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From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 4,  2022 (n102)

00:02:57. When will Steinberg release more details on Cubase 12?

00:06:18. Why does dragging a file with same name in project replace file?

00:08:29. How to see several overlapping vocal takes in separate lines?

00:10:27. How to sync an mp3 file to a tempo track in Cubase Elements?

00:14:01. How to have drawn pitch bend easily return to 0?

00:17:42. Will changing automation on audio file change waveform appearance?

00:22:50. Where to adjust automation reduction resolution?

00:24:42. How to see what MIDI activity is being transmitted in MIDI key editor?

00:26:57. Is it possible to set increment/decrement volume set to 2 or .5 dB?

00:29:53. How to setup my Nektar Panorama?

00:30:54. How to make MIDI editor background have lighter background for better contrast?

00:32:35. What settings are stores in a user profile?

00:33:31. How to select which take you want to sound in the project?

00:34:31. How to remove a track picture from the track and MixConsole?

00:37:01. How to export a 5.1 audio file?

00:39:15. How important is it to have the right ASIO driver installed for Cubase?

00:40:48. How can I get that Cubase?

00:41:11. What could cause FX group returns anchored to right side to be hidden?

00:44:12. What can cause me to lose playback of my headphones in the control room?

00:46:16. How to sort assets in the MediaBay by date?

00:49:20. Are there any new chord progression presets coming for the chord pads?

00:50:37. How to save presets of sample rate, bit depth presets in export audio?

00:53:53. Why does my automation lane jump away after clicking on 1st automation point?

00:57:11. What settings do you suggest for smooth automation reduction?

00:58:47. Are we looking at Cubase 12?

00:59:16. How do I make alt+shift default way to duplicate tracks?

01:01:27. How to move automation when all events are moved several bars?

01:03:41. How to glue 8 or 9 audio clips into a single event with a macro?

01:05:47. Why doesn’t musical mode show up in my track window?

01:07:50. Is it possible to automate the formant shift in VariAudio?

01:10:34. Can sample slices in sampler track be routed to different mixer channels?

01:13:01. When will Dorico 4 be released?

01:14:03. How to change Akai controller so that default detent position is not set to 64?

01:17:10. How to sync view of audio track in the lower zone to project?

01:18:38. How to audition loop in the right browser in sync with the project?

01:21:00. How to export a riff file from Cubase for a client?

01:24:55. How to remove all VariAudio processing?

01:26:04. How to separate and change the key of a bass part in an audio loop to fit project?

01:29:15. Is it possible to use VST Connect 5.5 and Performer version 4?

01:30:45. How to set up group to an output automatically?

01:33:54. How can I listen to me when I am recording my voice?

01:36:51. How to assign a sustain pedal to control a quick controller?

01:38:16. How to convert a 5.1 mix down to a stereo file?

01:40:00. What is the speaker doing in the Live Stream and can he speak Russian?

01:41:22. How to share sound of a Cubase session over a live stream for clients?

01:44:11. Is there a hot key for the glue tool in VariAudio?

01:46:28. Is there a sensitivity setting for segment detection on VariAudio?

01:50:24. How to create a sampler track directly below a selected track?

01:51:46. Why can I not open or adjust parameters on 1 plug-in control room insert?

01:53:54. How to have pitch bend snap to be in tune like a bending guitar note?

01:57:12. Is it possible to record lanes and hear previous takes play?

02:01:30. What is best way to use Avalon VT737 SP hardware in Cubase?

02:04:11. Can the export audio mixdown dialog default to project sample rate?

02:06:37. Is there a preference to convert sample rate of audio when dragged into project?

02:07:57. How to add a 1/16th note of space before a measure to add more space?

02:11:41. What are some good ways to program polyrhythms in Cubase?

02:16:03. How to enter a specific note like C4 as an action target in the logical editor?

02:18:31. How to replace a word in speech and do a crossfade by hitting letter X?

