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From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 4,  2022 (n102)

00:02:57. When will Steinberg release more details on Cubase 12?

00:06:18. Why does dragging a file with same name in project replace file?

00:08:29. How to see several overlapping vocal takes in separate lines?

00:10:27. How to sync an mp3 file to a tempo track in Cubase Elements?

00:14:01. How to have drawn pitch bend easily return to 0?

00:17:42. Will changing automation on audio file change waveform appearance?

00:22:50. Where to adjust automation reduction resolution?

00:24:42. How to see what MIDI activity is being transmitted in MIDI key editor?

00:26:57. Is it possible to set increment/decrement volume set to 2 or .5 dB?

00:29:53. How to setup my Nektar Panorama?

00:30:54. How to make MIDI editor background have lighter background for better contrast?

00:32:35. What settings are stores in a user profile?

00:33:31. How to select which take you want to sound in the project?

00:34:31. How to remove a track picture from the track and MixConsole?

00:37:01. How to export a 5.1 audio file?

00:39:15. How important is it to have the right ASIO driver installed for Cubase?

00:40:48. How can I get that Cubase?

00:41:11. What could cause FX group returns anchored to right side to be hidden?

00:44:12. What can cause me to lose playback of my headphones in the control room?

00:46:16. How to sort assets in the MediaBay by date?

00:49:20. Are there any new chord progression presets coming for the chord pads?

00:50:37. How to save presets of sample rate, bit depth presets in export audio?

00:53:53. Why does my automation lane jump away after clicking on 1st automation point?

00:57:11. What settings do you suggest for smooth automation reduction?

00:58:47. Are we looking at Cubase 12?

00:59:16. How do I make alt+shift default way to duplicate tracks?

01:01:27. How to move automation when all events are moved several bars?

01:03:41. How to glue 8 or 9 audio clips into a single event with a macro?

01:05:47. Why doesn’t musical mode show up in my track window?

01:07:50. Is it possible to automate the formant shift in VariAudio?

01:10:34. Can sample slices in sampler track be routed to different mixer channels?

01:13:01. When will Dorico 4 be released?

01:14:03. How to change Akai controller so that default detent position is not set to 64?

01:17:10. How to sync view of audio track in the lower zone to project?

01:18:38. How to audition loop in the right browser in sync with the project?

01:21:00. How to export a riff file from Cubase for a client?

01:24:55. How to remove all VariAudio processing?

01:26:04. How to separate and change the key of a bass part in an audio loop to fit project?

01:29:15. Is it possible to use VST Connect 5.5 and Performer version 4?

01:30:45. How to set up group to an output automatically?

01:33:54. How can I listen to me when I am recording my voice?

01:36:51. How to assign a sustain pedal to control a quick controller?

01:38:16. How to convert a 5.1 mix down to a stereo file?

01:40:00. What is the speaker doing in the Live Stream and can he speak Russian?

01:41:22. How to share sound of a Cubase session over a live stream for clients?

01:44:11. Is there a hot key for the glue tool in VariAudio?

01:46:28. Is there a sensitivity setting for segment detection on VariAudio?

01:50:24. How to create a sampler track directly below a selected track?

01:51:46. Why can I not open or adjust parameters on 1 plug-in control room insert?

01:53:54. How to have pitch bend snap to be in tune like a bending guitar note?

01:57:12. Is it possible to record lanes and hear previous takes play?

02:01:30. What is best way to use Avalon VT737 SP hardware in Cubase?

02:04:11. Can the export audio mixdown dialog default to project sample rate?

02:06:37. Is there a preference to convert sample rate of audio when dragged into project?

02:07:57. How to add a 1/16th note of space before a measure to add more space?

02:11:41. What are some good ways to program polyrhythms in Cubase?

02:16:03. How to enter a specific note like C4 as an action target in the logical editor?

02:18:31. How to replace a word in speech and do a crossfade by hitting letter X?

02:21:32. Is there a shortcut key to move a marker to the current cursor position?

02:23:11. Has Steinberg worked to speed up offline bounce times??

02:24:38. Can Greg discuss difference between parts and events?

02:28:40. How to copy part name to track name and vice versa?

02:31:14. How to work with 100% certainty that tracks or names won’t change in collaboration?

02:33:33. Can you confirm that Cubase 12 won’t support VST 2 plug-ins?

02:35:14. Is there a setting to change default placement of chords in the score editor?

02:38:46. How to get guitar tab to show the capo setting in score editor?

02:41:18. Can Cubase send MIDI message to touch OSC to show current quantize value?

02:46:08. How to select the first note of a MIDI event using the logical editor?

02:49:31. How do you download anapiano pack?

02:51:22. Can some plug-ins not become active after enabling/disabling CDC?

02:52:07. Is there a way to automatically set a track to have volume set to -12dB?

02:54:40. How to fix blurry plug-in graphics?

02:56:15. How can I see the notes of a wav sample?

02:57:24. How to set a default sample rate when Cubase starts and interface is following clock?

03:00:57. Why does the MIDI key editor show a B# as opposed to a C?

03:02:40. How to play 3 sounds at once in HALion Sonic SE?

03:06:02. Will Cubase Pro 12 work on Windows 10?

03:07:12. How can I read the Cubase crash file?

03:08:40. Can you still download some of the old free instruments like guitar harmonics?

03:10:14. How to get the record enable icon to be visible after it has disappeared?

03:11:57. How to configure buttons for functions on Mackie MCU?

03:12:57. Can the VST 3 plug-in location be changed?

03:14:05. How to convert older .all/.arr files on Cubase on M1 Mac?

03:15:15. When is the Cubase update coming?

03:16:03. How to install a .nrp file in HALion Sonic SE?

03:17:27. Will Cubase 11 Pro also become M1 Pro native?

03:17:47. Can we create beats in Cubase?

03:20:28. Why does the lofi piano ask for a license code?

03:21:49. Will Cubase Pro 12 work on MacOS Mojave?

03:22:17. How to configure Arturia controller for MIDI and CV control of Eurorack?

03:22:50. Did Greg answer a question about Cubase 12 and VST 2 plug-ins earlier?

03:23:59. How to install rpn files into HALion Sonic SE?

03:24:20. How can I load loops into LoopMash?

03:25:54. How to force a Cubase preference preset to load on startup?

03:27:23. Why does an undo command, control+Z, sometimes make tracks very small?

03:29:38. What is a quick way to take a mono file on stereo track to new mono track?

03:32:22 How to load rpn files into Ice and Metals?

03:34:11. Why do I have pops and clicks when starting files playback with Apollo interface?

03:35:25. What Mac is being used for this live stream?

03:36:59. What are some other things beside buffer that can cause clicks and pops?

03:39:09. How to do a “commit function” in Nuendo to print instruments and audio tracks?

03:44:26. Wrap up. Stay safe and healthy.

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 11,  2022 (n97)

00:04:18. Why is there no sound after enabling a disabled MIDI drum track?

00:06:34. Can you share something about the upcoming Cubase 12?

00:08:28. How does UAD Satellite work with Cubase?

00:10:00. Does freezing plug-ins lead to a less dynamic sound?

00:11:02. How to import parts from one project into another project?

00:13:08. Can the VST instrument show the instrument on the selected track?

00:16:09. When will Cubase 12 be out?

00:16:50. How to set a MIDI track so that it records for exactly 20 seconds?

00:19:27. Will Cubase 12 be more focused on producing, mixing or both?

00:20:41. How to import Superior Drummer sounds individually into MixConsole?

00:22:25. Can I create a macro to colorize and add tracks to a group?

00:28:07. Can we use Cubase 11 for loop based recording?  *** This is the 15000 question from start in March 2020. Well Done Greg! ***

00:29:11. Is there a way to route the click output to a unique audio out?

00:30:47. How do I open up SpectraLayers on an audio track?

00:31:41. How many acoustic drums come with Groove Agent SE?

00:34:11. How to import mpg videos from 1996 into Cubase or Nuendo?

00:36:37. How to copy and paste across multiple highlighted tracks

00:39:04. Is it possible to put metadata into Cubase?

00:41:07. What is best slot in control room inserts for SuperVision plug-in?

00:43:30. What is best way to tag samples in MediaBay and can you load artwork?

00:45:45. How to change outputs of multiple tracks to a group track at once?

00:47:25. How to record sustain pedal information into a MIDI track?

00:50:06. How to use the control room?

00:56:44. Is there a scripting language? that will interface with Cubase 11?

00:59:12. How to get a plug-in routing mono below 320Hz to show results in WaveLab?

01:07:59. Can Cubase set loudness level when exporting audio files?

01:12:06. How to use audio file comparator in WaveLab to hear difference in mono bass?

01:16:20. Is there a quick way to select the empty space between 2 events?

01:18:49. How to get dragged sampler track event to default to C0 and to drum editor?

01:21:59. Is it possible to colorize channel strips within the mixer window?

01:23:59. Is there a problem copying a event to a different track and have different processing?

01:26:17. Can you discuss creating and using expression maps?

01:30:43. How to change VSTi rack pages to access next8 parameters via remote controller?

01:35:22. How to get Cubase to follow new paths after moving programs to a new SSD drive?

01:37:14. How to install Cubase 11 and does it come with AutoTune?

01:39:36. How to have chords and lyrics created for guitarist?

01:43:17. Why can’t I locate my HALion Sonic SE on Cubase for Mac?

01:46:59. What is the command in Cubase to save all audio files and samples to project folder?

01:48:39. Can I copy a single event and paste it to multiple tracks at once?

01:51:24. What is best way of only importing audio tracks from one project to another?

01:59:24. Is there a non-togglable key command for enable and disable track?

02:03:10. How can I get a Cubase Pro 11 code?

02:04:13. How to make a perfect comp of cycle recorded MIDI data?

02:08:06. How to find the key of a 2 bar loop?

02:10:31. Can you show how the listen button works in soloing effects?

02:15:50. How to normalize stereo audio file if left channel is lower than right?

02:20:21. What is the best way to move VST instruments and samples to external drive?

02:21:48. What causes a loud sound when activating a project?

02:22:57. How to see panning adjustments as easily for mono as it is for stereo tracks in Mixer?

02:25:30. How to quantize a part not recorded with a click track?

02:27:59. What is the best way to have Cubase load projects with large samples faster?

02:30:53. What’s up Cubase, what are we making?

02:31:13. Is it better to denoise before after unmixing stems with SpectraLayers?

02:34:05. Is there a way to record a vocal to appear in both sides of a stereo file?

02:35:31. How to listen to audio in lanes one by one?

02:40:35. Why does my Kemper record artifacts when using S/PDIF connection?

02:42:49. Why can’t I open m4a audio in Cubase?

02:43:59. Am I able to return to Cubase from Nuendo on the next version?

02:44:59. Where have some of the right click options in 9.5 gone in Cubase 11?

02:46:50. Any updates going to happen to Cubase 11 before release of 12?

02:48:05. Will there be a new MIDI API, video and other bug fixes coming to 11?

02:48:41. How to create FX or groups just to right of selected tracks in MixConsole?

02:51:41. Why do distorted guitars sound bad when recording from Kemper over S/PDIF?

02:53:05. Will Cubase 11 be dead soon?

02:55:01. Does Cubase run VST 2 plug-ins?

02:56:07. Will my Cubase 11 license allow me to run Cubase 5?

02:57:30. How to quantize different audio files in Cubase?

03:01:01. How to quickly gain stage tracks?

03:03:05. Is there a function to remove plug-ins from mixer that are turned off?

03:04:27. How to modify the volume and dynamics of a MIDI region?

03:06:45. How to see panning reflected on mono tracks metering in mixer?

03:09:50. How to hear loop audition and click track at the same time?

03:11:34. How to record audio from interface and a a Roland electronic drum kit?

03:15:36. Can SpectraLayers edit the left and right sides of an audio file independently?

03:16:36. Should I check make direct offline processes permanent when backing up files?     Keywords backup, back up project

03:19:09. IS there any reason to record audio in Nuendo over WaveLab Cast for video?

03:19:41. Are Nuendo updates generally more expensive than Cubase updates?

03:20:55. Will new licensing system run better from SSD or a hard drive or does it matter?

03:21:53. Is duplicating a comp track for VariAudio editing a good idea?

03:24:28. Does it make sense to only update to Nuendo if Iown both Nuendo and Cubase?

03:25:34. Can I move previous versions of Cubase from hard disc to SSD?

03:27:41. How to see metering when routing audio to groups and effects channels?

03:32:24. Why does my guitar amp plug-in not respond to program changes in VST3 version?

03:33:49. Can you show audio warp with the quantize panel?  Keyword; audiowarp

03:37:46. Will Steinberg bring back the local undo history within the key editor?

03:38:08. Why does Cubase import audio files in 1, 10, 2, 3 and not in numerical order?

03:40:12. Why are moves to faders and effect parameters included within the undo history?

03:41:52. Why can’t I hear loops previewing in the MediaBay browser?

03:42:59. How to hear audio from Cubase and YouTube?

03:43:48. Why don’t names of files show up from burned audio CD from WaveLab?

03:44:49. Can I see all automation lanes on top of the audio events?

03:46:34. Is there a way to have a little horizontal volume fader in track control area?

03:47:32. Can tracks be pinned to the top of the project window?

03:48:54. How to automate guitar panning automation points in the stereo combined panner?

03:51:17. How to add more complex chord voices and tensions to chords in chord track?

03:52:46. How to drop markers during tracking to indicate false starts?

03:54:40. What is the difference between control of send on channel vs. effects channels?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 14,  2022 (n95)

00:03:34. Will Cubase inherit some of the new UI enhancements of Dorico 4?

00:04:01. How to have a sound from a MIDI part continue after playback has stopped?

00:07:25. Why do I get a message that Reverence cannot be loaded when starting Cubase?

00:10:44. When will Cubase 12 be out?

00:11:14. How to work with pitch bend grid of 12 when instrument is set to 3?

00:13:00. Will new Cubase 12 license allow for use of previous Cubase versions?

00:13:51. Why do I get message MIDI is getting used when enabling LoopBack on UR44?

00:14:48. How much does Cubase cost in Euros?

00:16:11. Can you quantize MIDI notes on one channel without quantizing whole project?

00:18:32. What are best reasons to upgrade to full Groove Agent during the current sale?

00:24:26. How to import a MIDI file as a single track as opposed to multiple tracks?

00:26:54. Does Cubase 10 save all info for plug-ins when saving a project?

00:28:42. How to mix to shorten distance between RMS and peak levels?

00:30:43. Is there a shorter way to create drum maps for the Yamaha Montage?

00:32:39. Can you change CC64 to another MIDI command?

00:34:59. What is causing PadShop to crash Cubase 8.5 on startup?

00:36:50. Is it possible to make a comp track across different track versions?

00:39:44. IS it possible to see the chords within the VariAudio view?

00:40:51. How to have the chord track stick to the top of the project window?

00:42:39. What is the best way to consolidate a project and files zip and send to someone?

00:44:22. Can you show audio quantizing in depth?

00:49:11. How to minimize difference between RMS and peak levels?

00:51:10. Will there be a Cubase 11.5 or is it going straight to 12?

00:52:06. Can auto quantize have different values for different tracks?

00:53:34. Can Steinberg release more info on Cubase 12?

00:54:03. Is WaveLab 11 a significant update from version 11?

00:54:44. Is it Ok to put tracks to a group and a VCA?

01:01:17. Can I uninstall SE version of plug-ins if I have full version counterpart?

01:02:57. Can you give us a hint of a new Cubase 12 feature?

01:03:32. Will Cubase 12 work on Mojave?

01:04:51. Can you walkthrough working on a vocal with VariAudio?

01:12:36. What is done when processing loudness to Spotify level?

01:13:20. Will there be fewer new features in version 12 with inclusion of new licensing?

01:13:51. Are there any drum maps made for the Korg Kronos available?

01:14:37. Why doesn’t Cubase send me an email for the trial version?

01:17:31. Is there a way to save the channel strip to its default blank state?

01:19:30. Is there a way to strum and humanize MIDI parts?

01:21:42. Why doesn’t the tick option work within the quantize panel?

01:25:29. How to automate the sample length in Groove Agent without using ADSR?

01:31:12. How to quantize 1 note and move next note proportional distance?

01:34:26. Does audio warp editing work on tracks that are in musical mode? Keyword; audiowarp

01:35:19. How to change tempo from a shuffle to a straight time within a song?

01:38:31. How to make audio levels for different virtual instruments consistent?

01:39:16. How to adjust Groove Agent 5 acoustic adventure high hat close open?

01:43:28. When is the smooth tempo function available after tempo detection?

01:49:10. Does the quantizer plug-in go to a value of whole notes?

01:51:03. When will we see Cubase 12?

01:51:50. How to listen to different parts of the stereo panning spectrum?

01:54:38. How to assign output to an expression map and get ready for direct use?

01:57:21. How to apply the velocity of one MIDI track to another?

02:00:12. Why do we need to send drums to 2 groups if there are wet/dry settings?

02:02:59. Anyway to use Fader Port natively like a CC121?

02:03:58. Can VariAudio be used to make vocals more legato by helping extend notes?

02:06:57. Is the upgrade available from Groove Agent SE to full version of Groove Agent?

02:07:37. Can I rewire FL Studio into Cubase?

02:08:28. Is it possible to add metadata to audio in MediaBay in Cubase Elements?

02:10:55. Have any other new features in Cubase 12 been announced besides licensing?

02:11:18. Will Cubase work with 12th generation intel processors and Windows 11?

02:11:48. Is Cubase fully compatible with the new Mac Pros yet?

02:12:20. Can I open 2 MIDI tracks in 2 windows?

02:15:46. New license for Cubase and all VST plug-ins?

02:16:51. Is there a dedicated tutorial for the multitap delay on the Cubase YouTube channel?

02:17:48. Can you show the tick function in the quantize panel?

02:20:09. How to restore the lower zone after it disappeared?

02:21:19. How to fix missing fingerprint elicenser message?

02:21:55. Anyway to preview samples in MediaBay through effect plug-ins?

02:25:30. How to resolve a sustain pedal that is not working in Cubase?

02:26:50. What is the trick to reverse the polarity of a sustain pedal in Cubase?

02:33:20. How to restore metronome sample presets?

02:38:51. How does crossover pricing work?

02:39:59. Why the most icons are invisible?

02:40:29. Can you color 5 tracks to the same color in a single click?

02:41:31. What is the subject of the live stream today?

02:43:29. How can I add my own icon for my sample collections?

02:44:46. Why does the volume level change when mono downmixing in control room?

02:46:48. Can you run the old Embracer VSTi from Cubase 8.5 in Cubase 11?

02:48:11. What is the best tool to use as quick sequencer in Cubase?

02:52:00. Are there sequencers built into some of the included VST instruments?

02:53:40. How to quickly toggle between score and key editor in the lower zone?

02:57:55. Can the track pictures in the from MixConsole show in track list?

03:00:28. Can I add custom samples to the MediaBay with my own custom icon?

03:01:24. What is the best way to save a group of plug-ins on a track?

03:03:51. Is it possible to save a mixdown file and have it open in WaveLab automatically?

03:05:29. Why do MIDI notes move when resizing MIDI clips?

03:06:44. How to change the formant of audio without using VariAudio?

03:08:42. When would Greg use Revelation vs. Reverence reverb plug-ins?

03:11:47. Any tips and tricks on removing kick drum bleed from bottom snare mic?

03:16:14. How to restore click track preset samples?

03:17:14. What is best way to make sure that instrument tracks render in stereo?

03:19:08. When should I use the MIDI Transformer plug-in?

03:21:33. How to set the velocity of a MIDI kick to a fixed value?

03:23:35. Why is Cubase automatically selecting events as cursor is over them?

03:25:28. How to do scale correction for live MIDI input?

03:27:50. Why is the WaveLab comparator not showing difference in 2 files?

03:32:01 Why can’t I export 2 Agents’ mixer and effects to Cubase from Groove Agent?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 18,  2022 (n98)

00:04:27. Can you share something about Cubase 12?

00:05:07. Is the new HALionSonic SE 1.5 a paid update?

00:06:58. Are user track presets included in profile manager export?

00:09:44. What is the difference between track presets and exporting selected tracks?

00:11:23. How to delete extra MIDI notes when comping MIDI?

00:15:56. How to separate MIDI drums so each sound is on its own track?

00:18:05. Can Greg discuss his audio streaming setup?

00:21:18. Will download assistant incorporate better update procedures in future?

00:22:56. What is going on with Cubase 12?

00:23:15. How to automate the tempo on 1 track?

00:27:45. Why is my Sonar works adding a delay into my signal path?

00:29:39. Is it possible to change the arranger track to not start from the beginning?

00:33:38. How to fix double MIDI notes recorded from my MIDI controller?

00:38:59. How to change default stretching algorithm in project window?

00:40:57. How to see if track exported to WaveLab has changes reflected?

00:45:11. How to automate sample length in Groove Agent without ADSR?

00:48:17. Do I need a VU meter to gain stage audio events to -18dBFS?

00:49:13. Does Cubase have clip gain envelope and Mix Engine FX?

00:50:17. Can Cubase have different scales in the channel meters?

00:51:54. Why is project file being saved to original folder after project files in other folder?

00:56:07. How to visually show pitches of an audio file of dropped oboe reed?

00:58:32. Why is my electric guitar distorted when audio interface and Cubase are not clipping?

01:00:19. How to slice sample loops in Cubase LE 11?

01:02:43. Can we record tempo in real time while playing using the space bar?

01:05:33. Is there a way to reverse a sample without putting it into sampler track?

01:06:26. How to get rid of lanes so that comp is delayed as a single track?

01:09:43. Why do I have clipping recording through Amplitube as an insert?

01:11:45. How to see flats in the key editor so I see Bb instead of A#?

01:17:17. Why is my guitar distorting using a Behringer audio interface?

01:17:43. How do I get the mixdown folder to default to a different location?

01:19:57. Will Steinberg add audiowarp in Cubase Elements 12?

01:20:21. Where can I find the LoFi piano after downloading and installing it?

01:22:02. How to add more exact automation values other than using the mouse?

01:25:00. How to make a delay pitch go up in time?

01:27:40. Is the Pad setting a solution to clipping guitar audio recording?

01:28:07. How to make mp3 ID tag fields come up blank by default?

01:30:32. Will Steinberg VSTs like BackBone and GrooveAgent move to new licensing?

01:31:40. How to get additional metadata tags in Cubase?

01:32:11. What will the pricing be for a Cubase 12 pro update?

01:34:12. Can we pitch correct snap to a key without using the chord track in VariAudio?

01:36:52. Can you set the key signature for the entire song?

01:38:54. Is there a key command to nudge only selected MIDI notes in a time?

01:41:55. How to find and select tracks based on duplicated track names?

01:46:08. How to convert a clean single note guitar part into MIDI data?

01:48:46. Would adding more Ram or processor help with Guitar Rig tracks?

01:51:13. Why aren’t my menus responding to mouse clicks?

01:52:22. Do groups in Cubase sum the sound?

01:54:25. Does sending instruments to 2 or 3 groups make them louder?

01:55:44. Will Greg do a Cubase 12 Live Stream before its release?

01:56:25. Can you do 808 portamento slides with BackBone?

02:00:33. Why does rendering a MIDI track in Kontakt sometimes crash Cubase?

02:01:45. Why do we need to use 2 groups for parallel processing?

02:03:12. Why is Cubase 10.5 more expensive than Cubase 11 in the UAE?

02:08:08. How much and what type of sounds would use to create a snare sound?

02:14:19. Can you show how to use the VCA faders more effectively?

02:20:01. What are differences between send, inserts and channel strip effects?

02:26:20. Why do I get different peak levels on a track even if it not changed?

02:28:16. What is the purpose of having 3 separate MixConsoles?

02:29:40. If I upgrade to Cubase Elements now will I get Cubase Elements 12 free?

02:30:24. Why is my folder track inspector view truncated?

02:32:41. Is there a way to change just my color in my MediaBay?

02:34:54. Does resizing with time stretch often in edit mode cause problems?

02:38:33. How to save MIDI files from the project window by dragging to MediaBay?

02:39:55. Can I set input from Performer using VST Connect 5?

02:43:26. Can I change my email address for my MySteinberg account?

02:45:06. Why does my sustain pedal activate mute to all tracks in project?

02:48:12. Does Steinberg plan on adding more modules to channel strip like resynthesis?

02:49:29. How to do dual or multi mono routing for plug-ins?

02:51:05. How can I adjust the VST overload performance in Cubase?

02:52:21. How to rename outputs from a multi output VST instrument?

02:55:23. How to configure side chaining in Cubase?

02:59:09. How to prevent newly added tracks from auto populating Mixer configurations?

03:01:19. Can you say when Cubase 12 will come out?

03:01:56. What other interesting things can we do with SpectraLayers?

03:03:39. Why do VST instruments render in stereo?

03:07:28. Is there a way to prevent expression maps to revert to first slot?

03:09:53. Why is video monitor staggering but exported video plays without issue?

03:11:10. Can HALion pass on its MIDI stream to the host?

03:15:35. Can we do multiple range selections in Cubase?

03:17:29. Can a project logical editor to parameterized to populate entries?

03:18:33. Any news on an updated version of the CC121 controller?

03:20:13. How to create tempo maps from client provided mp3 files?

03:22:35. Is computer performance better when working in 32bit?

03:25:14. How to change default panner from balanced to combined panner?

03:26:14. How to change the fader from +6dB to +12dB to match control surface?

03:28:31. Why can’t I get my Reverence to load impulse files?

03:29:56. Is Nuendo better for scoring?

03:31:47. Can sidechain be expanded to handle 9 audio tracks?

03:34:54. How to sketch a piano part to orchestrate for a string section?

03:37:11. What kind of Mac is Greg using?

03:37:52. How to take a stereo file and send it to center channel in a 5.1 setup?

03:40:46. Will WaveLab’s licensing change when Cubase 12 is released?

03:42:13. Will Cubase 12 be M1 Native, not just Rosetta?

03:42:29. How to split the MIDI keyboard so C1-C2 go to Groove Agent and others to HALion”?

03:44:10. Can you show offline processing for different events on the same track?

03:48:29. How to add more measures when programming patterns in Groove Agent 5?

03:54:27. How to do note repeat in Groove Agent on a single sound?

03:57:14. How to set default to a clear state so changes are not automatically applied?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 21,  2022 (n97)

00:03:41. Is VST 2 support over?

00:06:04. Is there a UR28M audio interface replacement in the works?

