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From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic

0501 2021

00:07:52. Is it possible to assign a track version ID to a version?

00:12:37. How can I duplicate a part with all of its automation?

00:14:16. Will Cubase IC Pro be updated for Cubase 11?

00:15:14. Is pre gain available in the generic remote settings?

00:18:17. Can I send MIDI out of Dorico into Cubase?

00:19:25. Can I have folders in the MixConsole?

00:21:38. How to see only routing, inserts and sends in MixConsole in full screen?

00:23:54. Why is there a 10ms delay on rendered audio file?

00:28:26. Can SpectraLayers edits affect sound of audio?

00:29:54. Can you share some drum editor velocity editing tips?

00:34:01. Can SpectraLayers be used to unmix a drum track?

00:37:24. How can I quantize to drum map snap value?

00:40:04. Can I hide all other racks except routing inserts and sends in MixConsole?

00:43:34. Can you clarify how to setup busses and routing?

00:48:09. Why when rendering is the CPU not being fully utilized?

00:50:34. Is there a fine control for adjusting automation values?

00:54:48. Can I use my airpods as my talkback mic?

00:55:51. Can there be a quarterly live Zoom session?

00:57:34. Why does an edit on a duplicated audio track affect other files?

01:00:22. How do I change the speed of a project in Cubase?

01:02:59. Why can’t I save HALion Sonic SE or Supervision presets?

01:07:38. How can I label different sections of the arrangement in project?

01:10:24. Why do some added plug-ins turn dark and cannot edit parameters?

01:12:35. How to have different audio versions in lanes?

01:15:46. Can Cubase show me the time spent in a particular project?

01:16:55. Is there any way to smooth the play head in Cubase 11?

01:18:34. Why do I lose my sound card settings when starting Cubase every time?

01:20:05. Can you discuss some of the coloring options for notes in Cubase?

01:22:34. Why does pressing X sometimes perform a crossfade and other times the editor?

01:24:42. Does changing the note in VariAudio affect all of the overtones?

01:27:41. Why is my mouse pointer slightly off when editing in Cubase?

01:28:23. Can SpectraLayers automatically split overtones?

01:30:21. Is it possible to create hitpoints for several tracks at once?

01:33:10. Can I add a picture for external instruments configured in Cubase?

01:36:09. What is the best way to avoid latency when tracking vocals?

01:38:15. How can I copy all inserts from one track to another track in a single command?

01:40:31. Should I get Cubase or Nuendo?

01:42:23. Why do I often have to close Cubase via task manager on heavy projects?

01:43:31. How to combine lanes and track versions?

01:44:08. How to sidechain with ShaperBox?

01:48:07. Where is the value indication when drawing a line for velocity indications?

01:50:00. Can you discuss best practices for lanes and track versions?

01:54:52. Can you separate a drum track, i.e., kick, snare using SpectraLayers?

01:57:55. Is there a better way to record audio from a VSTi without using a group?

02:01:07. What are the challenges of opening older Cubase projects?

02:03:26. How to assign different track version takes to a common track ID?

02:07:09. What does the option block events do in the render in pace settings?

02:10:24. What is the function that allows you to unmix stems?

02:11:57. Why wasn’t all content automatically installed with Cubase Pro 10?

02:14:06. How to color multiple tracks at once?

02:14:50. Why does the Frequency plug-in crash my Cubase 11?

02:16:05. Is there a key command or macro for half time playback of audio and MIDI?

02:22:26. What are the effects of pre and post fader sends on sidechain routing?

02:26:41. Is there a way to change the default trim tool to cut the start as opposed to the end?

02:32:19. How to minimize latency of initial playback in Cubase for live applications?

02:34:54. Can the introduction part of the hangout be stopped?

02:35:51. How to synchronize video and hits when composing for video?

02:38:02. How to generate a chord track from a piano part?

02:39:16. How to delete a thud from a guitar track using SpectraLayers?

02:42:29. Can you explain Virgin Territory automation?

02:45:05. Is there any way to pan the main output in the control room?

02:47:42. Is there a way to do extended logging when importing an AAF?

02:48:58. Does Greg agree with the -18dB input across all tracks?

02:51:42. Why doesn’t Cubase support m4a files?

02:52:48. Why doesn’t the chord track let me add major 7th chords?

02:54:32. How to export different MIDI lines from Groove Agent without dissolve parts?

02:59:33. Is there a way to have a single note detuned and sent to a different patch?

03:04:33. How to setup metronome and adjust grids based on imported audio file?

03:06:37. Will there be another Cubase or SpectraLayers masterclass?

03:07:19. How to use Reason rack effects on another track?

03:09:31. What version of Cubase is being used for the hangout?

03:10:14. How to quicky change all MIDI input ports to the same port?

03:12:21. How to keep the loop active when jumping to another time in project window?

03:15:27. Has Cubase integrated Maschine better yet?

03:16:35. Is there a shortcut to set the delimiter on a track?

03:18:11. Can we use 2 different audio files within the sampler track?

03:19:55. Why is Greg using Cubase 10.5 still?

03:20:22. Why does exporting take longer if there are processors on empty tracks?

03:21:39. Can you side chain with the ShaperBox plug-in?

03:22:53. If my song uses Virtual Instruments can I still publish to Spotify?

03:24:44. Will there ever be a hangout just using Cubase Elements?

03:26:38. Are there plans to have the Steinberg Download Assistant notify when there are updates?

03:27:56. Will the hangout schedule be maintained through 2021?

03:29:12. Are MediaBay search attributes maintained after restarting the program?

03:30:47. How to record the audio from a rewire slave?

03:32:03. Will it be possible to Hz and note without activating a band in built in EQ?

03:32:36. Is there any way to name song sections from drum part names?

03:39:04. Can you please provide a signal chain for best latency when recording live vocals?

03:39:41. Is there a way to set up a key command to fold or unfold selected folder track?

03:40:58. Why does holding down shift key deselect note in MIDI editor?

03:42:39. Why does using key commands for next and previous chain not work?

03:44:04. How to drag a groove agent pattern and not create a new MIDI track?

03:45:34. How to control send panning via external MIDI controller?

03:48:21. Can you show some of the different options for follow chord track?

03:50:33. How can I get the generate harmony voices function to work?

03:52:28. How to change the MIDI record modes via a key command?

03:54:18. How to work with export audio window on small screen resolution?

03:58:01. Where does sone start mastering after happy with mix?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic

0801 2021

00:06:42. Will Steinberg add more MIDI loops to Cubase and Nuendo?

00:09:46. Are there downloadable expression maps for Iconica and HALion Symphonic Orchestra?

00:12:02. How to move parts within a loop using AudioWarp?

00:14:16. Was the Iconica Opus upgrade left out of the sales promotion?

00:15:02. What should be order of Abbey Road Studio 3 and Sonarworks?

00:16:27. Where can I get more tutorials for Nuendo and Oculus VR foffles?

00:18:39. Is it possible to see EQ knobs in inspector as opposed to only in channel settings?

00:20:18. How to do multi mono processing in Cubase?

00:22:58. Is the live close captioning new in the live hangouts?

00:23:48. What is Sequel?

00:24:44. Can you show some advanced warping and hitpoint functions in sample editor?

00:29:21. How to fix a library not showing up in MediaBay?

00:32:00. What is the program Sequel?

00:32:29. Why can’t I hear audio?

00:33:37. Is there a way to turn single notes into chords?

00:36:48. Do I need to have a synth to change parts played from an electric piano?

00:37:56. Why can’t I hear audio from my Cubase setup?

00:39:57. How to sync lower zone key editor with project window?

00:41:02. Is Cubase going on sale soon?

00:42:11. Is there a way to turn on musical mode for samples automatically?

00:44:03. What is the difference between a multiband compressor and multiband expander?

00:47:44. How to best setup power scheme for new Ryzen system?

00:49:20. Is it possible to erase further events all at once with eraser tool?

00:51:06. What is the best area to work with metadata in WaveLab?

00:53:50. Are there any keyboard audio or MIDI loops available in Cubase?

00:58:51. How to prevent export name from showing Cubase in name?

01:01:12. How to preview samples in browser in Cubase Elements?

01:04:48. Can Cubase do a speaker phone sound?

01:06:51. Will there be a Cubase 11 maintenance release coming soon?

01:07:17. Why is there too much delay?

01:08:04. Is it possible to export the markers?

01:10:01. Is there a concern about not being able to adjust latency of audio interface?

01:13:15. What causes latency issues to build up so quickly in. my projects?

01:17:26. Why is there no sound when I activate the chorder?

01:19:46. Why do chord pads stop chords playback when triggered aggressively?

01:22:13. Why does the monitor button sometimes not work?

01:23:16. Why do have to click on FabFilter plug-ins so many times to turn them on?

01:22:42. How can I watch YouTube and have audio in Cubase at the same time?

01:25:22. Has managing VST Instruments been improved in Cubase 11?

01:26:05. Why can’t I hear loops in preview mode in MediaBay?

01:27:46. What is the difference between musical and linear modes?

01:33:51. Why are my notes muted when I click on chord pads with mouse?

01:35:45. How to add a bus and have its fader near the stereo out?

01:39:55. How to setup an external module or sampler in Cubase?

01:43:51. How to split a long MIDI file into small MIDI files?

01:50:47. How to “strumize” MIDI notes?

01:52:12. How to insert some downloaded amps and instruments in Cubase?

01:53:45. How can I add metadata to audio files in Cubase and Nuendo?

01:55:52. How to load downloaded plug-ins on to a track in Cubase?

01:56:51. Why is there ghost meny area in bigger SpectraLayers edit screen?

01:58:57. What is the difference between block and separate events in render in place?

02:02:13. How to map tempo and signature tracks when scoring to video?

02:10:51. What could be the cause of Cubase crashing on me?

02:12:16. Why is it not possible to change the start and end of the sample in Sampler Track?

02:13:49. How to save default empty sampler track?

02:19:10. Why do new tracks always end up at the bottom of the project window?

02:20:47. Why does deleting a send on a track still include that track in other tracks soloed?

02:25:29. Will there be the ability to save and load presets in Beat Designer?

02:33:59. How to show enharmonic spellings of notes and chords in key editor?

02:37:53. How to work with scale assistant to snap live MIDI input to a scale?

02:46:00. Can you explain the difference between Reverence and Revelation?

02:50:47. If I have 2 elicensers can I have my Cubase license on both of them?

02:51:18. Can I move a license from one elicenser to another to consolidate licenses?

02:52:41. How can I have 2 different profiles for different headphones?

02:54:40. How to use a send to LFE in object with atmos renderer activated?

03:00:46. Are there different headphone profile EQs for Yamaha and AKG headphones?

03:01:54. How to enable automatic hitpoint creation in Cubase?

03:03:50. Is it possible to do channel routing in the lower zone MixConsole?

03:06:09. Is it possible to bounce an audio file to a new lane?

03:06:45. How does Greg know so much about Cubase?

03:08:16. How to set project tempo to match track’s tempo?

03:14:14. Why is my toolbar in my Sampler Track different than yours?

03:15:52. Why doesn’t my generic remote for master out not saved in project?

03:20:09. Is it possible to control plug-ins in the control room from generic remote?

03:23:45. Is it possible to load Cubase without missing content messages?

03:25:22. Is there a way to globally change the grid in the drum editor?

03:30:56. Why is the chord track coloring different in 11 to not show notes in chord?

03:33:15. Can workspaces be saved without the Zoom settings?

03:35:29. Why are FX channel tracks at the bottom of project?

03:36:32. How to hide the waveform in the automation lanes?

03:38:15. Will the imager offer a dynamic mode in the future?

03:41:33. Is Voice Killer or Harmony in Cubase Elements or Cubase Artist?

03:43:18. Why does adding FX or audio from MediaBay to sampler track go to bottom?

03:45:30. How to go about clip gain automation and DeEssing?

03:49:28. Can a macro include the enter key to activate OK in a function window?

03:50:17. Will adding a tempo track align the grid to the new tempo?

03:52:13. Why does choosing a key command sometimes crash Cubase IC Pro?

03:54:10. How to hide input faders by default?

03:55:18. How to add a reverb for a vocalist when tracking?

03:58:08. Will there be a future search option to find preferences?  Editor not. Yes! Try to serach in Cubase Menu Tree INDEX

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic

1201 2021

00:05:54. Is it possible to isolate MIDI tracks when creating stems in queue export jobs?

00:08:56. Is it possible to adjust the color of text after customizing color schemes?

00:10:43. Can I trigger macros from a MIDI controller?

00:12:30. How can I assign my controller knobs to inspector to control plug-ins?

00:15:51. What does move past post fader when right clicking on inserts do?

00:17:32. What is the difference between pre and post fader on effects?

00:20:09. How to comping without adding any new tracks?

00:24:01. How to best paste vocals recorded over a background track?

00:29:26. Can you discuss differences between Spitfire multi and single templates?

00:33:59. How to delete VSTs from the manager?

00:36:58. How to setup Cubase to colorize the MixConsole channels?

00:39:06. How to re-amp a guitar or bass or guitar with a UR 44?

00:42:54. Does having an empty insert slot between effects affect latency?

00:44:08. Is it possible to batch rename events with a counter in Cubase or Nuendo?

00:47:17. Is it possible to use a logical editor to select only bass notes?

00:50:16. How to get rid of the 2nd control bar when opening a Cubase project?

00:52:12. How to split frequencies from tracks to different tracks with imager?

00:55:37. How to use all of the quantization features?

01:06:54. Does the Yamaha WX5 wind controller integrate well with Cubase?

01:08:12. Is the hangout available to watch after the live stream?

01:08:24. What is the Steinberg artist program?

01:09:32. Why did text colors change after customizing color scenes in audio connections?

01:11:24. Is there a way to have the Mixer show tracks only feeding group in spill over?

01:14:27. Is there a way to recalibrate the horizontal zoom after deleting parts?

01:17:58. Is electronic beat production possible in Cubase?

01:21:22. How to get projects from Cubase 7.5 to load into Cubase 11?

01:23:24. Will fades and inserts be included in the bounce selection?

01:25:59. Will Steinberg bring back Hypersonic?

01:26:37. Why do mods delete comments that are entered 5 hours before hangouts start?

01:28:25. Anyway to change click destinations to cue mixes with volume differences?

01:30:58. Is it possible to automate the transpose?

01:33:52. Can you use Reason Rack effects in Cubase?

01:34:59. How to do if you come up with repeated questions?

01:35:38. How to delete expired licenses from elicenser control center?

01:36:30. What is the time frame to enter a question in chat field before the hangout?

01:37:12. How to delete FXs that I don’t want?

01:38:58. Does snap to Zero Crossings work on only a single track or multiple tracks?

01:39:48. How to sync MIDI CC data that sync with each bar?

01:47:17. How to copy multiple non-consecutive tracks in track and copy to another track?

01:51:30. How to use the range tool in the MIDI editor?

01:53:57. How to get the transport stop button to return to zero?

01:55:13. How to move VariAudio segments to notes of the defined key?

01:57:28. Are there mixes for mixing in 5.1 without 5.1 monitors?

01:58:31. Any macro to add and name group and folder tracks easily?

02:05:04. How to keep locators at same bar position with tempo changes?

02:09:02. How to adjust collective track heights easily?

02:11:17. How to duplicate a MIDI note to the next grid value?

02:15:10. Why can’t I save to a mp3 file?

02:16:28. How to move parts within an audio file without hitpoints?

02:18:01. How to change the quick control defaults for a VST Instrument?

02:19:45. What is the status of Cubase on the M1 chip?

02:20:18. How to set control room to have reverb in one cue mix and not another?

02:22:09. Is there a macro to bounce a sample automatically when it is cut?

02:23:45. How to automatically enable sends when they are added?

02:26:43. Is it possible to reverse only a region of a sampler in Sampler Track 2?

02:27:53. Will the scale assistant work with VariAudio?

02:29:25. Why can’t I hear audio from my headset connected directly to my computer?

02:31:11. Do Sound Toys 5 plug-ins work in Cubase 11?

02:31:45. Why doesn’t video follow edit mode work with combined selection/range tool?

02:34:31. How to work with 3 different Groove Agent kits with a single track in Cubase?

02:38:44. Is there a key command to show/hide automation within a project?

02:41:16. Can I double up on inserts in control room using main and monitor inserts?

02:42:42. Can I use multiple sound cards in Cubase?

02:44:39. Does Cubase have a tab to transit type function?

02:46:59. How to consolidate audio files used in a project to a common folder?

02:49:22. When zooming in with mouse from timeline how to avoid changing play head?

02:53:41. Is there a way to continue playback while rewinding and fast forwarding?

02:55:34. How to export a comping to a new track?

02:58:17. What is a good backup mechanism to do a fresh install on Mac?

02:59:45. What is the Silvestri macro do on Greg’s system?

03:02:09. Can you show the macro to duplicate tracks without events?

03:05:17. Why does downloading Cubase 11 give a failed network error?

03:06:28. Did the double tapping on transport start stop behavior change in Cubase 11?

03:08:14. Is it possible to automate MIDI note lengths?

03:13:39. How can I change the bpm of my project in Cubase?

03:15:32. How to process a duplicate sample in VariAudio independently of origin file?

03:18:30. Is there a key command that can trigger enter or OK within a macro?

03:19:23. How to change the tempo in a project in Cubase?

03:20:09. How to do some basic doubling and vocal harmonies in Cubase?

03:26:10. Will Steinberg consider another Stay Home Elements promotion?

03:27:06. Why are my only options for export wav or aif?

03:27:39. Does Steinberg have an orchestral percussion library?

03:30:58. How to have a click track come in only when drums drop out of project?

03:33:08. Is there a standalone orchestral percussion library not in Iconica?

03:33:58. Where are the custom quantization presets stored?

03:37:12. Will Cubase’s sample browser be improved?

03:38:18. Are tempo track imports available in MIDI files?

03:39:51. Is there a macro to speed the workflow of doing lots of recordings?

03:41:37. Is it possible to change the text color on chord track inspector section?

03:42:27. Where are the original files kept after applying a direct offline process?

03:44:56. What is and how to use parallel compression?

03:48:37. Can I switch between 2 instruments playing live in Cubase?

03:51:27. Can a loop imported from MediaBay carry preview volume to pre-gain?

03:52:06. Can the cycle marker names be applied to files in export audio name scheme?

03:55:16. Why do I get 40ms of latency adding pitch correct plug-in to a track?

03:56:14. Is there a way to monitor a audio input signal in control room?

03:57:20. How to make a sample to play at the project tempo?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic

1501 2021

00:07:05. What is the best way to move audio and FX tracks from one project to another?

00:09:48. How to assign a function in the program to a MIDI controller?

00:17:13. How to remotely control send panning in Cubase?

00:20:08. Can Greg show how to clean up parts, add chords, lyrics in score editor?

00:30:16. Any news on Apple M1 chip support in Cubase?

00:31:08. Are Cubase 7.5 projects compatible with Cubase 11?

00:32:18. How can I promote Steinberg for my game audio live streams?

00:32:58. Can you create a mastering template for us?

00:37:44. Is it possible to change the octave indication for pitch recognition within EQ?

00:39:20. Can an event be moved to a track above or below by a key command?

00:41:58. How to have group tracks placed in a different location when adding to project?

00:44:21. How to add arrangement from flattened arrange track in same workspace window?

00:47:40. How to apply the fine pitch variations from MIDI from VariAudio?

00:52:18. Can I render edits made in the original audio track without rendering?

00:53:44. Why doesn’t the scissor tool seem to work on a group track?

00:56:54. How to distinguish USB MIDI ports for multiple Moog Sub37 synths?

01:01:11. How to avoid losing projects in Cubase like an autosave?

01:02:33. What is the ARA folder in the project folder for?

01:06:42. Can you open a plug-in editor with a macro on a non-selected track?

01:09:48. What is the difference between sends and direct routing?

01:15:53. Why is panning in my Cubase 11 not working?

01:18:06. How to turn on musical mode for audio files in Nuendo?

01:20:35. Can we dial into Virtual NAMM?

01:21:28. Why isn’t audio importing from my mp4 file?

01:23:38. Are there any other possibilities of why my panning is not working?

01:25:36. Is it possible to see the automation lanes on top of the events?

01:26:39. Do I have to apply a crossfade manually when using the comping tool?

01:28:32. Are Cubase 7.5 projects compatible with Cubase 11?

01:29:41. What tools do you use for your live streams?

01:33:41. Can resetting the MixConsole meters affect plug-ins as well?

01:36:49. Is the Cubase Brickwall limiter a peak limiter?

01:37:38. Can we send tips to Greg in this live hangout?

01:38:48. Is there a key command to disarm all tracks or a lock record function?

01:41:44. How to lock tracks so that they cannot be moved?

01:43:42. How do I reverse a sample?

01:44:37. How to link 2 nonconsecutive tracks?

01:46:31. What does Greg do when getting repeated questions in hangouts?

01:47:56. How to zoom in easily without affecting play head position?

01:49:21. Why won’t the drum editor load in Cubase 10?

01:52:32. Why does loading a preset take so long?

01:55:49. How to reset my Cubase settings?

01:58:00. Is there any way to move the tail end of an event to the cursor?

02:00:32. Can you import samples into SpectraLayers to filter frequencies?

02:06:02. Is there a way to click inside of a event and have cursor follow?

02:07:18. Why do I see loads of blue lines in my project?

02:09:54. How to convert MIDI drums to audio?

02:13:50. How to add swing to an audio clip?

02:18:14. Is it possible to create 2 tempo tracks without saving a new version?

02:21:30. How to quantize a multitrack drum recording?

02:28:55. Can we make our own isolators for modulation plug-ins for sidechaining?

02:30:52. Does anyone use Cubase with MoFX8?

02:31:23. How to determine which tracks have automation without enabling Read?

02:37:08. How to get audio from MoFX8 keyboard into Cubase via USB?

02:38:56. How to not include sends on groups when exporting audio?

02:40:57. Can you explain the difference between a cue send and a headphone send?

02:42:37. Why am I getting a high GPU load with SuperVision phase scope envelope?

02:44:09. Will Steinberg be at Virtual NAMM?

02:44:44. How to create realistic basslines using chord track?

02:48:29. When will the NAMM Cubase demo be?

02:49:20. Why when sending guitars to group do I lose panning?

02:50:56. Does opening a project in a newer version prevent it from opening in earlier version?

02:52:26. When will Cubase change the appearance of the audio waveform?

02:53:40. Can Cubase determine the time signature of an audio file?

02:54:54. Will the Nektar Panorama P4 controller work well with Cubase?

02:56:03. Can I determine the time signature of an audio file automatically?

02:56:56. How can I avoid expression maps with program changes from resetting themselves on stop?

02:58:40. How to configure Yamaha MoFX8 as audio interface?

03:00:28. How to setup a generic remote to stick to the master fader?

03:03:46. How to audition and delete lanes that were Retrospectively recorded?

03:06:49. Why do I need to download VSTis from Cubase 10.5 for Cubase 11?

03:08:07. When collaborating online do I need to have similar bit operating systems?

03:10:09. Is it possible to layer sounds in the sampler track?

03:11:45. How to prevent the auto selection of events during playback on selected track?

03:13:19. Is Cubase 12 coming sometime soon?

03:14:14. How to upgrade my Cubase?

03:15:44. Can you show a perfect mix should look in regards to phase panning?

03:19:35. Is there a way to do tap to tempo in Cubase?

03:21:52. How to colorize the MixConsole with the channel colors?

03:24:24. How to create a new project from an audio track?

03:26:06. Why is my exported video with dialog exported have different frames?

03:27:28. Does Cubase Artist offer group editing?

03:28:30. Can you sample and chop in Cubase?

03:30:56. Will the chord assistant window be a floating window in the future?

03:31:42. Can I create and sell my own Groove Agent kits?

03:32:00. Are the big notes only for Cubase Pro in the chord track?

03:32:41. Can I make custom sample libraries for HALion Sonic SE?

03:33:26. Why can I pan audio from virtual instruments but not audio?

03:33:46. How to do sidechaining with 3rd party plug-ins?

03:35:29. Why can’t I hear mono guitars panned to mono groups to stereo groups pan?

03:39:10. Can I use my guitar pedals as external effects?

03:39:27. What email can we reach Greg at?

03:40:16. Can you show how to zoom the audio waveform amplitude?

03:41:49. Is it possible to have more than one chord track in a project?

03:44:04. What else could they possibly add to Cubase?

03:44:14. Is Cubase 11 optimized for Apple M1 processor?

03:45:13. Is it possible to get another 30 day Cubase 11 trial?

03:45:53. How to keep MIDI notes from recording early?

03:47:13. Could you explain how to use the legato function in the key editor?

03:51:35. Where do you get your MIDI loops from?

03:52:07. Will Cubase come with more Groove Agent content in the future?

03:54:38. Can I add more colors to the color selection?

03:55:30. Why does an aiff file slow down when dropped into Cubase?

03:57:31. Why does Cubase Pro come with SE level instruments?

03:58:45. Why aren’t my Mixer names 2 columns like yours?

From NAMM 2021 hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic

1901 2021

00:00:29. Introduction ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

00:02:48. Steinberg background and history ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

00:07:03. Chord Track ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

00:09:21. Different MIDI Editor Views ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

00:09:47. Create Chord Tracks from MIDI ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

00:10:16. Creating a lead sheet from Chord Track ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

00:10:45. Scale Assistant in Key Editor ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

00:13:39. Pitch Correct Plug-In ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

00:14:26. VariAudio Pitch Editing ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

00:16:29. Vocal Harmony Generation ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

00:18:20. Using the Sampler Track ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

00:24:02. Squasher Dynamics Plug-In ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

00:26:46. LoopMashFX plug-in ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

00:28:37. Tempo Detection for Remixes ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

00:32:05. Groove Agent Beat Production ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

00:37:32. Groove Agent Acoustic Agent **Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

00:41:33 Drum Replacement and Triggering ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

00:43:45. Multi Track Drum Quantizing ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

00:46:49. VST Bass Amp and VST Amp Rack ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

00:49:17. Channel Strip, EQ and Comparison EQ ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

00:52:16. Frequency Dynamic EQ Plug-In ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

00:53:37. Imager Stereo Enhancer Plug-In ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

00:54:29. SuperVision Analysis Plug-In ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

00:55:40. Cue Mixes in Control Room ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

00:59:29. Fixing Tempo Irregularities in Multi Track Audio ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

01:05:26. VST Connect Remote Tracking ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

01:08:11. Expression Map Sample Articulation Control ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

01:13:26. Reverence Convolution Reverb Plug-In ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

01:15:14. Composing to Video ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

01:17:57. MediaBay Media Management ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

01:20:47. Job Queue Audio Export ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

01:26:08. Vocal Extraction with SpectraLayers ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

01:29:23. Conclusion. Thanks for watching. ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 **

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic

2201 2021

00:06:50. Can I warp on multiple tracks in group edit mode simultaneously?

00:08:36. What affect on sound does having effects pre or post fader have?

00:12:14. Is it possible to hide unused insert slots?

00:14:26. How to change the time signature of a song in Cubase Elements?

00:18:09. How to put on a noise gate on a noise plug-in like Wires?

00:21:50. Is it possible to copy the velocity of a MIDI part to another?

00:25:31. How to make a vocal sit better in the mix?

00:31:57. What will Cubase look like in 2024?

00:33:50. How to edit EQ and effects on segments separate from the track settings?

00:37:19. Is there a way to use folder tracks in the MixConsole to minimize scrolling?

00:43:51. What is the latest info on Cubase support for Silicon Macs?

00:44:56. Is it advisable to have a soft elicense on a USB elicenser key?

00:47:55. Will Cubase Elements 11 run on my M! Mac?

00:49:21. Can Steinberg add color menu templates and intended moods for chords?

00:51:31. How do I move libraries to an external drive?

00:53:39. Is it possible to use multiple parts for audio alignment?

00:56:37. Will latency on groups during tracking affect my recording and how to prevent?

00:58:47. How to increase the tempo of a voice over recording?

01:03:41. Are there any options to prevent harsh transitions when using arranger tracks?

01:07:30. What is the easiest way to render multiple layered clips to a single audio file?

01:10:59. How to have play head position return to start easily without locators?

01:13:53. How to copy a color from one part to another?

01:15:55. Can 2 projects share the same project folder directory?

01:19:03. Is it possible to assign a key command to glue segments in VariAudio?

01:24:14. Why don’t I have presets in Retrologue and Flux after upgrading to Cubase 11?

01:26:16. Is there a Cubase discord channel?

01:26:44. Does Mac have better audio output over Windows?

01:27:37. Are there collapsible folders in the MixConsole?

01:28:08. How does individual channel latency affect mixdown?

01:30:25. Can you show examples of compression on voice tracks?

01:35:59. How to deactivate all 3rd party plug-ins easily from Cubase?

01:38;11. Can I give my Cubase Elements license to someone else for their use?

01:40:11. How to do an audio alignment on a part with lots of edits?

01:43:35. Is color fade a Cubase 11 feature?

01:44:25. Is there a way to adjust the font in the MIDI editor to have more contrast?

01:47:47. How to determine which libraries are included with Cubase 11?

01:50:59. Is it possible to scroll in mixer without adjusting faders?

01:52:40. Why can’t I type in note names in logical editor?

01:56:28. Can arranger parts be triggered with MIDI notes?

01:58:52. Does Greg speak any French?

01:59:56. Can Squasher be used to lengthen the body of a snare track?

02:04:28. Is there an auto sync feature to match audio tempos?

02:11:17. Where can I buy a dedicated backlit Cubase keyboard?

02:11:55. Why does hitting undo affect tempo detected files?

02:13:48. Any way to do installment of Cubase 11?

02:16:17. Why can’t I export or import mp3 files from Cubase?

02:24:16. How to setup Cubase 11 for external effects?

02:28:29. Is it possible to adjust the Cubase tuning scale to 442?

02:28:53. How can I change the reverb and chorus globally?

02:31:03. How to simplify transferring settings from previous version when updating?

02:32:06. Is it possible to have a soft limiter when tracking vocals?

02:37:45. Why is Cubase 10.5 running on Rosetta and Cubase 11 doesn’t?

02:39:13. How to replace events by copying events on top of them?

02:41:13. Will my USB elicenser stop working when reconnecting to computer often?

02:42:13. Is there a plug-in to show what EQ scale is used on the track?

02:44:30. How to change reverb and chorus effects in a general MIDI file?

02:50:17. Why am I getting a can not add more tracks message?

02:51:03. Why are audio files bounced from Pro Tools imported play wrong pitch?

02:52:28. Do you have to enable record to use the new scale assistant?

02:54:21. Will Steinberg integrate native touch screen support in Cubase/Nuendo?

02:55:26. How can I transfer a single MIDI track to someone else?

02:59:08. How can I make all MIDI controllers in a track open in MIDI editor?

03:02:45. Why is my Cubase 10 limiting me to only 18 tracks?

03:03:32. Any way to have tempo in Cubase set from imported audio file?

03:06:07. Is musical mode only based at the track level?

03:10:34. How can I be a part of the Cubase team?

03:13:37. How to export audio from Virtual Instruments in Cubase Elements?

03:17:22. What are the benefits of upgrading to Cubase Artist?

03:19:29. Can you show us track versions?

03:23:54. Can you do VariAudio and create harmonies in Cubase Elements?

03:24:50. Will Steinberg move away from the USB elicenser?

03:25:48. Is it possible to keep the input bus configuration when importing tracks from project?

03:30:44 What kind of bass was Greg playing earlier?

03:31:14. Why can’t I find Kontakt in my VST Instrument list?

03:33:34. Will Steinberg update the logical editor?

03:34:00. How to match a MIDI bass part at 80 bpm match a vocal at 160 bpm?

03:37:26. Are there any other ideas to help me find Kontakt?

03:38:38. Does Greg know what bit depth and sample is used by Zedd?

03:39:40. Why are the color schemes different in new scale assistant?

03:41:56. Is there a shortcut to toggle on or off same plug-ins across multiple tracks?

03:44:27. Does Cubase have a built-in scope for fixing phase issues?

03:46:33. How to copy note velocity values to MIDI CC 11?

03:49:23. How to change tempo in just a part of the song for tracks in musical mode?

03:51:47. Does Cubase have a built in arpeggiator?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic

2701 2021

00:06:14. Will there be any conflicts running Shreddage 3 via Kontakt Player in Cubase?

00:06:48. Is it possible to see inserts from Mixer window and change parameters there?

00:09:52. How to use cue mixes in control room when tracking vocalists?

00:20:56. How can I print the click to an audio file?

00:22:30. How to record MIDI generated from chord pads in pattern mode to a MIDI track?

00:28:54. How to transpose an audio track up or down without changing length of audio?

00:31:26. Which Cubase instruments can be used in other DAWs?

00:33:46. How to lock in MIDI tracks that have been changed to follow chord track?

00:38:00. How to delete an existing group of FX channel?

00:41;02. Can audio be dragged to the chord track for analysis?

00:41:34. How to edit continuous controller on multiple tracks?

00:46:13. Can I create vocal harmonies without a chord track?

00:48:37. How to edit CC91 and CC 93 across all tracks at the same time?

00:52:00. Is it possible to do the opposite of detect silence keeping the silent parts?

00:56:01. Is it possible to delete all words in track name after a certain word?

01:01:01. Does Cubase have an EQ tilt feature to aid in vocal transposition functions?

01:02:12. Why can’t I activate my elicense?

01:03:56. Can you show how to do glides in Cubase?

01:08:35. Can several MIDI tracks be connected to a single rack instrument?

01:12:49. How to install Groove Agent content libraries?

01:15:15. Can the transpose feature also invert voicings?

01:18:05. Why don’t chords in the chord track have the same note length?

01:23:45. How many projects can be open at the same time?

01:25:49. Any news on Mac M1 native port?

01:26:20. Why can’t I hear myself in VST Connect Performer?

01:28:19. What are the modular install options in Cubase?

01:29:42. Where does the Groove Agent content folder need to be in Windows?

01:30:41. Can you explain offline processing and flattening offline processing?

01:36:22. Can VST Connect be used for jamming?

01:37:43. Is there an update to be able to delete projects from the hub?

01:38:11. What scale would you suggest to stay within -14LUFS?

01:39:44. Is it possible to disengage record while recording in cycle mode?

01:41:50. How to show more info in the Mixer Meter Bridge?

01:45:41. Are there any plans to do a session type view in Cubase?

01:46:47. Which is better for recording symphonic orchestra modulation or expression?

01:49:17. Where is the folder where Cubase preferences are stored?

01:50:24. Where can I purchase a Steinberg CC 121?

01:52:08. Which plug-in is best to stay within Spotify true peak limits?

01:56:00. What plug-in should I use for limiting?

01:58:36. Is there a way to control the size of the final video when exporting from Cubase?

02:00:40. Why does Cubase project file get so large when using SpectraLayers?

02:02:52. Which folders should I definitely copy if I want to reinstall Cubase from scratch?

02:05:31. Why isn’t my Groove Agent SE in my list of instruments?

02:08:02. Is there a way to split a tempo track in Cubase?

02:11:11. Why does the HALion Sonic sound Leading Edge cause such high CPU usage?

02:18:07. Is it possible to draw volume changes directly on an audio clip?

02:19:59. Why is the Cubase background color so brown?

02:21:04. Does Cubase 11 have all of the sample packs from previous versions?

02:21:55. Are there major changes from upgrading from Cubase 7.5 to 11?

02:23:14. How to avoid clicks in audio offline processing of toms?

02:26:55. What is the rough price of updating to Cubase 11?

02:27:50. Is there an update promotion coming for Cubase 11?

02:29:18. Why are lengths of MIDI dragged from chord track inconsistent?

