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From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 2,  2024  (n82, 29364)

00:02:23. How to add delay to part of a file in Artist 10 without adding a new track?

00:07:00. How to select all events after the cursor position?

00:10:07. Will HALion or Groove Agent load LM-4 drum kits?

00:12:26. Can you change default algorithm from elastique time to standard mix?

00:13:35. Are there plans to update elastique time algorithm?

00:14:59. How to find the tempo of a reference track I load into Cubase?

00:18:08. How to change characteristics of audio file dropped into the sampler control?

00:19:58. Why causes logical editor not to work when MixConsole is open?

00:25:33. How to record additional notes in a track with MIDI notes and MPE?

00:29;18. Can a track be automatically placed in left anchor zone when added?

00:31:43. How to setup a 5.1 monitoring configuration using the control room?

00:34:19. Can Cubase 13 VocalChain be used in other programs?

00:34:58. Is it worth purchasing Cubase Elements 13?

00:36:32. What is cause of error message from Cubase-VST3-set?

00:38:39. Why don’t I see a way to adjust latency when clicking on control panel?

00:40:29. Is there a way to go to workspace X beyond 9?

00:42:35. Will the divided track list divider line stick with the project when reopened?

00:44:35. Will Cubase Pro 13 license run SpectraLayers Pro 9 or Spectra LayersOne 10?

00:47:00. What is slider for on upper right corner after dividing track list?

00:49:17. Is Cubase Elements suitable for recording guitars and vocals?

00:49:49. Is there a similar EQ included with Cubase like FabFilter Pro?

00:52:37. How to do latency compensation for external processors in Cubase?

00:54:27. How to add mod wheel CC1 after the fact?

00:59:41. Why do I hear original audio after dragging file from project to sampler track?

01:01:45. What is a good external 4 TB external drive to use?

01:02:24. Is it possible to not load instruments in a Groove Agent kit?

01:05:23. Can I unload certain instruments from memory in Groove Agent 5?

01:08:35. Do tracks get anchored to left zone when added in Cubase 13 like Cubase 12?

01:12:09. What can cause the VST Connect Se plug-in to load slowly?

01:13:55. Does Stream Deck with SlideShow FX profile work properly with Cubase 13?

01:14:44. Why are my MediaBay loops always off time with my project?

01:16:57. How to nudge audio or MIDI events by the smallest amount possible?

01:20:46. What is fastest way to avoid frequency masking in an orchestral project?

01:24:26. How to cross from Cubase 13 trial version to Cubase 13 Pro?

01:25:42. What concerns are there upgrading from Windows 10 to 11?

01:27:16. Does Cubase 12 Elements to Cubase 13 Elements cause issues with Groove Agent?

01:28:01. Can MIDI data be outputted to record into Cubase?

01:30:51. Why can’t I hear sounds when auditioning loops in MediaBay?

01:32:54. How to make my samples loop?

01:39:57. How to modulate quick controls?

01:42:04. How to stretch out notes in the piano roll editor?

01:43:19. Can we use the color +1 on lanes?

01:45:34. Can multiple samples be dragged and dropped into the sampler track?

01:47:03. How to time stretch MIDI notes?

01:52:54. How to start and stop the transport at markers easily?

01:56:39. Why do audio connection presets get duplicated and where are they stored?

02:00:26. How to save preset in HALion Sonic so it shows in HALion Sonic user presets?

02:03:45. Any tips on BackBone?

02:07:21. Where to insert retrospective recording in Cubase 13 inspector?

02:09:00. Does a resized window settings persist after restarting Cubase?

02:12:11. Why aren’t markers moved when folder tracks are moved?

02:13:44. How to have HALion Sonic load up HALionOne Sounds?

02:17:10. Why are MIDI notes on my PC recorded early?

02:18:37. Is there a way to batch create hitpoints on audio files?

02:21:57. Can the horizontal project scroll wheel be reversed?

02:23:30. Is there a way to undo MixConsole moves from accidental scroll wheel?

02:26:05. What can cause Cubase to freeze when opening projects with 3rd party plug-ins?

02:28:58. How to send a reset to VZV Rack 2 when playback stops?

02:30:15. Can we MIDI transform MIDI to a specific note?

02:34:26. Should I update to Cubase 13 before installing Absolute 6?

02:35:11. Is there a way to increment audio outs on 20 HALion instruments?

02:42:37. How to stop missing MIDI ports message from appearing when starting a project?

02:44:50. Does ASIO Guard latency include in and out times?

02:46:02. How to solo or mute multiple tracks when Q-link is enabled?

02:49:01. How many MIDI tracks can I record with HALion 7 and Apollo Solo interface?

02:52:36. Can you explain inter sample peaks?

02:59:05. Is there any way to lower latency on Raiser when running in aggressive mode?

03:01:37. Can you demonstrate how to get Phil Collins reverb drum sound?

03:08:20. Is there a plug-in to set gain to -18 LUFS?

03:14:36. Are multi outs of instruments shown in visibility inspector tab?

03:20:44. How to assign CC values to individual MIDI notes?

03:26:15. How to colorize mixer channels behind the faders?

03:27:39. Is it possible to have list of favorite plug-ins instead of all that are installed?

03:29:31. How to enable/disable a track with a key command?

03:31:27. Is there an easy way to turn a MIDI track into an audio track?

03:33:45. Is there an internal MIDI loopback function included within Cubase?

03:34:58. Can we see the sub folders of multi out instruments in visibility inspector?

03:37:41. Can I use Project Logical Editor to increase the number of configurations?

03:41:10. How to select multiple events vertically without using the lasso tool?

03:43:17. How to get MIDI from an audio file?

03:44:36. Will the reload track preset button find its way back to Cubase 13 inspector?

03:47:14. Will the live stream schedule be maintained in 2024?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 5,  2024  (n74, 29438)

00:02:50. How to adjust a vocal to a fixed bpm when source is different bpm?

00:06:10. How to copy MIDI notes from a lower pitch up 4 octaves without dragging notes?

00:09:56. How to keep a wave block colored while background is white?

00:14:28. How to sample the loops in Groove Agent individual pads?

00:19:32. Can you talk a bit about audio slicing in Cubase?

00:30:35. Why does my CMC CH get recognized in Nuendo 12 but not Cubase 12?

00:32:26. Will Cubase, HALion 7 and BackBone be stable on multiple monitors in near future?

00:33:46. How to get Stream Deck to trigger disable/enable track macro?

00:37:05. Can you show how to use the RAM Saver function in Groove Agent?

00:40:05. How to get noise out of an audio file using SpectraLayers?

00:43:23. How does Greg have full screen mode in MacOS?

00:45:05. How to copy arp from Arpache SX to tracks as MIDI notes?

00:49:12. Is it possible to get the chord pad patterns into a MIDI track?

00:52:50. Is included HALion Sonic 7 the full version and how to get expansions?

00:56:19. What is the difference between a saturator and an exciter?

00:59:50. Does Cubase Artist have fewer routing options than Cubase Pro?

01:01:10. Is it possible to download a version of Prologue that works in Cubase 12?

01:02:09. Is there a difference between hitting like button now or during replay?

01:02:37. Can a MIDI remote script be copied and change all factory mappings to user?

01:06:08. How to export settings from Cubase plug-in manager from Cubase to Nuendo?

01:07:40. Can the sample start and end markers be set with a MIDI Remote and not mouse?

01:09:54. How to recall a group of channels as a preset?

01:12:03. How to automate delay in the middle of a track?

01:16:10. Is there a dedicated tutorial video on the slicing functions shown earlier?

01:16:45. Can CC automation tracks be renamed?

01:21:26. How to render an external VSTi instrument?

01:25:19. How to display up to 32 chords in the chord pads?

01:27:29. Can a macro be created to automatically create plug-in snapshots?

01:29:27. Why aren’t the racks in the MixConsole stored with the project?

01:34:51. Marco Minnemann Groove Agent kit work on Steinberg licensing?

01:35:22. How to use the FlexPhraser in HALion Sonic 7?

01:39:55. How to control left and right channels separately on left and right channels?

01:44:07. Is it possible to 0make clip gain adjustments on a track without separating parts?

01:49:37. How to horizontally zoom tracks using the mouse scroll wheel?

01:53:19. How to get Cubase Elements trial if I can’t open Steinberg Download Assistant?

01:55:01. When is the next Cubase sale?

01:55:57. How to access different shapes of the drawing tool?

01:58:00. Is there a way to change the key for Groove Agent?

02:01:09. What is best way to isolate vocals after unmixing in SpectraLayers?

02:06:48. Is there a fine control for MIDI Remote controls?

02:13:08. Is it possible to create a macro that selects every other event?

02:24:00. How to reduce gain on parts without the need to do crossfades?

02:27:03. Can control room be kept active when switching between meters and loudness?

02:28:43. How to solo a track without selecting the solo button?

02:31:34. How to automatically enable loop when using the range tool in the key editor?

02:34:49. How to assign the wah wah effect to be controlled with the mod wheel?

02:37:40. Why does shift + clicking on note in key editor always show value of 127?

02:39:07. Can I use a MIDI controller to function as mouse wheel of a shift key?

02:41:30. Why are there no subtitles in the live portion of the live stream?

02:44:16. Why do I get a message saying that key command is not available?

02:46:11. How to automate ping pong delay and render so delay is visible?

02:50:11. Where do I change bit rate and sample rate or Hz?

02:52:02. Why does pressing s only work on tracks after hitting solo in channel settings?

02:53:00. How to overdub MIDI notes so they are merged into existing event?

02:56:08. Where are templates located when they are created?

02:58:20. Does hitting S key only solo tracks that has edit channels settings open?

02:59:38. Why do so many film composers use Cubase?

03:03:21. Do I need to have edit channel settings window open to solo by hitting S?

03:06:27. Why does Cubase create a sysex track when importing MIDI files?

03:09:38. Is there a way to set minimum and maximum values for automation data?

03:12:25. How to record MIDI arpeggio from VST instrument into project?

03:16:56. How to have an LFO effect in Cubase?

03:21:07. What does Greg think is a macro that every Cubase user should have?

03:23:44. Can you please demonstrate pan law differences?

03:29:53. Can MIDI modifiers be used to set automation range?

03:32:05. What is the purpose of the project browser?

03:35:33. How do I go to the preferences for my Shure microphone in Cubase?

03:37:46. How do modulate plug-in parameters via LFO?

03:43:39. How to get consistent levels from different files in a mashup?

03:46:12. When to use pre roll vs. pre count?

03:48:45. Does the preference disable mouse scroll wheel in MixConsole work on faders?

03:52:00. Are there new drivers for the UR22C that are designed to work on MacOS Sonoma?

03:53:33. Does putting a fade on free warped audio create artifacts in the audio?

03:58:15. How to have tracks default to 3 rows in height?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 9,  2024  (n87, 29525)

00:03:10. How much RAM should I get for my new Mac computer?

00:05:38. Is there a difference using a send or group for an compressor?

00:11:08. Is it possible to quantize a vocal file in Cubase Artist 10?

00:13:32. Can I run PadShop 2 as a standalone program?

00:17:07. What is the best way to master your track in Cubase?

00:20:24. Should I run Cubase 13 as administrator?

00:21:42. How to export several MIDI tracks at once?

00:25:20. How to convert a vocal recording into a musical score?

00:27:42. Is the Absolute 6 installer simply all of the individual instrument installers?

00:29:20. How to freeze and effect or group track?

00:32:17. Is CC automation on project window included with shared copies of events?

00:38:46. Why don’t I see the buffer size and latency when opening interface control panel?

00:41:26. Is there a difference using sends or groups for parallel compression?

00:41:55. Does VariAudio acoustic feedback work with phones channel in control room?

00:46:22. How to find the channel racks setup in the Cubase 13 MixConsole?

00:48:13. Can a control surface be dedicated to control group channels in MIDI Remote?

00:56:57. How to get rid of graphic issues in Cubase 13?

00:57:58. Can I use 2 audio interfaces at same time on Windows?

01:00:14. How to setup a print track in your session?

01:03:23. Can there be different volume on each lane?

01:05:51. Is there a major difference between render and mixdown?

01:11:10. Can MIDI events be warped in the MIDI key editor?

01:15:04. Why is VST Connect recording a second off in time?

01:20:00. Any paid resources that dive into macros and project logical editor functions?

01:26:48. How to make group track from selected tracks from the project window?

01:29:12. What is fastest way to record audio from a MIDI track?

01:32:23. Can specific plug-ins be added by generic or MIDI remote?

01:35:43. What can cause a significant delay when monitoring recordings with a UR22?

01:40:12. What is the use of a print track?

01:42:47. Why does Cubase never seem to go on sale?

01:44:01. How to assign key command to play back from original position?

01:46:38. Why do I lose headroom in dB using a high pass filter?

01:53:46. Can names of Groove Agent sounds be listed in the MIDI key editor?

01:55:55. How to convert files in project from 48 to 44.1 without changing pitch or speed?

01:58:15. Why can’t I change mixer parameters with scroll wheel in Cubase13?

02:00:06. Can I have tracks colorized based on their names?

02:04:15. What can cause browser tab in Groove Agent SE to not show kits?

02:06:13. What is the best way to widen a vocal track in Cubase?

02:11:29. Is it possible in the future to have plug-ins added by key command?

02:12:08. Should some arp presets come with a copyright infringement warning?

02:15:30. Does enabling additional EQ bands increase latency of the plug-in?

02:17:45. Can HALion Sonic 7 import sysex from a TX81Z?

02:19:55. Should I invest in an external mic pre if I have a UR22 audio interface?

02:21:36. Can Steinberg create a vocal synthesizer for creating song mockups?

02:22:11. Can Cubase import a m4v video file?

02:23:47. Will Steinberg be coming out with a new dedicated controller for Cubase?

02:25:14. Should Steinberg completely rewrite audio engine to stop dropouts?

02:27:09. How to organize by plug-ins by vendor or category?

02:29:04. Can I do horizontal scrolling using the MIDI Remote?

02:33:39. Cn I backup multiple projects in same folder all at once for TV mix, remix etc?

02:40:13. Can key editor update to show different events on same track?

02:44:28. What is the difference between Arpache and Arpache SX?

02:46:18. Is there a preference so that plug-ins not land on top of other plug-ins?

02:48:45. Can I report plug-ins that have stability issues to Steinberg to be added to BlockList?

02:50:38. Will Apollo Twin Thunderbolt interface work well on my i9 laptop?

02:51:11. How to keep the DSP meter visible?

02:53:13. Is it possible to import DX7 patches from an Opcode editor librarian to FM7?

02:54:35. Will low frequencies add more latency on USB driver vs. Thunderbolt?

02:56:31. Is there a Vocal AI function in Cubase 13 to make wave files?

02:57:32. How to do global range editing when using a divided track list?

02:58:51. How to easily transfer HALionOne sounds and tracks into HALion Sonic?

03:01:45. What is the fastest stock Cubase compression plug-in?

03:04:01. What are big differences of generic remote and MDII remote?

03:09:47. What is synth channel and how to edit its track controls?

03:13:33. Why does Greg look so cool?

03:14:30. Is it a VST function that plug-ins can update GUI based on selected track?

03:17:16. Am I missing any functions using MIDI Remote over Generic Remote?

03:18:26. Can plug-ins be updated based on selected track?

03:21:37. How to fix clicks in vocals?

03:23:37. How to capture music from Instagram into Cubase Pro?

03:24:47. How to get a Roli Block to work with HALion?

03:26:26. What is best way to record a second track in VST Connect Session?

03:27:29. How to edit track controls on a VSTi out synth channel?

03:31:51. How to get a Roli Block to function as a basic MIDI controller?

03:32:52. Can the audio output of Cubase be streamed out to a Bluetooth speaker?

03:34:17. How to quickly switch between 2 tracks with different plug-ins quickly?

03:37:29. How to do a render in place for an external instrument track?

03:41:47. Why does it take so long open an orchestral template with 75 tracks?

03:43:40. How to select every other event on a track via a macro?

03:45:10. Why does my transport roll back from start position when pre roll is off?

03:46:58. Can undo histories be saved with a project?

03:49:05. How to bounce a track and have it not replace file but under existing track?

03:50:59. How to separate drums from instruments to separate tracks?

03:53:19. How to listen to individual lanes from MIDI events in the key editor?

03:55:39. How to change tracks not files from mono to stereo and vice versa?

03:57:01. Can Steinberg add a Bluetooth streaming option?

03:57:41. Can older MIDI gear like EX5R to MPE controls?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 12,  2024  (n76, 29601)

00:02:52. How to get automation to return to previous value in touch mode?

00:06:20. Can a plug-in be setup to follow a selected track?

00:11:44. How to have monitor A and B play at same time in the control room?

00:13:55. Why do I have CPU spikes and crashes when loading VSTs on Mac?

00:16:36. What are some good plug-ins for mastering chains in Cubase?

00:19:41. Can we use the range tool to select specific note ranges?

00:21:01. How to easily freeze a group channel?

00:24:59. Why show generic remote over MIDI remote to open specific inserts?

00:27:42. How to see the middle of the project when scrolling horizontally?

00:30:23. Did Greg just remove an insert by dragging it away from slot?

00:32:00. Are there any particular plug-ins for mastering orchestral pieces?

00:34:43. Can an automation point be snapped?

00:39:02. How to add a group channel directly below the last selected track?

00:41:46. How to have faders in channel inspector control multi out VST instrument?

00:46:08. Can automation be added to a selection range without playing?

00:49:41. What is Greg doing?

00:50:12. Is it possible to remove some ambience from Iconica Sketch?

00:53:18. Why do default type track colors stay grey no matter what I do?

00:56:29. Can you explain the use of profiles again?

01:01:45. Is there a risk just copying folder to archive project over backup project feature?

01:05:15. How to have a button on my Logitech M2 mouse open Cubase MixConsole?

01:07:58. When will we get a folder track with automatic routing?

01:09:42. Can we link MIDI tracks with VST outputs?

01:11:35. What are some built in tools in Cubase to solve phase issues in recordings?

01:18:38. Is it possible to get a higher resolution control for MIDI Remote?

01:25:54. How to have some controller lanes open every time in MIDI key editor?

01:30:51. Is it possible to have a phase meter on every channel?

01:33:22. How to set frequency in the EQ to a musical note?

01:36:01. Can the project window area background be more than 1 color?

01:37:09. Can I convert my current controller to output to 14 bit resolution?

01:40:10. How to quickly scroll through samples in sampler track without dragging?

01:49:14. How to add FX or group track to a user height adjustable folder?

01:54:40. Can you play the Simon Phillips Jazz Drums Groove Agent expansion?

01:58:18. Any insights when Windows will support MIDI 2.0?

01:59:11. Is Greg familiar with BOME to enhance resolution of MIDI Remote controller?

01:59:52. Can I vertically zoom and kee02:023p track heights proportional?

02:02:21. How to widen the sound of a reverb or delay?

02:06:40. How to redirect the audio folder for a project?

02:12:16. Is there a faster way to get audio in the sampler track than dragging?

02:13:52. Can I end MIDI notes when shrinking a MIDI event length?

02:23:05. Can a track preset be created by dragging track into MediaBay?

02:24:58. Does auditioning samples in Groove Agent load them into pad or audition only?

02:29:52. Does file get updated if replaced by a file in same location in Nuendo?

02:33:26. How to set all tracks to be in musical mode vs, linear mode?

02:35:50. How to have a MIDI track triggered by chords from TGuitar?

02:41:12. How to export a few selected tracks to another project without deactivating?

02:45:45. How to go from audio to MIDI?

02:47:31. Is it possible to tab out recorded guitar parts?

02:49:38. How to prevent 2 MIDI CC points from getting recorded from MIDI keyboard?

02:52:11. What are some of the changes with the new Groove Agent update?

02:52:56. How to consolidate audio and samples used in project to project audio folder?

02:54:15. Is nonlinear EQ inferior to linear EQ?

02:57:51. Can drawn in pregain have smoother curves like automation?

02:59:54. Can the up and down arrows be used to audition samples in MediaBay?

03:00:27. How to get Arturia keyLab recognized in Nuendo 13 after Sonoma update?

03:03:47. How to modify copied kick samples by changing only one sample?

03:09:01. How to remove overlaps for multiple selected MIDI parts?

03:12:56. Is there a way to prevent MIDI patchname script from jumping back to top?

03:16:13. How to add song name to score and print it out?

03:19:58. Is it possible to have a track open at -10dB volume by default?

03:21:43. How to capture MIDI date from a VSTi that outputs MIDI to host?

03:23:27. Is it possible to record a MIDI sequence onto HALion Sonic pads?

03:26:28. What is the meaning of the term polyrhythmic?

03:31:26. What is best way to try project logical editor presets for familiarity?

03:34:38. Is it advisable to raise buffer before exporting a MIDI file?

03:35:34. Can the Yamaha DM3 USB driver have different outs to different programs?

03:36:51. Can you describe the built in ASIO driver vs. Yamaha Steinberg USB driver?

03:39:11. Can PadShop be run as a standalone program?

03:40:44. How does granular synthesis functions in HALion 7 compare to PadShop?

03:43:26. Is there a preference to ignore underlying lanes for edits?

03:46:19. How to configure control room for Sonar Works or ARC 2?

03:49:05. How to replace the parts of the snare track with a sample?

03:52:59. How compatible are projects between Cubase Elements, Artist and Pro?

03:54:23. Can the load panel be automatically open when opening Groove Agent?

03:55:52. Can MIDI patch name scripts not go back to top when selecting patch?

03:57:00. How to fix timing problems using hitpoints and warp markers?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 16,  2024  (n95, 29696)

00:03:34. Do you have to create MIDI Remote setup for Novation Impulse 61?

00:05:02. How to change MIDI CC at certain threshold to another MIDI CC?

00:08:59. How to transform MIDI velocity values to MIDI CC1 on input?

00:11:49. How to use velocity to open filter on flute sound in HALion Sonic?

00:16:45. What is a good fast way to learn Cubase keyboard shortcuts?

00:19:52. How to get keybed to show up on VST instruments with no keyboard?

00:21:53. What is the signature track and is it different than the chord track?

00:24:59. When will the next Zoom Social Meetup happen?

00:25:44. How to make a custom color preset be default colors for future projects?

00:26:49. Can I use free warp to fix harmonica recording that is too fast?

00:29:27. Can Cubase show last touch parameter to top of automation lanes?

00:31:40. How to split up drums in HALion Sonic to independent mixer channels?

00:35:17. How to get standalone instruments to route to a different audio interface?

00:36:59. Can you show channel fader in left zone and channel zone together?

00:39:53. Why could level be different converting a stereo to mono in track or pool?

00:41:23. How to reverse 2 snares in a track without reversing all snares?

00:44:42. How to correct LUFS in a composition in Cubase?

00:46:59. Why do I experience chords not played when playing chords from chord pad?

00:50:52. Why is my Q key not working in Cubase?

00:52:12. How to add width to automation in Cubase?

00:53:56. Where is the show hide racks function in standalone MixConsole?