00:07:08. How to record multiple outs from Groove Agent into separate audio tracks?

00:10:33. Why is my gain structure of external compressor off when using ASIO4All?

00:12:27. Should I get separate SSD drives for OS and samples?

00:16:14. How to make last recorded part not playback after MIDI cycle recording?

00:18:51. Why can’t we buy the CC121 controller in Canada?

00:20:14. Can you explain the interpolate audio display preference?

00:26:23. Can you discuss Yamaha VST Rack Pro will it be like VE Pro?

00:28:12. Can you show how the input transformer works?

00:32:19. Is it better to run SuperVision on master bus or control room?

00:34:51. Is it possible to send a snare to outside reverb without dissolving event?

00:37:35. Is it possible to increase level on track with existing automation?

00:39:57. How to get sound of Cubase to get routed into OBS?

00:42:36. Is there a way to make the waveforms brighter in VariAudio?

00:44:17. Is there a link to export scores between Cubase and Dorico?

00:46:24. Why can’t I find the HALion Symphonic Orchestra instrument?

00:49:53. Why isn’t the gain control on the mixer above the fader?

00:52:01. How to make last MIDI part not playback recording stacked MIDI events?

00:54:59. What is the best way to do VariAudio editing to audio not recorded at 440Hz?

00:56:32. Why does VariAudio only use standard solo mode?

00:57:53. Would I be better upgrading from Cubase LE to Nuendo Live or Cubase Elements?

00:59:52. How to monitor incoming instrument audio when recording loops?

01:03:45. When is it good to use effects in the control room as opposed to the MixConsole?

01:06:23. How to delete all notes except for the bass notes in chords?

01:12:38. How to setup the control room to drive Aviom headphone system?

01:14:33. How to render a 3rd party VST instrument to audio?

01:16:18. What is the best practice to overwrite existing volume automation on a track?

01:20:08. Why doesn’t Kontakt or Sine Player launch in Dorico 4?

01:23:58. How to render results from the MIDI modifiers into MIDI events?

01:29:24. How can I connect FL to Cubase?

01:29:43. Why isn’t my HSO showing up in HALion Sonic SE?

01:32:51. Can an audio track be rendered with insert effects and not sends?

01:38:00. How to set a VST instrument to have a mono output without using a group?

01:38:32. Did Greg run the Club Cubase YouTube channel while he was working for Yamaha?

01:40:16. Can you demonstrate the Step Designer MIDI plug-in?

01:43:42. Why do MIDI notes maintain length when the containing event is split?

01:46:17. How to export full mix and instruments only mix simultaneously?

01:51:06. How to have easily switch between 2 different Groove Agent patterns on same track?

01:54:50. Is there a logical editor to delete all notes but lowest in the chord?

01:58:04. How to record from the master out to an audio track in Cubase Artist?

02:00:29. When will we see the Cubase 12 release?

02:00:55. Will we see more logical editor presets in the future?

02:02:15. Can I quantize to the right for a classical pianist performance?

02:05:07. How to get slices transferred from sampler to Groove Agent be in exclusive mode?

02:09:49. Can MIDI sends not transmit Expression Map information to other instruments?

02:12:04. How to get Cubase with my Zed 10FX?

02:13:57. Can you remind us how to run a reference track through the control room?

02:18:38. How do I get an active Cubase license from my Zed FX?

02:19:58. Is elicenser still used for Cubase?

02:22:09. Can I get a new version of my Cubase LE 10.5 or 11?

02:22:51. How to write note repeat information into a Groove Agent 5 internal pattern?

02:28:18. How to match up MIDI loops to different kits in Groove Agent 5 full version?

02:31:42. What do the letters AM signify on many of the Steinberg presets?

02:32:44. Are there Nuendo videos as well like this?

02:33:44. Can Cubase do event envelope volume gain?

02:34:29. Can I get a view of the spectrum analyzer?

02:37:04. Can I record a guitar through software amp and hear previous takes?

02:38:57. Is it possible to master in Cubase?

02:39:47. Is it true that I can use VST MPC beats in Cubase?

02:40:24. How can I install autotune int Cubase?

02:41:36. Does Cubase have drag and drop like Studio One?

02:42:01. How to backup the key commands?

02:45:58. Does Cubase require the ilok to run?

02:46:27. How does Cubase handle timing drums to the grid?

02:50:29. Is there a free version of Cubase available?

02:51:06. How to move a template from 10.5 to 11 on another computer?

02:53:43. Did I get a copy of Cubase when I get a Steinberg Zed FX?

02:54:18. Am I better to have a soothing or loud audio level for YouTube video?

02:55:27. How to see older chat within the current live stream?

02:56:00. Why does groove agent play only slice when importing slices from sampler?

02:59:17. What is the trick to set left and right locators with 1 click?

03:00:42. Can I load my own samples into MediaBay?

03:02:31. Is there a key command or macro to set tempo with tap tempo?

03:03:42. What can cause sample slices not to translate from sampler track to Groove Agent?

03:04:19. Will there be a time when Cubase won’t support VST 2 plug-ins?

03:05:43. Why does my elicenser get wiped out when updating to Windows 11?

03:06:59. Is there a way to select just the lowest note in a dyad?

03:10:11. What is the best purpose for the Spectrum meter?

03:12:08. Is it possible to send multiple tracks to a send with independent panning?

03:16:18. Can you show a quick tutorial on MIDI gate?

03:21:35. Is there a way to make a copy of my elicenser to an external drive?

03:22:42. Why does rendered MIDI part produce a tail not allowing so parts are out of time?

03:25:25. How many questions have been answered in Club Cubase Live Streams since Covid? Keyword: pandemic, Click here to see how many questions has Greg answered since pandemic as started, March 2020?

03:25:49. How to fix my Roland sustain pedal which is reversed?

03:27:36. How to reactivate my Cubase 11 Elements?

03:29:46. What are differences between moving parts of audio vs free warping?    Keyword: audio warp, audiowarp 

03:35:07. How to export a SysEx file from Cubase?

03:39:56. How to manage tracks by track numbers as opposed to track names?

03:43:22. Why when using Mackie Control functions of MIDI controller does it play notes?

03:45:35. How to save only the track EQ settings and exclude inserts?

03:47:23. Will Cubase Elements have an increase in the number of tracks?

03:47:58. How to best utilize workspaces?

03:51:21. Is it possible to minim fader level to -70dB as opposed to infinity?

03:53:04. What will happen when I open my Cubase 11 license to 12 under new licensing?

03:54:13. Is it worth the extra space to use 64bit floating point and 96k?

03:56:36. How to display an Bb as opposed to an A# in the chord track?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 25,  2022 (n91)

00:03:32. Is it possible to have 2 projects open at the same time in Cubase Artist 11?

00:04:42. Will heavy plug-ins spread across sends spread better across CPU cores than inserts?

00:08:32. Is there a key command to navigate between upper and lower divided track list?

00:11:04. Can I run 2 audio interfaces at once in sync with Cubase Artist?

00:13:26. What is the best way to migrate Cubase to a new computer?

00:15:19. Can a Cubase project be saved to 2 different drives at the same time?

00:17:45. When will Steinberg have a Cubase 11 discount?

00:19:43. What can cause my ARA extensions to disappear?

00:21:23. How to save Cubase 11 projects to an external hard drive?

00:24:04. Why does editing multiple tracks in Melodyne get them out of sync?

00:25:14. Is it worth it to update from 10.5 to 11?

00:26:08. How to straighten out badly matched background vocals?

00:30:10. How to add 1 tact to the beginning of a Cubase project?

00:31:25. How to revert zoom settings back after hitting the Z key twice?

00:33:01. Why does my recorded MIDI fall behind the beat?

00:34:34. Can you discuss the difference in sensitivity in SpectraLayers when unmixing stems?

00:38:39. Are VCA linking states retained after rendering them in pace?

00:42:05. Can you show how to back up a project to another hard disc?

00:43:46. How to add an effect or group track without it being placed into a folder?

00:45:20. Why haven’t I received my email for my Cubase Elements trial?

00:46:57. Are there any preferences to create gapless playback when adding tracks?

00:48:13. How to change tempo in video project so events later are not affected?

00:50:26. Does Cubase support Dolby Atmos?

00:51:41. How to assign a direct offline process to a hot key for quick access?

00:55:05. Can VST Rack be used to host Virtual Instruments?

00:56:28. Can Cubase allow me to use RME mic pre for 12 channels at 96k?

00:57:47. Can we please include exporting stems in Cubase Elements 12?

00:59:20. Can Cubase use RME 12 mic pre as an aggregate audio device?

01:00:37. Is there a way to scroll left and right in the MixConsole with Mackie Control?

01:04:48. Why can’t I pan a mono track recording left and right?

01:08:00. Are there any spoilers of what is new in Cubase 12?

01:08:52. Is it possible to automate the inserts in the control room?

01:11:05. What is the control room for?

01:17:39. What happens in this Live Stream?

01:20:21. Is the Frequency EQ interface resizable?

01:21:11. What are some uses of track versions?

01:27:58. Can you demo setting up a rack instrument for exporting?

01:31:33. Can I use the control room with external monitor controller to place reverb in listen?

01:33:52. Is it possible to move project window view with a hot key?

01:37:22. How do Insert SpectraLayers and HALion Sonic SE into my Cubase 11 Pro?

01:39:32. Will Steinberg ever start selling the CC121 again?

01:40:22. How can I get the same color presets that Greg is using?

01:42:06. Can the Q link be assigned to a separate button so that it is not in latch mode?

01:45:46. What is the best way to export a lower sample rate to video?

01:47:32. How to assign phase invert to be controlled from a CC121 function key?

01:49:06. How to get voicing to follow from chord pad to MIDI part when dragging to project?

01:52:18. How to change my project colors preset?

01:53:24. What are the benefits of using a VCA fader?

01:58:19. Does video export convert sample rate to 48k?

01:59:52. How to remove clicks in recorded audio track?

02:01:32. How to combine sections of 2 different track versions?

02:05:25. How to do comping on 2 matched tracks at the same time, bass DI and bass amp?

02:09:09. How to mix vocals on Cubase 11 Pro?

02:12:29. Can the default grid mode be set to event as opposed to grid?

02:14:56. Is there a way to get the loop selection to follow event selection automatically?

02:18:09. How to move a portion of the project over to the right leaving empty area?

02:20:24. How to get rid of sample rate mismatch on exporting video?

02:26:00. How to render in place audio files without losing effects tail?

02:27:07. Can you explain the difference between hitpoints and warp markers?

02:32:01. Can you explain how to use an analyzer when mixing?

02:36:21. Where can I get the color palette that Greg is using in the comping project?

02:37:18. How to have comping automatically create fades when comping?

02:38:15. Why does MIDI note get caught up in loop when auditioning notes in the key editor?

02:41:17. How to do a comp so that only one complete take is on track without lanes?

02:43:25. How to edit effects to edit parameters in Groove Agent SE mixer?

02:46:36. Can grid setting change be set to new default state without using a template?

02:48:23. Is it possible to bypass the effects of the UR22 preamps to minimize noise?

02:49:41. What are the shortcut keys to zoom in and out horizontally?

02:51:08. If I get a project at 44.1k and I work in 48k should I convert project to 44.1k?

02:53:34. Will Antares Autotune be able to be installed to work in Cubase?

02:54:59. Why is edit instrument button disabled after importing a MIDI file?

02:57:40. Does exporting audio and importing to track add reverb tails?

02:58:33. Should I delete VST plug-ins in original location after moving content to other drive?

02:59:40. If I have a Cubase 12 license will it also serve as a Cubase Elements license?

03:01:07. How to send a MIDI note off panic message from Cubase?

03:01:55. Why can’t I hear Groove Agent sounds after loading a drum map?

03:05:04. Can I have the project logical editor setup to loop record and hear previous take?

03:08:05. Can Steinberg release IC Pro for Android?

03:09:24. Why does hitting keys on my controller open different windows in Cubase?

03:12:45. How to control plug-in on master fader from MIDI while track is not selected?

03:17:12. How can control the pitch of a vocal with a knob without changing speed?

03:19:51. Is it possible to skip over arranger events from the arranger track?

03:25:28. When to use clip gain vs. pre fader gain from the MixConsole?

03:29:53. How to find the key for an instrumental mp3 file?

03:31:30. How to do sidechaining with TDR Nova?

03:34:03. How to open project with HALion content saved in a different location?

03:37:29. Can Steinberg integrate global track versions for tracks and Mixer snapshots?

03:38:06. How to rename a bunch of tracks to the same name all at once?

03:43:04. Why do I keep getting an error message that it is standard solo mode?

03:44:33. Why do I get message that HALion can’t find content if moved in older computer?

03:48:05. Does cursor need to be at start of clip when changing sample rate?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 28,  2022 (n38)

00:03:38. How to export a polywave of different tracks for live performance?

00:08:50. How to get rid of unused parts in a vocal comp without editing?

00:11:18. Why is audio file that has been tempo detected not follow tempo changes?

00:14:25. Is it possible to see channel routing in the lower zone MixConsole?

00:16:27. Where is Cubase 12?

00:18:33. How to do an offline loudness detection on a 93 minute audio file?

00:19:51. What are modes 1 stage, 2 stage in Groove Agent tape saturator plug-in?

00:24:16. Does Cubase have an extra dialog gated loudness measurement?

00:24:41. How to get back to sample editor after opening modulator pages?

00:26:11. How to filter samples in right zone for 4 star ratings?

00:30:38. Why do I have to remove VST Connect plug-in manually from control room?

00:31:38. How to use the ADR system in Nuendo?

00:38:03. Can video in Nuendo be sliced as audio is sliced?

00:42:48. Is there a shortcut to freeze or unfreeze a track?

00:44:38. How to export a 4 channel interleaved file from Cubase?

00:51:09. How to work properly with mixer configurations?

00:54:37. How to do audio quantize on a piano track?

00:58:27. How to handle delete overlaps on comp with many punches?

01:01:30. Is there a specific YouTube to channel to learn Groove Agent 5?

01:02:14. What is a good approach to starting a song with loops?

01:07:51. How to get stereo effects on mono track routed to 2 groups and then to master?

01:12:21. Is there a sonic difference converting mono tracks to stereo files?

01:13:15. How to trigger a Groove Agent pattern from a MIDI controller?

01:15:33. How can I filter results so that I only see patterns in a specific meter like 5/4?

01:19:54. How to use flexphrazer with 2 chords to build a gospel track?

01:26:10. How to create a macro to split video based on hitpoints?

01:34:54. Can the chord pads be triggered from an external pad controller?

01:37:48. When recording Groove Agent part from edrums should I use MIDI or instrument?

01:38:44. Can the score editor input notes like MuseScore?

01:40:57. How to slow down tempo of drum pattern playing in Groove Agent?

01:43:56. Can you show a live looping and recording hands free workflow?

01:48:15. Can I use the alignment tool to line up individual SATB voices?

01:49:58. Why do Groove Agent parts recorded from edrums sound weird on playback?

01:51:50. How should I approach learning a program like Cubase?

01:53:10. How to reset the time so that measure 1 is not at 0?

01:54:57. Can an automation lane be copied and inverted?

01:57:52. Why does a template I am saving always put projects into the same folder?

01:59:08. Can you explain the performance meter?

02:02:02. Wrap up. Migrate over to Zoom Meetup!

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Feb 2,  2022 (n91)

00:05:03. What can cause a buzzing in my audio system?

00:05:32. How to open a wave file in WaveLab Pro after saving it from Cubase?

00:07:29. Will I get better ASIO performance from a newer audio interface?

00:09:13. Which plug-ins are best for drum mixing?

00:11:46. Can I create a macro or key command to open specific VST instrument?

00:13:44. What is the best bounce setting for the hermo tuning, clean or classic?

00:16:13. How to configure a separate headphone out in WaveLab Pro?

00:20:12. What are some basic benefits of using a VCA fader?

00:24:30. Can you tell us anything about Cubase 12?

00:25:24. Is it possible to play audio files at double speed?

00:28:27. Is there a way to delete a short section of a MIDI cycle record?

00:37:13. Will future versions of Cubase allow for larger template file sizes?

00:37:53. Can you play more than 1 audio file into WaveLab at the same time?

00:39:57. How can I receive any order like MIDI CC when starting record?

00:41:53. Can you explain options in VST Audio System?

00:44:44. What is Greg’s opinion on Vienna Ensemble Pro setups?

00:46:24. How to fix buzzes in studio setup?

00:48:45. How to select MIDI notes that fall on upbeats for editing velocity?

00:55:06. What are Greg’s top 5 VST plug-ins?

00:57:10. Why does Greg love Cubase so much?

01:00:43. Why does my Groove Agent not show as a plug-in and where are samples?

01:03:55. Can I use the wave files from Reason Rack in Cubase?

01:05:16. Is there a clever way to scroll the project left and right with the mouse?

01:06:39. Why do I have problems with hi hats when using Arpache?

01:12:45. How to export a lot of small regions that are on the same track?

01:16:48. Any hints on Cubase 12?

01:17:24. When to set plug-ins to pre and post fader on master fader?

01:20:49. How to setup a chord track and choose which track as the guide?

01:28:20. How to map effects from input channels to audio channels?

01:33:34. Why doesn’t free AU plug-in Pitch show up in Cubase?

01:36:20. How to use chord track and chord pads to study Jazz composition?

01:42:47. Why does tempo track not import from a MIDI file?

01:45:23. Why do some users have different tempo when importing audio file?

01:48:44. How to use Arpache 5 in Cubase?

01:51:49. How to trigger a record light from Cubase?

01:56:16. Can I have a keyboard transmitting mod on track with modulation data?

01:59:39. Is there a way to delete MIDI events without deleting events overlap?

02:01:49. Why is VST 2 support discontinued?

02:03:37. Is there a release date for Cubase 12?

02:04:12. Will Cubase be separated for production and mixing?

02:05:06. Can you discuss the HF and LF settings in channel strip saturation effects?

02:09:16. Why does the grid size change when changing the tempo?

02:11:01. Will Steinberg announce Cubase 12 at Frankfurt Musik Messe?

02:11:32. Will Cubase 12 switch to ilok?

02:12:11. Why is Groove Agent not playing pattern where it should be getting fills?

02:15:41. Why do I always need to merge MIDI parts that have diagonal lines on them?

02:19:48. How to I implement an external synth?

02:22:33. Will muted audio events affect size of exported video file?

02:24:02. Is it possible to select multiple clip gain points after drawing them in?

02:27:22. Will there be an update to WaveLab Pro to take multi MIDI files from Reason?

02:29:00. Is it OK to plug Nuendo in my YouTube videos?

02:29:27. How to move the contents of project window holding mouse button down?

02:30:48. Why do MIDI loops in MediaBay take longer to preview compared to audio files?

02:31:54. How to move contents within a loop field later or earlier in time?

02:35:50. Is there an AU version of Groove Agent SE?

02:40:21. How to hear only chord pads triggered and not MIDI note used to trigger the pads?

02:44:45. Can I record drum sounds from Groove Agent by using just the mouse?

02:46:34. Why does Groove Agent make different time signatures when adding fills?

02:50:36. Who is the most famous person that Greg has worked with?

02:51:45. Can you show Arpache SX in more detail?

02:59:14. What is the easiest way to add a track to the sampler track without dragging?

03:01:00. How to apply a fixed length and velocity to MIDI tracks?

03:04:29. Why does cutting a MIDI track sometimes not include notes on beat 1?

03:05:41. Is there a preference to move video file to project folder?

03:08:58. Is there a way to revert all changes made by VariAudio?

03:11:19. Why is my metronome only sounding with General MIDI?

03:13:28. Can external instruments be included in real time mixdowns?

03:14:03. Can index info be put as chapters in video description instead?

03:15:19. How to mute monitors output when recording and use headphones?

03:17:25. Will WaveLab Pro 11 have features that are not found in Nuendo 12?

03:18:26. How to get individual tracks for different sounds in Groove Agent?

03:22:31. How to copy and paste time signature events?

03:24:35. Are there issues aligning some vocal tracks with cuts and edits?

03:27:00. Is there a way to see what questions have been answered on these live streams?

03:28:26. What is the most important new feature need for Cubase 12?

03:29:16. Can we use the F1 key for functions in Cubase?

03:31:02. How to render in place Groove Agent files so each sound is on different track?

03:33:23. Can there be a hybrid new licensing system and elicenser in the future?

03:34:11. Will new licensing system need to log in every couple of months to verify?

03:35:11. Can I sort my custom plug-in collection alphabetically?

03:37:38. How to create a sample library of small sections derived from long audio file?

03:41:25. How to add slurs in the notation editor?

03:43:01. How to overcome latency when overdubbing vocals?

03:47:00. Is an 8 core CPU significantly better than a 4 core CPU?

03:48:18. Are there any issues importing MIDI tracks to external device from project?

03:51:43. How to get automated parameters to show after they are automated?

03:53:30. What can cause my CPU fans to keep going and change amount of RAM used?

03:55:53. Is Steinberg planning on creating a new controller to replace the CC121?

03:56:33. Will the USB elicenser still have a use for Cubase 12?

03:58:17. Does Greg use a pen, tablet or trackball?

03:58:47. Can Greg make a tutorial on utilizing digitech whammy pedal with Cubase?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Feb 4,  2022 (n98)

00:04:07. Is there a hot key for sampling into Groove Agent?

00:07:33. How to slice sample as quickly as possible in Groove Agent?

00:08:22. What are electronic differences in UR22, UR22MkII and UR22C?

00:10:05. Why when cutting a MIDI track is the first part of the chord cut off?

00:12:21. Does cutting audio have an impact on ability to audio alignment?

00:14:51. How can I fix a guitar track recorded at wrong sample rate?

00:16:32. How to get my Icon controller to control VSTi parameters?

00:20:20. Can I use Cubase without an audio interface?

00:22:01. How to copy and paste selected notes to a new track with logical editor?

00:27:03. How to rename all selected tracks with a prefix in project logical editor?

00:20:18. How to export macro libraries from Cubase to Nuendo?

00:31:31. Why is the export box so big and how to get it to fit my screen?

00:33:22. Can Cubase default to using HALion/HALion Sonic when importing MIDI file?

00:35:19. Why are marker lines building up from the bottom to the top?

00:38:19. Is there a fast way to adjust pre roll time with the mouse?

00:40:17. What is discord?

00:41:28. Why does the grid sometimes not lock in the MIDI editor?

00:43:13. Are there any HALion Live Streams?

00:43:36. Ny plans for additional libraries for Cubase 12?

00:44:44. Why am I getting a dry signal when using guitar pedals as external effects?

00:47:56. Is it possible to change the note length that the chord tracks plays back?

00:50:01. How to master in Cubase AI?

00:53:53. Why don’t MIDI files sent to me ever have tempo track information?

00:55:01. How to keep the reference file intact when using audio alignment?

00:57:24. Do Cubase project folders still have subfolders for audio, images, edits etc.?

00:59:31. Why do some loops when imported lose impact of first hit?

01:01:56. Why does automating a plug-in sometimes cause other plug-ins to be automated?

01:04:24. Is it possible to reverse automation?

01:09:25. Is it possible to have Pro Tools style audio editing in Cubase?

01:12:14. Can you make a drum beat with the logical editor?

01:13:59. How to insert markers while the project is playing?

01:17:15. How to sample directly into HALion 6?

01:25:45. How to copy inserts from one track to multiple tracks at once in the MixConsole?

01:27:31. Is there a way to restrict notes to a specific key in VariAudio?

01:30:26. How to merge new MIDI recording into cycle retrospective recorded MIDI part?

01:34:44. Does pressing 1 take you to the start of the loop?

01:35:58. How to have edit channel show the currently selected track?

01:38:25. Can I use old computer to process VSTs with new licensing scheme?

01:40:20. Can you discuss the output linking modes in UR28M interface?

01:41:58. Will Cubase open the SSL UC plug-in for each track when switching channels?

01:42:59. Does anyone know any quantizing shortcuts?

01:44:31. How or Why would I use outputs 2-16 in HALion?

01:47:27. Will be able to use elicenser and new licensing system in the new version?

01:48:52. What can cause the impact of start of loop off if auto fade is turned off?

01:52:55. Will I be able to work on new license system if license server goes down?

01:53:43. Is there a way to have the automation parameter pop up when selected?

01:55:31. How to have sampler tracks only respond to a single MIDI note?

02:00:01. Can I work with 3 PCs with the new licensing system?

02:00:47. How to load AU plug-ins in Cubase?

02:03:12. How to add tensions to an empty chord pad?

02:05:41. Should I switch from Ableton to Cubase?

02:07:28. How to get rid of an audio bump created after doing audio warp on start of vocal?

02:11:43. How long will the CC 121 be supported?

02:12:54. What to do if my Cubase LE activation code is already used?

02:14:28. How to get the range tool to follow a preset marker range?

02:18:24. Is there a way to limit scale suggestions in the chord track?

02:20:46. How to precisely set the tempo of an imported MP3 file?

02:22:37. Why does hitting keys on my keyboard trigger functions in the program?

02:24:12. Can VST Connect work if recording computer does not have an audio interface?

02:25:03. When do we need cycle markers?

02:29:29. How to load different MIDI tracks into HALion?

02:33:06. Why does my project length jump back to 15 after setting it to 3:04?

02:35:43. How to delete numbers when renaming my tacks with Project Logical Editor?

02:40:52. Have I missed some Cubase 12 announcements?

02:41:53. Why does a specific loop lose transient on start of playback?

02:44:51. Are there any more Cubase 12 features that have been revealed?

02:45:46. Can overlapping loops cause the first transient to lose impact?

02:47:28. Why do I only hear one sound when using multiple sounds in HALion?

02:49:58. What is best VSTi for creating drum tracks without a MIDI keyboard?

02:54:48. Is there any way to download the LoopMash content to install again?

02:56:51. Is it possible for Steinberg to collaborate with NI for better Maschine integration?

02:58:45. What is best way to move data from 8 MIDI tracks to 8 instrument tracks?

03:04:06. Can chord features be easier to access in Cubase?

03:08:25. Where to set the scale for VariAudio editor?

03:09:44. Can there be another tab be added to play with loops?

03:12:21. How to consolidate pitch segments in VariAudio for easier editing?

03:16:16. Will Steinberg update the built in song templates in future versions?

03:17:36. Why does Steinberg have both Cubase and Nuendo if they look the same?

03:18:49. How to easily route the sound of Cubase to a Zoom calls?