02:31:39. What is the difference between Cubase Pro and Elements?

02:33:32. What computer is Greg using for the hangout?

02:35:08. Is it possible to export the tempo track as a MIDI file?

02:37:24. Can the channel strip be set to pre insert by default?

02:39:18. Does it make sense to have projects and samples on an external SSD?

02:43:02. Can I lower the pre gain of multiple tracks all at the same time?

02:44:13. How can I put an echo on a sound?

02:46:24. Can I get an update for my Cubase AI 10.5 to 11?

02:48:23. How to keep tempo fixed after doing a tempo detection?

02:51:15. Is multitouch support planned for Cubase and Nuendo?

02:52:40. Can you show the new pitch bend functions in Cubase 11?

02:56:06. Is it possible to render in place a track with side chaining?

03:00:22. Can I move my Cubase LE on my PC to my new Mac?

03:01:14. How do I bounce selection in Cubase 11?

03:02:05. Can you show how to use Arpache, chord track and scale assistant together?

03:08:14. Where can I send questions for the hangout?

03:08:46. Why doesn’t Cubase 11 hidpi scaling work for 1080p monitor?

03:10:29. Does Cubase 11 still support ReWire with Reason 11?

03:11:49. How to merge multiple MIDI tracks to a single part?

03:14:14. Why is my audio crossfade function greyed out and how to activate it?

03:15:43. What are Cubase templates?

03:18:11. Will Steinberg drop the elicenser?

03:19:22. How to move track configurations from top bar to bottom bar?

03:20:48. Is it possible to see a DSP load for my Steinberg UR28M interface?

03:22:02. How to copy an audio quantization and apply it to another sample?

03:23:38. Can you show some techniques for fixing timing on drum, bass and guitar tracks?

03:29:57. Why can I only see sustain pedal info in the MIDI editor as opposed to automation?

03:33:38. How to snap MIDI data to grid when duplicating MIDI notes?

03:35:25. How to set measure and time offsets?

03:40:57. Can Arpache be used like an MPC note repeat?

03:43:10. What do the three enharmonic modes in chord track?

03:44:51. Any tips for correcting sample cut in with a Kontakt library?

03:45:52. How to normalize an audio file in Cubase 11?

03:47:09. Does panning in groups add to more CPU usage?

03:47:52. How often do these hangouts happen?

03:48:42. How to increase velocity by 30 on notes with velocities of 10-30?

03:51:30. Why can’t I hear my offline processes on files during playback?

03:53:30. Why do I get error message that HALion Sonic SE can’t find samples?

03:54:37. Does SuperVision analyzer plug-in work in WaveLab 10?

03:55:16. Is it possible to reverse a single sample in the sampler track?

03:55:50. How to change color scheme in key editor for better contrast?

03:57:25. Can compression be applied to recording with Steinberg interfaces?

00:09:13. How to extract only the bass notes of a MIDI part using the logical editor?

00:15:46. Why do projects load slowly on fast computer with lots of RAM?

00:17:07. How to quickly add 16 MIDI tracks to be sent to external MIDI device?

00:18:39. Why does audio imported from an OMF file play too slow and at a lower pitch?

00:21:25. Why does the Nuendo complementary software show no licenses?

00:24:02. Where can I find a trial version of Tguitar?

00:25:41. How to switch between soloed tracks?

00:27:11. Is there a way to determine sample rat and buit depth before importing it?

00:30:00. Can HALion 6 change pitch and length of an audio file?

00:33:02. Is there a way to save the bpm of a project without opening it?

00:35:22. How to master in Cubase?

00:40:48. Is it possible to do the opposite of detect silence?

00:44:27. Can you invert the colors of the Cubase notepad?

00:45:14. Is it possible to save presets of automation curves?

00:46:30. Is it possible to set minimize and maximum values for automation?

00:47:33. Does Greg communicate our feedback to Cubase team?

00:48:14. Can I produce track versions of tempo and transpose tracks?

00:50:47. What is the best way to delete plug-ins from the inspector?

00:53:37. Is there a way to have the quantize value set by adapt to zoom level?

00:57:23. How to select only the highest velocity values in the piano roll?

00:59:33. Is there a way to enable constrain delay compensation by key command?

01:00:38. What are ways to improve zoom navigation using trackpad?

01:03:47. Is it worth watching the hangout for advanced production questions?

01:04:16. Do I have to flatten processing in VariAudio and what does it do?

01:06:41. How do I stop seeing missing audio files messages?

01:08:35. How to optimize nvidia graphics card in Cubase?

01:09:32. Why does note repeat write a long note as opposed to actual rhythm sounded?

01:21:54. Can you show a logical editor preset to delete everything except lowest note?

01:25:29. Has Greg worked with other DAWs?

01:26:06. Is it possible to detune a single note when using Serum?

01:30:50. Is it possible to know the tempo before opening a project?

01:31:21. How to use SuperVision plug-in to fix phase issues?

01:35:13. Could you please explain the auto color preferences?

01:38:22. Why do I have latency using a Yamaha YDP 735 as a controller?

01:39:54. Is there a way to randomize velocities for more realism?

01:43:18. How to disable hidpi in Cubase for Windows?

01:44:37. Does Nuendo work with audiokinetik wwise?

01:45:40. How to add my microphone so that I can record my voice over?

01:47:17. Are we looking at Cubase 11?

01:49:30. Is it possible to make a track preset with an external effect?

01:52:05. Why does my new version of Cubase have 4 sends when older one had 8?

01:53:41. Any tips on minimizing latency when tracking with reverb?

01:56:11 Has Greg heard of any plans for enhanced device panels?

01:56:38. Are there plans to provide a triplet grid for editing?

01:57:56. Does loading a plug-in on an input channel apply the plug-in to the recording?

01:59:05. How can I convert Cubase 5 to Chance?

01:59:25. How to fix an error message indicating missing files on startup?

02:00:46. Is it possible to extract a single note from chords played into Cubase?

02:04:48. Can multiple project logical editor processes be used in a macro?

02:06:53. How to use a plug-in if plug-in manager says it is invalid?

02:08:42. Is it possible to do multitrack warping in Cubase?

02:09:32. How to save a track preset for Kontakt with effects?

02:14:31. Can I use my elicenser from Cubase 5 work with Cubase Pro 11?

02:16:24. Is it possible to transpose an audio file and have it play back faster or slower?

02:19:30. What is the difference between Cubase LE and Cubase Pro used in this hangout?

02:20:51. What is the purpose of a Expression Map and how to create one from scratch?

02:29:37. What is the best way to see the lyrics in the project timeline?

02:31:59. What is the best way to map multiple samples with different velocities, i.e., snares?

02:34:53. What is the best way to consolidate edits on multiple files to a single audio file?

02:36:10. How to apply direct offline processing to an audio file?

02:37:55. Why does the snap point in a audio file sometimes get moved?

02:40:31. How to automate decay and sustain on sampler track with quick controls?

02:42:45. Is there a way to lock the position of an event on the project timeline?

02:44:13. Is it possible to have backup files go to a dedicated backup folder?

02:45:24. Is there an app to run Cubase from a vocal booth remotely?

02:46:47. Is it possible to arm one track and play cinematic ensembles?

02:49:53. How to start working with Ambisonics in Cubase?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic

0202 2021

00:07:04. How to change the project folder location and rename from untitled?

00:13:08. How are scales derived from the chord track and what are some practical uses?

00:19:01. Is there a way to add quick controls to the control room?

00:21:12. Why don’t I see a snap point icon in the lower zone sample editor?

00:24:48. How to duplicate and copy over events not on grid to make transitions?

00:26:43. Why is the read automation track not enabled when loading a project?

00:30:17. How to rename a folder to the name of the project after it is saved?

00:33:13. What is a budget friendly Yamaha mixer for working with external instruments?

00:35:34. How to get vocals to the front of the mix in Cubase 9?

00:40:55. Will Steinberg update IC Pro and Cubase for Mac M1 support?

00:42:06. Why can’t I delete projects from the hub in Cubase 11?

00:43:45. How to copy MIDI CC data between different tracks and projects?

00:46:17. How to do a reverse reverb in Cubase?

00:52:01. How to insert long MIDI notes without using the alt key?

00:54:57. Can you show some uses of track versions?

00:58:57. What Cubase 11 installation files should I choose for smooth operation on MacPro?

01:01:56. How can I send track to my headset when recording?

01:03:31. How can I hook up my UR22 to work with my Korg O1/W?

01:06:13. How to always have drum editor open when double clicking on a drum part?

01:08:15. Why are there so many browsers, loop, samples, media etc.?

01:10:51. Is it possible to determine relative CPU load imposed by each plug-in?

01:12:04. Do UAD plug-ins take a lot of CPU performance due to slow scanning on startup?

01:14:05. Is there a preference to open the drum editor to open drum editor with drum map?

01:17:27. Do MIDI notes used to trigger patterns in Groove Agent chase notes correctly?

01:21:30. Can the desktop be set as the default mixdown location?

01:25 04. Is Greg running Cubase version 11.0.10?

01:25:39. How to copy CC data from one track to other tracks without choosing correct lane?

01:32:23. Is my Cubase and UR44 being taxed more after an OS update?

01:33:45. What vocal mics are favored by high profile Steinberg artists?

01:36:04. Any tips on just intonation?

01:41:54. How to know if you need an update using the Steinberg Download Assistant?

01:42:56. Is there a large learning curve upgrading from Cubase 6.5 to Cubase 11?

01:44:08. Can the default preference and Cubase be moved to a different folder?

01:46:00. How to transpose a song without transposing the drums?

01:50:38. Do I need SpectraLayers Pro to unmix more than just vocals?

01:54:00. Does Greg manage the SSL Nucleus?

01:55:03. Is there a cost effective way to get started with Cubase?

01:56:09. Are there issues to be aware of running Steinberg MR816 in Windows 10?

01:57:50. Will Steinberg add more inserts and sends in the future?

01:59:17. Is there a recorder function to record audio in real time instead of exporting?

02:04:42. How can I drag and drop if I can’t run Cubase in administrative mode?

02:07:49. Can the Supervision plug-in’s colors follow track colors?

02:09:21. Can I use SATA SSDs for sample library playback?

02:11:11. Can Cubase import ASA files?

02:11:52. What are the included plug-ins for Saturation?

02:14:34. Can Cubase display currently selected instrument when switching tracks?

02:17:46. How to designate which MIDI CC lanes show up in the key editor?

02:20:23. What are some great editing shortcuts?

02:24:56. How to import files of a faster tempo and have it play back at project tempo?

02:26:23. How to change the default automatic fade type?

02:28:18. Are there further plans for the Steinberg and Audiokinetic Wwise?

02:29:09. How to turn 16th note chords to whole notes?

02:32:51. Is there a way to select all instrument tracks?

02:41:40. Why do I have MIDI timing issues connecting piano via USB to Audient interface?

02:42:38. Does Hermode tuning make sense for guitars?

02:44:35. How to get to a clean slate with plug-ins that don’t have a default preset?

02:47:28. How to prevent parts for score from moving as I make tempo changes earlier in time?

02:49:43. How to import the score from the score editor to Dorico?

02:54:34. How to replace an existing plug-in by drag and dropping a new plug-in?

02:59:50. What are some great EDM features in Cubase?

03:05:35. What is going on here, is this Cubase 11 Pro?

03:05:56. Is the Cubase 11 update worth it?

03:08:16. Is there a preference to not select newly created rendered in place tracks?

03:14:24. Can 8 tracks of drums be recorded with fx and dry with 8 channel interface?

03:18:31. How to send a selected bit of audio out of Cubase without exporting?

03:20:29. Is it possible to do MIDI clock offsets to sync Pioneer Squid sequencer?

03:23:32. Where to find and activate expression maps?

03:29:17. Are some of Steinberg’s legacy instruments available to download?

03:29:59. How does the student purchase program for Cubase 11 work?

03:31:25. How to handle a video file in a Cubase project?

03:35:40. Is it possible to export several events to the same location?

03:37:48. How to anchor group tracks and master fader to right hand side of the mixer?

03:40:53. How to move loop cycle around selected event and play event from start?

03:43:17. Why is my audio recording crackled and have weird interference?

03:47:20. Why are my presets in Retrologue and Flux missing?

03:50:38. How to zoom plus scroll in timeline without affecting play position?

03:54:21. Why can’t I find AudioWarp in Cubase 11?

03:55:33. How to choose the correct marker track when doing cycle marker audio export?

03:58:49. Is there a special promo to update to Cubase Pro 11 in India?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Feb 5 2021

00:06:34. How to work in Ambisonics and 5.1 simultaneously?

00:10:23. How to half or double the tempo of an existing loop in a project?

00:13:24. Are there many tutorials on Steinberg’s YouTube channel in Spanish or French?

00:14:27. What is the status of Cubase on Apple’s M1 processor?

00:15:04. Will Steinberg utilize all metadata in riff broadcast wav file?

00:17:56. Why can’t I see my trim sample function in the sampler track?

00:20:51. How to set the up and down arrows to only navigate between tracks?

00:25:52. Can you discuss the signal flow order of Cubase channels?

00:28:07. How to create a stem in Cubase and have it inserted into audio pool?

00:32:47. Is there a macro to move events with only 1 second of silence between events?

00:43:03. How to insert 2 empty measures in the middle of a song?

00:47:15. How to have different tracks follow different time signatures at the same time?

00:54:36. Is there a plug-in to turn a mono guitar input into a stereo track without duplicating?

00:59:22. How to do a smooth tempo change between 2 scenes gradually?

01:02:16. How to use the control room with a multi output audio interface?

01:06:23. How to find the key of an audio sample and have it fir into project tempo?

01:10:54. How to assign your mod wheel to control the cutoff in the sampler track?

01:14:21. Was there new content added in latest updates to Groove Agent and Retrologue?

01:14:52. Why does my plug-in manager showing use of the MixConvert when not loaded?

01:15:43. Is formant control intended to fix chipmunk are darth fader type effects?

01:19:39. Why has the DeNoiser plug-in disappeared?

01:20:51. How to find the tempo of imported stem files?

01:22:54. Why do I see only a preparing data message when using SpectraLayers?

01:24:42. How to reduce the number of plug-ins that Cubase scans on opening?

01:26:16. Is there a way to get smaller file sizes upon exporting video?

01:27:10. Why can’t I see initial CC value when drawing in CC data with parabola tool?

01:30:49. Is it possible to have up to 5 or 8 MixConsole zones?

01:32:59. How to use range tool in key editor for duplicating MIDI parts?

01:36:05. What can all of the included loops be used for?

01:40:36. Why after normalizing audio do the controls disappear?

01:43:16. How to do multiple fades on multiple MIDI notes?

01:50:09. How to side chain with MIDI triggers?

01:58:35. Is it possible to disable mouse scroll wheel in MixConsole for faders, sends etc?

02:00:21. Should I record vocals in stereo to make them sound wider?

02:01:44. Is it possible to set modifier key to delete notes as opposed to split in key editor?

02:03:40. What is the difference between add group inside folder or outside the folder?

02:06:39. Are there any FM synths with Cubase Elements?

02:09:19. Can you add more inserts by sending track to group and adding inserts there?

02:10:37. What is the signal flow order when adding more inserts to a track with groups?

02:12:23. Is it possible to render an FX track to the project?

02:18:05. Why does my control room preset not get recalled when opening a project?

02:20:26. How to change the root note of chord pad presets?

02:24:33. Can the oscilloscope in Supervision be set to sync to beat?

02:27:57. How to enable left and right locators follow the current range selection?

02:29:13. Are subscription models from competitors increasing Cubase sales?

02:30:12. Does squasher add gain with the default init settings?

02:33:04. Is Cubase 11 compatible with the new M1 Mac?

02:35:45. What is an easy way to do chord repeats?

02:37:26. Does VariAudio work better with hotter audio signals?

02:39:17. What is a good workflow for working with Melodyne on tracks?

02:41:00. How to transpose a bass loop without using transpose track?

02:43:59. Can Cubase automatically match the tempo of a imported loop?

02:45:40. How to create a coin effects where audio sounds changes pitch over time?

02:49:40. Why is the sample trim mode disabled in slice mode?

02:52:01. What Is the best way to import a MIDI drum library?

02:57:22. Does anyone use a control + Z shortcut key?

02:58:19. How to denoise an audio file?

03:03:30. How to create more than 1 MixConsole?

03:04:58. Why can’t I draw in curved automation when sending Groove Agent drums to different outputs?

03:11:13. Can I load a custom impulse into the Reverence plug-in inside of HALion?

03:12:54. Why when normalizing audio does the file go to nothing?

03:17:28. Can the project folder simply be moved to another folder?

03:19:08. Is there an 1176 or LA2A style compressor in Cubase?

03:19:59. How to see the output for an instrument track in the inspector?

03:22:10. How to copy and paste tracks across different projects?

03:23:36. Why does my quantize not line up sometimes when I hit Q?

03:26:06. How to control mixer with MIDI CC?

03:29:14. How to have MIDI CC values in key editor control automation?

03:31:19. How to hide and close all open plug-ins?

03:34:57. How to copy and paste inserts not using the MixConsole?

03:36:31. Why do I have problems getting tempo correct when importing from other DAW?

03:38:19. How can someone get the Zoom get together link?

03:40:49. Is retrospective recording from MIDI able to detect tempo?

03:43:05. How to extract chords from external instrument playing chord samples from 1 note?

03:44:47. How to make mixer show only inputs feeding groups or FX like a spill?

03:47:57. How to change pitch of audio and have speed change like an old sampler?

03:49:20. How to have instrument GUI open when selecting a track?

03:50:59. Can the project logical editor cut audio event start to cursor position?

03:52:02. How to change click to Groove Agent and render click to audio file?

03:57:42. Which is better Cubase 10 or 11?

03:58:01. Will Greg post the Zoom code?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Feb 9  2021

00:07:43. How to change the frequency when drawing in automation with line tool?

00:10:51. How to make events spread out on a track separated by 1 second of time?

00:16:45. Can we create a preset to load a default track preset?

00:19:26. Can the direction of holding shift + command/control while scrolling in project be switched?

00:21:34. How to compose a song step by step?

00:24:02. How to turn a stereo track with audio in only one side into a mono track?

00:25:38. How to fix a recording of drums where kick and snare are not together?

00:34:35. How to set up an aggregate audio device and is it reliable?

00:36:36. How to use Cubase with zoom on a PC?

00:38:49. Is it possible to VST Instruments from one track to another in the VST Mixer?

00:40:48. Can I download the optional downloads for Cubase 11 at any time?

00:42:54. How to fix latency issues in Cubase when tracking vocals? (Easy and fast solution)

00:51:59. Why do I have no sound preview when opening a VST instrument?

00:55:40. What does the sensitivity value in SpectraLayers accomplish?

00:58:52. Can you touch on a few common vocal effects?

01:06:00. Can I generate a vocal score from a mixed track from a supplied backing track?

01:11:10. Can I pitch shift stereo wave files in VariAudio?

01:13:38. Can you apply a groove to an audio drum quantization?

01:14:34. Does VST 3 have a way to crossfade MIDI notes to minimize blurs in strings?

01:18:51. Can the bpm of the project be changed without altering the pitch?

01:21:20. What is he shortcut to move from one measure to the next bar?

01:24:03. Why does Hans Zimmer run Cubase and not Nuendo?

01:25:29. Is there a key command for talkback on and off?

01:26:43. Can you show the collaboration feature in Cubase?

01:31:12. Where can I learn Cubase from?

01:32:35. How to automate the decay of a hi hat in the sampler track?

01:35:53. How to anchor group and stereo out to the right in the MixConsole?

01:39:31. Any tips on getting better sync with external Virus TI synth?

01:40:39. How to copy MixConsole settings from one project to another project?

01:44:04. Who is the singer Andrea in the Beatles or Stones project?

01:45:48. When quantizing with a groove does it affect all tracks?

01:46:07. Is SpectraLayers in Cubase 10 or 11?

01:46:46. Can VariAudio be used with stereo bass loops?

01:52:02. How to separate different instruments and convert to MIDI?

01:55:24. How to resolve contact between project sample rate and audio interface?

01:59:19. Is anchoring MixConsole channels available in Cubase 8?

02:00:02. Can the project logical editor be used to trim the start of an event?

02:01:55. How to use VariAudio in Cubase 8?

02:06:14. Is it possible to change the color of the cursor in the score editor?

02:08:43. How to edit and rearrange the pattern of an audio loop?

02:13:13. How to keep plug-in interface open when clicking in a different part of the program?

02:15:00. Does Cubase 11 crash when exiting out of chord track symbols?

02:16:35. Is it possible to lock pitch of entire project from a MIDI keyboard globally?

02:21:25. Can you anchor channels in the MixConsole permanently?

02:22:14. Does Cubase include a room calibration tool?

02:23:34. Why does adding some tracks add them to the bottom of the project?

02:28:23. How to make drum samples I own a preference in the sampler?

02:33:02. What time does the live stream normally start?

02:34:50. Can MIDI input be used to transpose an entire project in real time?

02:38:50. Is it possible to retain mute status after accidentally muting master fader?

02:43:46. Does a Cubase Pro license run Lesser versions like Cubase LE/AI/Elements?

02:44:26. Why does my Focusrite interface show 0 ms of input and output latency?

02:45:12. What is the difference between save as and save new version?

02:48:37. Can you use a TV as a computer monitor?

02:49:52. Does engaging the listen bus bypass inserts?

02:53:20. How to name regions based on track names?

02:55:25. How to best manage MIDI control of plug-ins in large projects?

02:58:33. How to streamline monitoring setups on tracks for better workflow?

03:00:45. What is the point of pitch detection in the Audio Statistics?

03:04:22. Is there a mono stereo enhance to work with bass tracks?

03:08:14. Can you show the channel strip setup on a track?

03:12:31. Will the track alignment feature make it into Cubase Artist?

03:13:12. Why didn’t my preferences migrate from Cubase 10.5 with my profile?

03:14:22. Can I extract a bass line from chords without learning logical editor?

03:19:28. How to have my sound go to my stereo and monitor out at the same time?

03:21:08. Can you give a quick newbie tutorial on the stock limiter?

03:24:34. How to make a MIDI track multichannel to control several channels in HALion?

03:29:00. Can I automate 2 audio files that are linked?

03:31:45. Any way to avoid loading stereo plug-ins on mono tracks?

03:33:18. What happens if Greg runs out of questions on the live stream?

03:33:57. Is the image plug-in new to Cubase 11?

03:35:14. Are the stock Cubase plug-ins professional?

03:37:29. How to link effect sends panning to channel panner by default?

03:41:44. How to record MIDI CC 11 expression to multiple tracks?

03:44:06. How to increase the range in pitch bend from within Cubase?

03:47:04. How to turn a series of 16th notes into whole notes that fill the entire measure?

03:50:42. What happened to save as new project?

03:51:20. Any way to convert Yamaha .syk files to Cubase?

03:52:55. Does it make sense to save projects to a drive other than the C drive?

03:54:27. What is the difference between pre and post fader inserts?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Feb 12  2021

00:07:11. Can chords be changed indicate intervals between notes?

00:08:47. How to make 3/4, 5/4, and 4/4 measures all the same length?

00:15:28. How to bounce multiple stems within a single project?

00:18:33. Can you give a walkthrough of getting started with the control room?

00:22:40. Does a Cue send come before the control room inserts in signal flow?

00:26:18. How to do a real time transpose of a Cubase project via MIDI?

00:29:36. How to do a quick export to a thumb drive to build sample libraries?

00:31:36. How to set bpm of audio files recorded at 120 that are actually 56 bpm?

00:33:15. What are the best practices in managing large loop and sample libraries?

00:37:35. Will future versions of Cubase have the ability to offer multiple time signatures?

00:39:04. Is there a vocoder or vocal harmonizer that is included with Cubase?

00:43:09. How to convert portamento CC messages to sustain?

00:49:02. How to use VCAs, groups and effects tracks to work together?

00:56:03. Why are higher notes shorter when using my Virus synth?

01:01:05. Is it possible to export an arranger track from one project to another?

01:07:00. Where can I submit questions for th hangout?

01:07:22. How to make harmonies with scale assistant in the key editor?

01:11:10. Is Greg running Cubase 11 in the live stream?

01:11:39. Is there a way to delete overlaps for audio and MIDI via key command?

01:18:14. Why do I have to hit my controller keyboard hard but sound is still very soft?

01:22:53. Will panning source and reverb create a mono reverb type of effect?

01:30:46. Is there a way to see what chords are being played without chord track/pads?

01:34:14. How can I limit the true peak of a file to -1dB?

01:36:36. How can I export marker and tempo tracks into my mixing template?

01:39:13. How do you stream screen capture on your Mac?

01:40:12. How to change velocity of every other note in logical editor for hi hats?

01:46:01. Any updates on Steinberg audio interface driver updates for Big Sur OS?

01:46:49. How to use VCAs and groups to not alter bus and effects processing?

01:48:50. Are these (showed in Hangout) functions available in Cubase Elements 11?

01:49:30. Does Render in Place include automation of bypassing effects?

01:53:05. Does Cubase support dual mono processing of inserts?

01:56:18. What is the fastest way to find a desired groove in Groove Agent?

02:01:26. How to make chord pads spread out over 5 notes for string arrangements?

02:04:32. How to solve CPU overload messages when exporting an audio file?

02:06:12. Can Cubase export loop points to a hardware sampler?

02:08:03. Why does Cubase not import correct bus routing on import tracks from project?

02:11:11. Are there any cool visually interesting meters to be used for a video shoot?

02:14:37. How to copy a plug-in and it’s automation to another track?

02:17:51. Why does double clicking on MIDI file in right zone MediaBay open new project?

02:24:23. Will Steinberg consider beat syncing for SuperVision meters?

02:25:04. Can Cubase detect a tempo from a live drum recording?

02:29:30. Is there a way to see another MIDI track in the editor to use as a reference?

02:32:50. What is the proper process for exporting a song?

02:35:07. Why does my exported file sound different than what I hear in Cubase?

02:36:55. How to easily create independent files from a continuous recording from cassette?

02:40:59. Is Noir a part of the Cubase Pro 11 package?

02:43:47. Is it possible to create folder and group tracks at the same time?

02:45:13. Is it easy to make money selling custom made Groove Agent kits?

02:46:14. Is it possible to reset user created meter colors to default color scheme?

02:49:00. Why does selecting PC sound or Behringer driver send audio to same device?

02:51:10. Will Cubase support continuous playback when adding an insert effect?

02:52:29. Will copying an insert also copy all of the side chain routing?

02:53:58. How to create a video of my Cubase project playing through SuperVision?

02:55:29. How to move all of my samples and content to a new computer easily?

02:57:02. Why does Cubase sound better than other DAWs?

02:59:06. Can SuperVision’s analyzers be fed from different tracks?

03:01:30. What are the differences between the 2 types of MIDI files?

03:08:36. Does Cubase have any MIDI 2.0 functionality?

03:10:47. Do I need to get a new controller to get the most out of MIDI functionality?

03:13:11. Why is there no difference between my PC and audio interface sound?

03:16:18. Should I update my MAudio controller to get more expressive control?

03:19:22. How to configure mapping of a Behringer X-Touch?

03:22:23. Is it best to master a song in WaveLab Pro or Cubase?

03:24:29. How do MIDI phrases work when working with chord progressions?

03:29:44. Any info on the final update to Cubase 10.5?

03:30:32. What is the difference between direct routing and direct routing summing?

03:33:44. What is the intention of the notch vocal presets in Frequency 2?

03:36:23. Can Greg highlight a preference in each hangout?

03:37:22. How to restore volume to default state when volume is accidently moved?

03:39:23. How often should I save my project?

03:40:42. Is there a way to delete all events after a specific event on the timeline?

03:41:55. How to shorten an event by adjusting the start of an event?

03:43:36. Why can I only insert chord and time signatures at start of measure?

03:45:31. How to optimize Cubase screen to work on a 13” laptop screen?

03:46:41. Can aux tracks be setup in audio connections or another way?

03:48:15. Why does playing a video take a lot of CPU and makes a crazy sound?

03:50:40. Is it possible to see name and complexity level of Groove Agent Pattern in project window?

03:56:10. Will any other people from Steinberg participate in a Cubase live stream?

03:57:31. Can Cubase get the chords from an audio file?

03:58:26. Is Frequency 2 included in Cubase Pro 11?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Feb 16  2021

00:06:58. Is it possible to free warp two tracks at the same time?

00:10:23. Why can’t I hear the audio from the host when using VST Connect SE?

00:12:17. How to change the times stretch algorithm in Groove Agent SE?

00:16:14. How to zoom horizontally and vertically on a clip to show all MIDI notes?

00:18:25. Is there a way to delete all plug-ns in a project with one mouse click?

00:23:44. How to mute all parts when muting a part when comping lanes?

00:27:29. What are the benefits of using direct routing vs. send effects?

00:32:03. Is it possible to get rid of metronome bleed on a recorded guitar part?

00:37:57. What is the best bit rate for exporting and MP3 and interleaved or split channels?

00:41:23. Does using snap at zero crossing make using fade ins and outs obsolete?

00:44:52. How to shift an event a ¼ note or ¼ note triplet on the timeline?

00:48:10. How to zoom horizontally using the mouse wheel?

00:49:49. How to see the transport while the MIDI editor is in full screen mode?

00:53:10. Have you experienced noise from the GPU through the speakers?

00:55:25. Why can’t I drag audio from workspace directly into Serato?

00:56:41. Can we expect 3rd party plug-ins for Cubasis for Android?

00:57:38. How to offset samples from VSTs?

00:59:52. Why does my accusonus plug-in crash Cubase?

01:00:45. How to sync my external Behringer Monopoly synthesizer with Cubase?

01:03:41. How to have velocity, CC1, CC7, CC11 show up in MIDI controller lane?

01:06:58. Why should I use the control room?

01:13:25. Why does my delay plug-in sometimes play out of sync when starting in offbeat?

01:15:09. How to record 2 microphones to a stereo track in Cubase?

01:19:09. Is there a way to have a folder track presets?

01:21:49. Can we freeze multiple tracks at the same time?

01:26:04. Are there any scaling issues in Cubase 11 in Windows 10?

01:27:30. How to connect Divisi Mate to Cubase?

01:29:24. Will we ever see plug-in sandboxing in Cubase?

01:30:29. How to pitch bend only one note within a chord with note expression?

01:35:22. Why does cursor jump to start of an event after using the scissors tool?

01:37:31. Why do I have problem with latency when layering kicks to sends and groups?

01:42:45. Is it possible to add custom genres in MP3 metadata within Cubase?

01:45:27. How come I can not delete several tracks in my project?

01:48:06. How to reset all of the channels in the Cubase MixConsole?

01:50:16. Is it possible to show or trigger 3rd party plug-in automation without playing?

01:53:08. How to make all MIDI note move to a single pitch easily?

01:55:43. Does muting lanes in a comped part behave differently if lanes are hidden?

01:57:32. How can I have a score start at bar 1 if bar 1 is a pre-count measure?

02:04:21. Can Greg do an in depth hour long video just on logical editor?

02:05:29. How can I multicolor MIDI notes?

02:09:27. Is it normal to have changes in vocal parts after doing VariAudio edits?

02:17:03. What is the best video codec to use with Cubase?

02:20:00. Why does Cubase stop playing when I click on my UAD interface?

02:21:15. How to separate one MIDI track to different tracks for drums?

02:22:32. Does Cubase work with a display resolution of 1368x 768?

02:24:21. Can you explain how to use the detect silence function?

02:27:51. How to have Cubase not stop recording when selecting another track?

02:30:15. Do recorded tracks sound better in the newer versions of Cubase?

02:33:40. Will Arturia Keylab controller work well with Cubase Elements 11?

02:35:02. How to setup a gated reverb effect?

02:41:43. Can I export the chords from the chord track into other programs?

02:45:09. Can the note expression be snapped to a particular pitch?

02:47:16. Can you show the new scale assistant?

02:51:45. How does the combined selection and range tools work?

02:54:36. How can I become a moderator on the live stream?

02:55:36. Does adding isotope add latency when used in a group?

02:56:10. Why do my HSO articulations sometimes not play correctly?

03:01:57. Can we donate to Greg’s live feeds?

03:03:24. How to do ripple editing in Cubase?

03:07:26. Is updating to Cubase 11 from Cubase 10 the full version?

03:08:32. Why doesn’t the tab key always work for copying events?

03:10:56. How to delete, duplicate and add silence in project window?

03:13:30. Why can’t I remove a Groove Agent SE track from my project?

03:17:24. How to see the copy symbol on parts with the tab key?

03:18:44. How to automate effect sends on particular times on a track?

03:22:54. Is there any way to remove notes out of part boundaries?

03:28:28. How to render a MIDI track to audio to save on processing power?

03:30:00. Are there any LFO functionality without drawing in the editor?

03:33:20. Do channel mixer zones from lower zone carry over to full screen Mixer?

03:35:11. How to undo automation line change?

03:37:23. How to use the al/option to drag parts and make copies?

03:38:18. How to not have groups affect gain structure?

03:39:59. How to reset the channel selection for multiple tracks selected in export audio?

03:42:13. Can I use plug-ins for 60s rock sounds?

03:45:33. How to find the tempo of a beat brought in as an mp3 file?

03:47:43. How to generate a quick printable chord chart with Cubase?

03:50:05. How to heal an audio file that has a click in it after an edit?

03:51:46. Could Cubase organize menu items alphabetically for easier navigation?  Editor not. Try to serach in Cubase Menu Tree INDEX

03:54:12. How to show automation lanes of 3rd party plug-ins without playing them?

03:57:32. How to best align bass recorded direct and through software effects?

03:59:41. Wrap up. Stay safe and healthy!

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Feb 19  2021

00:06:48. How to automate muting on vocal tracks?

00:10:52. How to setup cycle markers and how to zoom in on the cycle markers?

00:15:00. Are Yamaha and Steinberg working on any modeled instruments?

00:17:04. How to do pitch bend on individual notes using note expression?

00:24:50. How to get my old data out of resolve missing files message?

00:26:50. Why does my SSL bus compressor plug-in showing in blocklist?

00:28:33. How to copy current color to other tracks?

00:30:50. How to delete notes outside of the event boundaries?

00:37:51. Will my MR816CSX interface work over USB or a PCI firewire interface?

00:38:34. How to get reverb on my piano from my Yamaha PSRE 463 keyboard?

00:45:05. Will Cubase remove files from the computer when removed from the pool?

00:46:11. Why do I get message that keyboard won’t allow key commands?

00:47:50. Is it possible to see audio output in inspector for instrument tracks?

00:49:38. How to randomly change pitch of stings for more realistic sounding parts?

00:55:45. How to disable the cursor moving to start of audio event dragged to timeline?

00:57:40. Are there any modeled orchestral instruments made by Yamaha or Steinberg?

00:59:18. Is tuning preferred over pitch bend for note expression pitch editing?

01:00:41. How to get all smart controls visible again in VariAudio?

01:03:02. Can you give an overview of LoopMash?

01:11:43. Can you use the note expression to create a legato effect?

01:13:57. Explain how to export mixer tracks from Cubase or HALion?

01:19:15. Does Cubase 11 have something similar to Melodyne included?

01:22:39. What is the difference between not supported and not a valid plug-in in blocklist?

01:23:51. Can you discuss the different pan law settings?

01:28:52. How to merge two mono tracks to a stereo interleaved file?

01:31:07. What video file format is the best to use with Cubase?

01:33:23. Does saving a project save the audio files and waveforms in a project?

01:35:50. How to transfer all of my settings from Cubase on Mac to Windows?

01:37:20. Can you show best uses of touch, auto latch, crossover and trim automation modes?