00:58:56. Is there a way to change the mute and solo buttons on a track?

01:01:28. Why does dragging MIDI file sometime create additional tracks?

01:03:33. Can you make a macro on entire track for lots of small changes?

01:05:04. How to hear only the return channel when soloing an effect?

01:06:19. How to overwrite solo states of all other tracks when soloing a track?

01:10:14. Is it possible to import a MIDI file to specific bars in a Cubase project?

01:12:40. How to change MIDI CC at certain threshold to another MIDI CC?

01:15:50. How to control preview volume of samples from a MIDI controller?

01:17:43. Can the attributes be different for each folder in MediaBay?

01:19:16. How to activate/deactivate an extension on multiple tracks of Vocaloid?

01:22:07. How to quickly find a hidden track in visibility settings by typing?

01:24:41. How to navigate vertically to see other tracks when in lower zone?

01:27:22. How to easily export raw unprocessed vocal files from a project?

01:30:03. How to open VST Editor of selected track from MIDI controller?

01:32:45. How to export a processed file from the sampler track to an audio track?

01:35:42. Why can’t I hear loops previewing in MediaBay?

01:37:26. How to hide all tracks that are not MIDI tracks?

01:39:09. How to keep floating sampler track always visible with project window?

01:42:44. How to customize metronome sounds with sample and make it the default click?

01:46:24. Does Teddy Riley use Cubase 13?

01:47:24. Does new Groove Agent update prevent MediaBay from finding user MIDI files?

01:48:17. How to get MIDI pattern from Groove Agent to a track in Cubase?

01:51:58. What is the difference between direction and attributes in expression map?

01:55:24. Is HALion Sonic compatible with MPE?

01:58:49. Why do I see install for program I installed in Steinberg Download Assistant?

02:01:36. How to take out events and play new pattern and export as audio?

02:03:25. Does the cycle range get slightly shifted when zoomed in?

02:07:53. Can Native Instrument loops and contents show up natively in MediaBay?

02:08:39. Do projects in Cubase 13 take longer to load or use more CPU?

02:10:33. Is there an easy way to make a beat half or double time?

02:14:41. Does cycle range background change black when cycle range is not active?

02:15:39. How to bounce 2 audio events while replacing events?

02:19:12. Can you please explain Groove Agent Jam mode?

02:25:12. Why do I get no sound when my MIDI controller is on its MPE port?

02:28:03. Can you explain what Hermode tuning is?

02:34:41. Can I control MediaBay preview volume independently of the control room?

02:39:04. How to create modulation on vocals to give it some movement?

02:43:01. Is multiband compressor live mode recommended for mixing?

02:44:02. Is it possible to write expression articulations before recording MIDI notes?

02:45:28. Can I store different attributes for different favorites sample folders in MediaBay?

02:50:54. Will the upcoming Yamaha Seqtrak have any unique Cubase integration?

02:52:51. Why am I unable to open the Steinberg Download Assistant?

02:54:49. Can VST instrument event be dragged and dropped to audio event to render?

02:58:00. Can Cubase add instrument tracks by drag and drop from right zone MediaBay?

02:59:27. How to access and draw multiple automation shapes?

03:01:03. Why are the audio loops that I just bought locked?

03:03:53. Does the Auto Quantize work on audio recordings?

03:04:48. Why do I get message in sample editor to zoom below resolution of 1?

03:06:46. How to write a piano piece in Eb major and where to put this pitch?

03:11:32. Is there a way to import sequences into Groove Agent or HALion Sonic?

03:13:12. Why do some Groove Agent presets have stop signs next to them?

03:15:11. Has Steinberg considered bringing back warnings on missing MIDI ports?

03:15:46. What is Greg’s favorite instrument and what music does he like?

03:17:11. Should I be able Cubase 10.5 projects in Cubase 13?

03:19:14. What can cause pops and clicks on playback on DAW oriented PC build?

03:21:47. Why doesn’t Yamaha produce modules like VL70M anymore?

03:23:02. Can Steinberg add FX in MixConsole right zone to drag and drop to mixer?

03:24:18. What can cause red symbols to the right of my Groove Agent kits?

03:26:08. What causes document folder may not be accessible warning in HALion Sonic?

03:27:20. How to prevent the hub from taking up the entire screen?

03:29:53. Why does Cubase ask to save project before closing after project has saved?

03:30:39. How to setup and understand the VU meter in SuperVision?

03:33:37. What are some tips and tricks when using punch in and punch out?

03:38:55. How to increases or decrease volume automation in cycle by 1dB?

03:41:43. How to delete notes outside of event when it is made smaller?

03:46:17. Is it possible to get stop position to be in center on next playback?

03:50:04. How to configure my controller to hide and show the lower zone?

03:51:54. How to hide VST plug-ins that you do not use anymore?

03:54:36. How to make the automation look like waveforms?

03:55:42. Where is the little 3 slash icon for VST 3 plug-ins gone to?

03:56:34. Is there a way of doing zero through tape flanging in Cubase 13?

03:57:03. How to expand all folders in a directory with one click?

03:58:22. How to find out which Groove Agent libraries are not licensed?

03:59:20. How to get toolbar to be visible in the top tool bar?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 19,  2024  (n86, 29787)

00:04:01. How to configure a push encoder to work in MIDI Remote?

00:07:41. Is there a way to have only one plug-in visible at a time?

00:10:21. Are there plans to add more quick controls in the future?

00:13:04. Should a send added for track automatically follow track panning?

00:15:34. Is it possible to send MIDI from multiple tracks to the same instrument?

00:19:08. How to import tracks with routing from another project?

00:21:13. Should I use mono or stereo when recording an accordion?

00:21:50. How to have stereo inserts on a mono track?

00:24:30. How to fix files recorded at 48k that were clocked at 96k?

00:28:00. How to use hitpoints to do free warping on a guitar recording?

00:33:16. Why do some chords increase in pitch from start to the end?

00:36:07. How to control the portamento speed via velocity with input transformer?

00:41:55. How to navigate the project horizontally with MIDI Remote?

00:44:47. Why are notes dragged from chord pads have overlapping MIDI events?

00:47:42. How can I restore an empty template?

00:50:09. Is there a way to name markers on the marker track?

00:52:04. How to record with my USB mic if it does not seem connected to Cubase?

00:54:22. Does changing labels in MIDI Remote send text to controller?

00:55:08. What is the fastest way to convert hitpoints to MIDI keyboard?

00:56:50. How to time warp an MP3 file in Cubase?

01:04:08. How to use inversions on chords on the chord track?

01:06:27. How to align the hitpoints of a DI guitar track to the grid?

01:10:41. How to change default behavior to add instrument track by double clicking?

01:12:30. Can the glide time in Retrologue be set to sync to the bpm?

01:16:01. What are some changes when holding over solo on a track?

01:16:22. What mouse does Greg use?

01:19:56. How to match project to the video frame rate?

01:21:33. What can cause sound to overlapped on MIDI made by drag chords to track?

01:24:43. Can I move a track up or down on the project window with a keyboard shortcut?

01:26:58. What is the fastest way to crossfade 2 audio parts?

01:29:28. Am I eligible for WaveLab grace period update if I purchased it on December 5th?

01:31:27. Why are only pads recognized for MIDI remote Novation Remote 61?

01:33:09. How to remove HSSE tracks from the MixConsole after importing MIDI file?

01:39:05. Is the Cubase manual helpful for mastering the input transformer?

01:41:43. Why does quantize pitches in scale in VariAudio move all notes to same pitch?

01:43:47. Any effect on tempo detection when there is silence at start of the file?

01:45:16. How can I determine th key of a sample in Cubase?

01:47:07. How to make all note velocities in key editor to the same value?

01:50:28. How to create a custom instrument track that recalls expression map?

01:53:30. How can I use Waves bundle plug-ins in Cubase 12?

01:55:10. How can I see all versions saved to restore an older copy of project?

01:57:20. How to flip stereo samples in Groove Agent?

02:07:29. Why does MIDI thru preference affect VST instruments?

02:09:38. Can you do flanging using elastique algorithms with audiowarp?

02:14:38. Can the stereo image be flipped with the stereo panner plug-in in Groove Agent?

02:16:02. How to select take I want and delete unwanted takes?

02:19:36. Why does event color change with shift+scroll wheel on duplicated track?

02:21:14. How to get my download manager to work properly?

02:23:17. Is there a preference to make files mono on import?

02:26:40. How to import audio files into the template tracks?

02:29:40. What can cause notes to be all pitch quantized to single note in VariAudio?

02:31:39. What is difference between common notes and cadence in chord track?

02:35:38. How to activate the metronome in Cubase 13 to hear the click?

02:37:42. What are the purposes of XML files in Cubase?

02:43:32. How to do guitar strumming in Cubase?

02:46:41. How to backup your key command settings?

02:40:13. Why does my S key not solo until I hit solo in channel editor?

02:50:36. Why do I have artifacts when audio warping my accordion track?

02:52:50. How to adjust controls on my Akai mk3 controller in MIDI Remote?

02:55:32. Is there a little stereo swap button on an included Groove Agent plug-in?

02:57:26. How to permanently delete a MIDI Remote script?

02:59:00. Can you show the Cubase Soft Clipper plug-in?

03:01:48. How to setup a separate cue mix out with a Steinberg UR 242 interface?

03:03:38. How to show both bars and beats and time in the transport bar?

03:05:25. Are linked tracks from another project preserved when imported to other project?

03:06:52. How to overwrite other track solo states with control/command click on solo?

03:10:14. Why does my play head stutter back and forth when zoomed into a track?

03:12:39. How to reduce RAM consumption when using too many VST instruments?

03:16:59. Does Greg know Toshifumi Kunimoto aka Dr. K the designer of the VL7?

03:17:38. How to transform CC1 info to CC 11 on input?

03:20:11. How to transpose an acoustic guitar to lower key using Spectral algorithm?

03:22:58. Is there a shortcut to close any window in Cubase?

03:24:02. How to import the arranger track to a different project?

03:27:18. Is there a macro to close session without getting asked to close or save?

03:28:30. How to navigate between markers using left and right buttons on keyboard?

03:32:56. How to overcome confusion with signal flow of click for screen capture videos?

03:33:36. How many developers work at Steinberg on Cubase?

03:34:58. Could S key not working to solo a track be because of Mac M1 with MacOS 12.5?

03:36:31. Why does Germany have so many amazing audio software companies?

03:37:59. How to use the jam mode on the full version of Groove Agent?

03:43:22. How to automate widening of the sound in a mix?

03:46:15. Can I use the scroll wheel to navigate to next and previous marker?

03:49:30. Can Greg discuss the Alan Silvestri macro he has on his system?

03:50:37. How to connect single MIDI track to play though more than 4 instruments?

03:55:03. Is there an easy way to direct instruments to a new content location?

03:56:30. How to automate project tempo in real time from a MIDI CC controller?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic   Feb

Feb 2,  2024  (n79, 29886)

00:04:23. Any issues with Behringer XTouch not being recognized with Ryzen chip?

00:06:12. How to match arrangement view layout and MixConsole?

00:08:26. How do I Flam or strum chords in Cubase?

00:12:44. Can Cubase copy MIDI note size in just one click or key?

00:14:39. Would upgrading video card from RX580 to 4070TI help Cubase?

00:15:39. What is maximum number of inserts and sends I can use at the same time?

00:18:10. Is there a Q Flam feature in Cubase?

00:19:00. Can I drag and drop chord pad patterns directly to project window?

00:21:43. Why do some tracks snot unmute when unsoloing a track?

00:23:40. Is it best to use tempo slider when working with rubatoes and fermatas?

00:27:01. How best to edit multiple strum pattern on a MIDI event?

00:31:39. Can I share a file to Greg to work on strumming?

00:32:10. How to chop a long MIDI note into smaller pieces in a few mouse clicks?

00:35:38. Why do some tracks stay muted after unsoloing a track?

00:39:32. How to setup stream deck for Cubase 11?

00:44:58. Where is the output tab in the inspector for the UR44?

00:46:55. How to connect audiobros ambisonics decoder into Cubase?

00:49:31. What can cause playback of a single measure to slow down at specific measure?

00:51:16. How to auto delete files from pool of audio files not being used in project?

00:54:24. How to solo a track and still metering activity in MixConsole?

00:58:13. Why does custom color scheme in Cubase always default to red?

01:00:03. Any idea why some Groove Agent One content does not have patterns?

01:01:21. Why is there no time for the live stream in the announcements?

01:02:46. How to drag and dop patterns from Beat Designer to Cubase 13?

01:06:15. How to stop zoom from timeline to go to the play position?

01:11:06. How to setup Cubase 12 for 3rd order ambisonics with instrument tracks?

01:26:26. How was the NAMM show for Greg?

01:27:09. Is it possible to change the signal flow order of channel strips and inserts?

01:29:33. Can we disable all plug-ins on a track at once?

01:33:33. Are there any other channel strip or fx chain tricks?

01:35:57. If I break a plugin from stereo to multi out can I go back to stereo quickly?

01:39:31. Should I be afraid to update to Cubase Artist 13?

01:41:04. How to easily layer snares in Groove Agent?

01:48:11. What is best way to route audio output into Ableton?

01:48:57. How to reduce the size of waveform images in Cubase without changing volume?

01:51:42. Is it possible to have one MIDI region for loop recording?

01:57:38. Can Cubase align a tempo detected file to a steady tempo?

02:04:05. Can all tracks be disabled using Q Link?

02:07:30. Do we have a Zoom meetup coming soon?

02:08:41. How to create cycle markers from a selected event?

02:12:22. How to easily revert a multi out drum VSTi back to stereo easily?

02:16:07. How to decrease volume of 60 channels in MixConsole collectively?

03:30:35. What is the difference between linear and musical mode in Cubase?

02:29:51. How to identify strong note volumes in VariAudio to make adjustments?

02:33:46. How to remove message of converting the selection into a file?

02:34:24. Does a 7 layer snare qualify for EDM?

02:35:10. How to delete a favorites folder in MediaBay?

02:38:24. How can we audition samples from MediaBay onto Groove Agent?

02:42:51. Why does imported MIDI file open into multiple tracks sent to HALion7?

02:44:31. What does suspend processing on VST 3 plug-ins when no audio is present mean?

02:47:26. What does the selected channel function do in the MIDI remote?

02:51:18. What is the quickest way to rename an event?

02:53:03. Why does Cubase freeze when opening project of a different sample rate?

02:56:16. How to run the Colors VST instrument?

02:58:15. How to layer snares with an acoustic agent kit in Groove Agent?

03:01:09. How does clipper work in Cubase and how to check gain in SuperVision?

03:06:07. How to do a tempo correction across all tracks?

03:10:49. How to compensate for delay in plug-ins when doing parallel processing?

03:15:01. Does having 3rd party plug-ins on system slow opening of projects without them?

03:16:40. Can you discuss the constrain delay compensation mode?

03:18:02. Why after closing projects do I have to quit from the hub?

03:19:44. How to disable a plug-in in Cubase without uninstalling?

03:21:26. How to set return to start position to stop with a key command?

03:23:12. Can an audio file be dragged from Cubase to the MediaBay?

03:24:27. How to work with the Steinberg Download Assistant?

03:26:35. Why is my monitor greyed out when trying to record on a track?

03:28:35. How to route mono outputs to be routed to stereo output?

03:31:41. Can video be previewed from within the MediaBay?

03:32:56. When will Cubase 14 be coming out?

03:35:05. How to route multiple tracks to an existing VCA?

03:36:56. Can you share any tips for precise editing for a podcast?

03:41:32. Does timeline in Cubase and SpectraLayers match when there are tempo changes?

03:44:25. How to prepare a song for a radio edit and extended remix from a single project?

03:48:57. Is it possible to upgrade a Cubase 12 LE to Cubase 13 LE?

03:48:59. How to move the pre/post fader line on multiple channels at once?

03:52:11. Can MIDI recorded in cycle mode show length of actual MIDI notes recorded?

03:54:54. How to setup MIDI editor to always show all used controllers?

03:58:24. How to save logical presets, key commands, project logical editor to other computer?

03:58:57. How to fix a project from MIDI file from ¼ to 4/4?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic   Feb

Feb 6,  2024  (n95, 29961)

00:02:51. How to have more control of ADM imported ad 5.1 file in Cubase?

00:06:03. When will Cubase export 4k video?

00:07:57. How to make an arpeggio out of a chord using TGuitar?

00:11:54. How to route audio into a VST instrument?

00:13:38. How to set quantity, frequency and folder for backups?

00:15:10. How to prevent cursor from going to start in editor when deselecting event?

00:18:26. Does Greg do tutorials on Cubasis as well?

00:19:16. Can sends default to effects be post fader be pre fader and pre fader for instruments?

00:22:32. How to rate sounds by stars in MediaBay?

00:24:07. How to add and tag metadata in MediaBay?

00:24:44. Why does selection in sampler track turn orange when selected?

00:26:12. How to meta tag files in MediaBay?

00:28:24. Are sidechain inputs copied when copying inserts with side chains?

00:30:57. Can I use Project Logical Editor to save all my favorite presets in MediaBay?

00:32:47. Any rumors on a CC121 replacement?

00:22:23. How to chop MIDI notes easily in Cubase?

00:35:55. Is it possible to save automation curves with plug-in presets?

00:38:29. Can I use a key command to select and load track presets?

00:40:50. How to randomize pitch of only D1, B1 and A1 notes in a drum event?

00:45:02. Why don’t I hear playback after dragging and dropping from Cubase to SpectraLayers?

00:48:47. How to quickly set inputs and outputs to specific ins and outs with track presets?

00:49:53. How to save multiple tracks as single track MIDI file and MIDI loop?

00:53:33. Why can’t I hear my metronome anymore?

00:54:54. Why does it take too long to scan my VST 3 plug-ins?

00:56:05. When should I not work in the page mode of the score editor?

00:58:52. How to fix error message when I try to download from Steinberg Download Assistant?

01:00:45. How do I change the balance fader to different views?

01:03:38. Can a standard copy be converted to a shared copy?

01:06:44. Does MediaBay work with USC?

01:07:23. How to best prepare to pass on project to another Cubase 13 user?

01:10:27. Is there a way to remove effects or group tracks that have nothing routed to them?

01:16:10. Why don’t I have sound in VariAudio when acoustic feedback is on?

01:18:23. Is it possible to have each slice from sample editor on its own octave?

01:21:56. Why do I get graphic errors in Cubase 13?

01:23:20. Can I quickly find foley sounds in MediaBay within 16GB of sounds in MediaBay?

01:23:54. Can I colorize by name, set sample Rate bit depth and import from folder by macro?

01:27:47. Can I use fader as usual without it being affected by automation?

01:31:32. How to use the fader to lower existing automation data?

01:33:41. Can I show EQ automation only on the selected track?

01:41:20. How can I find all sounds by Robert Dudzic in MediaBay?

01:44:13. Is there a way to go to half tempo using the Project Logical Editor?

01:48:43. Are there any discussion at Steinberg of having Cubase developed for Linux?

01:49:57. Can audio file edited in SpectraLayers be brought back into Cubase and hear file?

01:55:09. Is there a version of SpectraLayers included with Cubase Pro 12?

01:56:41. How to record without latency with plug-ins on mic input channel?

01:58:50. Should I use the score editor in Cubase over a dedicated notation program?

01:59:28. How to switch the channel EQ to show knobs?

02:01:18. What does a red folder mean in MediaBay?

02:04:45. How to copy my insert settings to different tracks?

02:09:24. Why is my VariAudio of sync and always soloing in error?

02:12:33. How to get VariAudio to not return to start position while editing?

02:14:02. Why is Greg so awesome?

02:14:25. Is there a way to see active question in text on screen as Greg answers live?

02:15:53. When should I use built in EQ vs. Frequency EQ plug-in?

02:20:50. Can you discuss the different time stretching algorithms?

02:23:27. How to split a region and adjust volume of clip without and pops in audio playback?

02:26:27. Any plans for Steinberg to develop a vocal rider type of plug-in?

02:27:34. Can files be batch imported into new folder with the project logical editor?

02:28:43. How to get my MAudio 61 to change synth presets in Cubase?

02:31:37. How to automatically create warp markers for multitrack drums and be MIDI?

02:34:13. Is it possible to switch the MIDI Remote control with a shortcut?

02:37:25. How to create editor mode to create hitpoints?

02:38:45. Any tips or tricks on setting up an awesome wah-wah on bass?

02:40:46. How to quickly transfer hitpoints on one track version to another track version?

02:43:34. How to detect tuning accuracy of an event and adjust it in fine movements?

02:46:42. How to randomize the order of HALion or PadShop presets?

02:48:21. How to pan notes within VariAudio?

02:51:12. How to open the VariAudio window in a separate editor?

02:52:21. How to see the 3 slashes to indicate that a plug-in is VST 3?

02:54:09. Why does Cubase 13 make me crazy when Cubase 12 worked great for me?

02:54:48. Does a recording get affected if it is in linear as opposed to musical mode?

03:01:40. Why does Cubase ask me if I want to run Cubase Artist or Pro if only have Pro?

03:03:25. How to quickly create MIDI data as the result of Arpache?

03:05:33. How to get my record enable icon to come back on track opened from a template?

03:06:51. Where are tutorials that cover mid side side chaining functions?

03:08:21. How to get rid of missing files warning without getting rid of missing files?

03:09:34. How to undo volume and pan changes made in the inspector?

03:10:54. Can Project Logical Editor move tracks to specific folder based ontrack names?

03:12:22. How to take block chords and make them sound like good guitar strumming?

03:17:13. Can you show some automation functions using the range tool?

03:19:30. How to work with output routing presets from within Groove Agent?

03:22:14. How to record the output of MIDI plug-ins?

03:23:35. How to record the MIDI output from VST plug-ins?

03:25:28. What is a good technique to fatten up drums?

03:27:07. Can I use a MacOS utility that converts LTC to MTC to sync Cubase to analog tape?

03:30:09. Can you explain the 3 different zoom options found in the sample editor?

03:33:18. Can you show us how to create our own pattern for the MIDI chord pads?

03:34:26. How to play back and monitor tracks in binaural, stereo mono and 7.1.4?

03:39:58. Will my settings from Cubase 12 migrate to Cubase 13 as it is separate program?

03:40:54. How to have controller sending CC 1 and 11 to quick controls show as automation?

03:48:06. How to easily render group tracks?

03:50:15. How to select every other kick drum note to adjust velocity or send to other note?

03:54:28. How to stop MediaBay from importing key information from imported audio or MIDI?

03:55:45. Is there a gain reduction plug-in included with Cubase?

03:56:47. How to do drum flams within Cubase?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic   Feb

Feb 9,  2024  (n78, 30039)

00:05:57. What are some new features in WaveLab Pro 12?

00:11:50. When will Cubase support 4k video?

00:13:00. Why do my Melodyne edits under ARA sometimes not get recalled?

00:13:57. Can you do a series of tutorials on Cubase for beginners?

00:15:33. How to stream audio from Cubase to twitch?