03:22:16. Do 3rd party plug-in companies not like Steinberg due to their high quality plug-ins?

03:23:08. How to colorize several tracks simultaneously?

03:25:06. Is there a way to change middle C to change to C4?

03:26:14. How to arpeggiate block chords transferred from chord pads like EZ Keys?

03:30:11. Will Steinberg cancel the key for Cubase 11 when Cubase 12 is released?

03:31:00. Why does moving MIDI tracks from HALion not appear in the workplace?

03:34:01. How to access Helix native in Cubase Elements?

03:35:25. How to have MIDI tracks not follow changes of tempo track?

03:38:37. How to see multi outs of HALion in the project window?

03:41:17. How to create a macro to disable MIDI tracks that have MIDI data?

03:44:50. What version of project will Cubase open after backing up the project?

03:46:56. How to have MIDI track extracted from VariAudio not go to bottom of project? Keywords VariAudio to MIDI, wave to MIDI

03:49:51. How to show chords within the score editor? Keywords score to pdf, score trixs , score clean up

03:51:01. How to clean up the score so that it is readable?

03:52:12. How to add lyrics in the score editor?

03:52:49. How to export a score as a pdf file?

03:53:41. Is there a way to have a confirmation and more info when deleting tracks?

03:55:07. How to get Steinberg Download Assistant and Elements 11 to work on 10.13.6?

03:57:54. What does the intensity slider do in the hitpoit detection?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Feb 8,  2022 (n61)

00:03:58. Why is the selection tool defaulting to sizing applies time stretch?

00:06:53. Why does soloing a track solo groups and effects and not unsolo them?

00:10:40. Is there a trick to get a custom color scene with gradients showing?

00:11:52. Will a UR22C stop the double sound when used with Alesis compressor?

00:12:57. How to have 4 VSTi tracks playable with different sounds in different ranges?

00:19:52. How to have external compressor integrated to not affect master out?

00:21:30. How to set a MIDI CC based on velocity of notes

00:25:28. Why does Waves VU meter affect the sound if it ?is only visual

00:28:14. How to duplicate a track without the media or events?

00:29:49. How to get rid of doubled 16th notes in MIDI transcription?

00:34:42. Are MSP3A monitors enough for a great result?

00:35:34. How to get Cubase 11 to work with Zoom and TeamViewer?

00:38:11. Will Cubase support dual mono functions in future versions?

00:38:56. Could you explain the loopback mode in the UR28M dspmixfx?

00:41:26. How to control the hi hats in Groove Agent from an electronic drum kit?

00:43:09. How to choose either acoustic agent or beat agent kits in Groove Agent?

00:44:42. How to easily find and go to a selected track in a large template?

00:46:56. Why does my Vocaloid 5 trigger MIDI piano sounds in Cubase?

00:49:07. Can a USB backup drive cause system instability?

00:49:57. Is it possible to use 2 different ASIO drivers at same time in Cubase?

00:52:28. How to convert MIDI CC data to note velocity data?

00:57:54. How to display the MIDI note names in the key editor?

00:59:28. How to insert a click as a count in for drummer to use for live performance?

01:02:08. Why is VU meter plug-in adding noise with my USA Apollo Thunderbolt interface?

01:04:03. How to reverse the sustain pedal using the input transformer?

01:09:52. Are you MIDI events stored on the hard drive like an audio file for recover after edit?

01:12:34. How to do warping on MIDI events?

01:16:48. How to continually quantize MIDI events to move closer to the beat?

01:19:49. Is it possible to add effects on your voice while live streaming?

01:21:52. Is there a fade handle for MIDI events?

01:24:21. How to stop 2 hard panned guitar parts to not sound mushy in a full mix?

01:29:22. How to create space and depth?

01:33:15. Can a track done in Cubase sound even better when imported to another DAW?

01:35:08. How to translate MIDI CC to velocity to get expressive MIDI?

01:39:39. Why do audio outputs change when the control room is enabled?

01:42:11. When will we see Cubase 12?

01:43:09. Is there a way to find what chords are being used in the key editor, not chord track?

01:46:49. How to fix a project where some tracks suddenly play the wrong speed?

01:50:14. Is there a way to automate click track volume?

01:51:27. How to mix 2 different tracks that have different bpm?

01:59:53. How to control the send level volume with a MIDI fader?

02:02:43. How to automate volume of click track without rendering it to audio track?

02:04:04. How to make MIDI tracks from chord track to have more realistic feel?

02:06:54. How to add MIDI flams for drum parts?

02:11:43. Can the dspmixFX on UR22C be used for 3rd party room correction plug-ins?

02:14:07. How to convert audio into MIDI?

02:17:05. How to have layer in HALion work on all MIDI note ranges?

02:19:57. Why does adding a ritard affect the size of the part?

02:21:12. Is there a scripting language to setup templates or MIDI orchestration?

02:22:22. Why am I getting double MIDI notes in my recording?

02:24:12. Any thoughts of adding a lyric track or adding text info on the timeline?

02:26:48. Will a tempo track display automatically or does it have to be added?

02:27:27. When is Cubase 12 coming out?

02:27:58. How to see chord tracks and markers in the MIDI editor?

02:29:32. How to quickly audition one shot samples in MediaBay?

02:32:08. How to change the sample rate of a project without changing the pitch of the audio?

02:34:31. How to easily batch export of all tracks with automation and no effects?

02:37:39. How to close gaps in audio event so 1st event extends to 2nd event?

02:41:57. Why do I keep getting notification that new drivers are available?

02:43:12. Can I use a keyboard shortcut to toggle muting and unmuting of events?

02:46:21. Does the pan law setting work on both mono and stereo tracks?

02:51:07. How to sync take numbers when takes are not equal?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Feb 11,  2022 (n85, 15839)

00:03:26. How to save controller lane presets that show in all projects?

00:05:53. Can the drum map be arranged alphabetically?

00:08:48. Can I find out track or channel presets used in my project?

00:12:18. Does Greg suggest a book or online course to learn Cubase better?

00:14:52. Can I record output of the arpeggio from Retrologue into Cubase?

00:19:18. What is best way to render individual tracks after export Groove Agent Kit to mixer?

00:23:25. Any news on Cubase 12 release date?

00:24:11. How to record the main mix out back into an audio track?

00:27:07. Can the fader motor be suspended for quieter operation on the CC121?

00:29:07. How to use the pencil tool to edit the clip gain automation?

00:32:03. Can the fonts for the notepads be resized to be bigger?

00:33:33. Are MIDI events included when doing a backup project?

00:34:52. How much mastering should I do in Cubase as opposed to WaveLab?

00:37:02. Is there a getting started manual still included with Cubase?

00:38:59. How to setup MIDI program changes for Line6 Helix Native?

00:42:49. Why is there no translation in Arabic?

00:44:02. What are some main new themes in WaveLab 11?

00:44:57. Why should I use render in place for MIDI tracks?

00:48:33. How to stop an audio signal when the sound is locked up?

00:50:02. Can you show how to easily delete all empty audio tracks in the project?

00:52:43. How to try to change name of first Groove Agent output to Kick?

01:01:20. How to merge MIDI CC recording to existing MIDI event?

01:06:07. Is there a way to auto adjust gain on a track when adding plug-ins?

01:09:30. How to export channels to retain mono and stereo channel widths?

01:13:53. How to create a strum effect MIDI edit in the key editor?

01:17:29. How to use the expander on the drums to get a bigger sound?

01:20:55. How to get the export audio mixdown window to fit on my screen?

01:23:09. How to do monophonic playback and glides in sample editor?

01:26:24. What are advantages of render in place over bounce selection?

01:29:37. Is there a place to get more project logical editor presets?

01:30:43. Why can’t I access my menus with mouse in Cubase?

01:32:03. How to quickly find ¾ Jazz Groove Agent patterns?

01:35:11. Does Maschine work with Cubase Elements?

01:35:49. Will Cubase 12 run on Mojave?

01:37:39. Will multi-track audio be available in Cubase Pro 12?

01:39:06. Is there a way of introducing probability for MIDI events?

01:42:53. Why does my Groove Agent mixer not show EQ controls like Greg’s?

01:45:05. Can I assign a key command to assign a plug-in on a specific track?

01:47:06. How to overdub and replace MIDI CC data on an existing track?

01:58:12. What is the best Steinberg interface like a 2i2?

01:58:37. Do I always need to draw a MIDI event to get a key editor to show up?

02:00:47. How to extract chords from an audio track?

02:01:54. Can I hide unused instrument outputs from the MixConsole?

02:04:00. Why does routing tab in large mixer go away when adding in from UR RT2?

02:07:10. How to merge MIDI and audio into a single lane?

02:10:25. How to render multiple events on same track as MP3s at once?

02:14:50. Is Cubase better than Reaper?

02:16:14. Can you just open Cubase 12?

02:17:09. What happens to Portico, PadShop after the license migration?

02:18:24. If you double track a vocal does VariAudio editing on one go to other?

02:20:42. Why can’t my keylab pads trigger samples in Groove agent stand alone?

02:24:45. How to make a bus channel for a Vocoder plug-in in Cubase LE 11?

02:26:07. How to turn filter changes on sampler track into an audio file?

02:29:37. What cool features might users be missing in Groove Agent?

02:32:23. Should tracks being routed to a group be pre or post fader?

02:35:18. Why does Cubase sometimes not remember my soundcard and routing?

02:37:00. Can wobble sounds be created in the Cubase sampler track?

02:37:38. How to do flexible routing for smart stem export?

02:40:57. How to sidechain from Cubase 11 LE into Arturia Vocoder plug-in?

02:41:40. Is it possible to open and close all folders with a key command?

02:43:27. How to get MIDI modifiers random pitch to follow defined scale?

02:47:28. Can there be a special video export folder?

02:47:39. Can settings in Groove Agent like max velocity, MIDI be enabled by default?

02:51:35. Can the number of inserts show only used inserts like the MixConsole?

02:53:28. Why does Cubase jump from UR44 to generic low latency?

02:54:44. Is there a way to glue audio parts together?

02:57:26. Will Cubase 11 Pro work seamlessly on M1 chip?

02:58:25. What are good practices for archiving and managing older projects?

03:04:04. How to delete the slurs after saving a project?

03:07:01. Can you go through expression maps a little bit?

03:11:28. Will Steinberg bring back the previous extended toolbox?

03:12:37. How to get a grand staff with treble cleff on both staves?

03:18:24. Can I see a MIDI part in the key and score editor at the same time?

03:21:12. Are 3rd party expression maps interchangeable with our Steinberg instruments?

03:24:31. Are there any new updates coming for Cubase 11?

03:25:06. Can Greg show how to approach different genres if we share projects?

03:25:49. Is there a way to use audio warp in the main project window?

03:26:40. How to stop my MIDI CC written by controller from resetting on stop?

03:28:34. Is there a way to hear both events when they are overlapping?

03:31:04. Is Steinberg considering bringing back local undo in the key editor?

03:32:06. How to audition 3 different headphone correction tools in the control room?

03:38:45. Can I save a mixer configuration to other projects?

03:40:55. How to access URRt2 DSP settings inside of Cubase?

03:43:01. Does Cubase have built in groove maps?

03:46:10. Will there be a promotion for updating from Absolute 4 to 5?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Feb 15,  2022 (n95), 15934)

00:03:38. Is it possible to use more than one tuning temperament in a project?

00:05:56. Is there a key command to select the line tool?

00:09:01. How to assign a key command to run a logical editor preset?

00:10:16. How to migrate color setup template to previous projects?

00:12:32. Why don’t events snap to grid when copying them with alt key?

00:14:40. How to assign key commands to macros?

00:16:25. How to create macro to delete event without events?

00:18:30. How to assign different colors for each part when multiple parts are in key editor?

00:21:36. Does Cubase Elements 11 include VariAudio?

00:22:27. How to disable double clicking to rename tracks?

00:23:56. How to make one channel’s fader invert based on another channel?

00:25:30. How to record tempo changes from an external MIDI controller?

00:27:43. How to transfer a MIDI event to Beat Designer?

00:30:07. How to have MIDI follow tempo detected audio file?

00:39:20. Is there a controller or app to control Cubase from a vocal booth?

00:40:15. What will the icon color be for Cubase 12?

00:40:37. How to compare loudness of an existing song?

00:42:36. How to select colors on project window for events and tracks?

00:44:05. Any updates on Cubase 12?

00:46:25. What is the difference between track versions and lanes?

00:52:05. Is Cubase IC Pro Essential for Cubase?

00:53:13. What are the definitions settings in the sample editor?

00:54:55. How to set up pan law and other settings in project setup?

00:57:21. How to mixdown 4 vocal tracks to 1 in Cubase AI?

01:00:12. How to apply tempo changes with Bezier curves?

01:02:06. How to change description field when changing name of file?

01:07:10. Will there be MIDI sends on instrument tracks and range tool in key editor?

01:07:48. Will all of these Cubase features be applicable in Nuendo as well?

01:08:09. Is there a preference to assign track name to audio description?

01:10:19. Is it possible to manual correct tempo events after tempo detection?

01:13:20. How to have one MIDI track output to multiple instrument tracks?

01:17:25. How to setup a reference track in my Cubase project?

01:21:10. Will these Cubase tutorials also work for Nuendo?

01:22:00. Is there a CC Velocity window?

01:24:06. Do MIDI tracks follow tempo changes after doing a tempo detection?

01:28:32. Will there be a discount for upgrading from 11 when 12 is released?

01:30:42. How to easily create automation lanes for plug-ins for automation?

01:32:03. Is it possible to retrigger the start of a one shot sample in MediaBay?

01:35:08. Is there a way to replace cymbal sounds through triggering?

01:38:24. Will Cubase 12 run on MacOS Mojave?

01:39:02. How to add interest to a piano part using the chord track?

01:48:19. What should the final RMS and LUFS level be on mixdown?

01:48:56. How to create automation lanes for 3rd party plug-ins?

01:50:45. How to use range tool to batch delete instances of a track?

01:52:11. How to quickly assign parameters to quick controls?

01:54:22. Can changing tempo affect the length of audio and MIDI parts?

01:55:04. Why is my MixConsoles opening in error with 5th Global Workspace?

01:58:28. How to record audio output from a USB turntable?

02:00:24. Is there a way to see free warp grid in triplets in sample editor?

02:01:15. How to colorize multiple track headers at once?

02:02:25. Is there a way to auto align audio files?

02:04:25. How to Rewire other DAW and get sound in Cubase?

02:05:54. How to record vocals without any effects?

02:08:17. How to hear reverb on vocals when tracking?

02:09:58. How can I export vocals without effects?

02:11:37. Can MIDI from one instrument control another instrument?

02:14:05. What is best way to change tempo for film project without affecting other tempo?

02:17:00. How to enable write on all inserts when automating a track?

02:20:24. How to change an instrument track to go to a different instrument?

02:23:36. Can we change the size of the edit channel settings window?

02:23:57. Is it possible to hide the faders from the MixConsole?

02:24:58. How to trigger HALion Sonic chord pads and record the MIDI info?

02:29:20. What is the best way to make a sample stop playing when another starts?

02:31:50. What is the purpose of having 3 different MixConsoles?

02:33:55. What is the difference between recent and production

02:34:34. Can automation data on Cubase be on top of the event?

02:35:26. Can there be a preference to bypass motor on CC121 controller?

02:36:31. Why does VariAudio sometimes not open to see data?

02:40:02. When will reason rack for Cubase be updated?

02:40:34. How to automate accordion sound for better realism from HALion Sonic?

02:44:02. Can the HALion Sonic library of sounds be improved by artists?

02:45:11. Which version of SpectraLayers comes with WaveLab Pro?

02:45:40. Does Cubase Elements have VariAudio?

02:46:20. What is the right level for a mix before sending it off for mastering?

02:48:04. How to drag an audio file from the Cubase project to the desktop?

02:51:50. Can you use SpectraLayers if you have Cubase and WaveLab Pro?

02:52:09. What is some of the functions of SpectraLayers 8?

02:55:00. How to switch instruments being used on an instrument track?

02:55:54. How to enlarges the size when using enlarge selected track?

02:58:22. Is it best to use recent or production from the hub?

03:00:27. How to batch export my tracks with automation and no effects?

03:02:08. What is the best way to use the vocal double plug-in?

03:05:46. How to print a part in a cue without printing measures of rests before or after?

03:14:00. How to apply gain on audio file when using WaveLab audio montage?

03:19:12. Is there an onion skin feature in the Cubase key editor?

03:20:43. Is there a way to get more Cue Mixes beyond 3?

03:23:52. What is the best way to do harmony in VariAudio?

03:26:25. Should I use disabled tracks or VE Pro for large orchestral template?

03:27:43. How can I use sends to add additional cue mixes?

03:28:46. Why do people use the term infinite headroom?

03:30:35. Is it possible to undo a VST change made by mistake?

03:33:12. Is there a way to trigger rhythmic patterns from a touch screen?

03:34:59. Why after creating warp markers from hitpoints they do not show in free warp?

03:38:34. How to burn an audio CD in WaveLab 11?

03:41:45. Will we have a special guest for the end of month Zoom meeting?

03:43:28. Why is a project only using 1 core on my threadripper CPU?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Feb 18,  2022 (n88, 16022)

00:03:26. Why are my videos opening in a transparent way with nvidia graphics card?

00:05:16. How to export a mix into project when using a summing mixer?

00:08:39. How to comp MIDI events like we do for audio?

00:12:03. Will there be a version of Cubase IC Pro for Android?

00:12:51. How to save and recall a plug-in chain in a channel?

00:15:03. Can you explain the global transpose track?

00:17:41. How can I add background vocals from the main voice?

00:20:03. Why does my track not follow the grid when it is playing?

00:23:23. When will Cubase 12 be released?

00:24:03. Can I use plug-ins like Sonarworks on UR44 DSP?

00:25:43. Any considerations when mixing vocals to backing instrumental track?

00:27:58. How to easily paint out or draw out MIDI notes in the key editor easily?

00:31:58. Does Yamaha have a plan for monitors beyond the HS series?

00:33:31. How to render in place an instrument to be a mono file?

00:37:10. How to cut a sample and only keep selection as a new sample?

00:39:24. Is it possible to assign 2 parameters to the same quick control?

00:41:50. Can I have control room output to multiple monitors at once?

00:43:18. How to cut a piece of a sample and only keep the selection?

00:44:13. Can I send multiple control room monitors out at same time to use effects?

00:46:30. What is the best way to import a large pro tools session to Cubase?

00:49:16. How to export mp3 using different ID3 tags?

00:52:06. How to view live stream in 1080p resolution?

00:53:40. How to stretch audio to match a certain bpm without changing pitch?

00:57:25. How to have VariAudio not create so many segments for easier editing?

01:00:49. Should I dither 32bit float project down to 24 bit?

01:04:06. Can video be exported at 1080x1920 as opposed to 1920x1080?

01:05:39. How can I get VariAudio into Cubase 11?

01:06:52. How to select 2nd and 3rd notes in triplet figures using the logical editor?

01:16:01. Can you explain the menu with the touch on the project window?

01:18:21. What is the practical use of 64bit processing, better monitoring?

01:20:45. Can you show how to setup a marker track?

01:22:57. Will Cubase 11 Pro be Apple Silicon ready?

01:23:50. How to create a pitch shift automation lane for Cubase?

01:30:07. What menu item in Cubase improves my rusty guitar playing?

01:32:13. Can Cubase automatically color coordinate a new track?

01:34:24. How can I swap the drums on a preset pattern in Groove Agent 5?

01:37:13. What is the best workflow in preparing large projects for upload and download?

01:39:20. What happens if Cubase 12 is run on 2 PCs at the same time?

01:40:17. Why can’t I hear all sounds when loading multiple presets in HALion Sonic SE?

01:43:46. How to setup a new external MIDI instrument?

01:46:10. Is there a benefit to recording in 64 bit floating point if my interface has 24 bit ins?

01:48:52. How to determine sample rate and bit depth before importing file into project?

01:51:19. Can you explain the insert to voice function in the score editor?

01:59:58. Can we specify the number of duplicated tracks?

02:00:56. How to swap drum kits while playing a Groove Agent pattern?

02:02:35. Whatever happened to the Rocket Network?

02:03:53. How to select Q to quantize an audio event?

02:07:15. Is there a benefit of using 64 bit processing on a mix?

02:10:38. How to edit attributes to a file in MediaBay?

02:13:06. Will Cubase record the audio from my Boss wireless guitar system?

02:14:00. How to send clock from Tascam 24 to Moog Sirin?

02:17:17. When will Cubase support wireless guitar?

02:18:38. How to sync my Korg Kronos to sync and record to Cubase?

02:21:14. How to create a big slide in VariAudio?

02:22:53. Is it possible to colorize an audio track while the track is being added?

02:25:14. Can you draw a line in VariAudio to add vibrato?

02:26:52. Will there be latency adding a external instrument through audio interface?

02:27:54. How to setup MMC transport controls in Cubase from Korg Kronos?

02:28:54. How to calculate the latency of external instruments?

02:30:35. How to score 2 separate lines on same staff in the score editor?

02:33:46. How can we send tips to Greg?

02:34:21. Is there a way to hide all plug-in GUIs?

02:35:46. How to calculate latency from singing records?

02:39:12. How to calculate latency of audio return when using external instruments?

02:40:30. Will Cubase 12 give us the option to remap and use the F1 key?

02:42:24. Is there a possible way to transfer a recorded guitar into tablature?

02:45:59. What are th top 5 features of Cubase worth learning for tracking musicians?

02:51:04. Where can I get my Cubase cap?

02:53:05. How does Cubase handle YouTube content ID?

02:55:08. How can I comp different track versions?

02:58:46. How to convert an audio guitar part into tab?

03:00:51. How to render plug-ins without using direct offline processing?

03:05:06. How to select specific keys in the logical editor?

03:08:37. How long has Greg worked with Yamaha and Steinberg?

03:10:19. What is the address to the Steinberg office?

03:11:00. Will Steinberg sell Supervision as a plug-in?

03:11:31. How can I include harmony parts with a lead vocal in the score editor?

03:14:47. Will Steinberg develop a pad controller for Groove Agent?

03:15:35. How to select every other in specific key in logical editor?

03:21:40. Can I get my studio name to be included on a score printout?

03:24:08. How to see a score of only selected part as opposed to entire track?

03:27:01. What are the benefits of using libraries in Cubase?

03:30:43. How to batch export multiple songs with different lengths easily?

03:37:13. Will Cubase 12 only work on Apple Silicon and not Intel based Macs?

03:38:49. Will Cubase 12 work on AMD processors?

03:40:22. Is there a set schedule for the live streams?

03:41:24. How sensitive are system requirements for Absolute 5 over Absolute 4?

03:42:35. How do we sign up for the end of month Zoom Meetup?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Feb 22,  2022 (n89, 16111)

00:05:00. Is the leak correct that Cubase 12 will be released in mid to late March?

00:06:36. How to restore settings when project is edited with different I/O settings?

00:07:42. How to use logical editor to clean up MIDI performances for length and velocity?

00:10:25. How to randomize MIDI notes using logical editor?

00:12:10. How can I put 2 lines on the same score staff?

00:16:04. How to normalize a track with specific RMS and peak values?

00:18:02. How to keep send balance the same when using parallel groups?

00:21:52. Why is unticking a user folder slow in MediaBay?

00:23:45. How can I produced a song with flow, maybe quantize how?

00:24:16. Can I run Cubase 12 on Mac OS Catalina?

00:25:32. Can I use a project logical editor to find all files with ARA extensions?

00:28:31. How to see if inserted plug-ins on right channel width?

00:30:40. When will Cubase 12 be out?

00:30:59. Can you show how to trigger patterns in Groove Agent drawing in MIDI editor?

00:34:30. What is the best sample rate to start a music project with?

00:36:12. What exactly does normalizing do to a track?

00:38:27. Is it problematic to change sample rates in the middle of the project?

00:40:28. How to see the marker track in the key editor hen in full screen mode?

00:42:01. How long does the free trial last for?

00:42:41. How to use the project root key?

00:44:14. Can you show setting up a Spectral analyzer for multiple tracks?

00:47:51. Can you demonstrate separation of eaves in SpectraLayers?

00:51:44. What happens to customers that don’t have a OS that is compatible with Cubase 12?

00:53:14. Is a track modified in any way after a file is normalized?

00:54:01. How to set a specific CC1 value on a track with a key command or macro?

00:57:09. How is root key at top tool bar vs. info line?

00:58:57. How to use one VST effect to source and duplicated tracks panned differently?

01:01:48. How to get VST windows to stay on top?

01:03:22. How to automate 3rd party plug-ins as easily as 3rd party plug-ins?

01:06:06. Does normalizing an audio file change the file itself?

01:07:28. Can imported video files be automatically placed into project folder?

01:09:56. How to determine location of video file used in the project?

01:10:44. What can be causing a loud burst of noise from a VST instrument?

01:12:10. How to copy and paste plug-ins from different tracks?

01:14:37. How to use LFOs on plug-ins?

01:19:52. How do I control my Kronos with Cubase?

01:21:07. How render multiple audio tracks to MIDI file sent to Genos as audio?

01:23:27. Can I move all of the Cubase contents like loops and samples to another drive

01:24:41. What can cause a loud burst of noise if signal from VSTi can be seen in meter?s

01:25:26. How to install plug-ins to Cubase?

01:27:16. Is there a specific requirement to best run Cubase on a computer?

01:28:27. Why don’t I see any latency with ASIO4All set to 512k?

01:29:45. Why does MIDI activity meter pulse even when project is not even playing?

01:31:46. How to apply channel inserts to multiple tracks at the same time?

01:35:10. Can Auto LFO work with VST effect plugins?

01:42:06. Is it better to use pre or post fader sends for parallel group processing?

01:45:30. How to have auto LFO display a automation data under MIDI track?

01:47:42. Is there a way to activate direct monitoring from key command or generic remote?

01:49:45. What is a scenario for utilizing render in place?

01:51:57. What is the fastest way to randomize MIDI velocity?

01:53:53. Is there a way to program changes without using the list editor?

01:55:00. How to render in place and apply a specific name?

01:56:35. Will there be issues in projects after moving sounds using the library manager?

01:57:14. Why does dragging an instrument to a channel go to 2 tracks above?

01:58:48. Can you show an example of clipping vs limiting?

02:01:42. Can we burn in bar and beats like timecode in exported video?

02:02:35. Why do some plug-ins seem to disappear when set to always on top?