01:44:05. How to slur and do crescendos on orchestral music samples?

01:48:50. Can you give some resources to a newbie on learning Cubase?

01:50:08. Do I need to purchase a plug-in for $35 for effects for keyboard?

01:51:31. What does Greg use to get his Cubase sound into OBS?

01:53:56. Are there any tools in Cubase to get lightning fast amplitude changes in VSTi?

01:55:05. Is there a way to zoom scroll the timeline without having playback jump?

01:57:28. Why is there a short delay when previewing samples on 3rd party samples?

02:00:17. Are there any questions that the group could answer for Greg?

02:01:54. How big of a leap is it from Cubase 6.5 to version 11?

02:03:49. Does the Roland BK offer more compatible control of Cubase setups?

02:07:19. Can SpectraLayers be used on an individual track or on master?

02:08:07. Can you demonstrate ReWire in Cubase?

02:11:11. Why do I have a message indicating that the keyboard shortcut cannot be used?

02:12:09. What advice would you offer to a user with old and missing equipment?

02:17:09. How to find more patterns in Groove Agent?

02:20:45. Can we add track icons to multiple tracks at the same time?

02:22:44. Did LoopMash get updated in Cubase 11?

02:24:24. Why is the quality of sound bad when warping an 808?

02:27:02. What do you guys prefer Logic Pro or Cubase?

02:27:14. How to make the Cubase interface look bigger on my Mac?

02:29:57. How do I get on the Club Cubase hangout?

02:30:28. When will Cubase be native for M1 processor?

02:34:39. What is the cost of Iconica Opus?

02:35:13. How to get an audio file into the sampler track?

02:36:04. Is the Iconica library included with Cubase?

02:37:10. Can you recover the remote recording function in Cubase?

02:40:08. How to tell the difference in included plug-ins of Cubase Artist and Cubase Pro?

02:42:22. How to get metronome count in clicks to emit sound during playback?

02:46:04. Why does muting the top take of a lane activate another lane?

02:49:25. Is it possible to send audio directly from Cubase to Zoom or Skype?

02:51:14. Wil Steinberg or Yamaha support a USB hardware router?

02:52:09. How to time stretch audio?

02:53:58. How to sync project window and lower zone MIDI editor?

02:55:45. How to setup external synths in audio connections?

02:57:50. Is it possible to edit tracks without disturbing playback in Cubase?

03:00:47. What is the easiest way to clean up unused audio files from pool?

03:03:45. How important is it to use anti-static wrist wrap with computer hardware?

03:05:13. Can you offer some workflow tips for a session with a keyboard player?

03:10:02. Do Zoom or Skype have a way to transmit audio from Cubase?

03:11:41. Are there plans for more Groove Agent patterns?

03:13:10. Is there a link for the Zoom get together?

03:13:28. Can you do a walkthrough of MultiTap delay on vocals?

03:21:41. Can you talk about the Beat Designer MIDI plug-in?

03:27:18. How to do screen arrangements like Ableton dual screens?

03:29:10. Is there a scaling function in Cubase like Ableton?

03:29:41. Can we use the erase tool to erase selected notes?

03:30:50. Is there an index for all of the Club Cubase live streams?

03:31:45. Is it possible to setup a monitor out to incorporate a sub in control room?

03:35:50. How to keep MIDI CCs in controller lane after deleting notes?

03:38:09. How to copy several MIDI notes and keep the same distance between them?

03:39:51. Is it possible to name arranger track events from cycle markers?

03:40:41. How to manage scaled resolutions in hidpi mode on Cubase for Windows?

03:42:35. How to change notes in chord track to different chord voicings?

03:46:50. Why did I get a message that tracks are not in sync when coming drum tracks?

03:50:07. How to do global tempo warping for audio and MIDI in project?

03:53:03. Can I get chord pads with different voicings on same chord without adaptive voicing?

03:55:43. Is it possible to show channel EQ as knobs as opposed to sliders?

03:56:53. What is best practice for rendering or flattening tracks for use in VariAudio?

03:57:56. Is there a way to do VariAudio on a single phrase as opposed to the whole audio file?

03:59:16. Are VariAudio edits destructive?

03:59:37. Is it best to do warping before or after VariAudio pitch editing?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Feb 23  2021

00:05:58. How to setup a single button click to open and close MIDI editor?

00:08:12. How to zoom vertically and horizontally at the same time?

00:10:09. How to easily access markers beyond the 7th via key command?

00:13:19. How to insert 1 second of silence between events without moving other event?

00:16:53. Can I use 3rd party VST instruments for note expression tuning editing?

00:18:04. Can you discuss how tracks are named when doing multiple recordings on track?

00:23:33. How to assign MIDI control on the instrument rack?

00:26:16. Will Yamaha collaborate with Rupert neve Designs on other plug-ins?

00:28:18. How to colorize many tracks on the left at once?

00:31:30. Is there a problem rendering in place with Battery 4?

00:34:12. How to change pool and record folders in a project created from another?

00:36:16. Why did my custom meters get reset with update?

00:38:09. How to keep the inversions on the chord keys?

00:41:10. How to deal with a message saying that VariAudio edits may be lost?

00:44:12. Is there an SDK available for MIDI plug-ins?

00:45:08. How to use the chord track with transposing changes in the middle of a song?

00:48:06. How to setup my Yamaha MODX as an external instrument in Cubase?

00:51:01. Does the chord editing in Cubase follow the key editor scale assistant?

00:52:57. What are the naming conventions of files during cycle record?

00:58:21. What is the piano octave indicator in pattern bank presets for?

01:03:53. What is the difference between an instrument track and an instrument rack?

01:11:07. How to have Cubase render a track so that I can drag and drop into Serato?

01:14:16. Is there a simple command to have the same time display in project and editor?

01:17:54. Why in Cubase Pro 11 do muted parts turn white instead of grey?

01:20:50. Is there a way to automatically increment colors on multiple tracks in project?

01:22:32. When opening export audio via key command does it affect defined cycle range?

01:26:09. How to print a mix back into Cubase without rerecording into audio interface?

01:30:02. Why can’t I get my samples to preview audio?

01:32:59. Why don’t all chord pad keys show when loading a new preset?

01:36:35. Will there be more logical editor presets included in future versions?

01:37:14. How to disable snap to pitch in VariAudio?

01:38:26. Are there logical editor presets for creating guitar strum patterns?

01:41:35. Why does adding a sampler track resize my full screen project window?

01:44:49. Why can’t I hear any sound with MediaBay?

01:47:10. How to easily auto increment inputs on 16 track drum recording?

01:50:21. How to take a MIDI chord progression and extract chords to chord track?

01:52:42. Is Greg working on a laptop?

01:53:12. Why is the project record folder truncated at 62.5 characters?

01:56:04. Can Cubase be used to make trap or house music?

01:59:10. Can Beat designer patterns be triggered from a real keyboard?

02:02:08. Is there a quick way to unsolo all tracks in a project?

02:04:00. Do I save factory instrument presets with the instrument or the sample?

02:06:29. How to copy all effects from one track and offline process to another track?

02:11:08. Why does the jog function on CC121 advance by 3 frames instead of 1?

02:15:15. How to usually add a reverb or delay and reverse it?

02:22:10. How to smooth out a tempo track?

02:25:47. How to switch tempo from jump to ramp?

02:28:06. How to work with the graduation of a scale when editing sth?

02:29:03. Can I use FL Studio SoundGoodizer plug-in in Cubase?

02:29:32. Can Cubase detect the metronome speed of an audio file?

02:30:55. Can a rendered track be drag and drop to MediaBay or do I need to export it?

02:33:59. How can I change names of files after recording them?

02:35:19. Is there a SoundGoodizer equivalent plug-in in Cubase?

02:36:52. How not to lose plug-in collections when updating versions?

02:39:06. Is there a way to audition samples if you are not using Cubase Pro level?

02:40:10. Is there a way to export the chord track to another project?

02:42:44. How to configure my MIDI controller to work with Cubase?

02:45:40. What is the preference to keep MIDI notes playing when outside of range?

02:48:51. How to use a MIDI track to trigger a sidechain compressor input?

02:55:05. Do I need to keep previous versions of Cubase installed?

02:56:48. How to edit the tempo list?

03:00:12. How to combine stems like strings, brass in export audio mixdown?

03:03:51. Can Cubase take advantage of multiple audio interfaces simultaneously?

03:05:44. Can a macro be created to add a specific instrument?

03:07:24. When to expect native Apple M1 support?

03:10:48. Why can I not change colors on some tracks from project window but can on mixer?

03:12:39. Are there settings in Cubase so vertical monitor shows all Cubase menus?

03:14:23. In what program do you work?

03:15:13. Is there a way to change the VU dB value in the mixer?

03:16:23. How to randomize Midi velocity?

03:20:58. Can you demonstrate the 3 layers of the score editor?

03:24:02. Is tempo detection available in the Cubase Artist?

03:24:59. Why is the MIDI activity meter on the transport continually bouncing?

03:27:24. Is there a way to delete only muted parts on a track?

03:30:41. Is there a way to record enable/disable tracks to quickly track background vocals?

03:33:40. How to make the master track more mono in low end frequencies?

03:37:15. How can I make an old audio file recording sync to tempo?

03:41:28. Why don’t my meter appearances change in Nuendo 11?

03:44:12. Is there any way to see what region a direct offline process has affected?

03:49:49. Are there any issues with Cubase and the latest UAD software?

03:50:40. Is there a matching EQ and dynamics plug-in with Cubase?

03:54:16. How to render a vocal after slicing it up and other edits?

03:55:15. What does SE3 stand for?

03:57:02. Can you change the tempo of an audio file by dragging its edges?

03:59:00. Is there a way to remove horizontal automation line on project window?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Feb 26  2021

00:06:27. How to best add effects on dialog tracks in surround?

00:11:37. Is there a keyboard shortcut to turn off all insert effects?

00:15:05. How to deal with mono and mono/stereo plug-ins on mono tracks?

00:19:29. Should vocals files be exported as mono or stereo files?

00:19:37. How to render effect return channels when exporting stems?

00:22:09. Can Greg recommend a good vocal mic to work with a Steinberg UR 22?

00:24:40. Do people use analytic tools in WaveLab as part of the mixing process?

00:30:37. How to sidechain a bell sound from a piano using Frequency 2+?

00:35:02. Can the Yamaha Motif ES 8 be used as a transport control for Cubase?

00:37:12. Why when recording in mono in Cubase is audio mostly in left side?

00:38:56. Is it possible to permanently change the export folder in Cubase 11?

00:40:29. How to turn off all inserts on a selected track?

00:43:31. How to get Reverence to work in Cubase 11?

00:44:43. Will Cubase ever get pre fader metering?

00:47:33. Will the sample track ever get undo functionality?

00:48:16. How to save custom sampler tracks and where are they stored?

00:50:35. Can you change the effects in the built in channel strip?

00:52:02. Can you show us some of your logical editor presets?

00:57:59. Are there any taiko drums that come with Cubase?

01:03:03. Will any 5 pin DIN cable work for MIDI on the UR22?

01:05:02. Can you recommend a USB C type hub for Mac?

01:07:05. How to delete double notes in MIDI part when delete doubles does not work?

01:12:44. How to get the snap point visible in the sample editor?

01:15:51. How to remove the harmony note from the HALion Sonic tubular bell preset?

01:18:48. Why do MIDI notes get stacked underneath each other?

01:21:35. How would I adjust the pitch on a vocal track?

01:25:31. How to better zoom and navigate around the project window?

01:28:21. How to turn my beatbox drum parts done part by part into MIDI?

01:31:37. How to prevent an audio dropout when adding effects during a mix?

01:32:42. What are some unique features to Cubase not found in other DAWs?

01:34:53. How to delete all unused vocal takes with one click?

01:38:43. How do the Steinberg clippers work?

01:42:06. Can you show how to get started with LoopMash?

01:46:01. How to sidechain a reverb on a vocal track?

01:49:47. Can I record MIDI from Groove Agent by hitting the Groove Agent pads?

01:53:37. Do I need to do a bounce audio to export ARA 2 processes like Melodyne?

01:54:46. How to overcome latency issues on my system?

01:58:26. Wrap up and transition to Zoom meetup.

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

March 2  2021

00:05:39. Can the ARA icon in upper right hand corner of event be placed in other location?

00:06:52. Is it better to increase or decrease volume on channel or group?

00:10:40. Why does Cubase 11 ask for screen recording permission on MacOS?

00:13:05. How to do plug-in automation within direct offline processing for pitch changes?

00:15:27. Why do some MIDI parts not create a grid line when dragging to quantize panel?

00:19:39. Do you have any idea how many active Cubase users there are?

00:20:45. Why does VariAudio miss detection on 00some notes on a trombone part?

00:23:34. Is there any harm done recording mono vocals to one side on a stereo track?

00:26:15. How to create an FX group bus and route tracks to it?

00:29:29. How to unpaste or separate lanes that were merged together??

00:34:30. Is it possible to have a delay effect move around in a surround sound mix?

00:39:46. How to purchase a Cubase Elements to Pro upgrade without a credit card?

00:41:23. Is it possible to enter a program change in the part without using list editor?

00:44:18. Why does using render in place with a 10.5 project in 11 sometimes cause a crash?

00:45:23. Why does a plug-in still cause latency when it is bypassed?

00:47:12. Any key command preset to cycle between channel width when adding tracks?

00:49:43. How to remove soft elicenser messages when starting Cubase 10.5?

00:50:24. Is it possible to pitch bend in VariAudio?

00:53:16. Can we do more Zoom Sessions?

00:54:56. Can you automate 3rd party plug-ins in Direct Offline Processing?

00:58:23. How to synchronize two different tempo patterns?

01:03:21. Can the quantize values be independent for project window and key editor?

01:05:31. How to turn a whole note into 8 1/8th notes?

01:08:20. How to move audio file to new project folder when copying parts from other project?

01:11:22. Will Greg be able to fly to LA in April?

01:12:43. How to duplicate MIDI with equidistant spacings?

01:15:33. Why does key editor show a different pitch other than what it shows?

01:10:18. Why does hitting control + Z sometimes make all of my tracks very small in height?

01:21:21. Why can’t I export to a desired destination folder?

01:23:11. How can I create an effect channel group so multiple tracks can share same effect?

01:25:03. If I update from Cubase 6.5 to Cubase 11 can uninstall Cubase 6.5?

01:26:46. Can the logical editor hangout be mostly emailed questions?

01:28:14. Is it possible to increase number of visibility agents with the project logical editor?

01:32:14. Is it possible to mute left or right channel on UR22C when recording in mono?

01:36:01. How to get the chord display to show up in the key editor in full screen?

01:39:20. If I record multiple tracks in cycle can I easily switch multiple tracks to different takes?

01:43:37. How can I join Cubase?

01:44:07. Is it possible to have a negative delay for an external effects return?

01:47:08. How to add multiple tracks to a group?

01:49:07. Why don’t I have my Arpache presets from 10.5 in 11?

01:51:25. What is a good inexpensive audio interface that comes with Cubase?

01:53:14. How to resample in Cubase?

01:57:15. How to connect my Roland DS88 into Cubase?

02:02:23. Why can’t I see any of my Native Instruments plug-ins in Cubase?

02:04:23. Can you put a link on updating latest UR 22 firmware for Cubase 10.5 and 11

02:08:12. Can you recommend an external hard drive for Cubase?

02:09:22. How to move Cubase sample content to my D or E drive?

02:13:08. Why do my main outputs connect on each new project when I use the control room?

02:14:40. Is an external SSD or 7200 RPM drive better for working with samples in Cubase?

02:15:09. Can we count all selected MIDI events from on a track in Cubase?

02:20:27. How to incrementally add inputs on multiple audio tracks?

02:24:30. Will I need a power supply for an external USB drive?

02:25:15. How do I change the meter colors?

02:27:47. How to get UVI workstation to work in Cubase?

02:29:21. Why does my project window even when saved in a workspace go to wrong screen?

02:32:13. How to get my TD 17 drum brain to record right in MIDI grid in Cubase?

02:35:48. Why don’t my hi hat and other drums match up with the hi hat?

02:37:47. How to setup punch in and out?

02:40:55. How to best colorize my tracks?

02:42:56. What meter type are most people using?

02:43:50. What aren’t my color options consistent from project to project?

02:45:32. Why can’t I remove from list in the hub in Cubase 11?

02:46:22. How to disable bottom editor and have double click open in separate window?

02:47:51. Can you drag your own MIDI files into Beat Designer?

02:52:11. How to change time signatures in MIDI loops?

02:57:40. How to route an audio channel to effect sends only?

03:01:01. Why is my electronic drum kit playing the wrong MIDI notes?

03:04:13. How to get my metronome louder for easier tracking?

03:06:44. How to back up all of my Cubase 11 track presets that I have created?

03:08:38. Where does Cubase store user track presets?

03:11:27. Can you show the meter color selection in Cubase Pro 11?

03:12:51. Can you discuss track presets in detail?

03:19:50. Are motif sounds included within Cubase?

03:21:35. Can we hear the pianos in The Grand?

03:28:57. Is there a way to see which tracks are using lots of CPU in a large project?

03:31:16. Will SpectraLayers remove a whistle sound in a recording?

03:33:58. How to reset controllers set for Mackie, quick and generic remote control?

03:37:16. How to easily copy and paste something on beat such as a kick drum?

03:39:53. Why when using VST Connect I keep getting no cue channel available message?

03:42:46. How in Groove agent to get rim shot and snare on acoustic agent to different outs?

03:46:36. Is there a key command to deactivate all insert plug-ins?

03:51:14. How to navigate to markers beyond number 9 easily via key command?

03:54:51. How to do a mouse wheel click to navigate project with a trackpad?

03:57:14. How to make projects more compatible with earlier Cubase versions?

03:58:55. How to change the display of an event to be transparent?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

March 5  2021

00:06:24. Will the new Steinberg licensing scheme move towards a subscription model?

00:08:47. Is there a way to easily replace a sound in Cubase?

00:11:37. Are the Steinberg CMC controllers compatible with Nuendo 11?

00:12:43. Can Cubase work on an ipad or strictly PC or Mac??

00:14:38. What version of Cubase being used?

00:15:01. Will Steinberg move to a monthly subscription model?

00:15:42. How to proportionally turn up and down all automation on tracks?

00:21:58. Will we still be able to use an elicenser with the upcoming licensing system?

00:23:04. How to load MIDI chords from other sources in Cubase LE 9?

00:26:39. Does the EQ pre gain come before the inserts?

00:28:23. Is there an easy way to color multiple tracks at once?

00:31:22. How important is keeping the Loudness Meter under the red?

00:35:51. Is there a new maintenance version coming out?

00:37:38. When should I use auto black for gathering?

00:39:26. Where can I purchase Cubasis?

00:39:56. Why do the panners on the screen look different?

00:42:36. What happens when my dongle becomes obsolete?

00:43:55. Can I import multiple .vital files in MediaBay?

00:45:56. Why can’t Cubase find my VST3 plug-ins after reinstalling on fresh Windows?

00:48:03. Why when I create a new project does Cubase automatically assign main outs in outputs? when using control room?

00:50:53. Why does auditioning chord pads preview sound last until I hit play?

00:54:58. What is a software to use for Akai Play Mini?

00:55:47. What are the .csh files in Cubase?

00:56:28. Do you have to wait for USB elicenser when upgrading from Elements to Pro?

00:57:20. How to solo multiple tracks with one click?

00:58:24. How to record all MIDI parts into one track?

01:00:40. How to grt negative measures in the timeline?

01:01:53. Can Cubase have audio follow the key of the project?

01:03:45. Does exported audio have a different quality than audio playback in Cubase?

01:07:07. What is the key command to duplicate MIDI notes within the drum grid?

01:10:05. What is the best version of Cubasis to get?

01:11:10. Can you transfer Cubasis files vis Bluetooth or icloud?

01:11:33. Does Cubase do polyphonic chord detection from audio and chord tracks?

01:12:02. Did we decide to have 2 Zoom session a month?

01:13:29. How does Groove Agent comes in here?

01:14:01. Does Cubase still work if I disconnect the drive with content from the computer?

01:14:46. Do I lose the right to use Cubase 10 when updating to Cubase 11?

01:15:51. Does the pre section LC and HC filters come before the inserts?

01:20:06. How loud should I go when compressing kick and bass?

01:21:10. How to record multiple instrument tracks with MIDI into one track?

01:24:01. Is there a difference using a preamp plug-in on input as opposed to insert?

01:25:18. Is there a way to set C3 as C4 in Cubase?

01:29:08. How to link a vocal track to follow the chord track?

01:30:42. Does clicking on the chord in chord track hold chord indefinitely?

01:33:47. How to get outputs to be set on outputs and control room at the same time?

01:35:28. Why can’t I zoom the waveforms with greater detail?

01:38:35. Why do all of my tracks seem to only pan to the left channel?

01:40:34. How to swap the left and right channels before exporting? (editor note mixdown)

01:42:58. How to set the play back speed to something other than ½ or ¼ speed?

01:47:02. Why is automation different recording from MIDI controller vs. moving knobs in VSTi?

01:50:00. How do I fix audio interruptions when adding plug-ins on the master bus?

01:51:04. Why is the headphone mix for artist in mono?

01:53:06. Why do I have to reset audio connections after removing my Zoom H5n interface?

01:54:50. How to have more detail when drawing in MIDI CC data?

02:01:46. How to raise the volume on VSTi MIDI tracks?

02:03:16. Is there somewhere to download more FX chain presets?

02:04:09. Has the score editor been updated since SX 3?

02:11:12. How to have my loops follow the project tempo?

02:13:41. Why is my SpectraLayers one download show as SpectraLayers Pro?

02:14:54. Does ARA 2 editing lock out other edits such as splitting events?

02:20:26. How to get my MIDI controller to stop controlling quick controls?

02:22:50. IS this Live Stream done on YouTube and Facebook live?

02:23:56. How to get my license from a broken USB elicenser?

02:26:21. Can you draw pitch bend style edits in VariAudio?

02:29:47. Why do notes seem to drop out when using HALion instruments?

02:35:07. Where are the questions Greg answering coming from?

02:35:43. Do you need a USB elicenser to run a temporary license?

02:36:13. How to save a preset of Groove Agent mapped to multiple outputs?

02:43:31. If I purchase a new version of Cubase will it works with my other plug-ins?

02:44:38. Why do I get coarse resolution when drawing in MIDI CC with a pen?

02:47:19. Why do I lose ability to preview in MediaBay with control room?

02:48:24. How to reduce CPU bursts in a project?

02:49:43. What is the correct email address to contact support in the US about lost license?

02:51:28. How to set the project tempo from the tempo of a drum loop?

02:53:33. When recording audio from interface outs to in will control room effects be included?

02:56:37. The volume in the program is set too high, how to reduce volume on all tracks?

02:58:24. Does Cubase handle MPE?

03:03:43. How to avoid recording unwanted pitch bend data?

03:07:29. Is there a macro to copy MIDI notes up or down one octave?

03:10:47. Is this the hangout or does it happen on Google Meet?

03:11:21. Can Cubase create a subfolder for .csh and .bak files?

03:12:04. Can you show the process bars dialog bar in the signature track? (editor note not compled)

03:15:31. Will I get a new dongle when I purchase Cubase 11 Pro?

03:16:46. Is it possible to have real tracking, editing, and mixing in demos?

03:18:57. Is there a way to hide MIDI CC data in MIDI parts on the project window?

03:21:09. Is it possible to change the pitch of harmonies created from VariAudio?

03:25:15. Can there be more than 62.5 characters in the pool record folder shown?

03:26:42. Why do I get a message in VariAudio that changes may be invalidated?

03:29:46. Is Greg running the stock version of Cubase Pro 11?`

03:31:41. Is there a difference between Mac and PC in Cubase actions?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

March 10  2021

00:08:00. If I move projects to an external drive does it have to be 7200 RPM?

00:09:02. How to add surround panners to the Mixer in Cubase?

00:11:27. Can you go over using the sample editor a little bit?

00:13:45. How to analyze take while comping a track?

00:17:13. Why does opening a comped track in the lower zone give different times?

00:18:39. What the heck are we watching?

00:19:13. Is there a proper order of doing warping or pitch shifting first?

00:20:59. How to extract the MIDI data from Groove Agent pattern into your project?

00:24:07. Is there a preference to move the range of a MIDI clip?

00:27:32. Is it possible to run one interface to 2 computers with a USB hub?

00:29:02. Does SuperVision have a VU meter?

00:30:19. How to process a reverb on a file using drag and drop?

00:34:46. How to get the talkback from the performer in VST Connect?

00:38:13. How to install and activate the TGuitar plug-in for HALion?

00:42:02. Any way to flatten the SpectraLayers extension without bounce or render in place?

00:45:48. Do Waves plug-ins work well with Cubase 11?

00:47:07. What is the record in editor function do?

00:50:16. Does Greg have suggestions to find unique keyboard shortcuts for custom functions?

00:53:07. How to add a stereo effect on a mono track?

00:55:38. Is there an easy way to add 300 groove presets?

00:58:52. Will there be a Zoom Meetup on Saturday March 13th 2021?

01:00:03. What is the easiest way to insert empty time in a project and shift other events later?

01:02:21. How to enlarge the size of a MIDI part from within the key editor?

01:06:07. Can the 3 separate MixConsoles each have different visibility configurations?

01:08:04. Can multiple MIDI parts be merged down to a single part for simplified editing?

01:17:30. Will Steinberg implement a range tool in key editor?

01:18:25. Can Cubase automatically have audio files follow the key of the project?

01:19:33. Can you discuss how track versions, visibility, disabling tracks, interact with ARA?

01:27:02. Is there a way to export a MIDI file with multiple tempo changes?

01:32:04. Why does my MIDI file export a tempo node on every beat?

01:32:52. How to do a reverse cymbal crash or effect?

01:38:07. Is there a way to hear Cubase audio output in Zoom?

01:39:59. Does HALion Sonic by default have quick controls mapped?

01:42:35. What is the status of the transition to the new licensing system?

01:43:54. Is there a way to set instruments or plug-ins to default settings?

01:47:11. Can you share anything about the USB key replacement?

01:48:19. Is there a worthwhile update to Cubase Pro 11 yet?

01:49:48. Will the Cubase audio engine be supporting the Apple M1 processor soon?

01:52:25. How to set the monitoring to work like a tape machine?

01:53:27. Why does panning disappear after deleting tracks VCA fader?

01:56:14. Will there be a multitrack free warp feature on the project window?

01:56:48. How to save custom Groove Agent 5 kit to recall with project?

02:01:35. Why can’t I use Chrome to view the live stream?

02:02:54. Does the buffer size affect the MIDI clock sync to external synths?

02:03:52. How to center windows that might not be accessible when running in hidpi?

02:05:23. Can each MixConsole instance have its own independent visibility presets?

02:06:07. How to clean up a muffled sounding MP3 file?

02:11:13. What is the best approach to using direct offline processing?

02:16:31. How to easily switch between speakers and headphones on hp laptop?

02:19:31. What is ARA?

02:21:13. Are there any plans for Linux support in Cubase?

02:22:53. What recommendations do you have for headphones for my UR 22?

02:24:46. What are the differences between bounce render and export audio?

02:32:12. Where does he get the questions from for the hangout?

02:32:39. What is the function of the punch in button?

02:34:56. Do the VST amps use oversampling?

02:37:10. How to drag a VSTi between existing tracks?

02:40:35. How to use SuperVision meters like multicorrelation?

02:46:08. Can the Cubase EQs follow the MIDI notes to optimize frequencies?

02:48:01. What is the bass sound that is being used?

02:50:39. When will the M1 Cubase version come out?

02:51:58. How to enable the loopback function on my UR 44?

02:56:01. How to close the SpectraLayers Extension once ARA editing is done? - Edior keyword: close  extension, quit extension, close melodyne, close spectralayers

02:57:33. What MIDI controllers can you recommend for working with Cubase?

02:59:33. Why is the MIDI activity indicator constantly flickering?

03:00:21. What was the string library that Greg was using earlier on the classical piece?

03:03:40. Is the bass instrument available to use in HALion Sonic SE?

03:05:15. What is the latest way to record the output of a MIDI track to an audio track?

03:07:56. Can we get more MP3 tag fields when exporting files?

03:08:31. Is there a record to layers function?

03:12:55. Can you discuss the different audio algorithms?

03:17:05. Should I install programs on C drive and projects on secondary drive?

03:19:35. Can the HALion mixer be exported directly to Cubase like Groove Agent?

03:21:57. How did the name Cubase get picked originally?

03:23:50. What are the main differences between HALion Sonic 3 and HALion 6?

03:28:23. How to filter out unwanted MIDI notes triggered during a recording?

03:31:07. Is there a way to backup or advance slowly with a scrub wheel type function?

03:34:23. How to filter unwanted MIDI notes from MIDI guitar app?

03:35:25. How come I need to buy Cubase in GH before I can use it without FL?

03:35:50. What is the best way to add a pause or insert a fermata?

03:39:24. How to apply the feel of a MIDI bass to an audio bass part?

03:41:18. How to establish better monitoring during a VST Connect session?

03:42:35. Can someone with Cubase Elements 11 use VST Connect Performer?

03:43:05. Does Cubase run plug-ins off of nvidia video card causing crashes?

03:44:53. Can Cubase setup to do complex arpeggiations like a Yamaha Motif?

03:49:47. Can folder tracks be routed to groups easily?

03:50:59. Can you show the process bars function of the signature track?

03:54:24. How to match horizontal and vertical scrolling speed in Cubase?

03:56:48. Why is audio event trimmed when resizing from bottom right corner?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

March 12  2021

00:08:07. Can you suggest tip for maximum loudness without distortion for the mix?

00:13:52. Has there been an update to Cubase 10.5 recently?

00:16:14. Is there a way to have an initial modulation and expression value on MIDI tracks?

00:20:08. How to get a delay to feed into a reverb?

00:23:43. Is there a way to extend the tail of an audio file in direct offline processing?

00:26:19. How are you my Cubase 11 Elements Mac not loaded songs?

00:27:11. What happens when remove all used media to unused comped takes?

00:32:02. Why does Cubase 11 sampler track crash with 3rd party plug-ins are being used?

00:33:58. How to merge multiple MIDI tracks to one file for easier editing?

00:39:17. Can the same Cubase license be installed on PC and Mac?

00:41:46. What does the control room do?

00:47:26. Are there new releases for PadShop and Retrologue royalty free to use?

00:49:07. How to select all event on tracks with one click?

00:51:00. Is Cubase 5 artist capable of getting chords from an audio track?

00:51:37. How to adjust scroll sensitivity in Cubase?

00:54:00. How to revert an audio track after using bounce and replace selection?

00:59:49. How to change default windows port to not be wavetable GS synth?

01:01:29. How to create stems with the full signal path applied to files?

01:05:10. What is the best way to remove all unused takes from a project?

01:09:39. Is it possible to edit multiple CC across multiple tracks?

01:11:46. Can you give a proper example of how to do routing to buses?

01:16:13. How did you turn on the current chord display in the key editor?

01:18:32. Can MIDI notes be recorded to one track with different colors?

01:21:10. Can each lane in a comped recording be a different color?

01:25:56. Is there a way to record the scrubbing of an audio file as audio into Cubase?

01:30:58. How to delete my quick control setups in Cubase 11?

01:32:01. How to separate all notes to different MIDI tracks?

01:33:24. What Cubase version allows chords to be extracted from an audio file?

01:34:40. Which is best for Cubase Windows or Mac?

01:35:44. How to keep multiple racks open in the MixConsole?

01:38:29. Is there a Cubase self clean function to get rid of unused files?

01:39:05. What are some strategies for keeping a studio PC quiet?

01:40:33. Does Cubasis have a file cloud sharing option to open Cubasis projects?

01:42:32. How to do a MIDI recording that mutes the previous take?

01:50:12. How to include automation when copying a MIDI clip?

01:54:19. How to trigger different parts of an arranger or marker track from a MIDI message?

01:58:49. Can you discuss the different snap types in Cubase?

02:02:33. How have snap to zero crossings cut at 0 crossing on left and right channels?

02:06:53. How to quantize to a lazy behind the beat feel?

02:09:37. Can I send an audio with inserts to a different destination without inserts?

02:12:39. Is there something that could trigger MIDI from an audio file?

02:16:02. Are the collapsed MIDI lanes connected to the same instrument?

02:16:27. This live stream came up in my notifications, what is it?

02:18:58. How to setup a multi out setup with Kontakt Studio Drummer?

02:21:25. Why did my loop positions change after changing tempo?

02:25:30. Are the project folders the same for Mac and PC?

02:26:15. How to play along with a music video in Cubase with 1 bar count in?

02:29:01. What does the prepare archive function actually do?

02:31:17. What is an email address to contact Greg?

02:31:38. What presets in Cubase do I use to get the volume of the sound for each instrument?

02:34:26. Does Cubase offer an auto monitoring solution?

02:36:37. How can I connect my Yamaha PSRX900 keyboard to Cubase?

02:39:01. Does Nuendo have any symphony focused convolution IRs not found in Cubase?

02:42:13. Is it possible to save the chord progressions assistants tool?

02:44:36. Will SpectraLayers Pro get CC121 support?

02:45:19. How to get Presonus IO Station 24C to work with MIDI learn function?

02:47:43. Dynamic EQ please?

02:51:22. Is there a way to get some markers at 32 beats?

02:52:57. How to get the grid to line up with the tempo of audio from video with intro?

02:59:19. What distortion plug-in would you recommend for a power chord sound?

03:02:27. Can you give a quick walkthrough of SuperVision?

03:08:42. Why are my arm track and freeze buttons on a track not available to push?

03:10:53. Can you just compress a frequency without engaging the EQ in Frequency 2?

03:12:09. Why can’t I hear edits in VariAudio even when acoustic feedback is enabled?

03:14:03. Can I save the chord assistant tool to recall different chord progressions?

03:14:55. Can the chord track show chords in Roman numeral values, I, IV, V etc.?

03:15:54. When is the next Zoom get together?

03:17:53. Can you do tempo detection from a video file or from only an audio file?

03:16:54. How to import an IR wav file into Reverence convolution reverb?

03:21:13. What can cause sound to skip when using my UR 242?

03:23:57. Why doesn’t mute pre send when mute button is unticked doesn’t work?

03:29:09. How to setup dynamics in score editor to affect MIDI playback?

03:39:18. How to consolidate multi rests in the score editor?

03:41:13. How to approach mixing when starting with Cubase from composing and arranging?

03:45:32. Will Steinberg ever fix the focus issue in Windows 10?

03:46:30. Is the CC121 discontinued and if so, is it being replaced?

03:47:39. Is it possible to easily open a particular effect plug-in via a MIDI message?

03:49:48. How to best collaborate on evolving projects with others after arrangement changes?

03:51:53. Will the color in the expression map be carried over to the MIDI editor?

03:54:12. Why do my saved presets sometimes not show up in MediaBay?

03:56:42. Why is the CC121 so hard to find?

03:57:33. Is there a control room CC to control the control room level?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

March 16  2021

00:06:02. Is there an alternative way to do audio alignment in Cubase Artist 11?

00:07:15. How to move my large sample libraries from HALion to another drive?

00:09:14. Any tips on getting better results with amp simulators?

00:14:09. How to convert a stereo wav file to 2 mono tracks easily?

00:16:16. What software comes bundled with UR22 and is it available when selling UR22?

00:19:08. Does a pre fader send include inserts on the channel?

00:22:44. Will Greg answer questions in the chat?

00:23:26. How to add date created and modified as default fields for FX chain presets?

00:30:13. How to make marker lines visible through the whole project in Cubase 10?