02:21:32. Is there a shortcut key to move a marker to the current cursor position?

02:23:11. Has Steinberg worked to speed up offline bounce times??

02:24:38. Can Greg discuss difference between parts and events?

02:28:40. How to copy part name to track name and vice versa?

02:31:14. How to work with 100% certainty that tracks or names won’t change in collaboration?

02:33:33. Can you confirm that Cubase 12 won’t support VST 2 plug-ins?

02:35:14. Is there a setting to change default placement of chords in the score editor?

02:38:46. How to get guitar tab to show the capo setting in score editor?

02:41:18. Can Cubase send MIDI message to touch OSC to show current quantize value?

02:46:08. How to select the first note of a MIDI event using the logical editor?

02:49:31. How do you download anapiano pack?

02:51:22. Can some plug-ins not become active after enabling/disabling CDC?

02:52:07. Is there a way to automatically set a track to have volume set to -12dB?

02:54:40. How to fix blurry plug-in graphics?

02:56:15. How can I see the notes of a wav sample?

02:57:24. How to set a default sample rate when Cubase starts and interface is following clock?

03:00:57. Why does the MIDI key editor show a B# as opposed to a C?

03:02:40. How to play 3 sounds at once in HALion Sonic SE?

03:06:02. Will Cubase Pro 12 work on Windows 10?

03:07:12. How can I read the Cubase crash file?

03:08:40. Can you still download some of the old free instruments like guitar harmonics?

03:10:14. How to get the record enable icon to be visible after it has disappeared?

03:11:57. How to configure buttons for functions on Mackie MCU?

03:12:57. Can the VST 3 plug-in location be changed?

03:14:05. How to convert older .all/.arr files on Cubase on M1 Mac?

03:15:15. When is the Cubase update coming?

03:16:03. How to install a .nrp file in HALion Sonic SE?

03:17:27. Will Cubase 11 Pro also become M1 Pro native?

03:17:47. Can we create beats in Cubase?

03:20:28. Why does the lofi piano ask for a license code?

03:21:49. Will Cubase Pro 12 work on MacOS Mojave?

03:22:17. How to configure Arturia controller for MIDI and CV control of Eurorack?

03:22:50. Did Greg answer a question about Cubase 12 and VST 2 plug-ins earlier?

03:23:59. How to install rpn files into HALion Sonic SE?

03:24:20. How can I load loops into LoopMash?

03:25:54. How to force a Cubase preference preset to load on startup?

03:27:23. Why does an undo command, control+Z, sometimes make tracks very small?

03:29:38. What is a quick way to take a mono file on stereo track to new mono track?

03:32:22 How to load rpn files into Ice and Metals?

03:34:11. Why do I have pops and clicks when starting files playback with Apollo interface?

03:35:25. What Mac is being used for this live stream?

03:36:59. What are some other things beside buffer that can cause clicks and pops?

03:39:09. How to do a “commit function” in Nuendo to print instruments and audio tracks?

03:44:26. Wrap up. Stay safe and healthy.

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 11,  2022 (n97)

00:04:18. Why is there no sound after enabling a disabled MIDI drum track?

00:06:34. Can you share something about the upcoming Cubase 12?

00:08:28. How does UAD Satellite work with Cubase?

00:10:00. Does freezing plug-ins lead to a less dynamic sound?

00:11:02. How to import parts from one project into another project?

00:13:08. Can the VST instrument show the instrument on the selected track?

00:16:09. When will Cubase 12 be out?

00:16:50. How to set a MIDI track so that it records for exactly 20 seconds?

00:19:27. Will Cubase 12 be more focused on producing, mixing or both?

00:20:41. How to import Superior Drummer sounds individually into MixConsole?

00:22:25. Can I create a macro to colorize and add tracks to a group?

00:28:07. Can we use Cubase 11 for loop based recording?  *** This is the 15000 question from start in March 2020. Well Done Greg! ***

00:29:11. Is there a way to route the click output to a unique audio out?

