have my sample and loop icons in right MediaBay disappeared?

02:47:00. Is there a way to copy all channel settings and apply to multiple tracks easily?

02:52:10. How to always have slider 1 on MIDI controller always control bass volume?

02:55:17. How to setup a dual mono compressor in Cubase?

02:56:52. How to sample real instruments into HALion?

03:02:22. Why is the first note missing when recording MIDI with precount on?

03:04:39. Why do certain keys not make any sound when using live transform?

03:05:51. Is there a macro to create new track versions easily when tracking bands?

03:09:20. Is there a way to export the tempo track in a MIDI file?

03:13:44. Is it possible to right click a parameter of a plug-in to show automation lane?

03:16:11. Does the reveal automation parameter work with 3rd party plug-ins?

03:16:39. Why is my volume output so quiet in Cubase?

03:20:01. Why do I get a message with Cubase helper tool?

03:20:47. Where is the volume control in the control room?

03:23:02. Why does doing a bounce selection not include VariAudio edits?

03:25:41. How to copy effects from one channel and paste them to other channels?

03:28:42. How to change the color of my folder track?

03:29:26. How to record notes from Groove Agent pads?

03:31:35. How to record the sounds that are sliced loops from within Groove Agent?

03:32:42. How to set a key command to move a wav file to sampler track?

03:35:16. Why do notes in MIDI editor become selected as cursor passes over them?

03:36:43. How to merge 2 MIDI events?

03:37:29. How to get MixConsole channels colorized?

03:38:14. How to quickly toggle between cue mix and Mix in control room?

03:38:58. When will Cubase be able to export m4a files?

03:39:39. Can Groove Agent SE host multiple Agents like the full version?

03:41:37. How to restore automation or MIDI track settings for writing MIDI CC data?

03:46:20. Are ruler track display formats preserved with the project?

03:50:02. Is it possible to delete part of a track name such as 001 in track named violin 001?

03:53:14. Is it possible to show only purchased UA plug-ins?

03:55:18. How to view multiple MIDI edit windows at the same time?

03:58:52. Will Cubase 11 finally have polyphonic VariAudio?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic

00:10:28. What was the Steinberg download link to import Cubase VST 5 songs?

00:12:19. How to select hi cut filters on all channels in mixer easily?

00:14:25. How to stretch a part out on the project window?

00:15:44. Is there a way to record on multiple MIDI tracks at once?

00:17:27. Do you have any words of encouragement for my friend leaving another DAE?

00:18:51. How to create chord symbol from MIDI parts to reflect voicings on chord pad?

00:25:04. How to connect MIDI via bluetooth from my Roland Keytar?

00:27:08. Can you show how to record MID of a 60s synth sound with no audio interface connected?

00:31:05. What is the benefit of using the show scale function of the chord track?

00:33:25. How do I uninstall 3rd party plug-ins I no longer use?

00:34:56. Is there a preference to make meters respond while in record mode?

00:36:52. What to do when tempo detect does not finish detecting file?

00:43:08. What is the simplest way to pitch audio up or down in fine degrees?

00:44:18. What are advantages and disadvantages of using Cubase’s generated harmonies over recording?

00:50:10. Will I need to send MIDI CC messages to change transmit MIDI channel from keytar?

00:51:34. Is it possible to setup multithread support for VST plug-ins?

00:53:04. Is it possible to select multiple filter selections in MediaBay?

00:55:18. Can HALion use different start points for higher velocity notes?

00:57:56. How to get started with VST Connect Pro?

01:04:50. How does Cubase create such convincing harmonies?

01:05:45. How can I change my Cubase 5 to 10?

01:06:31. Can Greg do a non hangout video on building an R&B song from scratch?

01:07:18. Does surround rendering 7.2 require encoding to play back through a receiver?

01:11:03. Can you use a mic pre as an external effect in Cubase?

01:13:32. Can you run a DTS code to monitor through a receiver via optical?

01:15:13. How to assign specific chords to be triggered from specific MIDI keys?

01:19:29. How to prevent audio level spikes in control room headphone mixes?

01:22:23. How fast can vocal chops be done in Cubase?

01:27:09. Is Waves NX compatible with Nuendo for Ambisonics files?

01:27:58. Is there a formant shift in Cubase other than VariAudio?

01:30:34. Can chord tracks stay active if muted after playing back?

01:31:31. Where can I find the tempo and key of a song imported into Cubase?

01:34:14. What is the Cubase equivalent of play lists?

01:38:19. Can I export stems with master effects on individual tracks?

01:41:36. How to record audio from VSTs with multiple outputs like kick, snare etc.?

01:48:32. Is it possible to use Cubase 10.5 for live performance?

01:51:52. How to edit a direct and amp track together?

01:54:55. Was there a session on Expression Mapping?

02:00:47. Why does my track pan to the right when pressing my sustain pedal?

02:06:45. Why is my snap to grid not working properly when using metronome grid level?

02:13:49. How can I move my key commands from Logic to Cubase?

02:15:40. Do you have any tips on setting up a Cubase project for sampling sessions?

02:24:18. How to make the same key command do and undo the same function like mute?

02:26:21. Can I change my controls so that pitch bend wheel can control wah wah plug-in?

02:29:54. Why doesn’t my mp4 file import into Cubase?

02:31:59. How to change MIDI foot controller that transmits CC7 to CC 11 for wah wah plug-in?

02:33:47. How to render individual notes within a key editor from drum parts?

02:38:30. How to place play head on specific position without going to top time line?

02:41:53. How to get the EQ of one channel on the big screen?

02:43:51. How to get the notepad data to print?

02:47:17. How to change the tempo of a specific event?

02:49:57. How to automate pitch ben data?

02:54:37. Can 2 layered samples in Groove Agent SE have independent pitch settings?

03:04:25. Can you please explain the desole track?

03:05:00. Are there any tools in Cubase to tighten up loop transients in Cubase?

03:07:08. Does Hans Zimmer pass on his old sample libraries to Spitfire?

03:09:01. How can I apply different metering color appearances in the preferences?

03:12:45. How can I take a single MIDI performance, copy it and randomize a copy

03:15:55. Is there an easy way to automate sampling a series of notes with different velocities?

03:16:58. How can I migrate my Cubase Pro 8.5 shorcuts to Cubase 10.5?

03:19:01. Is the hangout currently live or in replay?

03:20:27. How to take a song with varying tempos and make tempo a consistent value?

03:24:12. Why does time stretching affect the quality of a voice recording?

03:25:52. Is there a way to have a large tempo display similar to large time display?

03:27:40. Is there a way to send motorized controller data to control CC data?

03:31:47. Is it possible to adjust the intensity of the audio waveform in the automation lane?

03:33:23. Why is there a weird sound when clicking while holding shift + command?

03:34:00. Can Cubase import sheet music?

03:36:12. How can I route my mix to a console and re record them back in to Cubase?

03:37:54. Is it possible to change the measures from 4/4 to 2/4?

03:41:25. Is it possible to import 3rd party riffs or MIDI loops into HALion Sonic SE?

03:44:54. Is it possible to separate the layers in Medievel Lute to different outputs?

03:46:10. Should I see more HALion Sonic SE libraries in Cubase AI/Elements?

03:46:58. How to solo multiply selected tracks?

03:49:57. How can I quickly find the stock Cubase plug-ins?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic


00:09:32. Why are projects creating empty untitled folders

00:12:38. How to assign my Akai drum pad controller in generic remote

00:15:01. Any way to prevent segments from moving in VariAudio

00:18:35. How to control 12 parameters with a 6 knob controller

00:20:27. Why is Cubase freezing when I move left and right on tracks or piano roll

00:22:19. What is the best stock compressor to use like an SSL bus compressor

00:24:17. How to select multiple tracks and mute or solo them

00:26:51. Is it possible to resize the menus in Cubase even after minimizing projects

00:28:04. What are the most important changes from Cubase Elements 8 to 10.5

00:30:23. What are the computer specs needed to run Cubase Pro 10.5

00:31:14. How to extract a vocal completely from the audio mixdown

00:38:21. Can I run my HALion libraries from an external USB 3 SSD drive

00:39:57. Is anyone getting Waves Backstreet plug-in to work in Cubase

00:40:50. Can you please demo the set time at cursor function

00:48:40. How to import a drum MIDI file and have it fit to the project tempo

00:51:12. How to get my Avid S1 controller to transmit MIDI CC messages

00:53:19. Is there a clever way to get MIDI to do a legato function after stop record

00:55:23. Can you show the audio connections window to see if selections are visible

00:56:29. Will Cubase 11 be released this year

00:57:08. How to enter in gradual tempo changes in the tempo track

00:59:29. Why do I keep getting the safe mode startup in Cubase 10.5.2

01:01:19. Why does pitch and mod wheel get disabled when adding a trumpet sound

01:05:35. Why do I get overlapping MIDI notes when counting down to record

01:07:34. How to sample synth patches into HALion

01:12:39. Can Waves abbey Rd. plug-in be used for monitoring in VST Connect Pro

01:13:18. Is it possible to have levels preset to -18 when adding a track

01:15:57. Why does Cubase LUFS meter show different values than some metering plug-ins

01:17:52. How to do an LFO on a filter

01:27:16. Is there a way to randomize MIDI velocities

01:30:14. Is SpectraLayers something different than Cubase

01:32:07. Is there a benefit to using the control room if I only have 1 pair of studio monitors

01:34:32. Has Greg answered user submitted questions yet

01:35:39. How to tone down rattling sounds when recording an acoustic guitar

01:39:57. Can you explain what the master track is in relation to SMPTE when scoring to video

01:48:01. Is Steinberg planning on having modular blocks for creative plug-in routing

01:49:34. How to back up my Nuendo preferences to resolve issue with a 3rd party plug-in

01:50:31. How to prevent warping of time in VariAudio editor

01:53:12. Why do I have stability issues with a faster more capable computer

01:54:39. What would happen if you randomly drew data in SpectraLayers

01:55:34. Hold on are you extracting the vocal from a stereo file

01:56:35. Is it possible to change colors of markers and have marker range highlighted

01:58:53. Can you show the set timecode at cursor function in project window

02:04:41. Will quick controls be made easier to use in the future

02:06:51. Will a MIDI note assigned to a generic remote still send MIDI notes in tracks

02:09:55. How to insert silence in an audio track and move audio event to start of the project

02:14:36. How can I export MIDI loops

02:17:41. How to do tempo mapping

02:21:15. How to gradually ramp tempo in Cubase

02:23:04. Is there a tutorial for how to work with Cubase Elements

02:24:43. Is there a way to break up large downloads i.e. Iconica

02:27:03. Is there a way to customize how overlapping MIDI events are displayed

02:29:11. How to reduce noise in Cubase LE 9.5

02:30:37. Will Greg use titles so we can jump to different sections covered in today’s hangout

02:31:33. Is it possible to enter a tempo change with a key command

02:36:16. Can you change the size of fonts to see longer names in the MixConsole

02:39:03. Is it possible to copy an insert from one track to multiple tracks

02:41:03. What is the best way to trigger a Groove Agent MIDI performance

02:43:16. Why does chord track still trigger a oneshot chord when muted

02:47:12. Why don’t my workspaces work consistently on 2 or 3 monitors

02:48:42. Why are some of my effects greyed out. Is there a limit of plug-ins

02:51:29. Is there a way to store quantize presets in a folder

02:52:34. How to change ply head position without holding down shift key

02:56:27. Why does auditioning some loops in media not work with align beats

02:57:11. Is it possible to set default volume on tracks to -14dB

03:00:39. Is Greg using SpectraLayers Elements or the full version

03:01:20. Is it possible to change the shade of red of the record button

03:02:18. What is today’s hangout topic

03:02:34. Can you please show your workspace color setup

03:03:50. Why do some articulation maps not reset articulation correctly

03:06:48. Why does my play head always stick to the start of selected event

03:08:01. Can you show how to easily pan a pattern of hi hats easily

03:13:24. How to access the parabola drawing tool

03:14:47. What is the master track

03:16:06. Does Greg read these messages on YouTube

03:17:04. Is there an advantage or disadvantage connecting Midex8 to USB 2 or 3 port

03:18:25. Can Steinberg break up download file sizes to make it easier to prevent timeouts

03:22:01. Is SpectraLayers similar to RX

03:22:56. How to fix plug-in scans and allow compatible plug-ins to be accessed

03:25:09. Is it possible to see input metering in master meter

03:27:02. Any tips on exporting videos with music added

03:29:09. Can the different layers in Lute be transferred to the MixConsole

03:29:50. What is the quickest way to share notation between Cubase and Dorico

03:30:40. Is it possible to upgrade from Elements to Pro

03:31:26. Is there a way to route MIDI directly between Dorico and Cubase

03:32:35. What kind of producer would you recommend Cubase for

03:34:06. How to smooth out and correct tempo detection irregularities

03:37:56. Is there a way to snap to triple or dotted values when warping

03:39:11. Why can’t my performer hear themselves when doing VST Connect cue send

03:44:21. Is there a key command to switch between main mix and cue mixes in control room

03:46:12. Can I combine the outputs of 2 different monitors from UR44C in control room

03:48:12. Is it possible to get a refund a for an incorrect purchase from Steinberg online shop

03:49:43. How to recall complete settings in SWAM Brass in template

03:51:00. Can you have tracks respond to live input of chords or only from chord track

03:58:01. How to completely remove a Cubase project from the computer

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic


00:10:01. What is the difference between HALion Symphonic Orchestra and Iconica

00:12:35. Why do phrases triggered from chord pads sound triad like

00:15:51. Would watching a pro producer help improve my skills with EQ, mixing etc.

00:18:56. Is there a way to do mixed tuplet quantization

00:20:54. Can you show differences in pre and post fader effect sends

00:23:21. Are there more detailed videos by Greg on specific topics like older ClubCubase ones

00:24:25. How to export multiple tracks as stems within a session

00:25:26. What are advantages and disadvantages of working with offline processing and can it be copied from one track to another

00:29:55. Is there a command to set the colors for multiple events in retrograde

00:32:00. How to get Groove Agent samples to loop while MIDI note is held

00:35:48. Is it possible to do horizontal scrolling in the MixConsole

00:37:33. Does Steinberg have a batch processor that could analyze and find files that have audio above a certain frequency

00:38:48. How to find plug-ins in a project that take the most CPU power

00:42:37. How to copy a flexphrase from HALion Sonic into Cubase project window

00:47:29. Will Cubase automatically know the time of a reverb plug-in for mixdown in the future

00:48:30. Is the hangout still valid for users of Cubase Artist 10

00:49:10. Can the logical editor slice at certain intervals and randomize pitch

00:53:26. Why aren’t audio tracks appearing in the project folder when recorded

00:55:16. Why can’t I hear loops when auditioning them in the MediaBay

00:56:36. Are the hangouts always on Friday

00:57:33. Can I use my UAD inserts on input channels in Cubase

00:59:47. Is there a plug-in that can make certain frequencies mono sounding

01:02:16. Is there a way to slow or speed up a song to make a voice fit better

01:04:25. How to select a range of audio files and export to an external drive

01:06:57. How to export video with the Cubase project audio

01:08:50. Will flattening a project with arranger track include transpose track info

01:12:33. Can multiple tracks’ colors be changed to the previous color selection

01:14:49. How to have notes sustain until MIDI note is released

01:16:14. Is it possible to do VariAudio on 2 different tracks, same source different mics

01:18:39. How to select the folder where audio files will be saved to when starting a project

01:21:55. How to remove the word untitled from rendered stems from another DAW

01:25:52. Is there any way to have the piano roll open even after deleting the selected part

01:28:58. How to run Ableton and Cubase synced via ReWire

01:29:59. Are firmware updates discontinued for Steinberg UR22 audio interface

01:30:57. Can you do a quick run through of the Lute library

01:33:18. What should I be listening for when adjust the HF control in Magneto 2

01:35:36. What is the competitive crossgrade for HALion

01:37:04. Are there any issues of using one instrument changing values in another instrument

01:38:16. Will there be a sale on Iconica soon

01:38:57. Why did my UR 44 stop working after updating from 10 to 10.5

01:40:11. Where can I get an overview of my samples

01:42:05. How to extract a tempo map from a flute recording

01:44:18. Does the UR 44 work on Android tablets

01:45:05. How to best apply an effect like delay on a specific audio region

01:49:06. How to get my audio hardware setup to record audio directly into Cubase

01:50:29. Can’t there be support for Windows 7

01:52:39. How to make a Groove Agent pattern start on any measure in project

01:54:43. Can MIDI track presets recall MIDI channel and input/output ports

01:57:59. Is it possible to do Bezier curves in the MIDI editor for MIDI CCs

02:00:49. How to move project cursor when clicking in an empty space in key editor

02:01:56. Will HALion 56 patches not save if not running as admin

02:02:40. Do Firewire interfaces work with Cubase on Windows 10

02:03:31. Does VST Connect Performer work with Firewire interfaces

02:04:29. Is installing Cubase on a drive other than system drive a problem

02:06:27. Why do Cubase users sometimes mix and master in other programs

02:07:25. How is SpectraLayers different than RX7

02:11:52. How to change the scale and key in VariAudio

02:14:47. How to slow down a song or change to another key without affecting the drums

02:18:24. Does Syntrilium still make Cool Edit Pro

02:19:15. Why does dragging audio files in at a different sample rate make them out of time

02:21:21. How to use the input transformer to transpose notes to a defined scale

02:27:22. How to configure a UR 44 interface to use 2 speakers in the control room

02:31:00. Can Greg share is Cubase color palette

02:32:42. How to do tempo mapping from old recordings in Cubase Artist

02:37:58. How to have metronome do a precount at right tempo when there are tempo changes

02:43:36. How to configure Novation controller to control transport under Mackie HUI

02:45:47. Does disabling and enabling MIDI tracks cause lost MIDI connections

02:47:51. Can you show some highlights of LoopMash

02:54:29. Can you do a run through of the Cubase control room functionality

03:07:04. How to use Free Warp to align a bass track to a drum part

03:11:19. How to resolve a purchase of the incorrect HALion update license

03:12:23. Why does LoopMash only show up only effects and not instruments

03:16:04. Is it possible to trigger arranger track sections via MIDI

03:19:10. Can I use the control room to send different output levels to 2 sets of speakers

03:22:13. Does Greg know new upcoming features in Cubase

03:22:52. Is LoopMash2 included with Cubase 10.5

03:23:40. Can you show what LoopMash FX does

03:26:19. How to lock an audio event when changing tempo

03:30:35. How to lock just one specific event on a track not to move with tempo change

03:31:32. How to sample a Fantom6 to free up space in studio

03:38:02. Is there a quick key for auditioning audio

03:39:19. How to add markers to a marker track

03:43:06. Does HALion Sonic SE have the sample recorder

03:44:18. How to import a multitrack MIDI file

03:46:23. How to execute a logical editor from a keyboard shortcut

03:48:10. Can you show how to use SpectraLayers in Cubase

03:50:07. Can you show how to audition and solo sounds within the sample editor

03:54:25. Can you give a quick explanation of SpectraLayers

03:57:57. Will Steinberg do different focused hangouts on hip hop production

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic


00:09:34. Can you make a logical editor preset to map every F note to F# in any octave

00:12:40. How to slice a range in several tracks all at the same time

00:14:06. Is there a way to group edit volume automation in Cubase 10

00:18:17. Why is generate harmony voices greyed out in the audio menu

00:19:44. Why does adding tracks affect generic remote track assignments

00:22:41. How to hear notes in VariAudio as you move them

00:24:47. Does Steinberg offer any Hans Zimmer content libraries

00:25:31. Why do I have CPU load peaks on my system when CPU is around 54%

00:28:03. Is there a way to import tempo from MusicXML files

00:29:11. What does ambisonics convert do

00:32:15. What is the grace period for SpectraLayers 7

00:32:47. Why do 2 audio file recordings of church service have differentlengths

00:33:43. Any news on a SpectraLayers 7 hangout

00:34:35. How to save templates if I need to reinstall Cubase

00:36:19. How to do vocal chops in and glides in Groove Agent SE

00:39:49. Should I bus mon or stereo tracks with a piece for a museum soundscape

00:42:30. Can you please tell us how to fade in and out MIDI tracks

00:46:56. How to setup expression maps on 3rd party plug-ins

00:48:47. Can I export MIDI from an extracted SpectraLayers layer without rendering

00:50:37. How to do low latency monitoring with effects when tracking acoustic instruments

00:54:56. Why can I only change track colors from bottom of the MixConsole

00:57:41. How to get the ruler in IC Pro to show time in bars and beats

01:05:17. Why does my VST connect Pro work with XR18 as it does my Scarlett

01:06:31. In SpectraLayers 7 will selecting the fundamental also select harmonic overtones

01:09:09. How to have Cubase automatically save files to an external drive

01:11:31. How to configure generic remote controllers to control transport

01:14:33. Is there a way to make the marker track stay on top of the timeline

01:20:11. Is there a limit to how many lanes Cubase can record

01:24:42. How to randomize velocity with the logical editor

01:26:37. How to exchange files with some using a Yamaha MoFX

01:28:40. Would it be better to run similarly equipped mac or PC for Cubase

01:29:24. Is it possible to do range editing on marker tracks

01:33:44. After selecting a voice I have recorded why is generate harmony voices not available

01:35:12. Anyway to record sounds directly from the VST window as audio into project

01:37:50. Can I see your computer’s CPU usage

01:38:19. How to extract MIDI from microtonal music to simulate in Spitfire

01:42:38. What does the freeze function do for CPU performance

01:43:43. Can I copy pitchbend data from a MIDI track to a audio file

01:45:45. Is there a way to import projects directly from other DAWs into Cubase

01:47:25. How to record the audio of change made on a VSTi to an audio track in real time

01:50:09. When will we see Cubase as a VST host for discord

01:50:48. What is needed for authoring a Dolby Atmos file

01:52:33. Is it possible to import a wav with rex2 format

01:54:46. What is the recommended LUFS value for a mastered song, -23 or-14

01:55:55. Are my templates, plug-ins and routings preserved after a Cubase upgrafe

01:57:13. How to fix graphic errors in Cubase 10

01:58:26. How to make grid fit to tempo when scoring to video

02:01:54. Is Steinberg working on improved hidpi support

02:03:54. How to use chord track

02:10:05. How to control open hi hat in The Kit

02:14:03. Is it possible to detect or find tracks that do not contain a waveform

02:18:44. Will Cubase Export rex files

02:19:14. Does Cubase have a way to adjust velocity per key to regulate MIDI controllers