00:18:56. Why does Cubase move event to grid when snap is turned off?

00:20:26. Will Dolby Atmos mix be compatible for a 5.1 delivery format?

00:24:28. How did Greg drag audio file to instrument track and have MIDI in place?

00:26:12. How to open a project that is an invalid project file?

00:29:07. Where can I find tutorials for VST Live?

00:30:54. Why does Cubase not allow events to not be moved off grid at times?

00:33:05. How can I print my work on the computer?

00:34:55. What color is peak color in WaveLab?

00:39:44. Can I place a signature event that is not snapped to the grid?

00:43:29. Is there a free floating window of SpectraLayers under ARA2?

00:44:27. Should I master a tune in WaveLab or Cubase?

00:46:49. How to add blank audio space on all tracks?

00:48:47. How to edit velocity and position of notes on multiple events on same track?

00:51:00. How can I hear Cubase and Club Cubase Live Stream at the same time?

00:52:59. How to add blank audio at start of the audio export?

00:54:28. How to resolve graphic artifacts in Cubase 13?

00:55:23. How to save and import presets in Line6 Helix Native plug-in?

00:57:26. How to fix timing problems with plug-ins on tracks using parallel processing?

01:02:42. How to align or fix delay on vocals that have parallel processing?

01:03:25. Why is my headphone connected to PC often come out of one side?

01:05:07. How to save different loops so that they are in musical mode for other projects?

01:09:09. Is there a way to organize expression maps in Nuendo?

01:11:10. Will there be a live stream for WaveLab Pro 12 and Helix Native?

01:11:49. Why does dragging pattern to project from Groove Agent 5 have double sounds?

01:18:45. How to have my faders transform to MIDI CC 11,1, and 64 from my controller?

01:25:19. Why does Cubase 13 sometimes crash exit without project loaded?

01:26:15. What is easiest way to record in loop and assemble a performance?

01:31:40. How to move the master bus to the right hand side of the Mixer?

01:33:43. Why does printing vocal with parallel processing make them offbeat?

01:34:13. How to remove groups or effects with noting routed to them?

01:37:03. How to do automation for the WahWah pedal?

01:40:22. Does the profile file contain all key commands and quantize presets?

01:41:23. How to share Cubase projects with custom groove agent samples?

01:45:34. Can you use the project logical editor to work with Line6 Helix Native presets?

01:46:12. Is it possible to access more than 5 insert velocity values?

01:49:35. Any way to automate the last touched parameter of a plug-in?

01:51:02. How to draw in expression CC data in MIDI events?

01:52:51. Why are my vocals not sounding like they are in the center?

01:55:54. Are there consistent modifier keys to have fine controls on all plug-ins?

01:57:40. Can I move audio and MIDI recordings of same musical part at same time?

02:02:56. How to use templates in Helix native?

02:03:31. Can MIDI Remote in separate window be set to always on top?

02:06:03. How to use instrument preset names as names for tracks automatically?

02:08:47. Can the scroll bar be made larger to be more easily controlled by touch screen?

02:12:08. Can I use velocity to change voicings on chord pads?

02:15:32. Can I use input transformer to have velocity change chord voicings?

02:19:58. How to setup 2 main mixes in Cubase, stereo and 7.1.4?

02:22:45. How to have tutorial open on screen and plug-in on 2nd screen?

02:25:14. How to have MIDI from chord track not last entire length between chords?

02:27:12. How to have expand sections exclusively set from my template?

02:30:10. What are some of your thoughts on gain staging?

02:34:05. What are Greg’s thoughts on what sample rate and bit depth to use?

02:37:24. Can articulation names be included when dragging presets from MediaBay?

02:39:22. What MIDI controller is good to use with Cubase around $300?

02:43:43. Can I isolate a kick and snare from a stereo audio file?

02:47:00. Can the markers be display in the lower zone key editor?

02:51:58. Why does Greg’s names in MixConsole seem bolder than my MixConsole?

02:54:24. Can I select multiple tracks and increment colors with project logical editor?

02:58:24. Can certain windows be locked to certain monitors if monitor is turned off?

03:00:15. How to use the pencil tool to draw out clicks or pops in audio?

03:02:38. Does adding a region in lower zone sample editor change height of lower zone?

03:04:41. Should I be concerned if recording from 70s has 22bits of data in one channel?

03:12:46. Can I adjust pre and post fader insert line for multiple tracks at once?

03:17:50. Where is the plug-in located to tune vocals?

03:21:38. Will my Komplete Kontrol MkII show up as a MIDI Remote device?

03:23:00. Does VariAudio come with Cubase AI version bundled with Yamaha mixer?

03:24:13. Can I get FX Modulator presets?

03:25:35. Where can I get ready made Stream Deck XL Cubase presets?

03:26:25. Does soloing a track change status of tracks that were previously muted?

03:28:06. Can I control functions in WaveLab from PLE whn WaveLab runs in ARA2?

03:28:51. How to transfer my MIDI Remote scripts from one computer to another?

03:31:13. How to blow up a MIDI track so each note is on its own track?

03:34:06. How to use the rainbow waveform function to show sibilance in audio files?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic   Feb

Feb 13,  2024  (n82, 30121)

00:02:43. How to export patterns from chord pads?

00:06:20. Can you show a quick overview of score editor, changing clefs etc.? Keywords Very good! explaining score editor how to use score editor

00:12:10. Why do keys get deactivated when using the onscreen keyboard?

00:14:58. Is there an equivalent to gain or balance functions found in other DAWs?

00:17:37. Is there much a difference between Cubase 12 and Cubase 13?

00:19:15. Why do I no longer have any sound in my Cubase?

00:20:36. Can new tracks be defaultly routed to a bus as opposed to a stereo out?

00:22:15. Do we still get 2 installs with Cubase license?

00:23:15. Is there an advantage to using a stereo track on mono vocal recording?

00:26:15. How to make stems in Cubase 13 Pro?

00:29:10. How to get Groove Agent to play short and long notes on pads?

00:32:51. Can you explain the video capabilities of Cubase?

00:35:12. Why do I experience audio dropouts recording audio to external SSD?

00:37:32. How to sync MIDI to audio so they can follow tempo in musical mode?

00:42:44. Can I export chord track to another Cubase project?

00:45:46. Does Cubase mixer support horizontal scroll with mouse wheel and modifier?

00:47:37. Can I use a key command to reset channel?

00:52:00. Will I use a lot of CPU using a studio EQ to add gain?

00:52:19. After tempo detecting an audio file should all files be in musical mode?

00:57:50. Can I have a track feed 3 group tracks?

01:00:43. Why Do I need to unplug and replug MIDI interface for it to work with Cubase?

01:02:40. How to quickly scroll in MixConsole with several hundred tracks?

01:05:13. Does Steinberg provide an API support for Cubase?

01:06:02. Why do I get a new audio drivers found message when starting Cubase?

01:08:10. How to have exported stems include outboard hardware processing?

01:10:23. What are the biggest change in Cubase 13 from 12 as a trance producer?

01:12:16. How to delete overlapping MIDI notes?

01:16:48. Why is Groove Agent at version 5 and HALion at version 7?

01:17:23. Does installing Cubase 13 automatically activate a trial version license?

01:18:51. How to slow down Cubase 13 so I can hear better on playback?

01:20:15. Is there a MIDI insert effect for Dubler?

01:20:55. What can cause issues recording to external SSD connected by USB?

01:22:14. What do I need to jog my memory coming back to Cubase AI 13 after 4 years?

01:24:30. Can HALion Sonic be set to not show any HALion 7 content?

01:28:23. Can I zoom in Cubase using just the track pad?

01:30:42. Why does my video player stay black working in Windows 10?

01:32:21. How to copy and paste events on the same track?

01:35:20. How to route Groove Agent drums to different tracks?

01:39:37. Do trial version licenses need to be activated?

01:42:05. How to split Groove Agent sounds to different tracks?

01:43:29. How to automate pitch changes on a pad in Groove Agent?

01:43:51. How to change and use different time stretch algorithms?

01:50:35. How to use a pad from Groove Agent as basis for a sampler track?

01:53:40. Does Cubendo exist?

01:54:00. Does Cubase 13 support bridging of 32bit plug-ins?

01:55:01. Where can I find a Cubase 13 AI tutorial pdf?

01:56:06. What is the best way to reduce bleed on acoustic guitar and vocal recording?

01:59:03. How to uninstall Cubase 12 after updating to Cubase 13?

02:00:16. Are changes in settings automatically updated in profiles?

02:02:06. Why do I get output file name is invalid with OTB file?

02:06:11. How can I make the stereo out channel bigger or more obvious in Mixer?

02:07:14. How does Cubase handle importing audio files that are different sample rates?

02:09:06. How did Greg apply colors for better visual view on his MixConsole?

02:11:05. Is there a way to have MediaBay stop importing key information?

02:12:25. Is there a plug-in for Cubase that has lots of libraries available?

02:13:07. How to remove old content from expired trial versions?

02:14:23. How to do exports to a stems folder to pass along to another person?

02:17:24. Do you recommend a Korg NanoKontrol2 to control plug-in parameters?

02:18:44. How to use sends to route audio to a rear bus track?

02:20:34. Should I use elastique pro pitch as opposed to time for vocals?

02:21:31. Where to find a user track preset created from an effects track?

02:25:41. How to use the free warp tool on vocals after making it fit the tempo?

02:31:14. Does WaveLab look like Adobe Audition?

02:31:44. Is there a clean way to organize project storage and clean up files?

02:33:59. How to change the color of individual measures in the MIDI editor?

02:36:30. Why does the Groove Agent presets window not load when loading kit?

02:38:15. Is there a difference with sample rate matching files of importing vs. dragging?

02:49:16. How to set atmos panner to LFE only?

02:44:53. Can I have MIDI notes be different colors for different bars?

02:47:07. Does scrolling in project window update the lower zone?

02:48:54. What does EX mean on the Groove Agent pattern pad?

02:53:45. Where is my pop preset list for Groove Agent kits?

02:55:26. How to create a macro to select all audio and apply FX chain via DOP?

03:02:20. Why does Nektar MIDI flex 4 need to be reconnected to work in Cubase?

03:03:37. How to edit the sibilance highlighted in WaveLab’s rainbow waveform?

03:08:07. How to have play tool play back from different positions to try new ideas?

03:14:15. How to extract the root notes only from the chord track?

03:20:04. is there a way to do a polarity flip on track sends?

03:21:34. How to add arrangement parts and label them?

03:23:04. Can Cubase detect chords from a vocal track?

03:29:56. Why is soloing in a group different than in Cubase 12?

03:32:02. How to transform a chord track to a lead sheet?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic   Feb

Feb 17,  2024  (n79, 30200)

00:02:26. How to make a key command or macro to cut start and end of an audio event?

00:05:31. Why are my default key commands not loaded by default?

00:08:02. What other functions does VST Connect Pro have over SE version?

00:11:00. How to set markers or range to a designated amount of bars?

00:15:27. What is an algorithm and can discuss their differences?

00:19:52. Is there a way to have Cubase auto map CCs for a particular instrument?

00:22:57. How to create a new tempo equation when changing meters?

00:27:05. How to set project in Cubase when guitar recordings are drop tuned?

00:29:19. Can the channel section in Cubase show the MIDI channel?

00:30:47. How to free float an ARA 2 editing window from the lower zone?

00:31:44. How to change time signatures on a track?

00:35:04. Can I drag and drop MIDI events to chord pads from empty project?

00:38:13. How does TGuitar differ from MGuitar?

00:39:02. Is there a way to have a cue send activated as a track is added automatically?

00:41:46. What does the wheel in the style page of groove agent patterns do?

00:49:22. Can we use quick controls to act as a MIDI CCs for automation?

00:51:31. Why can’t my newly installed Cubase find all of my plug-ins?

00:53:27. Can the range be set by locator selection with a key command?

00:54:55. How to only have audio file name in batch export from track name only?

00:58:29. Can I tie QC to MIDI CC for note expression recording?

00:59:29. How to change track order from the MixConsole?

01:00:08. How to have a send active automatically and set gain to infinity?

01:02:12. Is there a way to set minimum and maximum automation ranges?

01:04:42. Is there any reason to download VST2 plug-ins in the future?

01:05:56. Why can’t wav exports from Cubase load into other DAWs?

01:06:57. Is there a huge difference using 32 bit floating point files over24bit?

01:12:18. How to record the audio and MIDI of my VSTi piano simultaneously?

01:14:49. Is there a preference to make solo exclusive the default solo mode?

01:16:30. Why is Cubase never on sale even on Black Friday?

01:17:50. Where can I change click patters for different meters?

01:20:16. How to get Guitar Rig 6 to work as a plug-in in Cubase?

01:21:42. What is the logic behind coloring tracks and events in Cubase?

01:24:47. Can the MIDI channel be set in the channel inspector?

01:26:47. Can markers follow events like automation?

01:29:20. Can importing multiple audio files automatically place onto different tracks?

01:30:58. Can I set a key to toggle between grid and shuffle mode?

01:36:54. How to automate the last touched parameter?

01:37:47. Can you remind me how to scan for VSTs that don’t appear?

01:39:56. Does listen function in control affect phase with parallel processing?

01:44:21. How to work with room tone to fill in spaces?

01:51:09. Are there any Cubase plugins which support over sampling?

01:52:25. How to move markers with audio files for podcast in WaveLab?

01:55:17. Does changing intensity on Groove Agent patterns adjust velocity?

01:58:21. Can you show the tonal match feature in Nuendo 13?

02:02:33. How to select are between 2 events?

02:04:19. How to set the default value of a MIDI CC?

02:04:42. How to repair heel an edit after copying event to new location?

02:08:15. How to move events to the grid?

02:10:39. How to use channel strip plug-ins in both mono and stereo tracks?

02:11:45. Why do some of my user track presets show in presets. And not user presets?

02:15:11. Is there a way of audio warping multiple tracks?

02:17:22. How to consolidate audio file locations when starting from template with media?

02:20:38. Is there a difference saving track preset from arranger vs. MixConsole?

02:23:32. Why does channel track configuration settings disappear on new project?

02:24:36. Can focus quick controls be used on multiple parameters in tandem?

02:26:14. How to comp simultaneous MIDI and audio recordings at same time?

02:30:08. Does opening regions in lower zone sample editor affect lower zone height?

02:31:44. Do track presets from audio tracks load on to instrument tracks as well?

02:35:48. Should MIDI inserts be on the channel inspector zone?

02:37:14. Can you explain process of dither how to use and placement?

02:39:07. How to adjust the dim of other tracks when using the listen button?

02:42:33. Can I remove metadata from an audio file with temp project name?

02:47:20. Why when importing audio or tracks from project can I not just load cpr file?

02:50:53. Can I use the same drum map on more than 1 MIDI track?

02:52:57. How long can I run a ¼” TRS cable for headphone amp?

02:54:30. How to do multi mic drum samples in HALion?

02:58:34. How to work with a stereo vocal recording from a single source microphone?

03:02:38. When sending a track to 2 buses are there 2 or 3 sources?

03:05:59. How to assign Vintage Drums drum map more than once?

03:08:24. Any reason that shift + up/down arrows does not move notes by octave?

03:10:05. Will there be a Zoom meetup on February 27th?

03:12:12. How to humanize timing and velocity of MIDI notes?

03:16:34. How to delete overlapping MIDI notes in the MIDI editor?

03:18:31. How to copy and paste events on the project window?

03:20:19. Is there a way to navigate channels in MixConsole with scroll wheel easily?

03:22:33. Is there a key command or macro to open all plug-ins on selected tracks?

03:24:23. How well does graphics of vertical zooming with scroll wheel work on MacOS?

03:26:27. Is loudness metering in Dolby Atmos consistent in Supervision and renderer?

03:33:02. What is the best technique to add 4 empty bars in the middle of a project?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic   Feb

Feb 20,  2024  (n81, 30281)

00:02:25. How to install a lite version of Cubase with SDA on El Capitan OS?

00:03:18. How to EQ so kick and bass in techno is not clashing?

00:05:54. What are the best plug-ins for mixing and mastering guitar?

00:08:18. Why are the I/O channels so hectic and can Cubase do it automatically?

00:10:54. What are some ways to create a stutter effect in Windows on CubasePro 12?

00:15:45. How can I set backup folders to store .bak files?

00:16:47. How to colorize tracks from inspector in Cubase 13?

00:18:25. How to get my Nektar P6 to work with Cubase?

00:19:52. How to increment colors of multiply selected channels on project window?

00:22:08. How to add room tone between gaps of audio files?

00:31:30. Do I need to install previous versions of when updating to other computer?

00:32:07. Why does audio from Splice sometimes not sync to tempo in Cubase?

00:33:06. Why can’t I import some video files into Cubase 13?

00:35:07. Can I disable muted instruments in the selected folder track?

00:42:24. Can you show a test setup for testing EQs and compressors?

00:45:32. What is most hifi way to change pitch to particular keys?

00:47:29. Is there an option to change multi-track chord in real time?

00:49:26. Why are my Monogram controllers hit or miss transmitting CCs to VSTis?

00:53:47. Will we see a version of Cubase for the Apple Vision Pro?

00:54:35. What plug-ins do pros use on vocal tracks?

00:56:48. How to have 3 or 4 tracks at the same time follow the chords?

00:57:17. How to import videos files into Cubase?

00:57:42. How to see the numeric value of the clip gain changes?

00:58:36. How to solo a track that is within a soloed group channel?

01:03:02. How can I export MIDI tracks without the entire project?

01:05:08. How can I cut and move an audio track without clipping event?

01:08:55. How can I uninstall HALion 7 and reinstall HALion 6?

01:11:52. Can I save folders and track routing inside of a track presets?

01:15:57. How to snap tempo event and have it snap to the start of a measure?

01:20:10. Why aren’t the sampler track audio files included in track archives?

01:24:04. How to see EQ changes visually when using Frequency plug-in?

01:25:57. How do libraries work and how do they differ from the audio pool?

01:30:07. How to route audio file in pool to same file in a different location?

01:39:05. How to edit multiple automation lanes at the same time?

01:41:30. How to switch between maj7 or min7 chord tensions for tracks?

01:42:58. Is there a soothe equivalent included within Cubase?

01:44:22. Is it possible to drag track archives from MediaBay into project?

01:45:21. Can loading a FX chain preset leave existing inserts intact?

01:46:06. How to change multiple MIDI tracks to follow inserted chords?

01:48:33. Why does Novation CC1 and 11 wheel work with VSTi but not monogram?

01:50:13. Is HALion Content the same as HALion 7?

01:52:37. Why is Steinberg SKI remote app only working with Cubase IC Pro?

01:53:32. Is there an easy way to switch channels from mono to stereo with a click?

01:55:54. Is there a way to natively EQ match in Cubase?

01:57:39. Can I have multiple MIDI tracks follow the chord track with tensions?

01:58:20. Is the VST 2 SDK still available for developers?

02:00:17. Can you show an example of side chaining in Frequency 2?

02:04:44. How to duplicate an audio track with only a selected event included?

02:10:28. How to audition different chords in real time for bass and piano?

02:11:07. Why does a Groove Agent pattern sound different when dragging to project?

02:14:50. Do track presets save the sampler track samples?

02:16:07. Why is my hub greyed out in my Nuendo 13?

02:20:06. Is there a reason that developers can no longer access VST 2 SDK?

02:21:47. If I send a list of feature requests can you pass it on to Steinberg?

02:22:17. Does freeze or render in place mean that I can get unlimited tracks in Cubase?

02:26:26. How to nudge audio events left and right to line up vocals to the beat?

02:30:46. How to get the Hub from menu not to be greyed out?

02:34:54. Why do I see so many blue lines on my blue colored vocal track as I zoom in?

02:39:14. Is it possible to assign key commands to a MIDI controller?

02:42:59. Can I change VST Instruments from within the MixConsole window?

02:46:54. Can crossfades be set to turn on when 2 audio events are overlapping?

02:50:13. Is it possible to change an audio chord like G to a C on the track?

02:56:43. Why does a fade out on master bus lower volume on instrument tracks earlier?

02:59:57. Why hasn’t Cubase saved my changed key commands?

03:01:59. Is there a method to use a pad from Groove Agent to send to sampler track?

03:06:56. Why do I see .bak files on import tracks from project in Cubase 13but not 12?

03:09:42. Can I have my custom key commands in other sessions if I did not save a preset?

03:11:00. How to easily select the range between 2 events?

03:13:55. How to unhide hidden bar lines in the score editor?

03:15:19. Why do I get a license not found when working with VST Connect Pro?

03:18:28. How to disable musical mode when collaborating with friend also on Cubase 13?

03:20:55. How to know which notes trigger step designer pattern changes?

03:25:16. How to place a new automation point at same value as previous node?

03:31:35. Can I set a specific area in Cubase to change horizontal size when scrolling?

03:35:08. Can VST plug-in thumbnails be used from trial version to full version?

03:38:26. How to change MIDI notes to reflect real time MIDI transposition settings?

03:41:27. How to fill gaps of MIDI notes so that there is no silence?

03:43:27. Can a new note be created to fill gaps in spaces between MIDI notes?

03:45:51. How to add a new insert to a chain of plug-ins and have other plug-ins move?

03:47:05. What is the future of Cubase implementing Dolby Atmos?

03:49:17. Can I email a request to snap automation value to previous event?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic   Feb

Feb 23,  2024  (n80, 30361)

00:02:53. What is difference between inserts and sends and which should Iuse?

00:05:52. How to create a reverse reverb effect on a vocal?

00:09:05. How to tune with VariAudio and are edits applied in exported audio?

00:14:05. Can plug-ins be loaded on by default in direct offline processing?

00:17:30. How to bypass an external instrument to avoid real time audio export?

00:20:46. How to make a backing choir from one single vocal track?

00:25:16. Is there a way to minimize project and MixConsole window at same time?

00:27:02. Is there any way to assign the tempo recording to a MIDI fader?

00:28:35. When is the next sale for Absolute 6?

00:29:12. How can I duplicate a track without the audio but with track settings?

00:31:14. How to change default pitch bend range in Cubase?

00:34:05. How do I know if my audio track has phase issues?

00:39:36. Is it possible to find recent Cubase tutorials on electronic music production?

00:40:32. How to fix cannot record file when using VST Connect Pro?

00:43:15. How to deactivate events on the project window?

00:46:27. Is there any polyphonic pitch correct with MIDI input in Cubase?

00:48:19. How to have exported audio not go to the bottom of the project?

00:51:43. Why is there a small hourglass next to my cursor when I am editing?

00:54:00. Where do I start now that I have just gotten Cubase 13?

00:57:18. How to use automation and to adjust what value I want to change?

01:01:32. Any recommendations for a limiter plug-in for my 5. 1 output?

01:03:31. Is there a site where you can find macros for Cubase?

01:05:48. Can I use a pitch correct plug-in for a harmonizer function?

01:06:50. How to connect the timing of 2 audio events without snap to grid?

01:10:52. How to change the graphic appearance of the panning settings?

01:14:01. How to tempo detect an audio file from a Cubase Elements project?