00:30:47. How do I open up SpectraLayers on an audio track?

00:31:41. How many acoustic drums come with Groove Agent SE?

00:34:11. How to import mpg videos from 1996 into Cubase or Nuendo?

00:36:37. How to copy and paste across multiple highlighted tracks

00:39:04. Is it possible to put metadata into Cubase?

00:41:07. What is best slot in control room inserts for SuperVision plug-in?

00:43:30. What is best way to tag samples in MediaBay and can you load artwork?

00:45:45. How to change outputs of multiple tracks to a group track at once?

00:47:25. How to record sustain pedal information into a MIDI track?

00:50:06. How to use the control room?

00:56:44. Is there a scripting language? that will interface with Cubase 11?

00:59:12. How to get a plug-in routing mono below 320Hz to show results in WaveLab?

01:07:59. Can Cubase set loudness level when exporting audio files?

01:12:06. How to use audio file comparator in WaveLab to hear difference in mono bass?

01:16:20. Is there a quick way to select the empty space between 2 events?

01:18:49. How to get dragged sampler track event to default to C0 and to drum editor?

01:21:59. Is it possible to colorize channel strips within the mixer window?

01:23:59. Is there a problem copying a event to a different track and have different processing?

01:26:17. Can you discuss creating and using expression maps?

01:30:43. How to change VSTi rack pages to access next8 parameters via remote controller?

01:35:22. How to get Cubase to follow new paths after moving programs to a new SSD drive?

01:37:14. How to install Cubase 11 and does it come with AutoTune?

01:39:36. How to have chords and lyrics created for guitarist?

01:43:17. Why can’t I locate my HALion Sonic SE on Cubase for Mac?

01:46:59. What is the command in Cubase to save all audio files and samples to project folder?

01:48:39. Can I copy a single event and paste it to multiple tracks at once?

01:51:24. What is best way of only importing audio tracks from one project to another?

01:59:24. Is there a non-togglable key command for enable and disable track?

02:03:10. How can I get a Cubase Pro 11 code?

02:04:13. How to make a perfect comp of cycle recorded MIDI data?

02:08:06. How to find the key of a 2 bar loop?

02:10:31. Can you show how the listen button works in soloing effects?

02:15:50. How to normalize stereo audio file if left channel is lower than right?

02:20:21. What is the best way to move VST instruments and samples to external drive?

02:21:48. What causes a loud sound when activating a project?

02:22:57. How to see panning adjustments as easily for mono as it is for stereo tracks in Mixer?

02:25:30. How to quantize a part not recorded with a click track?

02:27:59. What is the best way to have Cubase load projects with large samples faster?

02:30:53. What’s up Cubase, what are we making?

02:31:13. Is it better to denoise before after unmixing stems with SpectraLayers?

02:34:05. Is there a way to record a vocal to appear in both sides of a stereo file?

02:35:31. How to listen to audio in lanes one by one?

02:40:35. Why does my Kemper record artifacts when using S/PDIF connection?

02:42:49. Why can’t I open m4a audio in Cubase?

02:43:59. Am I able to return to Cubase from Nuendo on the next version?

02:44:59. Where have some of the right click options in 9.5 gone in Cubase 11?

02:46:50. Any updates going to happen to Cubase 11 before release of 12?

02:48:05. Will there be a new MIDI API, video and other bug fixes coming to 11?

02:48:41. How to create FX or groups just to right of selected tracks in MixConsole?

02:51:41. Why do distorted guitars sound bad when recording from Kemper over S/PDIF?

02:53:05. Will Cubase 11 be dead soon?

02:55:01. Does Cubase run VST 2 plug-ins?

02:56:07. Will my Cubase 11 license allow me to run Cubase 5?

02:57:30. How to quantize different audio files in Cubase?

03:01:01. How to quickly gain stage tracks?