00:32:17. Why is the audio crossfade function greyed out?

00:35:02. How to bounce an audio event that has been sliced into separate files?

00:38:51. How to control grabbing from left or right side when copying audio events?

00:42:05. Why is Boss Looper recording backing track and vocal when recording vocal?

00:46:10. Can I have an encoder on Maschine control scrubbing in Cubase?

00:52:55. How do I deliver complete stems for my project to someone not using Cubase?

00:58:34. How to put a series of tracks together as one track?

01:03:04. What is the RevX and Yamaha plate?

01:04:34. How can I have sequences and patterns to generate parts and follow the chord track?

01:07:19. Why don’t colors for expression map carry over to key editor?

01:08:09. How to load a SpectraLayers .slp file into Cubase?

01:11:23. Can someone help me with Cubase 11?

01:12:33. Is there a lot of overlap between Cubase 10.5 and WaveLab?

01:15:03. Does Steinberg have an organized location to submit feature requests?

01:17:31. Does Steinberg have a CC121 controller replacement in the pipeline?

01:19:04. Is there any way to setup a reset to beginning besides the L button?

01:21:04. How to render individual notes from Groove Agent to individual tracks?

01:27:09. Is there a Zoom session today after the hangout?

01:29:03. How to assign buttons on Presonus IO Station 24C to open edit channel settings?

01:32:45. Have people checked out the Apollo library for PadShop from Dom?

01:35:20. How to adjust panning on a stereo drum sample panned hard to one side?

01:41:32. Why is there sometimes a double sound echo when recording with my UR22?

01:43:25. Is there a huge difference going to 11 from 10.5?

01:47:03. How to colorize the whole fader in the MixConsole?

01:48:26. Is there a refreshed CC 121 on the way?

01:49:15. Does Greg have anything new that he is working on?

01:52:41. Do people generally disable instrument tracks when creating large templates?

01:57:46. How did you set your transport control to show additional parameters?

01:59:03. Does Nuendo use SpectraLayers internally?

01:59:41. Can chord pad play Sequel MIDI file in play mode patterns?

02:03:12. Is there a VariSpeed mode like Logic?

02:05:22. How to setup Groove percentages when programming beats in Groove Agent?

02:10:32. How soon will Cubase be available for the Apple Silicon chip?

02:12:50. Does it help to have Cubase, VSTs and libraries on separate drives?

02:14:34. Where is the best location to put ik multimedia ark 3, control room?

02:16:22. Will the dongle removal work with older versions of Cubase?

02:17:14. Can Zoom R24 have faders being controlled labeled 1-8 in Cubase project?

02:19:59. Can the tracks recorded on a Zoom R16 interfaces be loaded in Cubase?

02:22:14. What is the best way to sync to a beat on acapella recording?

02:27:26. Are there plans for WaveLab to support Avid control surfaces?

02:28:45. How to connect Cubase to OBS?

02:30:22. Are the Cubase stock plug-ins high quality?

02:33:07. Does my Steinberg Houston work in Cubase 11 Pro?

02:36:30. How to bounce both mono and stereo at the same time?

02:45:40. Where is the best area in the control room for a room correction plug-in?

02:47:10. How to use 1 MIDI track to rigger different instruments in different octaves?

02:53:32. What is the best rack option in your consideration?

02:54:12. Where did the name Cubase originate from, is it a German word?

02:56:11. Is HALion Sonic 6 included with Cubase Pro?

02:59:13. Is there a way to use manual time warp on a folder containing multiple drum tracks?

03:00:18. Can I still access sounds from my LM7 drum machine from SX2?

03:02:56. Can you use more than one CC121 controller at a time?

03:04:01. Why is Greg using Cubase 10.5.2?

03:04:33. Can you walk through doing tempo detection on a variable tempo audio file in ¾?

03:11:23. How to record audio from your Internet browser into Cubase without cable?

03:12:13. Would you rather run Cubase on Windows or Mac?

03:15:23. What is the proper way to save a patch in HALion Sonic SE?

03:19:09. When will we be able to go without the dongle and how are they doing it?

03:22:13. Is there a way to select the pads for sample editing via MIDI and not mouse?

03:27:02. What is the best way to remove snare bleed from kick mic and other transients?

03:30:42. Does Greg like rack modules or are they not worth it?

03:32:57. Can MIDI sends be used with 3rd party instruments?

03:36:56. How can I save Sampler Track presets with my own samples to use later?

03:41:00. How to record CC1 to multiple parts while recording from chord pads?

03:44:38. Any advice on setting up a vocal chain?

03:50:40. Where do the files go when you delete them from the pool?

03:54:52. Is there a way to setup the quantize for dotted note time signatures?

03:57:38. Can you go through the chord assistant please?

03:59:17. Wrap up. Stay safe and healthy.

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

March 19 2021

00:06:27. How to have chord pads play musical patterns?

00:08:54. How to do 16th note fills with variations to create hi hats?

00:11:46. How to drag MIDI loops to play from chord pads?

00:13:22. Why does Cubase become unstable after using Groove Agent for 10 minutes?

00:17:22. Why can’t I search for by path in Media Bay?

00:18:32. Will Steinberg add video recording capability to WaveLab Cast?

00:19:12. How to replace the track in the projects after setting definition in the sample editor?

00:29:44. Any idea why sustain of low notes keep ringing after saving the project?

00:31:07. What is the easiest way to store an audio or MIDI clip to the MediaBay?

00:33:15. How to sidechain a reverb or delay iin Cubase?

00:39:38. Is there a specific tutorial on using the flexphrazer?

00:41:56. Are the rumors true that there will soon be no dongles needed for Cubase?

00:42:42. How to convert files to Cubase from Yamaha XG works?

00:43:13. Why does Cubase lose focus when I am adding a track?

00:45:06. How to have Groove Agent start a pattern on beat 1 when triggered from a pad?

00:50:06. What is the name of the application being shown?

00:50:20. How can I activate my DAW if I don’t have an elicenser chip?

00:51:05. What is the best way to program drums?

00:54:20. How much does the elicenser dongle cost?

00:55:23. How to do parallel compression without duplicating a track?

01:01:17. Are you currently using a mouse pad with Cubase?

01:01:44. How to replace a snare in Groove Agent?

01:03:41. Can there be a session dedicated to surround mixing and delivery?

01:04:41. How to replace a snare from an audio recording using Groove agent?

01:07:15. What is the difference between Groove Agent SE and the full version?

01:13:43. If I add Omni with multiple MIDI channels is there a way to open instrument from MIDI track?

01:16:59. How to transpose the chord tracks?

01:19:37. Will there be more Club Cubase Live Streams in the future??

01:20:42. Do I need to reinstall Cubase if I have lost my sound?

01:22:48. Can you go over the signal path of the control room?

01:29:06. Are there any reggae loops in the latest version?

01:32:34. How does style relate to MIDI in Groove Agent?

01:34:31. Can you talk about tuning in VST instruments?

01:36:40. Can Cubasis projects work with Cubase?

01:37:07. Do you keep the MIDI as is or convert to audio before mixdown?

01:38:44. Should I switch to Cubase Artist from Reaper?

01:39:36. Can start a Groove Agent pattern not on beat 1 when in pay mode?

01:45:24. What does Acoustic Agent mean?

01:50:45. Does Cubase have an instrument track?

01:52:05. Can I upgrade from Cubase LE 10 to Cubase 11 Pro?

01:53:18. Can I sidechain in Cubase LE?

01:56:44. What is the best way to render a track over the previous one?

02:00:08. Is it possible to open a YouTube browser in Cubase to watch tutorials?

02:02:10. Can I buy Cubase Pro via a monthly fee?

02:04:07. How to route Cubase 11 Pro to OBS while doing direct monitoring?

02:06:01. When will Cubase 12 be ready?

02:06:24. What to expect from Cubase 12?

02:06:57. Can files deleted from the project be imported back from the pool?

02:09:53. How to listen with the loaded effect in VariAudio?

02:11:08. What do you use for euphoric melodies?

02:14:12. How to listen to the edits in VariAudio?

02:16:09. How to trigger an arrangement or marker from MIDI?

02:19:56. Is there a way to easily remap numerous input and output configurations?

02:22:53. How to sidechain an effect which does not have sidechaining?

02:37:26. What are the benefits of using VEP on the same computer as Cubase?

02:29:26. Will Cubase IC Pro be available for Android?

02:31:22. How to switch MIDI control to the patterns in Groove Agent?

02:33:12. Can we run VST Connect Pro in Cubase LE?

02:35:07. Does the Acoustic Agent come with Cubase?

02:37:31. Does Cubase AI require a USB elicenser?

02:37:50. Why doesn’t my preview volume work in MediaBay?

02:39:52. How to stop the names on the MixConsole from truncating?

02:42:14. How to change the speed of the song?

02:43:53. Does Cubase support VST 2 plug-ins?

02:45:16. Is Cubase similar to my Sonar?

02:46:39. Why does MediaBay not play sound if control room is disabled?

02:49:12. Does scaler 2 work in Cubase?

02:50:12. Is there a way to search for presets in Retrologue that use the arpeggiator?

02:51:52. How can users contribute to the features in upcoming Cubase features?

02:54:23. Is there a way to have several mixes per project?

02:57:05. What are the best settings in Cubase’s notation for piano music?

03:00:48. Does using VariAudio or Audio Warp destroy the audio?

03:03:42. Is there any way to group VSTs in a search to organize how I like?

03:05:37. Is there any way to make the text in Cubase bigger and easier to read?

03:07:29. Can a Behringer X Touch work with Cubase Elements 11?

03:09:21. How to make the Cubase windows larger on Mac?

03:11:18. What is the definition tab in the sample editor used for??

03:13:58. Why does my click sound disappear and why can’t I hear Vintage Spike click?

03:16:40. Is there a way to have Cubase stop creating empty folders if I don’t save the project?

03:17:52. How to do a polyphonic legato in Cubase for MIDI parts?

03:19:01. How are the colors from the Expression map utilized in the Cubase key editor?

03:23:21. Is there a frequency splitter plug-in in Cubase?

03:25:31. Why is my audio alignment greyed out in Cubase?

03:28:23. Is it possible to create a macro to add, name and route tracks for recording a drums?

03:31:55. Why can’t I use the Steinberg Download Assistant on my Mac?

03:33:01. Why is my Expression Map for Studio Strings key switches generate low noise?

03:36:54. How to record a Korg PA3X arranger as MIDI into Cubase?

03:40:30. How to export master wav and mp3 files at the same time?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

March 23 2021

00:07:55. Is there a way to replace multiple audio files with updated stems in the pool?

00:14:02. How to fix when the beat gets flipped when doing tempo detection?

00:16:28. Can a MIDI event be dragged into the Beat Designer plug-in?

00:18:53. How to access your synths from within Cubase?

00:21:13. How to align 2 MIDI files that were programmed in different time signatures?

00:25:11. Is it possible to split up the rhythm of a long note from a MIDI performance?

00:30:17. Can we ask questions in the chat or only in advance?

00:31:09. How to set MixConsole to show input level as opposed to post fader?

00:34:18. Can you explain the Mix/Dry setting on the vintage and tube compressors?

00:36:52. How to save crossfade presets to use in other projects?

00:38:58. Can the Native Instruments MIDI control operate the Cubase transport?

00:40:41. How to change the color of multiple tracks together?

00:42:41. Can you delete a note in the MIDI editor with the draw tool?

00:44:48. Is it safe to leave the USB dongle always connected to the computer?

00:46:27. How to use Cubase to mix guitars with distortion?

00:49:26. Why does my audio routing sometimes get reset in my template?

00:51:30. Should I purchase Nuendo and a new PC for working with audio and video files?

00:52:32. How best to replace audio files with stems from another DAW?

00:55:09. Can the logical editor be used to reduce the volume of every 3rd note?

01:00:58. How to replace audio files from the pool window?

01:01:47. What is the workflow chart for working with DSP accelerators?

01:06:39. How to change signature from 4/4 to 2/4 and have metronome be in half time?

01:11:20. Will there be better tool to integrate hardware synths in the future in Cubase?

01:13:05. Why do so many users place reverbs as individual inserts as opposed to sends?

01:19:17. Any updates on M1 compatibility?

01:19:43. How to adjust the pitch of notes from the lower zone MIDI editor?

01:21:07. Does the standard compressor wet/dry knob work on the standard compressor?

01:23:59. Is there a way to adjust the chord track according to my melody?

01:25:56. How to bus out a Groove Agent drum kit for processing?

01:32:14. Can the chord pads in Cubase Elements use players?

01:34:05. How to quickly draw in MIDI in 16th notes to fill a whole measure?

01:37:11. Why is my MIDI muted in Cubase?

01:39:29. Is it possible to apply a fade out on a MIDI track?

01:40:59. Is there an option to use Cubase Pro with a monthly subscription cost?

01:42:14. Is there a quick option to record an instrument output as audio?

01:45:10. How to select all MIDI notes from selected MIDI note to end?

01:49:06. How to save a collection of patches as a single file from HALion Sonic or Retrologue?

01:52:10. Is there a Club Nuendo?

01:53:22. Can students get into Cubase at a discount?

01:54:39. Can attendees post links to non Steinberg shops?

01:56:06. Is it possible to add articulations to hi hats in Groove Agent?

01:57:58. What are Greg’s thoughts on the dongle not being used in the future?

02:00:20. Are there any pieces of hardware that allow for better connection direct from guitar?

02:02:13. Is there a way to write polyrhythms on a single track?

02:06:46. Can the logical editor be set to delete note that have a velocity lower than 20?

02:09:57. How to easily change the rhythmic placement of parts within a drum by warping?

02:12:09. Is there a way to rename my logical editor preset?

02:13:49. Can I record VST instruments and audio if audio interface does not have MIDI I/O?

02:15:01. What is the best way to tap and set the tempo in Cubase?

02:16:21. Can an envelope be copied from one event to another?

02:18:28. Can we hear more about film scoring in Cubase?

02:21:35. Does Cubase have some special “mojo” that makes it sound so good?

02:24:09. Any updates regarding the USB dongle replacement?

02:25:30. How to batch export effects without reverb bleed from other tracks?

02:28:09. How to get the sound from studio to sound good in my truck?

02:31:50. How to have stacked MIDI recordings mute underlying recordings?

02:37:00. Can Cubase convert audio to MIDI?

02:39:47. How to hear the changes in VariAudio?

02:41:37. How to have logical editor add more velocity to notes on the downbeat?

02:47:24. How to have Cubase randomize MIDI notes?

02:52:31. Is there an easy way to drop a song 2 or 3 semitones to match vocal range?

02:54:29. When will we be able to move tracks from within the MixConsole?

02:55:32. Is the HC and LC filters in pre section linear or minimal phase?

02:56:36. How to add an echo to a small section of a track?

03:00:04. Is there a MIDI or other remote control to Toggle A B settings in instruments?

03:04:21. Can you demonstrate the auto crossfade function?

03:08:58. Is there a better way to work with multi mono plug-ins in Cubase?

03:10:10. Why does my kick drum distort when loading a pattern in Groove Agent?

03:11:49. How to configure multi mono inserts on a stereo track`?

03:14:21. How to get the artist to hear autotune live while tracking?

03:17:38. Is it possible to move individual notes early by varying degrees for articulations?

03:23:52. What is the best way to deal with tempo detection inaccuracies?

03:27:02. Will processing an echo on a part create a chopped ending?

03:28:13. Is it possible to drag and drop an audio file onto the computer desktop?

03:29:29. Why doesn’t my time signature track move with my MIDI and audio events?

03:34:05. How to scroll in the mixer without using the arrow keys?

03:25:16. How to delete all of the MediaBay ratings concurrently?

03:39:03. Can a macro be made to add space at start and end, add reverb and reverse audio?

03:44:44. How to split tracks in Groove Agent with a pattern from Beat Designer?

03:49:37. Can a chord track be made from a recording of a bass?

03:50:19. How to gradually ramp a tempo in Cubase Por 10.5?

03:52:53. Can you please show the MultiBand Envelope Shaper?

03:56:41. How can I tell which content comes with my Cubase 11?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

March 26 2021

00:08:08. Is it true that the dongle is gone?

00:09:14. Is there a way to save an arranger track to be imported to another project?

00:15:32. How to configure my Yamaha Motif EX8 as a MIDI and transport controller?

00:16:59. How to get the pitch shifter to fo more than 16 semitones?

00:20:15. When to enable the check fiels for external clocking in audio system?

00:23:57. How to reset faders or parts in Mixer to default values?

00:25:46. How to prevent CPU overload on songs with 20-30 audio tracks?

00:27:47. Is the dongle gone?

00:29:03. How to setup a pitch bend curve on existing audio material?

00:31:05. What kind of CPU is more suitable for Cubase?

00:32:15. Why do I have tuning problems with HALion instrument?

00:35:50. Is there a logical editor preset to create guitar strum effects?

00:41:36. How to optimize Cubase to use multicore CPUs?

00:44:07. How to hide my UAD plug-ins that I do not own licenses for?

00:45:38. How to have metronome only heard in Cue mix and not the control room mix?

00:50:21. How to pitch shift a snare up for an EDM rise?

01:00:39. When, how and why should I use musical mode?

01:03:19. If I have HALion 6 and full Groove Agent is it unnecessary to have their SE versions?

01:05:59. Will future versions in Cubase have a modern drum/pattern sequencer?

01:12:44. Can you pitch shift complete songs?

01:15:04. Do you need to do anything special when exporting stems with arranger track?

01:19:25. Why when changing an audio file do all other instances of the file also get changed?

01:21:59. Where are the questions for the hangout posted?

01:23:00. Will Cubase utilize all 16 cores on my Mac?

01:24:23. IS there a MIDI logical editor preset that will extend note until next one starts?

01:26:25. Why do some of my old SX projects cause Cubase to restart in safe mode?

01:28:17. How to configure Black Lion clock to motu interface and DM2000?

01:30:27. How to avoid Cubase scanning plug-ins on every startup?

01:32:05. Is there any word on MIDI 2.0?

01:34:39. Can there be more than one project active at a time?

01:36:34. Why don’t my Expression Maps in HSO work differently now?

01:39:09. How to make a duplicated and hard panned guitar track sound slightly different?

01:42:49. How do you get your Download Access Code?

01:44:02. Can you use 32 bit plug-ins with 32 bit float mode?

01:47:04. How to change the name of user made logical editor presets and where are they?

01:49:15. Why do the folders take a long to open in MediaBay?

01:51:40. Is there a better way to create drum maps for Slate Drums?

01:54:12. How to automatically change the project folder name to match the name of project?

01:55:45. How to install earlier versions of Cubase to run 32 bit plug-ins with Cubase 11 license?

01:56:17. How to pan effects opposite of tracks for 80s guitar production?

01:59:12. How to do premastering in Cubase?

02:07:23. Is there a way to have Cubase generate random chord progressions?

02:09:42. Can drum or cymbal shots recorded at one speed sound be used for other tempos?

02:11:37. Does my CC121 need to be powered on before launching Cubase?

02:13:07. Why does my Cubase keep crashing?

02:15:54. What should I do about the realtime algorithm deactivation warning message?

02:17:35. Can you give us an insight on how you program drums so well?

02:29:36. How to draw every other note on grid in a MIDI editor?

02:34:08. Did Cubase fix that bug with MIDI yet?

02:34:50. How to organize mute and unmute?

02:38:33. How can I open the note expression editor by double clicking on a note?

02:40:32. How to configure external clock when only interface is connected to the PC?

02:41:27. Can I use an Avid S3L with Cubase?

02:42:41. Is it possible to quantize guitar to ¼ notes and bass to 1/32 notes in same project?

02:43:57. Can I remap buttons to a MIDI controller?

02:45:46. Can I time warp multiple tracks or a folder track?

02:47:05. How to remap keys on a Mackie Control?

02:48:05. How to have HSO Expression Maps not reset to trill?

02:49:54. How to match the volume in automation at later point if it was changed?

02:52:17. Any tips on doing a clean install of Cubase?

02:53:58. What are some good guitar VST instruments for strumming patterns?

02:57:05. How to do a better shuffle quantize mode?

03:00:01. How to change the font size directly on track event?

03:01:48. What can be causing my Zoom R24 crash Cubase while loading?

03:03:16. Why doesn’t Cubase 11 automatically create new folders when starting a project?

03:04:36. Why is there no hardware tab in Mixer when using UR22C?

03:07:56. Why when editing in Melodyne do I get the processed and incoming signal together?

03:10:32. How to do a cymbal choke in Groove Agent 5?

03:13:38. How to avoid musical mode being turned on for notes that have bpm metadata?

03:15:52. Is there a way to use the quantize value as grid setting in drum editor?

03:19:22. Can slipping events in an audio event be locked to the grid?

03:21:30. Can I use Cubase to create beats instead of FL Studio?

03:22:00. Why are Groove Agent and HALion Sonic SE 3 not working when I install Cubase 10.5?

03:23:21. What is the best way to export a lot of tracks at once?

03:25:21. How do I make a default template for Cubase 11?

02:29:48. Will there be a live stream on Tuesday or just a Zoom meetup?

03:30:28. How to assign a MIDI control to toggle the A B setting on plug-in?

03:32:32. How to draw in a series of 16th notes in the key editor?

03:33:46. How to add a number of warp markers in easily?

03:35:22. How many samples and synth presets are included with Cubase 11 approximately?

03:36:29. Is it possible to have Superior drummer be the sync master to Cubase?

03:37:56. How to have files automatically saved to and accessed from MediaBay?

03:45:56. How to assign VariAudio pitch quantizing and straightening to MIDI controller?

03:50:22. How to randomize and humanize MIDI data in Cubase?

03:55:07. Is there any way to hide all automation?

03:56:11. How to see all used automation in a project?

03:56:35. How to change multiple tempo values to one constant value easily?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

March 30 2021

00:04:37. Can WaveLab Elements save a WaveLab Project .wpr file?

00:05:49. How to make my mixes loud without exceeding 0dB?

00:08:00. How to automatically add imported files into project audio files folder?

00:10:16. Is there a way to invert the intervals in a series of MIDI notes?

00:15:00. Is this a Master Class on Cubase or mixing techniques?

00:16:39. Why after dragging and dropping a sample sometimes make it go to max volume?

00:19:27. How to get a big acoustic guitar sound without doubling it?

00:21:58. How to link the content from the Absolute library with Cubase?

00:23:51. How to pitch audio up and down like using a pitch bend wheel?

00:29:18. How to transpose a cello part down an octave and up without changing score to treble clef?

00:36:06. When will Steinberg drop the dongle?

00:37:31. How to automatically quantize drums to 16th notes during recording?

00:41:16. Are there any practical streams like this for beginners?

00:42:02. How to save a loop or audio file to use in a later project?

00:43:57. How can I humanize MIDI drums in Groove Agent?

00:49:50. How to create an effect of switching the left and right channels?

00:52:39. What is the fastest way to convert a stereo audio file to mono files?

00:53:35. How to keep my organized plug-in folders when updating to future versions?

00:54:50. Have you ever considered a tips and tricks or shop talk type video series?

00:56:28. How to hear from my headphones when using an audio interface?

00:57:20. Can I use my headphones connected to a computer when using an audio interface?

00:58:43. How to delete notes on each beat using the logical editor?

01:04:31. How will the new license management system affect quantity of installations?

01:07:14. How to record MIDI CC that may be assigned to quick controls?

01:12:57. Is it possible to purchase software that notates from a MIDI keyboard?

01:16:59. Why does my recording stop at the end of the locator?

01:18:39. How to use 2 different amps on a stereo track in Cubase 11 on each channel?

01:21:23. How to determine what content is included with my Cubase Pro 11 license?

01:24:10. Why does Cubase crash when I use my sampler track?

01:25:12. What is the difference between the drum editor and the MIDI editor?

01:28:48. How to resolve elicenser issues with Cubase 11 Elements trial version?

01:30:49. How to see other MIDI tracks as reference when editing a MIDI part?

01:33:20. Is it possible to generate a LFO in Cubase for audio plug-ins?

01:40:43. How to scroll the arrange page left or right easily?

01:42:13. How to find which plug-in might be causing Cubase to crash a project?

01:44:03. Can I benefit from crossgrade and update promotions?

01:44:51. Can I use VariAudio on a guitar to fix a guitar that is out of tune?

01:45:32. Why do I see so many auto save projects when I have it limited to only 5?

01:48:24. How to show the control room volume on the transport bar?

01:49:56. How to write slash chords in chord track in Cubase?

01:51:13. How to assign a select number of tracks to follow chord tracks?

01:52:57. Can Steinberg add ability to change color of transport fonts?

01:53:43. How to rescan MIDI interfaces in Windows 10?

01:55:10. Will the new license system allow me to run legacy versions of Cubase?

01:56:10. How can I record with an effect in the monitoring path?

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From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

M April 2 2021

00:05:26. Are there any updates on Threadripper support?

00:06:11. How to play and hear 3 synths on 3 tracks played live?

00:08:32. How to fix a recording with varying speed from analog tape?

00:12:47. How to overwrite global display quantize settings in score editor in sections?

00:16:30. Can I remove files in ARA folder after rendering files processed in SpectraLayers?

00:20:09. How to zoom vertically in the in place MIDI editor?

00:21:47. Is there an adjustment to set time of no activity in retrospective record?

00:25:56. How to set project logical editor to delete muted events on selected tracks?

00:30:20. Does Yamaha/Steinberg have any stage positioning reverb functions?

00:34:41. How to hide the lowest takes when recording in lanes?

00:38:22. Did I miss Pong in Cubase?

00:40:40. When to update the AXR4?

00:41:15. What are the potential uses for Track Versions in Cubase?

00:46:35. Why am I not seeing the piano roll on my instrument or MIDI tracks?

00:48:57. How to get the edit in place icon to appear on MIDI and instrument tracks?

00:50:09. Can SpectraLayers be used as a tool to extract ambience from sample libraries?

00:53:42. Does retrospective record buffer time out?

00:55:44. Is there a way to get a chord MIDI player in the MIDI modifiers?

01:01:52. Does it make sense to use ReWire for Reason now that it is a VST?

01:03:06. How to get a mono instrument track without using a mono bus?

01:05:22. Can a key command be used to toggle track versions?

01:07:41. How to colorize the mixer channels?

01:08:53. Why can’t I run 2 Cubase 11s on 2 different computers with 2 elicensers?

01:11:24. When can we move the channels from the mixer?

01:12:26. Can I customize the floating transport bar and switch to vertical perspective?

01:13:59. How to bus my Mackie FX 16 Pro V2?

01:17:12. How to convert audio reverse sample into wave MIDI?

01:19:26. Is it possible to have Cubase run in Norwegian?

01:20:55. If I have the trial version do I need to only buy the dongle?

01:22:12. How to configure control for engineer and vocalist with headphones?

01:28:06. How to modify the pitch of an instrument loop sample?

01:33:34. Why do notes get all jumbled after recording HALion?

01:36:26. Is there a fix for MIDI notes being recorded early?

01:39:29. How to avoid moving tracks back that are offset during the recording?

01:40:37. How can track versions be helpful as opposed to recording in lanes?

01:47:43. Can Cubase time code lock individual events on project window?

01:50:47. How come I can not get randomize velocity from MIDI modifiers to work?

01:58:10. Why has my Kontakt VSTi disappeared from my Cubase?

01:59:32. Which sound sets is Greg using on the hangout?

02:00:19. Can I daisy chain my Mackie mixer and Behringer E-phoria?

02:02:28. How to speed up my elicenser Zero Downtime process?

02:04:04. Am I better off with Cubase Elements than Cubase LE for recording?

02:06:30. How to set all notes played in rhythmically to same pitch?

02:10:51. Can you give a refresher on doing tempo detection?

02:14:25. Is there an indication if an event has direct offline processing on it?

02:15:47. Does the cutoff Note Expression feature work with Retrologue?

02:20:34. How to use track versions for a vocal file?

02:23:22. How to play 2 sampler tracks with samples on different keys at the same time?

02:26:54. How to change the plug-in size, they are too big?

02:29:33. Is there a setting that automatically turns off punch in and out?

02:30:46. Can logical editor say note and velocity instead of value 1 and value 2?

02:31:57. How to extract just the bass note from MIDI parts to a new track?

02:35:57. How to run VB-1, Model E and Karlette legacy plug-ins?

02:39:05. How to easily migrate all of my instrument content to a new drive?

02:41:39. How to control wah wah plug-in?

02:46:38. How to control wah wah with Expression pedal connected to ModX?

02:50:15. How to stop my DAW controller from triggering instrument sounds?

02:51:52. Is there an update for the ability to remove projects from hub in Cubase 11?

02:52:30. How to increase velocity over time in a MIDI part?

02:54:58. Why does sometimes referencing another project affect routing in Kontakt?

02:55:55 Why doesn’t PadShop save ratings on user created presets?

03:00:47. Can you show how to tidy up the rhythm of background vocals?

03:02:19. Why can’t I hear sounds in A2 and A3 in HALion on playback?

03:06:38. When will Cubase be able to be used without the USB elicenser?

03:08:07. What trick did the Motown mastering engineer use for vocals and bass?

03:09:15. Any chance to share some MIDI editor presets?

03:12:43. Is it possible to copy automation from an audio track to a group track?

03:15:31. Does exporting stems from Ableton to finish in Cubase affect audio quality?

03:17:12. Why can’t I preview my audio in MediaBay?

03:19:04. Why does adding Groove Agent add additional MIDI input ports?

03:22:48. How to extend MIDI notes to extend to the end of the bar?

03:36:33. Is the content that comes with Cubase different in different countries?

03:27:48. How to send click track and get rid of talkback delay in VST Connect session?

03:31:37. Can the notes in the MIDI editor be round and transparent?

03:34:29. Can SpectraLayers One separate more than vocals?

03:35:14. Can we get a transparent view of wav files on the grid?

03:36:23. Will there be another Zoom meetup in the future?

03:36:52. Why is my audio loud in my headphones but low in recorded level?

03:40:52. Does it take 2 clicks to enter MIDI notes in the editor?

03:44:05. Can I use the gain in the pre section to affect gain structure in project?

03:47:51. Is this session only for Cubase 11 or for earlier versions as well?

03:48:24. Why am I not getting input signal to record when it worked on previous versions?

03:49:56. Is it possible to remote control Cubase from Android?

03:50:54. Will Cubasis for Android function as a remote for Cubase?

03:51:18. When is the next Club Cubase Live Stream?

03:52:09. Is it possible to delete a note in the MIDI editor by double clicking on it?

03:53:02. Why do I hear more effect on one side when using stereo effects?

03:55:18. How to delete HALion Sonic SE instances added from an imported MIDI file?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

April 6 2021

00:05:37. How to make use of the sampler track?

00:11:28. How to increase the gain on one channel of a stereo file by 1dB?

00:13:52. Will there be a full integration with Dorico in Cubase?

00:14:48. How to avoid seeing sharps if my song is in the key of Cb?

00:19:21. How to make Maschine work in Cubase?

00:20:30. Why does Kontakt have high latency even if buffer is set very low?

00:23:52. What is this live stream about?

00:24:11. How to increase magnification in score editor steplessly?

00:27:12. Are there plans to further integrate Dorico and Cubase?

00:28:03. Is it possible to make custom shapes in chopper?

00:28:30. What are the differences between linear and musical mode?

00:31:54. How to make scale assistant work better with borrowed chords?

00:33:18. Will the live stream be available to view in the next 24 hours?

00:33:44. Why when dragging audio file to sampler track is level softer?

00:35:20. How to make SuperVision more CPU friendly?

00:36:57. Can I send a channel preset created on Mac to my friend running Cubase on PC?

00:37:28. How to make our loops in VST Sound Format with metadata?

00:40:25. Is there a way to generate chords from a melody?

00:42:30. How to change the meter color scheme?

00:44:27. Will there be any new updates to Cubase?

00:45:20. How to work with plug-ins that have latency when mixing?

00:47:04. How to use the tempo track?

00:52:52. Why does the audio file created by render in place come out silent?

00:53:50. How to use the render in place function?

00:58:06. Can I have Cubase slave properly to an Akai MPC live?

01:02:59. Why is Virtual keyboard activated when searching for loops in the right zone?

01:06:53. How to save presets of visibility settings and sync with MixConsole?

01:11:01. Why is there an echo in my headphones when recording with UR44?

01:12:30. How to preview sample library in headphones and speakers simultaneously?

01:16:00. How to fix a volume jump when switching from monitor A to monitor B?

01:17:53. Can I have separate main and headphone control with UR24?

01:19:38. How to merge Kontakt output and MIDI tracks in MixConsole?

01:20:55. How can I setup a custom drum map preset?

01:22:17. Why is there a volume discrepancy dragging audio from a track to sampler track?

01:25:38. Does Cubase offer the same ambisonics features as Nuendo?

01:26:25. How to have a function button on CC121 to route selected tracks to a new group?

01:30:27. When removing VST Connect Pro does it remove all busses and plug-ins added?

01:32:57. Can the chord track help you modulate to a new key?

01:36:52. Why is my Cubase screen flickering making snap settings look confused?

01:38:09. How to have graphics card fan be quiet when using multiple monitors?

01:39:18. How to change the tempo of an audio recording to a steady tempo?

01:41:57. How to reduce the volume easily of a portion of a track?

01:43:45. When will the next maintenance fix be released?

01:45:02. Is this program like FL studio or something?

01:45:13. Is Cubase available on linux?

01:45:44. Can we produce cutsheets for vinyl?

01:47:49. How to create a sync point and snap it within an audio file?

01:51:19. Why do are sends on plug-ins not get included if they are soloed in a group?

01:58:00. Why is my direct monitoring greyed out on my UR 44?

01:58:56. Is there a volume difference btween an audio file and dragging it to sampler track?

02:00:08. How to move the sync point within an event and snap that to play position?

02:02:22. What is the best clocking settings in studio setup?

02:04:41. How to get solo cello fxp file to load from HSO?

02:09:56. How to change the color of the audio waveform?

02:12:29. Is it possible to open particular plug-ins via a key command?

02:15:15. Does dragging an audio file from a track to sampler track affect the volume?

02:19:30. Why do I get a dual voice when recording with my Focusrite 2i2?

02:20:55. How to easily promote clips from recorded lanes without dragging?

02:22:17. How to disable texts on MIDI notes and make MIDI editor background brighter?

02:26:49. What are the uses of pre roll and post roll in the transport?

02:29:33. Why does search for patch not return any results in MediaBay?

02:32:48. Is there a trick to quickly export audio from a hardware synth?

02:35:03. How to fix an audio file where the waveforms are unbalanced?

02:36:13. How to change the 6th chord in 8 chord progression using chord assistant?

02:39:07. How to change the background colors so that they are not so dark?

02:40:41. Is there a plan to have a return talkback option?

02:41:44. How to color tracks in the tracks, events, and MixConsole all at once?

02:43:27. Is there a possibility to have a collaboration live stream in the future?

02:44:38. Does the remove VST Connect function remove the VST Connect input channel?

02:47:51. Can we ask questions in the live chat field?

02:48:01. What your thoughts on low level mixing and alternating with loud monitoring?

02:50:27. Can Cubase edit DSD audio?

02:51:24. Is there any tricks to open tracks that used Hypersonic?

02:52:54. If I use the S/PDIF input do I need to set that as my clock input for my UAD interface?

02:53:56. Will we see new MIDI controller functions in Cubase?

02:54:39. Do I need to have external clock checked if only interface is connected to computer?

02:58:04. How does project root key work?

02:59:40. Is there a standard protocol for enabling direct monitoring in audio interface?

03:00:54. Is there a way to extract the bass note from a chord track ro a new MIDI track?

03:05:38. Is it possible to have the media files play in the key that the song is in?