01:16:37. Why is the step input greyed out on my chord pads?

01:18:30. Do producers wildly sweep EQs in their work?

01:19:46. Can a ruler track be colorized at all?

01:22:47. How to chop samples and find the right tempo in Cubase?

01:27:28. Can you discuss select version with same id and assign common version id?

01:33:38. Should I have to render in place a file from Elements 10 to do tempo detection?

01:35:32. Do the new start modes apply to the record position?

01:40:31. Is there a way to display a folder track in the MixConsole?

01:42:17. Can the undo history work in a non-linear manner?

01:45:14. How to see all Groove Agent 5 drum kits in MediaBay?

01:49:22. Why does mixdown process sometime happen in real time and other times not?

01:51:57. How can I print my project in notes?

01:53:45. How to move events up and down on different tracks with a key command?

01:56:28. How to show user multi presets in user created folder in right zone MediaBay?

01:59:00. What is the purpose of a loudness track in Nuendo?

02:01:46. Can you show a little classical arrangement with the Steinberg score editor?

02:05:23. What are some of the advantages of using the Cubase score editor?

02:07:05. Is Iconic Sketch good for basic epic music?

02:10:33. Would an Iconica template work well with Absolute 6 symphonic orchestra?

02:12:37. How to start a song at bar 10 but 00.00.00 time?

02:14:58. How to color multiple tracks and regions at the same time?

02:17:56. Can you briefly describe Raiser and Squasher plug-ins?

02:23:24. Will articulations travel with score file via MIDI ir MusicXML?

02:24:39. Does copying or duplicating a track carry over the track pictures?

02:27:09. How to enter articulations like legato from within the score editor?

02:32:24. What can cause a glitch to the sound at a certain point of a mixdown?

02:34:12. Why don’t some plug-ins like Bass Slapper or Epic not work as expected?

02:35:54. How to place a new automation node at exact value of previous no deeasily?

02:38:45. How to increment colors on multiple existing tracks?

02:43:00. Why is my monogram controller not transmitting MIDI CCs to my instrument?

02:44:41. How to add a new MIDI note to fill in gaps between note on monophonic event?

02:46:43. How to add new MIDI notes to fill in gaps between note on event swith chords?

02:48:41. Is there a way to retrigger a drone note every time when navigating markers?

02:51:29. Are there any issues in Cubase 13 soloing tracks in nested folderin Cubase 13?

02:53:23. How to adjust notes below velocity of 40 to 40 and above 85 to 85 fixed values?

02:59:08. How to monitor audio files in 7. 1. 4, 5. 1, binaural, stereo andmono?

03:02:20. Is there a way to import the Groove Agent Mixer setting to the Cubase Mixer?

03:04:46. Can you discuss the new functionality of the URC v 3 software?

03:06:47. Does the URC v 3 software allow for multiple input streams from different apps?

03:09:35. How to enable the computer keyboard as the MIDI controller?

03:11:28. Does get HD files in VST Connect Pro remove files from performer’scomputer?

03:12:41. Is user made folder structure for track presets carried over to right MediaBay?

03:13:35. Are the multiple URC drivers the same between MacOS and Windows?

03:14:57. Any word on if the CC121 will get an update?

03:17:47. How to select all MIDI notes of the same pitch in the drum editor?

03:19:42. Are there keyboard maestro macros available for Cubase that ares hared?

03:20:17. Will there be a Zoom Social meetup after February 27th live stream?

03:23:30. What is a fast way to name multiple tracks without having to click one by one?

03:25:36. How to get that autotune sound in VariAudio?

03:29:33. Does Cubase or Nuendo 13 have polyphonic VariAudio?

03:29:58. Why does engaging arrangement track override cycle playback?

03:32:46. Why does Cubase have a monitoring delay when recording audio?

03:36:14. How does chord track interact with tracks for composition?

03:41:58. Does Cubase have a shimmer reverb?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic   Feb

Feb 27,  2024  (n53, 30414)

00:03:17. How to edit tempo events in a list in Cubase 13?

00:05:40. How to make a loud mix without clipping?

00:07:57. Is there a way to smooth or interpolate automation events?

00:09:58. How to easily locate my user presets for Frequency?

00:12:19. How to remove all audio region descriptions in an event?

00:15:22. Any tips for creating organic hats or shaker MIDI parts?

00:18:51. Why can’t I load text file of Korg PA as a MIDI Remote in Cubase?

00:21:25. How to create keyboard shortcuts for zones or regions in the project in Cubase?

00:23:49. How to not affect post fader sends when Q-linking multiple faders down?

00:25:09. Can I create my own loops and samples icon in right media zone?

00:26:41. How to mixdown master and finish a project in Cubase?

00:30:13. Is it possible to separate the left and right selection from the range selection?

00:31:23. How to make a loop with 140 bpm follow the current project tempo?

00:34:04. Why do audio events sometimes not overlap when working with lanes?

00:37:56. How to copy feel of MIDI notes not locked to grid and apply to other events?

00:40:35. How to apply a key command to a macro from the project logical editor?

00:42:26. Why do I get real time export message when external plug-in is off in template?

00:46:15. Why is offline processing called offline if it is done inside of Cubase?

00:46:50. How to see the dB peak in the waveform of an audio file?

00:48:50. Are the zoom modes in lower zone sample editor available in the project?

00:50:50. How to drag patterns from project into the chord pads in Cubase Pro12?

00:53:24. Will there be a Zoom meeting today?

00:53:58. Why do have a problem with Addictive Drums?

00:54:35. Can the Q-link function be used to lower all automation values by 25%?

00:58:22. Which is the best reverb for symphonic orchestra pieces?

01:00:48. How to get the best use out of the combined selection tool?

01:04:10. How to get the snare out of a stereo file using SpectraLayers Pro10?

01:10:04. How to send all tracks to a new bus without affecting other routing?

01:12:09. How to drive the stereo out a little more after routing tracks to a group?

01:13:22. Does real time export message come on if external instrument is turned off?

01:14:20. Can Greg share his video settings for his clear video on OBS?

01:15:25. Why MIDI event dragged to quantize panel not feel the same as quantized part?

01:18:18. Can you cover the buttons for the different automation modes?

01:22:37. How can I change the color of notes in the piano roll editor?

01:25:32. What are Greg’s favorite new Cubase 13 features?

01:27:59. Do you need the full SpectraLayers version to extract drums from recording?

01:28:37. Do I still need to use the USB elicenser to run Groove Agent 5?

01:29:35. Will disabling instruments in rack disable need for real time export?

01:31:07. How to snap the ends of events to the grid?

01:33:52. How to load the percussion agent into Groove Agent 5.2?

01:34:46. Does setting automation precision resolution to 1 sample increase CPU load?

01:35:40. How can I do tempo detection on an audio part?

01:37:41. How to load up Groove Agent kits from the MediaBay?

01:40:07. Can the insert effect windows follow the track selection?

01:41:41. How to audition Dolby Atmos or 5.1 mixes on home theater system?

01:44:58. Is this Cubase 13?

01:45:19. How to load Percussion Agent into Groove Agent 5.2?

01:46:34. Can I unmix more than vocals with included SpectraLayers One?

01:48:04. When will we get an LFO tool to automate any parameter?

01:52:25. Any settings in Cubase or VST instruments to decrease audio dropouts?

01:55:18. How to assign a specific CPU core to different plug-ins?

01:56:58. Can we use notepad data as a criteria for selecting tracks in PLE?

01:57:48. Wrap up. Migrate to Zoom Social Meetup!

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic   Feb

Mar 1,  2024  (n65, 30479)

00:02:31. How to create user presets for the logical editor?

00:06:31. How to put tracks and groups on the left into folders?

00:08:28. What are best practices keeping desktop and notebook computers in sync?

00:11:21. What do the downmix presets in the control room do?

00:13:43. How to select tracks routed to a particular group?

00:23:11. Why do I get a voice that is too robotic with lots of artifacts?

00:24:28. How to adjust colors to add gradients from light to dark green?

00:26:25. How to have one unique fader to control several faders like drums?

00:29:28. Do you know why a Waves VST plug-in crashes Cubase?

00:30:02. Do you know how to export an Atmos mix to listen to on a home receiver?

00:31:38. How to grab audio from a project and drag it to an existing project?

00:33:11. How to separate edits on one audio file that is not applied to copied event?

00:36:33. Did earlier versions of Nuendo come with encoding functions?

00:38:06. How to have newly created tracks not go directly to the bottom of the project?

00:41:59. Why would an orchestral template have more than 130 tracks?

00:46:50. How to manually adjust the playback delay on a selected track?

00:51:24. Can you drag presets to MediaBay to new channels in HALion Sonic?

00:52:16. How to edit multiple MIDI events and CC data at the same time?

00:56:13. Can I type in delays manually for delay compensation manually like other DAWs?

00:57:27. How to turn off one shot mode inside of Groove Agent?

00:59:46. How to set MIDI notes with exact length of a 1/16th note?

01:03:26. How to copy event from one track to another in exact time from key command?

01:08:06. How to export my stems so that they sound like plug-ins are correct?

01:13:26. Can the editor and MixConsole have synced visibility?

01:16:10. Is there a key command for drag to new track in same time?

01:18:49. How to set double clicking file to open in Cubase Pro and not Elements?

01:20:26. How to work with the export queue?

01:25:20. How to automate volume on a group channel when it is stuck on mute?

01:27:31. Can you show drums not recorded on grid and then set to fixed tempo?

01:49:28. Is there a way to create a timecode track visible on the project window?

01:52:11. What software do you need to listen to atmos files on home theaters?

01:52:51. How to reset multiple selected clip gains to 0?

01:57:04. Is there an internal transient shaper plug-in in Cubase?

01:59:56. How to change the tempo and time signate of tempo detected files?

02:02:07. Why do I have no audio output and is out of time When looping visually?

02:05:43. Any tips on using the arranger track?

02:10:24. How to lower tempo smoothly in a song and change pitch like a turntable?

02:13:52. Is there an easy way to change the main mix in control room with key command?

02:17:02. How to record MIDI from Groove Agent pads clicked on by mouse?

02:19:20. How to change the time format in the onscreen time display?

02:20:25. How to route to stereo and quad outputs simultaneously?

02:23:42. Will the Avid Artist Mix Controller work well with Cubase?

02:24:50. Does changing output in mixer change the control room outputs?

02:26:13. Has Greg ever seen a bug where text looks Russian on VSTis in Cubase 13?

02:27:30. How to send MIDI file preview to HALion 7 from MediaBay?

02:32:45. Can I use Bluetooth with ANC for mobile Cubase usage?

02:35:30. Can the chord pads from HALion or HALion Sonic transmit MIDI to Cubase?

02:38:48. How to record into Cubase in VariSpeed like analog tape?

02:48:05. How to make vocals sound more natural when using VariSpeed recording?

02:50:24. How to remove WaveLab export options on PC from export post process?

02:52:21. How to move a take from 7 minutes to start at top of the project?

02:55:05. Can I hit the like button 10 time for the live stream?

02:55:22. Can you discuss the range A and range B functions in Nuendo?

02:59:02. How to make alt+F access the file menu in Cubase for Windows?

03:01:03. Should effects be set as beds or objects in an Atomos project?

03:01:39. How to move events on the timeline with key commands?

03:04:42. Is Greg running Windows for today’s live stream?

03:05:52. How to start using expression maps with HALion Symphonic Orchestra?

03:10:59. How to compress and EQ tracks in a montage without affecting master?

03:17:59. Can the onscreen MIDI keyboard be resized?

03:21:22. Any tips for audio to text functions in Nuendo 13 or WaveLab?

03:26:09. What is an email address to contact Greg?

03:26:47. How to increase or decrease number of bands in multiband compressors?

03:28:45. Did Nuendo 12 come bundled with SpectraLayers Pro?

03:29:48. What is a good gaming mouse with assignable buttons to work with Cubase?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic

Mar 5,  2024  (n77, 30556)

00:02:17. How to decrease the pre gain level of multiple tracks at once?

00:03:33. Why does message please change naming scheme in export audio mean?

00:05:11. Can a 4 bar groove quantize preset apply to a 32 bar event?

00:07:06. How to view only sounds with notes in the MIDI drum editor?

00:09:30. How does remote control editor work, can I save layouts and transfer?

00:13:19. What are difference in quick controls on track vs, top of the plug-in?

00:17:49. Why does changing track quick controls not change VST quick controls?

00:20:32. Can I save default track and VST quick control?

00:23:00. Can I change the in and out ports of an existing MIDI Remote script?

00:25:39. What is the best MIDI keyboard to Cubase 11?

00:27:08. Can I setup project logical editor to bypass inserts on selected group tracks?

00:31:25. How to load in a xml file that contains macros?

00:34:24. Can the project logical editor be used to move or change track order?

00:35:21. Are there any plug-ins that can use mp3 files as content for sampler?

00:37:17. How to make sure that Cubase is optimized for my processor architecture?

00:38:04. How can I uninstall Nuendo and do a fresh install?

00:40:39. Why does Cubase and Nuendoo take a long time to open MediaBay?

00:41:59. Do track presets work with group channels as well?

00:43:38. What workflow is good to not get overwheel mowed with Cubase’s features?

00:48:08. Can you extract MIDI from a vocal and have it play along with vocal?

00:52:23. How to copy inserts from one slot to another?

00:55:04. Is it possible to split the trim and move tools into 2 separate tools?

00:56:41. How to have playback start from the selected region?

00:58:32. How to import unmixed stems back into the project?

01:01:30. How to have files unmixed from SpectraLayers work in musical mode?

01:02:34. How to set a MIDI note to stop playback in a live performance situation?

01:08:20. Is it possible color tracks in the project window horizontally?

01:11:49. How to setup a template that works properly with media files?

01:17:59. Why did tempo detection on audio file at bar 1 move position after detection?

01:21:36. How to setup a NanoKontrol to transmit MIDI CCs through a MIDIRemote?

01:24:50. How fif Greg get the channel tab open to access inserts in Cubase13?

01:26:57. Why did tempo track move when aligning an audio event?

01:30:05. Can I double unmixed stems tempo in musical mode?

01:31:43. How to easily move horizontally from within the stand alone MixConsole?

01:35:21. How to reset the clip volume on multiple clips back to 0dB?

01:37:05. What can cause my fontos look like they are Russian after loading aVSTi?

01:38:39. How to change rhythm of notes form 1/16th to 1/8, ¼, ½ or whole notes?

01:44:20. How change rhythm value from whole notes to ½,1/4, 1/8 or 1/16notes?

01:47:51. How to replace a kick drum recording with a sample to punch it up?

01:52:03. Can you show how to use an external synth like Retrologue with the vocoder?

01:56:00. Are there different locations of FX chain presets saved from projectand Mixer?

01:59:52. Can I setup a toggle switch to go back and forth between grid and shuffle mode?

02:03:28. How to use a scroll wheel on Logitech MX mouse to control waveform zoom?

02:04:23. Is it possible to have a cache of room tones to insert in silence of audio book?

02:07:21. Is there a macro to fill gaps in audio track with room tone?

02:11:00. How to copy one part to a different location and do a heal edit?

02:12:27. Is there a preference to change the scrolling speed in Cubase?

02:14:26. How to determine if a HALion Sonic is loading a factory default preset?

02:17:12. Is there a way to deactivate moving the fader with the mouse scrollwheel?

02:18:49. How to color code the MixConsole faders so that it looks like Greg’smixer?

02:20:42. Is it possible to have an audio bass recording go up in pitch by an octave?

02:24:15. Will VST Live offer Q link or an Android companion app in the future?

02:24:48. Will VST Live continue to evolve with new features?

02:25:20. How to process a mid/side EQ in Cubase?

02:28:20. How to have playhead snap to the start of a selected event?

02:29:51. How to use Cubase as a new Cubase user from the ground up?

02:36:10. Will Greg share his latest logical editor and project logical editor presets?

02:37:27. Is it possible to the fill MIDI gaps macro to delete the previous note?

02:41:46. How to do comping in the part editor?

02:50:35. How to see Groove Agent 5 content libraries in MediaBay?

02:52:22. Does render in place exist in Cubase Artist 13?

02:53:51. Why do I get so much feedback using the VST Amp Rack?

02:54:38. Why does Cubase start recording when I hit the space bar to play?

02:55:52. How to automatically add colors to tracks as they are added?

02:59:46. Can we move folders and rename as we please in WaveLab?

03:01:26. How to delete previous notes when filling in notes between gaps?

03:05:41. What does the blacl lightening button in the upper left hand cornerdo?

03:10:13. Is Steinberg developing AI models to help us make music?

03:10:44. Can you show the voice separator and tonal match in Nuendo 13?

03:16:37. How to connect my Shure MV88 mic to my Cubase in Windows?

03:18:52. How to make and load your own presets in Helix Native?

03:19:33. Can you discuss the functions of the various tools?

03:24:35. Does switching mono track to stereo add sibilance on vocals?

03:28:18. What can cause the panner to disappear from a track?

03:31:09. How to assign a key command to a macro?

03:33:40. Will Helix Native be added to the Steinberg Download Assistant?

03:34:51. What is the frequency of the Club Cubase Live Streams?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music project HardDiskMusic

Mar 8,  2024  (n73, 30629)

00:03:17. How can I create custom chords played from on key?

00:06:19. Is there a way to put more instrument sounds on single instrument track?

00:11:58. How to preview sounds when monitoring in 5.1?

00:13:21. How to configure the control room to monitor 5.1?

00:15:40. How does pasting audio events over audio events work in Cubase?

00:19:04. How to create spectral compression using the Frequency plug-in?

00:21:49. How to add a fixed velocity from 30 to 127?

00:28:25. How to play sounds from synths and import sounds to play as a patch?

00:32:08. Any word when grace period will start with Cubase 14?

00:32:33. Why does HALion Sonic 7 at times stop sounding after editing?

00:34:00. How to change the color of notes played on the HALion keyboard?

00:36:09. Is there a preference to put all .bak files into a folder?

00:36:47. How to lock settings in HALion Sonic 7 when auditioning different presets?

00:39:59. Can the output port of a MIDI Remote script control a motorized fader?

00:40:45. How to copy send effect destinations from within the project window?

00:45:10. Can Cubase find MIDI devices that are connected after program has started?

00:45:56. What can cause a delay in loading plug-in presets?

00:48:18. How to zoom in and out with just the track pad or mouse?

00:50:06. Is there a way in the MediaBay to make the text bigger?

00:51:41. How to paste and move existing items later in time?

00:55:45. How to create a drum break using the part editor?

00:59:43. How to trigger custom chords from single MIDI notes?

01:00:36. Are there disadvantages dragging files from Explorer vs MediaBay?

01:02:06. How to set the MIDI velocity parameter as a range of 80 -125?

01:08:06. How long does it take to render a 5 minute MIDI clip?

01:10:10. How to nudge audio by a pre-defined nudge amount?

01:13:35. Is it possible to see MediaBay in 1,2,3 as opposed to1,11,12,2,21,22?

01:15:46. How can I move a single kick drum easily to be slipped in time?

01:19:49. Why can’t I adjust audio ins and outs and control room in info line?

01:22:11. How to override new MIDI CC data on top of existing CC data?

01:24:55. Why is my mic input getting sent out of audio interface twice for livestream?

01:26:53. How does the plug-in remote control editor work?

01:31:13. Can I retain sampler control settings when replacing a sample?

01:33:22. How to export MixConsole snapshots and configurations to other projects?

01:34:56. Is there a way to apply an audio edit from one track to another?

01:38:34. What are advantages of ARA in Cubase 13?

01:40:28. Which is better Yamaha Vocaloid or Synth V?

01:41:26. How to move events later in time when pasting events?

01:49:09. Any way to connect my UR22C to my Apollo Twin?

01:51:17. How to change the colors and depth of colors in the MIDI project area?

01:53:22. Why can’t I change parameters from the status line above the project window?

01:57:08. Will Greg share his logical editor presets?

01:58:10. How can I have my own complete custom chords on chord pads?

02:04:02. Why doesn’t my swing values in the quantize panel seem to work?

02:05:53. Is there a way to automate plug-in parameters from another audio track?

02:08:22. How to change the colors of MIDI notes in the key editor?

02:12:53. How to record MIDI input directly to the chord pads?

02:17:01. How to have guitar signal level effect dry wet balance on reverb?

02:22:57. How to split audio events and MIDI notes via a key command?

02:29:31. Can the combined stereo panner be controlled from the MIDI Remote?

02:36:18. Is there a way to change cents on a single MIDI note in HALion 7?

02:39:51. How to convert a project at 16bit 44.1 to 32bit float 48k?

02:44:28. How to fill gaps between notes in mono MIDI parts and delete existing notes?

02:50:18. How to recall external effects and instruments when changing audio interfaces?

02:52:51. Can I setup HALion to change MIDI channels from a key switch?

02:56:02. Does converting files on import retain original files?

02:56:36. Why can’t I hear any sounds when moving or clicking motes?

02:59:13. What can cause my MIDI controller to not be recognized until reconnected?

03:01:35. How to switch different VST instruments while playing in VST Live?

03:04:36. How to record guitar to record bends and slides so I can use Amp Simulator?

03:10:47. How to switch instrument while playing with key switch to change MIDI channel?

03:13:59. How to notate an audio part that slides from C1 to C2?

03:21:06. How to do a reverse reverb on a vocal track?

03:25:15. Does moving fader effect the loudness of a reverb on a vocal?

03:28:49. What is the fastest stock compressor for hip hop?

03:30:42. Why can’t I disable Sonarworks in the control room?

03:34:52. How to show in the score a slide from C1 to C2?

03:37:58. Can I switch quick access presets in Reverence and mix lock seems not to work?

03:40:06. What is the fastest way to reverse the phase of a channel?

03:42:32. How to organize user presets with tags and character for quick access?

03:47:06. What is the best score symbol to indicate an octave slide?

03:49:33. Does Cubase run better on Mac than Windows?

03:50:53. Where is the user menu to find favorite presets on 3rd party plug-ins?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music project HardDiskMusic

Mar 12,  2024  (n66, 30695)

00:04:52. Will Greg be at the Superbooth show this year?

00:05:45. How to paste events and move further events later in time?

00:07:49. How to control Cubase channel EQ and CCs with a Yamaha PSR-A5000?

00:12:37. What is an easy way to adjust the volume of automation on a track?

00:14:47. Is it possible to transpose for live playing in Cubase?

00:18:59. Will there be any problems updating my Cubase to latest MacOS?

00:19:56. How to snap the end of the audio events to the grid?

00:25:04. Does changing volume of track affect how it works in a group?

00:29:12. Will hitting S on an automation solo the selected track?

00:33:17. Will my UR44 work with MacOS Sonoma?

00:34:37. Is it possible to visually hide the automation line on a group track?

00:36:01. Is there a way to get rid of the MIDI editor solo function?

00:38:45. How to control channel strips, VSTs and focus quick controls?

00:49:31. Can I have real time pitch transposition on guitar track for live performance?