02:21:55. How to drag an event and constrain time and or position

02:24:25. Is it possible to add color selection while adding a track

02:25:46. How to export a stereo binaural wave from ambisonic file

02:26:49. Is it possible to assign a shortcut key to toggle between main and cue mix

02:38:24. How can I reset the default EQ setting

02:39:53. Can I rename different events in the same track

02:40:51. Is it possible to change the font size of track names in the mixer

02:41:57. Will Steinberg make VST System Link work over Ethernet connection

02:43:33. Is it possible to record audio out to in on the audio interface to capture VSTi audio

02:45:23. Why are some score settings using staff tab have black fonts in a black background

02:47:48. How to toggle the time base for multiple tracks from linear to musical mode

02:49:54. How to record automation of VSTi and record to audio at same time

02:53:27. Can we create samples for a Korg PA 600

02:56:02. Is there any chance of Cubasis on Android supporting plug-ins

02:56:42. How to transfer drum MIDI to individual wav files

03:06:35. Where does Greg live

03:15:03. Can you show how to do side chaining and when to use it

03:17:16. Will Greg show how to use an Xbox controller with Cubase in the future

03:17:47. What is the difference between HALion Sonic SE and HALion

03:21:21. What is the easiest way to transpose an entire project using the chord track

03:23:43. How to export single tracks and groups with their complete signal path

03:26:39. How to shorten the notes of a linear sequence all at once

03:29:40. Is there a strum feature in the key editor

03:30:20. Can you discuss state of NRPN recording for external synths and mixers into Cubase

03:31:31. How to do sidechaining in Cubase Elements

03:32:24. How to set up Cubase to run Ableton in ReWire

03:33:31. When I set my reference track to no target why does it get reset

03:36:09. What is the best Loudness units to aim for in a song

03:37:05. How to load user created sample presets within HALion 6

03:41:11. Do I need to roll back my windows update to always work with elicenser

03:42:09. Is it possible to have more than 8 quick controls or how to map additional knobs for control

03:44:14. Is it possible to switch grid in sample editor to work with triplet or dotted note values

03:36:48. How to use the combined stereo panner to make guitar tracks sound thicker

03:48:30. What is the best way to transfer orchestral music between Dorico and Cubase

03:49:21. How to quickly change from mono to stereo for mixing

03:50:20. Can I change the scale to be in different Gregorian, pentatonic and blues scales

03:51:19. Will it be easier to do constrain copies in future

03:51:41. Is there a list of Club Cubase topics

03:52:51. Will Steinberg implement smooth scrolling in future

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic


00:09:54. Is it possible to change the order in the VST Instrument rack

00:11:26. Is it possible to move an automation node in time without moving its value

00:13:39. What is the best way to sample a dobro in Cubase 10.5

00:17:01. How to normalize the volume of an piano audio file to -14 LUFS

00:18:28. How to convert a piano MIDI file into chord track data

00:19:54. Why do I get dropouts writing to a mechanical hard drive on USB bus

00:21:53. How to access the plug-in latency monitor

00:23:28. How to get more colors from the color palette

00:25:17. Is it safe to uninstall Cubase 10 after installing Cubase 10.5

00:26:05. What does the MIDI input in the VariAudio editor do

00:27:26. Why does the cloner cause timing problems when in bypass mode

00:28:56. How to get the ruler track in 10.5 to show time in seconds

00:30:23. Can you demo how to slip audio in Cubase

00:32:04. Is there a way to remove the locator bars from being visible

00:33:32. Can I beg Steinberg to put BackBone on sale now

00:34:12. Can I use other instruments besides HALion Sonic SE in Dorico SE

00:36:55. Will Steinberg fix incorrectly closing projects that use Acustica plug-ins

00:38:21. Is it possible to free warp multiple tracks at once

00:39:50. What Steinberg sounds would be good for a sci fi soundtrack

00:42:11. What would be the one piece of external effects processor that Greg would buy

00:43:45. How to replace multiple of the same samples used in a project easily

00:45:41. Has Sir Hans dubbed Greg an honorary member of Team Zimmer

00:46:28. Why are icons of drum tracks recorded through group tracks greyed out

00:52:51. How to get the radio quality EQ filter thing used on lots of metal songs

00:55:08. Why does my bass drum track not play after being put into a folder

00:57:01. How to work with effect tails when doing offline processing

01:00:14. How to tell if a group track is mono or stereo

01:02:26. How to make a macro to open a specific plug-in on the master bus

01:04:45. How to optimize my 12 core processor and 128 gigs of RAM computer

01:07:19. How to do collaboration in Cubase

01:09:13. Is there to make the guidelines not disappear when zooming

01:11:56. Why did my event fades on audio parts disappear

01:13:30. How to work with different guitar riffs in a project all recorded at different tempos

01:17:31. Should I record the vocal with or without dynamics compression

01:18:51. How to setup mono audio tracks to follow a chord track

01:22:08. How to unmute muted MIDI notes

01:30:11. Why does the MIDI loop play differently when triggered from a chord pad

01:34:39. How to transfer contents of one template into another working template

01:35:25. How do I slow down several tracks without them getting out of sync

01:38:57. How to create a template from an existing song without parts

01:40:40. Why is the waveform image in Cubase pixelated

01:42:56. How to change the transport stop behavior on the fly without menu surfing

01:45:30. How to assign a command to be controlled by Cubase IC Pro

01:46:53. What is Greg’s favorite 3rd party plug-in for mastering

01:49:54. Can you run through some of the functions of VST Connect Pro

02:00:42. Does the Cubase 10.5 license work withCubase 4 and 5

02:02:22. Why do I sometimes get ghost automation in my project

02:05:53. How to add expression or mod wheel data to an already existing MIDI track

02:08:55. Does Steinberg offer more Cubase templates that can be downloaded

02:10:08. Is there a way to see chords that you are playing in real time

02:12:19. Why did Cubase version 10.5 kill my Cubase 4 and Cubase 5 license

02:14:50. Can Cubase 10.5 be reinstalled without changing the VST plug-in folder

02:15:39. Can you show the difference in linear and musical mode in scoring to picture

02:22:24. How to see multiple parts in a MIDI editor without gluing parts together

02:25:14. Is it possible to free warp multiple tracks at the same time

02:25:31. How to setup a fader to control the volume of a MIDI track via quick controls

02:28:34. How to make the upper window the same as the lower one

02:29:43. How to make tempo edits snap to the grid

02:31:32. How to show hitpoints to align to grid when moving

02:34:33. How to quantize a region of audio without using hitpoints

02:36:36. How to convert audio to MIDI

02:40:26. How to make a macro to select all muted events

02:43:19. Can Cubase present a pop to enter user defined variables

02:44:24. Is it possible to change the contrast of automation lane data

02:47:28. How to run Melodyne in Cubase

02:49:41. Is a 12 core 2014 Mac pro with 64 gigs of RAM beefy enough for Cubase 10.5

02:51:30. Can Expression Maps like those for Iconica be used with other sample libraries

02:52:56. Why does the automation bar disappear when I zoom in too much

02:54:02. How to audition MIDI loops in the MediaBay

02:55:14. Does Cubase have a transient to tab like feature

02:57:40. How to route audio from Cubase out to a program like Zoom

02:59:50. Is there a way to batch convert Cakewalk Sonar files into Cubase file format

03:02:02. Is there a way to record Windows system sounds into Cubase

03:04:13. Why don’t I hear audio as I move notes in VariAudio

03:06:05. Why does my Kontakt go to a white screen when exiting Cubase

03:07:31. Any tips for tweaking tempo detection to mitigate further complex edits

03:12:32. IS there a way to have the input folder from auto populating upon starting a project

03:14:50. Is there a VST Server option to offload VSTis to another computer

03:16:42. What is the best way to set up an external sound module in Cubase

03:19:03. How do I completely delete my Cubase projects

03:20:31. How to overdub expression automation onto a track

03:22:04. Where can I find more Alan Morgan channel presets

03:23:09. Is it possible to use Expression Maps on EastWest instruments

03:25:00. Is there a way to se chord recognition as they are played

03:28:06. Can I have more than one sound and more instruments active at the same time

03:29:11. Does Yamaha make affordable studio headphones good for mixing

03:33:05. Why do I still not hear anything when clicking on the MIDI loop in MediaBay

03:34:05. What is the difference between exporting audio in real time vs faster than real time

03:37:11. How to split VST instruments across processor cores

03:38:22. Does VariAudio work on polyphonic material

03:38:53. Why does the phrase change when triggering MIDI loops from chord pads

03:39:48. Do AMD Ryzen processors work well with Cubase

03:40:33. Are there any plans for mixers to be released for Cubase

03:41:34. What is the difference in 32 and 64 bit processing precision

03:45:39. Is it possible to use Project Logical Editor make a track go to top

03:47:26. How to have metronome count down at current position’s tempo

03:49:58. How to edit one channel of a stereo interleaved file independently

03:51:15. What does the Prepare archive function in the Media menu do

03:55:53. Will VST System Link work over Ethernet connection

03:55:05. Is there a way to change the color of the TimeWarp markers

03:56:28. How to get Beat Agent kits in Groove Agent to have multiple outpu

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic

00:09:40. How to create multiple outs to route individual drums from Kontakt

00:12:52. How to offset MIDI drums so that there are natural timing offsets

00:16:36. How to alternate velocities on drums

00:21:50. Is there an electric guitar sound in Cubase to sound just like Jimi Hendrix

00:23:27. How to map an automation lane such as CC01 to an external physical fader

00:25:48. How to make group tracks, fx tracks and parallel tracks from existing tracks

00:30:48. How to export individual tracks using batch exports

00:33:39. Will I be eligible for for a grace period update for SpectraLayers 7

00:34:26. How can I extract notes from the arpeggiator of Hybrid into Cubase

00:38:42. Can you discuss mixing for new users for VST instruments

00:42:49. Why is my tempo detection option greyed out and not available

00:44:56. Why does activate metronome precount only work in measures

00:46:27. Is it possible to display filter overlapped audio events

00:48:12. Can you cover some of the new features in Cubase 10.5

00:51:56. Is it better to use a plug-in for mono downmixing in master fader or in control room

00:53:31. Can Greg do an in depth tutorial on using the MediaBay

00:53:54. What is good email address to reach Greg at

00:54:44. What is the recommended dB level to aim for in the master fader

00:56:28. How would you mix music and voice together for a radio ad

01:02:43. Is Cubase able to recognize the tone of a sone from a MIDI or audio part

01:04:25. Can you explain what a grace period update is

01:05:06. Can I create a strumming effect from the logical editor

01:08:02. Why don’t my kits I create in Groove Agent 5 save the new MIDI mapping

01:11:21. Is there a way to humanize the velocity

01:12:08. How to use the MIDI out from a Reason Rack instrument into Cubase

01:13:31. What are the best practices to export my tracks to someone mixing in another DAW

01:16:54. Is it possible for automation lane to move a physical fader on the controller

01:20:57. Can you click and move an audio part freely around without going into sample editor

01:22:21. How to identify the tempo of a sample loop

01:25:33. How come I can’t import my personal MIDI loops onto chord pads

01:30:31. Why is Cubase 10.5 have spinning beach balls for me

01:31:43. How to resize the drum editor window to fit within the screen

01:34:29. How to limit mixes in Cubase from being too sharp or bright

01:38:00. How to change the grid to 1/32 in the drum editor

01:38:56. Can you show the top secret setting to get a sound in Cubase 10.5 sampler track

01:40:38. How do you remove from a track after working on it

01:41:41. Why are 32 bit VST plug-ins no longer supported

01:43:15. Can you use chord track on multiple tracks at the same time

01:47:50. Is HALion SE included with Cubase 10.5

01:49:42. Does it make sense to use the stereo enhancer if tracks are hard panned in the mix

01:53:19. Why can’t I drag MIDI files directly to chord pads from MediaBay

01:53:52. Is it possible to make random automation for a high hat

01:57:01. Will Steinberg be adding a dynamic mode in Frequency EQ

01:56:03. Is it possible to export mono and stereo tracks at the same time

02:00:28. Is there a way to export a single MIDi loop and not the whole project

02:04:47. Why doesn’t Cubase have side chaining for 3rd party plug-ins

02:05:48. Can I split left and right hand to 2 different MIDI tracks

02:10:42. Is there a way too change the waveform apearance02:16:43 in Cubase

02:15:44. How can you use the MIDIgate plug-in

02:18:47. Is there a way to set preferences from having inputs auto populate in a project

02:22:12. Is it possible to save external effect presets audio connections

02:23:22. Why doesn’t my StreamDeck not work in 10.5 when it worked in 10

02:26:43. Can Steinberg work more on dual mono plug-in support

02:27:09. How to enable pre fader metering

02:27:54. Do I need special hardware to work with Dolby Atmos in Nuendo

02:35:37. How to update the origin time of an audio file

02:38:23. What is the fastest way of creating hi hat rolls in different rhythmic values

02:41:27. Does recording audio after opening Groove Agent 5 cause Cubase to crash

02:43:52. How to make your own MIDI chord progressions that can be used in MIDI packs

02:47:28. Are there default key commands to change the quantize values

02:49:35. Is there a way to have Cubase insert CC21 into a MIDI track for EastWest libraries/ 02:55:23. Will the expression map functionality continue to evolve

02:56:00. Why do so many hip hop producers base their projects on double tempo

02:56:58. How to tell which HALion samples include articulations

02:58:54. Why can’t I hear my metronome in control room

03:00:15. How to setup a MIDI controller to play over a drum loop in Cubase

03:03:06. How to change the click to have a higher resolution

03:05:25. How to easily even out the velocity on a MIDI part

03:07:49. Will I have legal issues in using Steinberg’s included content

03:10:44. Why isn’t my MIDi controller working with my VSTs in Cubase

03:12:46. Is there a MIDI glide option in Cubase

03:15:04. Why is Ozone blacklisted in my Cubase

03:15:59. Why is my MIDI loop not saving

03:18:17. How to control a plug-in parameter with a MIDI control that does not have a learn CC capability

03:22:23. Is it possible to pan individual MIDI notes in the key editor

03:26:32. Can you show how to use the chord track with mono audio

03:29:30. How to restrict to a scale within a piano roll editor

03:33:01. How to change the time stamp of a recorded audio file

03:34:54. Why do I want to get a message when opening a project after upgrading to a UR22mkii audio interface

03:36:54. When would you want to use hitpoints

03:39:25. Can I make good quality with music with quality studio components, UR824 etc

03:40:17. Why do I get a message in Win 8 in VST Connect Performer that it cannot load the Zoom H4n ASIO driver

03:44:04. How to print Melodyne processed files to save CPU

03:46:16. Are Cubase tutorials applicable for Nuendo

03:46:43. How to get markers to snap to other markers

03:48:59. Can you share some tips on working inside the MIDI editor

03:51:49. Is it best to straighten an arranger track arranger before exporting the mix

03:52:54. Is there a way to select all tracks within a folder track

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic

00:10:18. Does Cubase or HALion have any crunchy rock guitar tones

00:12:06. Any sounds that can be used for action cinematic sounds

00:15:46. Can a MIDI track be analyzed to create a chord track

00:18:37. How close and fast rhythmically can a chord track play back

00:20:27. How to pan left and right channels independently on a stereo track

00:22:25. How to compare 3 mixes and a reference by selecting with one mouse click

00:28:54. Why does my Sonarworks plug-in make my exported mix sound tinny

00:30:46. How to get click volume to show up in floating control room and MixConsole

00:32:27. What does the delay compensation threshold preference used for

00:36;11. Is it normal for my RME interface to show 4 options in sound devices

00:37:35. Where is the pitch tilt in VariAudio 3

00:40:06. How to place an anchor for where to tilt pitch in VariAudio

00:40:49. Can you discuss the different pitch snap modes

00:43:02. Why does my TGuitar play an 1/8th note late

00:47:36. Why does nothing show up such as categories and sub categories in LooopBrowser

00:49:22. How to create a drum score when using more than one kick drum

00:51:45. How to anchor inputs and stereo out in lower zone MixConsole

00:53:09. How to learn Cubase as a beginner

00:54:27. How to fix a mix with super compressed guitars and lacking impact

00:58:52. Why do my VST instruments and sampler tracks clip when starting out

01:03:29. If a modify a PadShop preset an save it will it affect the original preset

01:06:28. Is it possible to resize the score editor and see it in landscape mode

01:09:15. Can you show some options for note length in step entry

01:13:41. What are some of the best practices for saving templates

01:16:55. How to configure a Yamaha MIDI flute with Cubase

01:18:38. Where is the plug-in information in Cubase 10.5

01:19:58. Are all of the included Cubase sounds royalty free

01:20:20. Does the current promotion give $40 off BackBone as well

01:21:19. Why has my bass drum disappeared from the folder it was placed in

01:22:28. Will BackBone Se come in Cubase 11, please Greg

01:23:01. Do all of the sounds used so far come stock in Cubase Pro

01:23:40. Any tips on recording children, female about 10-12 years old

01:24:46. What are the options for keeping track notes in Cubase

01:28:38. Can an acoustic guitar track correspond to chord track changes

01:29:54. How to set all tracks to unity gain in the MixConsole

01:31:42. How to get the tail to work for reverb type effects in direct offline processing

01:36:26. How to humanize arpeggiated parts in a sequence

01:41:13. Why doesn’t audiowarped audio not bounce

01:43:58. Could a reference track be implemented without using a cue mix

01:44:55. Is there a VST that can emulate Jimi Hendrix’s guitar playing or wah wah

01:46:14. How to use key editor options to create a chord track

01:48:34. How to lower the volume on MIDI drum tracks

01:54:19. How to move tracks to top or bottom of the session

02:01:22. How to get bends on a guitar solo to go a bit further

02:05:01. Can we switch the output from stereo to mono

02:07:01. Can you run a VSTi from a network

02:08:18. How to recover the top control bars settings cogwheel if it goes offscreen

02:11:05. How to setup a MIDI guitar in Cubase

02:13:56. How to duck multiple sources using a gated send

02:20:32. Is there a way to open MixConsole 2 and 3 from a key command

02:21:25. How to see MIDI CCs as lanes and edit them like automation

02:25:19. Where is the plug-in information window

02:27:14. Is it possible to install Cubase other than the OS drive

02:28:20. After installing 3rd party PadShop content do I need to keep the installer

02:30:21. Is it possible to search for MediaBay in right hand zone with a key command

02:33:54. Why are notes played from my Novation controller one semitone off

02:35:15. Does 4 k video work in the Cubase video player

02:36:26. Why is my credit card not accepted in Steinberg online shop

02:38:12. Is there a key command to switch focus to upper or lower zone in divided project

02:40:21. Is it possible for the right zone to be expanded to the right to read more info

02:41:19. Why does Cubase IC Pro tempo not match with Cubase tempo

02:43:10. If I upgrade to Cubase Artist do I get Cubase Pro free

02:44:56. What drums do you avoid when doubling up samples to live drum recordings

02:48:20. Is there an easy way to select all tracks within a folder

02:52:41. How to make a Steinberg sample library icons show in MediaBay

02:53:41. Can you show the option window for MIDI inputs

02:56:51. How to use autotune in sync rhythm in Cubase

02:58:14. Any headphone monitors with microphone you could recommend

03:03:27. How to build a live drum sound avoiding muddiness

03:06:54. Can one sing over a prepaid multi track using Cubase

03:08:10. IS the decompose in Backbone different than GrooveAgent and do you think BackBone will be a part of Absolute Collection

03:08:49 What preferences need to be deleted to get MediaBay tiles to show up

03:11:24. How to stream the audio of my Yamaha organ to stream through Steinberg interface

03:14:35. Is there a preference to have more height in lower zone

03:15:56. Is it possible to add vibrato in VariAudio

03:17:31. Any ideas when PanDrum may be on promotion

03:20:40. Can chords created in the key editor appear in the chord track

03:22:54. What vocal effects come with Cubase

03:24:48. Why does my FabFilter limiter only show as a post fader plug-in slot

03:27:37. Does the CC121 mute folder tracks

03:28:03. Is there a way to use nudge tools on the range between left and right locator

03:31:22. Is there a preset where we can define default pre settings

03:33:43. Is there a search function for key commands

03:34:54. Is it possible to use the VST Amp Rack in VST Connect Performer

03:37:04. How to set up audio routing for VST Connect remote recording

03:45:46. How to a new track in an empty folder

03:47:47. How can I fix my editor screen if it gets too big

03:50:32. How to import the factory song from a MoXF into Cubase

03:52:31. Does Cubase run better on Mac or PC

Do Slate or Waves plug-ins cause crashes

03:54:34. When will there be an Absolute VST promotion

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic

00:10;13. Why am I forced to have a stereo bus in the control room

00:12:35. Does Cubase freeze on close for Acoustica Audio or Slate plug0-ins

00:14:01. Is there a way to duplicate warp markers on a track to another track

00:17:36. How to best load up my custom Groove Agent kits

00:20:15. Would replacing my MR816CSX with a UR824 make a big improvement

00:21:04. Why can’t we express tempo in dotted quarter notes

00:21:45. Why is the output bus not working on my Blue Yeti USB mic

00:24:21. Why is my mono switch in the control room not working for me

00:27:05. Is there a way to bypass the scroll wheel when navigating in the MixConsole

00:28:19. How to make tracks more transparent on the project window

00:31:40. How to copy MIDI lengths of one part to another

00:35:31. Can I use an ilok to upgrade from Cubase Elements to Cubase Pro

00:36:05. Any tips to make bass punch through a heavy rock mix

00:39:16. How to extract acapella vocals from a track

00:39:48. What is the difference of adding groups or FX tracks of inside and outside folder

00:41:48. Any way to invert the scroll wheel horizontally in Cubase

00:43:18. How to prevent Cubase key conflicts with Mac function keys, i.e., F1, F2, etc

00:44:46. How to adjust time positions of notes in the tempo track

00:47:22. Why is stereo always in bus name in control room

00:48:31. How to set up 1 and 2 on numeric keypad to go to left and right locators

00:50:08. Why do bus names only show in stereo

00:52:08. Is it possible to add pictures to user sample libraries

00:54:09. Is there a way to trigger macros from a second PC, tablet or hardware device

00:55:29. Does saving an instrument preset save audio channel settings

00:57:23. How to manually set warp markers on tracks

01:00:07. Why can’t I hear my samples when auditioning them in the MediaBay

01:01:25. How to do crossfades when there are no overlaps or space between events