03:03:05. Is there a function to remove plug-ins from mixer that are turned off?

03:04:27. How to modify the volume and dynamics of a MIDI region?

03:06:45. How to see panning reflected on mono tracks metering in mixer?

03:09:50. How to hear loop audition and click track at the same time?

03:11:34. How to record audio from interface and a a Roland electronic drum kit?

03:15:36. Can SpectraLayers edit the left and right sides of an audio file independently?

03:16:36. Should I check make direct offline processes permanent when backing up files?     Keywords backup, back up project

03:19:09. IS there any reason to record audio in Nuendo over WaveLab Cast for video?

03:19:41. Are Nuendo updates generally more expensive than Cubase updates?

03:20:55. Will new licensing system run better from SSD or a hard drive or does it matter?

03:21:53. Is duplicating a comp track for VariAudio editing a good idea?

03:24:28. Does it make sense to only update to Nuendo if Iown both Nuendo and Cubase?

03:25:34. Can I move previous versions of Cubase from hard disc to SSD?

03:27:41. How to see metering when routing audio to groups and effects channels?

03:32:24. Why does my guitar amp plug-in not respond to program changes in VST3 version?

03:33:49. Can you show audio warp with the quantize panel?  Keyword; audiowarp

03:37:46. Will Steinberg bring back the local undo history within the key editor?

03:38:08. Why does Cubase import audio files in 1, 10, 2, 3 and not in numerical order?

03:40:12. Why are moves to faders and effect parameters included within the undo history?

03:41:52. Why can’t I hear loops previewing in the MediaBay browser?

03:42:59. How to hear audio from Cubase and YouTube?

03:43:48. Why don’t names of files show up from burned audio CD from WaveLab?

03:44:49. Can I see all automation lanes on top of the audio events?

03:46:34. Is there a way to have a little horizontal volume fader in track control area?

03:47:32. Can tracks be pinned to the top of the project window?

03:48:54. How to automate guitar panning automation points in the stereo combined panner?

03:51:17. How to add more complex chord voices and tensions to chords in chord track?

03:52:46. How to drop markers during tracking to indicate false starts?

03:54:40. What is the difference between control of send on channel vs. effects channels?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 14,  2022 (n95)

00:03:34. Will Cubase inherit some of the new UI enhancements of Dorico 4?

00:04:01. How to have a sound from a MIDI part continue after playback has stopped?

00:07:25. Why do I get a message that Reverence cannot be loaded when starting Cubase?

00:10:44. When will Cubase 12 be out?

00:11:14. How to work with pitch bend grid of 12 when instrument is set to 3?

00:13:00. Will new Cubase 12 license allow for use of previous Cubase versions?

00:13:51. Why do I get message MIDI is getting used when enabling LoopBack on UR44?

00:14:48. How much does Cubase cost in Euros?

00:16:11. Can you quantize MIDI notes on one channel without quantizing whole project?

00:18:32. What are best reasons to upgrade to full Groove Agent during the current sale?

00:24:26. How to import a MIDI file as a single track as opposed to multiple tracks?

00:26:54. Does Cubase 10 save all info for plug-ins when saving a project?

00:28:42. How to mix to shorten distance between RMS and peak levels?

00:30:43. Is there a shorter way to create drum maps for the Yamaha Montage?

00:32:39. Can you change CC64 to another MIDI command?

00:34:59. What is causing PadShop to crash Cubase 8.5 on startup?

00:36:50. Is it possible to make a comp track across different track versions?

00:39:44. IS it possible to see the chords within the VariAudio view?

00:40:51. How to have the chord track stick to the top of the project window?

00:42:39. What is the best way to consolidate a project and files zip and send to someone?

00:44:22. Can you show audio quantizing in depth?

00:49:11. How to minimize difference between RMS and peak levels?

00:51:10. Will there be a Cubase 11.5 or is it going straight to 12?

00:52:06. Can auto quantize have different values for different tracks?