00:57:24. Is there a preference to to not us VST 3 plug-ins?

00:59:39. Has the generic remote been replaced all together with the new system?

01:00:31. Does having lots of automation tracks open prevent S key from soloing track?

01:11:01. Can the solo function be disabled in the MIDI editor?

01:14:14. How to have different reverbs on left and right channel on mono vocal?

01:19:24. What is best way to get recordings from hand recorder in MediaBay with icon?

01:21:07. Can MIDI notes be used as sidechain triggers to open a gate effect?

01:25:44. Can I drag audio file from project to MediaBay to have it found in MediaBay?

01:30:37. Why don’t my MIDI notes play in scale when set to follow the chord track?

01:37:25. Can I create a generic remote if I don’t have a MIDI controller?

01:39:43. Is it possible to close windows always using the escape key?

01:41:17. Why do I sometime only get one channel when recording a stereo audio file?

01:43:02. How to playback multi sampled DX& sounds in Cubase?

01:47:02. How to work with Cubase using friend in another city?

01:50:17. How to change the tempo of multiple files to try out different feels?

01:52:30. Can you discuss the scale assistant a bit deeper?

01:55:45. How to keep all of MIDI recordings in scale with the chord track?

01:56:36. What can’t we import an arranger track from one project to another?

01:58:10. Why did Cubase change the project cursor position to go to beat and not bar?

01:59:23. How to tune the audio samples of a song to the chord track?

02:07:00. Can we pinch zoom on Mac trackpad in Cubase?

02:07:55. Is it possible to load a track preset across multiple tracks at once?

02:14:12. How to have chord track trigger events and stop after it passes?

02:17:06. Why does my MIDI recording end up being 1/32 of a note early?

02:19:53. How to color multiple tracks at once?

02:20:51. Is there a way to RMS levels for all channels in the MixConsole?

02:23:26. How to change the colors in the key editor to show if they are out of key?

02:26:29. Why doesn’t the pre gain settings not affect input metering?

02:29:07. What is an email address to reach Greg?

02:31:41. How can I add more colors into my project like Greg has?

02:32:39. What can cause MIDI to record too early?

02:33:57. How to get a chord in chord track to show F# as opposed to Gb?

02:34:59. How to automate monitor on and off and switch instruments in VST Live?

02:40:51. Is there a quick way to see RMS levels on individual tracks?

02:43:00. How to determine why MIDI is recorded early even with on screen keyboard?

02:45:36. How to set the default velocity value when drawing in notes in the MIDI editors?

02:49:43. Do track names in MusicXML files get exported correctly to Dorico?

02:54:30. How to save an audio event track with inserts as a track preset?

02:57:03. Will Friday’s live stream be at the same time as today’s?

02:57:54. How to produce in Cubase using loops so they all fit together?

03:07:41. How to bounce MIDI to audio so that it is not behind the beat?

03:12:56. Where is VST Live Pro in Cubase 12 Pro?

03:13:49. How to offset the project latency manually in the Cubase mixer?

03:15:06. Any hopes for folders in the MixConsole?

03:19:01. How to layer sounds inside of HALion Sonic?

03:24:25. How to get strummed notes when using the chord pads?

03:30:57. Is VST Live Pro an Ableton competitor?

03:32:17. Will chord pads triggering patterns spread across multiple channels?

03:35:45. How to create a power drum kit track for 2 bars?

03:41:12. How to get rid of red triangles above the tracks?

03:42:50. Why do some of my sounds cut out when playing MIDI back through Kontakt?

03:45:49. Does editing pitch bend on piano instruments cause MIDI to stop sounding?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music project HardDiskMusic

Mar 15,  2024  (n66, 30761)

00:02:07. How to change the MIDI channel when drawing MIDI notes in the editor?

00:04:14. How to mute all automation across numerous tracks?

00:06:21. Why are my Melodyne and SpectraLayers components greyed out?

00:08:58. Can you discuss discrepancies in audio performance meter vs. CPU meter?

00:17:15. How to import a loop and have it placed directly below a selected track?

00:19:07. Will a 5G router wifi from T-Mobile work for VST Connect sessions?

00:21:11. What is the length of a groove that can be dragged into the quantize panel?

00:24:11. What is the fastest way to clean up MIDI extracted from a vocal track?

00:27:09. How to determine how many cents are being changed in the Micro Tuner?

00:28:33. How to prevent notes in the score editor to be doubled?

00:34:51. Is Cubasis for Android compatible with Cubase Pro 13 on Windows?

00:36:24. Why do ARA Extensions work in Nuendo 12 but not Nuendo 13?

00:38:46. How does the multi sound work in HALion Sonic 7?

00:41:22. Why does HALion Sonic always recognize sound 4?

00:43:16. Can you discuss how to utilize more CPU cores with HALion?

00:47:00. Can you discuss the different volume types in the automation values on MIDI?

00:51:51. Can disabled program preferences on startup be re-enabled without restarting?

00:52:59. What are composers thinking of AI?

00:57:27. How to copy kick and snare from a drum part to another instrument?

01:10:50. How to layer multiple sounds and have them layered in HALion Sonic?

01:13:07. Are there any AI functions included with Cubase?

01:14:25. Why does HALion Sonic work only on MIDI channel 4?

01:17:06. Does Greg have a backup regime?

01:19:55. How to overcome output latency after importing stems into Cubase?

01:21:50. How to stop MIDI drums from playing a bass sound in Kontakt?

01:23:59. How to use sends the correct way do I need to turn the fader of effect track?

01:27:32. How to do a ducking delay in Cubase?

01:30:08. What is the difference between routing and direct routing to groups?

01:34:31. Will the live stream be on the same time on Tuesday night?

01:34:45. How to open a MIDI file and not have it load HALion Sonic?

01:35:39. Why does HALion Sonic work only on MIDI channel when running standalone?

01:38:22. How to backup Cubase settings and presets easily?

01:39:30. How to duck a delay with a 3rd party delay plug-in?

01:43:31. How to edit chords in MIDI to make them sound like a guitar strum?

01:46:09. Where do I find my exported profile to import to another computer/?

01:47:30. Does hitting S on an automation track solo the parent track?

01:50:42. How to fade out all sounds in a project for audio and MIDI tracks?

01:56:46. Will an Apollo twin hijack MIDI communication from controller?

01:59:36. Why can I only run Steinberg ASIO driver after Focusrite was disconnected?

02:02:43. How to change project with audio from 44.1k to 48k?

02:07:14. Why does doing free warping across multiple tracks crash Cubase?

02:11:09. Why does phase coherent doing free warping across multiple tracks crash?

02:16:19. Can you discuss how to do free warping better?

02:19:12. Is it possible to use 3 different loops and switch between them?

02:23:11. How to change the default colors for the scale color settings in MIDI editor?

02:26:51. What types of situations are good to learn free warping?

02:28:27. Can the project root key be set for major or minor?

02:30:08. How to change the background colors of the MIDI key editor?

02:32:50. What is the modifier key to switch MIDI trim tool for guitar strums?

02:33:55. Can Cubase automatically take plug-in pictures?

02:36:27. How to edit existing clip gains with pencil tool without adding new nodes?

02:39:53. How to print send or bus effects to an audio track?

02:43:00. How to cut the silent parts out of a vocal?

02:46:45. Can you explain the applications between peak and RMS in compressor plug-in?

02:48:01. Does render in place or bounce make audio warp changes permanent in the file?

02:51:05. Which is better to use for FX, using a fader or a send?

02:53:50. How to increase the tempo of a project up by 5 bpm?

02:57:32. How to adjust a vocal file at one tempo fit into a project at a different tempo?

02:58:52. How to get VST 3 plug-ins to get out of the blocklist?

03:00:05. How to best work with overlapping MIDI event to delete underlying events?

03:06:32. Can you use set definition from tempo on a vocal while changing its bpm?

03:11:49. How to remove overlapped MIDI events?

03:13:12. How can I enter VariAudio from my vocal track?

03:14:35. Can my interface play YouTube at 44.1 and my Cubase at 96 at same time?

03:16:50. How to export the project mixdown at a different sample rate?

03:20:07. Does Cubase make any audio interfaces that have SMPTE sync capabilities?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music project HardDiskMusic

Mar 19,  2024  (n71, 30832)

00:03:02. How to use notepad for new functions like exporting lyrics?

00:05:24. How to hear reverb on 2 different drum tracks routed to a group?

00:11:49. How to fix message “Could not create a project directory”?

00:13:46. Is there a good strategy to install all 3rd party plug-ins on a new computer?

00:16:03. Why have some mixer functions gone missing from MIDI Remote mapping page?

00:18:28. Does Cubase deactivate MIDI notes used to trigger chord pads to tracks?

00:20:26. Can VST rack instruments be Imported within a track preset or archive?

00:25:11. Why is event so dark when trying edit live drums manually?

00:27:34. How to make different MIDI events track indicate octaves on events?

00:32:35. How many users can I run per license purchase of Cubase?

00:33:05. Is it possible to write automation for the arpeggiation plug-in rate?

00:38:16. Is it possible to flip the stereo pf a MIDI drum track?

00:41:22. How to send more than 4 MIDI sends to route to multiple drum VSTs?

00:46:17. Did Greg get my email about processor thread distribution?

00:47:14. How to change the color of th events when free warping drums?

00:49:43. Why couldn’t I export my mix at 124bpm?

00:54:14. Can I move inserts in the mixer view up or down?

00:56:56. How to extract only the lowest or highest note from a MIDI event?

00:59:45. Can drum events be less dark when group warping events on project window?

01:02:32. How to use logical editor to make a randomize MIDI notes of as elected note?

01:10:44. Why did some audio waveforms disappear after zooming in?

01:14:12. What can cause my audio file to not export correctly?

01:16:27. How to see MIDI of the clip in the main project window?

01:18:09. Is the discord server independent of Steinberg?

01:19:19. How to have external instruments recalled when starting a new project?

01:21:12. Why don’t the names of Groove Agent pads show in the drum editor?

01:24:25. Is there a way for inputs to switch from inputs and external effects easily?

01:26:14. Is there a way to override input routing exclusivity?

01:29:47. Why does a channel and effect sends move linked together?

01:32:11. Does freezing unused tracks enable projects to load faster?

01:33:37. How to overlay a MIDI track on top of a MIDI track for easier visual editing?

01:39:39. What is the easiest way to fix clipping?

01:46:24. How to get samples to play at the same speed across different pitches?

01:50:22. What audio interfaces can be used with Cubasis 3.6?

01:51:46. Any suggestions for an audio interface for Cubasis for Android?

01:53:14. Will Cubase be able to read patch names from VST synths in the future?

01:55:03. Can multiple people be recorded using VST Connect?

01:56:36. How to record with VST Connect to multiple musicians while on a sailboat?

01:57:45. Can I make parameters of an EQ react to what is going on in a clip?

02:03:15. How to change colors in the MIDI editor so background is not so dark?

02:05:26. Can I buy 2 VST Connect versions, rename one and use them both at same time?

02:06:45. Can you discuss the differences in MIDI automation merge modes?

02:13:32. Can .bak files and .csh files get placed into a dedicated folder?

02:15:07. Can video files automatically be imported to a dedicated project video folder?

02:17:11. How to work with project offsets when working with 2 pops?

02:24:06. How to split the top clip of layered audio without cutting underlying events?

02:26:36. How to open 2 audio events in the sample editor and change colors?

02:30:29. Is there a preference that prevents a fader from being adjusted with a mouse?

02:32:35. How to have my MIDI Remote device not be blocked to transmitting MIDI CCs?

02:35:53. How to remove track pictures from a track in a template?

02:37:12. How to quickly turn an existing template without extensions, EQs etc?

02:42:10. Can you give a deeper view of possibilities of MIDI modifiers?

02:46:50. How to take a loop and have it played and outlayed as MIDI?

02:50:32. How to configure a 9.1.6 immersive project utilizing the control room?

02:54:56. Does the chord pad players section allow multiple players to be used?

02:56:45. Can you go over the arpeggio function?

03:02:52. How to separate different Cubase windows across 3 screens?

03:05:34. What happened to VST Transit in Cubase 13?

03:07:05. How to prevent the first note to get deleted when using scissors tool on event?

03:12:46. How to get the pop up window to a different screen in multi monitor setup?

03:15:06. How to lengthen notes in arpeggiator plug-in to be more analog?

03:18:32. Can you show Iconica Sketch?

03:21:02. How can I activate the metering section on top of the MixConsole?

03:23:16. How to reset the popup windows to a different screen in multi monitor setup?

03:24:09. How to synchronize Cubase Pro 13 on 2 different machines?

03:28:05. How to connect with other Cubase users in person?

03:30:23. Did Cubase SX change the audio engine from earlier versions?

03:30:57. How to record different values for Arpache in different sections?

03:35:28. How to transition from Cubase from Ableton?

03:35:51. How to randomize MIDI velocity?

03:39:39. How can I close out of Cubase and keep the plug-in windows open?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music project HardDiskMusic

Mar 22,  2024  (n63, 30895)

00:06:22. Will you be going over what is in the the 13.03 update today?

00:06:57. Can I set left and right locator automatically when selecting an event?

00:09:28. How to add headphones in the control room?

00:12:00. What is the last name of the Zoom Social Meetup guest?

00:12:32. Is it possible to disable all inserts on a track in one click?

00:17:56. How to switch tracks to different outs without using control room?

00:22:35. What is the easiest way to colorize your tracks and channels at the same time?

00:25:08. How to easily zoom in and out of tracks using the mouse scroll wheel?

00:28:01. Can you show some of the GUI enhancements in 13.03 update?

00:31:03. How to not have the diagonal lines on events with overlapping events?

00:35:03. What can cause some chords to sound bad in A like A, Amaj7 and D/A?

00:39:55. How to select all MIDI notes on a selected track beyond the cursor?

00:44:06. Why is there change in pitch when pulling sample in project not in musical?

00:48:36. How to send a MIDI track to more than 4 sends to work with trigger plug-in?

00:52:16. Why do some notes on my MIDI controller trigger functions in Cubase?

00:55:25. How to randomize the volume of MIDI events?

01:00:25. How to get the disable all inserts on selected track project logical editor to work?

01:04:20. Why does changing color of cycle marker change track color?

01:07:21. Is there a way to select all MIDI notes of a certain channel in key editor?

01:13:37. How to select all events on a track from beginning to end on a track?

01:15:20. How to have audio tracks not imported into musical mode?

01:19:16. How to phase align the EQ or parallel the main source?

01:23:15. How to not colorize events and without tracks in a divided track list?

01:30:56. How to use the listen mode on the EQ?

01:33:14. How to lock MIDI when viewing multiple MIDI tracks in key editor?

01:36:57. Why don’t I hear recorded MIDI and why is it doubled?

01:41:01. How to link 2 EQ plug-ins to cancel each other out?

01:48:50. How to use the listen mode on the channel EQ?

01:50:31. Can I stay only on 1 MIDI track when editing multiple MIDI events together?

01:53:57. Can we add a specific plug-in on an insert slot from a key command?

01:56:05. Is the phase coherent free warping on multi tracks issue fixed in13.03?

01:57:13. Are we not discussing the new Cubase 13.03 update?

01:58:18. Has Cubase 13.03 fixed an annoying bug?

01:59:33. How to use Cubase sample and loop?

02:01:16. How to easily see and open all tracks in the MIDI editor?

02:03:20. How to stop the playback cursor jumping back to start when finishing record?

02:06:56. Will the patch name scripts stay open and use arrow keys for navigation in 13.03?

02:09:36. How to edit guitar audio recording in the MIDI key editor?

02:13:44. How to work with the envelopes in the sampler track?

02:18:37. How to draw in Bezier curves in the automation from a straight line?

02:20:45. How to render drum VSTi to multiple channels without deleting original MIDI?

02:24:45. How to record the real time arpeggio from the the Arpache plug-ins?

02:28:49. Is it possible to hide the scroll bar at the bottom of the MIDI editors?

02:31:32. How to have Cubase open the ARA2 editors in the lower zone?

02:34:18. Can you show the QuadraFuzz 2 plug-in?

02:41:21. How to change appearance of backgrounds like earlier Cubase versions?

02:42:25. How to setup mixing in Dolby Atmos with headphones?

02:48:13. Can I put my master bus chain on the bed in Atmos?

02:51:06. Can you discuss the surround panning concept of rollercoster roller coaster panning?

02:52:57. How to detect key for samples created in Cubase?

02:57:36. Can you record a virtual instrument in mono?

03:01:46. Any ideas on how to fix latency drop outs?

03:05:06. Can the sampler track work with multi samples?

03:06:39. How to compare 2 tracks muting one track while other plays?

03:18:13. Is there a way to chop 1 bar of MIDI notes into 64 divisions?

03:22:30. How to drag and drop samples into the Cubase project window?

03:23:54. How to get the dense blue color in the RTA in channel EQ?

03:25:07. How to switch between 2 guitar tracks with a vocal for comparison?

03:27:47. What is Hott Mess?

03:28:16. Is there an invitation for next Friday’s Club Cubase Zoom Social Meetup?

03:29:18. Can I use the stereo in to silence incoming noise on a channel?

03:31:38. What time is the next Zoom Social meetup next Friday?

03:32:22. How to import tracks into a template so tracks retain their positions?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music project HardDiskMusic

Mar 26,  2024  (n77, 30972)

00:04:38. Why do waveforms in a n audio file disappear when zooming?

00:06:50. How to automate the waw wah effect in the VST Amp Rack?

00:09:36. Would putting a SuperVision on every channel to see RMS need a lot of CPU?

00:10:36. Does dragging a one shot sample to Groove Agent respond to velocity?

00:12:52. How to extract the bass on a HALion Sonic loop layered patch?

00:15:28. Is there a way to scale drawn in clip gain on an audio event?

00:18:33. How to print 10 tracks easily to a new audio track?

00:23:15. Can MediaBay start the sample at the first 0 crossing point?

00:25:43. Can there be a longer than shorter than filter in MediaBay?

00:27:23. Can you explain the different audio record modes, replace, keep history etc.?

00:32:58. Is it possible to make a macro to open plug-ins?

00:36:00. How to restore a recording when you forgot to hit the record button?

00:38:41. How to show only specific tracks in a large orchestral template?

00:42:17. Is it possible to save controller lane presets within a template?

00:46:53. Can I load samples from MediaBay into the project at the cursor position?

00:49:01. Is it possible to rename several audio files at the same time?

00:51:09. Is there a 30% discount currently on Cubase 13?

00:51:48. Why don’t I hear notes as I drag them up and down in VariAudio?

00:53:46. How to save and backup sessions with audio files?

00:57:48. Is there a way to type in volume level on multiple tracks not using a fader?

01:01:24. How to match the sample bpm to match the project bpm?

01:04:39. How can I put an audio plug-in on a MIDI channel?

01:08:26. How to tune a vocal to any key manually or automatically?

01:12:35. Is there a way to have a large fader setup to control effect sends?

01:15:04. When will be the Steinberg Summer sale?

01:17:06. How to see multiple events in the VariAudio editor to do audio warp editing?

01:20:57. Is there a compressor that I can control from sidechain from a MID Itrack?

01:28:05. Why does automation lane stay red after releasing fader during automation?

01:30:25. How to export multiple tracks as MP3 files and maintain track lengths?

01:39:39. How to audition sounds in HALion without double clicking on each preset?

01:42:28. Can you split a groove agent loop to part audio track?

01:45:06. How to point new Cubase installation to content on external drive?

01:46:22. Is it worth updating from Cubase 10.5 to Cubase 13?

01:47:10. How to use Melodyne 5 Essentials in Cubase?

01:48:39. What are some of the best new features going from Cubase 10.5 to Cubase 13?

01:52:12. How to recognize your favorite plug-ins when searching?

01:54:13. What exactly is LUFS. And how to use it?

01:58:03. How to trigger a compressor from a MIDI source that is not heard?

02:00:47. How to view several audio tracks together in sample editor for freewarp edits?

02:02:40. Why don’t my V Collection synths MIDI maps don’t work well in Cubase?

02:03:58. How do I clone a sound in Cubase?

02:06:26. How to disable snap so that events can be freely moved off grid?

02:08:49. Is there a macro that open VSTi plug-in interfaces?

02:11:14. If I upgrade from 10.5 to 13 will it be registered to dongle or other systems?

02:12:12. Can I use cycle markers to batch export files to MP3 format?

02:15:18. Can I mimic compression or expanding controller data from a logical editor?

02:20:53. Does Cubase apply anti-aliasing filters when exporting to lower resolutions?

02:23:11. How to record vocal audio to MIDI tracks without hearing without hearing music?

02:25:10. How to export your finished project to YouTube, SoundCloud, mobile phone etc.?

02:26:54. How to make the track name the same as the bounced audio file?

02:31:49. Is there a project logical editor setting to remove all numbers from track names?

02:37:15. What are some of the go to EQ plug-ins in Cubase?

02:40:02. Would you kindly walk us through some of the basics of the logical editor?

02:49:59. Is it possible to visualize the effect of compression on an audio waveform?

02:52:34. How to sample a sound from a movie or YouTube into Cubase?

02:56:00. Does Greg do individual paid training sessions and where to sign up for it?

02:56:51. Will a project from 10 opened in 13 make the project not work in 10anymore?

02:58:26. How to delete missing MIDI input ports no longer available?

03:01:24. How to do a multi sample with built in Cubase tools?

03:08:15. Can you repeat this on Friday again please Greg with a sonic example?

03:09:48. In Vocal Synth V a way to extract audio to MIDI with logic editor automation?

03:10:24. How to limit the number of backups to a single .bak file?

03:12:22. How to use 7 different sounds in the Cubase sampler track?

03:13:59. Who is the special guest for Friday’s Zoom Social Meetup?

03:17:39. Is it possible to convert automation to clip gain?

03:21:41. Why is my backing MIDI track recording with my vocal recording?

03:23:48. Is there a way to have 10 backup files but only see 1?

03:27:00. Why is my UA Volt interface recording the backing track into my vocal recording?

03:30:02. How to add vibrato tune effects on vocals in Cubase?

03:34:51. How to make stems for easy project collaboration?

03:41:29. How to change the fader cap colors for different types of tracks?

03:43:14. How to comp across multiple tracks in lanes on drum recordings?

03:46:30. Why are my faders jamming and not allowing me to move them with mouse?

03:48:47. How to switch the transport to return to the start position on stop?

03:50:43. How to uninstall unused plug-ins on MacOS Sonoma?

03:53:17. How to setup 2 keyboards to work independently?

03:54:49. How to setup an LFO to adjust the pitch of a vocal file?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music project HardDiskMusic

Mar 29,  2024  (n47, 31019)

00:02:50. Is it possible to route a bus to 2 different busses?

00:07:50. Why don’t track presets load the sends?

00:10:00. Can I use transformer to play chords on shared tracks?

00:12:22. What is the purpose of using 2 monitor screens at the same time?

00:13:26. How to drag audio files from the sampler track back into the project window?

00:15:32. Do I need 64 GB of Ram to make epic music?