01:04:02. Can you discuss making pitch corrections on a live track

01:07:47. How to incorporate a new template into an existing project

01:08:59. How to convert audio to MIDI

01:09:52. What are some of the legalities of sampling

01:11:54. How to change the scales in the chord track

01:13:21. How to nudge MIDI or audio to a value other than bar or quarter note

01:15:20. How can I change the key of my song after recording

01:18:44. Does Cubase work with aggregate audio drivers on MacOS

01:20:04. Will there be a Q&A session on SpectraLayers

01:21:04. How can I make the world’s best song in Cubase

01:21:29. How to do fades and processing on selected ranges

01:27:25. When and why would you use buses

01:29:21. How to setup a Yamaha DTX12 drum pas with Cubase

01:31:35. What are the best settings step for rap music

01:34:58. Can you use VariAudio to determine the key of a song

01:37:40. How to add a key signature track

01:40:01. Is there a way to create impulse responses in Cubase

01:43:49. How to setup a Yamaha Motif XF8 in Cubase

01:45:28. Why is Greg not reading and answering comments of the hangout

01:48:54. Would you recommend adding an analog mixer with your audio interface

01:51:21. Why does Cubase rescan plug-ins and start in diagnostic mode often

01:52:08. How to map a MIDI controller to control parameters in plug-ins without MIDI learn

01:54:51. How to hide the input faders in the MixConsole

01:56:23. When will SoftTube plug-ins be fixed in Cubase

01:56:58. How to set tempo from a click in real time

01:58:54. What is the difference between a hitpoint and a warp marker

02:00:49. When VST effects have crossfade how do you know which channels are crossfaded

02:01:44. Why can’t I get Cubase Pro 10.5 to clock from MIDI

02:03:04. How to setup Cubase so only one track is armed to record

02:04:41. Where are Expression Maps stored on MacOS

02:07:49. Why isn’t pitch shift working as an offline process

02:11:38. How do I transpose a specific part in a track

02:14:04. Is it possible to have all tool buttons have different colors

02:15:07. Is the pitch shift under process only available in Cubase Pro

02:15:41. What is the difference between a group and a bus

02:22:26. How to isolate a vocal from background music

02:24:01. Why does Cubase Pro include SE versions of some instruments

02:24:33. Is there a way to move the ruler track so that I can measure time between 2 events

02:26:41. Why do I always get the message ports have been use exclusively

02:29:30. Why Se in Cubase Pro

02:31:14. Do I need WaveLab or can I do mastering in Cubase or Nuendo

02:43:55. Can you explain the tempo detect function and can it be applied to the whole track

02:40:42. How to stream from Spotify into Cubase

02:42:53. How to quickly remove an insert other than selecting no inserts

02:44:30. Can you help out with multiple tempo detected in Cubase

02:46:10. Will SpectraLayers 7 use AI for a bpm tool

02:46:56. Hoe to setup a source connect session over Zoom

02:49:13. What does the orange button on the tempo track do

02:50:14. Is there a control room in Cubase AI

02:50:33. How do you create a bus for different tracks

02:52:13. Can MIDI changes from the inspector be applied to different events on same track

02:56:35. Can you show how various inversions show on chord track

02:59:05. Is Cubase or Nuendo capable of analyzing a song for a root note

02:59:44. How can I remove a plug-in from the list

03:01:08. What is the best way to route the metronome in the UR22mkII

03:02:36. How to create an arp in Cubase

03:04:18. How can I delete a VST Connect track

03:05:36. Why don’t my inversions show in chord pads

03:07:20. Why do I have to continually define my VST Audio connections

03:09:23. What features does Greg want to get into that have not been discussed already

03:10:42. Is it possible to transpose chord pads by an octave

03:11:44. Is it possible to select the lowest note within an arpeggio from logical editor

03:14:45. Is S/PDIF still supported

03:15:12. Is it possible to preview audio in MediaBay at half or double speed

03:17:57. What is your favorite way to remove string squeaks from an acoustic guitar

03:22:09. Is it Ok to remove Cubase 10 after updating to Cubase 10.5

03:23:07. Can the chord pad be transposed an octave higher or lower

03:25:44. How can I setup the metronome to sound before recording

03:27:57. Is it Ok to delete the Cubase installer after installing Cubase

03:28:25. Why do the chord pad voicings seem to change by themselves

03:29:27. Is there a way to make velocities more even

the best VST for guitar

03:30:48. Can you discuss drum mapping in Cubase

03:35:04. Can I run VocalSynth2 in VariAudio

03:35:42. How to transfer a project from Dorico to Cubase in 6/8 time

03:37:08. Is it possible to delete regions across multiple tracks in WaveLab Pro

03:38:44. How to reset search attributes in MediaBay

03:40:20. How to have a sound triggered with a note off message in BackBone

03:43:19. How to create cycle markers from events in Cubase or Nuendo

03:46:23. Is there a quick search for key commands

03:47:37. Can Steinberg prompt us with a dialog that prompts to enter in variable in logical editor

03:48:09. Can there be MixConsole configuration view from selected tracks

03:50:00. What is the best VST for guitar

03:52:11. Is there a way to add a group and a folder all at once

03:54:12. How to activate the Xbox controller in Cubase

03:55:19. We need a motion sensor for Cubase

03:55:55. Is there a better way of transferring MIDI from my Motif XF8 into Cubase

03:57:47. Will BackBone Se be in the next Cubase

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic

00:09:09.  How to create regions and create new files in sample editor

00:11:27. How to add 2 measures and 2 beats of pre roll before a punch

00:13:47. How to randomize lengths or sustain of string parts to make them more realistic

00:18:26. Is it possible to record MIDI and audio at the same time

00:20:25. What is the best loudness level for recorded tracks

00:22:42. How to assign function controls in Mackie Control to open Mixer and Zones

00:26:45. Why is my quick control have inverted values from my MIDI controller

00:29:15. What can I do to make Reaper Restream plug-in crash Cubase

00:30:38. Can lanes be setup to have different EQs to help in stacking tracks

00:33:17. What is your favorite composition feature with arpeggio plug-ins and chord track

00:38:00. How to use the de esser on tracks to minimize sibilance

00:42:37. How can you audition MIDI files through drum machines in MediaBay

00:47:26. Where to install MIDI files to be accessed through MediaBay

00:48:26. Why does the output level of my guitar run too hot in my audio interface

00:50:01. Do you have any tips on getting a vintage string souns

00:51:03. Why does my laptop computer seem to be under performing with Nuendo

00:53:17. How to export my mix out to another engineer including plug-ins

00:56:09. How to mark VST 3 and remove VST 2 plug-ins

00:58:52. Can you explain project synchronization, and do I need to have it active

01:01:53. Why does file dialog box change to name after doing an audio mixdown

01:03:55. What is the hurdle to get audio out to my Bluetooth speakers

01:05:57. Can I see the marker track in the key editor

01:07:26. How to match slices of newly recorded takes after an existing comp edit

01:10:54. How to free warp 5 drum tracks together

01:12:04. Can you discuss various options doe the range tool

01:15:02. Audio Drop Out – No Audio 01:47:02. What is the proper way to reset automation events in a project

01:49:57. How to setup dynamic mappings in score editor to MIDI CC

01:54:31. How to do multi channel free warp

01:55:31. Can I use my modx along with my other audio interface at the same time

01:56:29. Do I have to wait for the USB elicenser after upgrading from Cubase AI to Pro

01:57:36. How to import previous Cubase settings to Cubase 10.5

01:58:37. How do I find a noise gate in Cubase 10 as opposed to gate

01:59:48. How to force Cubase to sync tracks in project window and MixConsole

02:03:08. Why have I not gotten support response about BSOD

02:04:02. Is there a way to keep VST racks open without loading sample libraries again

02:05:36. Why do I have problems adding effects to a track

02:07:47. Is the tape saturation in channel strip available as a standalone plug-in

02:11:23. What would cause wave image to go out of whack when changing workspaces

02:14:37. How to load the samples and loops in Cubase

02:15:43. How to create harmony tracks on vocals

02:17:52. How to copy a range of notes and change pitch

02:18:43. How to split SATB to different tracks from a piano part

02:20:28. How to scrub MIDI parts

02:21:35. How to quantize a piano part to fit within a song

02:23:38. How to set the key signature for a particular part in score editor

02:24:54. What is the message elicenser being shared between 2 programs mean

02:26:31. Can you doa quick run through of the signature track

02:29:30. Why does opening an older Cubase project cause graphics issues

02:30:46. Why are MIDI notes recorded out of time even if recorded in time

02:31:34. What is the difference in using an insert or below the green line

02:34:57. If upgrading from Artist to Pro do I need to uninstall Artist

02:36:06. Why are there track count limitations in my Cubase AI

02:37:19. Is it possible to freeze multiple tracks

02:38:33. Why when importing a MIDI file does automation show up on top of tracks

02:39:16. Can the nudge tool be used for left and right locators

02:41:13. How can I show only audio in mixer and MIDI in project window

02:42:49. Why does Cubase Artist have track limitations

02:44:26. Why can I not do automation for enable plug-in but need to automate bypass

02:45:22. Is it possible to combine ramp and jump modes when using warp tool for tempo

02:49:23. How to mute the effect when send is in prefader mode and track is muted

02:52:00. How to do a prefader sidechain and not hear the sidechain input source track

02:55:19. Can we expect no track limitations in Cubase AI in the future

02:56:49. When would you choose to use the project logical editor

03:05:41. Is there a way to keep the same number tracks when doing render in place

  03:09:08. Will Steinberg support logical editor programmers and share their results

03:09:58. Why is modulation not showing as automation in a MIDI part

03:11:59. Can you show a brief tutorial on video tracks

03:15:52. Is it possible to raise or lower automation up or down by 1dB with a key command

03:17:52. How much does it cost to upgrade to Groove Agent from Groove Agent SE

03:19:27. What are some of the unique features in the full Groove Agent version over SE

03:22:18. Is it possible to fade in and out videos

03:23:26. How to fix crackles when playing MIDI keyboards in Cubase

03:25:22. Where is the video quality submenu

03:27:31. Is it possible to download this hangout

03:28:58. How to do warping of audio in Cubase

03:32:35. Can you show some logical editor tips for drums

03:39:54. Can you set project logical editor to adjust volume of audio at specific thresholds

03:40:25. How do I find the index of topics covered in a hangout

  03:40:43. What are the benefits of control room for a bedroom producer

03:42:36. Why are there options greyed out in the chord inspector tab when in live transform

03:44:50. Are the Cubase sounds and loops all royalty free

03:45:39. Is it possible to select lowest note in an arpeggiated part in logical editor

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic

00:09:52. How to modify sounds in HALion without affecting original preset

00:13:06. How to use import track settings to import VSTi tracks with multiple outs

00:15:58. Is there a way to MIDI map the Mackie Control user commands

00:17:27. How to create 808 slides in sampler track

00:19:50. Will Steinberg release a sound effects library for Nuendo

00:21:58. How can I run 2 stereo outs from external instruments with a UR28M interface

00:24:25. Is there a MPC like note repeat function in Groove Agent

00:28:40. How to be perfectly precise with quantization

00:32:33. How to use a MIDI slider on controller to control send of 3rd party plug-in

00:35:22. How to achieve a Henry Mancini string sound with Cubase tools

00:38:47. How to work with voice overs in Cubase

00:44:47. How to reorder tracks in the MixConsole

00:46:23. What is the best way to hold a remote recording session in Cubase

00:48:09. How to create an empty patch to remove existing preset in effects in Cubase

00:50:14. Is AMD or Intel better for a Thunderbolt equipped new computer

00:52:17. Can you show how to use a compressor as a gate

00:55:10. Why does Cubase Pro title menu stay pinned when project is minimized

00:57:03. How to make selected MIDI notes all even in time

01:00:18. How to use my Roland FA08 with Cubase

01:03:22. Do I need to remove VST2 with VST 2 and VST3 plug-ins

01:05:23. Are there any recommended daily backup procedures

01:05:53. Why do I get different results when exporting audio with same settings

01:11:19. Is it better to record guitars and bass as mono tracks

01:12:33. How to best compress large audio files for archiving purposes

01:14:05. Is there a way to rename MIDI notes from C4 to C5

01:15:04. How can I edit modulation and pitch bend as automation data

01:18:59. How to convert a MIDI part into sheet music

01:21:42. Why do notes sometimes get retriggered when using sampler track

01:23:56. How to set MIDI velocity for notes to a fixed value of 127

01:26:46. How to export my session with plug-in for another engineer to mix

01:29:11. Will Steinberg implement vertical zoom with scroll wheel in Cubase 11

01:30:25. Why does MixConsole window always resize in Cubase 8.5

01:33:20. How to have a sound play when note is released in BackBone

01:35:47. Will the sampler track be updated soon with latency adjustments

01:38:06. Do quantity or speed of processing cores help more

01:38:56. Why am I unable to define a source in audio alignment

01:40:52. How to do a count in of 2 measures and 2 beats

01:43:49. Can you make your own tile art for user created sample libraries

01:44:54. Is there velocity adjustment for the sampler track

01:47:17. Is there a way to turn audio to MIDI

01:49:20. Is Steinberg planning on increasing the number of VCA tracks beyond 32

01:50:35. Can you explain AES 17

01:51:40. Can you turn off the mouse scroll wheel for faders in MixConsole

01:52:52. Why doesn’t MixConsole channel width save with project in 8.5

01:56:52. How to adjust the project duration down for easier project navigation

01:58:30. Is it OK to move the stock template. Files from default location

01:59:05. How to best mix music and voice together

02:03:54. Can I mute or solo a folder track with my CC121

02:04:49. How to best handle multiple vocal takes

02:07:26. Is it possible to select an event and insert silence without range selection tool

02:08:56. How to best sidechain effects

02:14:26. How to go to default state removing Cubase effect presets

02:17:40. How to separate MIDI channels from my sequence from CZ5000

02:20:45. What is Greg’s favorite VSTi

02:21:49. Does Greg do collabs

02:23:14. How to open a full screen MIDI editor when double clicking on a part

02:24:47. Would you add a separate MIDI track to work with external VST instruments

02:25:31. How long has Greg been running Cubase

02:26:28. Will the note repeat from a Komplete controller transmit to Cubase

02:27:39. How to setup a Yamaha MoDX to work with UAD Apollo

02:28:45. Can Cubase work with a Max 730 soundcard

02:31:06. What is the advantage of a template vs. a project with media removed

02:33:33. Have been able to make guitar tones with stock VST Amp Rack

02:38:08. Can I import a Reaper file into Cubase

02:38:59. Why doesn’t the sampler track have MIDI modifiers inspector control

02:40:12. Is there a way to map a MIDI note on message to add an audio track

02:41:52. How to best drive Cubase from a vocal booth when recording in Cubase

02:45:07. How to change tempo of tracks from a key command

02:48:52. What does the constrain delay compensation do

02:51:12. How to mute effect send when muting a track when in pre fader

02:54:40. Why do I get messages that my R16 has been removed

  02:56:16. Has Greg ever used VST Connect on a session

02:56:36. How can I change the panning view like it is in Greg’s mixer

02:58:32. Why did my Cubase 10.5 license destroy my Cubase 4 and 5 licenses

03:01:31. Can you show how to work with MIDI insert Chorder with minor 7 11 preset

03:07:22. How does Greg stream audio from Cubase into OBS

03:08:59. Why in Absolute 4 do some instruments not show up as standalone instruments

03:11:25. Will my longstanding issue of Cubase freezing on exit be resolved

  03:12:30. Is there a way to extract plug-in settings from projects for older plug-ins

03:14:33. Will VST3 plug-ins come up by default if VST 2 versions are installed

03:16:33. Will Cubase add crossfades

03:19:22. Is it possible to activate Cubase AI 4 on Vista currently

03:24:37. How do I hear the sound of the Direct Offline Processing

03:28:03. How can I set the channel settings editor window so it does not disappear

03:29:40. How to assign selected tracks to the same color simultaneously

03:31:01. How to program hi hats rolls with different quantize settings

03:34:30. Can you recommend a hardware controller with 9 sliders

03:35:28. Do you know anything about Presonus Faderport 16 with Cubase

03:36:40. What algorithm does Cubase have for quantizing drums to the bar

03:37:45. Any discount on Absolute 4 for Cubase and Nuendo users

03:38:56. Why are some functions not active in Note Expression inspector tab

03:40:31. Can Notepad import and export text files

03:41:39. How can I have my Expression pedal control wah wah pedal in VST Amp Rack

03:45:07. Can you show some of the new improvements with retrospective record

03:47:06. Will plug-ins in control room monitor add latency

03:48:18. Can I route audio from a VSTi to record as audio in Cubase 7

03:50:49. Do I need to keep Cubase Pro 10 after updating to Cubase Pro 10.5

  03:51:34. Can you show soloing MIDI and instruments in a folder

03:53:24. How to setup a drumkat controller to drive functions in Cubase

03:56:04. How to raise a vocal up a half step

03:57:13. How to create new audio files from defined regions in Cubase

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic

00:10:01. Is it possible to convert drum recordings into and play back through Groove Agent

00:13:28. Why are some of my NI Komplete plug-ins showing in the blocklist

00:15:01. Why is my NI Kontrol not always recognized by Cubase

00:16:20. Could there ever be a HALion 6 hangout

00:17:21. Why am I getting a blue screen after opening some projects

00:18:32. How do I first and second pass at same time when comping

00:21:34. Is it possible to import activated outputs into a project from VE Pro

00:26:44. Any tricks for using MIDI gate plug-in on a vocal

00:29:01. What other functions are need to work with VR and AR which are not included

00:31:38. What is the best way to automate volume inside of Cubase

00:34:10. Can you show how to use VST Connect Pro

00:38:35. Are there any beginner tutorials

  00:39:14. How to set up direct monitoring for headphone mixes in control room

00:47:42. Can you share details on direct offline processing

  Does it support automation

00:51:49. Can I record audio to a video for exporting it to YouTube. 00:54:38. What tools in Cubase work best when mixing vocals

00:58:41. How to select all of one single note in the MIDI editor

00:59:36. Can the direction of the mixer undo history be reversed

01:02:24. What should I exclude when saving a project into a template

01:06:00 Can I get the CC121 to work through a network

01:07:42. How to use my old Boss SE 50 into my Cubase setup

01:10:38. How to best rime align drum parts

01:13:15. Is it important to have VST instruments on different channels with SynChron player

01:15:48. Can I get my Akai Force to work with Cubase over ethernet link

01:18:17. What is a fast way to only find acoustic drum kits in Groove Agent SE

01:20:06. Are there any plans to have the drum sequencer handle polyrhythms

01:26:18. Is there a way to link plug-ins on the same channel

01:27:59. How do I load drum kits I created back into Groove Agent

01:30:33. What is the import into Groove Agent do

01:32:20. Can you explain how to export individual drum menus into separate tracks from Groove Agent

01:36:34. What are the use cases of input and output folder tracks on the project window

01:38:51. Is there a way to stop audio drop outs when adding or removing plug-ins during play

01:41:06. How to do parallel compression

01:45:16. Can you share some tips on file naming and organization tips

01:49:40. How can we create a return aux channel in Cubase

01:52:01. How to solo group tracks properly when using parallel compression

01:54:37. How can I get a color scheme downloaded into my template

01:56:56. What is the purpose of MIDI port direct music and timestamp in Windows

  01:58:31. Is Steinberg considering increasing the number of VCA faders beyond 32

01:59:38. Is there a quick way to adjust the range of the automation lane to make subtle changes easier

02:02:30. What happens if my USB elicenser breaks

02:03:59. Can you show how to do dual mono compression in Cubase

02:06:24. Is there a way to store the Cubase license on the computer hard drive

02:07:01. Is there a way to adjust the resolution of the automation so my control surface faders do not stutter

   02:14:56. How to map my Akai drum pad to Groove Agent

02:16:26. Is it possible in score editor to not have scroll wheel not change pitches

02:18:16. Is it possible to monitor both sweet spot morphing channel strip and Rev X reverb with MR816 interface

02:20:56. Can you show output tracks in MixConsole that have data passing through them

02:24:00. Why is my MR816 have noise in studio monitors while UR 22 does not

02:25:42. Can I rename events on timeline from marker names

02:33:23. Why can’t I set my UR824 for insert to print through effects

02:34:27. What audio interface does Greg have

02:36:41. Why do plug-ins disappear from DOP when working with audio extensions

02:38:53. Why don’t I have any presets for some Steinberg instruments, Triebwerk Dar Planet etc.

