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From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Mar 24,  2020 The very first Cubase Hang out (n84, 84)

00:08:05 How to set punch out without hitting record button

00:11:03 Can you share tips on editing preferences for MIDI and audio

00:14:33 Is it possible to assign ADSR of Groove Agent 5 to same MIDI CC

00:19:00 How to get USB MIDI connectivity for Casio keyboard in Cubase

00:20:52 How to get chord track show a flat 5th chord

00:26:00 How to do quantizing on vocals

00:28:13 What is the latest on Eucon support

00:29:09 Any way to move tracks in the MixConsole

00:30:10 Can you explain analog parallel compression

00:35:37 Can I scale and resize the Ozone plug-in interface within Cubase

00:37:01 Is there a way to view the channel strip EQ as knobs

00:40:14 How can I make the 16 insert slots visible

00:42:56 Is there a way to click in edit window and edit during playback

00:44:49 Do lane tracks follow naming of tracks

00:47:08 How to stick to the scale in the key editor

00:51:23 When will Cubase 11 be released

00:52:43 Is there any way to get a shimmer reverb using stock plug-ins

00:57:10 How to show marker tracks in key editor

00:58:36 How to preview loops effectively in Cubase

01:01:21 What is the best way to sample audio into groove agent

01:05:16 Explain the confusing default location when starting a project

01:09:00 Any word on Nuendo update

01:09:36 Any plans of updating track presets to include group or effects tracks

01:11:00 How to use a mic’d drum track to trigger a VST MIDI sample

01:15:03 Would it be worthwhile to upgrade a UR44 to a UR 44C

01:16:42 What are the EQ graphics by picture rather than standard EQ settings

01:18:14 How to keep the transport bar visible on bottom of MixConsole and key editor

01:20:38 How to move tempo events without moving events before or after

01:23:35 Loading Cubase on different computers shows different content load. Should I be concerned

01:25:05 Is it possible to disable the F1 key command and assign it to other functions in Cubase

01:26:03 Can we get an official hardware controller for Groove Agent

01:27:02 How to setup monitor mode to play back existing track and monitor when recording

01:28:00 Preferred method to audiowarp one note in an audio track

01:29:30 Why when using a HALion Sonic SE sound the key has changed upon opening the project

01:33:30 Any way to sync track selection in arrangement with batch export

01:37:20 Is there a disregard take feature to get rid of unwanted recordings

01:41:10 How to enable musical mode on audio tracks by default

01:42:30 How to switch between SpectraLayers and Cubase sample editor

01:44:13 Is there a way to drag the chords from HALion Sonic to Cubase project window

01:46:21 Can you explain the AmbiConverter plug-in

01:47:53 Will the stream be available later to watch

01:48:10 How to make drum editor come up by default on drum tracks

01:50:29 Can you guide us through the control room and how it can be useful

01:56:22 What pros and cons are there for editing in the project window vs editors

01:59:19 Is there a way to link multiple instances of plug-ins on the same track

02:03:00 How can I restore my rating stars for HALion 6 and Groove Agent after re_installing

02:03:35 Greg’s restless Son invades hangout

02:05:30 resume back to star rating question

02:06:21 How to copy and paste track colors

02:08:15 Can you change text in preferences

02:08:56 What is easy way to setup key switches in Iconica

02:13:15 Cubase Elements crashes on me when using Groove Agent

02:14:00 Where are functions for half or double tempo

02:15:36 When will sidechain on multiband compressor start working

02:17:25 Can we use Cubase on ipad

02:17:53 Can Cubase detect chords for chord track

02:19:03 Should I bounce all tracks before a final mix

02:19:40 Is there a keyboard shortcut for rendering files

02:21:23 How to stop Cubase LE from being blocked from anti virus software

02:22:10 Will this session be posted later on

02:22:48 How do you choose which questions to answer

02:23:35 If 3rd party plug-ins do not do sidechaining is it a host or plug-in issue

02:24:07 Does the channel strip use less resources than running them as inserts

02:24:57 How to migrate settings from Cubase 9.5 to Cubase 10.5

02:27:10 How to save a program including macro designer template in HALion 6

02:29:37 Are there issues with Cubase 10.5 and Waves plug-ins crashing

02:30:33 Why does algorithm change when doing warp editing

02:31:31 Is there a keyboard shortcut for bounce selection

02:32:49 IS there a way to do MIDI fold in Cubase editor

02:34:26 How to output MIDI and audio tracks from Superior Drummer 3

02:37:35 Managing a hiDPI monitor setup in Cubase

02:38:48 How to optimize control room view so that there is no empty space

02:39:42 Any way in piano roll to select all of a single or range of pitches

02:42:44 How to select automation panes for several tracks

02:47:56 How to comp vocals

02:50:43 Is Cubase Elements not equipped to export L/R like previous versions

2:51:40 Can you explain how control can be utilized with audio interface or mixer

02:57:16 I have a Cubase 7 difficulty in that it needs an elicenser

02:57:45 Can you show some tips on using hitpoints

02:58:59 In the add track dialog can group tracks be added routed to no bus

02:59:26 What is the constrain delay compensation for

03:00:41 How intense can the mixConsole colors be

03:02:25 When using retrospective record is it possible to only have the last take as opposed to them stacked

03:05:42 Will Cubase 11 have abounce selection keyboard shortcut defined