00:16:46. How to get iPad to reliably send MIDI CCs to control functions in Cubase?

00:18:05. Do Cubase track names get carried over when export MusicXML files?

00:18:49. Why do I get a playback stutter on Cubase tracks after last update?

00:21:03. Where is the setting to activate step input in the lower zone key editor?

00:22:43. Can I see .mid as opposed to .midi files in the MediaBay?

00:25:19. Why when importing MIDI tracks from project do they not line up to grid?

00:30:01. Can I route a specific MIDI input to all MIDI tracks with Project Logical Editor?

00:32:18. Why do I still have graphics issues in Groove Agent SE with Cubase13.03?

00:33:31. Will the Chuck Ainlay Zoom Social Meetup be recorded to view later?

00:34:18. Is there a way to rename inserts similar to sends?

00:35:22. How to have pitch bend wheel on a controller transmit MIDI CC1?

00:37:28. How to trigger a kick with a side chain with an arpeggiator?

00:44:11. How to use logical editor to delete bass notes from a MIDI event?

00:46:26. Should I run my SSDs in a raid for redundancy?

00:47:02. Can you show some new and interesting things in sampler track in Cubase 13?

00:51:20. Is there a way to stabilize the audio from a reference track?

00:54:11. Can VST plug-ins be run on layers in SpectraLayers?

00:58:15. Can I export via MIDI the key signature of a song?

01:01:09. Why do I have to restart Cubase after sending MIDI CCs from metagrid?

01:02:59. Can you print out a guitar chord track sheet only?

01:10:02. What is special on today’s Zoom meetup?

01:10:38. How to record your stereo output into Cubase 13?

01:13:34. Did they fix the enter project cursor bug in Cubase 13.03?

01:14:35. How to compose a beat in Cubase like FL Studio?

01:18:43. How to put a nice icon on 3rd party VST instruments?

01:21:25. Is there a function to add selected tracks to a new folder?

01:22:44. How can I lock tempo and marker tracks to the top of the project window?

01:24:26. How to make macro to render track and disable and hide the source?

01:28:35. Why does sustain not stop when inserting strings from Cakewalk?

01:29:26. Can you explain the multi MIDI editing in Cubase 13?

01:32:24. How to export different drum sounds in Groove Agent to separate tracks?

01:35:30. Can I still use the project browser if I update from Cubase 13 to Nuendo 13?

01:36:39. Can you explain difference between real time ASIO guard and peak in meter?

01:41:10. What are reasons to record in 24bit vs 32 bit float and different sample rates?

01:45:54. How to have tracks automatically colored when adding them?

01:47:43. What is the best way to make space for a vocal on a 2 track?

01:48:38. Why is the stream not in 4k?

01:50:19. How to tame harsh frequencies on reverb on music with lots of drones?

01:52:03. What is the password for today’s Zoom meetup?

01:52:33. How to use inserts on a track before it is routed to a bus?

01:54:00. How to setup external instrument with MIDI channel and patch script?

01:57:17. Migrate to Zoom Social Meetup with special guest Chuck Ainlay!  -  Wikipedia about Chuck Ainlay  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chuck_Ainlay

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music project HardDiskMusic

Apr 2,  2024  (n80, 31099)

00:03:58. How to copy inserts from one track to another?

00:06:12. Can you discuss the partner products in current Steinberg promotion?

00:07:12. Have there been improvement with group quantizing drums?

00:14:35. Why aren’t routing and direct routing the same?

00:16:19. How can I solo multiple tracks without enabling solo defeat?

00:18:52. How to export mono and stereo tracks separately at the same time?

00:22:45. How to setup a headphone mix and save it as a preset?

00:27:07. Can you discuss the quantize panel options?

00:31:01. What can cause a plug-in to make tracks it is on play out of time?

00:33:50. Why do I get elicenser errors about missing licenses on my desktop?

00:35:33. Is it possible to extract the melody of a MIDI part with logical editor?

00:39:42. How to quantize an audio guitar riff to an existing MIDI part?

00:44:15. Is there a reason many Steinberg plug-ins have a mix wet dry knob on them?

00:45:56. Can you go through free warping of audio for me?

00:50:35. Can the logical editor be used to remove all events outside of event range?

00:53:44. How to use a snare as a side chain of a gate for another track?

00:58:11. Does changing track order of groups change their listing order in routing?

01:00:55. How to setup headphones on the listen bus?

01:04:18. How to select the highest notes in a chord in the logical editor?

01:11:53. What are some benefits down of running WaveLab as ARA 2 in Cubase?

01:15:38. How to edit a vocal in the MIDI editor?

01:17:32. How to see the whole arrangement view in one click?

01:18:34. Can you export mono and stereo tracks when exporting to mixdown folder?

01:25:10. Can you shower render in place as single events and blocks?

01:30:08. How to see channel view by default on the left hand side?

01:31:23. How to save presets in VSTs so they show up in MediaBay?

01:34:03. Which Cubase folder should I save the Cubase effects bank in?

01:35:47. Is there any way to make the mixer reflect the folder tracks?

01:38:13. How to save a project with a new and different name?

01:39:11. How to add different fader caps for types of tracks?

01:41:27. How to change names and set track version IDs on MIDI tracks?

01:52:25. Do I need special plug-ins for 5.1 and atmos or do stock plug-ins work?

01:57:11. How to import a MIDI file without opening HALion Sonic getting opened?

01:59:24. Can a render in place save the files to a specific defined folder?

02:01:37. How to do an automated frequency sweep on a guitar track?

02:04:13. What does auto quantize do and will it work with audio recordings?

02:07:05. Can the VariAudio transmit MIDI in real time without exporting to MIDI?

02:08:36. What are some of the improvements in Cubase 13.03?

02:09:35. How to get the start of one event to snap to the end of another event?

02:11:19. Why are duplicated tracks with VariAudio not have independent edits?

02:15:03. How do hide the track name in the global track in the key editor?

02:17:21. Does Cubase save the recorded audio files into project audio folder?

02:20:22. Will tracks in a folder with note expression import as track archive correctly?

02:24:48. How to navigate between markers?

02:25:59. How to select a marker and start playback from the marker?

02:28:01. How to assign the modulation wheel to transmit CC11?

02:31:47. Will dragging a file into a folder carry the folder color to tracks?

02:34:37. How to change the bpm after recording the project?

02:37:00. How to move MIDI notes in the key editor using left and right arrow keys?

02:40:44. How do I change the volume of the metronome channel?

02:42:28. How to drag and drop modified file from sampler track back into audio track?

02:45:48. How to drag and drop a layer from SpectraLayers into the project window?

02:48:54. How to move guitar note in piano track move to piano layer?

02:56:04. Why are there little red symbols to the left of HALion Sonic presets?

02:57:31. Can you show some tricks how to easily paste an A B part in Cubase?

03:02:18. Was Nuendo replaced by Cubase in working with video?

03:03:38. Is it possible to undo the last cycle recording like Cubase 1.0?

03:07:19. Does Cubase have ability to sequence one shot drum samples and render?

03:12:42. How to compress the dynamic range of MIDI notes in the MIDI editor?

03:13:44. Can I take a hi hat track and turn it into a loop?

03:14:51. How to change the color of the large meter in right hand zone?

03:16:33. How to make the stereo out meter appear in a floating window?

03:17:26. Is there a function to not have record stop when I click on another track?

03:22:18. How important is exporting an OMF file from Cubase?

03:23:29. How to learn what is missing in Cubase Elements before I purchase it?

03:24:42. How to hide MediaBay and Media Rack when opening a project?

03:25:51. Why does placing a tempo detected file in musical make it out of time?

03:29:33. Can Cubase easily play range between 2 markers?

03:31:04. Why do some VST 3 plug-ins get blocked on my Mac?

03:33:04. Can Cubase find tempo of a song and change tempo without time stretching?

03:35:37. How to easily add guitar chord diagrams into the score editor?

03:37:57. Why does my Nectar P6 not scroll sounds in 3rd party VST instruments?

03:39:30. Can I see score editor in lower zone and have other tracks in key editor?

03:41:45. How to set the default font for text in the score editor?

03:42:57. How to see bar numbers on every bar in the score editor?

03:44:24. How to automatically show automation as it is being written to the track?

03:45:48. Can a channel be contained in multiple mixer links?

03:49:42. How to add track presets to multiple existing tracks without making new tracks?

03:52:37. How can I trigger arranger events in the new MIDI Remote system?

03:54:58. How to change order of parameters of channel strip insert focus quick controls?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music project HardDiskMusic

Apr 5,  2024  (n90, 31189)

00:02:29. Why do I get a message that I can not create project directory when recording?

00:04:07. What is the best way to organize trance one shot samples in MediaBay?

00:10:42. How to organize attribute order in MediaBay?

00:14:25. What is solo defeat and how to use it?

00:16:03. Can I add the drums from FL Studio to Cubase?

00:16:56. Can you explain the difference between Arpache 5 and Arpache SX?

00:19:09. Can you make a chord track for printout if you do not have a MIDI track?

00:21:19. Where is my fine tune settings in Cubase 13?

00:23:41. Does Nuendo have a tab to transient type of feature?

00:25:07. Is there a tab to transient in the MIDI editor to select next MIDI notes?

00:26:34. Are there general setting to make on a PC to optimize it for Cubase?

00:27:40. How can I use the whole MIDI keyboard and not just a section?

00:30:27. How to send tempo changes from Cubase to other DAWs?

00:35:38. How to make a vocal sample sound ambient and cinematic?

00:38:42. How can I load my presets for VST plug-ins?

00:40:11. What does SR mean in Reverence presets?

00:41:52. How to save a project with all instruments so I can load it onto another PC?

00:44:46. Can we mute an event in the upper section in the new MIDI key editor?

00:47:03. What are some differences between Groove Agent SE and the full version?

00:52:11. Can you discuss the don’t follow selection in editor button in the key editor?

00:56:14. What are some differences between Cubase 12 and Cubase 13?

01:00:44. Do you have to ping latency on external plug-ins for proper delay compensation?

01:01:49. How can I transpose a chord track?

01:02:54. Are there improvements in Cubase 13 on importing MusicXML from Muse Score?

01:04:04. Why can’t I see the Steinberg ASIO driver after installing Yamaha Steinberg one?

01:06:00. How to get double clicking on a MIDI note to open the note expression editor?

01:07:31. How to import an audio file into the project without going to the selected track?

01:11:02. How to work with presets to learn the logical editor?

01:18:00. Why did my record enable and monitor controls disappear from my tracks?

01:20:32. Can Groove Agent be used to generate instrument loops?

01:26:23. How does one add all of the bar numbers to be visible in score editor for chords?

01:29:25. What are best practices for quantizing multi mic drum recordings?

01:35:26. Is there a way to hide trial plug-ins that are not yet activated?

01:36:46. Why can I only see the Yamaha Steinberg ASIO driver?

01:38:14. How to save a color palette as the default color options?

01:39:16. How to detect tempo of audio track to match MIDI or straightened out?

01:47:14. How to UCL it Native if you got had import export presets?

01:48:20. How to invert the phase on a duplicated audio track?

01:50:35. How to thicken the delay signal before it hits the track?

01:54:05. How to export a sampler track to HALion 7 and save it as a preset?

01:55:59. How can I add my own samples in Groove Agent SE?

01:58:04. How to record the MIDI output of cthulu plug-in?

02:00:33. Who thinks that Greg is the best feature of Cubase?

02:01:17. How to record the MIDI out from a sequencer arpeggio plug-in?

02:03:23. How to change a song with a tempo of 100 to a tempo of 95?

02:05:30. How to scroll across tracks in the MixConsole with the mouse scroll wheel?

02:08:10. Why does my HALion Sonic sometimes stop making any sound?

02:09:18. How to export your marker track from one project to another?

02:12:35. How to setup exporting samples with clip gain and effects?

02:16:52. How to import and export presets from Helix Native?

02:18:07. Is there a way to resize the chords in the chord track?

02:19:56. How to get the track channels to show in the MixConsole?

02:23:21. What is best way to compress a dynamic event insert post fader or parallel?

02:25:05. How to align a mp3 backing track with acapella extracted vocal?

02:30:42. Why can’t my Nuendo on a perfect PC receive MIDI input?

02:32:20. Will there ever be a clip gain line that you can edit?

02:33:32. Why don’t I see the Colors Vintage Synth with my new Cubase purchase?

02:35:55. How to turn a song into a song template?

02:38:29. Why isn’t Nuendo accepting MIDI after wiping my computer?

02:40:39. How to route FX sends in HALion Sonic to a separate output for rendering?

02:46:37. How to hear audio preview in Media Rack?

02:48:30. Should I run a limiter on master fader as pre or post fader?

02:50:35. How to uninstall Nuendo from my computer?

02:51:05. Will there be more special guests on future Club Cubase Zoom meetups?

02:53:28. Why does Cubase not have better performance on my i9 processor?

02:55:31. How to solve pitch bend issue going up and down to 0 value?

02:57:53. Is there a hidden preference that can prevent MIDI communication?

02:58:38. How do the expression maps work in Cubase 13?

03:03:33. Is there a special technique for using portamento to mimic string performance?

03:05:30. How to tighten vocals to the grid timing wise?

03:08:13. Why were preferences the restored after deleting them?

03:11:01. Why are there performance differences running VST standalone vs in Cubase?

03:12:38. How to get fingering sounds in strings to get more realistic expression?

03:15:55. How to see inserts, sends and pres at the same time in the MixConsole?

03:18:33. IS Magneto 2 modeled after a certain tape machine?

03:20:26. Can the chord track suggest a complex jazz chord between 2 chords?

03:24:03. How to save a pattern or progression contained in a chord track?

03:27:30. Why can cause mysterious tuning issues on a collaborative project?

03:28:59. Can I set MIDI keyboard to on notes C4-C5 to function in the MIDI Remote?

03:31:21. How to downmix a 5.1.4 mix to quad?

03:36:18. How to set meter for non-rhythmic drone projects without beat calculator?

03:39:22. Why are there a few functions in Studio Logic controller MIDI Remote not stick?

03:40:50. Why do I get a recording error too many tracks message often?

03:52:59. How can I easily backup the numerous user Cubase settings easily?

03:46:03. Is it possible to rearrange sends like we can inserts?

03:47:31. How to tame bass frequencies on a low pitched vocal track?

03:49:19. Why do my MixConsole sends and strip collapse when reopening MixConsole?

03:51:21. What is the best way to create stems for a mixing and mastering engineer?

03:55:08. Are there plug-ins for tracking melodies by frequencies to clean up sound?

03:56:33. How to duck delay and reverb?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music project HardDiskMusic

Apr 9,  2024  (n90, 31279)

00:02:41. Can expression maps switch between different MIDI channels in same event?

00:07:03. How to change a marker cycle name without opening the marker window?

00:08:42. Is the mix undo history in lower zone mixer the same as the large MixConsole?

00:10:17. What is the editor panel on left hand inspector do?

00:12:33. Is there any difference in quality between a rendered mix vs printed mix?

00:14:14. Why do I need to remap my inputs when I change the sound card?

00:15:48. Why do routing and press not stay open when reopening the MixConsole?

00:17:14. Can the MIDI channels changes be used in Native Instruments Kontakt?

00:18:28. How to tighten the rhythm of multiple background vocals?

00:21:38. Can you refer me to a guide on configuring external instruments inCubase?

00:25:39. How to have a context sensitive menu pop up when right clicking on audio event?

00:27:46. Why is the unofficial Cubase Nation Discord for privileged uses?

00:29:07. How to get the plug-in window to automatically open when plug-in is loaded?

00:31:25. Where can I find a MIDI Remote script for an Oxygen 61?

00:33:17. Why is there a slight delay when hitting start and stop on thetransport?

00:37:39. How long does it take for Steinberg to respond to a support request?

00:39:45. Why don’t I see Heavyocity in my MediaBay?

00:43:35. Is it smarter to set reverb send level with send slider or returnfader?

00:47:53. Why do I get Do you want to overwrite global settings when openingpresets?

00:51:16. What can cause a MIDI instrument track to go silent in a project?

00:53:24. Are there any specific saxophone VST instruments that people are using?

00:54:28. What is best way to record vocal with effects and not get latency?

01:02:51. Why does my Heavyocity presets not show up unless I load Komplete Kontrol?

01:03:23. Does Cubase have a built in Dolby Atmos renderer?

01:07:19. Does Cubase use all performance and efficiency cores on AppleSillicon?

01:08:08. Why are notes cut off when I drag chords to project from chord pads?

01:11:45. Anything that I should worry about moving content to new SSD drive?

01:14:37. Is it okay to ask a basic question?

01:16:22. Can I combine an Apollo interface in conjunction with a Dante system?

01:18:14. Is there a way to select and edit an audio event using the range tool?

01:21:02. Would 5 strings routed to a group spread out across multiple CPU cores?

01:26:00. How can I hide a trial version of a plug-in and not delete it?

01:27:09. Can I have a subwoofer in the control room?

01:29:45. Is there a way to do a blind test of plug-ins in Cubase?

01:42:25. How can I change the input gain of all channels at once keepproportionality?

01:45:41. How to control a sub routed to a different audio interface output?

01:48:33. Can I turn a subwoofer on or off in the control room?

01:50:35. Can I download a file and use my Komplete Kontrol with Cubase?

01:52:35. Why does quantization sometime not work for me?

01:57:21. Does Greg know what machine Magneto II was based on?

01:58:05. How to control the sub in a 2.1 system?

01:59:16. Can the Korg NanoKonttrol be used for both tracks and VSTs?

02:02:56. How to change the rhythm of notes on the fly in the step editor?

02:07:30. Can Greg speculate if partner products in promo will be in futurepromos?

02:09:03. Why hasn’t the Steinberg AXR5U taken off and is it made by RME?

02:12:07. Does the Korg NanoKontrol have a script that can be imported into Cubase?

02:13:01. Can the NanoKontrol be used for transport controls like record punch in etc.?

02:14:27. How to setup guitar pedals to recall settings on MIDI tracks?

02:18:52. Does Greg know anyone mixing for Darryl Hall?

02:19:39. What other DAWs are supporting both performance and efficiency cores?

02:20:39. How to get a Yamaha MX49 to work as a MIDI controller to play VSTs?

02:27:31. How to get the NanoKontrol to control other items besides the Mixer?

02:28:43. What does the ASIO guard meter measure exactly?

02:33:01. Can Steinberg have Groove Agent export samples in project folder in the future?

02:35:45. Do I have to add dithering to 24bit 96k project when exporting for audio CD?

02:37:27. What processing does Greg use bass recordings for sustain that sits well n mix?

02:41:49. How to easily split and export a large project into individual songs?

02:45:51. Why are some channels not available to be used as a sidechain input?

02:48:25. Is it possible to use MIDI remote on the Atmos panner?

02:50:56. How to disable a MIDI remote script?

02:52:17. How to set transport behavior to stop at first and then return to stop?

02:58:37. Why would someone dither audio in mastering?

03:01:28. How to see if Cubase is using all of my 24 cores?

03:03:35. Why can’t I duck a reverb on a vocal group from a dry channel?

03:09:09. How to stops sends from auto populating on newly added tracks?

03:10:50. How to quickly go stop, go to start position, got to start and L and R locators?

03:12:56. How to get sends showing up by default?

03:13:18. Should I get a legato thing?

03:13:33. How to see individual channels without soloing in SuperVision?

03:15:56. How to automate MIDI CC 11 for a piano part?

03:19:09. Why does the spot to name markers in info line seem to have disappeared?

03:20:48. How to enable drag and dropping of samples from the desktop to project?

03:22:34. How to make the audio clipping indicator bigger?

03:26:06. How to open individual plug-ins on a track with a Stream Deck?

03:29:19. Can Steinberg make a plug-in version of the Tube-Tech CL1B?

03:29:56. Do multiple selected tracks move to folder when the folder is selected?

03:31:44. What is the highest number of likes for Club Cubase Live Stream?

03:33:10. Can Steinberg add a vertical based transport bar?

03:34:00. How to make disabled tracks hidden in the project and MixConsole?

03:36:05. How to capture 24bit 44.1k project at 192k through summing device?

03:38:48. Why don’t my channels in lower zone mixer scroll to the left or to the right?

03:40:29. Is there a way to link that sends to group tracks as to not affect gain structure?

03:43:31. How to cut only top of event when audio events are stacked on top of each other?

03:45:42. Can volume automation bounce back to existing position without node ad end?

03:47:27. Why does leaving a blank project open cause Cubase to respond slowly?

03:49:08. How to move the sample content folder to another drive without consequence?

03:50:16. Is it possible to humanize drums after they are rendered to audio?

03:51:57. Why does creating a chord track from audio sometimes cause system instability?

03:53:57. Can emptying the trash in the pool place files into the recycle bin?

03:55:47. Is there a quick way to swap between different audio interfaces in Cubase?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music project HardDiskMusic

Apr 12,  2024  (n66, 31345)

00:03:04. Why is my MIDI control not playing instruments in Cubase?

00:05:57. Can I change the color of the work interface?

00:08:15. Is there a shortcut to enable or disable group editing?

00:10:40. Is there a way to draw modulation data in on multiple tracks?

00:14:43. Are harmonies from chord pad patterns dragged to project changed?

00:19:59. Any word on automatic bus routing when adding tracks to a folder?

00:23:52. How to customize the size of faders in the MixConsole?

00:25:16. How to setup a reference track in a session?

00:30:36. Can the live stream please be in German?

00:31:12. Can we change the UI to be more like Cubase 5?

00:33:52. How to alter a recording of poetry so that it is more monotone?

00:37:24. Can I trigger the chord pads in pattern mode from a MIDI track?

00:39:31. What is the genre here?

00:40:28. Would others like to demix audio tracks and have audio placed in project?

00:43:33. Is there a plug-in to automate adding high frequencies before the drop?

00:47:26. Should HALiotron be showing up as part of the Cubase 13installation?

00:51:19. Should I be able to find HALiotron presets in MediaBay?

00:52:39. Can I trigger a chord pad pattern from a MIDI track?

00:59:51. Is there a place to go to get a bunch of Cubase macros like reverse reverb?

01:03:57. Is it possible to warp audio without affecting the track tempo?

01:07:51. How to setup and use the vocal chain in Cubase 13?

01:16:32. Is there a way to have a Leslie effect that goes up and down vertically?

01:24:17. Do you have any advice on dealing with balances between a verse and chorus?

01:28:44. Is there a macro toolbar that I can have on top of the UI?

01:31:16. Why don’t I see all my instruments in MediaBay like Heavyocity and NI?

01:32:59. Where can you find msb lsb when working with external instruments?

01:34:58. Is it helpful to use multiple screens or touch screens when using Cubase?

01:36:27. Will Cubase 14 have some AI like Suno?

01:37:37. Is there a mixing plug-in to balance the mix?

01:38:59. Is there a way to undo a fader movement as control + z does no twork?

01:40:24. How to use auto tuner in Cubase with MIDI input?

01:42:26. Is the Cubase IC Pro app worth getting to work with Cubase?