00:53:34. Can Steinberg release more info on Cubase 12?

00:54:03. Is WaveLab 11 a significant update from version 11?

00:54:44. Is it Ok to put tracks to a group and a VCA?

01:01:17. Can I uninstall SE version of plug-ins if I have full version counterpart?

01:02:57. Can you give us a hint of a new Cubase 12 feature?

01:03:32. Will Cubase 12 work on Mojave?

01:04:51. Can you walkthrough working on a vocal with VariAudio?

01:12:36. What is done when processing loudness to Spotify level?

01:13:20. Will there be fewer new features in version 12 with inclusion of new licensing?

01:13:51. Are there any drum maps made for the Korg Kronos available?

01:14:37. Why doesn’t Cubase send me an email for the trial version?

01:17:31. Is there a way to save the channel strip to its default blank state?

01:19:30. Is there a way to strum and humanize MIDI parts?

01:21:42. Why doesn’t the tick option work within the quantize panel?

01:25:29. How to automate the sample length in Groove Agent without using ADSR?

01:31:12. How to quantize 1 note and move next note proportional distance?

01:34:26. Does audio warp editing work on tracks that are in musical mode? Keyword; audiowarp

01:35:19. How to change tempo from a shuffle to a straight time within a song?

01:38:31. How to make audio levels for different virtual instruments consistent?

01:39:16. How to adjust Groove Agent 5 acoustic adventure high hat close open?

01:43:28. When is the smooth tempo function available after tempo detection?

01:49:10. Does the quantizer plug-in go to a value of whole notes?

01:51:03. When will we see Cubase 12?

01:51:50. How to listen to different parts of the stereo panning spectrum?

01:54:38. How to assign output to an expression map and get ready for direct use?

01:57:21. How to apply the velocity of one MIDI track to another?

02:00:12. Why do we need to send drums to 2 groups if there are wet/dry settings?

02:02:59. Anyway to use Fader Port natively like a CC121?

02:03:58. Can VariAudio be used to make vocals more legato by helping extend notes?

02:06:57. Is the upgrade available from Groove Agent SE to full version of Groove Agent?

02:07:37. Can I rewire FL Studio into Cubase?

02:08:28. Is it possible to add metadata to audio in MediaBay in Cubase Elements?

02:10:55. Have any other new features in Cubase 12 been announced besides licensing?

02:11:18. Will Cubase work with 12th generation intel processors and Windows 11?

02:11:48. Is Cubase fully compatible with the new Mac Pros yet?

02:12:20. Can I open 2 MIDI tracks in 2 windows?

02:15:46. New license for Cubase and all VST plug-ins?

02:16:51. Is there a dedicated tutorial for the multitap delay on the Cubase YouTube channel?

02:17:48. Can you show the tick function in the quantize panel?

02:20:09. How to restore the lower zone after it disappeared?

02:21:19. How to fix missing fingerprint elicenser message?

02:21:55. Anyway to preview samples in MediaBay through effect plug-ins?

02:25:30. How to resolve a sustain pedal that is not working in Cubase?

02:26:50. What is the trick to reverse the polarity of a sustain pedal in Cubase?

02:33:20. How to restore metronome sample presets?

02:38:51. How does crossover pricing work?

02:39:59. Why the most icons are invisible?

02:40:29. Can you color 5 tracks to the same color in a single click?

02:41:31. What is the subject of the live stream today?

02:43:29. How can I add my own icon for my sample collections?

02:44:46. Why does the volume level change when mono downmixing in control room?

02:46:48. Can you run the old Embracer VSTi from Cubase 8.5 in Cubase 11?

02:48:11. What is the best tool to use as quick sequencer in Cubase?

02:52:00. Are there sequencers built into some of the included VST instruments?

02:53:40. How to quickly toggle between score and key editor in the lower zone?

02:57:55. Can the track pictures in the from MixConsole show in track list?