03:07:27. Is there a new MIDI controller API in the works?

03:08:06. Will importing and editing DSD files be supported in the future?

03:08:46. How to convert a stereo file to 2 monos without using convert function in pool?

03:10:04. What age group would you say use Cubase?

03:11:44. Can we request piano roll instruments be tailored per instrument in chord assistant?

03:13:00. How to identify chords in the piano roll editor?

03:14:21. Is there a plug-in in Cubase that allows for external hardware processors?

03:16:58. How to paste an insert from one channel to another in the control room?

03:20:34. What is the distribution of Cubase in Ethiopia?

03:22:33. Can the lowest note be extracted directly from chord track as opposed to chord pads?

03:23:53. How to make a bass instrument follow the chord track?

03:27:38. How to delete projects by right clicking in the hub?

03:28:24. Is automation of external plug-ins different in Cubase 10.5 and 11?

03:31:47. How to duplicate MIDI notes like you can in Ableton?

03:34:19. If I want different inserts on tracks should I not use track versions?

03:36:28. Is it possible to have more than one chord track?

03:37:36. When we will have normal event envelope editing where 0dB is at center?

03:39:34. How to best use transpose functions in transpose inspector in key editor?

03:41:44. Can I autodetect chords in the key editor?

03:43:21. Are there any plans to implement multiple audio interface support in Cubase?

03:44:47. Any plans of saving sampler track presets to a user defined folder?

03:46:38. After doing a backup projects is it working on the backup file or original?

03:47:48. Why is my Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 not available in to use?

03:49:21. Will we be able to see automation directly on the event in the future?

03:51:58. Can we release the Atari version for the 40th anniversary of Cubase?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

April 9 2021

00:06:44. Is it possible to import sheet music in Cubase in pdf format?

00:08:17. How to stop Cubase importing sample an octave lower?

00:10:05. Why doesn’t my mixdown obey my saved preferences?

00:11:28. How to convert vocals into MIDI?

00:14:32. Is there a way to export the signature track to another DAW?

00:17:37. How can the information found in audio statistics be useful for production?

00:19:34. Can the arranger track be synced with the score editor to show repeats?

00:28:48. How to flatten the tempo of an audio file that has varying tempo?

00:32:29. How to use project logical editor to delete muted events on selected track?

00:41:14. Is there an option to reverse polarity or phase in Cubase?

00:42:37. How to delete uninstalled plug-ins from showing up in Cubase?

00:44:36. Can you change the sidechain envelope on sidechain compression?

00:46:58. What are zoom presets?

00:49:44. Why does my convert mono to multichannel function not work?

00:52:25. How to change the default project folder location?

00:53:56. Why does dragging the right range locator move the left range locator?

00:57:58. Can there be a dedicated hangout on sample management and content?

00:58:36. Should I export my final mixdown project at 64bit floating point?

01:00:17. Can I program my CC121 to switch directly to a cue send for reference tracks?

01:04:05. How to remove previous versions of Cubase that are no longer needed?

01:05:44. Why can’t I hear the metronome in Cubase 11 when using the control room?

01:07:11. How can I get the whiskey effect on my vocal+

01:08:42. Is there a recording light status feature in Cubase or Nuendo?

01:14:40. Has the dedicated logical editor live stream happened yet?

01:15:13. What is the difference between the logical editor and project logical editor?

01:16:02. Can I output guitar tab for a VST Guitar?

01:19:13. Can I import a tab or sheet for VST instruments?

01:20:03. Any date for the next version of WaveLab?

01:20:37. Can the zoom presets contain different levels of zoom in different areas?

01:23:39. Is it possible to have both inserts and MixConsole in lower zone?

01:26:03. How to change the display of meters’ dB with more advanced options?

01:28:22. Is there a preamp plug-in in Cubase 10.5?

01:28:54. Are there tutorials for beginners on Cubase?

01:30:26. How to time stretch MIDI events on the project window without time warping?

01:34:39. Does Cubase support hand write om sheet music?

01:37:36. Can you tell me about sidechaining?

01:40:11. Why do I have to restart Cubase if MIDI keyboard was not attached on bootup?

01:42:01. How to move the song play position while in page mode of score editor?

01:44:09. Why are my MIDI notes recorded early ahead of the beat?

01:47:58. How to display Lufs metering in MixConsole?

01:50:00. Why does my cursor sometimes disappear when fast forwarding or rewinding?

01:53:53. What does using the object selection tool do when holding down the shift key?

01:55:28. How to submit user requests to Steinberg?

01:57:44. How to rescan in Cubase for MIDI interfaces turned on after starting Cubase?

01:58:30. Is there a global Cubase project notepad other than the individual track notes?

02:00:31. How to assign new colors on the tracks?

02:02:43. How do I know if Steinberg is working on my user request?

02:04:05. How to fast forward and rewind from a key command while in the score editor?

02:06:04. Why does fast forwarding to the next page cause cursor to disappear?

02:07:57. Is there a key command to switch between EQ and channel strip?

02:12:03. Why is record enable stuck on MIDI tracks?

02:17:50. Can I simply reinstall and connect my USB key to run Cubase on new computer?

02:19:02. Is there a way not to have plug-in presets not open on top of plug-in?

02:22:54. How to have song lyrics synced to the song position in Cubase?

02:26:33. How to do a tab to transient type function in Cubase?

02:28:33. How to enable waveform meters in the MixConsole?

02:30:20. Should Steinberg release some new mastering oriented plug-ins?

02:33:28. Do I need to use locators to copy a section to a different spot?

02:34:36. How can I have audio preview bar during real time export?

02:36:47. How to use SpectraLayers Pro to remove hiss from analog tape recordings?

02:43:40. Is there a way to do linear automation over a period of time?

02:49:01. What does the shift key do with selection tool when not in combined mode?

02:52:04. Can the channel strip processing order be changed on multiple tracks simultaneously?

02:54:15. When were the wave meters introduced?

02:55:00. Is it better to do audio editing and processing in higher resolution formats?

02:57:05. How to click on project window and not have plug-in disappear underneath project?

02:58:31. How to move a selection with range tool and have it locked to time position?

03:02:42. Why when double clicking on a project file does it open in previous Cubase version?

03:04:30. Can SpectraLayers do frequency shifting?

03:09:40. Is it possible to dissolve a MIDI track and have it reference a single instrument?

03:14:51. How to create a drone note that will continue to play after transport has stopped?

03:17:46. How to best utilize the event envelope function in the project window?

03:20:02. Why after exporting an audio mixdown does it play the file?

03:24:17. Can Cubase Artist 11 owners get a discount on upgrading to Cubase Pro 11?

03:25:22. How to edit cart chunk metadata for a radio show?

03:26:58. Are there any other VSTis that offer sidechain input and will it work with other companies?

03:28:18. How to reset time at project start to give space for capturing ideas before project?

03:29:41. How to have Groove Agent sync to project without a steady tempo?

03:32:45. Will Cubase offer sound variations for VSL in the future?

03:34:44. Why does my exported song start to play after export audio mixdown?

03:36:51. Why would you use this type of automation earlier rather than later?

03:37:55. How to have the transport fixed to a window and not the F2 key?

03:39:45. Why did autotune 8 delete my autotune pro?

03:40:38. How to download Cubase Pro and plug-in and all bro?

03:41:12. Are there other ways of doing scripting in Cubase besides the logical editor?

03:42:08. Is the percussion agent available as a separate purchase for HALion Sonic?

03:42:34. How can you do tap tempo for a project in Cubase?

03:45:17. How to download this Cubase full version?

03:46:35. How to recall configurations for external effects for easy recall?

03:48:33. Why does my Mix sound lower in volume compared to commercial releases?

03:50:50. How to use an electron synth as an external instrument?

03:53:09. How to decouple envelope automation from pads in Groove Agent?

03:54:53. Why does my Komplete Kontrol not function sometimes in Cubase?

03:56:56. Is it possible to do a tempo detection from an accordion part?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

April 13 2021

00:06:52. What are the color settings that Greg uses?

00:09:18. Why have the crossfades never work for me?

00:11:09. How to create a separate in ear stereo bus send to help mix with hearing issues?

00:16:02. How to transfer meter colors over to my new Cubase 11 Pro update?

00:16:56. Can Supervision presets be opened via a key command?

00:21:16. Why is my cursor sluggish in Cubase Pro 11 when resizing tracks?

00:22:44. Why do isotope plug-ins open with a blank black interface?

00:24:10. Are there color themes in Cubase?

00:27:04. Can you make a video on only using stock plug-ins for a project?

00:27:40. Does Greg use an external plug-in to route audio into Zoom?

00:29:55. Will project load correctly if VST Content location has been changed?

00:31:40. How to advance project by 1 measure to add pre roll are for recording?

00:34:51. How to change event names based on track names?

00:38:41. How to make space bar control start and stop in sample editor?

00:41:38. Does Greg think that a DAW has a sound?

00:44:01. Can MIDI loops be previewed through the chord track?

00:48:51. Can a folder track automatically be routed to a group?

00:49:54. Is there a way to adjust the phase incrementally?

00:53:09. Does the tempo detection function work well with MIDI data?

00:53:53. Is there a way to speed up the collaborative process with VST Transit?

00:55:18. Why is my Apollo interface now tied to my Windows OS?

00:56:55. Why does video shift when I adjust the tempo?

01:01:33. How to add reverb to my headphones without latency?

01:07:00. Why do rendered files sound out of phase when unmixing in SpectraLayers?

01:14:22. How to see notes indicates as flats in the info line of the score editor?

01:17:47. Is it possible to save a template to a different location?

01:19:00. Is that a phase meter in Greg’s upper right hand corner of his SuperVision view?

01:20:54. Can recent projects be removed by right clicking and deleting from the hub?

01:21:20. How to fix missing HALion Sonic SE content messages?

01:22:20. Why have my izotope plug-ins like iris and stutter edit not work in Cubase?

01:22:56. Can you please provide Cubase 10.5 loops and samples download link?

01:23:38. Should I skip installing VST 2 versions of plug-ins if VST 3 versions are available?

01:24:21. What is SuperVision?

01:28:46. Where can I find the SuperVision plug-in?

01:29:10. Is there a free version of Cubase AI 11 if I have Cubase AI 9?

01:30:37. Can I export a track range independently without moving left and right locators?

01:33:10. Why does LoopMash FX automation not show up in tracks?

01:35:45. How to fix slight timing issues on an acoustic guitar recording?

01:38:02. Can you record into Cubase while broadcasting through OBS?

01:38:51. Where can you get additional loops to use in Cubase?

01:40:16. How to know what content is included with my Cubase license?

01:42:31. Is there something like sound variations available in Cubase?

01:43:24. How to have stop return to start position?

01:45:10. What is the pulse activity in the lower right hand corner of the transport bar?

01:45:49. How to delete muted events on selected track?

01:50:44. Is there a cloud service to plan to sync Cubase settings between different computers?

01:51:51. Does changing the record type settings take effect on existing tracks immediately?

01:52:44. How to quickly have all of the direct routing filled in with groups automatically?

01:56:04. Are there other settings which may prevent crossfades from not working?

01:58:44. Can the spacebar drive play on sample editor if file is not in the project?

02:02:18. How to cut start and end of audio file and erase unused portions?

02:04:36. When hiding all automation by right clicking does Groove Agent show automation?

02:06:45. What is the upgrade cost when not on sale?

02:07:27. How to show automation lane for parameter without writing actual automation?

02:08:58. Can you show a workflow for importing playlist tracks from other DAWs?

02:13:41. Can the file date and time be added as a field in the MediaBay?

02:16:00. Is there a modifier key to solo tracks and mute other soloed tracks?

02:18:16. Is there automatic tempo detection available in Cubase Artist?

02:19:25. Will see a different view for stereo panning in Cubase in the future?

02:21:52. Why does my render in place take so long and not seem to utilize all CPU cores`?

02:23:24. How to best organize the backup project files?

02:24:37. How to lock a fader in the mixer so that it does not move when Mixer scrolls?

02:26:33. Is there a key to scroll left and right in the MixConsole view?

02:27:17. How long will the stream last?

02:28:06. Why does Cubase get a bit sluggish when running ultrawide monitor from MacBook?

02:30:56. Would Greg rather listen to DaRude - Sandstorm or Psy - Gangnum Style?

02:31:21. Can we expect to see AAC file support in the future?

02:31:57. Do you have a tutorial that explains the logical editor in detail?

02:32:45. Why do some MIDI tracks not follow tempo changes?

02:34:37. Is Cubase Pro really worth updating from Cubase Elements?

02:35:28. Can I make adjustments on multiple selected files from the info line anymore?

02:37:12. How to change color of multiple selected tracks all at once?

02:38:35. Is it possible to label markers?

02:40:21. Can I type the value in the info line to change multiple selected tracks?

02:42:12. What is the best way to import files from a NLE like Vegas Pro?

02:43:32. Can I export stereo if I am work with 3rd order ambisonics?

02:45:39. Is it possible to store an automation?

02:47:12. Is there a macro to normalize audio to -12dB?

02:48:39. How to scale the wav display for an audio file that has been recorded quietly?

02:50:33. Any news on native M1 support?

02:51:45. What does the control room actually offer?

02:54:26. What does sound drop from time to time when playin audio back in Nuendo?

02:56:00. How do you play Pong again?

02:57:25. Is there a scroll bar to steplessly zoom within the score editor?

02:58:50. Why does Cubase play back audio file after exporting a mix down?

03:00:21. How to save my key commands from my trial version to full license?

03:03:14. Can the flattened arranger track be placed in the project later in time?

03:07:06. Any plans for updates to Cubase IC Pro planned?

03:08:17. Why are some events seemed grouped even if events are not grouped?

03:10:36. How to convert some older .arr files to Cubase Elements?

03:12:08. How to select 2 VCA tracks using the project logical editor?

03:17:15. How soon can we run Cubase without the dongle?

03:17:56. Are there ways to speed up playback while editing a long podcast?

03:23:09. Will there be a promotion on Iconica coming in the near future?

03:23:45. Which is better quality normalizing in Cubase vs. WaveLab?

03:24:33. How to determine the length of time for a selected range in Cubase?

03:26:09. How to connect an Alesis electronic kit in Cubase with Groove Agent?

03:28:59. How to set the length of a project before recording?

03:29:42. How to have Cubase playback stop at a specific point?

03:31:48. How to create a whisper vocal effect?

03:45:28. How to switch between different MIDI parts and keep controller lanes identical?

03:38:18. What is the easiest way to sync Cubase settings from desktop to laptop?

03:39:49. Can the arranger track play order create repeats in score editor?

03:42:05. How to have audio interface work in Cubase, YouTube and Spotify?

03:43:45. How to use included SpectraLayers One for tracking and mixing?

03:47:36. Why does my Cubase crash after doing automatic tempo detection?

03:50:09. Will the profiles include all of the hardware settings?

03:51:10. Why doesn’t Ableton do a Live Stream?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

April 16 2021

00:06:49. Can you please tell us about MIDI API development?

00:07:43. Can you show some important shortcuts like activating mute, solo, click and grid?

00:09:33. What are the vertical lines for on an imported audio file into Cubase Elements?

00:12:29. Can you show how to use the chord track for an orchestral piece?

00:16:06. How to use Arpache in an Orchestral context?

00:21:40. How to use Cubase as a scratchpad to easily capture musical ideas?

00:25:34. Why isn’t a folder being able to be accessed directly from MediaBay?

00:27:12. Are tracks sent to mono groups louder than stereo groups?

00:31:36. Is it OK to move the Cubase sample libraries to my D Drive?

00:33:03. How to switch between inspector and visibility tabs in inspector with key command?

00:35:45. How to print MIDI sheet music to a pdf file?

00:37:11. How to adjust chord tab settings in key editor without using a mouse?

00:39:59. How to set position of step input position?

00:42:52. How to integrate a Stream Deck with Cubase?

00:45:09. How to change the scale in the editor specifically for expression curves?

00:47:46. Can more than one UR816C be used at a time?

00:49:22. How to automate MIDI from staccato to legato in Cubase MIDI editor?

00:55:34. What is the difference between an instrument track and an instrument rack?

01:01:18. Can you discuss the new Imaginear instrument set for Retrologue?

01:03:03. Why is nothing shown in my favorite folder in MediaBay?

01:05:05. How to hide sustain pedals when printing scores?

01:07:30. Why can’t I hear notes as I move them in the VariAudio editor?

01:09:47. How to save MIDI patterns of instruments as deleting instrument tracks deletes MIDI?

01:13:03. What are the benefits of using a Steinberg audio interface?

01:16:58. How to slow down a vocal vibrato?

01:18:29. How to rearrange the order of the tools?

01:19:51. Can I use my sound modules in multitimbral mode as external instruments?

01:21:40. Does LoopBack cause audio engine overload?

01:23:44. How to get legacy Steinberg Vocoder plug-in to work in Cubase 11?

01:24:58. Where are the color scheme blocks found in the user interface preferences?

01:26:37. Are the expression Maps only in the Cubase Pro level?

01:28:36. What are some causes for lower than expected performance on laptops?

01:29:31. Are the questions on the live chat answered?

01:30:14. Will there be a zoom meeting today?

01:31:27. How to import a song from my iTunes library?

01:33:05. How to save a track preset in a folder while saving and not afterwards?

01:34:09. What is the easiest way to do a global insert in the project window?

01:35:40. Why do so many producers choose Mac over Windows?

01:36:55. Can you explain the ambisonic decoder plug-in?

01:39:31. How to have Cubase start before measure 1?

01:40:45. How to get the output of supercollider into Cubase?

01:43:14. Why do media files get referenced in a project after removing recordings?

01:45:18. What is new in Cubase 11 Pro since version 5?

01:46:23. How to add a flam on one snare pad in Groove Agent Acoustic Agent?

01:49:46. How to isolate 6 channels from a stereo audio file with 6 channels?

01:51:47. How to use the control room?

01:54:45. Why does Zedd use a Mac?

01:57:31. Why when closing Cubase do I not get a save, save as or cancel message?

01:58:55. How to monitor vocals with reverb without latency on a Mackie Onyx interface?

02:02:10. How to remove vocals in SpectraLayers?

02:05:41. How to force notes to other staff in score editor?

02:07:35. Why does Cubase still hang sometimes when closing?

02:08:23. Is there a company in Netherlands that offers certified training for Steinberg?

02:09:28. Is there a way to assign multiple samples to a sample track?

02:10:11. Will we see Nuendo’s Netflix meter and Atmos support in Cubase?

02:11:28. How to prevent Cubase 11 update from overwriting my user created presets?

02:14:36. Why does Cubase not better utilize multiple cores when exporting my mixdown+

02:15:31. How to split a multichannel interleaved file to multiple mono files?

02:19:14. How to use the multitap delay plug-in?

02:24:49. Which is better Mac or PC, Intel or AMD?

02:25:58. How to quantize well in Cubase?

02:32:14. Why is there no save or don’t save button when closing a project?

02:34:06. Can I import any song to determine the chords like MIDI parts?

02:35:43. What are the benefits of having DSP on your interface?

02:36:52. Is it true that a wireless mouse or MIDI controller affects MIDI timing?

02:37:56. Does selecting tracks within a folder track cover up track control settings?

02:38:28. Is the Steinberg CC121 the best bet to access multiple Cubase parameters?

02:40:50. Why is my control surface playing MIDI notes when operating the transport?

02:42:57. How to create a macro to insert and name a marker in one key command?

02:46:35. How to automatically recall a visibility setting and recall a specific VCA track?

02:56:36. Why does selecting hide all automation on Groove Agent track with multi outs reveal outputs?

02:59:25. How to find which plug-in is causing stability issues in Cubase 11 Pro?

03:01:45. Why are retailers having problems with inventory on CC121 controller?

03:02:38. What is the best way to shift events later in the project while retaining automation?

03:06:56. What are the benefits of the Rupert Neve transformers in UR RT interfaces?

03:09:18. Has Steinberg implemented the Silk circuit in their interfaces?

03:10:52. Is Steinberg working on improved Eucon support?

03:14:22. Why does my elicenser say that I have 6 instances of Cubase 11 Pro open?

03:15:13. What is the best email address to reach Greg at?

03:15:29. Is everyone getting long loading times with Analog Lab?

03:18:13. Is Cubase Pro worth the upgrade over Cubase Artist?

03:29:45. Is it sensible to take advantage of the upgrade promotion?

03:21:42. How many licenses can be store on a USB elicenser?

03:23:59. Will we have the logical editor session and Zoom on the same day?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

April 20 2021

00:06:45. Is there an approximate date when we can run Cubase without a USB elicenser?

00:07:42. How to save drum map where order of sounds has been modified?

00:10:34. Is there a way to delete muted events on the selected tracks?

00:14:11. How to select notes on offbeats in the logical editor?

00:16:18. How to speed up the tempo of a vocal track?

00:19:05. How to copy sound A to B in HALion Sonic SE?

00:20:34. Can automation be copied from a MIDI event to an audio event?

00:22:28. How can I use pitch bend snap to pitch?

00:28:18. How to open note expression editor on a note by double clicking on it?

00:30:19. Why is chord pad MIDI note recorded with chord pad generated parts?

00:33:20. Why doesn’t render in place transfer automation?

00:37:10. Why can cause a crossfade from being done when hitting the letter X?

00:39:30. Are there ¾ patterns with Groove Agent SE?

00:40:52. Will my settings be retained when updating from version 10 to 11?

00:41:32. Why do the keys in the keyboard editor light up different colors?

00:44:22. How to enter note values in logical editor fields?

00:48:12. How to apply scale correction using the logical editor?

00:51:29. Why does hiding all automation open all outputs in multi out VST?

00:53:43. What is the shortcut to activate/deactivate cycle loop function?

00:55:32. How to speed up IO configurations when switching instruments?

00:57:49. How does the control room work?

01:04:13. Will QC assignments for plug-ins work if loaded in a different slot?

01:10:12. Is there another to mono a stereo track besides using the pool function?

01:11:28. How to use the compare A and B setting using HALion Sonic SE?

01:12:54. How to easily copy automation data to another track at the same spot in time?

01:16:05. Is it possible to import arranger tracks from another project?

01:20:25. Is the 16,384 values for pitch bend a random number that Greg made up?

01:21:46. How to pass on files to someone after changing tempos using musical mode?

01:25:26. Is the 16,384 values of pitch bend an important number to know?

01:27:17. How to speed up the tempo of an audio track?

01:28:20. How to select a MIDI note by velocity value?

01:31:56. How to save routings of external effect configurations?

01:34:07. What is the difference between attributes and direction in expression maps?

01:36:35. How is Cubase 11 working on M1 Macs?

01:37:24. Do MIDI tracks include automation when using render in place?

01:40:35. How to set chord pads to a specific key?

01:42:03. How to smooth out tempo in a recording with lots of tempo fluctuations?

01:47:33. What are differences between parts and events?

01:50:01. What are differences between musical and linear time modes?

01:55:19. Why do imported wav file seem to disappear in my project and how to get back?

01:57:20. Why does clicking on arrange window activate auto scroll?

02:00:26. How to quickly do incremental audio input routing in Cubase?

02:02:20. How to make MIDI learning to MIDI keys?

02:03:30. How to pitch an instrumental sample up and octave and stay in time?

02:09:11. How to do MIDI learning on Cubasis 3?

02:09:31. How to render an event the length of locators as opposed to length of event?

02:12:48. What is the best way to capture recording from reel to reel into HALion?

02:15:58. Is there a way to jump straight to floating window when double clicking on MIDI part?

02:17:14. Can I apply Yamaha reverb or compressor from my UR 824?

02:19:06. Can I preview samples in MediaBay with headphones with Sonarworks?

02:21:20. How to load an HRTF Sofa file for working with Ambisonics?

02:23:08. Is it possible to use more than one audio interface in Cubase?

02:25:57. Can Cubase generate chords based on a melody converted to MIDI?

02:27:13. How to activate MIDI ports for outputs for external MIDI interface?

02:30:11. Can I hide tracks from divided track list in MixConsole?

02:34:00. Will the Eucon visibility bug be addressed in an upcoming release?

02:35:40. Any tidbits on what will be coming to Cubase in the future?

02:36:42. Will we be able to disable effect and group tracks in the future?

02:39:06. How to select the highest note by velocity?

02:40:46. Is there a global swing?

02:44:53. Why can’t I apply a reverse audio processing to a small sample?

02:46:13. How to have Cubase transform aftertouch to poly aftertouch?

02:49:17. What is the lightening icon in the upper left hand corner do+

02:50:32. How to setup an external effects unit in Cubase?

02:52:23. Does importing a sample move it to project audio folder?

02:54:13. How to remove unused files in project from hard disk?

02:54:57. How to slow down in tempo track and keep ability to alliance new counter melodies?

02:59:27. How can we swap a content inside of a project?

03:01:12. How to remotely collaborate on Cubase projects?

03:02:39. Is it possible to ping to a external MIDI clock to set delay offsets?

03:04:11. How to easily change the GM program sounds in Cubase Elements 11+

03:06:30. Will Steinberg interfaces with DSP offload plug-ins and processing from CPU+

03:07:45. Is it possible to change the tempo of one of the tracks separately?

03:09:12. What should I do if I can’t afford Cubase right now?

03:10:21. How to migrate my custom kit with new samples to a new computer?

03:12:35. Will the full stream be available after the live part has ended?

03:13:18. How to switch external effects between stereo and mono?

03:15:03. Why do my grey parts change color after adjusting background lighter?

03:16:16. Is there any audio interfaces that handles plug-in processing?

03:17:35. Can MIDI parts be nudged using the computer keyboard?

03:19:38. What does enabling externally clocked in studio setup do?

03:22:05. Where are my old custom presets stored so I can migrate to new PC?

03:23:27. Will my Cubase projects be able to be opened in 10.5 and 11?

03:25:20. How to quantize a live drum recording?

03:30:18. How to make a tape stop effect with Cubase built in plug-ins?

03:32:11. How to migrate key commands from Cubase 10.5 to 11?

03:34:11. How to remove and update firmware for my UAD Apollo twin interface+

03:35:38. Why is my horizontal scroll bar in mixer black making it hard to navigate+

03:33:15. Can direct offline processing be used for VSTi tracks to free up CPU?

03:39:47. How and why would you use IAC driver and explain ReWire+

03:41:40. How to transform MIDI CC11 to MIDI CC7 on input?

03:42:58. How to change the song position when enabling step entry mode?

03:43:44. Will it ever be possible to move or delete tracks in the MixConsole?

03:44:20. What makes the DSP on Steinberg audio interfaces unique?

03:49:28. What do the number of instances shown in elicenser mean?

03:51:01. How to monitor correct volume using direct offline processing with clip gain?

03:53:15. How to make changes in an EQ after initial setting in direct offline processing+

03:55:06. Will there be clipping if my audio meters go above 0dB in 32bit float processing+

03:55:52. Why does my Waves Limiter plug-in give different pre and post insert fader results?

03:57:58. What do composers use the small colorful display with many boxes for?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

April 23 2021

00:06:36. Why doesn’t Greg show his Cubase performance meter?

00:08:54. Why is playback during cycle record transposed?

00:10:58. Can you show how to create and use a macro?

00:14:44. Why isn’t the volume control for a single note working in the status line?

00:16:57. Are thunderbolt devices compatible with USB 4 ports?

00:18:29. Can I show the chord track within the VariAudio Editor?

00:19:55. What is the preferred way of automating orchestral parts CC or automation?

00:22:12. Why does my track change key when I flatten VariAudio?

00:23:36. Are there options in HALion 6 like Micro Tune in MIDI insert?

00:27:35. Why does my volume automation sometimes get frozen?

00:30:41. What are some of the new functions found in 11.0.2?

00:33:18. How to work with video track for synced audio with TV commercial?

00:36:16. What is the best use of hitpoints and audio warping from hitpoints?

00:39:29. How to record a mono source with VST Connect?

00:43:32. How to deal with a session that fails to load?

00:45:23. How to get project back to 0 after doing display bar offset and deleting time?

00:47:23. Is there a way to import tracks into lanes for easier comping?

00:49:57. How to show automation on MIDI track sent to an instrument rack?

00:52:26. How to use guitar rig in Cubase?

00:55:23. What is the difference between VST 3 and 3.5 plug-ins?

00:57:16. How to show mod information as automation data?

01:01:28. Can I copy my project folder to an external drive to make a backup?

01:03:56. How to improve the latency or render of export?

01:04:50. How to link our Cubase to Dorico?

01:05:51. How to create a harmony for a solo violin MIDI part?

01:11:02. What are the latest additions to the Maximizer plug-in?

01:14:22. What is the best way to treat real drums to minimize mic bleeding?

01:16:47. How to record in 528Hz?

01:18:24. Why is my system crackling with my Presonus interface?

01:20:57. How to extract notes from one event to multiple events for orchestration?

01:26:04. Why is Greg running Cubase Pro 10.5 and not 11?

01:27:11. How to audition loops through effects in MediaBay?

01:31:12. How to set a steady temp on a live recording with a variable tempo?

01:37:48. How to set HALion to play 528Hz?

01:38:50. How to delete silences in an audio recording?

01:40:55. Does Cubase have a trim VST plug-in?

01:42:25. How come track presets don’t save groups, folders and colors?

01:45:35. How did automating a cutoff on Retrologue automate volume on a different track?

01:48:24. How to rename an audio event after it has been cut?

01:51:06. Why do I get a CPU overload message on real time exports?

01:52:01. How to generate a sound of 528Hz in Cubase?

01:54:31. Where are track presets stored on a Mac?

01:56:21. Will just installing only Cubase application lead to snappier screen performance?

01:57:24. How can I make the click track louder or create a click track+

01:59:52. How to restore an event at its original position?

02:03:08. How to use the comp tool for audio on different track versions?

02:05:16. Why is my Ensoniq SD1 not transmitting MIDI note off messages?

02:07:42. How to group and ungroup multiple MIDI notes together in the key editor?

02:09:27. Can I use Cubase as a sound input and output for online lessons?

02:10:39. Can I harmonize a vocal track by playing MIDI keys in VariAudio?

02:13:40. Is it possible to change the time stretch algorithm in VariAudio?

02:14:02. Will there be a Zoom meetup after the April 30 Live Stream?

02:15:24. Was the orchestral thing used available ibn Cubase LE?

02:16:27. Is the left zone in MediaBay only for Steinberg content or any content?

02:18:53. Am I able to tag and search any 3rd party content in MediaBay?

02:19:56. Is it possible to sidechain an VSTi part with a VSTi kick sample?

02:25:08. How to write MIDI notes in quintuplets?

02:27:36. Does a lower buffer size mean better quality?

02:28:29. Why don’t audio files show after a MediaBay scan?

02:30:50. If I set audio preference to copy audio to project folder will setting stick?

02:31:45. Does changing buffer size affect playing audio through web browser?

02:33:25. Where can I buy the song Greg uses Beatles or Stones?

02:34:48. How can I backup my custom Groove Agent kits and samples to a new machine?

02:36:23. How to copy and paste filter automation from one track to another?

02:38:49. How to backup all of my Cubase settings and use SSD as main drive?

02:39:38. How to get best settings for CPU hungry VSTi?

02:42:09. How to save all of my configurations in the MIDI edit window?

02:43:27. Is there to retroactively apply upgrade promotion to recently purchased upgrade?

02:44:49. Can the latest Download assistant download and not automatically install updates?

02:46:39. How to audition preview with effects but not main control room mix?

02:48:23. How to transfer from the sampler to a track line?

02:50:27. How to navigate between tracks in the editor windows?

02:53:24. Is there a solution to preview samples other than deactivating control room?

02:54:29. How to save mono inputs in Cubase from my Apollo twin interface?

02:55:50. How to lock MIDI note events?

02:57:28. How can Greg keep all of this in his head?

02:58:09. Why do I consistently lose settings and presets?

02:59:33. Can you tell us about touch mode automation and the whole thing?

03:02:24. Is there a linear phase option in the Frequency plug-in?

03:03:12. How to convert an audio song to MIDI?

03:04:59. Does Cubase need to add a system of 4 blocks to make it less academic?

03:06:32. Why does my MediaBay seem to not be able to find all of my audio files?

03:07:50. Is there a difference in performance between the different HALion versions+

03:08:50. How to make a piano cover of one of my friend’s songs?

03:09:39 Is there an easy way to back up my Cubase project automatically to another disk?

03:10:43. Will Steinberg be removing the elicenser?

03:11:27. How would you compare the included orchestral sounds in HALion vs. Iconica?

03:14:00. Is it possible to group tracks for routing on the project window?

03:16:44. Can I change the color of the automation line when using lighter color scheme?

03:18:16. Does anyone know when Dorico will be updated to version 4?

03:18:52. How to set an individual output for each independent MIDI track?

03:20:48. Which version should I get Elements, Artist, or Pro?

03:23:42. How to use a downloaded amp simulator in Cubase?

03:25:51. How to control bypassing of an insert effect using a MIDI note message?

03:28:57. Is it possible to have custom names for plug-ins in the future?

03:30:25. When is it best to render in place instrument tracks with tempo changes?

03:35:03. How to make a device panel from scratch?

03:43:15. How to import an AAF file that has stereo audio files?

03:44:31. Can you explain how to make Hermode tuning work?

03:47:50. Will Cubase utilize multiple CPU cores during audio export?

03:51:15. Why am I losing track control and keyboard shortcuts?

03:51:55. How can I copy MIDI CC mapping without the notes?

03:53:42. Is it possible to program the headphone output for a crossfeed effect?

03:54:29. What should the kick and snare gain stage be in dB?

03:55:11. How to write the new vocal to a new track after VariAudio editing?

03:57:57. Is there a way of keeping the timing of MIDI after doubling or halving the tempo?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

April 27 2021

00:07:13. How to use Groove Agent 5 full version when dragging MIDI loops into project?

00:09:24. How to audition Groove agent 5 patterns and hear them in tempo of project?

00:12:06. Are there any Summer sale deals coming up that we should know about?

00:13:13. Is there a visibility agent to show groups, FX and VCAs of selected tracks?

00:18:06. How to have VariAudio default to chord track color, all controls and audio feedback on?

00:21:15. Why does my audio have some digital artifacts?

00:23:19. How to restore deleted HALion Sonic SE 3 content?

00:24:51. How to turn a bass line or melody into a MIDI loop?

00:29:10. How to open a session that is not opening due to a 3rd party plug-in?

00:33:18. Is there a fast way to get my master at -6dB?

00:35:24. When can Dorico users have Dorico as score editor in Cubase 11?

00:36:48. Will there be an update to Cubasis 3 coming soon?

00:37:34. How to edit the velocity of a single note with many notes at same time?

00:39:42. How to move several Q points in the EQ and adjust at once?

00:42:49. Should I use modulation on the track or in the MIDI editor?

00:48:00. Can we ask questions in the chat field?

00:48:20. How can I see low voice or high voice or mute in MIDI editor?

00:50:43. How to zoom in and out vertically in the MIDI editor with key command?

00:51:59. How to quantize some live drums?

01:00:05. Is VST Connect still inserted in control room when removing it from menu?

01:00:40. How to audition each take after recording in a loop?

01:03:34. Why is playing and writing automation a half beat out of time?

01:06:43. Will the download hub tell us what needs to be updated?

01:07:31. How to import quantize preset from an audio loop?

01:09:01. Will Steinberg release quantize presets?

01:09:53. How to hide MIDI channels from the MixConsole?

01:11:33. What is the shortest in ms that is practical for a sample?

01:12:28. Can you compare using the sampler track vs. HALion 6?

01:16:38. How to open a specific plug-in in control room via a key command?

01:19:48. How to record or bounce effects tracks separately?

01:24:10. What are common causes of the sound breaking up?