01:44:13. How to add more tracks to my project so I can record additional parts?

01:45:52. Is it possible to have sliced audio sped up and change pitch in sampler track?

01:54:03. How to create separate audio tracks from Groove Agent MIDI parts?

01:58:15. How does the Verve Instrument work and is it included with Cubase?

02:05:24. Can I route the same outputs of my sound card to 2 speakers in control room?

02:07:20. How to split each sound in Groove Agent to its own instrument track?

02:09:59. Why do Greg’s pan settings look different?

02:11:06. When and why would you use absolute mode in Nuendo 13?

02:14:42. How to make audio track keep pace with MIDI after a tempo adjustment?

02:18:50. Can you show precision separation in SpectraLayers Pro 9 and do de-bleeding?

02:24:07. How am I able to use my Yamaha ModX8 and Nord Stage 3 in Cubase?

02:30:36. Is tempo detection on a steady source inaccurate?

02:34:00. Can Groove Agent play a whole song with into verse chorus fills and end itself?

02:38:24. How to enter multiple CC with different values all at once?

02:46:26. How to organize my VST plug-ins so that they are not all over the place?

02:50:16. Where is it indicated what scale my grid is in?

02:53:48. Is it possible to remove VST instruments from showing up?

02:56:49. Is it possible to automate parameters in Trillian plug-in?

02:57:46. Is the UR22C a good audio interface to use?

03:00:09. Can you show to import and export with Helix Native plug-in?

03:01:27. How to render multiple events and include space before and after synced to grid?

03:03:23. How can I automate the mod wheel if there is no learn function?

03:06:55. How to save inserts in the control room and are inserts saved with preset? Keywords: save Control room preset control room inserts

03:11:16. Why does soloing a track unsolo a track set to solo defeat?

03:15:44. Is there a way to offload instrument tracks to a different networked computer?

03:17:19. Why does extending the length of a MIDI note snap to values of1/128th notes?

03:19:48. Why don’t I have any factory presets in the Retrologue arpeggiator?

03:23:48. Can I use Cubase 12 on laptop and run Cubase 12 on elicenser on my desktop?

03:27:49. How to open SpectraLayers from within Cubase?

03:30:09. Can Greg show how to import and export presets on Helix Native?

03:31:19. How to modulate multiple parameters in Retrologue with CCs?

03:34:23. When will the next Zoom Social Meetup be?

03:37:30. How to get the control room back on the right zone as it has disappeared?

03:39:09. Can I use multiple MIDI Remotes at the same time?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music project HardDiskMusic

Apr 16,  2024  (n86, 31431)

00:02:36. Does Cloner plug-in cause timing issues when bypassed in Cubase 13?

00:04:48. How to pitch a snare to make a build up?

00:09:41. Is there a percentage based function in the audio alignment function?

00:11:45. How to find a project that has seemed to disappear from Cubase?

00:13:37. How to fix mistake of diagonal lines on a MIDI event when editing?

00:16:30. Why does my MIDI meter pulse even if I am not playing or touching controller?

00:20:03. Any tips for playing aa sampler track with tracks at half and double time?

00:23:07. How to work in logical editor for velocity ranges changing MIDI CC values?

00:27:34. Is there a conflict between the UA Console and the Cubase Mixer?

00:29:11. Can I assign a MIDI note to trigger different arranger events?

00:34:47. How to organize automating multiple faders from one track?

00:42:03. How to get MIDI program changes to work with my Motif and Montage?

00:46:20. Can I make all volume automation permanent in an event like DOP?

00:49:06. Where are the presets saved when I make my own sampler tracks?

00:51:06. Why am I unable to select a quantize value in the key editor?

00:54:25. Why is it difficult to restore external effects presets with routing?

00:57:35. Why doesn’t Omnisphere load all sounds when opening Cubase 11project?

00:59:23. How to setup a mapping page for a Korg NanoKontrol?

01:03:47. Why do I have an error code DRE 411 not ready message?

01:05:04. How did Greg set up the control room, it looks useful?

01:08:40. Where can I buy Cubase and its patch please?

01:09:40. How to get SpectraLayers One to show up within Cubase 11?

01:11:12. How to line up background vocals to make them tighter?

01:13:02. Does Cubase 13 have some AI tools included?

01:15:09. Why are program changes in the inspector not recalled by external instruments?

01:16:28. Can Greg contain a downloadable project with control room configuration setup?

01:18:13. How to get quantize presets to be visible after doing a factory restore?

01:19:10. How to link my pool of sampler track presets after doing a computer migration?

01:19:42. Can a secondary time display cause quantize values not to be visible?

01:21:44. Why does my Quantum 48 x48 not recall external effects correctly?

01:23:15. Why can’t I see quantize presets after setting time display to bars and beats?

01:25:28. Where to find the metronome on Cubase 13 Pro?

01:26:28. How to route my control room to RME UCX audio interface?

01:27:01. How to connect a reverb pedal to an audio track as a send effect?

01:29:55. Why does muting event in the key editor make note gray or at times disappear?

01:35:14. IS the control room only available in Cubase Pro?

01:37:31. Can I make SuperVision be fixed to the right and or lower zone?

01:39:34. Why are events disappearing on single click with mute tool?

01:42:33. How to have multiple samples trigger from a MIDI controller and all warp in time?

01:46:15. Does VST Live work like Mainstage and does it come with any VST instruments?

01:47:43. Is there a visual metronome that comes with Cubase?

01:49:14. How to migrate my custom made sampler track presets from a restored PC?

01:51:55. How to get my display resolution to be right when working on a 4Kdisplay?

01:54:01. Will the title bar be merged with the menu bar to make better use of space?

01:55:12. How to route the metronome sound in the headphones only and not speakers?

01:56:43. Will Steinberg licensing vouchers in my account expire?

01:58:55. Why does muting a note delete it at times in the key editor?

02:00:08. Is there a keyboard shortcut to enable quick link?

02:01:40. How to automate the sample length in Groove Agent for more lively drums?

02:06:25. Can all lanes in a track be heard simultaneously?

02:07:39. Is the Steinberg dongle dead and what does today’s announcement mean?

02:08:54. Can you do a demo of the Vocoder?

02:15:36. Is it possible to connect 2 different audio interfaces on M1 with Thunderbolt?

02:17:01. How to enter sinewave automation in longer than measure cycles?

02:18:26. Why do waveforms disappear when zooming from top of project window?

02:20:04. Can the Absolute Collection be installed on 3 machines?

02:20:52. Is there a play all parts feature in Cubase so multiple files sound one 1 track?

02:22:29. Is there a way in Cubase to make the text and icons look bigger?

02:24:29. Can I activate a license for Nuendo 11 trial when it is a discontinued product?

02:27:38. Is it possible to get a mono downmix in the phones area of the control room?

02:32:31. Is there a Vocal chain preset to give a thin voice a little more girth?

02:35:14. Is there a shortcut for preferences?

02:36:26. Is it possible to currently activate a Nuendo 11 trial version?

02:38:26. Does Cubase 13 have a pitch shifting or harmonizing plug-in?

02:42:29. What to say to vocalist when they say they do not like the vocal fx chain? Keywords vocalist don't like fx-chain vocalist dont like fx-chain vocalist not happy

02:50:07. How to reverse the order of notes in the MIDI drum editor?

02:51:58. How to backup all audio files used in lanes to migrate to other user?

02:55:21. Do hidden plug-in windows affect the CPU/GPU performance?

02:56:58. Can having multiple tracks feeding distortion sound the same with group?

02:58:35. Is it okay to keep the delay compensation active all the time when mixing?

02:59:46. Does the VCA fader provide any functions that link does not?

03:06:50. Why did Steinberg add a 4th instance of the MixConsole in Cubase?

03:09:37. Can I sample my own drum kits in Groove Agent?

03:13:40. Can I use my Roland electronic drum kit to play Groove Agent?

03:14:30. Can we have a fader when selecting the send level like clip gain?

03:17:25. Will files added to project that are not saved get deleted in 13.03?

03:20:19. What is the cleanest way to gate vocals?

03:22:00. Can you right click on event to have fader control send level?

03:23:30. Does adding an audio file to project get automatically saved in the project?

03:25:15. Any solutions to graphical glitches when zooming in the project window?

03:27:58. Is there a shortcut to show all content in main window and key editor?

03:32:25. Can the Zoom Full option be accessed only by a menu?

03:34:42. Is it better to export the final mix at 24bit or 32 bit floating point resolution?

03:41:16. Can Greg discuss some of his past experiences with artists he has worked for?

03:45:10. Are 32bit floating points useless if you are not clipping?

03:47:35. Are there benefits of rendering in 32bit floating point if mix is not clipping?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music project HardDiskMusic

Apr 19,  2024  (n96, 31527)

00:03:09. How to consolidate automation of effects, EQs on a sampler track?

00:08:58. Why are some sounds in the MediaBay not audibly previewing?

00:11:16. How to know which content and files are available with my Cubase license?

00:13:46. Can a project be moved to a location by just moving project folder to new spot?

00:15:35. How to put titles on the timeline so I know which part is going to play?

00:17:52. Is it possible to rename a project folder from Windows Explorer without issues?

00:18:54. Is there a way to see the most recently installed plug-ins in Cubase?

00:19:58. Can the project history be added to a left side inspector zone?

00:21:18. How to copy melody parts so that their edits are not unique?

00:25:46. What is the process of setting up a reference track in the control room?

00:30:37. Is there a way to have channel settings change from one track to another?

00:34:08. How to export effects channels as tracks along with audio files?

00:38:20. Are there any keyboard shortcuts to move tracks to top or bottom of project?

00:41:56. How to sidechain a reverb for ducking?

00:44:21. How to adjust hitpoint detection to be more accurate?

00:47:09. Is the live stream working on a personal project or demonstrating something?

00:48:39. How to play notes to the end of the sample after slicing audio in sampler track?

00:50:58. Can I get the grace period of VST Live if purchased it 7 weeks ago?

00:51:48. Which stock compressor is close to SSL Bus or 1176?

00:55:05. How to enable changes to be made on events when others are edited?

00:57:55. Why does adding effects to single drum loop add them to all loops?

01:01:26. Did Greg get my email about folder visualization?

01:02:05. How to get a riser in the sampler track to align with a downbeat?

01:07:22. How to make straight lines for pitch bend in the MIDI editor?

01:09:22. Why does audio imported into Cubase sound faster?

01:10:23. Can I layer 2 or more sounds in the sampler track?

01:12:56. Is the live stream in German ever?

01:13:17. Is there a search function on the marker track?

01:16:58. Where do the click volume control go in the control room?

01:18:22. How to convert Steinberg software to a full original version?

01:19:43. How to unshare a shared copy?

01:20:50. Why don’t I have handles for fade ins and fade outs at times?

01:22:33. Is it possible to use VST FX on an audio input while recording an instrument?

01:24:49. How to batch export audio track with reverb and delays all on different tracks?

01:29:53. How to see small preview of folder contents when the folder is closed?

01:33:04. Any solution to see the legacy list style solution in Cubase 13?

01:35:06. Can pitch bend changes have Bezier curves added to them?

01:36:36. Is there a new feature to draw straight lines in pitch bend lanes?

01:37:12. What is difference of duplicating track vs. 2 groups for parallel processing?

01:43:07. Can I draw straight lines in pitch bend range in Cubase 9.5?

01:45:28. Will Cubase 12 Pro projects open seamlessly in Cubase Pro 13?

01:46:15. Will there be something like Suno AI with Cubase 14?

01:49:42. Can I update an older version from 2016 to Cubase 13?

01:48:13. Can I assign certain colors to my audio, group and effects tracks?

01:53:06. Why do I have to position mouse a bit to the right side for VariAudio edits?

01:55:05. Does the Cubase 30% off code apply to WaveLab as well?

01:56:16. How to reach out to Steinberg for a feature suggestion?

01:57:29. How to stop Cubase 13 from crashing on startup?

01:59:45. How can I access the MixConsole snapshot icon?

02:01:07. Can insert plug-ins be renamed for template creation?

02:02:39. Will the Club Cubase Live Streams continue in the future?

02:04:17. Why does using the line tool in MIDI editor have stair steps?

02:05:37. Can we extract just the drums using SpectraLayers?

02:09:22. How to get Cubase for my new Toshiba computer?

02:11:10. How to make the snapshots icon appear in the MixConsole window?

02:13:08. Will Cubase implement more modulation features in the future?

02:14:55. Does Groove Agent SE damage products in Cubase 12 Pro?

02:15:43. What can cause Cubase to crash when launching program from Cubase file?

02:17:45. How to hear saturation in a vocal added in a parallel process?

02:24:29. Has the output of the instrument display been corrected?

02:28:56. How to change resolution for the Cubase window?

02:30:22. What is the difference between using a bus track vs. fx tracks?

02:34:47. Does Greg have a preferred control surface that he uses?

02:35:51. Does Greg record keyboards through mic/line inputs with pad onAXR4U?

02:37:32. Can automation be warped in vertical and diagonal way?

02:40:33. Where can we send feature requests to?

02:40:56. How to send data from one instance of a plug-in to another plug-in?

02:43:00. Is there a way to detect tempo in an audio track?

02:46:04. How to select two notes at specific range of a measure?

02:50:34. Does the UR816C have ability to bypass the high pass filter?

02:54:16. How to make selected track indicator be less bright?

02:55:39. Can I control multiple plug-ins on different tracks with the same GUI?

02:57:51. Does Cubase use less CPU resources than Nuendo?

02:58:32. Are there any plans for adding the old Ableton ReWire feature back?

02:59:19. Where are my VST thumbnails that I have created saved to on my computer?

03:03:42. Can the tempo detection work on classical music?

03:05:31. Why does MIDI file import go to MIDI track when set to instrument?

03:09:40. Is there an example of tempo detection of ¾ mixed with 7/8?

03:12:02. How to change the color of the track next in area of track type icons are?

03:13:26. How to do mapping so that all buttons on Novation controller can be used?

03:15:55. How to use direct routing to rout 1 bus to 2 different buses?

03:21:59. How to stop iLok messages saying that my plug-in trial license has expired?

03:23:26. Can I set an instrument track to set a default MIDI input port?

03:26:02. Is there a tab to transient type of feature in Cubase?

03:27:25. Is there a way to match the tone of 2 different tracks via EQ match?

03:33:44. Where can you find the test generator plug-in?

03:35:38. How can I sync footsteps to a 7/8 rhythm?

03:40:49. What is the use of the summing mode on direct routing?

03:41:32. How do I add distortion my brother in Cubase?

03:45:06. How is signal routing different on a group vs. a VCA fader?

03:50:56. Can we use the test generator for calibrating analog equipment?

03:52:08. How to have different musical divisions for the same meter in Cubase?

03:54:50. Why isn’t my download manager working?

03:55:52. Where can I download the trial and demo projects for Cubase?

03:57:54. Can I get the timecode to find answer more easily?

03:58:35. Can I use inputs from my Onyx 24 with my UR44C over USB at same time?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music project HardDiskMusic

Apr 30,  2024  (n49, 31576)

00:03:04. How to render individual sliced audio easily from inside GrooveAgent?

00:14:12. Why do I have unexpected higher latency when monitoring with effects?

00:19:54. How to export mono files as stems?

00:21:36. How to imprint loop points into an audio file in Cubase?

00:22:08. Are there any special guests for todays Zoom meetup?

00:22:54. How to solve MediaBay install issue?

00:26:13. Can a song’s key be changed in Cubase without artifacts?

00:27:56. How to avoid latency for the performer when using VST Connect Pro?

00:30:38. How to create an impulse response in Cubase?

00:33:19. How to fine tune vocals to a specific scale?

00:35:28. How to determine how much peak or RMS to use in noise gate plug-in?

00:37:54. How to render in place inserts vs. inserts and sends?

00:41:06. Will workspaces include selected tracks or events?

00:43:56. How to select MIDI notes with the cycle markers?

00:46:45. How to use input transformer so all notes have a fixed velocity of127?

00:49:43. How to send MIDI timecode out of Cubase to play video on other computer?

00:51:40. Will I be able to run my older Cubase after elicenser server is shutdown?

00:52:19. How can we draw guitar expressions like palm mutes, chugga and squeaks?

00:55:45. How to add a start and end point of automation for a region?

00:57:51. Should I master limiter be used as post or pre fader insert?

01:00:42. How to render all of the different send tracks?

01:02:51. What is special about today’s Zoom meetup?

01:03:25. Is there a way in settings to allow for more insert slots?

01:06:08. Can the zoom function be changed from control + scroll to alt +scroll?

01:07:34. Does Cubase Artist 12 include the 2 new analog EQ plug-ins?

01:11:02. How to change the project and pool record folder?

01:13:42. How to make the update from 9.5 to 13 as seamless as possible?

01:15:20. How to render a VST track to a Mono file?

01:16:41. How to modulate LFOs in the sampler track?

01:19:08. Why does using mute or solo on tracks sometimes not work?

01:21:25. How to avoid entering MIDI notes in the wrong part when editing multiple events?

01:25:57. Is it possible to fix a typo in a user created plug-in preset?

01:28:37. What is difference of fx chain presets and track presets?

01:30:37. How to get insert effects in stereo on a mono track?

01:32:16. How to import Steinberg Pro 24 files into Cubase?

01:33:52. How to use a 3rd party step sequencer plug-in in Cubase?

01:35:22. What to do when a fader assigned to MIDI remote does not react when moved?

01:37:54. How to route multiple tracks to a VCA fader?

01:39:09. Does the spectrum analyzer analyze a moment in time or entire file?

01:40:58. Can spectrum analyzer determine which frequencies to avoid in multiple tracks?

01:41:43. How to do channel filtering using the projects input transformer?

01:42:49. Can I use an encoder to act like a jog wheel in MIDI Remote?

01:43:52. How to work with overlapping events?

01:46:06. How to duplicate events to be aligned to the grid?

01:47:58. How to use control room for vocal cue mix with only 2 audio outputs?

01:51:47. How to render files to have common start and ending points? Keywords bounce with no gaps, continuous wave file continuous bounce

01:53:23. Why don’t I see the scissors to in the drum editor?

01:55:27. Is it smart to use arranger track to audition transitions of different songs?

01:58:20. Do you know a source where to download logical editor presets and macros?

01:59:06. Migrate to Zoom Social Meetup!

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music project HardDiskMusic

May 3,  2024  (n79, 31655)

00:02:41. When I turn a plug-in off does it still consume CPU resources?

00:04:30. Does turning off a plug-in get rid of its latency?

00:05:23. How to input a bass line in the score editor in tablature?

00:09:25. How to apply a specific fade length on a audio event?

00:19:12. How to export stems and tracks for mixing and mastering?

00:24:13. Is Cubase better to purchase from Spice rent to own?

00:25:52. Is it possible to have the scrub routed out to the cue mix?

00:27:30. Has Greg used unify or similar for step sequencing?

00:30:50. Can we do chance and probability with step inputted MIDI?

00:33:55. What is the synth channel color preference change?

00:38:27. Is there a solo safe function for automation on tracks?

00:41:06. Can Greg suggest an app for graphically writing DMX lighting?

00:41:56. How to add natural variations on a duplicated vocal track?

00:50:09. Is it possible to draw automation on more than one track simultaneously?

00:53:10. How to export a mix for Apple spatial audio?

00:55:26. Do you own the Cubase license after completing Splice rent to own?

00:56:22. How to link the cycle markers so that they follow the range selection?

00:57:39. How to see all files that have direct offline processing in audio pool?

01:01:45. Why does my key command for enable disable tracks not work from 10to 13?

01:04:05. What are the differences between Cubase Elements, Artist and Pro?

01:06:45. Why does my audio track not turn red during recording like my friend?

01:09:24. Is there a hidden setting to make snap to grid stronger as we zoom out?

01:12:16. Is it possible to adjust clip gain values with a key command?

01:13:55. Can increase or decrease pitch of a selected file with a key command?

01:18:33. Can I have group tracks routed to other group tracks for processing?

01:22:48. How to tune a vocal and backing guitar tracks?

01:24:30. Why don’t visibility agents saved in MixConsole show up in project window?

01:27:19. How to resize the inspector and channel windows?

01:28:30. How to edit several MIDI parts in the drum editor window?

01:31:25. Is audio routed through group tracks like an audio bus?

01:32:09. How to remove a bunch of insert plug-ins on a track at the same time?

01:34:55. Can you show how to quickly remove an insert from a track easily?

01:35:46. Can tracks be reordered from within the MixConsole?

01:37:08. Why are my controller drum pads triggering different notes in GrooveAgent in13?

01:41:18. What is the email address to submit a question to?

01:41:45. Can I EQ only the drum output on a reverb send shared with other tracks?

01:45:51. Can I change the order of my sample folders as they appear in MediaBay?

01:48:43. Where can I find VariAudio in Cubase 13?

01:50:35. Is it possible to render MIDI sends to different tracks?

01:57:40. What settings can I change to hear live stream and Cubase at the same time?

01:59:17. How to insert or delete bars in a specific place in the project?

02:02:43. Can you show the redesigned BeatDesigner MIDI plug-in?

02:08:20. Is there a way to select a number of events and increase gain by 6dBeasily?

02:11:35. How to change the time signature from 4/4 to ¾?

02:13:33. How to use the control key as a modifier key for functions?

02:15:32. Why is there no modifier keys for the zoom tool?

02:17:55. How to switch an external effect from stereo to dual mono configuration?

02:19:50. How can we transport a part in our DAW?

02:20:44. Can drums be extracted from a mix in Cubase 13 without SpectraLayers Pro?

02:22:56. Why does exporting mp4 video from Nuendo the red and green colors are wrong?

02:24:34. How to make and save a chord pad pattern player?

02:28:12. How to view MediaBay favorites in alphabetical order?

02:30:23. Where to set return to start position transport function in preferences?

02:31:22. Can you discuss tips and tricks on how to use the meters in Cubase?

02:37:15. How can I show the channel tab on the selected track?

02:39:09. When will Cubase have integration with the Korg PA-5X Pro?

02:41:42. When are we getting option to invert control + scroll wheel?

02:42:59. Can expression maps on a track in a folder be recalled correctly as track archive?

02:50:22. Can we record audio using more than one audio interface at a time?

02:52:48. How to copy a part and transpose it from C major to D major?

02:55:03. Should add VCAs before last VCA so that they can be linked?

02:58:40. Is it possible to sync 2 different DAWs on the same computer?

03:01:29. What are the differences between the stereo balance and combined panner?

03:04:21. Can Cubase indicate missing plug-in settings in older legacy projects?

03:06:48. Can I increment or decrement automation using project logical editor?

03:10:31. How to change the block size for my audio interface in Cubase?

03:12:13. What are some examples of using MIDI plug-ins with my Fantom 8?

03:17:41. Do others have problem with audio clicks when looping audio in Cubase?

03:18:40. How to return libraries to default location with Steinberg Library Manager?

03:20:11. Can a VCA be used on all tracks to adjust gain before master fader?