02:40:14. Any suggestions on removing or minimizing pick click from acoustic guitars

02:44:41. How to hide the visibility of input channels on lower zone mixer

02:46:05. Can I have multiple chord tracks in a project

02:48:45. How to get shared copy editing to work on audio parts

02:51:50. How to best bring up parts of a vocal track recorded with such low volume

02:55:13. When recording MIDI why is the first note often early

02:57:37. How to isolate a kick drum track from overhead drum tracks

  03:01:01. How to hear only the effect without source being blended in

03:03:55. How can I get my EZ drummer loops to play through Groove Agent and export it

03:06:44. When will Steinberg be running a special on Dorico

03:07:42. Is it possible to have the pop up tool tips to be above as opposed to below cursor

03:08:49. Can you create user styles in Groove Agent

03:12:23. Can you show parallel compression on a single track

03:15:26. How to anchor the transport to the bottom of the screen

03:16:12. How to get MIDI data from Beat Designer into the project window

03:22:04. Are there any plans for Yamaha to release a digital mixer like Presonus

03:23:45. How to access quantizing audio from key commands

03:26:11. Is it OK to approach each song with a unique perspective

03:27:52. How to delete automation on a track without deleting the audio file

03:29:09. Is there a key command to mute a MIDI note

03:32:06. Why does Absolute 4 not show all of the plug-ins like versions 2 or 3

03:33:49. How to save a template with MIDI controller and generic remote settings

03:34:42. Why don’t MixConsole Snapshots include automation

03:36:48. Why does my control and shift + mouse wheel sometimes stop working

03:38:11. Why does sometimes renaming VCA faders not carry over from project window to MixConsole

03:39:09. How can I keep my MIDI recordings restricted to a particular scale

03:40:27. Is VST System Link a great solution for hosting VST instruments for composers

03:45:25. How to do a sidechain compressor from just a kick part of a drum loop

03:48:10. How to use a drumkat controller to drive functions in Cubase

03:50:21. Do we need round robin functionality with the advent of note expression

03:53:20. Why do I get clicks when my CPU is being fully used

03:54:47. Why aren’t the Cubase MixConsole channels colorized

03:56:18. What is the latency like on the UR22C

03:57:28. Are there any plug-in presets for acoustic nylon guitar

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic


00:09:17. How do I copy settings from a bass part from Cubase 8.5 project to Cubase 10.5

00:11:18. Can there be more WaveLab covered in these hangouts

00:12:02. How do I find a tempo track of audio file that I have recorded

00:14:10. Is it possible to resample with effects in Groove Agent

00:21:00. What is the best laptop for Cubase 10.5

00:22:05. Does Nuendo offer more than 4 cue mixes in the control room

00:23:02. How to extract a MIDI pattern and velocity to apply to other parts

00:26:15. Does the root key function affect samples in the MediaBay

00:28:26. Why has latency introduced itself when recording my guitar

00:33:37. How do I sync my hardware instruments to Cubase so they play when I hit record

00:36:46. How to setup parallel processing in Cubase

00:43:14. What is this hangout about

00:43:40. Is there a way to render in place in real time

00:46:11. How to restrict a split note into harmonies that follow a chord track

00:52:47. What you would you suggest on cleaning up a bad recording with effects

00:55:10. Why isn’t my Komplete Kontrol working in 10.5 as well as it did in 10.04

01:00:03. Why does the latest version of Cubase cause more problems for my soundcard

01:01:03. Is it necessary to have the red input faders visible

01:03:36. Why am I confused about zooming and activating cycle mode from main timeline

01:05:12. Why has my mod wheel stopped working with Kontakt 6

01:08:47. Why is the wrong pattern dragged from Groove Agent preset Drinking Habits

01:13:16. What is the benefit of loading Groove Agent this way

01:14:19. How do I set the edit channel settings window to always on top

01:16:19. Is it possible to change the MIDI track tempo

01:18:07. How to create a mono track into a stereo track without creating a new track

01:23:05. Are there any suggested keyboard shortcuts for reverse or bounce in place

01:25:44. Why when I solo a track and the FX track do I hear other tracks in the effect return

01:28:27. Will there be the possibility of having more than 32 VCA channels

01:30:03. Is there a common link that can cause instability in Cubase

01:31:36. Is there an included plug-in that can split frequency ranges in Cubase

01:34:00. How can I change my file association in Windows so double clicking a cpr file opens Cubase Pro 10.5

01:36:14. How can I audition my own drum wave files in right hand side MediaBay

01:38:47. How to mix and match different patterns with multiple agents in Groove Agent 5

01:44:33. Does Cubase have a built in tool to remove room tone, noise mic pre noise from audio files

01:46:06. Why are my menu headers a bit visually obscured in Cubase

01:47:18. Did I make a mistake going to StudioOne

01:47:49. Does Cubase extract chords from audio

01:48:20. Will the track delay function help with latency when tracking guitars

01:50:46. Did it make sense to switch away from Cubase for drag and drop functionality

01:52:12. Can Greg suggest any online training for beginners

01:53:31. Can you show how to to do tuning and fine tuning of audio in Cubase

01:58:04. How to get the pre rack in the mixer to be shown by default

02:02:55. How to anchor the stereo out to the right side of the MixConsole

02:04:09. Are there any render as loop options in Cubase

02:05:12. How to rename parts in the arranger track to verse, chorus, bridge etc.

02:06:38. Can you change the envelope gain of a stereo clip in the sample editor

02:07:26. Is there a way to create a user attribute for audio files in MediaBay

02:09:14. Why does my Cubase not show different forms of a chord on chord pad

02:11:03. Will it be possible to print full signal path in batch export

02:12:28. Why does the volume of my Battery VST go silentwhen I move the MIDI fader

02:16:23. Can the chord pads show different inversions

02:17:09. How can I solve latency problems when I record

02:19:26. Can you enlighten me on working with sysex data in Cubase

02:21:57. Can you do an audio mixdown to mono and stereo in one go

02:26:45. How to fix a bad mix that sounds flat and has no thump

02:29:06. What is the easiest way to save an edited audio clip to be accessed in MediaBay

02:30:19. What would cause my mod wheel to only transmit values of 88-127

02:31:40. How can I sync the tempo of Cubase and my Roland Fantom G6 keyboard

02:33:52. Why don’t my chord pads show different chord pad forms

02:36:35. Is there a function that can minimize the edit window to the lower part of screen

02:41:20. What synth is Retrologue trying to emulate

02:41:49. How can I make a single voice sound like a choir in Cubase

02:44:50. Is it possible to add more user defined categories and sub categories in MediaBay

02:46:10. What can cause a delay in my MIDI playback after 20 minutes of time

02:47:08. How to use electronic drums as a controller with Groove Agent 5

02:49:45. Why are the video clips I load in lagging when I load them in

02:51:40. How to use FLStudio as a VST plug-in in Cubase

02:52:18. Are there different display options for the chord pads

02:55:37. Does VariAudio share technology from Celemony Melodyne

02:56:08. Does Greg have a total Cubase video tutorial course available

02:58:20. How can you colorize the MixConsole faders

02:59:18. What is the advantage and importance of the logical editor

03:05:34. Can you discuss buses and how to make the best use of them

03:09:42. How to transfer Cubase preferences to make them work in Nuendo

  https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/360000327730-Location-file-paths-of-presets-in-Cubase-and-Nuendo- 03:11:51. How can I create and drag a pattern from Groove Agent into Cubase and spit each sound to its own track without adding more instances of the plug-in

03:16:56. How to isolate the voice in an older recording

03:20:16. Is there a complete series of beginner tutorials that are up to date with current versions

03:20:48. What levels are ideal for recording vocals at

03:22:24. How can I add pictures of 3rd party VST plug-ins in my MediaBay

03:23:33. How to create an mixer view of only selected tracks

03:30:01. Why did I lose the ability to record in 10.5

03:32:03. Will the hangouts now be on Mondays

03:33:32. How to delete or add ranges on one or several tracks

03:35:52. How to get my backing track and live track from MR816to broadcast over Zoom

03:39:47. How to get 3 audio files with different tempos to automatically match

03:42:11. What is the best way for a contemporary composer to come to grips with MIDI

03:44:38. How to configure my motu interface for headphone mixes and direct routing in Cubase

03:48:17. When using the chord track color scheme in MIDI editors why are some notes bright blue

03:49:57. Can I have Cubase play at half or double speed and change pitch like an analog tape machine

03:54:00. How can I export a Groove Agent kit with the samples

03:55:34. How to have a sample in the sampler track not change the speed when playing lower or higher notes

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic


00:10:24. Can Cubase achieve an automix function

00:12:04. How take audio files at different tempos and make them match Groove Agent

00:16:56. Why do I have problems on get hd audio to transfer using VST Connect

00:18:21. Why do some Arturia plug-ins that work in Cubase 7.5 not work in Cubase 10.5

00:20:51. How to easily back up all of my Cubase settings

00:22:11. Where is the button to import selected tracks on Cubase 10.5

00:24:27. How do you mix correctly

00:26:32. How to quickly move an audio waveform to align with another track

00:29:19. How do I turn Groove Agent into an audio track

00:32:36. Why is site not taking me to right place when trying to do an update

00:34:31. Why does Serum seem to knock out my soundcard in Cubase

00:36:09. Is there a ripple delete feature in Cubase

00:38:13. What I am gaining in my newly purchased 10.5 update

00:43:11. How to select more than 8 MixConsole configurations with key commands

00:44:29. What is the playback trick using locators to skip a portion of a song

00:46:36. Why is one of my notes bright blue when using chords coloring scheme

00:49:38. Why are my Mackie and WaveGrid Studio settings not sticking in project

00:50:54. What parts of the program use elastique algorithms

00:53:55. Is there a compensation on my recent Cubase Pro purchase with new promotion

00:55:24. How to keep track info organized notepad or track naming

00:59:52. How to automate a guitar with pedal

01:02:28. Does Steinberg have plans to introduce AVB based audio interfaces

01:04:43. How to automate a virtual wah pedal in Cubase

01:06:12. Is there a default key command to go to marker 1 and 2

01:09:35. What is the best way to move a score from Cubase to Dorico

01:11:15. How to split all tracks at once and remove or add bars

01:13:22. Does musical mode work to change vocals to different time signatures and musical genres

01:15:24. Any chance of Steinberg releasing a fix for track visibility support with Eucon

01:18:15. What is the correct price for my update from Cubase 10 Pro to Cubase Pro 10.5

01:19:53. Why aren’t newly recorded notes visible in MIDI editor

01:22:20. Does link options support loading IRs in 3rd party plug-ins

01:25:20. Where so I find a noise gate in Cubase Pro 10

01:26:19. Will the older plug-in Reverb A come back

01:28:07. Is there a way to store MediaBay result pane preferences

01:30:26. Any tips on setting up Cubase for a looping jam mode for playing VSTis

01:32:25. How to setup Cubase to broadcast audio via Zoom

01:34:56. How do I change background colors on editor windows

01:36:29. Can you tell us what the zero crossing function does

01:38:15. Can I keep the fade handle in place when resizing events

01:42:17. Can I get an underwater effect for 1 Khz type of sound

01:46:05. How to compress backing track when vocals come in

01:49:35. Why do some events move out of time when activating musical mode in pool

01:50:46. Can you extract a chord track from a MIDI piano part

01:52:13. Can you add custom scales in the chord track

01:54:12. Is it possible to have a specific value set for MIDI CCs on a track

01:55:45. Are workspaces saved in a user profile

01:56:48. How to add multiple tracks to a group track at one time

01:58:57. How to access patches for my Yamaha MoFX8 in MediaBay

02:01:18. How to change MIDI parts to Dorian or Phrygian mode

02:04:55. How to have a piano duck based on a vocal

02:08:05. Any plans to easily switch between inserts and offline processing

02:10:27. What is Dante

02:14:47. Why does vocal change pitch and speed when changing bpm

02:16:34. How to route elements inside Groove Agent to a dedicated audio bus

02:20:03. Can the time signature change in the middle of a song

02:21:50. Can anyone share some useful keyboard shortcuts

02:24:13. How to get rid of HALion Sonic SE tracks after importing a MIDI file

02:26:13. Is there a way to freeze multiple tracks

02:29:38. What is Eucon

02:31:47. Will Cubase IC Pro see improvements

02:32:24. What is a lcc2 error message related to

02:34:05. Can I pan MIDI from the piano roll editor

02:35:23. Can we see multiple audio files at the same time within the sample editor

02:37:17. Where can I download Cubase

02:39:52. What notes are in the Japanese scale

02:41:29. Do group edited MIDI tracks in a folder include adding or deleting notes

02:46:53. Is it possible to paint the MIDI notes to change only selected MIDI notes

02:49:30. How would you compare algorithm of VariAudio to Melodyne

02:52:04. Are there any Cubasis hangouts planned

02:53:58. Can Cubasis file importer work with Nuendo as well as Cubase

02:54:24. Why did my bass drum disappear when adding it to a folder track

02:56:46. Is there a reason why changing the tempo does not change the locators

02:59:29. Can I buy the USB elicenser from Amazon if buying Cubase elsewhere

03:00:44. Can you discuss Studio Pass

03:01:06. Any legal issues using content from Cubase in productions

03:02:02. How to automatically merge MIDI parts together

03:05:15. Is it possible to automate zoom in and out with keyboard shortcuts

03:05:58. When creating a FX track why doesn’t the plug-in open anymore

03:07:28. How to sync BeatStep Pro with Cubase

03:09:02. Is there a modifier key to only change velocity of selected notes in key editor

03:12:27. What is the difference between a update and an upgrade

03:14:13. Would a developing music producer benefit from going up to Nuendo

03:18:11. Can you show how to auto increment the colors

03:20:00. Is there a way to zoom out without the area moving to center of screen

03:23:16. Does Steinberg offer any dedicate vocal sample packs

03:24:23. Is there a one key press to zoom to previous state

03:27:11. Can I copy all effects, settings in GrooveAgent from a 9.5 project to 10.5

03:30:17. Can I create a 2 bar loop and have it played in a loop while recording linearly

03:32:56. Does Greg get calls to help with celebrity users like Michael Jackson

03:35:12. Can the AI knob on a CC121 be used to browse sounds in MediaBay

03:36:22. Can I send rim shot and snare to different outputs in Groove Agent

03:38:58. How to get Cubase with dark backgrounds like I see in some Cubase tutorials

03:41:36. Why is my tempo changing automatically

03:43:03. Why does range selection change as tempo is changed

03:47:20. Is there a way to input tempo using a mouse or keyboard key

03:48:28. Is there a naming scheme when using render in place

03:50:26. Can you set up a recording input chain

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic


00:09:20. How to record internal or system sound fromm Win10 into Cubase

00:11:16. Can you show how to convert a live violin recording into MIDI

00:13:32. How to best quantize finger style acoustic guitar

00:16:28. Why is Kontakt 6 blacklisted in Cubase 10 on Win 10

00:18:06. When recording multiple guitar parts does it make sense to use lanes and best ways to get volumes consistent

00:21:25. How to make a continuous audio file of a series of different audio files and edits

00:23:39. Can you extract dynamics of synth bass track generated from audio bass part by sidechaining Envelope Shaper

00:24:39. How can I get rid of audio dropouts when changing inputs, adding inserts etc

00:27:01. What is the purpose of gpk files in WaveLab, are they important

  00:28:35. How can we synthesize strumming guitars in Cubase or Nuendo

00:32:36. Does Cubase 10.5 have a faster response than version 9.5

00:33:39. How does the compressor MIDI plug-in affect velocity

00:36:13. Can you show how to get rid of a click as a result of a bad edit

00:40:06. Can you access undo and redo buttons on edit window

00:41:57. When reordering inserts will the automation follow

00:44:40. What does the preference edit solo record in MIDI editors

00:47:22. Can you explain the use of MIDI dissolve parts in Groove Agent to set up to record multiple outs

  00:50:21. Can we change the color of the ruler track in the project timeline

00:52:47. What headphones are you using for referencing today’s hangout and projects

00:55:15. How to spot a file in the selected range

00:56:08. What are saturators for and how to use them

01:00:29. Is it possible to double click to load a effect or instrument plug-in

01:02:57. Will render in place include instruments loaded as MIDI sends

01:05:01. If I have a Cubase 10 license on my desktop can I also use it on my laptop

01:06:02. How can I have a track at 122 bpm fit into a project at 120 bpm

01:11:32. Is there a way to permanently render effects to an audio track

  01:15:19. How to setup a sidechain for the multiband compressor

01:17:20. Is there a way to change playback speed to ½ to easily find rumbles in track

01:20 :20. How to properly sync my modular synth with Cubase

01:22:48. How to route an FX track in the MixConsole

01:25:11. Should I use the soundcard mixer on the way into Cubase and the Cubase MixConsole after

01:26:59. How to transpose an entire MIDI lead part

01:28:23. How to get an audio file to fit a project when you don’t know the the tempo of project

01:33:23. What is an email address to reach Greg

01:33:50. How to hear samples in VariAudio when I select the segments

01:36:05. Can you show how to use the comp tool

01:39:02. Can I deactivate HALion Sonic SE and Groove Agent SE if all of the features are present in full versions

01:40:51. How to make the lead vocal trigger the master bus compressor when doing a TV mix i.e. no vocal in the mix

01:44:55. Can you use Cubase as a live stream mixing board

01:46:53. Can you explain the store marked preferences only in the preferences

01:51:11. Comment on how great HALion is after all of these years

01:51:49. Can I use the inputs and outputs for external effects on my AXR4

01:53:57. How do I setup my Cubase 10.5 on 2 computers

01:54:57. How to quickly mute the monitor output when recording with a mic

01:57:42. Is there any way to quantize faders and automation to a specified range

02:00:51. Can you do velocity compression on selected velocity in MIDI editor

02:04:55. Does Beat Designer work with 3rd party plug-ins and can you drag samples in it

02:07:03. Is there a way for newly added tracks to not be added into all configuration views

02:08:12. How to best handle vibrato in the MIDI key editor

02:09:39. Why don’t I have SpectraLayers in my Cubase

02:11:42. Do I have missing GrooveAgentOne sounds for compatibility for older projects

02:14:17. How can I keep editor window current when using back and forward keys in project window

02:16:40. What technology is best to access Cubase remotely and hear it

02:18:39. Why do back and forward buttons in project window affect the MIDI editors

02:22:28. How to buy an elicenser in Iran

02:23:28. Why did my Zoom R16 lose transport control and why is it triggering MIDI notes

02:25:12. Is it possible to change the meter color of the master fader

02:28:49. How to quantize a bass part as audio without warping using slices

02:32:30. What could cause a different pitch in an audio mixdown file if sample rates are same

02:35:40. How to easily use a waves compressor on a track

02:36:30. What is the best way to create large orchestral templates that don’t kill CPU

02:40:08. Why does the audio part change after slicing at hitpoints

02:42:17. How to quickly navigate to start of first event in project if not starting at 0

02:44:29. How to split a multi song project into a single song project

02:51:07. Will there be any problems routing track to group, to premix group to master out

02:52:25. How to setup Cubase to utilize all RAM in system

02:53:55. How to copy and apply the lengths of MIDI notes from one part to another

02:59:28. Can hangouts be cut up and cross referenced with Cubase manual

03:00:32. Where to apply compression, lo and hi pass, and EQ on guitar track routed to guitar bus, pre mix bus, or master bus

03:03:07. How to find a bpm of an acapella vocal file

03:06:44. Is Cubase support just a myth

03:08:05. Are there any settings in Cubase to resolve audio that sounds like it is flaming

03:10:03. Why does audio get interrupted when adding enabling and disabling effects

03:11:37. When switching MIDI parts why does key editor go to beginning of part as opposed to play position

03:18:53. Can Cubase be used to output audio to Zoom

03:21:10. Can I use ASIO4All to sync an interface with a PCIe audio interface

03:22:14. How to change the pitch of a single audio file on the timeline

03:24:45. How to use the mod wheel to automate the sound in Dark Planet

03:26:17. Can there be a dialog box that pops up in the Logical Editor

03:29:48. Is it possible to download Cubase for free

03:30:23. Why can’t I get MIDI signal from my controller into HALion

03:34:19. Can I drag an audio file into sampler track and then drag back to project window

03:35:38. How to make settings from projects done with UR33 map properly to my new UR816C

03:39:35. Why does Greg’s left to right panner on his main output look different

03:41:47. Why does Cubase have better low latency performance than Ableton

03:42:26. Why when trying to do a tape stop using elastique tape algorithm do other tracks get affected

03:45:28. Will the Avid Artist control surface work with Cubase

03:46:28. What is the MixConsole and ehat does it do

03:48:22. Can the logical editor be used to select every other note of a selected hi hat part

03:51:47. How to manage multiple users on same system when waves license key is not present

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic


00:10:06. What is the most convenient way to export stems all at once

00:11:27. Can I just move my USB elicenser to run Cubase on different computers

00:12:19. Can Steinberg indicate which plug-ins are included with each package

00:13:36. Is there a dedicated tutorial video for working with video


v=jS9yL8AYHFg 00:15:09. Is there a way to keep mono tracks mono and stereo tracks stereo on batch export

00:19:18. Is it possible to extract chords from a wav file of a piano

00:20:06. Why can’t my client hear only talkback mic on VST Connect SE

00:22:11. Is it possible to do a sample rate conversion without changing the pitch

00:25:38. Are there any decent iOS based controllers that can work with Cubase

00:26:49. Is there a key command that can increment/decrement volume by 1/10 dB

00:30:57. Is there a way to play a project at half speed

00:36:02. Why can I only access internal DSP of UR22C from inspector in Cubase

00:39:56. Is there a way to scrub MIDI in Cubase

00:43:00. How can I get a new elicenser code to reinstall Cubase on my PC

00:44:03. How to eliminate 4 bars in the middle of a project that has tempo changes

00:48:00. Can you route group buses to audio tracks in Cubase Artist

00:48:39. Are there any upcoming exciting Yamaha and Steinberg developments of note

00:50:03. Are there any issues moving a Cubase project from PC to iMac

00:50:42. What version of Cubase is being used in the hangouts

00:51:23. Can I use Elements or artist after losing my elicenser

00:53:33. Does Cubase utilize the full screen on Mac

00:54:07. How can you transpose the chords in a chord track

00:55:37. How do you stream the DAW audio for your hangouts

00:58:48. If I reinstall Cubase will I need to get a new CD key

00:59:51. When I hit record why does the cursor jump to measure 1

01:03:59. Why when adding a mono track to record guitar or bass there is no pan control

01:06:11. Does Groove Agent have 80s electronic drum sounds included

01:08:48. Is it possible to transfer comp license to USB elicenser

01:09:23. Is there a game Connect feature in Cubase like Nuendo

01:10:38. How to print an audio mix to a track in the current Cubase project

01:14:24. Is there a link document to search all topics answered in hangouts

01:16:10. How to force snap point point to be tied to the grid

01:19:14. How to record sounds from a synth in a ipad as audio in Cubase

01:20:48. Can you give an overview of the Envelope Shaper plug-in in Cubase on bass

01:26:54. How to add 32 bars of space before a project

01:28:41. What is the standard order of effects for a vocal

01:31:58. How to best quantize an egg shaker

01:35:43. How to delete range of silence in an audio region and move audio to fill space

01:37:50. How to use LoopMash in a MIDI track

01:43:25. How to copy and paste MIDI info from one track to another

01:44:47. What processors are people using for new PC systems

01:45:30. Will key commands be affected if not using a US based qwerty keyboard

01:47:11. Can you show Arpache in how to make basslines for EDM

01:51:50. Is there a way to keep track of downloads I got from Steinberg download assistant to avoid duplicate files

01:54:15. Can save the output configuration of VEPro7 outputs in Cubase project

01:55:55. Can we have the long sought out for capability to print the metronome as audio file

01:57:24. How do I name a cycle maker in Cubase 10.5

02:00:10. Can you suggest a portable drive as my internal SSD is almost full

02:04:02. Why can’t I see all of my info line on Mac monitor

02:06:41. Can I create an icon to see in MediaBay for my own sampled drum kits

02:08:06. Why is the Steinberg Download Assistant appear white in MacOs Catalina

02:09:04. How to change temp in a song with audio

02:11:32. How to transfer user settings like preferences and key commands to my new Mac

02:12:24. Do I get some discount after getting Cubase Pro for my existing PadShop 2 license

02:16:30. Is there a way to superimpose a MIDI track and audio track in an editor

02:18:15. How does the MIDI plug-in work on velocity

02:22:25. Will HALion 6 be included in Cubase 11

02:22:50. How to stretch audio to produce a tape effect

02:26:06. Can you discuss the fine increase decrease parameter

02:29:30. Why does Cubase Elements crash when editing audio from an 18 minute video

02:31:34. Is there a plug-in that can apply synth sounds to a guitar input

02:33:18. Why is Cubase Pro 10 ahead when recording

02:34:37. Does using one reverb in a send use less CPU than running them as multiple inserts