01:25:42. How did Greg get his job with Steinberg+

01:29:11. Why is there a delay when playing sampler track from external MIDI source?

01:34:52. Are articulations the same as key switches?

01:40:39. How to unload plug-ins when they are causing the session not to open?

01:43:40. How to separate pasted articulations vs. expression maps in score editor?

01:46:45. Is there a way to duplicate MIDI notes without copy and paste?

01:47:42. How to create vocal harmonies in Cubase?

01:51:02. How to do comping on a live recording?

01:53:38. How to do automation of MIDI data?

01:57:29. Is there any plan to include live looping features in future Cubase versions?

01:58:49. How to mute and pick what to play back with multiple takes on multiple tracks?

02:02:37. How to reset automation that might have been accidentally written?

02:03:57. Can we comping on MIDI tracks with lanes?

02:06:31. How to limit to only 2 MIDI input ports on a MIDI track?

02:08:15. Is there a way to find all 3rds or 5ths within MIDI parts?

02:12:35. How does Greg have his function keys setup on his CC121?

02:14:46. How do you ask questions for the Live Stream?

02:15:00. How to trigger chord pads from MIDI and will chords be recorded in the event?

02:18:39. Is there such a thing as a Cubase manual anymore?

02:20:56. How to change the range for where the chord pads are triggered from?

02:24:15. How to create – 6 or -12 dB of headroom for mastering?

02:24:56. How to select channels and add to a folder track in one click?

02:26:27. What are the best settings for time stamps in the MIDI port setup?

02:28:42. Any more news on Steinberg getting rid of the USB elicenser?

02:29:28. Why does tempo detection go mad adding many tempo and signature track?

02:31:37. Is transferring a sampler track to HALion only in Cubase 11?

02:33:38. Can meters in SuperVision reset when MixConsole meters are reset?

02:34:24. How to register after upgrading from Cubase Elements to Pro?

02:34:56. How to do a MIDI transpose of an octave with a key command?

02:36:53. Why does Kontakt turn white when closing it in Cubase?

02:38:25. How to have multiple effects on one track in different spots?

02:45:03. How to have 2 different colors for volume meters in SuperVision?

02:48:03. Is Yamaha planning on releasing a MPE MIDI controller?

02:49:50. What will Steinberg give Greg for his 30 year anniversary?

02:51:18. Why do I get an audible spike when playing sound for first time in project?

02:53:30. Can the channel strip be mapped to Quick Controls?

02:55:26. Can the staff be split to see played notes and note expression articulations?

03:01:42. How to cut one audio file and rename each section independently?

03:04:53. How to create a chord track from a MIDI piano part?

03:06:48. What is the difference between freezing a track and disabling a track?

03:10:00. Is the best way to record insert automation to record group out to audio?

03:13:17. How to stop my Motif ES8 recording 5 notes for each note in Cubase?

03:15:55. Can I use keys on a MIDI keyboard to control functions or shortcuts in Cubase?

03:18:09. Is it possible to automate Pitch Bend in an automation lane?

03:19:50. Will the combined selection tools be updated to work on 1 row height tracks?

03:22:00. Will Steinberg ever make a USB MIDI interface?

03:24:10. Any tips to find the key of an audio track?

03:25:35. Is there a tool similar to drum tool that allows notes to be entered and deleted?

03:26:55. Is it possible to upgrade from Cubase Artist 10 to Cubase 11 Pro?

03:27:42. How to choose which instrument to edit if 4 instruments are visible in editor?

03:29:26. Why is my soprano voice distorted in Cubase when recording high notes?

03:31:20. Can you show the new meters plug-in in Cubase 11?

03:34:07. How to prevent mic overloading on high notes and what is 32 bit float?

03:35:43. How to easily show and hide automation within a project?

03:37:20. How to record 2 channels from my Sphere L22 mic?

03:39:21. How to avoid CPU using Cubase and Zoom together+

03:41:56. Can the arranger track order be carried over into notation repeats+

03:44:17. Are there different headphone monitoring options in the control room?

03:44:59. How to get loops and sounds working that I downloaded from Steinberg site?

03:48:13. How to overcome message to manually install SpectraLayers and HALion Sonic?

03:49:46. How to fade out low level hum noise in SpectraLayers?

03:53:28. Why does master channel limiter give different results in pre/post fader at 0dB+

03:54:21. How to import a video recorded on my ipad?

03:56:33. How to get backup project to not show at top of recent projects?

03:58:36. Can changing buffer size in Cubase affect Youtube playback on Focusrite interface?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

April 30 2021

00:05:36. How to get ADAT working on a daisy chained MR816 interface?

00:08:01. Can you explain the dissolve part function with Groove Agent?

00:10:09. How to do parallel compression with panned multiple ad lib files?

00:17:15. How to do ducking on a track?

00:21:20. How to print out multiple strings in tablature notation?

00:25:16. How to save new sounds and samples for Groove agent and HALion to other drive?

00:28:38. Will the PD and QC CMC controllers work on an M11 Mac?

00:32:27. How to program macros for common tasks for a touch screen controller?

00:35:47. How to bring in pre built in tracks from a track archive?

00:38:52. Why can’t I pin the Cubase 11.02 shortcut to the taskbar?

00:40:14. Is it possible to change the location of VST plug-ins?

00:43:10. Can one of the CC121 function keys be mapped to enable listen mode?

00:45:56. Can the arpeggios from Retrologue be applied to other MIDI tracks?

00:48:49. How to get Genos to play back arrangement from Cubase?

00:50:29. Can the control room be broken out as an independent window?

00:52:04. Is there any way to pre map the MIDI cc from my Nektar Impact controllers?

00:53:18. How to let Cubase know of external hard drives so Cubase can find content?

00:55:29. How to export multiple files of different lengths based on cycle markers?

00:59:51. How to filter out pitch bend data from a controller with bad pitch bend control?

01:00:54. What colors is Greg using in the Beatles or Stones song?

01:02:42. How to easily add a mod wheel control to a Yamaha CVP70?

01:03:41. How to send Retrologue MIDI arpeggiator to a different instrument?

01:05:12. How to install a Roland Integra 7 as a MIDI device?

01:07:47. Is it possible to modulate a parameter on a plug-in like reverb via velocity+

01:10:54. How to replace only the sample in a pad shop preset?

01:12:34. How to create different instrument combinations in audio export?

01:14:26. Is there a keyboard shortcut for deactivating inserts?

01:18:05. Why do I have latency after disabling plug-ins when tracking vocals?

01:19:47. Is there an undo feature when creating MIDI device panels?

01:24:31. Why do I have latency when recording vocals only on one track?

01:25:05. Does Cubase still require an elicenser key?

01:26:11. What are optimal preferences for recording external MIDI equipment?

01:29:53. How to make Cubase use a specific input on an aggregate audio setup?

01:32:00. How to automatically route my Akai controller as default for Cubase?

01:33:58. Why do I have some meter visible spikes in 16 vs 24 bit audio file?

01:39:42. How to setup visibility zones so they do not have to be created with every project?

01:42:02. How to use the Supervision phase issues to find phase issues?

01:49:57. Is there a schedule for the Club Cubase Live Streams?

01:51:01. Why is my audio clipping if faders are set to -12dB?

01:53:30. Is there a modifier key to deactivate all insert plug-ins?

01:56:22. How to daisy chain firewire connections on Steinberg MR816?

01:57:31. Does the tempo detection smooth tempos to a constant value?

02:00:03. Is there a keyboard shortcut to freeze tracks?

02:02:06. Wrap up. Migrate to Zoom get together!

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

May 4 2021

00:03:21. What are the benefits of using stems?

00:05:28. How to move Iconica to read from an external drive?

00:06:42. How can I have Cubase set paths so Cubase can find guitar, wavs and Kontakt files?

00:08:28. How to write MIDI control insert to write MIDI data to a track?

00:13:23. What are differences between notation in Nuendo and Dorico?

00:17:43. What is the best way to collapse multiple lanes into one?

00:19:30. What are the insert ixml chunk and rf64 audio options in export mixdown for?

00:20:37. How to create a new folder to make sure all files are properly backed up?

00:22:42. How to get touch OSC to work with my key command macros?

00:24:21. Why does the status line indicate that audio in and control room are not connected?

00:26:01. What is the thunderbolt icon in the inspector do?

00:28:50. Is there an index of all of the time stamps for all Live Streams?

00:29:29. How to hear each note as it is entered in the score editor?

00:31:29. Who are famous people that have participated in Live Streams?

00:34:04. How to delete empty comped lanes on top?

00:38:05. What are some of the functions of the metadata in audio files?

00:40:20. How to have Cubase play an external MIDI keyboard from a MIDI track?

00:43:26. Can you discuss some functions like Free text in export audio naming settings?

00:46:14. Is there a way to save custom IRs and Groove Agent kits with backup project?

00:48:13. How to have Cubase load and playback my mp4 video?

00:51:19. Are SpectraLayers One, Groove Agent SE and HALion Sonic SE included in Cubase?

00:53:41. Why didn’t my SpectraLayers come with Cubase Pro 11?

00:55:48. What does the thunderbolt icon in the upper left hand corner do?

00:56:55. How to reverse, invert and do retrograde for MIDI melodies?

00:58:50. How to audition 2 different combinations of insert plug-ins on a track?

01:02:51. Why do I hear clicks on pops when recording guitar with Focusrite?

01:03:53. Why does the program mute sound when it is in the background?

01:05:54. Can multiple MIDI parts on different lanes be merged to a single event?

01:08:43. How to get Quadrafuzz for FL Studio?

01:09:30. Why don’t I get handles on the edges of lanes?

01:11:59. Is there a way to change default output to something other than stereo out?

01:14:15. Can included Cubase plug-ins be used in other DAWs?

01:14:50. How to select a different take without opening lanes?

01:16:37. Why do I have a problem with Cubase quantize and metronome?

01:19:02. What does Cubase flag some isotope plug-ins to the block list?

01:20:55. How to find an audio file that is lost and long gone?

01:22:50. Does Cubase allow m4a files to be imported?

01:24:15. What is an email to reach Greg?

01:24:34. If I see a typo on a Steinberg website should I pass it along?

01:25:47. Why can’t I find VariAudio in the inspector?

01:28:08. How to assign MIDI mod wheel to transmit volume and expression?

01:32:20. Why do people keep telling me to switch from Ableton to Cubase?

01:34:39. How to link and drag the post fader in MixConsole?

01:37:29. Why does my Focusrite under generic low latency driver stop working in background?

01:38:32. How to have a loop in Groove Agent continuously loop until MIDI note is released?

01:43:27. What is this class called?

01:43:57. How to bring SuperVision from control to front using a key command?

01:49:02. How to create your own polypad in HALion?

01:53:37. How to load some .exe project files from Cubase VST 32 5?

01:55:59. How to fix the latency issue when recording?

01:58:37. Does Iconica Ensembles come with or use articulations?

02:02:20. How to use HALion effects for creative sound design?

02:07:14. How to send individual mixes to artists in control room?

02:14:08. What are we doing in the live stream today?

02:14:39. How to create guitar tabs?

02:16:51. Can multiple tracks pre and post insert be moved at the same time?

02:20:16. How to screen record while recording a VSTi into Cubase?

02:22:11. Does Cubase have a larger user base in Europe than the US?

02:23:15. How long will the Live Stream last?

02:24:50. Are there closed captions generally included for the live Stream?

02:25:37. Why don’t Groove Agent sounds play kick and tom when I edit?

02:29:29. How to colorize all of the tracks within a folder?

02:31:06. Will Steinberg make discounts of the plug-ins please?

02:32:04. Why is my passive electric guitar too hot for UR22 input?

02:34:05. Is there a way to open SuperVision from control room via key command?

02:36:42. What program is being used to make the music?

02:37:02. Why can’t I hear my MediaBay when I preview from browser?

02:38:27. How to change the main colors of DAW if it feels a bit too dark?

02:41:22. Why is the current Iconica discount not as generous as 50% off promotion?

02:42:04. How to zoom in and out using the mouse wheel and maintain song position?

02:43:49. Is there a way to change the overall playback speed when using tempo tracks?

02:47:13. What is the difference in pre and post fader effect sends?

02:50:10. Will Steinberg be doing away with the USB dongle?

02:51:01. How well do touch screen monitors work with Cubase?

02:51:44. Why can’t I stream Cubase in any software?

02:54:13. Can the floating transport bar be resized to be bigger, fatter or taller?

02:56:16. Can the audio channels and busses be remapped when changing interfaces?

02:57:52. Why is the volume louder when playing an audio file with play tool vs. Track?

03:00:18. Are there any plans for more than 8 quick controls in the future?

03:03:17. What are the differences between sampler track and BackBone?

03:06:26. How can I save the custom project colors?

03:08:54. Will my Steinberg UR 22 work better than my previous unit with pops and clicks?

03:09:44. How to determine if there are double or overlapping notes?

03:14:00. How to do a mixdown as mpeg to easily share with others?

03:15:12. Why are 2 tracks created when dragging a MIDI file from Addictive Drums 2?

03:17:25. Will the Live Stream be available to watch after it is over?

03:17:49. Are there any harmonic emphasizers to restore audio?

03:20:18. Can I change keys of vocals in Cubase without Melodyne?

03:24:44. Why have my Quick Controls stopped working in Cubase 11?

03:26:33. How to not see sharps in score editor when in the key of Eb in score editor?

03:33:35. Why did you talk about writing in the key of Cb?

03:36:47. Do you need MIDI out for quick controls?

03:37:16. Is it advisable to record at 32 or 32 bit float with a 24 bit converter?

03:38:25. How easy is it to record vocal and acoustic guitar?

03:39:14. How is Greg’s Nektar Panorama P4 holding up for him?

03:40:30. Is there a function to detect chords from guitar parts?

03:41:12. How can I make a whole track faster after recording is complete?

03:42:49. How can I get event volume handles back after cutting and gluing parts?

03:45:01. Are there any simple ways to record acoustic guitars and vocals?

03:46:17. Does the audio interface DA converter have an effect on export audio mixdown?

03:47:03. How to save a loop created in the project to a favorites folder in the MediaBay?

03:49:49. Will FlexPhrazer ever be available as a part of Cubase without HALion?

03:52:46. Any tips on loading a corrupted project into Cubase?

03:54:32. Is the VST Amp Rack guitar plug-in more powerful than what is in Cubase Elements?

03:55:42. Is there a difference in sound when exporting a mix in real time?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

May 7 2021

00:05:24. Why does Cubase play the audio file after audio file export?

00:08:39. Can you explain the different flatten chain options from the flatten arranger track?

00:12:50. Is it possible to have 2 track versions of audio and MIDI within the same project?

00:14:01. How to make a growling sound in Retrologue 2?

00:18:26. How to open .exec files from earlier version of Cubase?

00:20:09. How to switch between the 3 different MixConsoles via key commands??

00:22:09. Can we record a song from our phone and manipulate it in Cubase?

00:23:28. Are there any settings in the audio mixdown to stop file from playing when done?

00:25:30. How to do a collect all and save function in Cubase?

00:27:11. Why does my Cubase crash on me?

00:29:02. Is it normal for Cubase to take a second before playback starts?

00:33:14. Are there tutorials on HALion and Retrologue to become more proficient?

00:34:30. How to render a VSTi and unload it with one click?

00:37:58. How to prioritize focus of MixConsole when using a control surface?

00:40:42. How to automate punch in recording?

00:42:40. Why does playing a loop in Groove Agent play from end of the loop?

00:46:36. Why is HALion Sonic loaded when dragging Stylus parts to my project?

00:48:06. Can Cubase be loaded with a limited number of plug-ins?

00:50:10. Why can’t I hear Soul Assembly in Cubase 11?

00:53:38. How to analyze the chords I am playing to find the key of the song?

00:55:44. How to have a MIDI drum part notate correctly?

00:59:32. Is it possible to use pitch bend wheel on my keyboard to control volume, panning?

01:03:24. Why can’t I finish my 50 GB Iconica Ensembles download+

01:05:45. Can Cubase write MIDI arrangements of synthesizers more reliably?

01:08:15. How can I fix pops and glitches during playback?

01:11:03. How to seamlessly go between Cubase and desktop sharing audio interface?

01:12:31. Should I download all of the content that comes with Cubase 11 license?

01:13:04. Does filtering plug-ins in plug-in manager stop them from loading on start??

01:14:36. Can the order of VST plug-in collections be altered?

01:15:50. How to set a default setting to delete overlaps?

01:17:26. Can I reactivate my trial version?

01:18:16. How to get Cubase to start after Windows update?

01:19:14. How can I change language of the interface?

01:20:32. Will remapping drums for scoring apply to Dorico as well?

01:24:06. How to assign zooming to knobs on Akai MPD 218?

01:26:31. Will Cubase utilize DirectX 12?

01:27:33. Is the Cubase ICAir Pro still available for Leap Motion control?

01:30:09. Does selecting install all reinstall all content if already installed?

01:30:52. Did the return to start on stop transport behavior changed in Cubase 11.02?

01:32:53. Is there a way to use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out?

01:34:07. Will Cubase move to have all windows scalable for better touch screen control?

01:34:47. Can you show how to change tempo and time signatures in a project?

01:36:33. Is it possible to set a default gain setting on instrument tracks?

01:37:56. How to convert a mono track to stereo by doubling one channel?

01:39:28. Any chance of having a Nuendo specific Live Stream?

01:40:34. Do UAD reverbs use your CPU and which Cubase reverb is light on CPU+

01:44:00. Why does my Virus TI go out of sync when doing a loop when recording?

01:48:12. Is it OK to delete Cubase 8 and 9.5 if I have 11?

01:52:06. What is the new intention of the save as new version function?

01:54:50. Why are installed components turn green in Steinberg Download Assistant?

01:55:57. Any sage advice for getting my Apollo Twin interface configured with Cubase+

01:56:46. Is it fine to mix instruments tracks with MIDI tracks routed to VST instruments?

01:58:30. Will you duplicate a piano track multiple time and assign strings and organ sounds?

02:02:49. How to renumber marker tracks in order of the project timeline?

02:06:09. Do the Live Stream attendees work?

02:07:00. How to determine the length of a selected range in seconds and samples?

02:09:03. Why are the events different colors than the tracks?

02:10:45. Is the only way to add a premaster fader to use a group track?

02:12:01. How to auto increment input channels to multiple tracks at once?

02:13:43. Why do I get a Thunderbolt icon on Note Expression tab in editor?

02:17:16. How to get my MPK controller configured to use in Cubase?

02:18:35. Is it possible to batch export MIDI as MIDI and audio as audio in Cubase Artist`?

02:21:15. Why do I have stability problems with SpectraLayers standalone but not in Cubase?

02:21:58. Does Cubase support more than 9 MIDI devices?

02:22:59. What is the intention of the revert function?

02:24:40. Do I have to delete my devices to get Korg controller to work with quick controls?

02:25:45. Is there a prerecord for MIDI information?

02:28:32. Can stereo tracks be bounced into 5.1?

02:32:04. Do 2 MIDI tracks that are armed at same time both record identical data?

02:38:24. How to keep loop position at its bar position when changing tempo?

02:44:40. How to a separate headphone mix for vocalist than the control room mix?

02:51:15. Does routing note expression to a VST 2 plug-in add a thunderbolt icon in inspector?

02:53:41. Does revert functionality change as a result of auto backup?

02:54:46. Does it make a big difference in memory running 16 instruments in 1 Kontakt vs. 16 Kontakts? with one instrument

02:56:36. Does thunderbolt icon appear on tracks set to MIDI channel any?

02:57:55. What is the best way to separate kick snare and hi hat from one track?

03:00:30. What audio interfaces can work with 5.1 surround?

03:01:50. How to get Thunderbolt icon to appear on note expression inspector in MIDI editor?

03:04:10. Can Cubase purge all unused samples in Kontakt?

03:06:28. How to monitor a musicians headphone mix in the control room?

03:10:08. How to transfer mixer settings from one project to another?

03:14:17. Is it possible to listen to some HALion Sonic sounds?

03:17:20. Why does using 2 audio interfaces make fan noise on my iMac?

03:18:13. Is Steinberg getting more content created by 3rd parties for HALion?

03:18:49. Is Greg using headphone amps for his cue mixes?

03:20:14. Can there be a joint demonstration on interchange between Cubase and Dorico?

03:20:58. Can you show the best way to find the tempo from a loop?

03:23:32. Is Dorico making strong inroads into the notation market?

03:24:19. Is there a key command to reset all modules in SuperVision?

03:27:41. Does the track delay in inspector window work while recording?

03:29:34. Did the beat calculator stretch the track in project window to fit?

03:30:55. If I install just Cubase on other studio computer will there be missing content messages?

03:31:35. What is the most natural sounding time stretching algorithm for loops?

03:33:09. Why when dragging chords to MIDI track are they off in time?

03:35:17. How to get control surface fader to select both the track and control volume?

03:36:31. Is it possible to just add notes in Dorico SE 3.5 using the mouse?

03:38:00. How to find and fix phase issues in recordings?

03:42:58. Will Steinberg expand Groove Agent styles to bass and piano like Yamaha Genos?

03:43:51. How to configure an external device that can be used as an instrument or effect?

03:43:18. Can you create a score like an example sent in advance?

03:52:05. Can you get add track preset to work from inside the MixConsole?

03:53:52. Is there a phase button that can be accessed from the inspector?

03:54:24. Are there discussions on the ability to resize all VST Instruments?

03:56:08. Why do I hear clicks and pops in audio running Cubase and Dorico together?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

May 11 2021

00:04:30. Why do I get a disk cache overload message when recording 35 audio tracks?

00:05:59. How to turn up lead vocal louder while recording?

00:09:28. Where are the Cubase MediaBay samples and loops stored on computer?

00:12:05. How to clip gain part of an audio track?

00:13:09. Do I need to purchase optional items in Download Assistant to use them?

00:16:34. How can I upgrade to Cubase 11 from Cubase 10.5?

00:17:22. Is direct monitoring in the UR44 affected by the Cue Mix?

00:18:37. Will there be a dedicated live Stream focusing on Logical Editing?

00:19:20. Any tips on getting Iconica Opus downloaded from SDA?

00:20:09. How can you use L mode?

00:21:33. What are essential plug-ins for mixing vocals?

00:23:32. Why don’t my presets for Groove Agent and Retrologue not working?

00:25:36. Why don’t my presets not show up, like they are glitched out?

00:27:22. How to set lowest C on keyboard to do a reset MIDI command?

00:29:32. How to side chain compress snare out of overhead mic?

00:35:56. Where do I find the vocal presets in Cubase 11?

00:38:55. How to find a wav file which we used in a project?

00:40:48. Is it possible to transpose more than 24 semitones on an audio file?

00:43:23. How to automate coarse pitch for a sub bass drop in Retrologue?

00:48:02. How does Greg get his Cubase sound to OBS or Zoom?

00:49:43. Can I monitor a louder track without latency if cue mixed is used?

00:51:18. Will Komplete Kontrol be modified to have a multi rack?

00:51:53. Can keyboard commands be controlled from a MIDI keyboard?

00:54:20. How to make Groove Agent samples be saved within a session?

00:57:28. Why are licenses checked when opening up Cubase?

00:58:03. Can Greg do a template for Maschine Mk3?

00:58:41. How to solo, mute/unmute all selected tracks at same time?

00:59:55. Will Steinberg please fix alt + drag in next update?

01:01:12. How to tempo sync the delay in a Lexicon MX300?

01:03:20. Why does Kontakt open with such a tiny, tiny GUI?

01:04:48. Why does Cubase 10.5 keep skipping when trying to record audio?

01:07:00. Why can’t I hear my metronome in my newly created template?

01:08:55. Is there a way to customize track presets in Cubase 10?

01:10:16. Is it possible to invert the scrolling direction in Cubase?

01:11:48. Does transposing an instrument track from info line affect MIDI or audio?

01:13:23. Is it possible to link Cubase with Dorico or is it planned in the future?

01:15:04. How to get pitch bend in the editor back to zero?

01:17:39. How to have selected channel always selected with icon controller under MCU?

01:20:17. How to place added group channels not below selected channels?

01:22:50. Can you show the simplest way to automate punch in and punch out?

01:24:20. Will sidechaining from 3rd party plug-ins work in Cubase Elements?

01:26:44. Is it possible to latch solos for tracks in Cubase?

01:28:15. Will Cubase run on a 2011 iMac?

01:29:04. Any plans to make score print to pdf more intuitive?

01:31:32. What are Greg’s top 5 hot keys and why?

01:33:38. How to have a drum sample match the tempo of my project?

01:36:58. Which is better Ableton Live or Cubase?

01:37:20. Can I open Cubase projects in earlier versions?

01:38:40. How to get control room to attach itself to lower zone MixConsole?

01:40:49. Why can I preview MediaBay without control room active?

01:43:07. Should I avoid Mackie Control mode to have controller follow selected track?

01:44:59. Is there a possibility to use headphones in control room with Tascam model 12?

01:48:18. Can I use my Tascam US2400 as a controller in Cubase?

01:49:42. How to connect tracks to the mixer?

01:51:21. What is the best way to find people available in VST Connect?

01:53:48. How to get MIDI from Roland JV to my Focusrite interface?

01:57:38. Do you control your bass in the control room and what do I see on the right?

02:00:27. Is there a way to select a specific default MIDI controller and not in all MIDI inputs?

02:02:16. How to remove DC offset quick and easy in Cubase 11 Pro?

02:03:50. How can I get notified of future Club Cubase Live Streams+

02:05:26. Can the frequency values of the metronome be directly typed in?

02:08:27. What is the real tweak in the Steinberg Audio Power Scheme?

02:10:09. Does using external processing power use more CPU?

02:13:54. Is it possible to have the MixConsole above the project window?

02:15:45. How to put the number on the score?

02:18:23. Where can I learn about the control room?

02:24:11. Does Cubase have Freeze tracks?

02:25:11. Does VST Connect support MIDI recording?

02:27:28. What is the shortest way to get the cursor to a specific place?

02:30:11. How to assign MIDI instruments to a MIDI file after importing to project window?

02:31:44. Why does latest patch of Cubase take longer to update after Windows update?

02:32:36. Does putting more instances of HALion on separate tracks work better with CPU?

02:34:25. Should I investigate content sets like BlockBuster and Noir more+

02:36:03. What advantage does Dorico SE have over Cubase scoring features?

02:38:07. How to make random hi hat velocity adjustments?

02:43:24. Why doesn’t the music mode not show up when pulling in sample?

02:44:53. Why do I get a no external sync message?

02:45:59. Will Cubase implement sends on faders in the future?

02:47:10. Why don’t my Retrologue presets show up?

02:47:59. Why can I not activate direct monitoring with my MR816CSX?

02:49:45. Is there a key command in drum editor to show only used instruments?

02:52:07. How to monitor in mono in Cubase Artist?

02:55:08. Where does Cubase store the click sounds?

02:56:31. How to put guitars in a groups for shelving EQ?

02:58:36. How does Cubase determine beats 2,3 and 4 during tempo detection?

03:01:31. Are we going to mix a project today?

03:02:25. Can you please help in sidechaining reverb?

03:08:18. Is there a way to time compress MIDI data in the key editor?

03:10:53. Is there a calendar for the Club Cubase Live Streams?

03:11:39. Is there a way to bookmark times on the Live Stream?

03:13:44. What is the difference between the loop browser and sound browser?

03:14:52. Is there a way to reset all modules in Supervision with a key command?

03:19:31. Where was the English Chapel IR for Reverence recorded at?

03:20:29. Why doesn’t my stereo enhancer create a mono sound in Cubase Artist?

03:22:12. How to delete notes that have a velocity lower than 10?

03:24:38. Can Cubase 11 be run on Big Sur?

03:24:59. Is there a way to import .all/.arr files from Cubase 3`?

03:26:35. Is there a way to automate changing sounds in Retrologue 2?

03:28:49. Why is there a lower level sent to performer in VST Connect recording session?

03:32:12. Is there a setting to bypass talkback when in play or record in VST Connect?

03:33:53. Is it possible to monitor with effects on local machine during a VST Connect Session?

03:36:06. Why do audio files disappear and are found in pool and how to get them back?

03:38:37. How to export 100 of samples at original length in Cubase Pro 11+

03:43:58. Why is my UR24C not working in Cubase on my Mac?

03:46:46. Is there a new external instrument editor in Cubase 11?

03:48:00. Why is there no audio when exporting files not in real time?

03:53:05. Is the VST Connect Performer picture mailed in indicate Cue mix not cause of volume?

03:54:31. How can I track with an external reverb?

03:55:01. How to merge MIDI recorded on different lanes to a single part?

03:57:24. Will the create markers macro shown help if audio files are on different tracks?

03:58:12. Will Iconica be available in MySteinberg downloads area?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

May 14 2021

00:05:49. What are the group/fx tab for in the audio connections for?

00:08:16. How to add MIDI CC data to a MIDI and adjust attack and release?

00:15:47. What is deep track folding preference for?

00:17:50. Why do I see modulation data appear after recording in the MIDI editor?

00:20:15. What is the most efficient way to use HALion windows and adding flexphraser?

00:25:09. Why doesn’t the L function work well on the MixConsole?

00:29:17. Are global tracks available in the drum editor?

00:30:37. How to have MIDI notes follow window when having to move MIDI event?

00:32:48. Does the Live Stream have a specific topic or is it all user questions?

00:33:27. How to combine multiple audio tracks into one track?

00:38:02. Why doesn’t Listen bus work when activated?

00:39:20. Should I use quick control with VSL?

00:41:23. Any plans for Steinberg to bring out the Midex 8 again?

00:43:07. Why are stereo files automatically split into two mono files when imported?

00:44:19. What are we doing on the Live Stream?

00:44:40. How to return R and W buttons and remove insert, EQ and send icons on tracks?

00:48:05. Can I trigger samples in Groove Agent 5 in toggle mode?

00:54:38. What resolution sample rate is needed for good recording?

00:56:31. Can I use quick controls to send MIDI CC to rack instruments?

00:58:17. How to transpose MIDI data in Cubase if controller does not have transpose function?

01:00:51. What is the best practice for drum replacement with MIDI and audio drums?

01:06:07. What is the best to avoid or recover from unwanted mute changes on tracks?

01:09:46. How to bounce a MIDI track quickly?

01:12:24. Does Cubase video convert 4k video to 1080p or render a 4k video?

01:13:12. Does quick control work with on off CC 80 83?

01:15:25. How to transpose all notes from within the MIDI editor?

01:17:57. What is the easiest way to quantize multiple tracks?

01:22:12. Can the scroll direction of shift + mouse wheel be changed?

01:24:52. How to stop hearing other tracks in effect sends when soloing one track?

01:30:22. Will there be a way to power and measure delay on multiple external fx?

01:32:35. Can plug-ins be opened in the bottom area?

01:34:14. Is there a way to stop zooming by moving mouse wheel while holding control key?

01:36:54. Where can I find serious tutorials about electronic music production?

01:37:38. Why am I only hearing one ear in my headphones with UR22C interface?

01:39:57. How to get on the mailing list to be notified of future live streams?

01:41:14. What is the easiest way to comp multiple tracks like drums?

01:46:54. Why is Iconica content downloaded on Mac not recognized on Windows?

01:48:25. Can someone help with routing for Voice Over work?

01:49:24. How do I get my control room to show the bottom part of the talk button?

01:51:12. Is Cubase the best software for music making?

01:52:08. How to adjust timing and velocity to many notes quickly within a chord?

01:54:40. Any preferences that could affect hearing other tracks that share send when soloed?

01:59:08. What is the reference value for in broadcast wav file preferences?

02:00:48. Do we just ask questions in the live chat area?

02:01:08. Why do notes played and entered sound transposed once in an editor?

02:05:45. Is it possible to have the MIDI editor in Always on Top mode?

02:06:40. How to filter MIDI channel on input?

02:07:54. How to switch keyboard from a generic remote to a MIDI controller?

02:08:41. Why does a session after reopening project do I have a lot of latency?

02:12:53. Why isn’t the project key reflected. In the score editor automatically?

02:18:14. How to setup control room to hear Vari Audio?

02:19:18. Why do I have latency when tracking guitars in only one project?

02:20:08. Is the freeze function useful for audio tracks?

02:21:37. Why is a project only mixing down in real time without external fx or instruments?

02:23:39. Did Greg help Teddy Riley come up with New Jack Swing?

02:25:21. How to make a 4 bar loop play throughout an entire project easily, copy and paste?

02:27:04. Do I need to worry about installing add on parts when using a trial license?

02:27:45. How much DC offset is OK?

02:29:05. How to audition live electric guitar parts through insert effects before recording?

02:33:35. Is it possible to correct the offset on the whole mix or on the bus?

02:34:33. Is there a fine control for adjusting automation?

02:37:25. Is there a way to just select all of the top notes in a MIDI part to adjust velocity?

02:40:19. How to change the project key from the project manual?

02:41:45. How can I get the inspector tab to show the inspector instead of visibility?

02:42:48. What is the best way to use a software mic pre plug-in?

02:45:07. How to export an instrument track as audio to use in another program?

02:47:33. Are there any suggestions to stop Cubase from hanging on checking VST3?

02:48:47. Do I use more CPU resources using an external fx reverb than a native reverb effect?

02:50:15. How do I make my tracks sound louder without moving up the faders?

02:53:11. Can Vince Melamed release the song Beatles or Stones so we can buy it?

02:54:07. What is DC offset and what problems can it cause?

02:58:36. How can I change project tempo after recording?

03:02:43. Why does clicking on the = sign in MediaBay in logical filters not add any?

03:04:38. Would I be better off with 2015 MacBook with 16gigs RAM or 2012 iMac with 32?

03:06:50. How to enable MIDI events to not follow the tempo of project?

03:09:08. Are there major studios using Cubase?

03:10:11. Why is digital recording so much different than analog recording?

03:12:21. What mouse are you using with your Mac Cubase?

03:14:59. How to horizontally scroll in the MixConsole?

03:16:07. How to find your beginner videos on Cubase?

03:18:18. Is it possible to monitor a guitar as pressing play disables monitoring+

03:19:44. Which touch screen controller is used by Junkie XL?

03:21:40. Which version of Cubase is best for a beginner?

03:23:03. Why does monitor kick off after hitting play on an audio track?

03:25:01. How to edit velocities of 2 neighboring MIDI events at the same time?

03:27:53. How to make an acapella vocal be able to change tempo to fit in a remix?

03:32:40. How to authorize guitar harmonics HALion library?

03:34:03. Is there volume discrepancy between Cubase and VST Connect Performer?

03:41:03. How to disable talkback when playing or recording with VST Connect?

03:43:49. Can the engineer hear the effects from VST Connect Performer during tracking?

03:47:00. Why are my Groove Agent One samples not loading from Groove Agent SE 5?

03:51:26. Is there a quick way to align multiple files from Zoom recorder to audio from video?

03:54:12. Why does monitoring not stay on when pressing record or play?

03:55:20. How to drag and drop samples from MediaBay to a MIDI track?

03:56:49. Is there a way to overlay MIDI and audio in the lower zone?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

May 18 2021

00:05:48. How to have chord track play string parts through arpeggiator?

00:09:53. Why are all licenses scanned when we open Cubase?

00:10:44. What do the key commands g and h do?

00:11:30. Can more than one band be soloed in the Imager plug-in?

00:14:14. Can there be a MIDI function to invert notes by scale?

00:17:37. What are the differences between HSO and Iconica?

00:20:53. Is there any difference recording an instrument track to have the monitor enabled?

00:23:41. How to get the peaks to hold in SuperVision plug-in?

00:26:14. Can the wave be zoomed vertically in the detect silence window?