03:22:31. How to add a 2 pop 2 seconds before project start at 1 hour?

03:30:56. How to use my Korg NanoKontrol to record MIDI CC data in MIDI events?

03:34:33. Why do I always have to reload my Focusrite interface every time I start Cubase?

03:36:09. How to import .all or .arr files into Cubase .cpr formats?

03:39:25. Can I share a detailed video question with Greg?

03:40:16. Why can’t other apps use the high precision Yamaha Steinberg audio driver?

03:41:37. Why does my MR816 audio interface sometimes not wake up after PC sleeps?

03:42:45. What are the advantages of using the high precision mode audio driver?

03:43:57. Why is audio recorded not showing overlaps?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music project HardDiskMusic

May 7,  2024  (n83, 31738)

00:03:11. What id the Raiser plug-in and how to use it?

00:06:55. How to show hammer ons, slides, harmonics, and ghost notes in score?

00:09:03. Can I trim silence of audio only in the Project Logical Editor?

00:11:24. How to make an 8 bar loop match the grid in Cubase?

00:15:43. How to delete every mono plug-in out of a plug-in collection?

00:16:49. How to insert silence in the middle of a song and have rest of song move over?

00:19:22. Should I back up my original voice file when working with VariAudio?

00:22:12. Can you dissolve parts only in MIDI or can it be done in audio as well?

00:24:17. Why does hitting sustain pedal pan the plug-in to the left?

00:26:39. Can you explain the difference between render in place and bounce?

00:29:35. What does Greg think will happen to the music industry with future of AI?

00:33:56. Can you make timeline bar so that the cursor does not continue off screen?

00:36:56. Why is step input automatically active when I go into a key editor?

00:38:23. How to create a macro to decrease volume of selected audio range?

00:42:06. Can I just record vocals and have backing track from reference auto created?

00:42:50. Which version of SpectraLayers can I use with Cubase Pro?

00:43:49. Why is VST Connect hanging my Cubase from starting?

00:45:01. How to make a MIDI C1 note trigger a D1 note?

00:48:09. Is it possible to export a single event on bar 10 as MIDI file so it imports to bar 1?

00:50:48. Can Cubase import mp4 audio files?

00:51:27. How to speed up the tempo of recorded guitar audio files?

00:55:34. Can I make a MIDI of my Maschine Mkiii to control instruments?

00:58:03. Why doesn’t Cubase 13 show me the metronome sound choices?

01:02:18. How do I make the Cubase play head jump back to where I placed it originally?

01:04:08. How to set the cycle range to match the length of an arranger event?

01:06:06. When is it best to use the arranger track vs. cycle recorded and copied events?

01:14:19. Which elastique algorithm to use for vocals and can I use 2 different ones?

01:15:24. How to edit MIDI data after a chords to MIDI function on an instrument track?

01:17:27. Is there a way to open m4a files in Cubase?

01:18:16. Can I add my own custom images to the favorites folder in MediaBay?

01:21:07. Can you bind the control key on Mac to modifier tools?

01:22:53. Can I extract drums using SpectraLayers?

01:24:41. Can I make a bind to just close the most up front plug-in window?

01:28:28. How to reduce the volume of wind blows in an audio section?

01:36:32. Can you demo the VocalChain plug-in?

01:40:14. How to make any window or plug-in always in front?

01:41:18. How to stop control key on Mac from opening right click menu?

01:43:37. Do you have a link to every question on the streams?

01:44:37. Can command + tilde cycle through my plug-in windows?

01:45:32. How to do a set tempo from definition from tempo for a vocal file?

01:48:33. Can you show some uses of direct routing and using cue sends?

01:58:53. What can cause an empty render in placed audio file?

02:00:31. Why does selected folder in MediaBay not show any samples?

02:02:44. Can I export 48k file from a 44.1 project and include send effects?

02:05:33. Can I cycle between open plug-ins using the tilde key?

02:09:01. How to place stereo inserts on a mono vocal track?

02:14:01. How to assign a key command to trigger events in arranger track with controller?

02:17:43. Is there a warmth plug-in in Cubase?

02:20:44. When I export mp3 file can I listen to it in my BMW X6?

02:21:21. What does the little box do to the left of track name in multi MIDI editor window?

02:23:16. How to do parallel filtering in Cubase?

02:27:30. What is easiest way to select notes of same pitch below a certain velocity level?

02:30:52. What can cause render in place to be blank working with instruments on VE Pro?

02:32:47. Can I copy project to new folder and include only used audio files?

02:34:13. How to access the score editor?

02:36:26. Can you please give a quick explanation of quantizing?

02:41:17. Can the Arpache SX respond to 2 beat chord changes?

02:45:36. What is summing?

02:51:34. How to change the key that triggers the patterns in Groove Agent?

02:54:45. How to point Library Manager to find content on new drive after Mac rebuild?

02:57:41. Is there a way to determine difference of semitones in a rendered audio file?

03:01:00. How to delete spaces between notes in the MIDI editor?

03:03:41. What is process for copying projects, settings, and presets to external SSD?

03:06:11. How to bind a macro to the new MIDI Remote system vs generic remote?

03:08:06. How to work with beats like in FL Studio?

03:13:34. What is an easy way to make a guitar strum pattern in the MIDI editor?

03:18:54. How do I get the lightning bolt in upper left corner?

03:20:01. How to have an audio file like a vocal follow the chord track?

03:24:43. Is there a way to reset the trial version of Cubase?

03:25:20. Will there be a computer in the future to run all tracks without latency?

03:26:45. Will Arpache SX respond to MIDI events that are 2 beats in length?

03:27:59. How to connect Cubase with OBS step by step?

03:32:17. Can I quickly switch between 2 different quick control settings on a plug-in?

03:36:36. If I have older Cubase version can you activate my 13 trial to full license?

03:37:37. Can I have a single track quick control adjust multiple parameters?

03:39:03. Can a quick control have inverted control?

03:42:06. Is there a way to select key for audio sample and check how far it is off key?

03:46:07. How to make an audio file fit to the musical grid in Cubase?

03:48:55. Can I keep the HALion 7 preset browser open in a separate window?

03:50:25. How to work with an audio file that is 44 semitones out of key?

03:51:24. How to randomize the start time of a duplicated vocal track?

03:53:39. How to get 5.1 output bus audio to output sound with stereo out present?

03:55:04. Why does offset with 23.98 frame rate show different timecode and seconds?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music project HardDiskMusic

May 10,  2024  (n82, 31820)

00:02:28. Can Greg help with my FL Studio license?

00:02:59. How to reinstall Cubase 12 and my Waves plug-ins after losing the mall?

00:04:53. Cubase or Reaper?

00:05:20. How to move a project to a new folder with all audio files?

00:07:34. How to assign tempo to multiple files in MediaBay at once?

00:10:22. Why is middle C in Cubase C3 as opposed to C4?

00:11:55. Are there any restrictions using expansion packs with Cubase on Mac or PC?

00:12:50. Why does imported audio stem move off the grid location?

00:14:50. Is it possible for Cubase to import a MusicXML and retain the track name?

00:18:31. How to merge 2 MIDI regions together?

00:19:47. Is there a project logical editor setting to select empty tracks?

00:22:18. What is the difference between a position marker and a cycle marker?

00:24:27. How to create an impulse response wave file in Cubase?

00:26:33. How to integrate Expressive E controller into Cubase?

00:27:34. What are differences in time stretch algorithms and can formant beset by itself?

00:30:09. How to extract MIDI from a bass line extracted from SpectraLayersPro?

00:35:17. Can I dock Supervision meters to a fixed position in Cubase?

00:37:34. Should I use cycle markers or arranger track when building EDMtracks?

00:42:46. Why does selecting different drum type make MIDI from BandLab go out of time?

00:44:57. Can I print markers into the wav metadata info from within Cubase?

00:45:39. Can I search for plug-ins based on manufacturer name?

00:46:59. Is Steinberg stopping VST 2?

00:48:06. Will we have a trivia giveaway contest soon?

00:48:51. How to do easy on the go vinyl type editing changing speed and pitch of audio?

00:53:00. Can you show the vocal chain plug-in?

00:56:42. What can cause Cubase to freeze when switching sample rates?

00:57:46. Any plans for Spring/Summer events from Steinberg like Superbooth?

00:58:45. How to do phase rotation inside of Cubase?

01:01:28. How to change treble clef to bass clef in the score editor?

01:02:43. How to manage arrange events?

01:05:33. How to resolve missing and orphaned audio files?

01:06:42. How to stop selected tracks from automatically put in record mode?

01:08:54. Why does having 1 hour offset at 23.98 have different SMPTE and time values?

01:14:07. Why do imported tracks seem to play slow and not at the right speed?

01:15:09. Is there a setting to add a default track height and automation lanes?

01:17:46. Can the QC settings panel be opened by default when opening every plug-in?

01:19:32. What does the compare button in Raiser do?

01:21:49. Why were jog and scrub wheel functions removed from transport bar?

01:24:12. Does Cubase work better on Mac or Windows?

01:25:50. How to import gig files into HALion 7?

01:27:24. Are MIDI grooves dragged into quantize panel tied to tempo?

01:32:11. How to randomize volume or panning of a guitar track?

01:38:10. How to separate 4 voice chords into separate MIDI tracks?

01:42:31. What is Greg’s suggestion for panning drums in the sound field?

01:45:08. Can you go over how to do a match EQ in Cubase?

01:49:51. Why do a get message saying real-time algorithm deactivated out of range?

01:51:40. How to maximize headroom by visualizing phase relationship?

01:54:47. How to see all tracks that are feeding a group channel?

01:56:26. Does Cubase have a multi-band compressor like OTT?

01:57:05. How to colorize channels from within the MixConsole?

01:59:46. How to take 2 music files and have them sync to my project?

02:02:05. How to syn 2 different audio mixes to the same tempo?

02:06:28. How to setup Cubase to sync to timecode from Fairlight?

02:07:35. If I have Absolute 6 do I need to install HALion Sonic and Groove Agent SE?

02:08:20. Will there be a trial reset software for Cubase 13?

02:08:56. What does the vertical white line on the tracks indicate?

02:10:50. Why is a battery 4 duplicated track have the events linked together?

02:14:09. Can you say when Cubase 14 will come out?

02:14:51. Why can’t I delete my license in the activation manager?

02:16:04. Can I auto increment audio outs when adding multiple MIDI tracks?

02:18:35. How can I create custom chord pad pattern presets?

02:21:05. Can I load specific VST presets using the MIDI remote?

02:23:01. What is the control panel showing bass and guitar with sliders?

02:23:53. Is it possible to delete my trial license and start over again?

02:24:53. Can I extend the length of my trial version?

02:25:16. Is there a way to duplicate an audio track via a keyboard shortcut?

02:27:26. Are there any included electric guitars with mutes, harmonics and slides built in?

02:31:32. Can I move content by moving the arranger track event itself?

02:34:51. Can you show us how to convert audio to MIDI?

02:37:22. Does the Cubase IC Pro app indicate the channels that are being controlled?

02:38:06. How to properly setup a reverb in Cubase?

02:41:12. What can cause duplicated tracks to have linked events?

02:44:41. Can you explain what iterative quantizing does?

02:47:40. Why have some tracks switched to standard solo algorithm?

02:49:54. Can I use the logical editor to do melodic things like inverted retrograde etc.?

02:52:16. What does the logical editor value 2/D-2 indicate?

02:54:37. Does Steinberg improve accessibility features in Cubase with new versions?

02:58:13. Can I access mono input with inexpensive AD connected to s/pdif in of interface?

03:00:53. Can I have an audio track warp to follow the chord track events?

03:04:29. Is there a similar live stream for VST Live?

03:05:55. Can I play single notes when using chord pads on unassigned notes?

03:10:21. Any plan of adding Vintage Compressor in the VocalChain plug-in?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music project HardDiskMusic

May 14,  2024  (n88, 31908)

00:02:37. Can I uninstall Cubase 12 after installing Cubase 13 without issues?

00:04:11. How to load expression maps with a MIDI file playing through Iconica Sketch?

00:07:08. What is the best way to create group stems for a mastering studio w/ sidechains?

00:13:09. How to vary the velocity on notes so each note has slightly different velocity?

00:16:05. Is there a quick way to turn single note in MIDI editor to a major or minor chord?

00:25:14. Will Cubase 14 Pro run on MacOS Ventura?

00:26:44. How to route multiple instruments in HALion 7 to MIDI tracks easily?

00:29:32. Is it possible to copy and paste MIDI CC in a part without opening editor?

00:37:53. Is it possible to have folder tracks in the mixer?

00:42:45. How to keep chords playing the same pitch when moving them to MIDI track?

00:46:07. How to delete audio from the workspace and a safe way to delete unused audio?

00:49:52. Can you show how to use the new Vocoder plug-in?

00:53:47. How to import several instruments from one project into another?

00:56:07. Is it possible for sidechain to get carried when copying plug-ins to other track?

00:58:17. How to delete excess events outside of MIDI event after it is resized?

01:09:13. Is there a gain plug-in that I can use to add or cut gain between inserts?

01:10:41. How to know if my content for Cubase is up to date or needs to install manually?

01:12:42. Can I export multiple files summed together without audio export?

01:16:06. Why do track versions get imported when import tracks from project?

01:20:01. What to do in case I get an invalid project file?

01:20:56. Is it possible for window focus to follow and change based on cursor position?

01:22:24. Is it possible to deactivate the key editor solo from track solo command?

01:29:39. Why does pitch change using Korg NanoKontrol under Mackie protocol?

01:31:06. How to take a tempo detected audio file follow a steady tempo?

01:33:39. Does MediaBay automatically scan folders in the background?

01:34:25. Can Steinberg add a simple way to select single note and add chords to it?

01:35:00. How to give random velocity for hi hats in the key editor?

01:38:30. What is difference between elastique and the standard time stretch algorithms?

01:39:47. Is Steinberg making any effort to make Cubase more friendly to the blind?

01:41:21. Why don’t notes duplicate correctly in the drum editor?

01:45:49. What is a good 88 key controller that works well with Cubase?

01:47:02. What to do if MacOS is stuck on an older OS version?

01:47:30. Why does MIDI event dragged to make groove lose velocity at low percentage?

01:49:49. Can you show the manual slicing mode in the sampler track?

01:51:06. Can I install Cubase 12 Pro if I purchase after release of Cubase13?

01:52:16. Is it safe to assume that Cubase 14 Pro will not work on Monterey?

01:53:10. How to use multiple audio outputs in HALion Sonic?

01:58:21. Can you show how the chord recommendations work on the chord track?

02:01:34. How warp live multi track drums and not lose the feel of the track?

02:06:46. How to anchor tracks to the left or right in the MixConsole?

02:08:38. How to get plug-ins like the built in DSP effects found on MR816?

02:11:13. How to change the routing of multiple channels in the mixer view?

02:12:59. Can you explain sliders in control room for bass, guitar, and phones?

02:14:44. How to map the tempo based upon MIDI notes recorded into project?

02:16:47. Can a blank chord event get created based upon a marker position?

02:22:32. Can different tools be accessed by right clicking over them?

02:24:40. Why if I play notes D, F, A, D does chord track show D minor and not inversion?

02:26:36. How to copy all events when there is a divided track list?

02:27:44. How to add a bus so that all other busses get added to newly created bus?

02:29:34. How to create a premaster bus or group?

02:30:57. How to change the scale on a chord track?

02:33:09. Can you discuss Steinberg announcement of stopping support of VST 2?

02:34:31. Can I layer 2 synths both receiving MIDI from the same MIDI track?

02:38:33. How to open a user preset that is stored on my computer’s desktop?

02:40:33. How to use the logical editor to randomize velocities in MIDI key editor?

02:42:53. How to replace a kick drum recording with samples and render it in place?

02:47:02. How to quickly see all tracks that are routed to a particular group?

02:48:47. How to make the play head to play from the start when I press the space bar?

02:51:06. How to get started with VST Live?

02:51:51. Why doesn’t chord D, F, A, D show as a second inversion chord in chord track?

02:53:45. Does Cubase 12 have everything I need to make EDM?

02:55:02. Why does dragging first and 2nd inversion to MIDI tracks give different results?

02:56:42. Can I layer multiple instruments on a single MIDI event on single MIDI track?

03:01:30. Does Cubase come with instruments?

03:05:22. How to record the MIDI output of a MIDI insert to a track in real time?

03:08:05. Why can’t I access other alternate click track sounds?

03:10:20. How to make an outboard synth get bpm to sync LFOs to Cubase?

03:12:29. Can I fix upper zone in divided track list so tracks at top will not scroll?

03:14:44. Why is converting stereo track to mono not included in undo history?

03:16:41. Can events also be converted to mono or stereo when converting tracks?

03:18:29. Why does the expand section in Mixer not work as expected all the time?

03:20:18. Why does moving plug-ins sometimes bypass or disable them when undoing?

03:25:11. How can I rotate the whole bed to match a scene?

03:26:59. How to render a binaural audio mixdown from an atmos project?

03:30:41. Is it possible to add or delete an object outside of ADM authoring window?

03:31:50. Can I replace audio in video file with the Dolby Atmos file?

03:33:06. Why does Cubase stop playing when I go to my web browser?

03:33:52. What is the best email address to send questions to?

03:34:26. What can you do with the chords function in the inspector area?

03:37:49. Why doesn’t audio card switch between Cubase and a web browser?

03:38:35. Does path have to be mono when sending track to FX channel or group?

03:41:48. What is the purpose of buying an audio card for Cubase?

03:42:55. How to drag automation node later in time and not have the value change?

03:46:55. How to cut an audio event based on the 1st hitpoint of the event?

03:50:23. How to stream my project through discord?

03:52:21. Can you simply explain what we are trying to do in mixing, pre, inserts, routing?

03:55:21. How to find 1 minute and 12 seconds in an event?

03:57:52. How to move sections around in arranger track so project can be rendered?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music project HardDiskMusic

May 17,  2024  (n80, 31988)

00:02:26. Why is tempo value wrong with exported audio files?

00:04:26. Is there any global search functions for Cubase functions?

00:05:34. Is there an easy way to batch export user track pictures?

00:06:54. How to place a marker on the timeline to show verse, chorus etc.?

00:10:00. How am I able to disable auto fades on certain tracks?

00:10:33. How to apply a fade out to a specific length?

00:11:46. How to copy samples in MediaBay to. Separate folder?

00:14:21. How to assign one key or pad on controller to play a chord?

00:17:11. Why the message fx channel count is at limit with no FX using VEPro?

00:20:35. Why are some plug-ins in Cubase 13 that are available in Cubase 11?

00:22:27. How to find the average values in a tempo track?

00:24:29. Is there a way to move multiple events on a single track to selected track?

00:28:16. Is there a way to add cover art to a song within Cubase?

00:29:56. What is the purpose of the add event button in the ARA editor window?

00:31:30. Is it possible to have send effects enabled instead of disabled by default?

00:33:04. Why does my Cubase have a glitch when my internet is on?

00:34:51. Is there a function to delete excess MIDI data beyond event border?

00:41:24. Can I have a preset with a set fade length?

00:46:07. How to remove a long guitar squeak using SpectraLayers?

00:50:59. What is difference between all parts, active parts, all parts on active track?

00:54:30. How to manage inputs with audio inputs and external effect integration?

00:57:15. Can you give quick overview of BackBone?

01:00:17. What is best way to learn about different waveforms, sine, saw, triangle etc.?

01:02:38. Can you create any sound with an analog synth like Retrologue?

01:06:20. Is it possible to have more than one chord pad to be active simultaneously?

01:08:49. Does Cubase 13 play Sound Fonts?

01:10:16. How to trigger samples from live recorded drum tracks?

01:16:16. Is it possible to merge 2 tracks together when importing tracks from project?

01:22:23. Can Vari Audio tune vocals based on 432Hz?

01:24:13. Can send effects get turned on automatically when sending from existing track?

01:27:22. Can I create EDM in Cubase?

01:28:05. Is there a delay when chords are set to follow the chord track?

01:30:47. Is it possible to see the number of currently selected tracks?

01:32:00. Is it possible to figure out what track a certain plug-in is on?

01:36:01. Can you demonstrate gating reverb effects in Cubase?

01:40:12. How to freeze all tracks in a project at once?

01:42:57. Is there a command to load certain VST instruments or plug-ins?

01:44:07. Can MediaBay preview at half tempo?

01:45:50. Does Cubase have a strum function?

01:47:41. Is there a direct way to save patterns from chord pads besides recording them?

01:49:57. How to explode events that have turned into parts?

01:51:23. What are some uses of using the part editor?

01:54:17. Why can’t I find BackBone in my Cubase?

01:56:40. Can you show how to dissolve a MIDI drum event?

01:58:05. Can root notes be extracted and paste to selected tracks with logical editor?

02:02:20. Why does my audio interface after re-installing my Windows OS?

02:05:28. Do tracks with expression maps in folder recall in track archive?

02:11:13. Is it possible to have the faders on clip gain volume?

02:12:43. How to add a key signature on a track in the score editor?

02:15:26. What does the x chuck do?

02:16:34. How to use direct outputs and record those channels to a group track?

02:23:26. Is Groove Agent 6 coming soon?

02:24:51. Why do I get a no license found after installing VST Connect Pro5.6?

02:27:42. Are multiple chord tracks possible for different instruments?

02:30:07. Is Cubase better than Logic Pro?

02:31:06. How can I get the channel inspector visible in my Cubase?

02:32:48. Can the arpeggiator be simulated in other DAWs?

02:35:15. Which Cubase should I start with as a newbie?

02:36:53. Can you do a review of backup projects vs. copying project folder to new folder?

02:41:55. Why do certain plug-ins not respond to automated bypass consistently?

02:46:02. Is the channel inspector available in Cubase 11?

02:46:36. How to slice and split drums in an audio loop so sounds are on separate track?

02:48:57. How does volume automation precision handled with decreasing sample rate?

02:51:37. How long would it take to make beats of quality for libraries?

02:53:27. How to play back custom arpeggiated pattern from chords?

02:58:02. How to create stems with different processing and maintain track names?

03:06:22. Can I set up a template to use in my projects with track names and plug-ins?

03:08:22. Why when I open Groove Agent does a pattern just keep looping?

03:11:06. How to work with HALion Sonic libraries that exceed my screen size?

03:13:34. What does save new version function do?

03:16:10. How to get staccato and legato in Iconica Sketch to have consistent volumes?

03:21:18. How to load a patch in Groove Agent SE 5?

03:23:01. Any advantages of exporting final mix to 32bit floating point over 24 bit?

03:29:18. How to calibrate the dry and wet to have equal blend of dry and wet?

03:31:20. How to have a single drum track output to multiple instruments?

03:37:07. Why don’t some 3rd party plug-ins not show vst3 presets?

03:39:30. If I work at Cubase for 5 hours a day can I get great results in 2 years?

03:40:39. Why do waveforms in audio disappear when zooming in and out?

03:47:03. Can explain how to use insert I xml chunk?

03:49:05. Can SpectraLayers be a bit heavy on CPU for its use?