02:05:24. Will there be a real-time atmos export so external processing can be utilized?

02:06:26. Can I use a UR24C for external effects compression effectively?

02:08:08. How do I get the track graphics into the track menu?

02:10:05. How to apply FX chain to more than one track at the same time?

02:16:31. Why does pre count click sometime get stuck when working on larger projects?

02:18:05. Can VariAudio be adjusted to tune audio tuned to 432Hz?

02:20:06. How to have Cubase remain recording on track when selecting another track?

02:23:10. Can you render in place when using external processing?

02:24:23. How to edit automation of an effect automated by an LFO?

02:30:31. Is there an improvement in URC converts at 32bit integer over 24bit UR44?

02:31:41. Can I create audio tracks from layers unmixed from SpectraLayers Pro 7?

02:35:35. Can you choose which elements will be in always in top mode?

02:36:21. Has Greg been demoing anything from Cubase 12?

02:37:58. Will copying effect channels also apply panning and routing?

02:39:24. What is the best way to zero out the mixing console?

02:42:15. Can you let MIDI play while auditioning different one shot samples?

02:47:09. How to better audition one shot sample during playback in sampler track?

02:49:56. Can plug-ins be set to not open in always on top mode by default?

02:54:09. Can I audition and replace sounds in sampler track from MediaBay without dragging?

02:53:13. How to apply to be a beta tester or artist?

02:56;28. Is there a better way to replace samples while MIDI is playing?

03:00:52. Can you implement custom samples in MediaBay?

03:04:08. Can you explain the different render in place options?

03:10:11. Can I load a project to view and copy contents without loading VST instruments?

03:11:31. Why are files downloaded from YouTube coming in at levels of -10 or -6 LUFS?

03:11:20. How to have existing MIDI events follow tempo of tempo detected audio?

03:20:04. Can I listen live to insert effects on input channel?

03:22:17. How can I make a beat in Cubase?

03:25:43. Can I save different kits with unique patterns in Groove Agent?

03:27:01. Can we copy parts from an inactive project to an active project?

03:28:24. How to hide the expression map articulations in the score editor?

03:34:08. When will we see Cubase 12?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Feb 25,  2022 (n45, 16156)

00:03:31. How to change the tempo of a selected region of audio with same pitch?

00:09:20. What are .csh files and what are they used for?

00:11:00. How to make visibility agents, not configurations?

00:15:02. Why are user presets in MediaBay and right zone MediaBay different?

00:18:28. How to find external FX causing audio exports to be done in real time?

00:19:44. How to use a pedal for punch in and punch out?

00:22:59. How to save all of my Cubase settings like hot keys for a fresh Cubase install?

00:23:57. Can I delete previous versions of Cubase after running later versions?

00:25:12. How to slice audio clips based on transients on the project window?

00:30:23. Is there a shortcut to set in and out punch locators?

00:33:19. What type of MIDI foot controller does Greg use?

00:34:39. Why does copying and pasting seem to paste event in same location?

00:36:52. Is there a place where project logical editor presets can be shared?

00:38:20. Where in frequency is the watermark function in WaveLab placed?

00:38:48. How to comp MIDI parts where one has been edited with MIDI modifiers?

00:41:36. Why does my exported sound seem to have less quality than the project?

00:43:10. Any word on Cubase 12 release date?

00:44:05. What happens to automation when switching between MixConsole snapshots?

00:45:46. Is there a way in Cubase that functions like the F4 button in excel?

00:47:13. How to increase number of automation nodes when using a control surface?

00:50:31. How to delete instrument tracks from the project window?

00:52:44. How to see a 1/8th note triplet grid when warping in sample editor?

00:55:47. Is it possible to create comp lanes from different track versions?

00:57:37. What am I seeking in a log file to try and understand it?

00:58:48. Is it possible to create a macro to split MIDI to SATB and rename each part?

01:02:42. Is it possible to disable 1 to 1 relationship between project and mixer?

01:06:10. Is there a button that will transmit MIDI CC 64 messages?

01:10:26. What is the difference between the instrument rack vs. instrument rack?

01:15:47. Can we place signature events between measures?

01:18:13. Where are user effect presets store on the computer?

01:21:41. Can you render MIDI from external instruments like VSTis?

01:22:52. Why are MIDI channels sent to track not sent only to selected MIDI channel?

01:26:41. Why does event change to red color after recording on it?

01:29:29. What does real time algorithm disabled for tone factor message mean?

01:31:39. What is the best way to lower the volume when a mix gets too loud?

01:35:15. Is it possible to hide VST effects and instruments?

01:37:50. Is there a way to lock the height of folder tracks?

01:39:41. Will there be MIDI sends on instrument tracks in the future?

01:40:24. Where is the quantize panel located?

01:41:29. How to do fade in and out with a selected range?

01:42:39. Can you explain how the normalizing panel works to apply processing?

01:45:36. How to split a MIDI part so that it does not lose data before or after split?

01:48:12. Can you sow an example of quantizing live drums?

01:53:42. Does Cubase interrupt blue tooth audio on another interface when running?

01:57:19. Is it normal for the disk cache button to light up when jumping to new location?

01:58:44. Wrap up. Migration to Zoom social meetup!

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Mar 1,  2022 (n83, 16239)

00:03:21. Will I be able to run Virtual Guitarist in Cubase 12?

00:04:19. How to add tags to samples in Cubase?

00:07:28. Will the live stream be relevant for earlier versions like 9.5?

00:08:28. Is there an AI assistant for helping Greg with indexes?

00:09:47. How can I easily layer 6 MIDI tracks together?

00:13:24. Can you show how to run SpectraLayers without the dongle?

00:14:08. Can you undo extracted voice from SpectraLayers layer?

00:16:40. Why do I get a missing license message with HALion Symphonic Orchestra?

00:18:10. Do you have to render stems from SpectraLayers to use other processes?

00:18:49. Should I send groups to VCA when gain staging an entire mix lower?

00:19:34. How to get best input level for guitar or bass with UR22?

00:21:04. How to tap tempo for setting tempo from external control?

00:23:53. How to configure 3 UR824s to work together?

00:27:06. Will the new licensing system cause a lot of confusion for customers?

00:28:29. Will Cubase Pro 11 run if I remove the USB dongle?

00:29:21. How to import audio files into Cubase without doubling the files?

00:31:02. What are the main steps for mixing and mastering in Cubase?

00:34:12. How does the start note on chord pads function work?

00:37:43. When running 3 UR824s do I need units 2 and 3 connected via USB?

00:38:14. How to edit and reset the tempo of audio files in musical mode?

00:39:52. How to make 2 audio sample overlap on the same audio track?

00:42:04. How to get options to create new version or not when processing shared audio?

00:44:15. Can the CC121 scroll tracks in Mixer when tracks are in closed folder?

00:49:31. Can you show a basic operation of macros and what they can be used for?

00:55:32. How to delete muted tracks using the project logical editor?

00:57:40. Is there a manual discussing the logical editor in detail?

00:58:51. Can you discuss the pad layout starting on different notes for chord pads?

01:01:22. How to match the key of a loop to the key of the song?

01:04:00. How to use expression maps on a string part?

01:08:33. Is it official that Cubase 12 is being released tomorrow?

01:08:52. Do you need connect ADAT I/O banks 1 and 2 to ADAT on other UR 824s to use all?

01:10:32. If I update to version 11 today am I eligible for the grace period update?

01:11:01. What is Greg working on musically and what is inspiring him?

01:13:05. What is the best folder structure for VST 2 and VST 3 plug-ins?

01:15:33. Will I get Cubase 12 free if I just bought Cubase 11?

01:16:15. Should I run Maschine inside of Cubase?

01:17:27. Will there be a new version soon?

01:18:17. How to close gaps so left event closes to the right event?

01:20:20. Can I close gaps with time stretch without altering audio?

01:22:23. When will Nuendo 12 be released?

01:22:36. Will Cubase 12 offer a full interface revamp to speed up workflow?

01:24:39. How to change the contrast in the background of the MIDI key editor?

01:27:35. Is it possible to use the quick link to bypass on the plug-in itself?

01:30:28. How to do only volume automation on a track and not EQ, plug-ins etc.?

01:32:57. How to avoid newly created tracks from getting added into existing configurations?

01:35:12. Will there be a dedicated Cubase controller released for Groove Agent?

01:37:35. Can you show some techniques to be very fast when recording audio and punching?

01:46:46. Can video be exported with 64bit audio?

01:48:36. Is there a command to always have the track armed?

01:54:39. Can close gaps from left to right be done without stretching audio?

01:57:20. Can you explain difference between attribute and logical functions in MediaBay?

01:59:37. Where can I find Dorico tutorials?

02:04:49. Can I close gaps left to right without stretching audio?

02:06:25. How to setup default pre gain on default start .cpr file?

02:09:12. Can you talk about initial steps of using Kontakt in Cubase?

02:10:20. How to get my control room to be so well featured like Greg’s?

02:13:38. Does it make sense to use an EQ in the control room for monitors and headphones?

02:15:51. What is the window for a free grace period update from Cubase 11 to Cubase 12?

02:17:07. How to assign automation parameters easily?

02:18:31. How to unlock all power of the chord track?

02:28:25. Where can I go to learn Cubase from start to finish?

02:30:50. Can Greg share his thoughts and techniques on gain structuring?

02:34:59. Can I set a range and have set marker and activate loop?

02:45:44. Is there any news on restoring former extended tool bar functions?

02:46:48. How to have 2 different EQs at different times on same track?

02:51:36. Does buying WaveLab Pro 11 make me eligible for Cubase 12 grace period update?

02:52:59. Can I close gaps in audio file without stretching audio file?

02:54:35. What is the difference between linear and musical mode in a track?

02:58:26. Is there a way to unlink tracks and channel visibility in lower zone mixer?

03:00:00. When will Helix native work in Windows 11?

03:02:22. How to get green bars in articulation lane in key editor?

03:08:20. How to do a smooth accelerando on all tracks?

03:13:00. How to use loopback to get audio into Cubase?

03:14:52. Will Cubase 12 have an update for the electric bass app?

03:17:02. Can you go through the control room settings please?

03:24:07. Can a score be created with 2 different lead lines without conflict?

03:27:16. Can I import a pdf into the notation view?

03:27:59. Can I still use my elicenser on Cubase 12 if machine is not always online?

03:29:23. Can you show basic score editor setup and functions?

03:33:38 Why don’t the auto fades seem to work as expected?

03:36:23. Will I lose VariAudio functionality using the control room?

03:40:30. Can I do a looper style recording with my MIDI foot control pedal?

03:46:09. Has anyone done an elaborate tutorial on PadShop 2?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Mar 4,  2022 (n47, 16286)

00:01:29. New Licensing System Keywords, Cubase 12 Walkthrough Cubase 12 release Steinberg Licensing system

00:04:07. Apple M1 support

00:05:29. Threadripper and WinRt

00:06:44. Enlarged Scroll Bars

00:07:08. Independent Time Nudging

00:09:24. Extended Range Functions

00:10:36. Slip Editing key Command

00:11:32. Move event start and end to cursor

00:12:36. Refined Enter Cursor Position in full screen key editor

00:13:39. New play head jump functions

00:14:44. New fade menu options

00:15:29. New resize event with fade option

00:16:23. New Crossfade editor with chaining mode

00:18:50. Track based ARA 2 editing

00:20:58. Sample Editor Inspector interface refinements

00:21:32. Zoom modes in sample editor

00:23:30. Sample accurate automation

00:24:22. Dual video tracks

00:25:00. Additional MixConsole view

00:26:01. Exporting groups and with FX channels refinements

00:32:18. Importing signature and tempo tracks with Import tracks from project

00:33:09. Exporting and rendering with side chains

00:34:46. Export selected events

00:36:57. Warping in sample editor to new grids, i.e., triplets

00:40:59. Populating warp markers from hitpoints

00:42:03. Warp multiple tracks together in sample editor

00:43:23. Free warp on project window

00:44:30. Phase Coherent warping to group edited folders

00:45:58. Audio to chord track

00:49:32. Scale assistant in VariAudio editor

00:52:27. Verve felt piano Instrument

00:58:10. StepFilter plug-in enhancements

01:00:18. Raiser limiter plug-in

01:02:15. Lin One Dithering plug-in

01:02:52. FX Modulator plug-in

01:13:05. New SuperVision meters VU, phase balance etc.

01:14:20. New performance meter

01:15:20. Logical editing preset enhancements

01:17:30. Input Transformer enhancements

01:19:06. MIDI transformer plug-in enhancements

01:19:50. New Logical Editor enhancements

01:23:23. New Project Logical Editor enhancements

01:31:44. MIDI Remote Control enhancements

01:48:59. Retired features

01:49:54. Dolby Atmos coming soon

01:50:21. Wrap up and Summary

01:53:51. Kudos to Steinberg teams  Keywords; Praise to Steinberg team

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Mar 8,  2022 (n114, 16400)

00:02:45. Why can’t I hear notes as I move them in VariAudio?

00:04:13. What causes vocal to get out of time with backing track size time stretch?

00:06:13. How to configure logical editor to hide all muted tracks?

00:08:38. Why is there a record error message when recording with ARA extension on track?

00:12:33. How to set default configuration for MixConsole?

00:16:07. Is it possible to save and load a plug-in chain on master and input channels?

00:18:08. How to have multiple inside bar range sections in a single logical editor preset?

00:20:50. Is the user profile manager automatically update as changes occur?

00:21:41. How to get chord track to not chase chords when cursor is off screen?

00:23:20. Why is it that sometimes I can group my FX channels as sometimes I can not?

00:26:08. How to manage MIDI channels in the MIDI remote manager?

00:30:51. Are there plans for more MIDI remote scripts and a place to download them from?

00:32:25. Does adding a MIDI sidechain trigger in FX modulator add noise?

00:36:53. Will LoopMash come back in a future Cubase or update?

00:38:03. Will Steinberg add in LUFS to the audio export settings?

00:40:17. How to easily move lanes to existing tracks?

00:43:14. Is there a MIDI Remote deep dive video in the works?

00:44:29. Can we do VariAudio tuning to multiple files at once?

00:44:47. Is it possible to warp multiple files at the same time?

00:46:53. Are there key commands for enable record on selected MIDI and phones preview?

00:49:58. How to change the color of the top bar from red to blue?

00:50:35. Can NI studio be used as a controller?

00:51:49. How to open SuperVision plug-in from a key command?

00:53:42. What is the best dB balance between instruments and vocals?

00:55:25. How to create a macro to split the video at the transient from an audio file?

01:04:07. Can you show some tricks using buses and routing?

01:07:51. How to have a default mixer configuration in my project?

01:09:13. How long does the update and upgrade license last?

01:10:07. Will we see auto banking implemented in the near future?

01:11:10. What is inspiring Greg and what is his favorite Cubase 12 feature?

01:13:21. How to do offline process to file in pool and have it affect all in project?

01:19:07. How to move notes in VariAudio that have been created as harmonies?

01:21:26. Can I import OMF files into Cubase?

01:22:01. Can I auto bank with controllers like Behringers’s X-Touch One?

01:22:50. How to view multiple tracks in audio warp editor without them overlapping?

01:26:16. Why do I get a loading error when loading patch in HALion Symphonic Orchestra?

01:28:01. How to get version 12 to work on USB elicenser?

01:29:33. Are there any improvements to Yamaha Studio Manager in Cubase 12?

01:30:03. Why do I get Kontakt sound once in channel 0 and program change?

01:33:04. What is best way to analyze tempo for orchestral music?

01:36:43. How to make script with mixer snapshots work on batch export?

01:39:21. What is smallest size to see meters on folder tracks?

01:42:39. Are the master time formats global or project based?

01:44:30. Why can’t I see some 3rd party VST plug-ins after updating to Cubase 12?

01:45:46. Is it better to print a quick part from Dorico or is it oK to do from Cubase?

01:47:02. How to see all instrument frequencies for unmasking?

01:49:05. How to compare frequency spectrums of 2 different tracks?

01:51:18. What is the difference of grouping tracks via. VCA, groups and FX?

01:57:22. Has MediaBay preview changed from Cubase 11 to Cubase 12?

01:59:07. What plug-ins are used for mixing and mastering?

02:00:53. What can cause a CC message to mute tracks on my Kronos?

02:03:56. How to use volume automation?

02:05:50. Why doesn’t track change tempo after changing tempo in tempo editor?

02:09:18. Are there any scoring changes with Cubase 12?

02:10:00. When events are saved as versions does that relieve CPU usage?

02:12:40. Can you give us a preview of multi freeze?

02:15:20. How to have MCU pickup on selected track in mixer

02:16:01. Can I use NI Maschine 2 as a MIDI remote in Cubas?e 12

02:16:31. Are there differences in power management options in Windows 11?

02:17:19. Do MIDI control configurations from Cubase 11 carry over to Cubase 12?

02:19:09. Can I use keyboard maestro with Cubase?

02:19:57. Is there any way to copy and paste an automation point?

02:22:14. Is there a native plug-in in Cubase like Smoothe 2?

02:24:33. How to use new Lin Dither when exporting a mp3 file?

02:26:23. Why does my Cubase 12 not work without a dongle

02:28:01. Can we use Project Logical Editor to move fader or automation?

02:32:31. How to write automation on 2 channels at the same time?

02:34:37. Can the MIDI remote respond to different MIDI channels?

02:35:57. How to use the MIDI remote to select different plug-in presets?

02:37:32. Can you change export format and bit depth in export selected events?

02:39:27. How can I erase the warp marker lines?

02:42:42. How to assign MIDI CCs to quick controls?

02:46:21. Why can’t I install Cubase 12 on my older OS and how to deactivate Cubase 12?

02:47:00. Do SoundToys plug-ins work in Cubase 12?

02:49:04. Why is the live stream video not clear?

02:50:02. Can Cubase 12 be deactivated remotely if computer is dies?

02:50:54. Is there a difference storing Cubase projects on SSD vs. HDD?

02:51:55. Is it possible to do comping on multiple tracks at once?

02:55:19. Does Cubase 12 have any new instruments?

02:58:58. What is the most effective way to use VCA faders while mixing?

03:02:09. What about Dolby Atmos in Cubase 12?

03:02:35. How different is new MIDI remote function from generic remote in Cubase 11?

03:05:16. Can you show me the color scene settings?

03:06:38. Can I now use the CME Pro Bluetooth MIDI controller in Cubase 12?

03:07:24. Can I use the sample editor and extension in lower zone at the same time?

03:08:12. Can MIDI channel management be added to MIDI remote control setup?

03:10:11. How to fix a vocal in tempo, do I need to warp?

03:14:19. Are there instructions on how to download new license when updating Cubase 12?

03:15:27. How to remove duplicate entries in Groove Agent 5 styles?

03:17:29. How to record sound effects to HALion to an audio track without a MIDI controller?

03:20:46. How to open multiple tracks from Cubase into WaveLab 11?

03:22:45. Why does Cubase render all overlays in Cubase 12?

03:23:45. Will Cubase Pro 11 move to the new licensing system?

03:26:43. Why are there problems loading my mixdown file from Cubase to WaveLab?

03:29:06. What can be causing a disk cache overload signal?

03:30:41. Is it possible to how the value of each point near an automation event?

03:32:45. Can you reveal automation lane without writing automation?

03:33:54. Can I move between 2 computers easily with new licensing system?

03:34:36. Can I buy the educational version if I am a guitar tutor at a school?

03:35:46. Can you show how to not be able to enter a wrong note in key editor scale assistant?

03:37:44. Can I migrate multiple files from Cubase 12 to WaveLab 11?

03:38:45. Are there advantages of using new MIDI remote over Komplete Kontrol?

03:40:33. Is there a plan to work with Studio Live 3 as a controller?

03:41:11. Is VariAudio designed to work at 442 tuning scale?

03:42:00. Will we be able to lose our iLok for plug-ins in the future?

03:42:51. Does Cubase IC Pro work with Cubase 12?

03:43:16. Will we see a Nuendo 12 update this year with new Cubase 12 features?

03:43:51. Should I use 32bit for my projects as opposed to 16 or 24bit?

03:45:10. Is there a way to open a corrupted project?

03:46:16. Does Cubase have a new feature to see the key scale feature?

03:48:23. What can cause problems in Cubase 12 opening video using 2 monitors?

03:49:26. Can I use old Mackie Control unit in new MIDI Remote system?

03:51:01. Why do I have problems mapping transport controls on MPK49 controller?

03:54:18. Why is the create chords MIDI function not working for me?

03:56:17. Can you open a mixdown file from Cubase 12 into WaveLab 11?

03:57:09. Why is my Mac hanging on Core MIDI on launch?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Mar 11,  2022 (n112, 16512)

00:02:40. How to copy volume automation from one track to another with PLE?

00:09:53. Is it possible to increase the font size in the marker track?

00:11:25. Can group tracks added to selected tracks be placed to left of first track?

00:13:12. Can I record MIDI from multiple instruments at the same time

00:16:34. When will Nuendo 12 be released?

00:17:17. How to create a macro that applies? silence to audio selected by range tool?

00:19:27. Why won’t my cue sends open in Cubase 12?

00:21:20. What is difference between save new version, save and save as?

00:22:53. How to import saved macros from Cubase 11 to Cubase 12?

00:23:44. How to hear a sound while exporting a mix in real time?

00:26:10. Can you change the style and size of text in the project notepad?

00:27:35. Can CC used for sample libraries be passed through for quick controls?

00:29:57. Does Verve draw a lot of CPU power?

00:32:01. Why can’t I open Cubase 11 after updating to Cubase 12?

00:33:07. How to straighten tempo of a multi-track song with varying tempo?

00:38:09. How to know if BFD drums is cause of project not opening in Cubase 12?

00:40:11. Why would I use the sampler track as opposed to HALion 6?

00:42:33. Is there a way to set control in new MIDI Remote for pickup or toggle?

00:44:32. Can the new MIDI remote import xml files from generic remote?

00:47:48. How to import OMF files into Cubase?

00:48:56. If I stick with Cubase 11 will I be able to easily reinstall it like in the past?

00:49:48. How to make a macro to open or close a plug-in editor on specific track?

00:55:07. Can I install Cubase 12 on MacOS versions earlier than 10.15?

00:55:35. Is there a big performance upgrade running Cubase 12 natively on M1?

00:56:55. Why doesn’t my SpectraLayers show up in Cubase at all?

00:58:44. Is it possible to mute MIDI event without affecting other MIDI lanes?

01:05:00. Why is audio performance meter different when tracks are armed?

01:06:51. What is causing Nexus 3 to crash Cubase?

01:08:14. Is it possible to snap chord symbols detected from audio file?

01:10:02. Can Cubase 12 run more than one audio interface?

01:12:33. Can you clip gain a slice in the sampler track?

01:15:30. Why is time signature set to 1/4 after doing a tempo detection?

01:17:46. Can you discuss the preference event display append clip name?

01:20:10. Can audio tracks like guitar follow chord tracks now?

01:21:18. Why doesn’t the audition tool work for me anymore?

01:24:11. How to get pictures to show up on the folder for 3rd party content folders?

01:25:30. How will M1 max handle tracks with 100+ VST instrument tracks?

01:27:24. Can we deactivate old licenses without the old computer?

01:28:21. How to have Cubase refresh the connection to a MIDI remote device?

01:30:05. Can I remove license directly from a computer if it is down online?

01:31:22. How to copy soft keys from Avid Control app to Cubase 12?

01:32:56. How to move stereo out fader to left of unused tracks in a project?

01:35:19. Can we get more than 8 quick controls?

01:38:29. How to solo 2 different tracks without affecting muted tracks?

01:40:38. Why do Cubase folders remain in download folder after installing program?

01:42:17. Why don’t record and monitor buttons not appear when adding tracks?

01:43:44. Why does the don’t save button sometimes not show up?

01:45:05. Why is it so complicated to create sheets?

01:48:12. How can I put the MediaBay back to the default settings?

01:49:39. Why does MIDI remote control communication sometimes get lost?

01:51:55. Why does text entered in score editor move after I hit enter?

01:54:37. Will chords to MIDI and polyphonic VariAudio in the works for Cubase?

01:55:56. How to backup and restore a custom color palette?

01:57:58. When will Nuendo 12 come out?

01:59:19. Is there latency when selecting events with the selection tool?

02:00:19. Will Nuendo add Dolby binaural monitoring built into the renderer?

02:01:54. Why can’t I change the color of a track or a group of tracks from inspector?

02:03:49. Do WaveLab and SpectraLayers still require the elicenser?

02:05:07. Is it possible to add different mix snapshots to audio export job queues?

02:06:04. Does Cubase 12 work on Catalina?

02:06:42. What is the process to normalize track to a set dB and is it destructive?

02:09:09. How to get a drum sound like When the Levee Breaks from Groove Agent?

02:11:50. When is Dolby Atmos coming?

02:12:24. Will knobs defined as quick control affect quick controls in project window?

02:13:54. Where to find remote control scripts and is there one for Komplete Kontrol?

02:15:34. How to work with the smart tool?

02:18:11. Is Dolby binaural monitoring coming to Cubase and Nuendo?

02:18:40. How to export MIDI files in project without HALion Sonic SE sounds attached to it?

02:20:11. Is there a way to export single MIDI tracks in a MIDI file?

02:22:25. How to open specific insert GUIs from new MIDI Remote?

02:25:07. Can you show how the MIDI Gate plug-in works?

02:30:17. How to copy panning from audio track to send for parallel bus?

02:34:56. How to connect outboard gear with my Apollo Twin USB interface?

02:38:09. Can you add a track from the Mix Window?

02:39:09. Is there a way to have tracks move to a lower lane with a macro?

02:46:50. How to colorize tracks in the mixer?

02:48:37. What is the difference between normalize and pre gain?

02:49:24. Is there a pre gain plug-in?

02:51:05. How to set a vertical line and have MIDI events snap to it?

02:53:54. What in Cubase is like the HEAD function?

02:54:48. Can we default the number of insert slots to any number we want?

02:57:42. What are advantages of import track archive vs. import tracks from project?

02:59:08. Can we use folder tracks as busses?

03:01:30. Can you ask for a bind MIDI remote be setup for MIDI channels?

03:02:39. How to add additional outputs in Groove Agent standalone?

03:06:20. How to sync Ableton too Cubase without flams?

03:07:40. Is there a way to have a playlist for live performance?

03:11:09. How to send to FX and keep panning when sending to parallel group?

03:15:47. Do you have any info about the upcoming Nuendo 12 release?

