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The idea of is a huge Search INDEX for Steinberg's Cubase DAW
"One Mouse Click" to search in all Greg Ondo videos Q&A Live Streams and  Cuabse Preferences settings and Menu Tree.

Finding an educational video on Youtube can be challenging especially if you want to search beyond the video title. My is also a tool that makes it possible to search in more detail.

The updated CubaseINDEX 2.0 can more...
a) Cubase Preferences, Setting, Menu index ==>HERE
b) Ear frequency test & Maximum sound levels. Ear check videos ==>HERE
c) Dom Sigalas's (Yamaha empl) videos index ==>HERE

d) Jans's favolinks Q&A from Live Stream. For beginners and professionals==>HERE

e) External companies resources Youtube & Homepages selected by Jan==>HERE
f) Steinberg's Cubase regular Tutorials videos index ==>HERE

g) Cubasis Start Guide by Jan ==>HERE

h) How to mastering level? Fletcher-Munson graph Easy explain for Dummys ==>HERE

The site is free from ads and it´s non commercial site which makes it fast and easy to navigate. Of course the site is without bells and whistles.

I hope you will find the site useful.

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