02:36:04. How does velocity in the MIDI piano roll editor work

02:37:11. How can I activate my recently purchased Cubase

02:38:54. Why can’t I hear loops as I preview them in the MediaBay

02:40:06. How to best handle audio overlaps when working with the arranger track

02:44:10. Why don’t I see LoopMash or LoopMashFX in my Cubase version

02:45:08. What is this live stream about

02:49:01. Why do I have problems with my UR 22 when charging my Asus laptop

02:51:26. Does HALion import .nki file samples

02:52:22. Is there a way to see a reverb processor as an effect and patch names together

02:56:17. Can you share any tips on getting VSt Connect to connect for a session in Win 8.1

02:57:22. Is it possible to select multiple parts on an audio track and quantizing them

03:00:34. Is there a way to create a macro to rename cycle markers based on part name

03:06:27. Is there a quicker way to access tap tempo other than opening beat calculator

03:08:15. Why are there some files that I can not put in musical mode with in tempo

03:11:32. How to bounce audio events to include edits to easily pass on to users of other programs

03:12:55. Are there key commands to open the VST Panner in MixConsole or key commands

03:15:45. Why does it take so long to see plug-in presets for Steinberg plug-ins

03:17:37. Will Cubase utilize all of the RAM in my system

03:18:50. How to import tracks as individual files with and without bus processing

03:26:10. How to toggle multiple tracks between musical and linear mode

03:28:42. Is there an alternative key command preset for keyboards without numeric keypad

03:30:29. Is there a way to convert 2 mono tracks to a stereo when importing into project

03:32:30. Is there a way to do freeze multiple tracks in Cubase or Nuendo

03:34:04. Why can’t I enable record on a particular track

03:35:59. Why am I not hearing tracks in my project

03:37:08. Can you explain the differences between the different stereo panners

03:39:55. How to scale the velocity only of notes that are selected

03:41:18. Is it possible to automate the main pitch wheel in HALion Sonic SE

03:42:55. Can you discuss different control surfaces for Cubase that are not super expensive

03:44:47. Why do I get a message saying I can not open file created in 10.5.12

03:45:39. Can you discuss true peak meters and gain structure in Cubase

03:47:10. How to transfer remote control editor settings to Quick Controls

03:50:36. How to define velocity for keyboard in sampler track

03:52:08. Can you use a 3d mouse for immersive audio mixing

03:52:35. How to make the cursor in MIDI editor follow the project view

03:54:12. What is the best way to report bugs to Steinberg

03:54:43. How to rebalance track with existing automation

03:56:14. Where can I post feature requests to Steinberg

03:56:33. How to delete notes that are same pitch and length on top of each other

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic


00:09:20. Can Nuendo trigger audio from video flashes, transitions, and other events

00:12:29. Can you discuss differences between Melodyne and VariAudio3

00:16:49. Is it possible to have a tempo detection of an audio file and have Groove Agent follow the detected tempo

00:20:40. What is best video container and codec to work within Cubase

00:21:52. Where is the Quick Link function in large MixConsole in Cubase Pro 10.5

00:22:54. Is there a way to search all topics in the Cubase hangouts since March

00:23:57. Will 3rd party plug-ins in Pro Tools have versions installed that will work with Cubase

00:25:07. Can I use a user defined function key on CC121 to toggle between channel strip and channel EQ

00:27:27. What is the equivalent of using Audio Suite processing in Cubase

00:29:45. Does Cubase automatically add fades after chopping audio and making other edits

00:30:49. Can you add you own content to MediaBay or is it only for Steinberg created content

00:32:37. Can we create a rack for automating several knobs

00:34:24. Can you use 2 different time signatures on 2 separate tracks

00:38:50. When automating one channel that is linked to VCA fader group why is automation affected

00:42:50. How can I have a stereo and 5.1 mix setup at the same time

00:49:45. What is the best way to pitch down a song to sing high vocal parts easier

00:54:02. Can the MixConsole in Cubase 10 show the channel colors from project windows

00:54:54. How to have a simple part follow the nearest note in the chord track

00:58:06. Can I use all 12 encoders on my CC121 to control more than 8 quick controls

01:00:51. Is it normal to have Cubase Pro 10 still working after updating to Cubase Pro 10.5

01:02:08. What are we working on today

01:02:29. Can I drag an audio file to a different time position and keep the fades set in place

01:03:25. How long does it take Steinberg to respond to support requests

01:04:27. How to move preferences and key commands from Mac to my new PC

01:05:29. Can you discuss differences between peak and LUFS normalization

01:10:41. Any tips for mastering in Cubase without using WaveLab

01:15:26. Is there a way to disable external clock sync without menu diving

  01:16:37. How to setup Cubase to setup a broadcast with Zoom

01:18:55. Can you add a bar in time warp

01:20:14. Why can’t I find my Pop Essentials expansion pack in Cubase

01:22:22. Will new Cubase features be introduced in Nuendo at the same time in the future

01:23:42. What is the difference between saving presets vs. a track preset

01:25:17. Is there a key to hold down to anchor a sample at the end of the event

01:27:52. Is it possible to create and save custom microtonal scales in Cubase

01:33:20. Will 16bit drum samples in GrooveAgent SE play the same bit depth in GrooveAgent

01:34:42. Why does Mix Button when turned all the way to dry still have compression on it

01:37:32. Is Studio One more popular than Cubase

01:37:46. What is BackBone

01:40:00. Are you the same Greg that did a seminar at Guitar Center in Texas

01:40:56. Why can’t I see QLink at top of the MixConsole

01:42:43. Why are my preview samples playing back at double speed

01:45:05. What is the use of the red input faders on the MixConsole

01:49:18. What can cause new added inserts to be deactivated when loaded

01:51:12. Can I use multiple interfaces when working in 5.1

01:54:49. Can you discuss sidechaining and how to sidechain EQ with peak controller

01:58:25. Why do my audio tracks seem like they are visually clipping when they are not

02:01:18. Can you give a quick walkthrough of the MediaBay

02:06:26. Can you remove the (D) in the name of a duplicated track and add incremental numbers

02:14:23. Is it possible to run a MIDI file into a guitar pedal

02:16:35. Is there anything in Cubase to help create and impulse response

02:18:08. Is there a way to make your MIDI output to audio

02:19:51. Do you have any techniques with working on vibrato on a vocal

02:23:16. Is there an easy way to change an incoming MIDI note from C3 to E4

02:25:41. How to snap the end of an event to the grid

02:27:26. Do I need to purchase additional Cubase licenses to use VST System Link

02:29:12. Does the singer Andrea in your demo track have any commercial releases

02:30:20. Does the TGuitar chord handle guitar chords correctly

02:34:17. Why doesn’t GrooveAgent have a retrigger mode for note repeat ability

02:36:28. Is it possible to have a keyboard shortcut for amplitude waveform zooming

02:37:44. How to increase automation on a track by 2dB

02:39:14. Any suggestions on merging components of different sessions in a large template

02:40:59. Is there a way to pitch bend audio in Cubase

02:43:00. Can I record MIDI from my Yamaha PSR directly into Cubase

02:47:32. Is there a smart EQ defined for each instrument

02:50:20. How to find a brass EQ preset

02:52:10. Are there videos to buy to learn Cubase

02:52:58. Viewer notices real time captioning of hangout.  Click on CC in YouTube window 02:53:43. Does Cubase convert sheet music into MIDI

02:55:11. How to add a Korg Triton and select sounds by patch names

02:58:00. Does Greg have refreshments near to help with grueling hangouts

02:58:29. Can I import my own samples into BackBone

02:59:04. Why do I get an elicenser message about Olympus Choir in a project

03:02:22. How to do automation on a track for a new user

03:04:13. Can you provide tips on latency and CPU usage

03:05:32. Can I add information for user presets for Reverence

03:11:02. Can I quantize my MS20 with Cubase

03:13:40. Why does my YouTube sound go away when I open Cubase

03:16:05. Can you discuss routing and QLink features

03:18:23. What is the cool song Greg uses in the hangouts

03:19:51. Why can’t I run Groove Agent or HALion from desktop but can use them in Cubase

03:21:11. Is there anyway to record an audio track with the click sound

03:23:45. Is there an outline for all of the topics covered in these hangouts

03:26:30. Does Greg speak German

03:27:47. Is it possible to play MIDI notes and create a tempo map from the part

  03:32:41. Can I add plug-ins on the MIDI inserts

03:34:15. Do I need to purchase a referencing VST plug-in or just use functions in Cubase

03:38:57. Can I use my old MIDI rig through an Opcode Studio 5 on my new Mac

03:41:55. Can you show how to use excel in creating patch scripts

03:43:38. Why do I lose my apps from loops in Cubase

03:44:49. Is the score editor at a level to deliver a full score or do I need Dorico

03:45:49. Can you share some use cases of the MIDI filter preferences

03:48:06. Why when previewing loops in MediaBay after a few previews does the loop start at measure 2 or 3

03:49:05. Is there a way to detect the pitch of a sample such as a kick drum

03:52:18. Will the Yamaha Genos work with the MicroTuner plug-in

03:53:22. Will Backbone or T Guitar micro be coming in the next Absolute collection

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic


00:09:47. How to extract individual guitar runs to put on Groove Agent pads

00:13:11. Will Steinberg consider allowing users to keep Cubase license after upgrading to Nuendo

00:15:42. Can the visibility agent show data at project cursor dynamically update as song plays

00:18:40. When I slow down tempo to record MIDI data why doesn’t audio follow

00:20:40. Can you explain the edit controls in Beat Agent

00:25:50. When a section repeats in the from the arranger track will Score editor show repeats

00:33:46. Why does Cubase have a small freeze when naming EastWest Play instruments

00:35:13. Can I pass on my Cubase AI license to my student

00:35:42. Why does freezing MIDI modifies sometimes not work with Arpache SX

00:39:24. Does Cubase have an effect to create a vocal fry effect on a vocal

00:42:50. Can the Cubase preferences be assigned to key commands

00:43:31. If an insert is copied from a mono to a stereo track will it process in stereo

00:45:21. Can you show some tricks for working with vibrato in VariAudio

00:49:22. Is it possible to change the default MIDI input port

00:50:54. Is it common for MIDI fader and pan assigned to Groove Agent to not work

00:53:04. Why is my audio performance meter moving up and down while Cubase is idle

00:55:09. Why doesn’t my Groove Agent have any sounds and says it is missing 8,839 files

00:57:10. How do I undo changes that I have made in a VST during mixing

00:59:24. How can I ensure that Cubase retains the same interface settings

01:00:32. How to increase/decrease CC data on multiple tracks without using logical editor

01:02:22. What is the easiest way to share logical editor presets

01:03:48. Will Cubase show input output gain at the same time

01:07:18. What is the great acoustic piano instrument Greg used on a previous hangout

01:09:48. Is it possible for Steinberg to have a free sample playback player to make HALion library development easier without a USB elicenser

01:11:02. How to easily convert a MIDI to an audio file

01:12:30. How can I group a video file with an audio file

01:14:06. What is best format to record audio or MIDI and what are advantages

01:16:02. How to erase a VSTi device if it is not being used in project

01:17:12. How to save a Groove Agent kit after modifying samples or presets

01:22:22. Can you explain the different snap and grid options

01:27:45. How to use range tool to simplify setting up punch in and punch out points

01:30:41. Is there a way to have punch in and punch out send MIDI messages to reset mixer

01:32:54. How to cascade inputs on multiple audio tracks

01:37:40. Why does Cubase freeze and make buzzes on large projects and any ideas to help

01:38:59. Is quadrafuzz related to the Craig Anderton PAIA project

01:40:11. Does it make sense to pursue new features past 6.5 for a traditional composer

01:42:39. What would be your approach of doing E.N.I.G.M.A. type drum sounds

01:43:31. Does Greg produce any music projects of his own

01:46:05. Is there any trick to add Vibrato within VariAudio

01:48:35. Is it better to use the audio interface or Cubase’s MixConsole

01:50:28. Why does hitting stop while in record cause a loud blast to monitor or headphones

01:51:54. Is it possible to live loop recording where each pass is on a new track

01:55:09. Can you show how to time stretch a vocal

01:57:36. Can Score editor make changes in real time without the need to hit apply

01:58:38. Are there issues of copyright ownership when sharing files

02:00:40. How to bounce 4 lines into 1 line

02:02:33. What is the best way to export stems from Cubase

02:05:57. How to undo a cycle loop

02:07:29. How to ensure my left and right channels are balanced

02:09:42. Why are my faders on my MIDI keyboard controlling 2 channels

02:11:12. How can I get the full install of Cubase 10.5

02:12:05. What is the best way to align background vocals

02:13:53. Can I use a chord pad  for step input recording

02:18:06. How to have a stereo insert like a guitar amp process stereo on a mono track

02:20:01. How to make glide 808 sounds in Cubase or Nuendo

02:21:17. Why is the color of automation tracks set to others

02:26:36. Is it possible to send a EQ to the input of a hardware compressor

02:29:24. How to keep loop function in automation

02:30:29. Is the original audio event still in pool after a bounce selection and replacement

02:32:44. What is the easiest way to display marker names for arrangements

02:35:42. How do I lock track inspector to always show all items

02:37:16. Is it possible to have markers show in Music XML file

02:39:02. Is there a way to choose more than 1 pattern per player

02:40:19. Does Steinberg have any plans to implement a ticket based support system

02:41:32. Is it possible to have Cubase change MIDI notes by swiping mouse or using scroll wheel

02:43:54. Can you do a tape stop effect without using LoopMashFX with pitch correction

02:46:44. Is it possible to so audio file of audio with different lengths

02:47:32. What is the fastest way of doing a glissando and having it fit within a defined scale

02:49:15. Is it possible to select sounds on hardware synths by patch names

02:51:09. Why doesn’t VST Connect Performer recognize Zoom H4n on Windows 8.1

02:52:03. How can I connect my audio interface with Cubase

02:53:52. Any tips of working with VST instruments when switching audio and MIDI interfaces

02:55:31. How to drop a MIDI file from a drum program and have it not load HALion Sonic SE

02:56:44. How to change the MIDI key assignments on a pad in Groove Agent via MIDI learn

02:58:10. How to setup Cubase to hear yourself through the monitors when recording

02:59:59. Is there an easy way to duplicate a track twice

03:01:14. How to add a VST folder path for plug-ins

03:02:20. How did Greg have the marker track floating and staying atop the project window

03:04:30. Can Greg pass on a request to toggle inserts between mono and stereo

03:05:01.  Can multiple tracks be duplicated at the same time

03:06:07. How can I keep dialog in same spot when changing tempo when working with video

03:12:50. Can you use the logical editor to select all MIDI tracks

03:17:16. Can you still download scriptmaker to create patch scripts

03:19:02. Can Cubase connect to Dorico like it does to WaveLab

03:19:54. How can I get the floating transport bar back

  03:22:27. What causes latency in plug-ins in Cubase 10.5

03:24:16. Why is my latency around 100ms off from metronome

03:26:43. Are Intel processors better for composers than AMD for large scoring projects

03:28:51. Why does pressing F2 on mac bring up brightness as opposed to transport panel

03:30:11. Why isn’t there better hardware integration with 3rd party audio interfaces

  Is it a SDK that makes a difference

03:32:11. Can we set MIDI clock offset + or – per MIDI interface

03:33:34. Is it possible to filter out note durations less than and velocity less than 15 with the input transformer

03:37:42. Is it possible to solve latency of some plug-ins

03:38:07. How can I have a name for my project folder

03:39:14. Is there a way to see the waveform on frozen tracks

03:42:14. How to find the remote SDK

03:43:11. How can I quickly select a range of different events on a track on the project window

03:44:32. Is it possible to create a macro to add silence after a selected range

03:47:56. Can I add a single compressor to multiple output buses

03:52:30. Can you show how to delete files

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic


00:10:09. How to configure my Korg M1 to work with Cubase

00:14:03. How to get rid of quiet hiss from a guitar amp

00:17:17. What is the microphone for song

00:17:56. Can Groove Agent keep its samples in the pool

00:21:35. How to start a song from scratch

00:22:49. Is it possible to scroll the last song in a project to the center

00:25:21. Is there any way to convert quad groups to stereo groups

00:27:21. Can I correct a recording from tape in Nuendo that was recorded at the wrong speed

00:31:06. Can you tell me what HALion 6 is all about

00:33:32. Can you show how to comp tracks

00:36:19. Can you show a little bit about Padshop2

00:40:16. Why do I have such a latency problem with my Yamaha digital piano as a controller

00:42:33. What causes the message one of the targets can’t be aligned

00:45:19. What is the best least expensive way to purchase WaveLab

00:46:28. Should I take advantage of the Cubase to Nuendo promotion

00:48:03. How to get more stable MIDI clock without jitter for hardware synths

00:50:32. How to do slip editing on guitar parts

00:53:03. How to tidy up guitar parts after editing

00:55:49. How to set up Cubase for live performance work

01:01:23. What is panning

01:03:42. Is there a Cubase version for iphone

01:04:01. What recommendations do you have for learning Cubase

01:05:28. Is there a utility to verify that all parts of Cubase are up to date

01:06:40. Is there a best practice to create MIDI grooves from a mastered track

01:08:30. Why doesn’t my nectar 3 plug-in work with Cubase 10.5

01:09:45. Why does Groove Agent pattern only play once and stop on second MIDI note

01:12:33. Can we use only once instance of SpectraLayers in a project

01:14:10. Is the USB elicenser available anywhere but Amazon in India

01:14:38. How to pair a digital mixer with the Cubase mixer

01:16:06. How to bounce separate audio files to one mixdown file in the project window

01:18:38. How to merge multiple MIDI tracks into one part

01:20:39. Can you explain how to work with channel monitoring in Cubase 10.5

01:22:40. Will Cubase 11 score editor see Dorico functionality

01:23:52. How to easily select multiple automation points

01:25:34. How to color all selected tracks at once

01:26:45. How to make my vocals in perfect time with the tempo of the song

01:29:17. Is there a template for NI Maschine Micro

01:30:18. How to have a bunch of rack instruments following just one single MIDI track

01:32:38. Will disabling system components provide more CPU power

01:34:05. Do I have to worry about crossfades when using comping or editing with scissors tool

01:37:42. How to improve audio performance on my system when using HALion

01:41:49. Does doing a bounce selection include effects

01:42:48. Is it possible to do a EQ Low Cut from a keyboard shortcut

01:45:57. Why can’t I find export video in my Cubase 10.0.6

01:46:38. Is there a way to have fades applies automatically to the start and end of each clip

01:47:20. Is it possible to be in monitor and hear newly recorded audio track and existing audio track at the same time

01:48:37. How configurable are the controls on a CC121 controller

01:50:03. How to automate a wah wah guitar effect in Cubase

01:52:48. What does constrain delay compensation do and why does volume go down after enabling it

01:56:29. Is it possible to use a USB mic as a talkback for the control room

01:58:05. Can I transfer my Cubase Elements from a Mac to a new PC that I just built

01:59:06. How can I replace a kick or snare with a drum trigger in Cubase

02:02:31. Any way to make TGuitar less CPU intensive

02:03:45. Does GrooveAgent 5 have MIDI output ports like GrooveAgent SE

02:05:32. How can I write a G/B chord in the chord track

02:06:19. How can I change my default project folder as my C drive is getting full

02:07:29. Will Cubase meet what I need for mastering or should I get WaveLab

02:11:50. Which folders are essential to backup to retain user settings and presets

02:13:11. How to do a tape stop effect in Cubase

02:15:15. How can I import all of my project settings without the audio and MIDI parts

02:16:36. How to make a soft calm chord pluck with included sounds

02:18:33. How to consolidate a MIDI region

02:19:47. Will there be a master catalog of all topics covered in hangouts

  02:20:51. How to access presets in Triebwerk, Hypnotic Dance and Dark Planet from Absolute 4

02:24:11. How to extract notes from a chord to a new MIDI track

02:28:39. Which DAW multi fader control surfaces do you recommend for Cubase

02:31:22. Why does render in place often include multiple tracks erroneously

02:32:32. How can I find the channel latency in the MixConsole

02:33:40. Will the SpectraLayers hangout be on this channel


v=GIF1eVPE9VM&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR0mAZNRC-mmmGsXgoxO_OVsD7nEwVQAbj4wdKsA-lsjSj137R84R3QWi6M 02:35:10. Where can I download Cubase 5

  https://www.steinberg.net/en/shop.html 02:36:08. How can I arrange the inserts list to not see certain plug-ins

02:37:44. Do preferences transfer from Mac to PC

02:38:03. Any tips for mixing saxophone so it is not thin and artificial

02:40:36. Is there a cure Cubase for Cubase addiction

02:42:06. Can you provide a link to June 12th Club Cubase hangout

02:43:41. Comment on excitement recording 32bit with UR22C

02:44:25. Can Cubase control minimum and maximum CC values

02:47:52. Where should I put a tape saturation plug-in in the signal chain

02:49:27. Why are windows aquare but graphics are round in GUI

02:50:03. How to work with volume automation on audio clips

02:52:05. Will there be a way to renumber the tracks inside the MixConsole

02:52:52. When will Cubase Pro 11 be released

02:53:24. Is it possible that when I select a track in Mixer to focus that track in the project window

02:55:12. Can I use my Scarlet solo, a Yamaha R16 and a soundblaster for use in Control Room

02:56:30. Why do my exported files have a higher pitch than the project

02:57:07. Is it easy to move projects between Cubase on Mac and PC

02:59:16. Are VST Quick controls universal or project based

03:00:59. How to insert locators automatically in audio file name in export audio mixdown

03:02:17. Can Cubase read wav metadata when imported from SoundMiner

03:03:08. Can I easily select if an insert is mono or stereo in Cubase

03:04:03. How to change the pitch of existing notes in the score editor using a MIDI keyboard

03:12:20. How to create separate SATB parts from a piano part

03:14:44. Why is Cubase spl off when using divide track list and lower zone editor

03:16:36. How to route 3 output channels to a single compressor

03:17:53. Can I recommend a Yamaha mixer to connect old hardware to Cubase

03:20:22 Can you recommend a broken microphone that works well

03:20:55. Why does time stretch in VariAudio stop working after setting a tempo definition for the file

03:22:12. Can we turn audio into MIDI at least bass and drums

03:23:39. Why is playhead messed up when using lower zone editor with a divided tracks

03:25:08. How should I import mono stems and use stereo inserts for dual mono processing

03:27:18. If I extract a vocal melody will I be able to vocal melody line

03:27:53. Is it possible notate my SD 2 files in Dorico

03:30:10. Is there anything to be aware of when getting help via TeamViewer to learn Cubase