03:16:21. Why don’t I sometimes hear effects when soling groups when in a folder?

03:17:40. Is there a way to prevent the bank changes when selecting other tracks?

04:19:23. Is it possible to move tracks in the MixConsole?

03:20:27. How to record flexphrazer parts into the project?

03:23:49. Is using pre gain the same as using the volume fader for gain staging?

03:24:48. Does Cubase need to offer oversampling with plug-ins?

03:25:51. How to loop an audio event so that copies reflect changes of original?

03:26:57. How to route multiple tracks at the same time?

03:28:09. How to add analog color tape saturation to tracks in Cubase?

03:29:01. How to do internal routing again?

03:32:10. How to use a side chain to trigger a Groove Agent hi hat pad?

03:34:11. Which version of Cubase is good for recording and mixing fingerstyle guitar?

03:36:53. Should I export in 16, 24, 32 or 64 bit floating point?

03:42:16. Is it possible to undock the meter from the right side of the MixConsole?

03:43:15. Can a logical editor preset be triggered through the generic remote?

03:45:51. Why does creating a custom plug-in causing instability in Cubase?

03:48:22. Why do I get a message that some Groove Agent content is missing?

03:50:16. How to add a harmony voice?

03:52:16. What is the most important feature in Cubase 12 for creating music?

03:53:31. How to migrate preferences from Cubase 11 to Cubase 12?

03:54:13. How to best sync Ableton to Cubase without any flams?

03:54:53. How to easily solo multiple VCA tracks?

03:57:50. How to configure a MIDI jog wheel in the MIDI remote?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Mar 15,  2022 (n100, 16612)

00:04:07. Are there any problems with Nektar P6 with new MIDI remote system?

00:05:04. Will new remote be able to update settings on screen of the MIDI controller?

00:06:21. How to adopt a MIDI performance to a tempo track?

00:08:01. How to print out the chord track?

00:10:38. Has Greg passed on ARA tracks recording error to Steinberg?

00:11:11. How to clean up projects where project files are saved to different locations?

00:13:38. Why don’t I find SpectraLayers in Cubase Pro 12?

00:22:00. Is this Cubase 12?

00:22:18. How to use the arranger track jump modes?

00:25:46. Is there a way to trim an event to the selection?

00:27:06. Can there be a warning message when adding mono plug-ins to a stereo track?

00:28:10. Can you use Project Logical Editor to show only stereo tracks?

00:31:22. Is there an optimal peak level when using dynamics plug-ins?

00:32:15. When will there be an update to Nuendo?

00:32:59. Why do most analyzers use FFT as opposed to constant Q sliding DFT?

00:34:14. Does SuperVision use constant Q sliding DFT for frequency meters?

00:35:54. Where is the Cubase menu on the Windows version of Cubase?

00:37:00. How to favor files in MediaBay and search based on user rating?

00:39:18. Can the new MIDI remote system be used to add specific plug-ins?

00:41:58. How can I open and close all plug-ins used on a particular channel?

00:46:23. How to create a score from the chord track?

00:49:51. Why is the cursor disabled in sample editor Free Warp and VariAudio?

00:52:04. Is there a way to solo and mute multiple tracks at the same time?

00:53:45. Will Raiser also come to WaveLab?

00:54:19. How to adjust the note length in the MIDI drum editor?

00:56:19. Does the step input follow the cursor position?

00:57:11. How to get the expression map to not reset to top articulation?

00:58:12. Is Wavelet transform the same as constant q transform?

00:58:39. Any plans to make it easier to change tracks from mono to stereo?

01:00:21. Why is there no scissor tool to edit in the sample editor?

01:02:04. Has the performance meter been changed in Cubase 12?

01:03:46. Why does my download assistant sometimes freeze before download completes?

01:05:28. Can we have the option to open specific plug-in on selected tracks in MIDI remote?

01:05:59. Why is Cubase sometimes saving my project with appended number?

01:07:57. How to get a legacy appearance in modern versions of Cubase?

01:10:03. Can you explain what the Live function in the standard compressor does?

01:12:15. Is there anything specific needed to enable sidechain mode in audio export?

01:17:32. Could saving projects to dropbox cause a number to be appended to project name?

01:18:08. Can the Supervision frame be minimized to see more meters?

01:19:06. Is it possible to record output of Arpache to a MIDI track from chord track?

01:25:06. Why don’t buttons appear when hitting buttons on MIDI controller in MIDI remote?

01:28:18. How to open all inserts on a track at once?

01:30:27. Why is the elicenser still needed for instruments and content sets?

01:31:38. How to change the tempo from 166 to 83 2ithout stretching the MIDI track?

01:35:34. Is it possible to convert warp markers to hitpoints so audio can be sliced?

01:39:54. When will Greg get granted the status of guru?

01:40:21. How to change the whole project tempo without time stretching?

01:43:09. Is this the official Steinberg Cubase channel?

01:43:26. Is there a solution for MIDI being recorded early in time?

01:45:11. Can the folder track containing audio tracks have an active meter?

01:47:54. How to set a sync point to the middle of an audio file?

01:53:49. Is there any way to see markers in the drum editor like the key editor?

01:55:19. Is there a way to have the custom render name take track name?

01:57:51. How to divide the tempo of a project without stretching the MIDI data?

02:05:09. Will Greg’s macros and logical editor examples be consolidated in videos?

02:07:08. How to find one audio track that is blaring out even if I think it is muted or soloed?

02:10:47. Where is the MIDI output port on Groove Agent 5?

02:15:02. Why does audio file in musical mode in project play in original time in sample editor?

02:20:02. What makes Cubase different from other DAWs?

02:22:33. Is there an effective workflow to work on projects between 2 computers?

02:24:01. Can we move tracks in the MixConsole?

02:24:21. How to quickly change velocity of every other hi hat?

02:29:14. How to approach filtering audience member octave higher from singer mic?

02:31:02. How to prepare a track export from audio coming from different DAW?

02:32:19. Is it possible to repatch Groove Agent flams or rolls?

02:34:37. How to configure a stream deck as a remote control in Cubase?

02:40:05. Will Steinberg add 2FA in the future for the new identity system?

02:40:42. Are UAD VST 2 plug-ins sill supported on Mac in Cubase 12?

02:41:44. How to get HALion 6 to remember the instrument sound in the project?

02:44:27. Why do I get a message that tracks in folder are not in sync before quantizing?

02:47:24. Is it possible to duplicate and modify an existing MIDI remote script?

02:49:23. Can I upgrade from SpectraLayers One to SpectraLayers Pro?

02:50:00. How to add harmony voices using scale assistant in VariAudio?

02:56:38. How to halve or double the tempo of MIDI events?

03:01:05. Why am I having problems with my UR44 on my system with Cubase 12?

03:03:53. Why am I having instabilities with Cubase 12?

03:04:52. Can I just copy and paste macros from one Cubase version to another?

03:05:38. Are there any success stories to share about Cubase’s M1 performance?

03:07:09. How to duplicate a track but not the audio file within the track?

03:09:24. How to do sidechain with trigger in FX Modulator?

03:17:14. What is the scrub tool used for?

03:18:41. What is Greg’s Mac setup that he uses for the live stream?

03:20:00. Is there a way to record an input just in case I forgot to hit record?

03:22:07. How to navigate to markers beyond 9 in MIDI remote setup?

03:25:06. What is the live stream about?

03:26:16. Can get a MIDI file from an audio bass line?

03:29:10. Can you change the grey black background to white?

03:30:09. Can I modify only one note within a chord in VariAudio?

03:33:18. Will jbridge still work with Cubase 12?

03:34:17. How to map endless encoders in relative mode in the new MIDI remote?

03:36:57. How to unlink an audio event from its original for VariAudio editing?

03:39:43. Can the threshold be controlled in the VariAudio audio to MIDI conversion?

03:41:43. How to add add measures in middle and delete everything after a certain point?

03:47:46. Is there an estimated time when all Steinberg products will be on new licensing?

03:48:25. How to nudge in ms when primary display is bars and beats?

03:50:14. How to copy over user key commands and macros from Cubase 11 to Cubase 12?

03:51:06. How is Cubase 12 working on new Alder Lake Intel CPUs?

03:51:53. Why do I get a message that HALion Sonic SE is not installed when installing Verve?

03:54:03. Why do I have latency with drumagog in version 12?

03:56:12. Is it possible to detect the tempo of tune while importing it into a track?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Mar 18,  2022 (n103, 16715)

00:03:21. How to transition VariAudio from lower zone to independent window?

00:05:51. Can you discuss backup strategies and do you have opinion of Carbonite?

00:07:18. How to differentiate between an original vocal and a duplicated vocal file?

00:10:23. How to install VST Sound?

00:12:34. How to set default master time to bars and beats in a project?

00:16:35. Why does musical mode go away for events that are duplicated and glued together?

00:19:42. Is it known when Dolby Atmos will be coming in Cubase 12?

00:20:14. How to put an instrumental track in time with Cubase?

00:22:00. Should we only be downloading VST 3 plug-ins in the future?

00:23:23. What is an email address to reach Greg?

00:23:45. How to connect the chord track?

00:27:53. Will there be a MIDI remote script for Native Instruments S61 controller?

00:29:45. Can Greg share his Nektar Panorama P4 MIDI remote script?

00:30:20. How to undo changes made to plug-ins added to inserts?

00:32:48. Can you show where the default track time type is set?

00:34:22. How to use the new crossfade editor?

00:38:06. Is there a planned tutorial on orchestration for film music?

00:39:45. Can Raiser be used in place of the Maximizer and Brickwall limiter in master bus?

00:41:01. Is it possible to change the color of the grid lines as it blends into dark background?

00:43:25. How to move instrument content to a separate SSD? Keywords move Halion move Groove to a different disk change disk change harddisk new harddisk

00:44:47. What can cause audio or MIDI to not be played when opening them in Cubase 12?

00:45:47. Can samples in MediaBay be dragged and dropped to Groove Agent pads?

00:46:38. Is there a mute button for pads when stacking multiple samples in Groove Agent?

00:47:10. How to get rid of ilok license expiration messages?

00:48:52. Why can’t I hear samples in MediaBay as I preview them?

00:51:14. Will the Steinberg Vocoder be coming back?

00:52:02. Is there a way to change the mute event color to something other than white?

00:54:43. Can I move 3rd party VST content with Steinberg Library Manager?

00:56:06. Can I tune Vari Audio to a tuning scale other than 440?

00:57:50. What is the easiest and fastest way to match tone between 2 different tracks?

00:59:09. Is there a difference in sound quality between Cubase on Mac vs. Windows?

00:59:42. Can the guideline colors of drawing tools be changed from black to be seen easier?

01:01:27. Can you explain how the Cubase competitive cross grade purchase works?

01:03:39. How to export a MIDI Remote script?

01:04:57. Why do knobs on my Kontakt keyboard only move parameters a little bit?

01:08:22. Is there an issue of pads assigned in MIDI remote not passing to MIDI tracks?

01:09:31. How to create vocal harmonies with MIDI?

01:13:04. How to change the name of markers on a marker track?

01:14:52. How to How do I switch between mix 1 and 2 in the control room?

01:16:55. How to set MediaBay back to its default settings?

01:18:40. Where can I find a switch to quickly monitor in mono in Cubase?

01:20:15. Why is the no visual change in comparison EQ when fader is moved up or down?

01:22:43. Why does Cubase not automatically activate project when new one is opened?

01:26:34. Why do some people not have 7.1.4 or 5.1 down mix options?

01:28:08. Can you change the direction of the mouse when zooming with scroll wheel?

01:30:28. What is fastest way to render multi track audio files from Groove Agent?

01:35:39. How can I create a bus mix channel, hot keys are welcome?

01:36:33. How to hot swap from the MediaBay into the sampler?

01:38:53. Why is there a short delay when I press play in Cubase?

01:41:11. How to align 2 audio tracks with the new timeline warping?

01:45:59. Is it a known issue that launching SpectraLayers can cause issues for Cubase?

01:47:11. How does Greg setup his system for live streaming?

01:48:48. Do you have to detect hitpoints before using the new warp functions?

01:51:04. How to create a panel to control my Integra 7?

01:54:55. Is the logical editor for MIDI functions only?

01:55:43. Why does using the free warp tool cause the primary time to seconds?

01:57:11. What is the best way to add Cubase to a second computer?

01:58:09. What is the best way to record audio from Groove Agent patterns in real time?

02:01:34. How to map buttons C1-C3 to buttons in generic remote or new MIDI remote?

02:05:46. What is the best way to get a chord track over to Dorico?

02:07:50. Can you explain what some of the terms in Project Logical Editor mean like container?

02:11:49. Can Greg shed insight on running 2 Cubase versions at the same time?

02:13:10. How to render out individual drums when using HALion MIDI drum loop?

02:19:53. Can I select a folder and add a new track within the folder?

02:22:22. Is it dangerous to rescan my Cubase plug-ins?

02:23:03. What are the 4 dots for between tracks and project window?

02:24:53. Why does removing a plug-in from a bus cause Cubase to freeze at times?

02:25:48. Does Cubase have a clip gain function?

02:26:55. What could cause plug-ins to be greyed out after putting them on a insert?

02:29:42. How to print effects like a reverb?

02:32:47. How to add a universal MIDI controller so knobs on VST move?

02:34:42. How to copy a device panel and just change modify MIDI channels?

02:39:04. Is there a way to add an automation line on the event that is pre fader?

02:40:20. Can you change the name of an audio track after importing an audio file?

02:42:09. How does Greg manage having so many projects open in a live stream?

02:44:11. Are there any tricks to EQing a bass drum track?

02:46:28. Why am I getting a soft elicense error with Cubase 11?

02:49:14. IS there a way to change audio drums into MIDI?

02:52:27. Does the tempo track speed up video files?

02:53:24. Is there a way to get old VST 2 plug-ins in Cubase 11?

02:55:08. Can Cubase 11 run older 32bit VST 2 plug-ins?

02:55:57. Is a display bars offset match with Groove Agent playback?

02:58:35. What happens if my dog bites my USB dongle?

03:00:10. Is the Verve piano instrument CPU heavy?

03:01:35. How to program a MIDI controller slider to be CC 11?

03:07:27. How to define a static tempo for an audio file with varying tempo

03:10:39. Why do I get a message that my license cannot be found?

03:11:37. How to convert a drum loop to individual MIDI sounds?

03:15:04. How to find a specific sound like a snare drum used in a specific track?

03:17:23. Can I import my old templates into the new MIDI Remote?

03:19:55. Why do I hear a doubling when recording MIDI from Groove Agent?

03:22:08. Why does rendering in place for Superior Drummer or BFD only give 8 tracks?

03:26:07. How can I restrict a melody to be restricted to stay in key?

03:28:55. Why aren’t my HALion Sonic SE presets showing up after moving them to SSD drive?

03:30:08. Does Cubase have aux tracks?

03:32:03. How to open a specific automation lane on a particular track by name?

03:36:25. How to add track names to files in exporting selected audio events?

03:38:34. How to have a controller follow track selection from Cubase?

03:40:03. Is there a way to change the color of selected cycle markers to not be black?

03:41:05. Is there a problem importing tracks from project with 88.2k projects?

03:44:20. Is it possible to configure the stop play key command to go stop and return to start?

03:47:38. What are the benefits of direct threads and how to optimize Cubase for their use?

03:48:55. How to get MIDI tracks to follow the chord track?

03:52:05. Is getting Cubasis for iPhone worth it?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Mar 22,  2022 (n108, 16823)

00:03:45. Do you guys answer Nuendo questions here?

00:04:01. How to turn the sound on and off in the chord pads?

00:05:31. Can I reuse my download access code?

00:07:30. Why are my Atmos mixes in mono when exporting mix?

00:10:46. Why is there a sale for Nuendo 10 to 11 and not to version 12?

00:11:55. Can we change how the audio file names are shown in the timeline segments?

00:13:39. How to use project logical editor to see specific tracks in key editor?

00:19:19. How to play on key in Cubase 11 if I know nothing about theory?

00:21:43. Why do spectral meters not use constant q transform as opposed to FFT?

00:22:52. What is the best way to import audio files from Logic X into Cubase?

00:25:22. Is there any browser folder for Cubase for sound packs or drum kits?

00:27:36. Why does render in place change audio format to broadcast wav file?

00:30:09. How to export multiple selected tracks without needing to solo them?

00:32:14. How to assign chords to the 8 trigger pads in HALion 6?

00:35:37. Why is my Maschine controller recording MIDI notes early?

00:38:32. Will Nuendo 11 owners be able to take advantage of 20% discount to Nuendo 12?

00:40:23. Is there a key command to zoom in and out of MIDI controller lane?

00:43:00. What is the Cubase equivalent to the invert MIDI function in Logic?

00:45:57. If I purchased Cubase 11 Elements 3 months ago do I need to purchase the update?

00:46:32. What would cause HALion Sonic SE be lost after installing Retrologue?

00:47:21. Is Greg still using his VssoPlor mouse for the live streams?

00:49:14. Why does cursor move to start of an event when double clicking to enter editor?

00:53:57. Will there ever be a clip based view in Cubase?

00:54:26. Is there full Dolby Atmos support in Cubase 12?

00:55:35. How to export project maintaining plug-in sounds between different projects?

00:58:07. How to generate a chord track from multiple MIDI events?

01:00:02. How to get files into project to make an intro sound montage?

01:02:09. Are there complaints of Cubase 12 crashing with a particular plug-in?

01:02:54. What are the causes of double MIDI notes being recorded?

01:05:46. Are there standalone versions of Retrologue or PadShop?

01:07:07. Are there new features in Cubase 12 for phase aligning drum mics?

01:08:25. Is it possible to make a stereo cue mix?

01:09:36. How do we do a compilation in an audio recording track?

01:11:01. Is it possible to export to a mp3 file?

01:12:11. Why does my audio stop playing when I go to another program?

01:13:51. Does wavelet transform work with psychoacoustic frequency scale?

01:15:53. What is the difference between range selection automation and trim mode?

01:18:30. Will there be more functions added to the MIDI remote system?

01:20:48. Why did an OMF import not carry over inserts and effects?

01:21:41. How to emulate a live keyboard performance workflow in Cubase?

01:25:48. Does the multi option FFT in SuperVision use shorter windows for high frequencies?

01:28:47. Is MFCC and spectral centroid for machine learning useful for mixing and mastering?

01:29:16. Why is the ASIO guard maxing out in Cubase 12?

01:30:53. Does Cubase 12 use more memory to load plug-ins compared to Cubase 11?

01:33:25. Why is my channel EQ HC and LC red when deactivated?

01:37:54. Why does key editor jump to start of event and not play position if editor is open?

01:40:49. How to find what I checked when setting toolbar in Mixer?

01:42:33. How can I change the volume in a track as it goes?

01:44:12. Can I have a MIDI trigger on more than 1 module in the FX Modulator?

01:51:13. How to see a vertical list of tempo changes in the project?

01:53:16. Is it possible to change the tempo within a song?

01:55:05. Can you show audio quantizing?

01:58:01. Why is MIDI file from Cubase import into Sibelius not show as grand staff?

01:59:19. How to analyze an audio file into a chord track?

02:02:02. Why are some tracks with solo automation seem to be in solo defeat?

02:05:08. Does any version of Cubase come with amp and cabinet simulators?

02:06:57. Why do I not get any sound when importing tracks from another project?

02:08:26. Is there a way to get an accurate way to get a drum map from Groove Agent SE?

02:12:30. Where to access saved templates?

02:13:41. How to stop the project window from scrolling under the play head?

02:15:38. Is there a way to have the comp tool quantize its cuts?

02:17:25. How to get my Groove Agent 5 off of elicenser to free up USB slot?

02:18:55. How to keep track of activated tool bars in MixConsole?

02:20:10. Is there a way to see which plug-ins are taking the most CPU resources?

02:22:45. Does the new dither plug-in male our output 24bit max?

02:24:15. How to restore info line and status view for selected audio events?

02:26:19. Is there a shortcut for the audio mixdown tab?

02:27:31. Can there be a key command to switch the transport return to stop preference?

02:30:59. Does mute automation place a track in solo defeat mode?

02:34:43. Is it normal for bypassing inserts to be on in automation lane by default?

02:36:47. Is there a way to select an enabled track in the project window editor?

02:40:01. How many cues can I have with a 2 output audio interface with headphone out?

02:41:19. Is there a way to resize the export audio mixdown window to fit screen?

02:43:12. Do I need to update to higher than Cubase AI 11 to create a tempo change?

02:44:00. How to create the gradient color track?

02:45:25. Did Greg have time to see if project logical editor can select only stereo tracks?

02:46:01. How to see all events at the same time without selecting each in MIDI editor?

02:49:51. Is there a way to change the default look of the mixer?

02:52:46. Why can’t Cubase start instantly when play is pressed?

02:55:57. Can we make Cubase snap to pitch not skip note in scale assistant?

02:59:33. How to have stereo out go to master fader and then to control room?

03:04:41. What is the best way to import projects from Cubasis?

03:02:52. Is there a way for Cubase to save a project with the name of a project folder?

03:04:59. Can quick controls be fixed to a particular channel and not change on track selection?

03:07:17. Are there problems opening my projects if I switch from PC to mac?

03:08:28. How can I change a chord in the chord track from Gb to F#?

03:09:55. Why can’t I hear loops previewing in right zone MediaBay?

03:12:10. Will Steinberg resolve a delayed transport issue?

03:13:57. What is the best way to arrange a beat in Cubase?

03:18:37. Why does dragging a MIDI file from EZ Keys create a new instrument track?

03:20:11. Why can’t I assign some transport buttons in MIDI Remote from Arturia controllers?

03:24:29. Is there a relative path mode when migrating projects between mac and Windows?

03:28:38. Can you show what is in EDM Tool Box?

03:31:00. How to assign key command for selection tool sizing applies time stretch mode?

03:33:49. How can I adjust the volume in a track as it plays?

03:35:36. IS the ID3 tag in the audio mixdown customizable?

03:36:55. Why can’t I hear my samples but I can hear my metronome?

03:38:45. How to get all of my VST plug-ins all in to one folder?

03:40:47. Will the new MIDI Remote make my CC121 less relevant?

03:41:35. If I have the full version of Groove Agent do I need to install Groove Agent SE 5?

03:42:53. How to have Groove Agent follow singer songwriter recording with varying tempos?

03:47:00. Is it possible to see MIDI CC 7 on all selected events on track if only in first event?

03:49:25. Can tracks be reordered in the Mix Console window?

03:51:30. Is there any way to reorganize VST instrument appearance in the left slot?

03:52:51. How can I choose between the takes when I record in a loop?

03:54:48. What is the red measurement at the bottom right of Greg’s window?

03:56:05. Can the Quick control be set to control multiple tracks at once?

03:57:20. Is there a keyboard shortcut to clear meters when they turn red indicating clipping?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Mar 25,  2022 (n98, 16921)

00:03:07. Why can’t I hear the click even if it is turned on in the control room?

00:04:40. How important are the algorithm and when should they be changed?

00:08:31. Are there other color schemes that are available to download?

00:09:50. Why doesn’t MIDI controller work with MIDI learn?

00:12:45. Can I chop up orchestral sequences part to smooth transitions with crossfades?

00:16:30. How does solo work in relations with groups and folder tracks?

00:19:04. How to minimize the main project window display to see events and transport?

00:21:42. How to detect tempo variations on a recording?

00:24:12. Is there a way to zoom with the mouse wheel vertically?

00:25:34. How to make main background darker and preserve lanes, grids and text?

00:27:53. Why doesn’t my MIDI controller work with 3rd party VST plug-ins?

00:30:56. Why is LoopMash now working in Cubase 12?

00:31:53. Is the script for the Nektar P4 Greg is using come with the Cubase 12?

00:33:52. Can I crossfade between 2 tracks with a foot pedal?

00:35:32. How can I do a grace period update from a Cubase bought in December?

00:38:59. Can I tempo detect tracks transferred from tape to replace drums?

00:39:46. Why don’t Shift=G and H work in VariAudio?

00:43:36. What do I need to do to activate my Cubase 12 license?

00:44:11. How can I use pads in a controller for Groove Agent?

00:46:21. Can Greg discuss LoopMash in Cubase 12?

00:48:02. How to return to Zoom state after hitting Z to zoom in to a track?

00:49:35. Can I sample through Ambisonics into Groove Agent?

00:52:14. Why do I get messages that Cubase can’t load HALion Sonic SE and Groove Agent SE?

00:53:36. How to open multiple files at once in VariAudio?

00:58:38. Can I change one chord and change all chords of same from detected audio?

01:02:02. Are Specter, Mystic and Prologue gone in Cubase 12?

01:03:12. Is Cubase 12 fully compatible with Apple M1 processors?

01:03:58. Can you use the logical editor to duplicate MIDI events to the next bar?

01:05:56. How to create the Infected Mushroom macro of delete all but selected?

01:08:39. How to setup an legato stream deck to work with Cubase?

01:12:53. Why am I getting a low rnmble and infinite sustain when playing MIDI?

01:14:26. Is it possible to open 2 separate MIDI editors at the same time?

01:16:32. Why are my ARA 2 extensions greyed out and not available?

01:17:49. How to configure my Arturia Essential 49 and Nektar Controllers in MIDI Remote?

01:22:42. How to switch crossfade audio using a MIDI foot controller?

01:29:06. Can I disable/enable tracks in the lower zone mixer?

01:32:37. What is up with all of the curves when selecting multiple events in VariAudio?

01:34:48. Does Cubase have a feature to show played chords?

01:36:34. Will there be MIDI remote scripts for Native Instruments controllers?

01:37:02. Do I need to click on window to see MIDI data appear in editor when recording?

01:39:32. Does Cubase have a shadow MIDI display to indicate chords in scale?

01:42:23. Can I start play back by clicking with mouse without a modifier key?

01:44:35. How to convert ticks into the grid for MIDI PPQ?

01:48:11. How to search for cycle markers by name?

01:53:33. Can Cubase do automatic fade in and out with one click?

01:56:41. How to select the root note of all chords using the logical editor?

02:00:00. Can mouse wheel direction be changed when using control ? zoom to navigate?

02:01:33. Can Greg show all of the new presets for logical editors?

02:03:36. How to disable read automation from tracks with no automation?

02:10:29. Is there an easy way to see drum descriptions as opposed to C3, D3 etc?

02:12:21. Does Cubase have a scale assistant?

02:13:47. Can I uninstall standalone instruments that are now a part of HALion Sonic SE?

