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It is easy to search. Use the browser "Find" function or press CRTL and F keys.
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The idea of is a huge Search INDEX for Steinberg's Cubase DAW.
With "One Mouse Click" to search in all videos Q&A from Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo since 2020, over 20,000 Q & A items. For exact number of indexed Q&A, at this page foot! 

Also Every Cubase Preferences, Settings, Menu Tree in Cubase (approx 10,000 words) can also be search  with "One Mouse Click" and every Steinberg's Cubase tutorials videos (approx 600 videos) can also be find with "One Mouse Click"
Cubasis users can also find useful. 

Finding an Cubase educational video on Youtube can be challenging especially if you want to search beyond the video title. My is also a tool that makes it possible to search in more detail.

The site is free from ads and it´s not a commercial site which makes it fast and easy to navigate. Of course the site is without bells and whistles.

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Number of indexed  Huge Q & A database  is 20,476 items. 

Number of indexed  Steinberg's Cubase Tutorials videos is 619 items.

Updated:  CubaseINDEX Web, Sept 27, 2022.  CubaseINDEX, Sept 27, 2022.  (build 468

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Start at Aug 1, I'm giving CubaseINDEX (CX0) for the year 2020 the same new layout as cubaseindex other pages.

During work on the new layout Index CX0 for 2020 is tempory not showing,  I refer to Cubase other INDEX for 2021 and 2022.

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 The site is free from ads and it´s not a commercial website is sponsored by my music band HardDiskMusic - Performing Easy Listening music (light music)

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