00:29:19. Should DC offset be removed from each individual track or on the mixdown file?

00:30:33. Is there a preference to stop Cubase from opening editor with single mouse click?

00:32:48. Why is a MIDI note entered when trying to lasso other MIDI notes?

00:35:04. What tips do you have for quick tracking when working with vocalists?

00:38:57. Why can’t I see effect of low cut filter in SuperVision?

00:46:08. How does Greg use Squasher individual tracks or mix bus?

00:50:51. What are some things that can make it easier to load Pro projects in Elements?

00:51:57. Why does dragging a pattern from Groove Agent create a new track?

00:54:17. Can we expect a new SpectraLayers version every year from Steinberg?

00:55:19. Can you explain sample management and latency?

00:59:48. Is it possible to have render in place for other sounds in a external instrument?

01:05:03. Is it possible to have MIDI editor reflect orchestral instrument range?

01:10:02. Is it better to get an Intel or AMD processor?

01:11:38. Is Iconica included with HALion?

01:12:36. Would a bundled version of Cubase I got 3 years ago still be available?

01:14:47. Is it possible to automate formants in VariAudio?

01:17:48. Is there a key command to select the next or previous note?

01:19:06. Is it possible to create a macro to quickly audition HALion presets?

01:22:10. How to setup for an IVR?

01:22:56. Why doesn’t Cubase save my project synchronization settings?

01:26:14. Why is the inspector blank when selecting the stereo out?

01:28:26. What is the most reliable way to have the best level for exporting file?

01:31:21. Will there be another Eucon update?

01:32:00. Does Cubase have Style tracks to better work with Yamaha Genos?

01:33:31. How to drag and drop my extracted vocal from Spectralayers in Cubase Pro 10.5?

01:34:07. How to make the bass more mono below 150Hz?

01:38:16. How to see in SuperVision if the channel LC filter is working?

01:40:28. Is there a quick key to move project left right, and up down?

01:42:09. Can writing for 2 instruments be done in a single track+

01:46:01. How to tell if my VST Instruments are at the latest version?

01:47:37. Do you have any ideas why Groove Agent patterns create new tracks?

01:49:09. Is there a plug-in to separate the background noise from a vocal?

01:52:41. Why can’t I get the F11 key to open instrument rack on Mac?

01:56:22. How to add swing to a kick drum?

02:01:27. Can you put lyrics onto a vocal track?

02:03:50. If I did a tempo detection erased audio, added MIDI and audio can I do it again?

02:08:29. How to make sure audio has not changed when importing from video file?

02:10:18. How to change tempo on a single track with other tracks at a different tempo?

02:14:56. Is there a way to use a group channel and pass to next MIDI channel from controller?

02:17:44. Can key switches be played from a different MIDI controller than music notes?

02:20:16. How do we pitch just one sound of a chord written in MIDI?

02:23:23. Is it OK to delete empty unused project folders?

02:24:11. Which plug-in is best for Auto tune, reverb, echo and delay?

02:26:27. Why can’t I get my MIDI controller transmitting expression to sync with Cubase?

02:30:47. How to assign multiple instruments to same inputs from patch bay?

02:32:59. Does Cubase support multitrack editing like grouping and play lists?

02:34:35. Any way to create a quantize preset for orchestral sequencing?

02:26:14. Is it possible to quantize drums as a group and remove hitpoints from all tracks?

02:40:29. How to get notified of Club Cubase Live Streams?

02:41:29. Why when drum quantizing do edits apply only to selected track?

02:42:31. Is immerse intended for delivering ambisonic sound to audiences?

02:45:54. Can I disable safe mode?

02:47:34. Can you render a file to mono?

02:49:36. Can you show some mastering within Cubase?

02:54:25. What is the setting that can stop events being deleted when they overlap?

02:56:09. Can you show how to control and edit automation?

02:59:36. How can I get rid of event names in the key and sample editors?

03:04:30. Why is my audio imported from video file playing back at wrong speed?

03:05:38. How to quantize multitrack drums and remove all hitpoints?

03:06:12. How to pitch bend a single note within a chord?

03:09:34. Is there any need to install the basic FX that come bundled with UR 22 interface?

03:11:20. How to edit other MIDI CC other than velocity?

03:13:12. How to find a wav file used in a project in MediaBay?

03:15:43. Is there a keystroke to change focus of mixer from. Inserts, sends, channel strip?

03:20:43. Are you using SpectraLayers?

03:21:05. How to work with hitpoints on a track that is a part of group editing?

03:23:07. Can I easily arrange orchestrl parts to my guitar and vocal project?

03:27:01. Can you show how to get started with Groove Agent?

03:34:38. Does slicing in drum quantizing get added as hitpoints into the audio file?

03:35:35. How to load new styles into Groove Agent?

03:37:10. How to fix sound getting blurry after working in studio?

03:39:40. Why does Cubase sometimes not find a new groove quantize preset?

03:41:56. How to add labels, like verse and chorus in the project window?

03:43:03. Why when I switch between mixer and edit does it not show the same channels?

03:45:01. What is the best way to add effects that can be monitored and not recorded?

03:47:09. Is it possible to access the scale assistant in the project window?

03:48:01. Is there a way to automate fine tuning?

03:51:03. How to select melody from piano accompaniment?

03:54:21. Why does my Cubase 10.5 crash when I use Groove agent?

03:55:33. Are expression Map articulations available in the lanes?

03:56:07. How to access tuning parameter in note expression in MIDI key editor?

03:57:37. Does Greg freelance as an engineer or producer?

03:58:19. How can I change the language in Cubase?

03:58:39. Does consolidate files copy or move files to project folder?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

May 21 2021

00:05:06. How to fold the roll to show only notes within scale of piano roll?

00:07:13. What are the best plug-ins and the order to use for mastering?

00:10:02. Why could Supervision LUFS and Control Room Loudness meter be different?

00:12:41. How to get F11 key to bring up instrument rack in Cubase on MacOS?

00:14:52. Can I create a split screen guitar video in Cubase?

00:18:13. Why can’t I see my hardware connections for UR 44 on new computer?

00:19:27. Does HALion have any synths that can both be used as an instrument and effect?

00:20:54. Why does direct monitoring sound the same if direct monitoring on UR44 is on or off?

00:21:53. Can notes in the piano roll be colored based upon pitch range?

00:26:07. How to find MIDI loops in right zone MediaBay?

00:28:19. What hardware controller is good for accessing parameters in the sampler track?

00:31:09. Can you tell us the difference between input channel and audio channel?

00:36:56. How to use instrument snap shots as a track picture?

00:40:54. Can you record video in the Cubase project window?

00:41:57. Is it possible to save a project into Pro tools format?

00:44:05. Can 3rd party plug-ins be routed only to mid or side channels like WaveLab?

00:45:52. Why do I get missing sounds message when opening Cubase 11?

00:49:14. Can the sampler track stay open in a 2nd window while editing MIDI data to it?

00:53:19. How to make sample editor show only region as opposed to entire file?

00:56:55. Can you show how to use the HALion Sonic multi program?

01:00:11. How to use arpeggiator in the sample editor with some audio files?

01:03:55. How to create a tempo track from a full mix reference track?

01:05:51. Why do my input channels on VST Connections get reordered?

01:07:29. How to import other user’s Cubase color schemes?

01:08:28. Can I open a Cubase 11 project in Cubase 6.5?

01:10:33. How to change tempo of any audio file taken from MediaBay to fit project tempo?

01:14:32. How to have Cubase avoiding automating unwanted tracks with external controller?

01:18:00. How to best use quick controls?

01:21:06. How to use Melodyne for tuning in Cubase?

01:23:08. Why can’t I hear samples during previewing in the MediaBay?

01:24:53. What is best way to import files from StudioOne to Cubase?

01:26:25. Which is the nice dynamic EQ in Cubase Pro 10.5?

01:27:37. Is the elicenser server currently down?

01:28:18. Why am I getting missing files message for items I have license for?

01:29:08. How to match an audio guitar track with fluctuating tempo to Groove Agent?

01:35:20. Does Cubase have unlimited sidechain inputs?

01:37:24. Is there a key command the mimics the enter key?

01:38:38. Does Nuendo come with Atmos templates?

01:39:43. Does routing tracks to a group assign the colors to tracks of group?

01:41:17. Is there a way to remove noise from a profile in Cubase 10.5 LE?

01:42:13. How to change the color palette and import new skins?

01:43:19. Is there a way to hide tracks that you don’t to see?

01:44:28. How to automate a band of EQ?

01:46:14. Can you show Nuendo’s Voice Designer, Pitch Driver and Doppler plug-ins?

01:53:24. Why is there a graphics glitch selecting individual tracks from folder track?

01:54:51. How to join 2 MIDI events with space between them into one single MIDI event?

01:56:35. How to add control name in MIDI devices when adding a midi controller?

01:58:51. Can I use multiple audio interfaces to work in 5.1?

02:00:14. How to duplicate audio events and give them different warp algorithms?

02:02:58. How to convert MIDI to audio in the project window?

02:05:53. How to use virtual guitar pedals on vocals?

02:10:58. What is the difference between copy and reference media in track archives?

02:12:59. Is it possible to use multiple sound cards?

02:15:04. How to have Cubase delete all audio files not presently in the project?

02:17:22. What are some uses of HALion Sonic’s flexphrazer?

02:26:51. Why do my Cubase windows disappear when switching to another program?

02:28:30. Can individual slices in sampler track have pitch changes?

02:30:48. What can cause input order to be changed?

02:32:03. Is it possible to transpose the chord track up 2 octaves?

02:34:51. Can musical mode be used to quantize drums?

02:36:17. Can you demonstrate VariAudio?

02:45:27. Anyone know how to configure Avid Control App in Cubase?

02:45:16. Do I need to do a save tracks to import the tracks into a different project?

02:47:33. Can the symbol for pre and post fader sends be more obvious in the future?

02:49:05. How can I get RevX plug-ins to work better in Cubase?

02:50:47. How to add different inserts to instruments with more than one sound?

02:54:41. What is the fastest way to open the Retrologue editor when returning to the track?

02:57:10. How to convert MIDI tracks to audio using audio mixdown?

02:59:34. How to have 3 bars of 4/4 and 1 bar of 15/`6 in project for chill music?

03:02:35. How to have a VO track match timing of recording in Nuendo 11?

03:05:44. Is that free with Cubase?

03:06:59. Can you show some workflow tips in the MIDI key editor?

03:14:25. Is it possible to use Cubase sample loops in 3rd party plug-ins?

03:15:20. Is it possible to have CC64 start last 1/16 note after and before MIDI part?

03:20:26. How to activate next part in key editor with a key command?

03:25:13. How to duplicate a range within the MIDI editor?

03:27:21. Will it be a problem to merge 2 projects if audio files have same names?

03:29:09. How to rename control name in generic remote control?

03:32:31. Why do I only hear HALion 6 sounds that are on MIDI A channel 1?

03:34:02. How can I find ¾ drum patterns in Groove agent?

03:35:44. Is there a fast way to do a fixed velocity for MIDI parts?

03:39:31. Is there an option in project setup to stop audio dropouts when adding effects?

03:40:30. If I get the new Steinberg MGuitar do I get a discount on Absolute 4?

03:41:18. How to navigate in MIDI editor with long event names?

03:42:58. Is it possible to change the time domain of multiple tracks at the same time?

03:45:29. How to work with overlapping audio files while punching guitar parts?

03:49:29. How to make MIDI timing to external USB interfaces have tighter timing`?

03:54:25. What causes Maschine to not retrigger notes during loop?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

May 25 2021

00:06:50. Why is my Cubase crashing frequently?

00:08:10. How to setup and use the MIDI gate plug-in?

00:11:08. What is the HSSE in the MixConsole and how to delete it?

00:12:45. How to mix my R&B tracks with an orchestration template?

00:15:35. Why can’t I hear my MediaBay preview through control room?

00:17:54. Why do some MIDI loops and samples seem to be missing in Cubase 11?

00:22:00. Can you go over the different parameters of the detect silence function?

00:24:51. How can instruments created for HALion be copy protected?

00:25:55. Why does my large video file stop playing after half a second?

00:28:53. What are the differences in different Cubase drum programming tools?

00:35:30. What does the pin process in Nuendo’s direct offline processing do?

00:38:05. How to adjust the master volume of an external instrument?

00:39:57. Is there a way to get Nuendo’s Voice Designer plug-in to run in Cubase?

00:41:15. Why is there a limit to how many sources can be side chained from a lead vocal?

00:44:33. How to colorize track contents?

00:48:34. Is it possible to have velocities spread across different keys in the sampler track?

00:50:20. How to send different mixes to different musicians?

00:54:52. Is there a way to save a track preset including MIDI and audio events?

00:57:48. Is Voice Designer plug-in available for Cubase?

00:58:55. How to manage presets, multi patches in HALion Sonic with MediaBay?

01:00:07. How to pan different percussion elements using the drum maps for external devices?

01:02:09. Will Steinberg add more Indian instruments?

01:02:29. Why did I lose my audio hardware setup for my UR44 audio interface?

01:04:47. How to hear just sub bass in tracks without boosting Eqs?

01:09:19. Why doesn’t my preview volume work in standalone MediaBay?

01:11:00. Any tips and tricks to mix tracks?

01:15:07. Can Cubase determine what time signature I am playing and what is 6/8 vs 5/5?

01:20:20. What can create a glitch in an exported track not heard in project?

01:24:18. Can you create melodies using Beat Designer?

01:26:35. How to add MIDI tracks to be routed to a fully loaded HALion Sonic?

01:29:19. How do HALion Sonic slot programs get routed to the MixConsole?

01:30:57. Is there a way to freeze tracks from a keyboard shortcut?

01:32:48. Why am I getting an error scanning plug-ins?

01:33:21. How to get the drum sound list back in the drum editor?

01:35:15. Can I use the same in and out of interface for external effects and instruments?

01:36:26. Why do I get a message about plug-in scanning error message?

01:37:17. Why is my expression pedal moving the Cubase project window?

01:39:13. Should I use Cubase or Nuendo to have rendered 5.1 file play through home theater?

01:41:52. How to send a score as a pdf to other musicians?

01:44:27. How can I get this software?

01:44:48. Can you show mastering in Cubase?

01:49:16. Is there a workaround of not being able to set grid to triplets in sample editor?

01:50:59. Can you export the chord track as tablature?

01:58:15. How to manage polyphony in HALion Sonic multi-timbral?

02:00:08. Should I get Cubase for my iPhone?

02:00:48. Can I find a clean powerful guitar tone in Cubase LE, AI, Elements?

02:03:11. How to do a MIDI slow down effect?

02:06:29. Can you show sample editor basics?

02:10:50. How to fix a bass recording where one or two notes is too loud?

02:13:27. Can you give an overview of pitch editing in VariAudio?

02:22:02. Does Cubase have an included plug-in combiner for more flexible routing?

02:21:55. How to change the tempo midway in a project?

02:26:46. What can cause my Cubase to become less stable after a Windows update?

02:29:28. How to get track name from instrument preset?

02:30:53. How to split MIDI drums to different tracks easily?

02:33:28. How to keep sample tracks from losing audio files when backing up projects?

02:35:31. How are you recording Cubase into OBS?

02:36:54. How to make ports active in MIDI device port setup?

02:38:50. Will the Cubase licensing move to ilok?

02:40:53. Does Nuendo include all of the Cubase features?

02:42:34. What triggers Cubase to scan the content on startup?

02:44:45. How to turn chord track into chord diagrams in score editor?

02:50:19. How to improve tempo detection in Cubase?

02:52:54. How to do a backup that retains VST and processing intact?

02:55:00. How to set time offsets in Cubase?

02:59:30. Has Greg witnessed anyone using a breath controller well?

03:02:45. How to edit CC data on multiple tracks?

03:05:26. Will there be any issues in project compatibility between intel and M1 Macs?

03:06:03. Can you please explain A# in scale for a Bb chord?

03:07:30. Is there a way to warp multiple drum tracks?

03:11:40. Why are there variations on tempo detection on programmed steady drums?

03:12:37. Does Cubase or Nuendo come with an encoder for Dolby or do I need a plug-in?

03:13:26. How to hear files in MediaBay preview in Nuendo?

03:14:16. How can I insert effects post fader?

03:16:55. Why are there tempo variations on locked drum tempos?

03:17:44. What is retrospective recording on the inspector do?

03:20:14. Will we be getting Cubase 11.5 in November?

03:21:12. How do I map an external drum module in Cubase?

03:23:18. Did appearance of track clips change from Cubase 10+

03:23:58. What is the easiest way to delete HALion SE tracks from imported MIDI files?

03:23:45. Is there a way to automatically color Groove Agent pads?

03:27:06. Did Cubase use to have an automatic archive function?

03:28:00. How to insert an effect post fader?

03:29:58. Can a wind player benefit from a MIDI breath controller+

03:31:14. Why is there a short audio dropout when switching and recording audio tracks?

03:33:30. What are the numbers in chord track when creating chords from MIDI track?

03:35:33. Will Steinberg promote the Live Streams in the Steinberg Hub?

03:36:44. How would you compare Yamaha Nuage vs. Eucon?

03:39:05. Why does Cubase mute channels when switching between track presets+

03:42:17. How to make a permanent visible track atop the project for chord track?

03:43:07. Why do I only have fewer options in my render in place options than your system?

03:44:52. Is there a way to use logical editor to generate timed MIDI CC64 messages+

03:47:16. Does Maschine synchronize well with Cubase when looping+

03:48:35. How to use the plug-in snapshot for a track picture?

03:50:56. Is it possible to disable FX track after printing reverb+

03:52:47. Is it possible to glue MIDI CC to notes so that they can be moved together easily?

03:54:58. Is there anything else that could be causing audio dropouts when switching tracks?

03:59:01. How to transpose a vocal up that was recorded to transposed down track?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

May 28 2021

00:04:57. How to get events to snap to the grid?

00:08:10. How to get adapt to zoom back in my Cubase?

00:09:13. How to get Fabfilter C2 working in Cubase?

00:11:42. Can I see the green bar with the sound wav in Cubase LE?

00:13:31. How to easily make notes repeat in the MIDI editors?

00:15:42. How to back up my preferences and profile manager?

00:16:24. How to add more ins and outs to Cubase for my 8 in and out audio interface?

00:18:43. Will there be a new update to Cubase 11.5 soon?

00:19:31. Are Nuendo updates on a slower release schedule compared to Cubase?

00:20:32. Is there any pitch plug-in included in Cubase?

00:22:57. Any tips to get my Cubase 10.5 to be more stable on my system?

00:24:08. When is a Cubase Pro 11 update coming?

00:24:33. What advice can you give to make my mix as loud as commercial releases?

00:28:50. How to import exported audio into project without copying?

00:30:40. How to apply tempo information in exported audio files from Cubase?

00:32:37. Will audio input with effects be delay compensated when recording audio externally?

00:34:33. Why is digital recording more difficult than analog recording?

00:35:52. Is Cubase going to be compatible with touch screens?

00:36:45. Why are my exported audio files carrying wrong tempo information?

00:38:41. How to incorporate synth loops into projects?

00:42:54. Can you demonstrate some of the vocal pitch correction features?

00:47:23. Can you give an overview of audio poo metadata functions?

00:48:41. Can recording of MIDI be engaged or disengaged without stopping playback?

00:50:30. How to assign tracks to a folder and a group at the same time?

00:52:41. Can I get an email address for support?

00:53:27. What is the alternative key commands in Nuendo for?

00:54:50. What does the range A-B selection in Nuendo do?

00:57:09. How to select an arranger chain and have all parts selected?

01:00:27. Where I can send mixes to Greg so that Greg can review them?

01:01:40. Is there someone that teaches digital recording on a one by one basis?

01:02:02. Do tracks assigned to a group change to the color of the group channel?

01:04:47. What is Steinberg’s email?

01:06:13. What are VST preamps and can they be used to record a voice?

01:07:31. Is there a way to select inserts and sends with key commands in lower zone mixer?

01:08:45. Why does tempo detection have lots of variations?

01:12:08. Why doesn’t Cubase read my audio interface?

01:13:51. What features have been added since Cubase Pro 10?

01:15:50. How to rename all of the tracks at once without copying and pasting?

01:17:44. What steps would you take to match dialog recordings?

01:20:28. How to set the time signature on a down beat after doing tempo detection?

01:23:13. How to place a loop on a Groove Agent pad and have it warp to project tempo?

01:28:19. How to control the control room volume via generic remote?

01:31:27. How to stop events underneath another event to stop deleting underlapping audio?

01:32:59. Are there plans to bring Nuendo’s Voice Designer to Cubase?

01:33:32. Any tips on how to minimize corrupted projects?

01:34:40. Is there a way to quickly double a MIDI part up or down an octave?

01:36:28. Is there a way to lock colors on events?

01:38:06. Could we possibly have a section on giving tips on someone’s project?

01:41:27. What are the numbers in the scale of the chord track?

01:44:19. Can the tap tempo be tapped via generic remote?

01:47:56. Why am I having problems with my sustain pedal on MIDI controller?

01:49:15. Is it possible to add different offsets in MIDI clock destinations?

01:49:51. Is Groove Agents DeCompose available in Groove Agent SE?

01:51:08. Can SpectraLayers separate instruments or only vocals from instrumental track?

01:54:27. How to load a group of different vendor instruments as a collection?

01:57:10. Is there any way we can have the default EQ be 8 bands?

01:58:34. Transition to end of month Zoom Meetup! Stay safe and healthy.

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jun 1 2021

00:05:57. How to set MIDI editor to default to double click opens note expression editor?

00:11:03. Is a 10 core iMac or 14 core PC better for film composers?

00:13:06. How to have more points available for automation written by controller?

00:17:00. Can you cover MIDI mappings in Cubase for controlling from Korg M1?

00:21:53. Will there be a new Cubase Pro to resolve issues with Melodyne?

00:23:20. Why aren’t my MIDI events following tempo changes in project?

00:27:45. How to use Nuendo and stream audio into OBS?

00:29:35. How to convert a guitar solo track into MIDI?

00:32:00. Does doing a direct offline process with an external effect cause a crash in Cubase?

00:35:20. How to do a smooth automation change without making 4 points?

00:37:24. What is a fast and easy way to get inserts from one channel to another?

00:39:20. How to route each pad from an octopad to different MIDI channels?

00:44:32. Does Nuendo have a fader follower type of plug-in?

00:45:03. How to move events up or down tracks without using a mouse?

00:48:30. Will there be any updates to VST SystemLink?

00:50:11. Why does Cubase continue playing a track in project even after stopped?

00:51:24. Why is the Cubase interface too large on Windows 10?

00:54:04. Why is a track being played when play head has not reached it yet?

00:54:56. Is there any way to scratch in Cubase using a DJ controller?

00:56:57. How to switch BCF2000 controller to transmit MIDI CC messages?

00:59:10. Any disadvantages of including tempo definition in audio export?

01:00:42. How to save individual track presets for 10 instrument tracks all at once?

01:05:52. Why aren’t MIDI tracks following tempo changes in project?

01:10:14. What can cause a project to need to be tuned off in task manager?

01:12:07. Would a clean install of Cubase be better than installing over Cubase 10.5?

01:14:57. Does Steinberg offer any Club hangouts for Nuendo?

01:15:42. How to make BCF2000 transmit MIDI CC to control virtual instrument expression?

01:17:36. How to easily copy an insert chain to a track far away in the MixConsole?

01:20:37. What is the fastest way to reverse a MIDI chord progression?

01:23:01. How to add a particular effect to only one note on a melody line?

01:25:53. How to use ¾ drum loops in Groove Agent?

01:30:40. How to get the full view heartbeat plug-in with SoftTube Console 1?

01:31:18. Do I have to change DPI scaling for my resolution of 3840x1600 resolution?

01:32:28. Why do my questions get ignored?

01:33:40. What features will I miss in Cubase if I upgrade to Nuendo and can I go back?

01:35:37. Where to place devices on stage and connect them to generate mood and sound?

01:37:23. Why is the transient sometimes imprinted in exported wav file?

01:39:55. How to get signature events to lock to MIDI and audio when copying and pasting?

01:47:54. How do you mix drum and bass best together?

01:50:36. What is the best way to remove tape hiss noise from vocals with stock plug-ins?

01:56:41. How much does it cost to upgrade from Cubase 5 to Cubase 11 Pro?

01:57:40. Can audio follow a chord track?

01:58:16. Can the Steinberg version of Immerse be used for virtualized headphone mixing?

01:59:26. What tools can Cubase 11 offer to help vocals for someone who can’t sing?

02:01:15. What kind of soundcard to people recommend?

02:02:25. Is it better to upgrade to Nuendo 11 vs Cubase Pro 11 from Cubase Pro 10.5?

02:04:09. Is there a hidden function to temporarily disable the screen?

02:05:04. Is Greg answering questions from the live chat?

02:06:07. Will Cubase be updating its automation features?

02:06:40. Can I work same files with my buddy who is not using Cubase?

02:07:37. Is it possible to have VariAudio tune to 442 to work on live recordings?

02:10:45. Any news on the next version of Cubase?

02:13:44. Can the Frequency plug-in be used as a notch EQ?

02:15:04. Is Absolute 4 included with Cubase?

02:15:58. Is there a way to use triplet or dotted grid in the sample editor?

02:18:20. How to treat the compression of a track that has different levels of volume?

02:21:21. Can you show how VariAudio works in tuning vocals?

02:27:01. Why is my tempo changing even after deleting tempo track?

02:30:45. What are the differences between a boxed version and download version?

02:31:50. How to get Groove Agent pattern pad to not restart from start when triggered?

02:39:48. Is there a new version of SpectraLayers coming soon?

02:40:27. How to record individual MIDI notes from pattern into a track?

02:43:29. Is there a preference to have newer takes on top as opposed to bottom?

02:46:15. How to rename markers and put them in sequence?

02:48:55. How to change the metronome patterns?

02:50:45. Is there a way to control the cue send volume from an Avid controller?

02:53:26. Why do some macros not work with some user created key commands?

02:55:18. Will working with VariAudio as a vocalist be over my head?

02:56:16. Can VariAudio work with the chord track?

02:59:01. Do you need the key to work in VariAudio?

03:01:21. How to make Groove Agent pattern pads not start on beat one in stop mode?

03:05:06. How to flip through multiple takes in lanes with a flick of a button?

03:09:23. Why are these plug-ins so expensive?

03:09:58. How to select and delete multiple events in the manner like the mute tool?

03:12:38. Is there a way to automatically have Q Link enabled by default?

03:16:35. How to add effect returns into exported group stems?

03:18:09. Is Cubasis for Android a good choice for quick social +

03:18:50. Can you explain some the abbreviations in presets used in patch libraries, SR, VX etc.?

03:19:40. How to add chord tracks into different beats other than 1?

03:21:54. How can I make the MediaBay more responsive and faster?

03:24:10. Are common record modes set for each or are they global?

03:26:02. How to have 2 USB MIDI devices such as a controller and a desktop module?

03:28:34. How to select different lanes without making all lanes visible?

03:30:32. Does Greg use the Scarbee bass?

03:31:45. What are some macros that Greg has made and how to create them?

03:36:24. How to print reverbs and delays to their own audio channels?

03:39:24. What is a good way to automate a quick EQ change?

03:40:58. How to split events based on cycle markers?

03:42:59. Is there an easy way to compare 2 different mixes other than snapshots?

03:46:51. How to open old Cubase arr or all files in Cubase 11?

03:48:33. How to delete MIDI notes that are outside of part borders?

03:53:11. How to have add chord function fall on beat 1 in a 2/4 bar?

03:55:57. Does Cubase have a quick resample option to record audio output?

03:58:19. How to quickly change the color to a single color for multiple tracks?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jun 4 2021

00:05:29. Are there any issues migrating Cubase projects between MacOS and Windows?

00:07:07. Does HALion 6 allow creation of physically modeled MPE instruments?

00:08:36. Why does the Cubase audio engine sound so amazing?

00:09:07. Can I use Cubase on 2 computers in 2 different rooms?

00:10:19. How to time warp multitrack phase locked?

00:15:19. Why do I get a error message converting multiple mono tracks to stereo?

00:19:07. How to get sidechain to work on Frequency EQ?

00:24:36. How to copy an effect chain to a different track?

00:28:19. Where can I learn how to do mixing?

00:28:47. What do I need to visually focus on in the EQ?

00:33:25. What preferences can be deleted to reset my audio interface?

00:35:33. Will Cubase and Nuendo release versions in sync in the future?

00:36:42. How to build a Roland Fantom G external controller in Cubase?

00:38:57. How to render multiple tracks to a single file with Render in Place?

00:43:28. Does combining tracks to mono require edits?

00:44:57. How to handle articulations with multiple sounds in HALion Sonic?

00:46:13. When will there be a sale to update from Cubase 10.5 to 11?

00:47:34. How to get audio routed to Teams or Zoom from Cubase for collaboration?

00:50:39. Where is the quantize segment on the Cubase transport bar?

00:52:26. How to avoid a crash with tempo detection in Cubase 10?

00:54:26. Why do I still hear Groove agent drums when automation fader is at 0?

00:57:54. Can you walk through setting up an ambisonic and immerse?

01:01:46. How to find and organize new plug-ins installed with plug-in collection?

01:05:18. How can I make the track colors like Cubase 5?

01:06:37. Any new updates on the new license management system?

01:09:35. Is there a show plug-ins not in favorite list feature?

01:09:32. Will Cubase 11.5 improve workflow?

01:11:24. How to find a bunch of plug-ins recently purchased in Cubase?

01:12:30. How to randomize MIDI notes in Groove Agent editor?

01:16:26. Does Cubase have a Virtual Drummer?

01:23:48. Why do I have a display bug in HALion 6 Anima instrument?

01:24:59. Can you add little variations to MIDI audio in BackBone?

01:27:22. How much headroom should I leave on the master fader?

01:28:38. How to import tempo guide track back into project?

01:29:14. What is the fastest way to reliably quantize audio?

01:32:32. Is there a way to lock the notepad?

01:33:45. How to transfer content sets from older computer to new one?

01:49:27. What migration issues will I run into upgrading from Cubase 6.5 to 11 Pro?

01:50:38. How to program a velocity crescendo using the logical editor?

01:56:16. Can Groove Agent change patterns based on the song structure?

01:58:47. How to have arranger track changes applied in export audio mixdown?

02:01:57. Is this a learn session?

02:02:39. How to improve stability when starting project from large template?

02:04:29. Should I buy the iphaone version of Cubase?

02:05:22. Does upgrading Nuendo from Cubase provide more content library?

02:06:17. How to best select and edit multiple hitpoints?

02:11:21. How to set audio interface input from inspector if not in audio connections?

02:14:45. If I want to keep Cubase and Nuendo 11 will I need to have separate licenses?

02:15:55. Is there a way to identify and delete identical samples on my computer?

02:18:07. Is it possible to change vocal pitch after extracting via SpectraLayers?

02:22:50. What type of Mac is Greg using for the Live Stream?

02:24:26. Can I upgrade from my Cubase LE 9 to Cubase LE 11 free?

02:24:55. Should I order the extra RAM to get 32 gigs?

02:26:12. Can Nuendo turn an event black when selected as Cubase does?

02:27:05. How to change the audio record folder for a project in Cubase?

02:29:14. How to best take a reverb off that is embedded into a vocal file?

02:30:40. How to explode the hi hat patterns created in Groove Agent note repeat?

02:38:28. How to move automation points by 1/100th of a dB?

02:40:49. How to limit the direction of events and automation when editing?

02:44:31. Can you explain soft quantize?

02:48:38. What is the next step in sidechaining after drum and bass?

02:50:48. How to make a bus for 2 guitar tracks?

02:54:25. Can multiple MIDI controllers be setup to control separate tracks?

02:59:16. Is there a possibility to export the key commands as an excel or .csv file?

03:01:00. Will there be a possibility of better integration with NI controllers?

03:02:17. Can you briefly explain crossfeed?

03:07:09. Will Yamaha be making a MIDI controller with deep Cubase integration?

03:08:48. Can my NI controller work with the Cubase chord track?

03:10:34. Can I create Dubstep tracks in Cubase?

03:12:29. Why is freezing tracks not as popular recently?

03:16:10. What is the difference between digital and a toneband machine?

03:19:13. Does Cubase have a crossfeed feature for virtualizing audio through headphones?

03:20:07. Is there a time for the Live Stream on Saturday?

03:20:50. How to set memory correctly in HALion for Iconica?

03:23:25. Does Steinberg still have a getting started manual`?

03:24:41. How to save and recall complete audio routing settings?

03:26:24. How to change the cursor back to one arrow in Cubase 10.5?

03:30:09. How to import audio from a video source?

03:33:32. When is the new Cubase coming out?

03:34:26. Is there a way to hook up Cubase to a pdf file on disk as opposed to online?

03:36:32. Tell us the stupidest way to get a great sound?

03:38:15. What is the easiest way to align a MIDI track to a drum loop?

03:43:12. How to create a guitar tablature score from MIDI parts?

03:44:59. How to get the return to start position on stop to change behavior?

03:47:42. How to get a MIDI controller to control quick controls?

03:49:47. How to best utilize circle of 5ths, proximity, and chord suggestion in chord track?    The editor not. keyword: chord editor, chord idea, chord design

03:54:12. Can there be input and post fader meters at the same time in the future?

03:54:54. How to lock marker track to the top of the project window?

03:56:59. Any way to populate a tempo track with random values 2 or 3 bpm in difference?

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Jun 8 2021

00:06:03. Will Steinberg come out with a USB 4 audio interface?

00:07:25. What is the easiest way to add swing to a MIDI track?

00:12:01. What are some faders missing in some MixConsole windows?

00:12:31. Can I run my Layla 24 and Behringer UMC1820 interfaces at the same time?

00:15:51. How to lower the volume in the middle of a sound?

00:18:09. Is there a way to save presets in a different specific folder?

00:20:34. How to automate tempo changes in Cubase?

00:21:43. Any tips on using tempo tracks and markers?

00:24:14. Did Greg have to order his new computer with USB 4?

00:24:50. Should I assign left and right snare samples on different MIDI notes?

00:28:59. How to have drum editor always open when I open a drum track?

00:31:36. Can we create humanized playing space using logical editor?

00:36:06. What is the VST Cloud Menu in Cubase and why don’t I see it?

00:37:12. Why doesn’t Retrologue arpeggiator follow chord track?

00:42:19. How to create device panels?

00:50:21. Why does initializing VST 2 plug-ins take a long time in Cubase Pro 11?

00:51:52. How to select MSB and LSB in the MIDI channel?

00:53:20. Is there any form of online support for Cubase functionality?

00:54:08. What is the fastest way to add a strum effect in MIDI?

00:57:03. Why does Cubase sometimes crash on selecting save and close?

00:59:01. How to organize scattered client stems into organized template?

01:03:05. Can I send a radio ad I did to Greg for review?

01:04:03. When using the arranger track does Cubase apply crossfades automatically?

01:05:54. Is Greg running Cubase 10.5?

01:06:33. Why dome notes in Retrologue arpeggiator sound out of key?

01:10:56. How to fade arpeggio effect before its cycle ends?

01:13:55. What is the shortcut to open 3rd VSTs with one click?

01:15:55. Does Cubase Pro have a debreath plug-in?

01:28:08. Any plans to offer functionality of divisimate in Cubase?

01:28:49. Is there a way to create a macro to bypass inserts, channel strips, sends and Eqs?

01:34:29. Will projects done in Cubase Artist 11 load into Cubase Pro 10.5?

01:35:38. How to insert a 3rd part plug-in?

01:37:02. Will dragging files between projects move audio files to project folder?

01:38:28. What does real time algorithm has been deactivated because pitch or stretch factor lies? outside the limit of the current preset?