03:31:03. Will Steinberg include a gain reduction meter for 3rd party plug-ins

03:31:39. What is need to make a plug-in parameter work via the AI knob on the CC121

03:32:33. How to stop effects from bleeding through with group tracks when mixing reggae music

03:36:03. Can we extract a polyphonic keyboard part from a mixed wav file

03:36:31. How can I control channel strip processors via MIDI

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic


00:10:03. Is there an easier way to remove an insert effect other than selecting no effect

00:11:02. How do you create a pre effect send

00:12:41. Can you show how to use portamentos and glides on bass or strings

00:15:14. How would go about mixing vocals to a stereo backing track

00:18:36. Can you give some EQ tips on identifying bad frequencies

00:22:38. Can you go over some chord editing options from inspector in key editor

00:24:54. What is differences between 0dB on out meter and LUFS meter

00:27:24. Is it possible to get away with cheap budget monitors if I have nice headphones

00:31:09. Input monitor when listening to pre-recorded audio

00:33:09. Can you show Step Designer

00:40:01. Is there an optimal way to export audio without exporting the channel

00:41:10. What is the control room for

00:45:57. Is Cubase 11 on the horizon

00:46:39. Does Cubase have a multiband splitter

00:48:12. Is recording an issue after recording a segment with ARA in tape machine style monitoring

00:51:10. Can you discuss new crash recovery found in Cubase 10.5.2

00:52:28. How to do a decent cymbal roll in Groove Agent

00:55:52. How to best find loops in Groove Agent

00:58:34. If I can make music what can you recommend to get better with Cubase

00:59:32. Is it possible to import export a signature track

01:02:26. Is there a way for the chord pad to not record the trigger note in part

01:05:46. Can you show trim automation

01:08:54. Can you discuss different link types in MixConsole

01:12:39. How to nudge mixed tuplets and triplets in score editor

01:18:39. Do you have any insights on data recovery for deleted tracks

01:20:24. Is there a way to split a stereo track to mono without splitting it

01:21:11. Can you show how to move an audio event with all of its overlaps

01:23:13. How can you export video in Cubase Artist

01:23:52. How to render in place multiple MIDI tracks

01:26:10. What is correct email address to reach you at clubcubase@steinberg.de

01:26:46. How to setup a hotkey to disable tracks

01:30:18. How can we use WaveLab to finish our Cubase projects

01:36:50. How not to automatically enable monitoring on recorded tracks

01:38:01. Any key commands macros to activate project window and selecting first MIDI note

01:44:19. Do you find Cubase harder to operate than Cubasis

01:45:12. Why when copying chord from chord pad to track does the voicing get changed

01:48:11. How to switch from an Instrument track to a MIDI track

01:49:38. Is there an easy way to get rid of spaces between events

01:52:20. Will Cubase run without the USB elicenser in the future

01:54:20. What is the difference between all MIDI inputs, chord pads and MAudio controller

01:55:30. Is it possible to find the LUFS value for selected audio range

01:56:29. Is there a way to revert a stereo audio track to mon and vice versa

01:58:10. Is there a chance of a Cubase Ambisonics tutorial video being done

01:58:58. Is there a way to make vocals more distinct

02:01:55. What are quick controls used for

02:06:23. Can you show how to use the MIDI control insert to write data into track

02:10:46. Any tips on soloing MIDI tracks

02:14:14. How to fit recorded vocal to backing track using time warp tool


02:24:17. What is the fastest way to unload an insert effect

02:24:45. Do you have any India rhythms

02:26:59. How to take tracks not recorded to a click and make change them to a steady tempo

02:29:00. Why can’t I find my logical editor preset to assign a key command to

02:31:38. Is it possible to have score editor show marker IDs

02:32:35. What sample rate should I use for composing

02:33:29. Is there a way to copy modulation automation back to MIDI CC info

02:38:46. Can you show how save velocity patterns as presets

02:41:30. Why when importing 44.1 files into 48k project does audio sound sped up

02:43:07. What is best way to import samples around 3 seconds long and play them

02:47:52. What is the status of the upcoming Nuendo update

02:48:39. How to turn on volume to hear Steinberg

02:49:22. Why don’t I see SpectraLayers in extensions in my Cubase version

02:50:11. Is it possible to always have a vocal reference track 10dB lower than recorded vocal

02:52:48. How to break audio files apart for each song from a long contiguous live recording

02:57:53. Why are some drum elements missing when rendering out Groove Agent

03:00:32. Is it possible to assign a key command to switch quick control layers pages

03:01:54. Should I configure my controller to work as a Mackie Control or Quick Controls

03:05:39. Does the remote control editor work with Mackie Control

03:06:25. How to get rid of routings to older plug-ins in a project

03:08:36. Why do some projects automatically load HSSE

03:09:35. Does it make sense to have more instances of HALion6 with one instrument loaded in each

03:10:38. If I drag audio from my project to Groove Agent or HALion will deleting the audio delete the samples to the instruments as well

03:13:10. Why can’t I get Control Room or VST Connect Pro to work

03:14:41. Can I run 4 different USB audio interfaces with Cubase at the same time

03:16:21. Does EQ come before the send effects in signal flow

03:17:23. Can Groove Agent’s acoustic agent follow the timing other MIDI parts

03:19:19. Can I search for loops in MediaBay by time signature

03:20:52. How to match tempo of 2 different audio tracks

03:22:59. How to easily access automated parameters in HALion 6

03:25:11. How to record over only a part of a track and replace a section

03:26:44. How to get the audio from Cubase to play out of my PC

03:28:06. What should I do with a large collection of drum samples

03:29:28. Why are some quick controls show up as blank when reactivating an instrument

03:30:35. Is Beat Designer still included with Cubase Pro 10.5

03:31:10. Will there be discounts for updates to Cubase

03:31:58. How to get a single key to start and stop recording in Cubase

03:34:17. Does exporting mixer and fx from Groove Agent to Cubase MixConsole are rooms and OH for every source rendered

03:37:45. Do buffer size matter when using render in place

03:38:06. Can we change fader via on track via a key command or Project logical editor preset

03:40:13. Is there a way to add an author name in Cubase when making PadShop presets

03:45:21. Does Cubase include a plug-in similar to EZ Bass

03:46:12. Can you discuss why to use a linear vs. musical mode tracks when scoring to video

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic


00:09:57. Should I be worried about a Synsopos error message

00:10:39. Should I wait for Cubase 11 before updating from version 10

00:11:41. Can I move projects easily to external drive as my SSD is getting full

00:13:33. Does GrooveAgent have Note Repeat

00:18:55. Is it possible to change the voices for the harmonies in VariAudio

00:23:20. How can I connect an external effect in Cubase through  SoundCraft Mixer over USB

00:27:01. What are the ideal settings for bit depth and sample rate for YouTube

00:28:33. Can I Cubase macro be activated through a RME ARC USB remote

00:31:21. Why is my audio get pitched up when switching projects

00:32:27. How can I have score title show up in all Score parts

00:36:03. When I have several tracks selected to edit in a workspace why does inserting a bar change the selection

00:39:32. What is the best way to mix VST Drums with EQ and plug-ins

00:43:44. Should I never use mp3 tracks as a reference mix

00:46:54. Do we cover only Cubase Pro in these hangouts

00:47:30. What is Greg’s favorite instrument plug-in

00:49:18. How to clean up the appearance of notation for a file with off timing

00:53:17. How to keep Mixer 2 or Mixer 3 window on top of the others

00:54:52. How can I make my Mixer channels colorized

00:56:31. Should I use Ozone for mastering or do it the old fashioned way

00:57:50. Why do drum loops play differently in Groove Agent after dragging to project window

01:04:43. Is there a way to have Kontakt show instrument of actively selected track in Cubase

01:07:32. What is the best way to easily switch between different audio interfaces

01:08:50. How to convert MIDI to audio

01:13:56. Why can’t I drag and drop an audio file directly into sample editor

01:16:23. Is there a way to link 2 faders in contrary motion

01:18:08. Is there a way to view audio warp audio along with other tracks as a visual reference

01:20:57. Can we see metering activity to the left of a closed folder track

01:24:41. How to quantize a rhythm guitar track

01:27:01. Is there a video on how to make cymbal build ups sound more natural

01:28:14. Why can’t I preview audio files in my MediaBay

01:29:54. Is there a way to empty the plug-in manager blacklist

01:31:08. How to identify tracks that are in a group track

01:32:55. Is it possible to have selected MIDI parts not follow the chord track

01:35:48. Is there a trial version of the new TGuitar

01:36:41. Is there a way to have a automatic crossfade applied to smooth edits

01:37:46. Does Cubase still have the option to cancel all edits in a MIDI editor by hitting the escape key

01:38:39. Is there any way to compare levels of 2 arrangements without opening other arrangement

01:40:46. What is the best way to deal with plug-ins causing latency when tracking

01:42:31. How to bring audio into a Mix template

01:44:43. Is it possible to select just a single note in VariAudio, like A for tuning

01:46:35. Why can’t I drag and navigate in arrangement view at top on Windows like Mac

01:50:49. How to get drum scores

01:54:58. Is it possible to have more than one generic remote and Mackie control at once

01:56:24. How to separate songs from a live recording

02:02:01. Will QLink link EQ parameters across multiple tracks using mouse scroll wheel

02:06:39. How to setup SpectraLayers as an editor from within Cubase

02:09:29. What is the best approach to programming beats using 3rd party drum libraries

02:14:35. Can I update GrooveAgent 5 from GrooveAgent SE5

02:16:01. Is it possible to lock MIDI notes of a part following a chord track so it does not get changed

02:19:13. Is it possible to do drum replacement for cymbal and hi hats as well as kick, snare etc

02:20:12. Can you show some chord editing options in the key editor

02:23:16. Can I create a 2nd master bus in Cubase for mixing

02:28:04. Where can I find pro sounding vocal presets in Cubase

02:30:41. How does VST SystemLink work

02:33:11. Is it better to use a compressor before an EQ or is it better the other way around

02:34:46. What bit depth and sample rate do you recommend for Cubase projects

02:36:15. Which beat program is the best

02:37:34. Can I use a macro to delete MIDI notes by right clicking the mouse

02:39:06. Is there a way to limit mouse scroll wheel usage in MixConsole

02:40:31. Further techniques for dual master bus

02:42:40. How to filter MIDI CCs coming from Alesis Q88

02:44:51. Is there a way to add gain and filter knobs in Generic Remote

02:46:36. Is there a method to render multiple tracks without other outputs generating empty audio files

02:51:47. Does Cubase have the best audio quality

02:52:55. Can tracks be added into a project with a lower gain volume by default

02:54:50. How to solo a folder track

02:57:13. Can I get a crossgrade from Reason to Cubase

02:57:49. How does Greg route his audio from Cubase into OBS for Google Hangouts

02:59:54. Are there any default mastering preset insert chains with Cubase

03:01:52. What is the difference between 32bit and 64bit processing precision

03:05:29. Can I change patches with program changes from my keyboard

03:07:02. Why does the apply display quantize in score editor crash my Cubase

03:09:23. What are some of the benefits of the automation panel

03:13:58. How can I use sends on tracks to minimize number of insert plug-ins

03:17:27. How to get VST Connect Pro to work within my local LAN

03:18:13. How do I open the drum editor when double clicking a MIDI drum part

03:20:45. How to create stems with all plug-ins as stems

03:22:14. Is there a way to solo only reverb return channel without source tracks included

03:24:56. Why aren’t Groove Agent kits opened from a backup file

03:26:13. Is it possible to move a track to an existing folder via Project Logical Editor

03:26:46. Why when opening a MIDI editor in a separate window is cursor always somewhere else

03:28:24. How to get rid of stacked MIDI notes from a MIDI controller transmitting on 3 separate MIDI channels

03:33:17. Is it possible to have name of project populate name field of export audio

03:33:56. Is there a way to work with glissando in Cubase

03:34:53. Is there a way to have some Retrologue and PadShop sounds be softer in volume when opening

03:35:30. Is it possible to have automation condition presets without using logical editor

03:36:37. Will Dorico function as a sub program in Cubase

03:37:06. Any tips on better using and organizing controller lanes

03:38:50. Would it be possible to do offline processing for MIDI parts

03:42:35. Is it possible to work with 2 tempo tracks, one for recording a sequence and the other for the real playback tempo

03:43:57. Is there a way to have a horizontal line as an automation reference point

03:45:21. Can there be 2 different licensing systems not relying on USB dongle

03:45:48. Is there a way to change latency of audio interface in fewer steps

03:46:25. Is there a way to get a process to master a group of files with consistent volume levels

03:48:10. How can I get the plug-in GUI to load after loading a plug-in

03:49:08. Is it possible to display real values of plug-ins when working with 3rd party plug-ins

03:50:23. What is the yellow range to draw in on the sampler track

03:51:05. Is there a key command to reset selected MixConsole or channel strip channels

03:51:32. Why doesn’t my show event details preference on folder tracks seem to do anything in Cubase 10.5.2

03:53:43. Are there any video tutorials on working with Cubase and Maschine

03:54:29. How to avoid having cloudy sounding mixes

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic


00:10:09. Why can’t I open any videos files in Cubase

00:11:35. How to save MIDI drum loops in Groove Agent SE

00:15:29. How to mix music and FX and dialog to AB monitor

00:21:29. How to add a group channel to multiple channels at once

00:23:12. How to chop a rap vocal and play it back from Cubase

00:27:47. Is there a single way to bypass all insert effects

00:30:56. Does Cubase support 4k and other videos

00:31:40. Why can’t I access my TGuitar in Cubase even though it is licensed

00:34:22. How to get a print or file of VST plug-ins installed with Cubase Pro 10.5

00:35:29. How to move the installation of Cubase

00:37:34. Any way to consolidate samples if not used in the project folder

00:39:13. Why don’t my chord pads align with my MIDI controller

00:41:30. How and when would I use the automation panel

00:45:40. Why does nudging notes move them to specific rhythmic values even if snap is disabled

00:48:56. Can you record music played in itunes into Cubase with a UR44

00:50:24. Why would apply smoothing to tempo be disabled on a trmpo detection process

00:53:18. Will there be a grace period for crossgrading from Cubase to Nuendo

00:55:09. Is it possible to send a MIDI track via add instrument to other tracks for layering

00:59:02. Is it possible to use the scroll wheel to zoom vertically

01:00:27. Is there a way to link 2 plug-ins on the same channel for dual mono capabilities

01:03:14. How can I write the tiny text in my template

01:04:50. How to convert monophonic audio to MIDI

01:09:57. Is the UR22C compatible with USB 2 connections on older computer

01:10:41. Can I post a link to your video on the Steinberg electric bass instrument

01:11:46. When using UR 44 in direct monitoring mode will the cue mix volume affect the level heard by the performer

01:14:17. Why is the user interface so choppy and Magic Mouse issues on Mac

01:20:08. Why does audio playback cutoff when adding new effects

01:21:00. What are links used for in the MixConsole and what does QLink do

01:24:09. Can you explain what the UV22HR plug-in does

01:25:51. How easy is the drum editor to use vs the piano roll

01:32:22. Why can’t I drag stock Cubase 10.5 into Kontakt 6

01:34:20. Is it possible to link and dock MixConsole channels in Cubase Elements

01:37:29. Is it possible to get the big meter on the right in Cubase Elements

01:38:26. Will Cubase support hiDPI mode for 4k screens in next version

01:39:20. Can I use any plug-in in hiDPI mode

01:39:52. Is there a way to warp quantize multiple audio tracks when grouped

01:40:50. Why do some meters in your MixConsole show meters and others not

01:42:23. How to change colors of multiple tracks at once

01:43:24. Any tips for making Kontakt not crash

01:45:04. Are there subtitles and indexes for all of the hangout topics

01:46:16. How to set default name of render in place tracks to source name

01:49:42. Can I run Groove Agent with a basic MPC style controller

01:50:36. Can you discuss phase alignment

01:53:42. Is there a way to do a pitch bend on a range of an audio file to go down a perfect 5th

01:55:54. How to get the start and end of an audio loop to snap to tempo

01:57:57. How can I resolve occasional choppy playback

01:58:51. How can I save my new Groove Agent and HALion 6 sounds

02:03:33. Is there a way to unglue 2 track parts and restoring the fade handles

02:05:07. Can Cubase generate a report of all plug-ins installed for my Cubase Pro 10.5

02:07:09. How can I get dead silence between notes on an instrument track

02:13:52. Is there a way to zoom without changing the play head cursor

02:15:28. How to get started in Cubase 10.5 coming from hardware based studio

02:18:30. Can I create a macro to pre roll 2 bars before navigating to previous marker

02:21:55. How to lower a range of automation

02:23:39. Can Cubase record from start of first played MIDI note

02:24:56. Why can’t I see the warp component in sampler track

02:26:47. Can a plug-in like Scaler 2 input MIDI directly into Cubase other than drag or drop

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic


00:11:04.  How to map out samples across the whole keyboard without sample speeding up or slowing down when changing pitch

00:14:42. What are some of the features in Cubase 10.5.2

00:25:24. Will the new update change any pre-existing settings from previous version

00:25:59. Why is Kontakt 5 causing my Cubase to crash

00:27:49. When routing a reference track through Cue Sends will Loudness meter work on it

00:31:42. How to change bpm of audio without the audio pitch shifting

00:35:34. How to type in values for a plug-in in the generic remote editor

00:38:23. Can sampler track link mod wheel to volume and ladder filter

00:41:19. Is there a way to pre-automate MIDI continuous controllers as notes play

00:46:14. Does Cubase have any useful tools for comparing frequencies and stereo imaging to reference tracks

00:48:24. Is there a way to sustain a note played on a MIDI keyboard until I play a different pitch without hold pedal

00:49:32. How to setup an orchestral template for HALion Symphonic Orchestra

00:53:36. Why is the bounce MIDI function bypassed when comping MIDI takes and how to select one lane

00:57:40. Why can’t I register some of the sounds registered on my elicenser

01:00:14. Is there any difference in the pure audio signal coming into any DAW

01:01:48. What tips can you share to compare tone, length and velocity of 2 MIDI parts

01:05:59. Can the track pictures be viewed larger

01:07:12. How to setup Cubase for mixing and mastering

01:10:30. Is it possible to have more than one control room setup when using different audio interfaces

01:11:59. Does Cubase have UI scaling

01:15:06. Is It better to use dim or reference point for lowering volume in control room

01:17:20. Should I choose MacBook pro or PC desktop for Cubase if I may want to do film scoring later

01:19:19. Is there a way to A B in the channel strip plug-ins

01:21:13. If I navigate away from a VST instrument track how can I quickly find it again

01:24:28. How to give a singer reverb when tracking in my MR816CSX

01:27:50. How to record a vocal while recording a screen capture

01:30:23. How to import audio files in Cubase and convert sample rate if necessary but keep higher sample rate file accessible

01:33:11. Is there a reason that reorganizing sends is different than inserts

01:39:17. Should I be able to load rx2 files in the right hand side MediaBay

01:40:51. How to insert a secondary mono bus always on for drums

01:46:46. How to make generated harmony voices sound more natural

  01:50:00. Is there a function to crossfade multiple audio files

01:52:11. Why does Steinberg consider middle C as C3 as opposed to c4

01:53:22. Is there a way to tell you which MIDI key or chord you are playing

01:56:04. How can I route audio from youtube on my computer to record into Cubase

01:58:28. What was the trick to play samples of the same length on different pitches on Sampler Track

02:00:21. How can I properly use the loudness meter

02:02:34. What is the most accurate way of processing plug-ins DOP or inserts

02:03:43. Can you explain the tails in Direct Offline Processing

02:06:16. Is it possible to use my audio interface for monitoring and my PC mic for talkback

02:09:09. Is there a RAM management formula for a large template

02:09:43. What was ReWire used for

02:11:24. Will there be any Virtual Bass and Guitar VST in the future

02:17:56. Will BackBone be included with Cubase 11

02:18:26. Is there a way to have tracks dropped in a folder take the folder color

02:20:35. Is there a way to set the default transpose mode to be independent

02:22:11. Why does render in place mute the source track when told not to

02:24:29. How to change the dB value of the filter slope of LC and HC filters on channel EQ

02:26:07. How to setup external wave editors in Cubase

02:28:14. Can the volume max be set to other values besides 6 or 12dB

02:29:32. Can I still run Cubase on High Sierra

02:30:33. Can we have VST Connect with Cubase 10.5 Elements please

02:32:32. When playing brass or wind VST Instruments is there a way to add space to sound more realistic

02:35:56. Why doesn’t my plug-in display better parameters in generic editor

02:37:43. How to easily mute waveforms and change volumes on different tracks

02:41:42. How to convert drum parts into individual tracks

02:43:29. Can I improve a laggy sequence by increasing the tempo

02:45:55. How to set Cubase to start recording on first MIDI note

02:47:55. Can I get a copy of Carlos Chafin’s HSO template

02:49:12. Is there a way to see which audio files have DOP applied to them

02:50:05. Any tips on tightening frequencies between instrument tracks for a better mix

02:54:39. Is there a way to save a default preset to have plug-ins pre loaded

02:56:20. Why does audio imported from YouTube get messed up after tempo detection and sequencing new tracks

03:00:27. What is the quickest way to create a template from my latest mix

03:02:53. Will the right click UI make a return in the future

03:03:52. Is it possible to create a control panel that is integrated with my Novation DrumStation

03:05:52. Why did song at 60 bpm get exported at about 56 to 57 bpm

03:06:38. Why is my hardware selection not always visible for my Steinberg interface in input channel

03:08:03. What bit depth and sample rate do you suggest for recording bands on MacBook Pro

03:08:55 Why did Steinberg kill the MR816 for us Mac users

03:09:58. Can you show some tips on using markers

03:13:49. How to get master fader anchored to the right

03:15:01. How to fade in and out 2 audio events next to each other on different tracks

03:16:13. Is it possible for Cubase to translate Avid S1 Eucon controls to MIDI CCs

03:17:32. Why does Cubase create a folder with the instrument itself when creating an instrument track

03:19:53. How to configure a sustain pedal to turn on talkback in control room

03:21:40. Why does Cubase seem to add locations to folders I remove in MediaBay

03:22:33. Can we got a load into pool function

03:24:04. How to get a client on a VST Connect Session for reviews and approvals

03:26:33. Is there a way to import sf2 files into GrooveAgent

03:27:41. Why can’t I hear the metronome

03:28:23. Why does my Yamaha PSR3000 transmit microtonal scales as external instrument but not from a MIDI track