02:15:22. How to map drum pads to pads in Groove Agent?

02:18:53. When installing content via download assistant will install files be on external drive?

02:20:24. If I bought Cubase 11 in August am I eligible for grace period update?

02:21:18. Can I search for cycle marker names from project logical editor?

02:24:59. Any tips for editing tempo better?

02:27:38. How to rename parts in the arranger track?

02:30:20. Why can’t I see warp markers when free warping on audio in a folder track?

02:32:56. Will there be a sale on Absolute 5 and will it be on new licensing?

02:34:08. How to compile a list of individual logical editor presets?

02:36:14. How to copy an event and not change the time of the event?

02:39:47. How to create a record track so I can record audio from a VSTi?

02:44:51. How to average tempo events in the tempo track?

02:46:38. Can I have audio loops follow the chord track?

02:49:45. How to use the scale assistant for a Lydian scale?

02:51:12. How to put logical editor presets from earlier versions into one common folder?

02:53:43. How to drag tracks and not have to scroll through hundreds of tracks?

02:56:59. How to send automation CCs to controller lanes in MIDI events?

03:03:38. How did you get the whole track above the project, how did it get there?

03:06:01. How to moves lanes to another lane?

03:08:50. Is there a way to see clipping live in SpectraLayers?

03:11:35. How to place tracks in the mixer window so numbers are out of order?

03:13:38. How to remap MIDI notes coming from an Akai controller?

03:17:04. Is it OK to roll off frequencies below 220 for a soprano wind instrument?

03:18:36. Is Cubase Pro 12 more stable than Cubase Pro 11?

03:20:03. When will the Cubase 12 version be available?

03:20:41. How to use the chord track in Cubase and any features in Cubase 12?

03:22:47. Where are all settings for Cubase stored on MacOs to install on new drive?

03:25:00. What is the D in the mixer when clicking on s with the alt key?

03:26:07. How to remap notes in Elements if there is no MIDI monitor or input transformer?

03:28:39. How to automate saturation on the start of a track in WaveLab Pro?

03:35:23. How to download large installation files in download assistant to external drive?

03:36:40. How to get plug-in folders in plug-in manager back?

03:39:32. How to create a looper recording workflow in Cubase?

03:42:16. How to show the grid lines when free warping in the sample editor?

03:44:29. How to setup a CC121 controller for quick controls?

03:47:27. Why can’t I see my created VST plug-in folders?

03:48:52. Why do some instrument tracks not play or clip when exporting a mix?

03:49:49. How many chord tracks can you have in a project?

03:51:00. Can a chord track analyze 3rd party plug-ins?

03:51:35. Will WaveLab load multiple tracks after saving in Cubase Pro 12?

03:52:39. IS there a script for the Yamaha ModX?

03:53:25. How to set a key command to toggle monitor on a non selected track?

03:56:49. Can I record vocals at 32bit with a UR24C?

03:58:16. How to place newly created group directly below selected track?

03:59:21. Can a bad VST plug-in collection cause plug-ins not to be visible?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Mar 29,  2022 (n53, 16974)

00:04:11. How to reverse MIDI notes using the logical editor?

00:05:50. Would Dorico and Cubase users benefit from tighter integration?

00:06:39. Can I have one mixer channel to left of inspector and show active selected track?

00:11:09. What is difference of linear and non-linear EQ and effect on parallel processing?

00:13:26. Is there a way to export stems from a folder?

00:16:07. Can Cubase help you win an Oscar?

00:17:06. How to select all events on one track?

00:18:08. How to duplicate an event using a keyboard shortcut?

00:19:15. How to move the MIDI events with the arrow keys?

00:20:56. How to see the quantize grid line in the main project window?

00:22:26. Why do I have problems exporting a XML file into Sibelius?

00:23:40. Can I warp tracks on tracks recorded from 2” tape to fix drums?

00:25:57. Any news regarding the Cubase 12 update?

00:26:25. Can you explain monitor and control room inserts better?

00:29:35. How to make your 808 do a slide note?

00:36:52. How to select all MIDI notes of same pitch by clicking on left keyboard in editor?

00:38:37. Does selecting root note in logical editor work with inverted chords?

00:41:24. How to use the scale assistant to create your own scales?

00:42:44. How to get a clean mix that is not fuzzy?

00:44:47. Are plug-ins inserted in the control room included in exported audio mixdowns?

00:46:35. How to quickly clear the inserts for all tracks?

00:54:31. How to stop status line from appearing after turning it off in new projects?

00:57:03. How to have a shortcut to bring the control room to the front?

00:58:57. How to change time signatures in the middle of the song?

01:00:19. How to close a plug-in window close when I open a new plug-in?

01:01:50. Is it common to change the buffer size when recording as opposed to mixing?

01:03:18. What is the protocol for getting MIDI data sent out to a 4rd party program?

01:05:11. Why does my Cubase 11 hate ASIO and why is it glitching out on me?

01:08:26. Why does my PC not even boot into Windows 10?

01:10:03. Why is Cubase not playing my video file?

01:13:35. How to migrate a custom Groove Agent from Mac to PC?

01:15:29. What key command moves the cursor to the start of the project?

01:16:55. Why do I get kicked out of using the pro warping algorithms?

01:18:53. Why can’t I MIDI learn with FabFilter plug-ins?

01:20:15. How to save a template with disabled tracks and 2 small audio files?

01:22:35. Can you clear all inserts from tracks using shift + alt/option?

01:25:05. Can audio files be updated to follow chords?

01:26:55. Is it possible to invert the colors on drop down menus?

01:27:51. What is the best audio mixdown format for YouTube videos?

01:29:04. Is there a maximum number of quick controls that can be assigned?

01:32:08. How to send MIDI to Max/MSP?

01:32:49. How to delete audio overlaps while recording?

01:34:32. How to utilize quick control assignments between 3rd party plug-ins?

01:35:42. Do I need to deauthorize all of my plug-ins before installing on a new computer?

01:36:21. How to listen in WaveLab to only mid and side channels?

01:40:51. Why does scales/chords color scheme in VariAudio look different in Cubase 12?

01:42:54. Why does lengthening a note in key editor extend it by 6 beats?

01:47:22. Why don’t all of my plug-ins scale correctly in hidpi mode?

01:48:44. How to stop tempo changing when dropping MIDI file from Stylus?

01:49:42. How to change the chord voicing in a chord track?

01:52:25. How to capture MIDI data generated by VST instrument arpeggiators in Cubase?

01:54:43. Can Steinberg add the option to add group tracks to no bus?

01:56:24. Why don’t inversions from chord pads carry over when dragged to project?

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From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Apr 12,  2022 (n86, 17060)

00:03:40. What can cause Cubase to use more CPU with fewer plug-ins?

00:05:41. Is it normal to have peak performance meter higher than peak?

00:08:26. Why do I have problems saving presets from Beat Designer MIDI plug-in?

00:11:05. Any news on multiple track freeze and Atmos in Cubase 12?

00:12:01. How to display live chords played in the MIDI key editor?

00:15:36. What is the easiest way to do a volume automation?

00:17:32. What is the fastest way of changing project tempo does not affect audio play back?

00:19:31. What is the best way to install Cubase 12 from scratch?

00:21:51. Does Greg give Hans Zimmer Cubase lessons?

00:24:07. Can I add different snapshots to my MixConsole?

00:26:02. What would cause a track to briefly drop out occasionally during playback?

00:28:22. Should I disable hyperthreading and run nvidia studio mode graphics driver?

00:28:54. How to have event ends snap to play position?

00:31:23. Why do I not see anything after hitting save preset in Beat designer?

00:33:00. Will the Nuendo 12 trial come out about 1-2 months after release?

00:33:49. Can automation be shown on a track without having to open lanes?

00:36:02. Why am I getting freezes in Cubase 12 in Win 10?

00:37:04. Can Greg give a quick tutorial on using hitpoints?

00:41:05. Why am I getting playback dropouts on new MacBook?

00:42:45. Is there a list of new Cubase 12 features?

00:46:10. Do I need the USB elicenser to run Verve?

00:48:09. Can Izotope plug-ins cause audio dropouts on tracks?

00:48:53. Is there a way to send sysex strings without sending F0 and F7?

00:51:06. How to use nexus3 instruments if it is part of Block List?

00:53:18. How to slow down a track in a song by 25% without changing pitch?

00:56:23. How to use VST Connect in Cubase 12?

00:58:36. Can mouse scroll wheel be deactivated for MixConsole volume and pan?

01:01:20. Will there be a lot of sample rate conversion to 48k for Dolby Atmos projects?

01:01:56. What is the easiest way to change sample rate on an existing project?

01:04:43. Are files from Cubasis mobile compatible with Cubase 12?

01:06:20. Is it possible to invert the direction when shift + scroll wheel horizontal scrolling?

01:08:49. How to use the onscreen keyboard with chord pads?

01:13:48. Why do some Steinberg instruments still require elicenser?

01:14:58. Would it be a waves issue if their instrument doesn’t load samples in project?

01:15:44. Should I have received a dongle with my Cubase 12 Pro purchase?

01:17:06. How to have Sysex to switch banks on Korg Kronos?

01:13:10. Is there a Cubase desktop keyboard shortcut skin?

01:19:45. Will people with only Cubase 12 be able to access previous versions of Cubase?

01:21:07. Will Steinberg come up with a plan to run earlier elicenser versions on new system?

01:21:49. Does Cubase come with a full version of HALion or HALion Sonic SE?

01:23:09. What is a good email to reach Greg at?

01:23:24. Is it possible to bind consoles 1-4 with MIDI remote?

01:25:32. Is it possible to disable MIDI remote from the MIDI remote?

01:27:36. Are there any feature differences between Cubase on Mac and PC?

01:27:55. What advice would you give to master Cubase?

01:31:09. Does Cubase work well with screen reader programs?

01:33:08. Can you show how to get the VU meter open?

01:34:55. How to bounce a wav and a mp3 at the same time?

01:37:13. How to setup HALion Sonic SE to use multiple CPU cores?

01:39:23. How to disable all plug-ins at the same time?

01:40:40. Can HALion Sonic SE3 or Groove Agent SE be accessed on Windows 8.1?

01:41:49. How customizable are the keyboard shortcuts in Cubase?

01:43:03. What do the 2nd and 3rd buttons on the soft clipper plug-in do?

01:48:01. Does normalizing vocals put them all on the same level?

01:48:51. Does Greg get to hang out with Dom Sigalas?

01:49:53. Can Greg go over VST Connect?

01:50:40. Should instruments like Groove Agent installed in Cubase 11 be reinstalled for 12?

01:51:50. Do MixConsole windows have an always on top mode?

01:53:16. Is there a way to start a MIDI recording from MIDI message from controller?

01:56:21. Does activating a project unload the other project from memory?

01:57:05. Is there a wait for note record mode in Cubase?

01:59:10. Is there a pause button to sometimes return to start?

02:03:35. Does the pre EQ get affected by changing signal flow position?

02:05:35. How to export multiple files recorded in cycle record as lanes?

02:08:41. Do people use effects to create voice doubling effects?

02:13:51. Is there a macro to cut empty space before and after MIDI events?

02:19:06. Is there a way to rotate the paper for a better score view?

02:21:08. How to get the score editor to show up in the lower zone?

02:22:35. How to adjust the trim with the smart tool?

02:23:26. How to export a MusicXML file from Cubase to Dorico?

02:24:39. Is there a way to change a VST preset using automation?

02:26:48. Is it possible to add an update to a audio connection preset?

02:28:06. Is it possible to scroll through a song horizontally with a controller?

02:34:04. How to change horizontal scrolling direction with mouse wheel?

02:35:40. Did Cubase stop ability to scroll to different selections with scroll wheel?

02:38:26. Why does opening multiple files in VariAudio show all pitch curves?

02:41:33. Why doesn’t my SpectraLayers One show up in Cubase 12?

02:43:05. How to record with lower latency with USB audio interfaces?

02:44:32. How to change the output of a MIDI drum part to a different note or instrument?

02:52:26. How to pass on audio file to someone using another DAW without issues?

02:53:20. Will Cubase work on Mac Studio wih Apollo as UA Spark plug-ins?

02:54:56. How to import and export a MIDI remote control script?

02:57:09. Can I purchase a Cubase 12 update in Russia?

02:58:51. How to setup HSO to record on separate tracks and is there a template?

03:06:58. Why do older plug-ins like LoopMash and Prologue not work in Cubase 12?

03:08:00 Did Steinberg discontinue certain instruments because they were 32bit?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Apr 15,  2022 (n90, 17150)

00:03:01. Why do I get crackles on my USB audio interface with thunderbolt computer?

00:07:06. Why Do I lose audio of entire section when removing noise with SpectraLayers?

00:10:06. Why can’t I see Groove agent Se and HALion Sonic SE after downgrading to 10?

00:12:51. Is there a list of headphones supported in Nuendo 12 headphone match plug-in?

00:13:30. Why is there a promotion for Nuendo 10 customers but not Nuendo 11 users?

00:14:18. Is there a quick way to strum MIDI notes?

00:16:34. When to upgrade for AXR4T?

00:17:27. How to remove certain notes using SpectraLayers 8?

00:19:42. Why does Cubase SKI crash when I try to change the password?

00:20:38. How to set meter colors in Cubase?

00:23:40. How to select a bump noise in SpectraLayers for noise profile?

00:25:04. Why can’t you export with NX headphones enabled?

00:26:05. What is the time limit to not get too tired when operating Cubase?

00:29:17. How to remove a remote MIDI device?

00:30:56. Why does double click not open editors page?

00:32:20. Can the font size on MIDI remote buttons be changed?

00:37:11. Why can’t I save presets into MIDI Beat Designer plug-in?

00:39:41. How to comp multi-track drums recorded in lanes?

00:44:38. How to double click to open editors in windows page?

00:46:51. Any tips on doing a tempo detection on freely recorded guitar and vocal?

00:51:13. Is there a way to use VST Connect for online musical technology lessons?

00:52:23. What suggestions do you have for mastering the mixer in Cubase?

00:53:46. Does Cubase 12 add gain at any point to Line6 plug-ins?

00:56:38. How to install Cubase 12 on a second machine?

00:58:07. How to refine chord detection analysis of a jazz MIDI track?

01:02:04. Is it possible to extend end of one event and start of other on different tracks?

01:05:59. Why can I see external effects on an audio track but not on a effect track?

01:07:40. How to get lanes button to show on tracks?

01:08:46. How to hear sounds when I create harmony voices using scale assistant in VariAudio?

01:12:53. Would WaveLab be a great tool for audio restoration?

01:14:23. How to record into Cubase while streaming in OBS?

01:16:06. How to minimize tempo fluctuations on tempo detected audio files?

01:18:22. How to use OBS for creating tutorials?

01:20:46. Can the data in automation lanes be made less bright?

01:22:18. Can you show how to duck a vocal track to a music track?

01:26:52. Is there a way to disable read automation on tracks that have no automation?

01:27:51. Is there an alternative download for Steinberg Electric Bass other than SDA?

01:31:46. Will Cubase benefit from an i9 processor with 64GB of RAM?

01:32:40. Have people run into problem losing click volume control through MIDI remote?

01:36:34. Can I bind a key command to stop all overloads in my project?

01:38:20. Do I still need a USB elicenser for HALion instruments?

01:39:37. How to see how many of my activations have been used for my Cubase 12?

01:42:07. Will Steinberg add Apple Spatial audio support to Cubase?

01:43:17. Can you show to enter notes in score using a MIDI keyboard?

01:46:43. Why does opening mixer in standalone mode cause a random track to change size?

01:50:17. Is there any vertical snap for automation points?

01:51:51. Why is MIDI remote slider fixed on the master output channel?

01:53:32. How to pass on tracks to other DAWs with primary takes muted alternate takes?

01:55:22. How to paste event ends to cursor position?

01:59:00. Can muted tracks be exported with mutes as a AAF file?

02:00:15. How to get rid of bad takes in a multitrack multilane recording?

02:01:34. How to use project logical editor to disable tracks to free up CPU?

02:06:21. How to change mic position in Spitfire library with expression map?

02:09:05. How to cut out part of a song so other parts jump out in front?

02:11:48. Can I load a Cubase 9.5 project into Cubase 11

02:14:14. How to retrieve a deleted file and drag from pool to project?

02:15:27. How to setup a Dolby Atmos session from scratch?

02:20:00. How can I save a preset with routing for external effects?

02:21:03. Is there a key command to reset audio when CPU is overloaded?

02:23:43. Why don’t I have Dolby Atmos in my Cubase Pro 12?

02:24:20. How to have ASIO driver share with other programs?

02:25:54. What is the best way to resolve a project file corrupted by switching computers?

02:27:00. Can I use a single MIDI controller to jog forward and backward in time?

02:30:11. Is it possible to transfer LoFi piano instrument to new licensing system?

02:31:44. Why do I get message tracks are not in sync when doing group editing?

02:33:10. Where to download the Cubase 12.01 update?

02:34:50. Why are audio files in original folder when doing a save as on project file?

02:37:55. How to eliminate unused tracks with logical editor?

02:42:36. How to do comp editing while using group editing?

02:47:38. How to delete a section of a song and have rest of song move forward?

02:51:00. Can the FX modulator have more than 1 MIDI trigger at a time?

02:51:37. Is there a Cubase 12 update and if so can I download it from the Download Assistant?

02:52:07. Is there a list of what content comes with Groove Agent SE and full versions?

02:55:01. How to have audio in sample editor be something besides black?

02:56:49. How to setup and export a Dolby Atmos session?

02:58:33. Where to find Cubase 12 update to download?

02:59:36. What is the cost of Cubase Pro?

03:00:14. Is Greg enjoying Atmos?

03:01:19. Are the prerequisites for audio interface settings for Dolby Atmos?

03:01:57. How to export a Dolby Atmos ADM file?

03:03:00. Will Cubase add the option for selected events to have red outline?

03:05:58. How to activate the listen bus while in full screen key editor?

03:12:00. How to have 2 independent voices with different rhythms in score editor?

03:17:04. How to embed volume automation on a track without applying inserts?

03:22:17. Can I use the scale assistant in the key editor to utilize pentatonic scales?

03:24:54. How can I move imported audio files from another DAW to their time stamp?

03:27:51. Does the arpeggiator in PadShop cause Cubase 12 to crash?

03:30:43. Can I record the MIDI output from MGuitar back into Cubase?

03:32:17. Can I move the pitch shift parameters in FX Modulator smaller than a semitone?

03:35:50. Is there a modifier key to adjust FX Modulator pitch shift in cents?

03:40:49. Will LoopMash get an oscilloscope update?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Apr 19,  2022 (n100, 17250)

00:02:51. How can I hear sample during audio import with click track?

00:04:35. Is it possible to backup and restore the recent file list from hub?

00:05:46. Is there a MediaBay file that stores user ratings info?

00:07:46. How to create a major or minor chord from a single note in logical editor?

00:16:29. How to get better performance from Cubase with 3rd party plug-ins?

00:17:53. Can you go over free warp again?

00:20:00. How to see drum maps if there are too many to see at once?

00:21:51. Is Spectrum Analyzer in SuperVision good for fixing kick and bass?

00:25:30. Is there a way to automatically name tracks from event names?

00:27:11. Why aren’t my chord pads working using my Arturia Keylab controller?

00:29:28. How can I hide CC data in selected event so it shows only when I want?

00:31:57. Can FX Modulator allow direct entry of value in curves?

00:35:03. How to stop playback after a punch out?

00:36:29. How to make tutorials with Cubase and OBS?

00:38:24. Why does entering data in top editor enter max value?

00:40:48. Why do bar numbers get way off when warp editing?

00:43:14. How can I crossfade and keep full levels of overlapping audio?

00:47:06. Where to find Media Browser Favorites file in Windows 10?

00:48:17. How to strum groups of notes in the MIDI key editor?

00:50:10. Can Greg show the MIDI chorder plug-in?

00:51:50. Can we compare our sound library to Greg’s to see as a reference?

00:53:55. Where does each instrument occupy in EQ space?

00:57:46. Is it possible to have 2 events execute with 1 second in between?

01:01:44. Where do I start to learn how to master Cubase?

01:05:58. Is there a note repeat function in Cubase?

01:09:04. Are there any Cubase update discounts for a 70 year old customer?

01:10:26. Where to find start/stop function in MIDI remote system?

01:15:00. What is the best DAW in Greg’s opinion?

01:15:51. Where should I go for the best elearning content for Cubase?

01:17:56. Can you do strumming guitar effects by dragging MIDI notes?

01:19:28. Can you create warp markers on a duplicated track versions?

01:21:23. Can you have the delete overlaps functions work for MIDI events?

01:22:41. How to avoid noise when recording guitar through a distortion effect?

01:25:34. How to have cymbals overhang when punching in drums?

01:28:08. How to expand or shrink MIDI notes other than doubling them in logical editor?

01:30:05. How to program Cubase for live performance using MIDI remote?

01:32:09. Can we have DOP preview be post clip gain?

01:35:00. Can we open a particular plug-in on a track with MIDI remote?

01:35:39. Will Steinberg add all generic remote functions to new MIDI remote system?

01:36:24. Does it cost more to buy a lesser version of Cubase and update or buy outright?

01:37:27. Is there anyone that makes money with Cubase for live performances?

01:37:55. Can the EQ be placed before the inserts for signal flow in channel editor?

01:39:41. Would using a Stream Deck be something helpful when starting Cubase?

01:42:01. Is there a Cubase user group in the UK?

01:42:44. Is Steinberg planning to develop Cubase for live performance?

01:43:14. Which process uses the most CPU resources audio or MIDI?

01:44:22. Why do some instrument plug-in interfaces appear small in Cubase 12?

01:45:25. Can I add CD track markers in Cubase or do I need to use WaveLab?

01:46:48. Can I capture audio live into HDR and then load them into Cubase?

01:47:45. How to setup a cue mix for headphones independent of control room?

01:53:44. How to open Cubase after updating Catalina to Monterey?

01:56:07. Is there a way to quantize the points of automation curves?

01:58:25. What are benefits of full versions of HALion Sonic and HALion 6?

01:59:51. Can you discuss recording over VST Connect?

02:10:20. Why do I sometime get audio overload on a project with a few instrument tracks?

02:12:58. Is Cubase more suitable on mac or Windows?

02:14:56. How to start producing songs on Cubase 5?

02:15:41. How to use visibility agent show between locators and include groups and effects?

02:25:48. What are the basic rules to know before using Cubase 5?

02:26:34. How to split multiple tracks all at once?

02:28:33. Why do I get so many empty tracks when rendering in place?

02:29:56. Can I deactivate a Cubase 12 license on a computer that I returned?

02:30:29. Can plug-ins remain open when drag and dropping from explorer?

02:33:02. How to get rid of unused audio files in project before mixing?

02:34:18. Why is laptop overloading when sending MIDI to external device and record audio?

02:36:09. Have people successfully migrated from PC to M1 Mac?

02:37:23. How to save different projects with same VE Pro routing?

02:39:31. Can you use VST Connect to stream projects to clients?

02:40:11. Can you use other DAWs to record into Cubase via VST Connect?

02:41:34. Will Steinberg create a master out plug-in to send out high quality audio?

02:42:22. Can I insert video at start of project without affecting later tempo changes?

02:46:25. Why does VSTi data get registered in MixConsole history?

02:49:11. Will these live streams continue for the foreseeable future?

02:51:08. How to see audio waveforms on smallest vertical height audio events?

02:54:14. Can new grid type options be added like 50 or 70ms?

02:55:23. Why does MixConsole history affect MIDI edits?

02:58:57. Can Steinberg create a plug-in that streams audio and video?

02:59:54. Can 2 different drum controllers play the same drum instrument?

03:03:24. Can a MIDI part be stretched or shrunk by a certain percentage?

03:09:16. Can I use my c24 controller with Cubase’s new MIDI remote system?

03:10:28. Can I create an FX chain with short reverb and long gated reverb?

03:14:23. How to do same edits across mic and DI recorded parts?

03:17:28. Can I use my monogram CC controller for multiple functions in MIDI remote?

03:19:19. How to disable all plug-ins at once?

03:23:15. When will HALion work without a dongle?

03:24:02. How to zoom MIDI editor to full event when double clicking on editor?

03:29:00. Why do dynamics affect MixConsole history in BBCSO?

03:30:59. Why doesn’t reveal file in finder work from the pool on all files?

03:34:24. Does the undo history undo all things or just certain things?

03:35:17. Is it possible to mix mono in verse and stereo in chorus?

03:38:52. Have you covered Dolby Atmos yet?

03:40:54. Can the track I/O routing be displayed in the bottom mixer?

03:42:01. How to get stop on spacebar to continue from stopped position?

03:43:52. Why does arranger track sometimes miss file start of events after flattening?

03:47:25. How to easily do notation of piano part from scratch?

03:49:46. How to access UR44 DSP inspector while using the control room?

03:51:46. How to get 12 independent cue sends?

03:52:42. Is it possible to access Prologue, Mystic and other previous VST instruments?

03:54:04. Is there a way to auto sync program settings on 2 computers?

03:55:53. Can I take selected tracks and change color, name and set output all at once?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Apr 22,  2022 (n97, 17347)

00:03:07. Why does changing my password in Cubase SKI cause Cubase to crash?

00:05:09. Why can’t I hear my metronome?

00:06:28. How to send imported MIDI file tracks to instrument tracks?

00:07:44. What Cubase version is being used for the Live Stream?

00:08:53. Can Cubase run in a full screen mode on macOS?

00:09:59. How to make all tracks the same height and make selected track bigger?

00:12:00. Will play back dropouts affect export audio mixdown?

00:13:32. Why do I only hear one note in key editor when selecting multiple notes?

00:16:53. How to trim out space underneath when one event is placed on top of other?

00:18:23. How to create an instrument stack with effects to load in other projects?

00:25:59. Why are chords missing sending audio to chord track?

00:28:33. Why does rendering MIDI to audio sometimes generate empty files?

00:29:23. Will Cubase add a fretboard in MIDI editor in addition to keyboard?

00:32:38. Is it possible to reduce the size of MIDI notes and reduce space between them?

00:34:53. How to get a big heavy metal guitar sound using included Cubase tools?

00:38:48. Will Cubase offer a monthly subscription or rent to own model?

00:40:14. Is there a way to convert Groove Agent kits to be used in HALion?

00:41:48. Is audio to MIDI chord missing?

00:43:05. How to switch instruments within the score editor?