03:00:28. Can I add custom samples to the MediaBay with my own custom icon?

03:01:24. What is the best way to save a group of plug-ins on a track?

03:03:51. Is it possible to save a mixdown file and have it open in WaveLab automatically?

03:05:29. Why do MIDI notes move when resizing MIDI clips?

03:06:44. How to change the formant of audio without using VariAudio?

03:08:42. When would Greg use Revelation vs. Reverence reverb plug-ins?

03:11:47. Any tips and tricks on removing kick drum bleed from bottom snare mic?

03:16:14. How to restore click track preset samples?

03:17:14. What is best way to make sure that instrument tracks render in stereo?

03:19:08. When should I use the MIDI Transformer plug-in?

03:21:33. How to set the velocity of a MIDI kick to a fixed value?

03:23:35. Why is Cubase automatically selecting events as cursor is over them?

03:25:28. How to do scale correction for live MIDI input?

03:27:50. Why is the WaveLab comparator not showing difference in 2 files?

03:32:01 Why can’t I export 2 Agents’ mixer and effects to Cubase from Groove Agent?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 18,  2022 (n98)

00:04:27. Can you share something about Cubase 12?

00:05:07. Is the new HALionSonic SE 1.5 a paid update?

00:06:58. Are user track presets included in profile manager export?

00:09:44. What is the difference between track presets and exporting selected tracks?

00:11:23. How to delete extra MIDI notes when comping MIDI?

00:15:56. How to separate MIDI drums so each sound is on its own track?

00:18:05. Can Greg discuss his audio streaming setup?

00:21:18. Will download assistant incorporate better update procedures in future?

00:22:56. What is going on with Cubase 12?

00:23:15. How to automate the tempo on 1 track?

00:27:45. Why is my Sonar works adding a delay into my signal path?

00:29:39. Is it possible to change the arranger track to not start from the beginning?

00:33:38. How to fix double MIDI notes recorded from my MIDI controller?

00:38:59. How to change default stretching algorithm in project window?

00:40:57. How to see if track exported to WaveLab has changes reflected?

00:45:11. How to automate sample length in Groove Agent without ADSR?

00:48:17. Do I need a VU meter to gain stage audio events to -18dBFS?

00:49:13. Does Cubase have clip gain envelope and Mix Engine FX?

00:50:17. Can Cubase have different scales in the channel meters?

00:51:54. Why is project file being saved to original folder after project files in other folder?

00:56:07. How to visually show pitches of an audio file of dropped oboe reed?

00:58:32. Why is my electric guitar distorted when audio interface and Cubase are not clipping?

01:00:19. How to slice sample loops in Cubase LE 11?

01:02:43. Can we record tempo in real time while playing using the space bar?

01:05:33. Is there a way to reverse a sample without putting it into sampler track?

01:06:26. How to get rid of lanes so that comp is delayed as a single track?

01:09:43. Why do I have clipping recording through Amplitube as an insert?

01:11:45. How to see flats in the key editor so I see Bb instead of A#?

01:17:17. Why is my guitar distorting using a Behringer audio interface?

01:17:43. How do I get the mixdown folder to default to a different location?

01:19:57. Will Steinberg add audiowarp in Cubase Elements 12?

01:20:21. Where can I find the LoFi piano after downloading and installing it?

01:22:02. How to add more exact automation values other than using the mouse?

01:25:00. How to make a delay pitch go up in time?

01:27:40. Is the Pad setting a solution to clipping guitar audio recording?

01:28:07. How to make mp3 ID tag fields come up blank by default?

01:30:32. Will Steinberg VSTs like BackBone and GrooveAgent move to new licensing?

01:31:40. How to get additional metadata tags in Cubase?

01:32:11. What will the pricing be for a Cubase 12 pro update?

01:34:12. Can we pitch correct snap to a key without using the chord track in VariAudio?

01:36:52. Can you set the key signature for the entire song?