03:29:45. How can I sync an Alesis HD24 to Cubase

03:31:26. Can I setup different time signatures in the same project

03:32:31. Why isn’t Cubase showing additional content loops icons in MediaBay

03:34:29. Can I setup CueMixes just for me when using a UR22C with only 2 outs

03:35:36. What does direct routing summing mode actually do

03:38:03. How can I get an audio bassline to follow the chord track

03:40:08. How effective is PadShop2 for cinematic music

03:43:52. Is it normal for inspector to change multi out instrument’s volumes

03:44:37. What are the supported controllers for remote control editor

03:46:41. Does Cubase work with Maschine Micro MkIII

03:47:07. Can you show GrooveAgent MIDI out works

03:49:22. How to apply a specific LUFs value to part of an audio file

03:50:20. How can I setup the MixConsole for 5.1 surround

03:52:19. How to have metronome play a new tempo change for count in for a film cue

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic


00:09:33. How to do comping edits on 2 separate tracks at once

00:13:57. How to make exclusive groups for Groove Agent 5 for cymbal chokes

00:16:16. Can you share tips on organizing favorites in MediaBay

00:17:42. When is the MultiBand Compressor better to use over a standard compressor

00:20:27. What is the difference between using the channel EQ vs. Frequency plug-in

00:23:35. What do processing precision, audio priority, and pre-record affect CPU performance

00:25:56. Can you discuss some new features in 10.5.2

  More on May 30 hangout 00:26:16. Is there a way in MediaBay to preview files only in center channel

00:28:11. What are the 2 most important plug-in purchases I can make

00:29:54. How to set Cubase so MIDI events don’t overlap when parts are shortened

00:32:37. When I duplicate a vocal track how can I not affect the original audio file

00:34:51. Can you show more generic remote control using MIDI CC messages

00:37:33. Will exporting in 5.1 affect the audio quality

00:39:00. Why can’t I hear a sound when clicking on it in MediaBay

00:40:32. Can you discuss MIDI CC setup from TouchOSC in generic remote

00:41:36. When in VariAudio am I editing clips, events or the underlying audio file

00:42:55. What is the best solution for backing up projects including samples

00:46:21. Why are my loops in MediaBay missing in Cubase 6.5

00:47:55. What causes my Cubase to freeze when shutting down

00:48:46. Can I use an Alesis multimix4 with Cubase

00:50:29. Will Cubase get a gapless audio engine soon

00:51:10. Can you scroll in the lower zone with mouse scroll wheel

Yes, hover over scroll bar. 00:52:33. Is it possible to add a second compressor in the channel strip

00:53:55. What is the best and easiest way to add a bus to drums for effects and parallel processing

00:57:52. Can you explain the different automation fill options

01:03:04. Is there any way to add pictures to tracks

01:04:22. How to layer a MIDI track to layer with different instruments

01:08:56. Is there a way to go directly to the audio portion of a MIDI track going to a VSTi

01:12:59. Can Cubase send stereo audio to Reason via ReWire

01:14:22. Can I open a project that was saved but unused

01:15:07. Is there a difference between running a plug-in as an insert vs. a channel strip

01:16:54. How to optimize Cubase’s performance on my iMac

01:19:03. Is there a way to toggle solo states in the MixConsole

01:22:13. Is there a way to do varispeed recording in Cubase

01:24:47. Is anyone else having performance issues with 10.5.2

01:26:09. Is there a USB C elicenser coming soon

01:28:27. Is there a topic for this hangout

01:28:52. Can you describe the difference in Loudness and channel meters

01:32:57. Where should I use the maximizer plug-in

01:35:20. Why does Cubase make a number that I can’t access my project

01:36:06. Why can’t the MixConsole always be on top when working with VST plug-ins and instruments

01:38:00. How to import MIDI files into the quantize panel

01:39:11. Can you show some of the new metering appearance options

01:40:54. How to easily split a multitimbral instrument to separate instruments

  01:43:16. How to make a beat go constantly in the background go ti ti tit iii ti

01:46:10. How to set CCs like modulation in generic remote

01:47:53. Is there a way to stop Cubase windows from disappearing when opening a browser

01:49:20. Can MixConsole configurations transfer between the lower zone Mix Console and full screen MixConsoles

01:54:20. What processor is Greg’s computer used for hangouts

01:54:53. How can I get my large color palettes in Cubase 10.5

01:56:11. Is there a standard time for these hangouts

01:58:25. Can you write music in the score editor

 02:01:03. What is Steinberg doing to help in these difficult times

02:01:43. How to bounce audio from an instrument track without rendering and dragging files over

02:04:56. Will Cubase run on the new Chrome OS

02:05:37. How to create some funny sounding voice effects in Cubase for laughs

02:08:52. Can you launch the Steinberg Download assistant when using proxy

02:09:54. Can I send tracks to Greg for feedback

02:10:25. How can show tracks being sent to different groups and other routing

02:13:22. How to show quick controls in VST instrument area in right zone

02:15:12. When are glide tones coming to Cubase

02:17:05. Can you discuss differences between mono to stereo and stereo enhancer plug-ins

02:19:17. Is it possible to access a particular folder in MediaBay via a key command

02:23:05. Is there an option to hear audio when scrubbing the cursor

02:24:46. Can I configure Cubase to delete MIDI by just right clicking

02:26:46. Why does it take a long time to load presets for instruments

02:28:22. What is the red outline to the right of the master fader

02:29:27. Will UR28M be good for external effects and using 2 sets of monitors

02:32:23. How can I add a compressor in front of a reverb send

02:34:29. Will there be an updated version of the Steinberg CC 121 coming

02:35:38. Is it possible open a set of commonly used plug-ins at once and control parameters with MIDI control

02:38:27. How to control vibrato of a vocal in VariAudio

02:42:45. What is the use phones channel for preview function used for

02:44:23. How to use LoopBack function in my UR 44

02:45:38. Is there a way to select specific input levels to monitor so not all inputs are available

02:47:07. Why are track control settings different on the multi out outputs for a VSTi

02:50:18. Why are the spectrum graphs different between EQ plug-ins and channel EQ

02:51:18. Is it possible to use root key and chord track together

02:53:06. Shouldn’t render in place settings dry transfer settings be called dry bypass channel settings

02:54:37. How to do a batch export with mono and stereo files

\02:58:11 02:58:11. How to remove one of the voices within a multipreset in HALion Sonic SE3

02:59:12. Why are my MixConsole snapshots not visible in Cubase 9.5

  Feature not introduced until Cubase Pro 10.

03:01:39. Why did the captions not work on May 22 hangout

03:02:26. Why do I get different results when running same functions as a batch process in Direct Offline Processing

03:05:41. How to get audio file edited in WaveLab back to Cubase with edits

03:07:53. How often do we have these Google Hangouts

03:08:06. Is it possible to have the color of marker tracks to marker edit window

03:09:00. Why does my Yamaha MoXF VST editor minimize Cubase project window

03:11:25. How to do live streaming to Cubase when tracking guitars

03:13:11 Why is my audio stuttering when using external effects in WaveLab

03:14:05. How to do complicated metric modulations in MIDI when writing for marching drums

03:18:17. Is it possible to colorize Groove Agent pads used for a particular pattern

03:20:43. How to attenuate input channels

03:22:03. How easy is it to setup external effects in Cubase

03:23:06. How to use the punch in punch out features on transport bar

03:24:50. Is it possible to have a less fragile elicenser

03:25:41. Does Cubase have a VU meter

03:25:49. What was the first music software Greg used

03:26:10. Can phase be adjusted in the quick controls

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic


00:10:16   Is it too late to start my Mix over after 2 weeks with a reference track

00:17:08. What is an easy way to set up alternate deliverables for libraries

00:20:52. How to zoom in centered around the play head

00:22:11. How to take MIDI input and make it fit in defined scales

00:24:08. Are MIDI notes supposed to nudge by snap when snap mode is disabled

00:26:09. What is the most comprehensive home control surface for Cubase

00:27:50. Was permanently delete audio function removed because hard drives are bigger now

00:30:37. How to do an insert time function in the MIDI key editor

00:32:57. What is the best way to sync cursor position in key editor when opening it

00:35:41. Can you use the Akai Force as a MIDI controller in Cubase

00:36:39. Can we expected Dorico to be integrated with Cubase

00:38:14. How to create that judges back and forth when composing to video

00:40:35. Will we see MIDI clip launching soon in Cubase

00:41:11. Is there a template for a Behringer XTouch in Cubase

00:42:40. Is there a way to manage the MixConsole in large projects

00:45:48. How to create a macro to insert markers on musical or time based marker track

00:53:09. How to copy MIDII CC1 from one track to another MIDI track

00:53:34. Is the micro tuner MIDI plug-in intended for extreme changes or subtle ones 01:01:05. Is there a way to expand the inspector to read all values easily

01:02:19. Is there a way to create a MIDI file that includes the fromt side of the Expression Maps

01:05:55. Are there any tips for best mixing and mastering

01:07:09. Would suggest Sonarworks or DSP hardware for room calibration

01:08:45. How to change frequency of volume changes when drawing automation

01:11:28. Do multitrack group mixdowns go through the Master Effects

01:13:00. Can you share best ideas for using MIDI key switch in in editors

01:15:53. Are there any coming sales or promotions for Cubase 10.5

01:17:31. Can you record through amp simulators in VST Connect Pro

01:18:30. Is there a macro to always send MIDI CC data with a key press

01:21:46. How to enable disable tracks via a MIDI CC

01:25:12. Why does double clicking on a part sometimes show a part with diagonal lines

01:28:39. Can Cubase find the chords and key of a stereo wav file

01:29:15. Will there be any more CMC controllers in the future

01:30:08. Should I use Cubase or Audacity to record voice overs

01:31:08. Are there plans to update Cubase IC Pro

01:33:02. Why is it not possible to find the pool folders within the audio folder

01:36:06. Can an old DX100 be used as a transport controller in Cubase

01:37:51. How to change notes with an editor using a MIDI keyboard

01:41:08. How to switch between 3 active display monitors

01:44:28. How to delete a workspace in Cubase 9.5

01:46:38. Can you use the key maps in the key editor

01:47:31. Are there chances to have internal MIDI cables in Cubase

01:48:41. How to erase pauses between parts in a guitar solo

01:51:07. How to adjust the tempo to hit a specific bpm when scoring to video

01:54:55. How do I get the scale transposition you showed earlier

01:58:32. What is the best way to navigate to different songs in a project

02:00:14. How can I save a group of short guitar solos to pads in Groove Agent

02:04:53. Why don’t I have a way to ping for latency of external instruments

02:08:44. How to sequentially change pitches of existing notes in the score editor

02:11:21. Is it possible to assign the Nektar controller faders to specific MIDI CCs

02:12:22. If you brought is a sample from a library and deleted it would it be erased permanently

02:16:39. Is it OK to record an electronic drum kit to Groove Agent at 128 buffer

02:17:30. Is there a way to copy direction based attributes from one map to another

02:18:26. Can SysEx be ignored when importing MIDI files

02:20:29. Is there any way to create a feedback loop for delay based effects

02:23:40. Will Cubase add streamers and punches in video window

02:24:18. Is there a way to help with forgetting to bypass Sonarworks before exporting mix

02:25:58. Is there a way to not have cursor lag on high track count projects

02:27:12. How to make tracks in folders disappear in the MixConsole

02:30:38. How to get a MIDI track to create tracks on the chord track

02:35:15. How to do dual mono in a dynamics plug-in

02:36:49. How to access bottom colors in color tool

02:38:10. Will the CMC and CC121 still be supported in future Cubase versions

02:41:06. Why can’t I control the sound when using UR44C with the control room

02:43:41. Does Cubase have issues with different HiDPI scaling

02:45:28. Can you use the range selection tool to crossfade between audio on different tracks

02:48:50. How to use cycle marker export to enumerate round robins in HALion

02:52:17. Can you show how to copy automation between different tracks

02:55:17. How to change the pitch of the sample or audio track easily

02:58;15. How to analyze and work with grooves of audio files with changing tempos

03:05:05. How to change pitch of a single MIDI note easily

03:06:49. How ro setup my Tascam FW1884 as an interface and control surface in Cubase

03:07:52. How to open a MIDI part from the internet in the score view

03:09:53. How to play back a music video in Cubase

03:12:00 Why do voicings change on chord pads

03:13:07. Do I need to install previous versions of Cubase when migrating to a new computer

03:14:24. How do I get my projects load in Cubase as opposed to 10.5

03:15:42. Do I need to select external clock in Studio Setup in Cubase

03:17:25. Are the hangout indexes done automatically by YouTube

03:18:46. Which version of Cubase should a beginner start with

03:19:48. Why do my MIDI recordings record earlier than played

03:22:01. When I put in text how do I remove a text layout notice in score editor

03:24:58. Why do my projects sometimes run smoothly and next day it is very choppy with audio dropouts

03:28:22. Is it possible to change pitches up or down within the editor from a key command

03:30:12. Is there a way to auto sample an instrument

03:31:26. Why doesn’t my MIDI track to chord work

  Is it because the MIDI was extracted from audio

03:32:55. Why do some of my Waves plug-ins not show up in Cubase

03:35:19. What is the combined panning tool used for

03:38:22. Is there a quick way to replace a kick drum in a track just by swapping files

03:41:07. Do we need at least one bar to pick up a groove quantize part

03:43:09. How do I use a compressor

03:46:01. Can you have the audio mixdown be placed in the audio pool

03:47:16. Are there any known issues between Cubase and Kontakt

03:48:06. How can you lock markers to specific SMPTE time code positions

03:51:13. How can you reamp a guitar part

03:56:31. Is there an easy way to split up an audio track and move it to different tracks

04:00:15. When will there be a dry wet knob on every plug-in

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic


00:10:26. Do I need to bounce or render to stems before final mixdown

00:15:00. What is the difference between render in place and bounce selection

00:17:15. When putting both channels in stereo combined panner is it the same as doing a mono sum combined from stereo enhancer plug-in

00:20:32. Is there a track based value to delay tracks for a phasing effect

00:23:54. What is the usage case of not replacing events during a bounce selection

00:26:02. How to send a dedicated track to LFE channel when doing 5.1 surround projects

00:27:12. How can you delete a workspace

00:28:53. Does it make a difference in sound rendering instrument tracks to audio tracks

00:29:24. When will there be a hangout for Absolute Collection

00:29:53. Why would my tempo detection option be greyed out

00:31:45. What are differences using track quick controls vs ones directly for VST

00:34:55  Is there a possibility to slow down playback like slow motion video

00:37:53. How to get a reactivation for my Cubase AI from my UR22C

00:38:57. Why do I see VST Connect Pro in my network plug-in folder but not under VST Cloud

00:40:59. Why does my Behringer X-Touch get disconnected regularly

00:43:12. Can you show the warp tool when working with picture

00:48:06. How to trigger a MIDI keyboard from a drum recording

00:50:53. How to import and change multiple audio files to match sample rate and bit depth at the same time

00:54:01. Can you show the setup layout window and track scrolling options

00:56:16. Is there a beat detective style quantizing in Cubase

01:02:27. Is AAF Export the best way to get files to another DAW

01:03:12. How do I import a sample of a snare I made to show up in MediaBay

01:07:07. Is Cubase looking to do an automatic vocal rider type plug-in

01:09:21. Are there alternative keyboard shortcut mappings available

01:11:20. Is there a way to apply musical mode to audio samples played by a MIDI track

01:14:36. Why isn’t MediaBay scanning all of my samples in external locations

01:16:44. Is there a plug-in that create random changes to resonance in a Retrologue bass pattern

01:20:22. Why do I have problem with analog hardware issus bus making with Zoom

01:21:32. Is it possible to record an acoustic instrument in several layers or velocities or do I need HALion 6

01:24:42. Can you share any tips for building a template with an I5 processor

01:26:04. Is there a way to swap out or replace drum samples on a track

01:28:02. Should I plan ahead of time to create stereo tracks for wider mixes

01:29:42. What can I do if I can’t find my activation code for Cubase AI that came with UR22

01:30:47. Why does my video not return after computer wakes up from hibernation

01:33:40. Can automation points snap to grid vertically for sync based LFO type effects

01:36:29. In an orchestral template is it better to CC or automation for controllers.  How does Hans Zimmer have his set up

01:39:45. Do MixConsole snapshots save EQ and inserts settings for easy comparison

01:45:39. How can I transfer my existing Cubase license to a new elicenser key

01:47:00. How to work with Ambisonics in Cubase

01:51:00 Will I have problems getting my licenses reactivated for Cubase Elementss when upgrading from Win 7 to Win 10

01:52:02. Is there a way to insert a specific plug-in into the next slot via a key command

01:54:31. Can you give an overview of the different pitch and stretching algorithms

01:58:40. How to use outboard gear in Cubase

02:01:32. Can you add a cool drum

02:02:16. Why does Cubase become unstable with multiple Fab Filter plug-ins

02:03:42. How to fix audio recorded at 44.1k from a device that only works at 48k

02:05:30. Why does audio play fine from an imported video file but the video does not

02:07:33. Can you show to work with reference tracks via the control room

02:12:50. Where is the preference to zoom in on selected track

02:14:39. Why does Cubase freeze after running certain projects, could it be acoustica audio plug-ins

02:15:35. Will lower zone key editor get an independent height than lower zone MixConsole

02:17:51. How to clean up my disk cache load in my project

02:18:46. Can Greg say Shalom in Hebrew

02:19:15. How to export import quantize presets for future versions

02:20:44. How to get external instruments from Mackie mixer to Behringer interface

02:26:00. Do you know if multitouch technology is being designed for Cubase

02:26:46. Why did my RevX reverb plug-in stop working after upgrading to 10.5

02:30:27. What is the best way to split a stereo track to 2 mono files in the project

02:31:53. Will the Cubase IC Pro app updated for more advanced functionality

02:33:07. What would be the easiest way to process drums with glitch effects in Cubase

02:35:55. Can wave guitar chords be converted to MIDI

02:36:34. Is there any way to trigger multiple samples from a single MIDI note in Groove Agent

02:38:14. How to color multiple tracks at once

02:39:40. Will the multi-track drum quantizing maintain relationships between the mics

02:40:08. How to select between different lanes in Cubase LE

02:41:27. How to handle tracks are different length messages when doing group editing

02:42:16. Why doesn’t my draw tool enter new time signature events on signature track

02:45:22. Why aren’t my plug-ins installed with my Cubase

02:46:24. How can I use audiowarp to adjust vocal timing

02:49:38. Does Cubase come with Neve plug-ins

02:51:47. Does the Stay Home version come with Cubase AI

02:52:07. How to structure a song please

02:53:57. How to use a sampler to convert a drum loop into playable MIDI notes

02:56:55. How can I take a MIDI groove clip from my project

02:57:27. Who do I have to bribe to get the combined selection/range tool for Nuendo

02:57:59. Is it possible to rename MIDI CC in the controller lane

02:58:43. Can I get a Cubase mug please

02:59:33. What does CC mean in MIDI

03:00:09. How can I transfer a vocal track to MIDI

03:02:01. How can I insert time between parts in the key editor

03:04:00. Is it a bug that the play bar gets lost in the editor

03:04:46. Is there another place to activate constrain delay compensation outside of Mixer

03:06:38. Is it possible to have Cubase chord list mode insert all chords in a cadence to the chord track

03:08:23. How to restrict position of guitar tablature to fewer frets

03:10:55. Can you show a macro to duplicate a part with a range of 3 seconds of silence and lower volume

03:15:20. How to record MIDI and multichannel audio in mono and stereo from a drum machine plug-in

03:22:22. Are the height of MIDI controller lanes preserved after saving project

03:24:54. How to transform a MIDI part to transpose to a particular scale

03:27:04. Why can’t my performer hear the audio over my VST Connect session

03:29:05. Why can’t I hear audio from my onboard audio interface when I plug headphones in

03:30:51. How to create a drum kit in groove agent so you don’t lose samples

03:36:48. Can you show how to enhance the voice effect on a mono vocal track

03:39:02. Can Cubase do 8d audio

03:39:42. Can you create a logical editor command to do guitar strumming

03:41:22. Can you use Cubasis 3 and Cubase Pro together

03:42:07. Can we assign a MIDI note to trigger a Cubase shortcut

03:43:28. Why do my VST plug-ins flash open and disappear from view

03:44:19. Is there a way to do a glue function from a Mackie Control Unit

03:45:59. How to use effects in sends as opposed to inserts

03:47:34. How do I become a true Cubase legend like Greg

03:48:07. Why is my program selector not transmitting program changes over USB

03:48:59. How to easily use the favorites file

03:50:20. How to remove vocals or other instruments from existing tracks

03:50:55. Can I use the reference track trick earlier if my audio interface only has a stereo out

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic


00:10:53 How to get piano MIDI loops to follow chord track

00:11:53. Is there an EQ matching function that comes with Cubase

00:13:57. When I render in place with channel settings do I lose gain staging

00:16:11. Is there a way to select the top or bottom notes in a polyphonic MIDI part

00:19:06. How to do a piano reduction from multiple MIDI parts

00:22:46. How to add an octave or other interval to an existing melody in MIDI

00:24:27. Why can’t I add a 7th chord to my chord pads

00:26:59. How to choose different tensions for a chord on a chord pad

      00:29:05. How to use circle of 5ths in chord tracks to male epic music

00:33:57. How to quantize multiple tracks like overhead drums

00:36:49. What is the best global meter for tracking

00:39:40. Does the transpose function work on selected parts

00:42:13. What are the benefits of setting up a project workspace

00:44:51. Why don’t I have sound coming out of my Cubase 10.5

00:47:17. Why is my signal going into Cubase Elements weak

00:49:19. How to match volume of different tracks using WaveLab Elements 10

00:52:18. Does the LUFS meter align with the exported file

00:54:33. Why did my tempo change key command stop working in Cubase 10.5

00:56:28. Why can’t I access the DeEsser plug-in in Cubase Elements 10.5

  00:58:06. What is the purpose of having 3 MixConsoles

00:59:48. How to create a single audio event after comping a part

01:01:23. Why is Cubase not loading tempo information from MIDI files

01:02:29. What is the audio pre-record for

01:03:55. Is there a setting that can cause tracks to be merged

01:08:05. Is there a trick to getting consistent levels when punching in

01:09:32. Should you auto quantize all MIDI recordings

01:13:55. Any issues with the crashing issues in Cubase 10.5

01:15:28. What is the best video format for Nuendo to work with

01:16:57. Do I know anyone with a 2 computer setup

01:18:03. Has the sync rate and clock verification gone away from transport

01:19:03. Is there a way for someone to remotely mix my session

01:20:01. Can you describe how to get a high pitched changing sound

01:21:22. What options are there in automatic harmony generation

01:26:23. Tell me more about adding space between distortion rhythms

01:28:08. How to colorize the fader knobs in the MixConsole

01:29:55. How to assign a plug-in parameter to a CC from a controller when there is no MIDI learn