00:45:55. How to set the channel number sequentially when adding channels?

00:48:35. What are some career highlights and low points of Greg’s 30 year career?

00:52:54. Can Greg explain VCA?

01:02:29. Why do buttons in edit pattern tab of Groove Agent go bad?

01:07:26. Can I share my music with Cubase users on the live stream?

01:07:59. How to add 3 or 4 tracks into a folder?

01:09:24. How to route multiple tracks to a folder?

01:11:13. What are the differences in Dolby Atmos functions between Cubase and Nuendo?

01:12:55. How to control audio fader with CC messages from a monogram controller?

01:16:40. What are some of Greg’s favorite bass players?

01:17:58. How to choose base color of track when adding colors sequentially to multiple tracks?

01:22:13. Can I get to Dorico to open up as Cubase’s score editor?

01:23:24. Is there a way to render in place to a track version as opposed to a new track?

01:24:28. Can Download Assistant identify what needs updating going from Absolute 4 to 5?

01:25:09. Will Steinberg add more control room cues in the future?

01:25:53. Where can we listen to Hit The Road project in full?

01:27:29. What is the best way to run 2 compressors in series?

01:30:12. What DI was used in the project Hit the Road?

01:31:14. How to clean up the project folder of unused audio files before mixing?

01:32:56. Will Yamaha upgrade Greg’s work computer?

01:33:43. Can Steinberg flip the mouse scroll wheel direction without doing it at OS level?

01:34:57. Is it safe to switch from Big Sur to Monterey?

01:36:16. How to export the track from after mix and master?

01:37:15. How can I link a MIDI track to its audio track?

01:39:57. Is there an icon to indicate that all instruments and samples in project are loaded?

01:42:02. Can channel numbers kept in order when adding MIDI tracks in middle?

01:45:28. Why do MIDI parts adjust to follow chord track automatically?

01:50:39. How to do some vocal treatment and basic mixing?

01:55:12. Will Cubase 12 work with Windows 10 Pro?

01:56:40. How to route an aux out as a side chain input in Groove Agent?

02:03:08. Why does selecting a different MIDI track reset MIDI volume to Akai S5000?

02:05:44. Why aren’t effects included when adjusting signal through 2nd group?

02:10:41. How to export all tracks for after mix and master?

02:12:13. How to transform an audio bass guitar to MIDI?

02:18:56. Will Cubase 12 work on Windows 10 Por?

02:19:32. Is there a way to have more than 8 quick controls?

02:25:04. Does VariAudio come with Cubase Artist?

02:26:52. Where are the arpeggiator presets stored in PadShop and Retrologue?

02:30:27. Does it make sense to invest in a 2011 Mac mini for my studio?

02:34:03. Can the range tool be used in the project window?

02:34:54. Is HALion 7 near release date?

02:35:47. Can Stems be manipulated for live performance?

02:39:39. Can I record a voice dry and through pitch correction in real time?

02:43:06. How to change the start point of a loop?

02:45:20. How to do warp editing in Cubase 12?

02:47:05. Will Nuendo 12 have all features of Cubase 12?

02:47:36. Are some plug-ins less stable in Cubase than other DAWs?

02:48:50. Can the arranger track be used to repeat sections in a project?

02:51:00. Is there a way to set a specific project file location for project logical editor presets?

02:54:40. Does using the URRT2 interface make the control room irrelevant?

02:58:32. How to fix rhythmic timing of dotted 8th followed by 16th note audio file?

03:00:13. How to change tempo in a song and create tape stops?

03:04:41. How to change tempos during a song?

03:05:04. How to have copied MIDI events reflect changes made on 1st part?

03:09:01. How to make LoopMashFX tape stops last longer?

03:10:01. How to start all audio files to start with the same characters?

03:14:36. What is the website with all of the live stream info?

03:15:18. Did the VariAudio MIDI conversion create articulation switches?

03:17:32. Where to find an orchestral bass drum sample?

03:22:31. How to colorize a folder track?

03:23:48. What are Greg’s favorite bass amps?

03:24:44. What is a good bass amp VST plug-in?

03:26:58. Can you draw in vibrato in VariAudio?

03:27:50. Where to turn on snap points in sample editor?

03:29:19. How to open more than one key editor at a time?

03:31:57. Where is the edit function to move event with small diamond and fader?

03:33:49. Why don’t I see quick controls recorded into the MIDI event?

03:38:53. How to work with hardware multiple external synths sent to a mixer?

03:43:50. Is there a Cubase mat listing keyboard shortcuts to speed up workflow?

03:44:49. What is the difference between VariAudio and Melodyne?

03:45:22. How to have a loop set and have transport return to start of loop when stopped?

03:46:56. Can you explain hierarchy of a music album from top to bottom or vice versa?

03:48:22. Is there an option to number every measure in the score editor?

03:50:48. Can you explain the best level to record audio using a UR816C?

03:52:54. How to do crossfades when comping in lanes?

03:54:50. Can different MixConsole snapshots be used in export audio queue?

03:56:15. What is the best way to save custom presets from multiple 3rd party VSTis?

03:56:52. How to keep effect send levels the same when increasing volume of tracks?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Apr 26,  2022 (n88, 17435)

00:05:50. What is Greg’s advice of companies selling discounted Cubase updates?

00:08:06. How to transfer a song from Cubase 11 to Cubase 12?

00:10:02. How to copy CC data from one track to another?

00:12:49. How to manage VST effects by genre?

00:14:28. How to copy MIDI CCs from one track to another with a key command?

00:16:47. How to sync delay with project tempo for guitar solos?

00:19:09. How to know when a project is completely finished loading samples?

00:21:07. How to do a backup project and what is it’s use?

00:23:24. How to achieve harmonies from a single audio file?

00:26:09. Can a Cubase Elements project load into Cubase Pro?

00:27:19. Is there a stock plug-in to swap left and right channels in control room?

00:31:27. Is there any way to pull a vocal out from a mixed audio file?

00:33:03. Why do Izotope plug-ins cause Cubase 12 to crash?

00:35:03. Any tips for using the LinOne dither plug-in?

00:36:59. Why is my guitar recording input gain so low?

00:38:59. Can Cubase 10 owners watch the live stream as well?

00:39:32. How to link an MPC Studio with Cubase?

00:40:52. How to extract 5.1 audio files from a DVD into Cubase?

00:44:54. How many outputs are needed on my interface for working on a 5.1 mix?

00:46:31. How to have the tempo follow a MIDI event not following a click track?

00:48:19. Is there a project logical editor preset to move files with similar name to track?

01:02:00. Why is audio recorded at a low level in Cubase 12?

01:03:19. What is the equivalent of a sample delay in Cubase?

01:06:27. How to take advantage of my 192k audio interface in Cubase?

01:07:43. Where to adjust the buffer size of audio interface in Cubase?

01:09:15. Does the LinOne plug-in actually do the sample rate and bit depth conversion?

01:11:41. What stock plug-ins can be used to get a bright Victor Wooten bass sound?

01:13:04. Why do I have problems playing videos on my Cubase on Mac?

01:15:07. Would I lose access all my instruments if I lose disconnect the dongle?

01:17:11. How to register the output of ana instrument to an audio track?

01:20:54. Why can’t I see my snap point in the sample editor?

01:23:44. Is it true that JYP Entertainment uses Cubase?

01:24:05. Is there a place/app to learn how to do better mixes?

01:25:41. Any tips on time correcting an audio file like guitars or percussion?

01:29:25. How to get rid of tracks created when importing MIDI files?

01:32:15. How to find the loop recording lanes?

01:33:50. Would the LinOne plug-in be effective in outputting 24/96k to 16/44.1 files?

01:34:28. How to delay a track in ms left and right to create Haas effect?

01:37:01. Is it possible to edit 2 MIDI tracks at once?

01:40:25. When will WaveLab Pro go to the new elicenser system?

01:41:07. How to stop my Cubase from crashing?

01:42:09. How to set a smaller delay on stereo delay to pull off Haas effect?

01:42:27. What is a Cubase feature request that Greg has?

01:43:08. Why do I have plug-ins that crash when I drag them into Cubase?

01:44:09. Is it possible to download the marker list to be imported into excel?

01:45:57. Why is the image after recording basically a straight line?

01:48:27. Is there a way to get a synced digital audio stream from another PC over ethernet?

01:50:28. Why are plug-ins recognized by MediaBay crashing the program?

01:50:54. What are some great features of Cubase over other programs?

01:51:54. How to open a Cubase 12 track into WaveLab 11 Pro?

01:53:41. How to see the grid lines in the sample editor?

01:55:04. Why does the octaves chords change after 4 bars of the chord track?

01:57:20. How to set grid mode to different time format than primary time?

02:00:15. How to color MIDI tracks in project being fed to HALion 6?

02:03:40. Is dithering needed for low dynamic EDM style projects?

02:04:31. Does Cubase have Mix Engine FX?

02:05:35. How to create my own FlexPhraser presets in HALion 6?

02:10:46. Are there any tutorials on optimizing computers for Cubase?

02:11:48. Why does my RevX reverb not work without the dongle?

02:14:17. Is Dante often used for Dolby Atmos work?

02:15:38. Can I use DVS to send audio to send out to VSTis n different computer?

02:17:02. Does working with higher buffer sizes cause visual display offsets during playback?

02:20:19. Why is my auto scroll “janky” looking in the key editor?

02:22:59. Why is the OS CPU monitor different than audio performance meter in Cubase?

02:25:41. Is the blue flashing light on Greg’s transport his heartbeat?

02:26:56. Is Triebwerk and Hypnotic Dance updated in Cubase 12?

02:27:48. Do you have any experience mapping the MIDIfighter Twister in MIDI remote?

02:28:23. Can Avid Artist be used with new MIDI remote system?

02:29:05. Can peaked 32bit audio recording be recovered?

02:32:24. How to mix in Dolby Atmos?

02:37:06. What is best setup for direct monitoring with AXR interface?

02:42:59. Is there a way to apply a fade in and fade out with a single key command?

02:44:02. Is it better to run 8 instances with singles sound or single instance with 8 sounds?

02:45:48. Does Cubase offer any console emulation plug-ins?

02:46:46. Will there be a Zoom meetup after the next Live Stream?

02:47:34. Does Cubase already support Dolby Atmos mixing?

02:49:45. What are the various way to detect the pitch on one shot samples?

02:52:56. How to set the tempo of a file that has been tempo detected?

02:56:51. How to find out tempo of a file that I got from another producer?

02:57:42. How to automate changes in rhythmic patterns from built in arpeggiators?

03:02:39. How to figure out exact tempo of file that is fluctuating every beat?

03:04:39. How to set a track with fluctuating tempo to a steady tempo?

03:12:07. How can I merge different songs into a single project?

03:14:49. Why can’t I hear hardware that is configured as an external effect?

03:16:38. How to work with FX Modulator in ¾ or 6/8 meter?

03:21:36. How to get MIDI arpeggiators to run on existing MIDI data?

03:28:58. Is there an XY controller to switch between different FX Modulator?

03:32:33. Can a Cubase Pro help me with a major crash from 2 weeks ago?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Apr 29,  2022 (n53, 17488)

00:03:40. How to setup a key command for bounce audio?

00:06:36. Why do I get project can not be found message opening Cubase 9 project?

00:08:10. Can you give a little overview of the UR24C?

00:10:43. How to select a folder and see all tracks in the MIDI key editor?

00:18:13. Do Mix Console snaphots include faders of MIDI tracks?

00:21:39. Why does transpose with chord track not work with cycle repeat?

00:26:16. Is it possible to rename and prepend audio file names?

00:29:56. Can I use a MIDI file as reference to quantize pitch in VariAudio?

00:32:00. Can I take a project from Cubase to Cubasis?

00:33:02. What is the difference between rendering and bouncing a track?

00:35:18. Should I use the control room with a UR24C in a home studio environment?

00:36:05. Can you please explain pan law?

00:39:49. How to do a multichannel drum output with Groove Agent?

00:44:22. How to get the S point in the sample editor?

00:46:06. Does Cubase have a tool that stops time so I can use Cubase more?

00:46:43. Does transpose track work with change when using chord track cycled?

00:48:53. How to quantize a guitar solo?

00:52:32. Is there a way to auto colorize tracks when added to a folder?

00:54:41. How to add waves plug-ins properly, i.e., EQ and compressor?

00:56:47. How to setup Groove Agent to channels?

01:02:51. How to turn off hyperthreading on my computer?

01:03:30. Is there a key command to change focus when multiple windows are open?

01:06:00. What is the longest beat that you could make in Cubase?

01:06:23. IS there a guitar editor to make guitar samples with Cubase?

01:08:21. How can we download free plug-ins in wave from 11?

01:08:47. Can you play live guitar on your chat and record it?

01:09:22. Do you have some tips for ceiling speakers for Atmos work?

01:11:38. What is the best way to play samples when MediaBay get deactivated?

01:13:24. How to best balance and clarity on the low end in bass oriented orchestral project?

01:15:33. Should I just transpose trombone down 12 for bass trombone sequences?

01:16:43. Can you please advise monitors for my home studio?

01:17:46. What are advantages of project logical editor in channel strip or plug-ins?

01:19:58. Where to get controller scripts that are not listed?

01:20:33. How to access 2 separate agents in Groove Agent 5?

01:24:39. Can I pitch quantize a VariAudio line to a MIDI melody part?

01:27;35. Is Greg a producer?

01:28:07. What is difference between using inputs ½ vs. mono inputs?

01:30:06. What guitar amps come with Cubase?

01:30:39. Is the song Be Someone that Greg uses available for streaming anywhere?

01:32:20. How to preview loops in MediaBay through effect plug-ins?

01:33:33. When will there be an update for Helix Native?

01:33:53. How many amps are there in the VST Amp Rack?

01:35:15. How to change the dynamics and tone of a trumpet recording?

01:37:38. When playing multiple tracks in Groove Agent does the track name change?

01:38:28. Does opening workspaces turn snap on automatically?

01:42:18. How to channel select solo on group and have all tracks in group soloed?

01:44:22 How to freeze multiple channels at once?

01:46:22. How to not have name of MIDI file imported with MIDI file to instrument tracks?

01:50:19. How to incrementally save without unnecessary duplication of audio files?

01:52:23. Can Greg share his logical and project logical editor presets?

01:53:27. Does freezing a track unload the plug-in and free up CPU resources?

01:53:57. Why do my control room setups need to be reset with AXR on Mac?

01:55:22. How to beat match 2 tracks with different tempos?

02:00:46. Wrap up. Migrate to Zoom social meetup!

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

May 3,  2022 (n72, 17560)

00:03:45. Can copying an insert copy its sidechain inputs as well?

00:05:30. Why does recording in Cubase cause the transport to jump back 1 bar?

00:09:55. Is it OK to delete projects saved before final version?

00:12:02. Does make new version help to finalize warp edits?

00:15:37. Was there an upgrade in SpectraLayers One from Cubase 11 to 12?

00:17:03. Is there a way to maintain channel level when applying channel EQ?

00:19:25. Are all versions of SpectraLayers running on new licensing system?

00:21:00. Why does record roll back 1 measure when using count in?

00:23:26. Why do I see 2 sliders when doing a side chain reverb?

00:26:11. Can you share any tips on tracking a singer songwriter?

00:30:22. IS there any equivalent to audiosuite processing on events in Cubase?

00:33:28. Why is added quick control in despair?

00:37:23. Why don’t MIDI files have any channel processing when exporting them?

00:39:28. How to sync video to Scores and scenes etc.?

00:43:28. Can you explain the correlation between average load and CPU load?

00:45:56. Do you still need a USB dongle if all apps are not on new licensing?

00:47:09. Can new licenses be stored on a memory stick?

00:48:11. Why does triggering record from MIDI remote controller record 1 measure earlier?

00:49:12. Can you show how to use more than 8 focus quick controls?

00:53:47. How to move cycle marker range without setting left and right locators separately?

00:54:54. Is there any way to mixdown an arranger chain song without flattening?

00:55:49. How to create a track or group track where audio is recorded transposed in real time?

00:58:57. Is there an option in the MIDI modifiers for randomizing MIDI panning?

01:03:24. How to collaborate remotely on a project in Cubase?

01:07:26. Is Cubase able to detect tempo of an audio event and move it to start of bar?

01:10:54. Can you atomate plug-ins while offline processing for vocal delay throws?

01:15:03. Why is my quick control setting not saved?

01:16:43. Can I export a project with arranger chain without flattening first?

01:17:32. How to change all chord pads to not be in in adaptive voicing in one click?

01:22:01. Why does icon controller sometimes have faders that fight themselves?

01:23:51. Can we use the MIDI jog through MIDI remote with monogram console?

01:27:53. Can AXR4 interface inputs be linked together?

01:28:56. Why does adding tracks, plug-ins and Melodyne cause Cubase to crash?

01:30:56. Can Greg discuss the Yamaha RUio16 interface?

01:32:34. How to export a wav and a mp3 file at the same time?

01:34:08. Should I use dedicated ASIO driver or generic low latency driver?

01:36:13. How to make pitch bend and volume CC move with MIDI notes?

01:39:24. How does the future of ReWire look?

01:40:50. How to replace the audio snare hots on a track with new samples?

01:44:56. Will Steinberg develop an AI instrument to make music from math models?

01:47:46. Is it possible to add a photo of the guitar amp and add it to a tracks information?

01:49:10. Does Cubase have a strummer feature?

01:50:47. Does the audio alignment tool work in Cubase 12 on Catalina?

01:51:35. How to apply note expression data post for an MPE instrument?

01:55:45. Does Cubase have functions like band in a box?

01:58:00. How to apply pre gain to multiple tracks at once?

02:00:18. How to copy events and restrain movement of copy?

02:03:54. Why does Cubase make a limit with 8 focus quick controls?

02:07:45. How to insert stereo plug-ins without adding a separate group track?

02:10:52. How to calculate tempo refinements after tempo detection?

02:13:58. What is new in creating instrument or device panels?

02:14:09. Is there an automap function for eternal hardware?

02:16:10. Is there a function to set noise reduction automatically during recording?

02:17:15. Does Steinberg plan on moving to a subscription model?

02:18:47. Are patch scripts still a thing for external hardware?

02:20:32. Does Cubase have a record label for demo tracks?

02:21:36. Can you takes us through Groove Agent styles and patterns using one kit?

02:27:09. Will my Nektar P4 script for Cubase 11 work in Cubase 12?

02:31:07. Why do I have to toggle some buttons twice using the new MIDI remote?

02:34:09. Are there any prog Groove Agent expansion kits?

02:34:44. Can I use 2 interfaces one for tracking and one for playback?

02:36:03. Why is my controller remain illuminated after function has been executed?

02:36:57. How to monitor effects like reverb while tracking but not record them?

02:43:07. Why do audio connection presets not get restored after switching audio rivers?

02:45:10. Is there a way to reorder the audio inputs by dragging their order?

02:46:20. Is it possible to open projects by double clicking them from the hub?

02:47:47. How to export a vocal track as a mono file after doing VariAudio editing?

02:50:18. Does Steinberg keep their ear on the pulse to deliver new Groove Agent content?

02:51:01. Is Steinberg doing research on running plug-ins powered by GPU?

02:53:18. How to pan certain notes in key editor when using the sampler track?

02:57:38. How to select presets in triton rack by name from within Cubase?

03:00:20. How to load a picture to a new track?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

May 6,  2022 (n97, 17657)

00:03:03. Why does sample track not receive audio from within the project?

00:05:20. How to separate parts on the project window based upon grid?

00:07:00. Why are my VSS4 reverb tails being cut off?

00:10:32. Can we use a Cubase 12 demo project as the basis for a template?

00:11:19. What are advantages and disadvantages of recording 24bit vs. 32bit floating point?

00:13:15. Should I run MAudio controller under MIDI or USB with UR interface?

00:14:49. When will there be a new deal for Cubase upgrades?

00:15:28. Why does my sustain pedal pan track to the right?

00:17:41. How to setup the control room when using a UR24C interface?

00:19:06. Will Cubase have any mixing contest coming up?

00:20:09. How to identify CC data in remote control causing track to hard pan?

00:21:26. How to take the feel of a live drum recording and use Groove Agent Sounds?

00:24:45. Do any Cubase plug-ins implement an all pass filter?

00:27:56. How to add a VCA to a selected track?

00:30:02. Why does my mic cause clicks when it is enabled as an input?

00:31:59. Is it possible to copy CC1 data to velocity using logical editor?

00:38:54. How to draw in a melody within the same track in the key editor?

00:40:47. Any issues with Antelope Discreet 4 interfaces with Cubase?

00:41:54. Does Greg ever accidentally save a project during a live stream?

00:43:34. How to select notes in piano roll and scale length?

00:46:11. How to hear only the delay effect and not source when soloing it?

00:50:04. Why is the grid of my project not matching editing grid?

00:52:17. Are these live streams tutorial based or something else?

00:52:35. What can cause a USB mic to add noise when connected?

00:55:39. What makes Iconica expensive?

00:56:58. Why is my direct monitor option greyed out and disabled?

00:59:00. Can you demo MIDI expression?

01:02:23. Is there a MIDI remote template from the Yamaha ModX6?

01:03:32. Will the phrase manager be coming back?

01:05:00. How to create overlaps when using legato mode in the key editor?

01:06:48. Can you scale notes within the key editor?

01:08:46. How to scale rhythms in key editor?

01:10:46. How to do matching EQs in Cubase?

01:14:19. If you duplicate a track to bounce and free up CPU does original track still use CPU?

01:20:49. Does disabling instrument track cause connection problems when re-enabled?

01:25:04. Should I run CLA plug-ins as an insert or send?

01:26:21. How to deactivate the CPU overload messages?

01:29:31. What are some tips and tricks on using SpectraLayers?

01:32:18. Can I bounce multiple tracks at the same time in Cubase 12 with SpectraLayers?

01:34:21. How to get ARA extension options to show in info line above the project window?

01:35;54. How to get more mixer channels in view on my 13” Macbook Pro?

01:38:23. How to use pitch switch plug-in to get a chipmunk vocal effect?

01:42:07. How to fix speed and pitch of recording done on battery drained tape recorder?

01:49:00. How to use the MixConsole to create cue mixes without affecting project mix?

01:54:08. Why are there 4 different mixers in windows?

01:55:31. Can you edit and export video in Cubase?

01:58:09. How to determine what folders samples and audio files were copied from?

02:00:17. Is there a plug-in to detect and correct phase problems in Cubase?

02:06:59. Can the solo rear speakers in control room undo the solo?

02:12:19. Are there any channels to work on game sound, ambisonics and atmos?

02:13:16. Is it possible to freeze multiple tracks with a key command or macro?

02:15:37. Is the MAudio Axiom 61 automatically detected in Cubase MIDI remote?

02:16:27. How to render in place realtime as an analog capture back into project?

02:21:16. How to create a Groove Agent kit and map each sound to different outputs?

02:24:13. Is Steinberg doing anything to attract new uses not liking subscription models?

02:25:38. How to work with background vocals and pan law?

02:28:14. Can Steinberg add a sub button in thee control room with crossover control?

02:20:10. Why does my fader reset to 0 after recording?

02:35:04. How to pin a couple of faders to right side of the mixer?

02:37:11. Can you add a VCA fader to multiple tracks at once?

02:38:46. Any chance that MCC data might get added to new MIDI remote control?

02:40:11. Can you demonstrate the multi panner that comes with Cubase Pro 12?

02:43:18. How to get a curve in the automation lane?

02:45:16. How to match stereo sample tracks with mono recorded audio tracks?

02:48:38. How to use the listen function from within the key editor in full screen?

02:53:40. How do you do transient shaping in Cubase?

02:55:19. Why does my MIDI CC data for Spitfire get reset to 0?

02:57:15. Why doesn’t my listen key command work while key editor is in full screen?

02:59:24. What about sync video with time code at beginning or not start of timeline?

03:02:26. How do you handle your windows on windows desktops?

03:03:15. Can Steinberg release info on new features in the pipeline?

03:04:50. Why did I lose ability to open and close all mixers with F3?

03:08:36. Will Greg reveal when he starts working with Cubase 13?

03:10:38. What are Greg’s favorite headphones to use with Cubase?

03:11:56. Can Steinberg add individual pan laws per track in the future?

03:12:59. How do you route your tracks?

03:14:42. How to create a template with instruments loaded and colors configured?

03:16:34. Is Sequel 3 included with Cubase Pro 12?

03:20:18. If I have 32 ins and outs should they be 16 stereo or 32 mono connections?

03:22:13. Can Steinberg add MIDI controls for 2 non-standard MIDI controls?

03:24:39. Can tracks be colorized on the VSTi rack column on the right hand side?

03:26:21. Any ideas of when the maintenance release of Cubase 12 will be released?

03:28:10. Can you use the offset to put the video ahead?

03:28:30. What does Greg think of a particular Depeche Mode track?

03:30:28. How to update from 11 to 12 what happens with my USB elicenser?

03:31:22. Do I need to download the new 8GB Verve piano to run Cubase 12?

03:33:26. Is there a way to store colors for tracks by default?

03:36:37. What is causing latency issues with a UR22C interface?

03:39:10. How to retain orchestral placement when running tracks through a stereo reverb?

03:40:50. How to export a binaural mix from Cubase?

03:43:56. How to report a bug on warping to grid?

03:44:33. Will Greg please not retire soon?

03:45:04. Is there a way to change all automation lanes in a project at once?

03:46:51. How does Greg choose a patten in Groove Agent?

03:49:45. Why do some functions like listen need button to be hit twice in MIDI remote?

03:54:16. How to map new MIDI remote controller pads etc.?

03:57:49. Is there a way to link multiple stereo processing plug-ins for a 5.1 track?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

May 10,  2022 (n93, 17750)

00:03:09. Why does Cubase not load many heavy 3rd party plug-ins?

00:06:54. How to get logical editor to write 8 measures of 16th note hi hats?

00:12:02. IS relation of tracks affected when tracks are sent to a group?

00:16:37. When will be the next promotion for Cubase updates?

00:17:43. Is it possible to see more than one instrument in the in-place editor?

00:21:20. Is there a general workflow presentation on Cubase 12?

00:22:17. Do heavy plug-ins not working cause for heavy CPU performance?

00:24:29. Is it normal to have to adjust timing to match VSTis and a synth?

00:26:06. What is the role of the URC DSP MixFX?

00:31:45. How to convert orchestral transpositions so articulations work in other keys?