01:38:54. Is there a key command to nudge only selected MIDI notes in a time?

01:41:55. How to find and select tracks based on duplicated track names?

01:46:08. How to convert a clean single note guitar part into MIDI data?

01:48:46. Would adding more Ram or processor help with Guitar Rig tracks?

01:51:13. Why aren’t my menus responding to mouse clicks?

01:52:22. Do groups in Cubase sum the sound?

01:54:25. Does sending instruments to 2 or 3 groups make them louder?

01:55:44. Will Greg do a Cubase 12 Live Stream before its release?

01:56:25. Can you do 808 portamento slides with BackBone?

02:00:33. Why does rendering a MIDI track in Kontakt sometimes crash Cubase?

02:01:45. Why do we need to use 2 groups for parallel processing?

02:03:12. Why is Cubase 10.5 more expensive than Cubase 11 in the UAE?

02:08:08. How much and what type of sounds would use to create a snare sound?

02:14:19. Can you show how to use the VCA faders more effectively?

02:20:01. What are differences between send, inserts and channel strip effects?

02:26:20. Why do I get different peak levels on a track even if it not changed?

02:28:16. What is the purpose of having 3 separate MixConsoles?

02:29:40. If I upgrade to Cubase Elements now will I get Cubase Elements 12 free?

02:30:24. Why is my folder track inspector view truncated?

02:32:41. Is there a way to change just my color in my MediaBay?

02:34:54. Does resizing with time stretch often in edit mode cause problems?

02:38:33. How to save MIDI files from the project window by dragging to MediaBay?

02:39:55. Can I set input from Performer using VST Connect 5?

02:43:26. Can I change my email address for my MySteinberg account?

02:45:06. Why does my sustain pedal activate mute to all tracks in project?

02:48:12. Does Steinberg plan on adding more modules to channel strip like resynthesis?

02:49:29. How to do dual or multi mono routing for plug-ins?

02:51:05. How can I adjust the VST overload performance in Cubase?

02:52:21. How to rename outputs from a multi output VST instrument?

02:55:23. How to configure side chaining in Cubase?

02:59:09. How to prevent newly added tracks from auto populating Mixer configurations?

03:01:19. Can you say when Cubase 12 will come out?

03:01:56. What other interesting things can we do with SpectraLayers?

03:03:39. Why do VST instruments render in stereo?

03:07:28. Is there a way to prevent expression maps to revert to first slot?

03:09:53. Why is video monitor staggering but exported video plays without issue?

03:11:10. Can HALion pass on its MIDI stream to the host?

03:15:35. Can we do multiple range selections in Cubase?

03:17:29. Can a project logical editor to parameterized to populate entries?

03:18:33. Any news on an updated version of the CC121 controller?

03:20:13. How to create tempo maps from client provided mp3 files?

03:22:35. Is computer performance better when working in 32bit?

03:25:14. How to change default panner from balanced to combined panner?

03:26:14. How to change the fader from +6dB to +12dB to match control surface?

03:28:31. Why can’t I get my Reverence to load impulse files?

03:29:56. Is Nuendo better for scoring?

03:31:47. Can sidechain be expanded to handle 9 audio tracks?

03:34:54. How to sketch a piano part to orchestrate for a string section?

03:37:11. What kind of Mac is Greg using?

03:37:52. How to take a stereo file and send it to center channel in a 5.1 setup?

03:40:46. Will WaveLab’s licensing change when Cubase 12 is released?

03:42:13. Will Cubase 12 be M1 Native, not just Rosetta?

03:42:29. How to split the MIDI keyboard so C1-C2 go to Groove Agent and others to HALion”?

03:44:10. Can you show offline processing for different events on the same track?

03:48:29. How to add more measures when programming patterns in Groove Agent 5?

03:54:27. How to do note repeat in Groove Agent on a single sound?

03:57:14. How to set default to a clear state so changes are not automatically applied?

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