01:32:38. Does HiDPI support affect system performance

01:33:29. How do you delete an instrument rack or track

01:34:32. Why does Cubase not import some mP4 video files

01:36:49. What is the best way to use the create quantize groove function

01:39:19. What is the best way to warp multiple guitar tracks together

01:40:55. Why is my VST Connect Pro adding a noise when using it

01:44:19. What is the best compressor in Cubase

01:45:49. How to create a chord track from a MIDI part

01:47:05. In a MIDI editor how to get to switch to pencil from any tool for editing velocitiy

01:49:43. How to use a DAW for a brand new DAW user

01:51:33. Why do my channels mute when using multiple AutoLFO plug-ins

01:53:15. How to have an external control surface follow Cubase channel selection

01:54:49. What email can we reach you at clubcubase@steinberg.de

01:55:02. How to apply different colors automatically to different tracks

01:57:05. Why is my Nektar Panorama sending wrong MIDI notes

01:58:49. Why does sampler track and groove agent not accept my 88.2k audio files

02:00:06. How to get tablature to limit range of frets indicated

02:05:05. How to track audio and MIDI from electronic drum kit

02:06:42. Is it possible to have more than 1 chord pad in a project

02:09:11. Why doesn’t mute or ummute selection work with range tool

02:15:03. How to do an 808 glide

02:17:41. How to record MIDI and audio of VSTi at the same time

02:25:12. How to assign a MIDI fader to velocity for more expressive strings

02:30:11. How to load sample packs into Cubase libraries

02:31:40. How can I add Roland u20 patch script into Cubase

02:32:51. Is it possible to have different gain on external compressor when run in stereo

02:34:37. What happened to the Spectra Layers hangout

02:35:06. Is there a benefit to working on Mac as opposed to Windows

02:35:41. Can you explain how time signatures are handled when working in 6/8

02:43:52. How to delete layers of unused stacked MIDI recordings

02:45:09. Does the patch selector work the same for USB and MIDI connections

02:46:08. Will Cubase introduce the ability to process M/S for any plug-in

02:47:11. How to get a connection code for VST Connect for performer not logged into their MySteinberg account

02:49:09. Can Groove Agent do threshold sampling like an MPC

02:50:49. Why can’t I record MIDI using Reason Racks

02:53:01. Can I use Cubase while listening to Skype or Spotify

02:54:20. Do I need an audio interface to run Cubase

02:55:19. Can I use my USB mic with an adapter to record on iOS in Cubasis

02:55:58. Is there any way to hear only the effect soloed in a effect channel

02:58:30. Any tips for 360 degree audio mixing

03:01:09. Can I use Cubase with just my USB mic

03:01:43. Why is Steinberg asking for full price for Cubase

03:03:47. How to use an MPC 2.8 with Cubase

03:04:25. Is there a way to have auto punch in and out send a MIDI message

03:06:28. Can I use Cubasis with a USB mic

03:07:11. How do you do screen capture while recording audio

03:08:08. Why does Cubase create HALion Sonic SE tracks when importing MIDI files

03:08:55. How does Dorico interact with Cubase and Nuendo

03:09:49. Is Cubase free

03:10:54. How to make MID tracks play at half or double tempo

03:12:44. Why when I record modular synths are they slightly out of time

03:14:24. Why can’t I see musical mode icons on audio parts on project window

03:15:45. How to create a reverse macro with a plug-in

03:21:25. Why can’t Cubase select colors by user defined name in program

03:23:44. What is the trick to make a mono guitar wider by panning effects

03:26:31. How to manage MixConsoles in a large template

03:29:12. Is there a possibility to crop a bounce an audio file before using it in a sampler track

03:30:42. Is it possible to add fx chain presets to existing line of plug-ins

03:33:38. How to access VST instrument presets for 3rd party like Steinberg instruments in MediaBay

03:34:57. Can I adjust volume and fade curve without opening a separate window

03:36:55. Is it possible to convert real copies to shared copies

03:41:04. Can you give some tips on sidechaining bass to kick for EDM music

03:43:16. How can you effectively use VariAudio

03:45:52. Why do I have to change ins and outs for projects ageter switching audio interfaces

03:46:31. Do any Steinberg products convert scanned music to MIDI

03:47:55. Why does my key editor not snap to grid when changing note size

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic


00:09:34. How to copy group tracks from one project to another

00:11:11. How to move parts of a template to another template

00:12:40. Is there an easy to load up Logic Pro key commands other than one by one

00:13:31. How to setup a template in Cubase

00:15:09. How to manage my .bak files

00:18:00. Can you do a pitch change vinyl style for varispeed processing

00:21:18. Can you discuss setting up the control room

00:27:06. Does the sampler track have LFOs for filters

00:28:13. How to control parameter in Spector through quick controls

00:30:56. When you do a render in place can you do it in mono

00:33:02. Is there a way to detect which musical note will work with a audio loop

00:34:59. Can you show how to use Arpache with Retrologue

00:39:10. How to sync Cubase tempo to Korg keyboards

00:41:08. How to convert acoustic drums to MIDI

00:45:29. Does Groove Agnt have a phase flip button on each pad

00:46:55. Is there a simple to orchestrate from a piano part

00:52:25. How to record on a track with edits via ARA on PC

00:54:05. Can you show to start creating a MIDI device panel

00:56:49. Is there a definitive list of all Cubase key commands

00:57:41. How to make a chord track generate a melody

01:01:06. Is there a way to configure multiple audio interfaces for control room

01:03:04. How to change voices in harmonies generated in VariAudio

01:06:00. How to undo adjustments made in mixer fader and effects

01:08:48. How to adjust multiple tracks as a group without a VCA

01:10:10. How to clone your Cubase settings to another computer

01:11:52. Why does the inspector not send correct program change to Roland keyboard

01:16:20. How to upload a track from Cubase to SoundCloud

01:18:31. Do I need to record sound effects CD as audio to access in Cubase for film work

01:21:34. Is it possible to set quick controls by default to every track

01:24:35. Why is Cubase crashing for me in Catalina

01:25:33. Why do kick samples loaded up change pitch on first sample

01:27:29. Is there a fat way to preview samples in Groove Agent

01:29:47. How can I quantize vocal according to metronome tempo

01:34:55. Why does Cubase Pro 10 seem to record audio tracks early in time

01:36:10. Is there a workaround to soften CPU load by freezing group tracks

01:40:43. Can you discuss normalizing options before exporting

01:44:10. When will the next Nuendo update be released

01:44:33. Is there a difference between a group and an effect channel

01:46:29. Are the files automatically stored or saved

01:47:49. Can you show how to sidechain bass and drums for dance music

01:51:24. Can you discuss a crazy Cubase setup that you have seen

01:53:27. Is it possible to switch from audience perspective to drummer in Groove Agent

01:56:31. Do you get audio loops with Cubase

01:57:04. Should I have all devices cin one configuration in audio connections window

01:58:29. My external synth I recorded does not play back or render audio

02:00:47. Can you import Logic Pro key commands in Cubase

02:01:21. Which imac is the best buy for Cubase 10.5

02:01:49. Why is my recording in Cubase LE way too slow

02:03:22. How do I start the sampler track to play

02:04:14. How fo you have multiple devices in your hardware config window

02:04:54. Is Steinberg going to make a new version of the CC121 controller

02:06:59. Can I take a groove agent patch I am working on into HALion for more editing

02:08:40. Can you discuss the create harmonies from chords function

02:12:34. Can you discuss different pitch and time stretch algorithms

02:14:27. How to have cursor go back to bar 1 and place file there

02:17:17. Why is my Waves Z noise not compensated for with delay compensation

02:21:04. How to get my beatstep pro to sync with Cubase via MIDI clock

02:22:22. Is it possible to automate MIDI insert plug-ins with a MIDI controller

02:25:03. How to control dynamics and expression in Iconica for string parts

02:33:52. How to align 2 backup vocals to a lead vocal only in certain sections

02:37:42. How to spread processing load when using instruments like HALion Sonic SE

02:40:01. Can you generate a chord track from a MIDI piano track

02:41:28. How to get different sounds on different channels with an MPC2000

02:43:11. Can the chord track driver arranger keyboards like a Yamaha PDR

02:43:33. Can the mixer undo history remove a single step in a non linear fashion

02:44:14. Will the edit and mix history be unified

02:45:10. How to delete an input channel on the MixConsole

02:47:49. Why are my tracks falling out of sync on playback

02:48:52. What is the difference between lock on track and events

02:50:34. How to set up an expression pedal to control wahwah insert

02:54:17. How to match trigger notes from Arturia Spark VST to Groove Agent without multiple notes being triggered

02:56:21. How to select different takes in a MIDI cycle record in Cubase Elements

02:58:45. Is there a way to lengthen the marker so they are easier to get a hold of

03:00:26. How to export different songs from a continuous longer song from a single project

03:04:10. How to get rid of VST 2.4 plug-ins if there is the same plug-in in VST3 format

03:05:53. How to get back to my sample editor after editing with SpectraLayers via ARA 2

03:07:39. Can you share some tips on using the notepad in Cubase

03:08:37. Why can’t I find power chords as am option in chord track or chord pads

03:09:13. How to time stretch an event by dragging the handles on project window

03:10:56. Why when importing a wave file does tempo seem wrong in pool

03:13:45. When I add a group track is there a way not to have the volume line appear

03:18:38. Can we please have the eraser tool erase when MIDI notes or parts are clicked on

03:20:57. Will Cubase Pro 10.5 run on Windows 7 Pro

03:21:21. Is there a way to append a profile in the profile manager

03:22:18. Do you know why my expression maps with Kontakt instruments no longer work correctly after updating to Cubase Pro 10.5

03:23:01. Any way to freeze the selection from cycling through different modes

03:25:11. Is it possible to make key commands for logical editor presets

03:26:17. How do I save a snare sample to be recalled in MediaBay

03:28:04. How to make a duplicate so it makes duplicates of the events

03:29:21. How can I get more info at the top of MixConsole window to make it look like yours, i.e. meters, EQs and racks

03:30:52. Why doesn’t my macro for reversing audio keep the plug-in loaded

03:33:04. Will Cubase implement a mono to streo channel switch like earlier versions

03:35:42. When positioning of notes after iterative quantization prevents copying

03:38:08. Why do you need 32 stereo outs in GrooveAgnet and does it require 2 controllers

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic


00:08:52. How to improve performance using HALion 6 in Cubase

00:11:18. How to consolidate all events into a single part to organize for a mix

00:12:34. How to crossfade multiply selected audio clips in one command

00:13:34. Does Cubase allow for sophisticated voicing assignments for chord tracks

00:16:34. What you suggest for modulating a VST instrument without modulation abilities

00:18:52. Is it possible to add 3rd party plug-ins to the Cubase channel strip

00:20:49. Is there a document that has all Cubase shortcut keys listed

00:22:34. Why do I have to load the global preferences each time I start Cubase

00:24:06. Is it possible to update a profile saved in the profile manager

00:26:16. Is there a way to drag a MIDI file or a range directly to a chord pad

00:28:28. How do I see the frame rate verification in MMC transport window> 00:29:53. Where is the MIDI retrospective record button in Cubase 10

00:31:41. Why do I get a part with the name when importing a MIDI file

00:33:53. How to get VST Connect Pro loaded into Cubase 10.5

00:36:36. How to clear a range off of the top

00:37:46. When I hover over chord pads why does my Cursor turn to a MIDI symbol

00:39:27. What does the group editing show a message not all tracks in sync

00:41:04. What is the right way to add reverb on a VST instrument

00:43:06. Can you tell us how to align vocals with AudioWarp

00:45:41. Why HALionOne synth keeps going out of tune

00:47:11. How to prevent chords from following voicing modes of previous chords

00:49:48. Is there a way to transform all red and blue notes to green notes using logical editor

00:54:11 Why was the UR22 discontinued

00:55:21. Is it necessary or important to delete empty spaces in audio files

00:57:06. Is the freeze function outdated since the introduction of render in place

00:58:57. Why is my DSP driver of my UR44 not working

01:02:34. Is there a way to control room click volume through generic remote

01:07:37. Will there be more advanced videos on ClubCubase Youtube channel

01:08:19. How do power outages affect software performance

01:09:09. Will Nuendo ever have its own hangout series

01:10:04. Why do templates have a stereo out as opposed to the master fader that I see in your projects

01:11:47. Is there a way to do a turntable stop effect in Cubase

  01:13:45. Is there a way to use to use stereo effects on mono tracks without an effect sends

01:14:21. How to setup Cubase to sync to external clock sync source

01:15:57. How to render in place in mono

01:17:42. Is there a way to change the default fade curve type

01:20:06. Why when I am recording in a instrument track is the recording separately and not in the same frame

01:22:31. Why does HALionSonic keep playing back pitch bend if I did not touch pitch wheel

01:26:18. Is it possible for a MIDI CC to be assigned in generic remote and pass MIDI CC as well

01:29:11. Is it possible to put a vocal chop in the piano roll editor

01:31:50. How many CPU cores will Cubase utilize

01:32:47. Why does the dry mix knob on compressor change sound on when on set fully to dry

01:34:30. Is the Cubase channel strip modelled after any particular hardware

01:35:22. Is there a way to render a VST in mono

01:39:48. Is it possible to purchase more arps for HALionSonic

01:40:59. Did Steinberg fix the R5700XT video card issues

01:42:09. Is there a way to add an audio track preloaded with an insert

01:43:41. Can you explain the insert channel routing options and when to use it

01:45:47. Can you discuss how to start with composing for film and video

01:50:49. Can you drag track pictures from track to track

01:52:20. Can you play chords to define chords in chord track

01:53:33. Why is MediaBay constantly scanning

01:55:38. How to export audio connections from one Cubase version to another

01:56:52. Can you share tips for getting faster at setting up recording tracks

02:01:05. How to move HALion or GrooveAgent to a secondary hard drive to free up space

02:02:46. How to get MIDI signals back into Cubase after a render in place

02:06:37. How to adjust snap to grid feature from bar to beat in Nuendo 10

02:08:05. Can I have guitar loops follow the chord track

02:09:16. Anyway to use 32bit VST plug-ins in Cubase

02:10:46. Why don’t I see VST Connect pro in my VST Cloud menu

02:11:26. Why when muting a track in audio lanes does it play the lane above

02:13:22. Why sometimes importing audio file in Cubase 10.5 does it not convert the sample rate

02:14:59. How can you monitor in mono only

02:16:33. Can you discuss realtime needs of internet speeds for VST Connect

02:18:59. How can I create a template that I could access commonly used tracks from

02:22:27. Does Cubase support Windows 8.1

02:23:03. How to deselect channels 31 and 32 for click option in metronome

02:24:09. How can I have 2 channel settings windows open at once

02:26:07. How to enable/disable a plug-in GUI opening when activating a plug-in

02:27:51. How to solo track with sidechain processing without listening to sidechain input

02:32:40. How to setup Cubase to output to a Bluetooth speaker for monitoring

02:24:22. Is there a way to write MIDI CC messages to track without entering in list editor

02:35:59. What is MIDI value 02:35:59. What are MIDI values 1, 2, and 3 in a MIDI note message

02:37:32. Is there a way to automate pitch within an audio region

02:40:27. How to work with VariAudio with my flute is tuned to A=444Hz

02:42:26. How to configure external hardware effects processors

02:44:25. Can I export a sample instrument I made in HALion to SF2 format

02:45:59. How to optimize my CPU performance on my Mac

02:48:03. Why have my fade handles disappeared on an audio part on the project window

02:49:35. Should I upgrade my OS in the middle of an album project

02:51:32. How do I set MIDI CC channels to faders on a MIDI controller to write MIDI CCs on tracks

02:54:05. Can I use my Kensington trackball in conjunction with Cubase

02:55:11. Is there a way to come up with chords derived from a melody

02:58:33. Can you discuss the tail options in the direct offline audio processing

03:02:02. Why can’t I find my instrument presets for 3rd party VSTis as conveniently as I do for Steinberg instruments

03:03:01. How can I have quick controls activated by default

03:03:57. Is there a function to align a DI and an amp mic track

03:05:10. How do I incorporate an Aviom system in Cubase

03:07:46. How to put different flexphrazers into a project

03:11:45. How to bounce to mono

03:16:16. When I change a pitch in VariAudio why do I have to press S twice to hear it

03:16:47. How to change all tracks within a folder to the current folder track color

03:18:50. What is the quickest way to create a L minus R monitoring scenario

03:19:41. Will I ever do a hangout for Dorico

03:20:24. Is there a way to trigger a power chord from guitar chord voicings in chord track

03:21:12. Is there a way to disable input channels without hiding them

03:22:47. Is it OK to use my trackball with Cubase 10.5 as opposed to a mouse

03:24:07. Can you show us a couple of MIDI editing tips for faster MIDI editing

03:25:46. What is the small window that appears above a note when editing MIDI data

03:28:29. Can you show how to switch between different metronome patterns

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web editor Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor music band HardDiskMusic


00:10:04. Is there a way to conform notes to a scale during recording

00:11:56. How to create a groove from an audio file with varying tempos

00:16:51. How to reset MIDI controller in Cubase 10.5

00:18:52. How to setup MIDI controller to control VST Mixer

00:22:35 Can you edit hitpoints in the lower zone

00:22:56. Can you do VariAudio Editing in the lower zone

00:23:52. Can you adjust the pregain from the inspector on left hand side

00:25:13. Is Steinberg support available only by chat

00:26:17. Any tips for improving performance on older MacBook Pro

00:28:31. Will Steinberg/Yamaha come out with an audio interface with MIDI plug-ins

00:29:19. How to make macro to return to start position and audition punch in recording

00:35:27. How to separate drum audio into kick and snare

00:39:15. How to quantize on the line

00:42:36. What is the function of group faders after a mix has been established

00:46:04. Can user patterns be used in TGuitar

00:50:35. Can you show tips on colorizing tracks with the project logical editor

00:53:22. Can I monitor the preview in the right zone though a spectrum analyzer

00:55:56. Can you use the delete time without cutting video and tempo information

00:59:10. Can we have drag and drop for FX from right zone in the full MixConsole

01:00:23. How to get an accurate tempo map of a full track   See 00:11:56

01:00:43. How to fix drop out problems when using VST instruments in Cubase AI

01:03:04. Why am I getting pops and clicks after rendering a GrooveAgent track

01:06:16. Is it possible to record the chords from the proximity or circle of 5ths diagram

01:08:20. What makes CPU jump to 100% and how does constrain delay compensation play in

01:11:25. Why can I hear sound in my monitors but Cubase is not recording the signal

01:14:47. Why are Vari Audio Edits mollified when doing offline processing

01:18:35. How to start all songs from the first bar

01:22:10. Does Cubase include CCs when exporting pitch to audio for higher accuracy

01:26:03. Why do plug-ins cause latency during recording

01:29:10. Why do wave files from FL Studio 20 sound bad when importing into Cubase

01:31:34. Can you show some cool macros to save time on editing

01:37:27. Why is audio recorded from first bar printed with a delay

01:38:24. Can you do a head to head against Nuendo to see if extra features with Nuendo get in the way of workflow

01:42:27 What is the one killer feature you have seen in another DAW that you want in Cubase

01:43:24. Comment on running Cubase syncing ADATs and MMC via console

01:45:06. Why can’t I trigger chord pads with a MIDI controller anymore

01:46:49. Can you copy inserts to other tracks from project window

01:49:52. What are advantages of using Expression maps vs key switch notes in editors

01:52:25. What is your preference for time stretching algorithm

01:53:56. How to change the tempo of multiple tracks on the project window

01:58:15. Is there an iOS app that plays video which syncs to MTC or SMPTE

01:59:07. Are there any plans to develop a group freeze function

02:01:08.  Can group tracks mirror project and can automated parameters be indicated with a red dot

02:03:26. How to do a recording for a first time user

02:12:14. Do I need the AB plug-in to work with a reference track

02:18:12. How to copy all Mix Settings to a different song with same track configuration

02:20:32. Why does track get high latency after record

02:21:16. How to broadcast audio out of my Cubase sessions to oBS

02:22:38. How to quantize the start positions of events on the project window

02:24:32. Can you show an easy way to map VST parameters to MIDI controller

02:27:36. Is there a vocal template to make my vocals sound more professional

02:29:34. Is it OK to export GrooveAgent audio files as mono

02:30:29. How to use my Yamaha keyboard to trigger sounds in a VSTi

02:31:48. What is the loopback function in the UR28M used for

02:33:05. How can I add a Roland U20 patch name script to Cubase

02:35:19. How to fix latency when using a plug-in on a track

02:38:15. Is it possible to extract MIDI from a stereo drum loops with multiple instruments

02:39:38. Continued discussion of connecting MIDI keyboard to trigger aVST instrument.

02:40:40. Why does adding more plug-ins add latency

02:41:07. Can the volume of segments be indicated in VariAudio editor

02:43:52. How to show waveform in automation lane

02:45:04. Why can I only hear VST instruments when monitor is enabled but when record enabled

02:49:05. Why is MIDI controller playing all instruments at once

02:51:05. Why when I saved a project and reopened it later do the changes were not saved

02:53:06. Why don’t I can’t record do not have wave or graphy

02:54:12. Can you demonstrate beat detective stylye multi-track drum quantizing

03:00:37. How to setup the. Studio Pass

03:01:13. How to record audio from a VSTi in Cubase

03:07:57. How to see MIDI or audio as notation in Cubase

03:09:29. How to move tuning in Cubase from 440Hz to 444Hz

03:12:04. Is there a way to search for patches which have key switches

03:13:11. Are any expression maps provided with Cubase

03:14:22 Anyway to import Expression Maps for SampleTank

03:14:59. How can I make my sound loud like a commercial release

03:18:09. Why does continue, new version or cancel mean when in VariAudio

03:19:28. Why don’t I see a musical mode icon in upper right after enabling musical mode in pool

03:20:19. Is it better to render or bounce tracks after comping before adding effects

03:21:48. Why is minimize breath macro better than a noise gate

03:23:38. How to keep color palette open when coloring multiple tracks

03:24:36. How to keep an undocked window from HALion open when closing the instrument editor

03:26:35. How to manage latency with a VST Connect session

03:28:26. How to export different tracks from a longer seamless recording

03:30:09. Why can’t I find a C5 chord in the chord track

03:32:15. Do you have any suggestions for a new studio desk

03:32:56. How to have everything contained in a folder when creating a project

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00:08:59. How can I export individual tracks as stems

00:12:40. What is difference between CC automation or regular automation