01:39:54. How to get mic input from Tascam Model 12 into Cubase?

01:49:59. How to make cursor always return to where it started from?

01:47:13. How to move all audio files to a consolidated project audio folder?

01:48:18. How to do cycle recording and editing for a hi z input?

01:52:18. Can I explore the front and back of surround with 4 outs on UR44?

01:53:38. Why do so many macros need the nudge + 1 frame function?

01:59:55. Should I use the same speakers when building a surround mixing environment?

02:02:19. Can a lock be put on a floating notepad?

02:03:16. What does Cubase Artist have that Cubase 10.5 Pro does not have?

02:04:12. Can you tell us about VariAudio?

02:10:33. How to raise volume loudness and not take head room away?

02:12:52. How to add a plug-in snapshot as a track picture in Cubase?

02:16:10. How to change the color scheme in the MIDI editor to match piano?

02:18:30. How to link the groove feel of audio to a MIDI event?

02:22:06. Will the channel strip ever become part of the lower zone?

02:23:19. Is it possible to do a search in the live chat field?

02:24:17. Can you rename parts only?

02:25:11. How to have NI controller work with quick controls on NI plug-ins?

02:28:53. How to have VariAudio edits rendered into the audio file?

02:31:14. Does Nuendo sound better than Cubase?

02:33:10. How to tweak at the same times 2 plug-ins in different insert slots?

02:38:09. Will there be a Cubase 11.5?

02:40:21. Why is some content missing after updating to Cubase 11.0.2?

02:42:06. How do I get Superior Drummer 3 to show up under MIDI?

02:44:31. How to save and apply MixConsole settings from one project and apply to other?

02:48:15. Why is the stationary cursor scroll in a jerky manner?

02:51:12. How to find name of channel EQ used on a track?

02:54:03. What is the upgrade price difference between Cubase and Nuendo?

02:56:21. How to add a short sysex string to send before a program and bank change?

02:59:27. Is it possible to add a sysex string to patch script?

03:01:29. How to have effects from Cubase on external instrument in real time?

03:03:47. How to control a Kaossilator with only MIDI CC messages?

03:09:06. Can you review how tempo tracks affect events and tracks in musical mode?

03:13:13. What is the easiest way to reopen a project without closing it?

03:14:44. How to send program change with bank selection?

03:17:08. Is there a way to download a patch script for the new YC88 keyboard?

03:18:18. How to get Roland Integra 7 to work as a VST?

03:19:40. Is there a global notepad that can be used for an entire project?

03:22:47. How to change the chord voicings from a chord track?

03:26:58. Is there a patch script for a Yamaha P80?

03:28:06. Will there be any upgrade/crossgrade promotions after the current Nuendo one?

03:29:34. Is there a patch script for the Yamaha CVP70?

03:33:05. Where to copy device patch scripts to be accessed by Cubase?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jun 12 2021

00:05:23. Where best to place all files need for Cubase Pro 11?

00:08:28. Why do I have to go to VST plug-in manager to add newly installed plug-ins?

00:10:29. How to make it easier to see a MIDI reference track in VariAudio?

00:12:28. How to load and save track presets?

00:14:41. How to backup projects?

00:17:32. Can disabling hidpi help with stationary cursor display?

00:18:46. Can you please explain uses of the control room?

00:27:32. How to do an 808 glide?

00:32:41. How to adjust transient of loop if edited out because it is early?

00:35:42. How to open a sampler track and a chord track at the same time?

00:37:53. What are main differences when upgrading to Cubase Artist from Cubase Elements?

00:38:31. How to send all bank and program changes again within the same project?

00:41:54. How to show information like time code, markers in conductor’s score?

00:44:58. Would transferring over markers to a score be better in Dorico than Cubase?

00:45:34. How to send a short sysex string before a bank and program change?

00:47:44. Can you explain sidechain compression workflow?

00:52:07. What does applying to part or project mean after doing a tempo detection?

00:56:18. Why isn’t the fader moving on my CC121 controller?

00:57:19. How to easily change the clef in the score editor?

00:59:40. Are there any looper machines available in Cubase AI 10.5?

01:00:30. How to setup a S/PDIF input with my audio interface?

01:04:30. How to send program changes and bank changes a second time in a project??

01:07:27. How to have 2 split keyboard workstations in Cubase Elements?

01:10:09. Can Cubase create a condensed conductor’s score or should I use Dorico?

01:13:15. Why use right zone MediaBay when there is full MediaBay and Sound Browser?

01:15:53. Why can’t I import my video file into Cubase?

01:20:02. How to route effects for cue mixes for performers?

01:30:20. Can you give a short overview of VST Transit?

01:33:00. Can users create their own content library icons or right zone Mediabay?

01:33:40. How to export stems?

01:35:41. Are plug-ins CPU or interface dependent?

01:38:54. How to change the pitch bend range in Cubase?

01:43:11. Is it possible to use virtual channels to work in 5.1 with a stereo monitoring setup?

01:45:22. Is it possible to set pitch bend to a specific scale?

01:47:48. How to route click track to different headphone mixes?

01:51:02. Why is Cubase seeing MIDI activity that is not note messages?

01:53:31. How to route Superior Drummer 3 to separate outputs for processing?

01:58:16. Any strategies for using my Yamaha MoDX with Nuendo?

02:01:07. Can you show ambisonics in Cubase?

02:04:00. Can we download more chord pad presets?

02:06:23. How different is the Dorico from the Cubase 11 score editor?

02:09:32. How to unlink 2 channels?

02:13:14. Can HALion have multiple outputs like Groove Agent?

02:14:39. Why are sometimes not outputs of an instrument included with render in place?

02:18:27. How to change the tempo of another audio file imported into Cubase?

02:21:14. Can I use my home theater system for mixing from Atmos in Nuendo?

02:26:20. Will there be more Dorico integration in Cubase?

02:30:13. Is it possible to work in 5..1 in Cubase and export it to a DVD?

02:31:17. How to carry over expressions from Dorico file into Cubase project?

02:32:12. Can Cubase run as a ReWire slave?

02:33:54. How can I have lost headphone volume in control room?

02:36:39. How do you export a tempo track with multiple tempo changes?

02:38:51. Why do I lose fade handles when importing an audio file?

02:41:36. How to delete tracks from the MixConsole?

02:43:29. How can I invert thee zoom scroll wheel direction in MacOS?

02:44:25. Is there a nearly solo function to reduce volume of other tracks?

02:46:39. How to save a VST instrument and retain routings to group?

02:50:08. How to snap markers to the grid?

02:52:02. How to have a retrospective recording appear in a new lane?

02:55:55. How to send audio out from Cubase to OBS?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jun 15 2021

00:05:05. After installing all Cubase content do I need to do anything to install it?

00:06:47. How to have reverb on only snare and hi hat on an 808 style loop?

00:10:35. What is the difference between waves mono/stereo and stereo plug-ins?

00:12:31. What is the difference between adaptive voicing and adaptive voicing ref?

00:15:25. How to listen to loops in right zone MediaBay without disabling control room?

00:18:11. How to mix each instrument like drums, snare piano etc?

00:22:12. How to set headphone and monitor out in control room for Audient interface?

00:25:40. How to find the name of the EQ preset applied on a channel?

00:28:50. Are there any Cubase features that I will miss if I upgrade from Cubase to Nuendo?

00:29:38. How to preload more samples into instruments used in projects?

00:31:57. What is the benefit of using direct routing vs. Sends?

00:37:17. How to create a tempo map from tapping in MIDI notes on the beat?

00:39:57. How to see a meter plug-in on each track individually?

00:42:14. How to quantize notes on the upbeat using the logical editor?

00:49:47. Why does selecting a cord pad to adaptive voice reference just outline it in gold?

00:53:08. How to merge multiple projects into 1 project?

00:55:11. Can a chord track change all notes of an audio file in VariAudio?

00:58:17. Can presets be saved into a specific folder?

01:00:25. Which Cubase saturation plug-in would you use on the master bus?

01:04:17. Is there a difference in EQ automation between Cubase and Nuendo?

01:12:20. Are there folder track presets available?

01:13:53. Is VST AmbiDecoder compatible with MacOS Big Sur?

01:14:40. Can HALion Sonic SE draw a lot of resources from the disk vs CPU?

01:15:26. Is there a way to copy a plug-in from one track to other multiple tracks?

01:21:36. Can Greg show his color scemes preference settings?

01:24:29. Is there a hot key to change the different quantization values?

01:27:16. Is Steinberg working on Supervision so that it can use non track colors?

01:30:47. Will Cubase trim out unused video after exporting video?

01:32:15. How to drag a sample to a Groove Agent pad and replace existing sample?

01:34:50. How to make the Groove agent 5 bass drum mono?

01:37:31. How to move a synth side back in the mix to make it fit in mix with guitar?

01:45:05. Why are master out and groups missing from my main MixConsole?

01:48:53. Is it better to use the effects in the channel strip over running them as inserts?

01:50:52. Is it possible to put different plug-ins on different monitor outs in control room?

01:53:13. Why is my effect in master bus in active and can not be removed?

01:56:22. Why does signal on track look overloaded but it is not?

01:57:14. Why is only one track being recorded on a stereo track?

01:58:53. Why is my audio clipping even when dragging loops out of MediaBay?

02:00:41. Where can I find a set of macros to download?

02:01:47. Does learning from chat questions make me an answers vampire?

02:03:04. What is a synsopos.exe error message mean?

02:03:41. Does Cubase Pro have a basic notation view like Cubase Elements?

02:06:23. Is there a mono toggle button in the control room?

02:07:23. Is there an audible difference converting Groove Agent SE 5 drums to mono?

02:08:59. How to easily convert a stereo track to mono?

02:11:21. Can I sync 16 tracks of HALion with 16 tracks from external synthesizer?

02:13:31. Can a chord track trigger chords on a track in only certain sections of a song?

02:15:59. Can you talk about user presets in the MediaBay?

02:18:41. Do I get all of the content sets if I purchase the full Groove Agent?

02:20:23. How can I save MIDI from a track to user presets?

02:25:15. Where can we ask a question?

02:25:33. How to get Garage Band to see my mic I plugged in?

02:27:11. Is there a complete list of Greg’s Cubase keyboard shortcuts?

02:29:06. What email address can we use to reach Greg?

02:30:26. How to convert MIDI aftertouch to velocity in Arpache SX?

02:38:25. How to copy text and paste it into the project clipboard?

02:40:05. Can Greg make his cursor larger so that it is easier to follow?

02:42:09. Why is my waveform view look like it is clipping when it is not?

02:44:03. What are advantages of using 16 stereo outputs as opposed to MIDI tracks?

02:48:33. How to stop the system data clip from coming up from EZ Keys when dragging?

02:49:50. Is there a way to save a sampler track as a track preset?

02:54:01. How to get a MIDI part into the Arpache SX MIDI plug-in?

02:56:37. How to keep the Control Room open in the large MixConsole?

02:58:38. Can the waveform amplitude zoom be controlled by the AI knob?

02:59:35. What touch screen would you recommend to trigger macros that does not use wifi?

03:01:45. Why do I get a message about initializing Studio Manager on new PC?

03:03:40. Are the Simon Phillips Groove Agent content sets available at Steinberg?

03:04:48. Where are the sampler track user presets stored?

03:06:31. Will there be any Cubasis update coming in the near future?

03:07:36. What are the icons just to the left of Greg’s inspector on the screen?

03:08:28. How to integrate a device that can be used as a external instrument or effect?

03:10:17. How to record the arpeggios generated by HALion Sonic instruments into project?

03:15:28. Which effects should I use for reverb and delay?

03:19:15. How to get Behringer X Touch to switch bank messages in Cubase?

03:21:34. Can you teach me to operate Cubase 5?

03:22:45. If I have a HALion 6 license does it include HALion Sonic 3?

03:24:18. Why doesn’t Cubase switch bank when you select a track?

03:25:24. How to use Denoise?

03:29:17. How can I get this program free?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jun 22 2021

00:05:35. What are busses used for?

00:09:36. How to move randomly sized audio clips to the beat?

00:14:05. Is Nuendo better than Cubase?

00:15:17. What traps are there if mixdown file has different loudness than MixConsole?

00:17:49. Why are my VSTis clipping even if levels are below 0dB?

00:20:59. How to use the L button on the MixConsole and how to set its level?

00:24:14. Can you have randomized MIDI notes not repeat more than 3 times?

00:28:13. How to use internal effects in Groove Agent SE 5?

00:34:01. How to figure out track delay in ms for track inspector for external MIDI?

00:36:18. Can you teach me how to run Cubase 5 in Hindi?

00:37:00. Why does the M Guitar HALion instrument only have one sound?

00:40:04. How to control Cubase from a booth from an ipad?

00:40:50. Any tips on doing drum replacement for open and closed hi hats?

00:43:10. Can we ask Nuage questions in the live stream?

00:43:35. How to get unique names for sliced audio events?

00:46:11. Can you discuss effects that can be added to electric bass for different genres?

00:50:27. Can I use VST Connect Pro 5 with Nuendo 10?

00:52:04. How to move events horizontally and constrain their pitch?

00:56:25. How to move events and retain time to a single audio track?

01:02:37. How to know if my Windows 10 PC is set up optimally for Cubase?

01:04:13. Is it possible to mute a VCA group?

01:06:48. Why is my external instrument always sounding when track is muted?

01:08:05. Do Cubase updates come out more frequently than Nuendo updates?

01:08:51. Do I need to use groups or buses to bounce tracks?

01:10:39. Did you miss question on voice over track for professional output?

01:11:28. Will Cubase ever have 16 sends in the future?

01:12:27. How to zoom by dragging from the top and not change position?

01:16:58. Do you have to control room to use the listen bus?

01:17:47. Can you discuss the new upcoming licensing system?

01:19:20. What is the best way to transfer a Cubase project to Cubasis?

01:20:58. How to select every 2nd note in a MIDI part for editing hi hats?

01:26:48. How to flip through multiple takes using a key command?

01:29:50. How to setup an instrument track to record XLR output from amp?

01:31:17. How to get notes to end when an event is cut on the project window?

01:35:15. Is it possible to save a preset with different effect settings in Groove Agent?

01:38:31. Can you discuss the use system timestamp info in MIDI setup on Windows?

01:39:58. How to move the notes triggered by a synth up an octave?

01:42:28. Is there a setting to get Cubase to stop asking if I want to open an earlier project?

01:44:28. Is HALion Sonic NKS compatible?

01:46:00. How to nudge audio events in small amounts not tied to the grid?

01:48:55. What is the difference between Cubase Elements and Cubase Pro?

01:50:40. What is the shortcut to open the sampler track into a separate window?

01:54:34. How to copy the length of a note to another note or notes?

01:57:38. How to use the nudge palette?

01:59:40. Will Cubase 11 work with Windows 7?

02:01:04. How to quickly draw in a bunch of 1/8th notes in the MIDI key editor?

02:04:38. What types of mastering plug-ins does WaveLab have?

02:08:07. What does the show/hide upper zone key command do?

02:11:04. How far off is Cubasis off from Cubase?

02:12:19. What version of Cubase is being used for the live stream?

02:13:03. Is it worth the price to upgrade from Cubase 10 Pro to Nuendo?

02:13:56. Is IC Pro still being maintained?

02:14:47. How to activate musical mode in the project window?

02:19:41. Did Greg answer question on changing octaves for chord track?

02:21:03. How to drop zoom from time line without changing play position?

02:22:35. Will Cubase move to a subscription model?

02:24:45. How to switch the lower zone mixer to inserts and sends with a key command?

02:28:13. Where can I select my audio interface in Cubase AI 11?

02:30:06. How to select a new play position by clicking in the project window?

02:32:09. How to stop scale assistant MIDI melodies from ending on the 4th of scale?

02:35:53. How to zoom in?

02:37:13. Is there a preference to stop tracks from being record enabled when selected?

02:38:17. How to transpose MIDI info so that drums are played from correct keys on controller?

02:40:43. Is this only for iso?

02:42:03. How to get better performance with my USB audio interface?

02:44:00. Does hitting return key after doing a direct offline process crash Cubase?

02:47:00. How to move MIDI notes up or down an octave without moving their position?

02:48:12. How to enable monitor button on all tracks and turn it off when stopped+

02:50:27. What does freezing tracks do+

02:53:53. Can you group tracks in Cubase Elements?

02:54:44. Why do hard panned instruments lose volume in mono?

02:57:22. What do audio files sometimes appear with no data after freezing them?

03:00:34. Where is the freeze MIDI tracks button in Cubase 11?

03:02:24. What is the preferred method of editing guitars, warp or slip editing?

03:04:57. What is a VSTi?

03:05:47. How to synchronize Cubase with Dorico?

03:09:26. Can you look at my Cubase crash dump files?

03:11:13. Why do hard panned guitars sound great in stereo but bad in mono?

03:14:18. How to setup a finalizer mastering processor in Cubase?

03:15:53. How to show the major and minor chords in a particular key?

03:18:10. Can you show features of the sampler track?

03:26:47. How to recover freeze files from Cubase SX project?

03:29:11. What is the difference between adding effects in. inserts vs. channel strip?

03:31:03. Can you show a little bit about VST Transit?

03:33:36. How to lengthen one not of an audio file to make last not of guitar solo longer?

03:34:39. Why do I get a bus message on aux sends unresponsive in HALion?

03:37:42. Why is my Slate plug-in now invisible to Cubase?

03:40:11. How to take a MIDI part with 4 voices split to multiple tracks in score editor?

03:44:41. How to modulate parameters with LFO?

03:49:42. Why can’t I add complex chords in the chord track?

03:52:51. How to go back to original zoom state after zooming in on 2 parts for editing?

03:55:08. Does the object move tool only work in the page mode of the score editor?

03:58:05. How to not show MIDI CC data on MIDI events on the project window?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jun 25 2021

00:07:02. How to make VST3 plug-ins the priority in our plug-in folder?

00:09:18. Does SpectraLayers Pro have a reverb match function?

00:12:19. Can you show pitch shifting within the direct offline processing?

00:19:59. Will Cubase 11 work on Windows 11?

00:21:13. Where to get more chord pad scale presets?

00:23:41. Can I upgrade from the SpectraLayers that came with Cubase?

00:24:28. Can different zones in the mixer have independent zoom settings?

00:27:31. How to get the reverb to not be too short when direct offline processing?

00:32:39. If my imported .mov video file is black is that mean there is a codec problem?

00:33:41. How to run DAW on one computer and VST Instruments on other?

00:36:25. Will there be improvements in SpectraLayers One now that version 8 is out?

00:37:46. How to use other minor scales in scale assistant from chord pads?

00:40:33. Can you teach me Cubase in Hindi?

00:41:20. Can you discuss the Audio Connections window?

00:45:41. How to make for vocal melody?

00:47:00. Why is audio looping unexpectedly in sampler track?

00:50:23. How to save presets for audio and groups in MixConsole?

00:54:53. How to keep automation lane open for a particular track when automating others?

00:58:10. How to get tempo of tracks recorded not to a click track?

01:03:10. Can Steinberg add band pass EQ options for grain control?

01:07:02. Would a vocal glissando translate through audio to MIDI conversion well?

01:09:03. Is there a way to have cue sends automatically enabled when adding a new track?

01:12:10. Does HALion 6 have an auto sample function?

01:17:43. How to use formant and how to use it in SpectraLayers 8?

01:20:49. What music editor is being used?

01:21:51. How to disable MacOS keyboard function keys so they work properly in Cubase?

01:24:06. What happens if the new license management system needs to verify during session?

01:25:01. Why pattern different in project window after pattern is dragged from Groove Agent?

01:29:40. How difficult is it to do an Atmos mix in Nuendo with just headphones+

01:33:33. How to master a track in Cubase?

01:38:57. What is the keyboard shortcut to loop and play an event`?

01:41:21. Is there an automated way to send MIDI data for sampling in HALion?

01:49:03. How to enable dedicated MIDI port for Groove Agent patterns?

01:51:31. What does the FX tabs in PadShop do?

01:54:04. Can you explain the different snap options?

02:00:03. When will Cubase hangout be on Windows 10?

02:01:38. Why is MIDI recorded in Cubase show an octave lower+

02:03:45. How to make the diamond drum editor smaller?

02:05:05. How to delete program change, MSB and LSB from a part+

02:08:23. How to change the track/channel color scheme intensity+

02:10:07. What is Greg’s top of the list feature wish for Cubase+

02:11:49. Are the menus for Cubase for Mac different than Cubase for Windows?

02:12:54. Does everything run OK with the 11.0.3 update?

02:13:21. Does Cubase have OSC+

02:14:09. Are there any SpectraLayers Live Streams coming in the near future+

02:16:17. What features do I lose if I switch from Cubase to Nuendo?

02:17:55. How to get project window to fill screen on external monitor from laptop?

03:21:13. What ADR features would be better in Nuendo?

02:31:14. Will there be a better MIDI remote control functionality in Cubase?

02:32:48. How to manipulate a drum loop that was dragged into a project?

02:38:35. How to shrink an editor window that has been stretched beyond the screen?

02:40:43. What is that MIDI monitor app for?

02:42:34. How to export tracks from Groove Agent’s The Kit into separate files

02:48:14. How to show time display in bars and beats and minutes at the same time?

02:52:24. Can I run Nuendo 11 on older MacBook?

02:53:14. How to copy MIDI data up an octave with a key command?

02:57:19. How to export multi-tracks from Groove Agent?

03:00:17. Any tips on generating duplicated vocal tracks without phase issues?

03:02:15. What is the difference between objects and beds in Dolby Atmos?

03:04:41. How to control send level on a channel from MIDI CC on a different channel?

03:09:38. Would exporting multi-tracks out of addictive drums be the same as Groove Agent?

03:10:35. How to hear 3d spatial in my headphones?

03:11:59. How to offset time display so measure 17 starts at a time of

03:19:15. How to multi-track Groove Agent exports out to other engineer?

03:20:12. Can logical editor presets be executed with a user defined key command?

03:21:23. Why is my Helix Native plug-in causing skipping in my audio playback?

03:22:35. How to use the set timecode at cursor function?

03:25:14. Can you explain the difference between the 2 different stereo panning modes?

03:29:32. How to safely remove unused files from your project? Red note: Keywords clean up

03:35:15. What can cause a difference between audio statistics and loudness meter?

03:39:11. Why is my crossfade function greyed out and inactive?

03:41:02. Why has my Slate Digital plug-in disappeared from Cubase?

03:42:35. How to map a MIDI notes to MIDI CC messages for Korg Kaosillator?

03:48:58. Is it possible to quantize multiple rhythms in a single part?

03:50:52. Can Greg comment on my voice over file?

03:58:46. What event will be happening on July 10?

03:59:28. How to reduce frequencies with a doubled duplicated track?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jun 29 2021

00:04:45. How to record master outputs into a audio track?

00:08:04. Why do I have high latency on new computer with low buffers on interface?

00:12:58. Can the project logical editor organize tracks alphabetically?

00:15:03. How to get the chord track to record what it is playing?

00:18:46. How to tune drum samples to the key of the song?

00:22:34. Can you recommend some uplifting sample libraries?

00:25:31. Why do I lose volume on my exported mixdown?

00:28:45. How to print out a part starting later in piece without printing pages of rests?

00:32:53. How to change the articulation in a MIDI note+

00:35:04. Will it be possible to have both a peak and RMS meter in the tracker mixer?

00:37:47. How to organize plug-ins alphabetically in VST plug-in manager?

00:39:54. How to get multiple uses of chord track?

00:42:10. How to find tempo of a vocal when doing a remix without instruments?

00:44:10. How to mix down multiple tracks down to a single file?

00:47:07. Can you show different ways to export 64 bit files in a long session?

00:49:40. Can you do a tap tempo in MIDI to create a tempo map?

00:52:14. What is the right way to integrate plug-ins into the right zone?

00:54:08. Is it possible to insert silence when using the comp tool?

00:59:28. What version of Cubase is being used for the live stream?

01:00:06. Is it possible to transfer a Steinberg account to a new email address?

01:01:13. Why don’t I see the queue section on the export audio dialog?

01:01:29. Any word on Windows 11 and full Mac M1 support?

01:03:31. How to trim pan positions when using an external controller?

01:06:13. What does the round robin in Iconica do?

01:07:06. Can latency cause a lag in mute on and off automation?

01:08:03. How to keep Cubase from automatically populate effect sends?

01:09:13. How to close and disable the right column box or zone?

01:10:40. Will Cubase 12 come with a stock Vocoder plug-in?

01:12:04. What is going on, I am new here?

01:13:32. How to deal with a controller that has velocity dead zone of 1-20?

01:17:10. Is there an advantage of recording in 64 bit?

01:18:55. Has anyone gotten the Korg Legacy cell to work in Cubase 11?

01:19:36. How to randomize velocities while programming drums?

01:23:25. What is the advantage of recording at 192k sampling rate?

01:25:38. How to find the volume control for a MIDI track?

01:27:31. Is it possible to save a folder with its content to load in other projects?

01:32:31. Is there anyway to have transport bar set to 2 levels to see more parameters?

01:34:58. Is the only accurate way to have ghost notes in MIDI using audio to MIDI conversion?

01:36:25. How to save preferences and key commands to transfer to new computer?

01:39:24. Can you go over what the icons are on the top toolbar?

01:41:57. Does the USB elicenser need to be connected to computer to run Cubase?

01:43:11. Can you look into the issue of faders not pinning for instrument tracks?

01:43:59. When is Cubase going dongle free?

01:44:43. Is there a way to split stereo tracks in mixer to mono tracks?

01:46:59. How to hide multiple plug-in interface windows at once?

01:47:44. Is there a way to trigger chord pads with a MIDI track?

01:49:25. What can cause crossfades to not be active and greyed out?

01:51:36. Can Greg occasionally read time stamps of questions as a reference?

01:52:12. How to manage string libraries that have s delay when sound starts?

01:54:07. Can I randomize MIDI rhythms in MIDI modifiers inspector?

01:57:04. Can you explain why my Nektar sustain pedal doesn’t work after quick control use?

01:58:07. Is Steinberg moving away from the USB elicenser?

02:00:00. How to record output of Arpache into Cubase project?

02:02:15. Wrap up. Migrate to Zoom Meetup !

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

July  2 2021

00:04:11. How to create a VCA fader from selected channels?

00:05:24. What does freeze trim automation do?

00:09:36. How to import a mixing template?

00:12:12. Where can I find tutorial videos for Flux?

00:13:03. How to setup audio connections and control room for 5.1 surround?

00:15:26. Can you explain about return channels A and B for reverb and delay?

00:19:03. How to sequentially route ascending inputs for multiple audio tracks?

00:21:38. Do locators get resized when loading templates?

00:23:51. How long is the current Cubase Studio Weeks promotion going to last?

00:25:03. What new capabilities are in the version of Frequency EQ introduced in Cubase 11?

00:28:41. How to control a brickwall limiter from a controller on monitor in control room?

00:32:36. Are the audio connections in Nuendo different than Cubase for external devices?

00:34:24. How to play audio through an external display monitor?

00:35:46. How to download and install the Cubase 11 update with content?

00:37:22. Is it useful for Greg to read timestamps of questions from chat periodically?

00:38:49. Can we tab to rename multiple tracks in the MixConsole?

00:39:43. Is Cubase 6.5 also considered Cubase Artist 6.5 for update purposes?

00:41:08. Is there a setting in VariAudio to show advanced controls by default?

00:41:57. How to get Cubase to export a MusicXML file to import into Dorico?

00:43:39. How to create a walkie talkie effect for voice in Cubase?

00:46:37. How to preview samples while control room is enabled?

00:48:33. What are workspaces and how can I utilize them?

00:50:53 How to get more input from newly purchased SpectraLayers Pro 8?

00:51:36. How to link multiple events within a single editor?

00:53:34. Is it OK to import tracks from different songs into a template project?

00:55:27. How to set a default value when working with MIDI CC data?

00:59:48. Any tips to help Cubase from some random crashes?

01:00:59. If I download update from Cubase Artist 6.5 instead of Cubase 6.5 will it work?

01:05:12. Do I need to reinstall Nuendo to get audio connections options restored?

01:06:28. How to get a vinyl like sound onto an audio file?

01:08:25. Is it possible to have sample preview through phones and monitors?

01:10:06. Where did the preference load last project on startup go to?

01:11:13. What is a bus channel?

01:14:30. When is the Cubase sale?

01:15:19. Is there a way to have the export come in at the top of the project?

01:18:08. What is the use of normalize and how to have consistent volume on tracks+

01:21:14. How do you get an access code+

01:22:41. How to setup multiple outputs in Kontakt in Cubase+

01:21:14. What is the difference between group channels and busses?

01:25:19. How to copy effect settings from one project to another?

01:29:23. Does Cubase work in Windows 11?

01:29:45. Are older VSTs supported in Cubase 10.5 not working in Cubase 11+

01:30:49. Any suggestions for an external drive?

01:33:32. Why do I get an error message when opening a drum editor in the lower zone?

01:35:45. Does Steinberg make a soft clipping tool?

01:38:04. Which update or upgrade will work best with Cubase 6.5?

01:39:24. How to monitor on headphones with Sonarworks and monitors effectively?

01:40:23. Is Squasher a soft clipper?

01:41:14. How to move measures by the same amount when using the time warp tool?

01:45:32. Is there a way to add tracks and sequentially assign inputs?

01:46:17. Does Cubase do chord detection of audio files?

01:47:00. Do I need to download Yamaha MIDI driver for Steinberg audio interfaces?

01:47:59. Can you test the fader in inspector not pinning in instrument tracks?

01:48:51. How to quickly audition reverb and maintain dry/wet mix percentage?

01:53:21. How to work on a project in VariAudio tuned to 432Hz?

01:57:53. How to denoise background noise when recording vocals?

02:00:17. Does Cubase have clip gain+

02:01:29. Can you teach how to crop and move events when editing?

02:04:07. What are we going to watch today?

02:06:29. Is there a key command to freeze tracks?

02:10:30. Can the Frequency EQ be set as the default channel EQ and control it with CC121?

02:11:50. Any performance issues with adding an additional 7 VE Pro licenses?

02:12:50. Any tips for settings for fast cycle marker batch export?

02:15:23. How to work with tempo values before the audio file starts?

02:19:16. Is a USB elicenser stick required for Cubase Artist and or Pro?

02:19:59. Can the fader in the inspector be pinned+

02:24:00. Are the updates from Cubase 6.5 to Cubase 11 the full version?

02:24:51. How to match tempos of songs with different tempos for DJ use scenarios+

02:29:50. If I upgrade to Artist will my lesser version still work while waiting for USB elicenser?

02:31:04. How to rename an imported audio file without region names in parenthesis?

02:32:41. Are the samples in Cubase 11 free from royalties?

02:33:02. Will macros be able to control several parameters at once anytime soon?

02:33:56. Any tricks to optimize CPU usage?

02:36:15. Can marker and chord tracks be colorized?

02:37:50. Could Greg review the Cubase 11 demo project in a future live stream?

02:39:28. Is there a way to make the symbol for direct offline processing more obvious?

02:42:49. How to insert 4 measures of silence+

02:44:18. Do all Steinberg programs require an? USB elicenser except Dorico SE

02:45:57. What is the Zoom meetup all about?

02:48:14. Is my Sac2K controller still supported in Cubase 11+

02:49:37. How to avoid text in parenthesis in region name of imported audio file?

02:51:29. Should I use fewer cores in HALion than what my computer has+

02:53:09. Why is my panning showing as a single strip when using automation+

02:54:46. What is a Houston controller?

02:55:56. Why are my menus showing in a single strip?

02:58:14. Why does my menu format change when right clicking a track?

03:01:57. Does Frequency EQ sound the same as the channel EQ if settings are identical?

03:04:19. Why when right clicking on track is menu horizontal?

03:06:02. Is it better to use a linear phase EQ?

03:07:37. Can attendees plan on inviting 5 friends for a future live stream?

03:09:37. Why when I right click on track is the menu horizontal as opposed to vertical?

03:13:25. Is it possible to solo different frequencies+

03:15:54. How to use workspaces to switch between inserts, sends and faders in lower zone?

03:19:20. Are there any live looping features included in Cubase?

03:22:34. How to create layers with different velocities and zones in HALion Sonic SE?

03:30:28. How to delete recent projects from the hub+

03:31:23. Why do I get message that real time algorithm is out of limits of current preset?

03:34:50. How to get imported audio of video file to match length of the video file?

03:36:00. Can arpeggio in Flux in HALion sync with Groove Agent?

03:41:35. Is it better to use less sounds?

03:43:17. Why is there a delay in playback when spotting with the range tool?

03:45:13. Why don’t my purchased plug-ins show up?

03:46:36. Can I run an external reverb as a comfort reverb during tracking?

03:48:55. Why can’t I find Iconica, TGuitar and Mguitar?

From hangout hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

July 6 2021

00:03:58. Is there a way to normalize clip gain volume across several events?

00:05:56. Does the pause mode on repeats in arranger track pause at end of repeated event?

00:07:55. How to put Cubase in multi-processor mode?

00:10:05. How to beast search libraries for a specific sound?

00:12:55. Is Greg’s vacation coming up?

00:14:06. How to save a group of searched samples?

00:16:03. Why does my Cubase crash when running more than 30 tracks?

00:18:08. What can make my mouse hypersensitive after updating to version 11?

00:20:40. Can playing arrange chain from arranger chain editor affect pause mode?

00:22:29. How to add effects part by part?

00:26:42. How to add colors to my MixConsole channels?

00:29:49. Why do I get an export wave error?

00:31:28. Is Cubase easy to learn for a FL user?

00:32:11. Do I need a USB elicenser to run Cubase Pro 11?

00:32:59. When will there be a logical editor live stream?

00:34:57. Can we submit a feature request for multi-track warping?

00:35:31. Is there a way to get the Cubase object selection indication in Nuendo?

00:37:16. Is it possible to have the edit button enabled for more than first output for VST?

00:40:36. Why do I get an export error with multiple tracks?

00:41:51. What are advantages of using pencil tool on events for volume vs. Automation?

00:44:00. How to setup audio for tutoring over Zoom?

00:45:21. How to add an effect to a particular part of a track?

00:47:01. Can this be translated to Spanish?

00:47:41. How to create a beat on Cubasis and transfer it to Cubase?

00:49:01. Can you show macro controls?

00:50:38. How to get audio out of Cubase for live streams and tutorials?

00:52:26. Would working a DAW in various genre’s be out of Greg’s wheelhouse?

00:53:11. Can I import multiple samples in velocity layers inti Groove Agent acoustic agent+

00:55:35. Can I run a hybrid Cubase and Cubasis setup+

00:56:47. How to smooth out velocity or MIDI CC data after it has been drawn or recorded in?

01:00:35. Can I use Cubasis as an instrument for Cubase?

01:01:37. Why does my mixdown file sound different than it does in Cubase Elements?

01:04:28. What would happen if I lose or damage my USB elicenser?

01:06:31. How can I save my mixer presets to load into a different project?

01:10:02. Is there a way to rename a MIDI and output track at the same time?

01:13:03. Why does only MIDI change when project tempo is changed?

01:14:41. Can you drag and drop samples?

01:16:08. How to add insert chords into key editor?

01:21:35. Why does saving huge projects take a lot of time?

01:22:41. Can SpectraLayers One do more than just separate vocals from tracks?

01:28:07. How to select curves for automation in Cubase?

01:29:22. Does Cubase follow standard engineering protocols for adding effects?

01:30:19. Is there an analysis function to find duplicate loops in large libraries?

01:31:10. Can Greg share his track colors that he uses?

01:32:29. Can you recommend some studio monitors for someone just starting?