00:35:42. Do audio file paths retain relative paths when switching between Mac and PC?

00:40:39. Can 8 measures of 16th note hi hats be added with a key command?

00:41:23. How to keep inserts and sends always open in left inspector?

00:45:59. Why does pitch shift offline process show differently when opening again?

00:47:45. How to add more than 16 insert effects on a track?

00:48:57. What can cause my Mac to get spinning wheel after leaving it on overnight?

00:50:56. What can cause the visibility tab to not be easily read?

00:52:18. How many tracks are available in Cubase Elements?

00:54:16. How to get my code back from Cubase 11 Pro to update to Cubase 12 Pro?

00:56:32. Why use the control room if I am using a Steinberg UR24C?

01:01:30. Can Greg do a live stream of a mixing session?

01:02:08. Is it possible to rename automation lane names?

01:05:09. Is there an equivalent to earlier Cubase versions ghost parts?

01:08:30. What do the colors represent in WaveLab’s loudness display?

01:13:14. How to apply tempo map of one file to another audio file?

01:17:52. How to make drum editor open when double clicking on a MIDI event?

01:19:36. Can VST System link work with MADI interfaces?

01:20:15. What is going on in this live stream?

01:21:35. Can Steinberg assign a MIDI control to switch pages of remote control editor?

01:22:39. How to get started with the score editor?

01:25:52. Does Cubase have any MPE VST instruments?

01:27:18. Will VST sound libraries be updated to the new licensing system?

01:28:19. Is there any way to get Prologue synthesizer to work in Cubase 12?

01:28:56. Can Greg post some tutorials on the Cubase score editor?

01:29:12. How to setup multiple hardware controllers in new MIDI remote?

01:31:17. Can Greg show how he got wonderful sound on Amos Moses track?

01:36:15. Is it typical in orchestral mix to have to bring down tracks by 38dB?

01:38:10. What evidence do I need in order to crossgrade from Pro Tools?

01:39:24. What is the point of using linear amplitude scale in FFT meter?

01:40:16. How to define song structure with colors?

01:43:13. How can dialog tools be used for a singer in a musical context?

01:45:35. Can the included SpectraLayers One remove vocals from a track?

01:47:35. How to find the tempo of a track that comes from a different producer?

01:48:17. Is there any new Steinberg hardware coming?

01:50:00. Can categories of instruments be set to open different editors?

01:53:58. Can I enter pitch and rhythm for notes from computer keyboard in score editor?

01:56:29. How to export processed audio and non processed in separate folders?

02:03:11. How to extract all notes below a certain pitch to a separate track?

02:05:34. Can Greg make his logical editor presets available to use?

02:06:21. Is there an option for playback to start from the start of a cycled region?

02:08:18. What are the best zooming options in Cubase?

02:10:33. Why does Cubase freeze the audio when switching to a different program?

02:11:28. Is it possible to assign functions to the black and white keys of a MIDI keyboard?

02:14:25. Can I use the sounds from my DGX650 as a VST instrument?

02:15:59. How to integrate a Novation Bass station 2 into Cubase?

02:16:43. How to calibrate level of 0 of Cubase and Motu audio interface?

02:19:29. Where to find the 12.02 update in the download manager?

02:21:04. Is there a function in Cubase to flip direction of scroll wheel not in OS?

02:22:19. Can you change the voices inside of the drum kits in Groove Agent?

02:26:44. How to setup a tool bar that runs macros?

02:28:47. How to use the loudness meter to help with levels for streaming services?

02:31:46. What can cause a project to have a long save time?

02:33:11. Why when importing tracks from other DAWs are they not on the grid?

02:35:40. Is Cubase written in C++?

02:37:41. Why do I have a lot of noise when applying distortion effect to an electric guitar?

02:40:10. Can you explain the MIDI chase events preferences?

02:42:59. Why can’t I find Prologue on Cubase 12 Mac?

02:45:25. Has Greg found the arranger track to be useful even with need to flatten for export?

02:48:30. Where to open the computer input function in the score editor?

02:51:19. How to reduce the vocals volume going to a bus channel?

02:54:48. How to calibrate inputs between Motu audio interface and Cubase?

02:56:46. How to ramp up or down the tempo?

02:58:08. What was the editor display Greg was using with Groove agent?

02:59:26. How much storage and RAM does Greg have on his computer?

03:01:17. What is the difference between pre filter when it is red and not in settings channel?

03:05:34. Is it possible to hide panel indicating recording time, format, pan law etc.?

03:07:51. Can we have different controllers for instruments, plug-ins and Cubase?

03:11:54. Is there a preference or advantage to using HALion over HALion Sonic for playback?

03:12:42. How to disable 100 tracks at once even within folders?

03:20:00. Can I copy a sample to multiple Groove Agent pads at once?

03:24:05. Can I configure outputs 5 and 6 for speakers and cue mix at same time?

03:26:21. When will many plug-ins be able to be enlarged?

03:28:32. Can we add folders to group tracks easily?

03:30:50. Why is there so much focus on logical editor?

03:32:19. How to make change in one MIDI event to other copied events?

03:35:41. How to have different samples reversed and pitched within Groove Agent?

03:37:57. How to see what quantize value was applied to a particular MIDI region?

03:41:41. Is there a way to map the slice function for drum quantizing to a remote control?

03:45:57. Why does my main volume button default to -18dB?

03:47:08. Is there a way to send messages from MIDI remote to turn lights on/off on controller?

03:52:10. How to set the default snap value in the drum editor?

03:56:26. Will Steinberg release a free PadShop library?

03:57:15. Is there a way to not have newly added tracks appear in mixer view configuration?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

May 13,  2022 (n100, 17850)

00:03:01. How to make free warp edits snap to grid?

00:05:46. Why can’t I audition files in the MediaBay?

00:06:55. Is it true that Cubase has added multi freeze?

00:08:48. Is it possible to slice audio with offset using a key command or MIDI remote?

00:09:41. Can you have MIDI set to quantized audio slices automatically?

00:13:55. Why can’t I hear Cubase play audio on new laptop?

00:16:21. Why does Cubase hang for a long time on exit?

00:17:32. What can I use for verification for a competitive crossgrade?

00:18:36. What is the easiest way to take a pattern from Groove Agent and put it in Cubase?

00:23:09. Should I power down my Mac Pro overnight to prevent beachballs the next day?

00:24:03. Can you show multitrack free warping on the project window?

00:27:25. How to sync live drums?

00:32:02. Why can’t I select any parts after recording on the timeline?

00:34:01. Would a MacBook Air be good for tracking live concerts in Cubase?

00:35:33. How to setup spacebar to stop transport from last position played?

00:39:15. How to sync the score page to my chord track?

00:41:08. Why do my ruler tracks not get preserved when saving my template?

00:45:50. How to set taps on multitap delay to 30 and 90 seconds?

00:48:41. How to avoid missing library messages on external disk when it is not connected?

00:51:16. Why can’t I select events on my project window?

00:51:58. How to make drums sync to MIDI files?

00:54:24. How to add, change or delete notes in the score editor?

00:56:18. What is the little box under the mute button in the track area?

00:57:27. Why don’t Groove Agent patterns lite up when MIDI is playing from events?

01:00:11. How to incorporate a select all and transpose octave key commands in a macro?

01:04:17. How to disable auto record enable when track is selected?

01:06:06. Why do I have to force exit to load some large projects?

01:06:52. What are some differences between Cubase 10 and the latest version?

01:08:52. Is it worth updating to Cubase 12 from Cubase 10?

01:09:40. Can you discuss what musical mode is?

01:13:50. Would loading a project for sample in Cubase LE be lighter on CPU than Pro?

01:15:33. How to export an Atmos mix as a stereo downmix?

01:17:37. How to configure Cubase to record 21 mic channels with RME UFX?

01:21:10. Does Transverse instrument run on new Steinberg licensing system or elicenser?

01:21:31. Is there a tool included with Cubase to remove like spectral filtering?

01:28:15. How to control expression in a controller lane by moving fader from controller?

01:31:26. Why doesn’t wav file at 110 bpm not fit into project that is 110 bpm?

01:32:56. How to record screen and audio from Apollo Solo?

01:35:31. Can files from Cubasis be shared with Cubase via Ableton Link?

01:37:07. Is there a way to switch between presets on a multi compressor on my main bus?

01:42:02. How did Greg quickly enter lots of MIDI notes?

01:43:59. Can I get ride, hi hat, and cymbals on different tracks from a drum loop?

01:45:24. Is it possible to flip a MIDI phrase around?

01:45:43. How do I get the loops in Cubase 12 into my system?

01:50:10. Why does outline of pattern playing in Groove Agent seem wrong?

01:54:21. How to have MediaBay find content again if they get lost?

01:55:31. What can cause Revoice 4 Pro to crash when using it under ARA?

01:57:52. How to create a clearer contrast view between events and editor background?

02:00:15. Is it possible to record automation on multiple tracks at once with a mouse?

02:02:22. What can cause moving a mic in Revoice Pro to crash?

02:04:12. How to move soft elicenses to a new Mac M1 computer?

02:06:10. How to map the control room volume to a MIDI controller?

02:10:17. Why can’t I open up YouTube and hear audio in Cubase?

02:12:44. What is the best way to combine 2 MIDI parts into one?

02:15:31. What interface does Greg have?

02:16:12. How to clear up all files and save to new folder automatically?

02:17:02. How to get smoother scrolling when in stationary cursor mode?

02:20:19. How to add events in the MIDI remote control?

02:24:19. How to route things in Cubase 12?

02:25:52. How to build Groove Agent kit with trimmed samples and export without full file?

02:29:53. Is this live stream every Friday at this hour?

02:31:26. Will changing sample rate and bit depth mid project cause problems?

02:34:26. Why is Dorico pronounced the way that it is?

02:35:32. How to get Cubase to use an aggregate audio device on MacOS?

02:37:05. Is there anything wrong with Greg’s AXR4 mic preamps?

02:37:44. Is Windows audio performance equivalent to native Mac 24 bit architecture?

02:38:12. How can I edit the vocal and the harmony vox at once in VariAudio?

02:42:21. Is there a way to add a plug-in to the currently selected track?

02:45:35. Can I use built in output and feed to headphones if sound card has no phone output?

02:46:24. Does merging MIDI events handle crossfades?

02:46:48. What could cause a high noise floor on a UR 22?

02:47:43. When will Cubase 12 be able to use old VST 3 plug-ins not in Rosetta mode?

02:49:40. How to pan individual sounds within Groove Agent independently?

02:53:04. Does UR24C have speed problems on Windows?

02:54:59. How to soother sine waves when drawing in automation?

02:58:00. How to disable the volume control in the control room to work with monitor control?

02:59:51. How to add silence before and after an audio event?

03:02:09. Can custom made Groove Agent kit be used in other projects?

03:04:33. Why is my Cubase deactivated after upgrading the license to Nuendo?

03:06:03. Can I have 1 input of Supervision and switch between different tracks?

03:10:52. Why do my sine wave automation curves not look as smooth as Greg’s?

03:12:54. Is it possible to save a drum kit I created to another user?

03:13:44. How to prevent a noise floor when using a UR22 mkii?

03:16:39. Can you explain the art of 5.1, 7.1 mixing for beat makers?

03:19:00. What are benefits of using MIDI port on UR816C vs motu MIDI interface?

03:19:48. Can I add a sub in my Cubase control room stereo monitor setup?

03:21:39. Can we rename each of the 3 mixing consoles in Cubase?

03:23:50. Is there a chart for 16th note tick divisions in Cubase?

03:25:09. How can you add curves in an automation lane?

03:26:11. Why can’t I remove some plug-ins like positive grid from a track?

03:27:34. What will happen with PadShop Pro license purchased independently from Cubase?

03:29:14. Why do I sometimes get a 0 second delay compensation when pinging external FX?

03:30:21. How big of a project has Greg seen from users?

03:31:16. Has Greg seen some huge Cubase display monitor setups?

03:34:13. How to configure MIDI footswitch for remote recording with MIDI remote?

03:37:41. What are some of the best stock plug-ins to use for mastering in Cubase?

03:43:02. Can I configure a MIDI fader to control the volume of the selected channel?

03:48:51. Will Nuendo freely open up Cubase and Nuendo projects?

03:49:28. How to setup headphone mixes for a tracking session?

03:53:45. When will the newest update of WaveLab drop?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

May 17,  2022 (n108, 17958)

00:03:13. Does MIDI remote control automation show up in the MIDI event?

00:07:32. Does a Cubase 12 license enable running earlier versions?

00:08:59. How to toggle back and forth between 2 different plug-in chains on a track?

00:11:47. How to use a drum map no drum kit is out of place?

00:15:13. Why does my version of Cubase 12 not work after installing on a new laptop?

00:16:39. Can you give a full tutorial on drum mapping?

00:18:38. What is the minimum space on disk C to run Cubase?

00:20:45. How to create a macro to hide and disable a selected track?

00:24:23. How to install Waves plug-ins by category?

00:26:06. Can I replace Addictive Drums tracks with Groove Agent?

00:28:21. Where can we see Greg play bass?

00:28:59. Why doesn’t AI control in MIDI Remote work on 3rd party plug-ins?

00:31:04. What is the Cubase safety mode and when should it be used?

00:32:49. Does having a plug-in bypassed change the sound just by being loaded?

00:34:22. When will Cubase allow learn CC to trigger different arranger events?

00:36:01. Why is there a large empty box around many plug-ins?

00:37:17. Why are tracks in project from Cubase 5 locked and not editable?

00:39:26. Why do drums continue to play on Groove Agent after deleting event?

00:41:46. Can you clarify the global and local and how to use it?

00:42:30. Why can’t I hear web content after updating UR816C software?

00:44:26. Is it possible to deactivate licenses dynamically in Steinberg licensing?

00:46:23. Can Greg share a timeline for delivery on UR816C interface?

00:47:36. Is there an intern GPU setting in Cubase Artist 11?

00:49:35. Is it possible to copy events and parts in the timeline after they have been frozen?

00:52:19. Is the Korg NanoKontrol supported in Cubase?

00:53:27. When can we get a gain control plug-in in Cubase?

00:54:34. Is Steinberg or Yamaha working on a 16 channel fader control surface?

00:57:40. Is there a way to quickly randomize all parameters within a plug-in?

00:58:40. Can we load a particular instrument in a macro or project logical editor preset?

01:03:26. What happens if changing sample rate and bit depths in the middle of a project?

01:05:45. How to instantly quantize audio files warp markers to grid?

01:07:02. Is this the same version that came with my Yamaha MG10XU?

01:07:47. Why is frozen instrument track still locked for editing?

01:08:51. How to add a plug-in to add gain in middle of insert rack?

01:10:05. Is it possible to zoom vertically in the project window with the mouse scroll wheel?

01:12:32. How to colorize several tracks at once?

01:14:06. Why do I need to go into safe mode to use Presonus 24 C interface?

01:16:24. How to control monitor volume without affecting gain structure of mixer?

01:19:03. Why does my Presonus 24C always need to be reset when starting Cubase?

01:21:09. Is there a way to see the chord track in the VariAudio editor like global tracks?

01:22:20. How to colorize multiple tracks using the logical editor?

01:24:40. Any advantages of using VariAudio over Melodyne?

01:26:46. How to become a Cubase beta tester and work for Steinberg in South Africa?

01:27:46. Why are sphere stereo audio exports come out as 2 files?

01:29:06. How to quantize every track to the one I set at the beginning?

01:32:53. How to stream Cubase through discord with sound?

01:34:16. Is there a way to add more color gradients in Cubase?

01:36:37. Is there any setting to always have tracks colored by name, bass red, guitars blue?

01:40:32. Is there recommended hardware to control Cubase faster control and operation?

01:41:48. How can I use DR660 as a module for added sounds?

01:44:43. What can cause my S sounds to sound like Z sounds in VariAudio?

01:45:54. How to quantize one MIDI event to another MIDI event?

01:48:21. Can I send contents of a folder track to a bus?

01:50:37. How to color a number of tracks within a folder?

01:55:34. Can Greg do a 1 hour deep dive live stream on a particular topic?

01:58:31. Is it possible to migrate from one Cubase to another including plug-in collections?

02:00:38. Is there a way to pitch bend audio files other than VariAudio?

02:04:51. Can Cubase add project versioning to save different files, automation etc.?

02:06:21. How do the atmos components work in Cubase?

02:11:26. Is there a macro to randomize the MIDI note length?

02:15:26. How to set the amount of backup files created when working?

02:17:34. Does VariAudio editing not work with free warped audio?

02:20:44. When will Groove Agent kits go on sale?

02:21:30. Any tips on sharing projects with other DAWs by AAF?

02:23:08. How to set up a MIDI piano as a generic MIDI remote?

02:29:30. When should you choose to keep the sample position when sample rate converting?

02:31:18. Is there anything that Greg can’t do in Cubase?

02:33:29. Is there a way to force WaveLab to do a real time export?

02:36:37. Why does exporting audio file cause my CPU to spike?

02:38:32. Is it bad to have different warp algorithm for warping and VariAudio?

02:39:11. How to monitor CPU and memory usage?

02:40:48. Why does the image vibrate a lot when zoomed in?

02:41:57. How to have the stereo outs flipped in the control room?

02:45:11. How to map a Tascam DM3200 in the Cubase MIDI remote control?

02:47:26. How to correct an audio dropout?

02:49:23. Can WaveLab do real time export for Acustica plug-ins?

02:49:52. What is Greg’s signal flow right now?

02:51:29. What is a lane used for?

02:54:23. Why does Cubase have a problem recognizing MAudio Fast Track audio interface?

02:55:57. How to make a piano roll melody from sample loop in Cubase?

02:59:48. Can Cubase be configured so no processing occurs when no audio is playing?

03:01:33. How to swap left and right channels in combined panner on master track?

03:03:06. Will running multiple instruments in multi-timbral VST instruments use 1 CPR core?

03:05:10. Can you educate us on Cubasis 3.4 for mobile OS versions?

03:07:08. How to get the cursor to stop playback at the end of the project?

03:07:45. How to make a melody in piano roll from a audio loop?

03:09:02. How to halve the tempo derived from a tempo detection for project?

03:12:57. Why does the meter color appearance settings not change meter views?

03:15:17. How to set control room volume from new MIDI remote?

03:16:45. How to render edits retaining individual event boundaries?

03:23:37. Why can’t I always see play position of audio event in sample editor?

03:24:16. How to create a macro to undo recording and start recording from the same location?

03:27:24. Is there a way to see the latency introduced by VST instruments?

03:28:38. How to adjust the length of several audio samples to a full bar?

03:32:44. Is there a tap tempo function in Cubase Artist?

03:36:26. Why would adding a new track in project not show record and monitor controls?

03:37:58. How to use the SuperVision to see metering across all tracks in the project?

03:41:47. How to have logical editor delete notes between C2 and F3?

03:44:10. Is there a way to transfer a project from Cakewalk to Cubase?

03:45:10. Which app is that?

03:45:31. Can I upgrade to Nuendo from Cubase if I need its functionality?

03:46:11. Does the new ASIO thing in Cubase 12 work with Bluetooth headphones?

03:47:28. Why is audio sound when nothing is playing on it?

03:49:12. Can I create a macro to add an arranger event to the selected range?

03:51:42. Why would you need 2 MIDI keyboards and how would you use them?

03:52:51. How to easily edit stacked unwanted stacked MIDI notes from controller?

03:54:39. Can you open lanes on multiple tracks at the same time?

03:57:26. Would Nuendo Live be a better solution?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

May 20,  2022 (n84, 18042)

00:03:28. How to delete multiple time warp at once?

00:06:09. Can you give a brief rundown on Arpache SX?

00:11:45. How to prepare a metal recording template?

00:17:40. Is there a sound difference between Atmos in Cubase 12 and Nuendo 12?

00:19:03. How to change the key of a song which already has multiple tracks?

00:21:29. Is it possible for logical editor to generate text reports from settings?

00:23:08. Can I move the cycle loop to the left or right using a keyboard shortcut?

00:25:09. How to use Montage sounds using a UR824?

00:27:23. How to have tracks have automatic color gradients when adding tracks?

00:29:04. How to highlight a MIDI region and determine the scale?

00:31:36. How to save different drum maps for 3rd party drum plug-ins?

00:35:15. How to get a MIDI track out to sheet music using the score editor?

00:38:23. Can we insert plug-ins on master out to make template more motivating?

00:40:06. Can an audio event lock to 2 different tempos in a project?

00:43:39. Can the colors schemes in Cubase be changed?

00:45:51. How to setup multi outputs in Groove Agent?

00:50:39. Are we able to filter out data being sent out by overloading MIDI in Roland W30?

00:55:06. What new features are in the Cubase 12 updates?

00:56:50. Can one musical phrase fit multiple musical scales?

00:57:41. Does Cubase have any arps?

00:58:55. Is it possible to export a mp4 file so clients can preview Atmos mixes?

01:00:26. Is there a feature to put a MIDI track in mono?

01:01:32. How to put creative effects while auditioning sounds in MediaBay?

01:04:07. Is there a way to disable automation after each pass?

01:05:46. What does the MIDI file groove quantize in PadShop do?

01:09:54. How to render drums in mono from Groove Agent in Cubase?

01:14:25. Can arranger tracks to be navigated to using a key command like tab?

01:17:20. How to get chord pads to reflect mouse button presses and not be only one shot?

01:21:36. Will Steinberg develop a new control surface?

01:23:25. Are there any 3rd party MIDI inserts available?

01:24:58. Can you discuss the backup function?

01:25:54. How to filter every MIDI message but notes from a MIDI controller?

01:29:31. Is there a new maintenance release coming to help with VEP 7?

01:30:07. Can you discuss the arpeggiator in arpeggio page of PadShop?

01:37:09. Can you show an example of how to use the scale assistant?

01:40:21. How to get sound back from the scrub tool?

01:42:14. Will Steinberg continually release new MIDI remote scripts?

01:45:32. How to remove the status line warning message?

01:46:39. Does Greg like the keybed on the MODX keyboard?

01:47:29. How to do a drop 2 voicing in a 4 note chord?

01:53:04. Is it possible to see MIDI events on all tracks when rewinding to the start?

01:55:18. Can Cubase determine the tempo of a retrospectively recorded MIDI event?

01:57:27. Which color is the focus color in color scheme preferences?

02:00:04. Can I save 2 tracks, piano and Rhodes together as a preset to recall?

02:03:01. Can arranger events be set to repetition of 0 in arranger chain?

02:05:36. Do I need to have the waves server open when running Cubase?

02:07:36. Is there a performance difference between laptop and desktop with same specs?

02:10:10. How to determine delay of external instruments and compensate for it?

02:14:47. What is the purpose of record enable button on folder tracks?

02:16:43. How to hear effects while recording with direct monitoring?

02:20:30. Can you go through the Steinberg installer components?

02:23:56. Does Steinberg have something like a Behringer ADA 8200?

02:25:44. How to uninstall older Cubase versions on MacOS?

02:26:49. How to colorize multiple channels in the MixConsole window?

02:30:57. How to adjust some guitar timing issues using warp markers?

02:33:43. How much is a new CC 121?

02:34:57. Can I play a drum sound from my MIDI?

02:40:39. How to do pitch randomization on a drum sound for a hip hop beat?

02:44:28. What can cause screen redraws to become pixelated on Win10?

02:46:30. Can I monitor to a different out other than the main mix?

02:52:05. Is it possible to get sends and pre gain on faders?

02:53:13. Why does Cubase 12 struggle to close after working in a large project?

02:54:14. How to sync track panning with send panning?

02:57:53. How to avoid processing overload on audio?

03:00:35. Is it good to get UR24C to not be locked into competitive ecosystem?

03:01:58. How to delete multiple time warping at once?

03:05:35. Can I use free warping to fix one guitar strum I missed?

03:06:36. How to export Groove Agent mixer content to Cubase’s mixer?

03:11:03. How to set arranger event to 0 repetitions to try different arrangements easy?

03:16:56. Will Steinberg be at the upcoming NAMM show?

03:17:32. Will Cubase change audio file name after changing track name?

03:20:27. How to work with multiple songs for live performance with arranger track?

03:23:46. How to send 2 guitars to 1 effects channel?

03:25:48. Will Cubase make a real time frequency change when editing without export?

03:29:28. Why doesn’t Cubase 12 load Groove Agent or other VST instruments?

03:30:59. How many tracks can you record live with Cubasis?

03:32:31. Will the forthcoming NAMM show be in California?

03:33:22. Can Cubase make edits that are seen visually in the waveform?

03:36:32. What is the difference between instrument tracks and MIDI to instrument racks?

03:41:20. How to do offline processing of effects with insert settings?

03:42:58. How to configure WaveLab to render processes in real time?

03:44:37. What do the different colors in WaveLab’s loudness view indicate?

03:45:32. What can cause artifacts when, comping, spectral editing, and tuning a single file?

03:49:43. Would you suggest noise reduction from SpectraLayers before multi-processing?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

May 24,  2022 (n73, 18115)

00:04:43. How to set reverb decay and delay times to sync with project tempo?

00:06:57. How to create a new song from scratch when I create a new folder?

00:10:01. Is it possible to extract MIDI notes with VariAudio?

00:11:50. Does Cubase 12 include the Headphone Match plug-in from Nuendo?

00:12:44. How to lock incoming MIDI notes to scale without creating an event?

00:14:56. How to delete a section of project and move later contents to fill space?

00:16:58. Do I need to download the 12.02 update from the Steinberg Download Assistant?

00:18:35. Is it possible to have volume on selected tracks control volume on MIDI tracks?

00:25:46. How to do a ripple edit in Cubase?

00:27:08. Can Cubase be run in 2 languages at the same time?

00:28:03. How to view tempo track info in a list format?

00:30:50. How to add pink noise in as a layer?

00:37:07. Why can’t I change colors to have more than 8 in Cubase Artist?

00:38:39. Can I scroll through tracks vertically using mouse and keyboard shortcut?

00:39:59. Can I control all track volumes with a single fader?

00:41:47. How to move notes in in-place editor using up and down arrow keys?

00:44:52. How to make audio to MIDI conversion in VariAudio more accurate?

00:46:37. What is the best software fader controller for Android?

00:48:03. How does Greg setup all of his colors in Cubase?

00:50:23. Can marker or arranger events be triggered from external device?

00:53:55. How to transfer a Cubase project to another studio running Cubase for mixing?

00:55:50. How to determine the delay from VSTis to external MIDI instruments?

01:00:04. Can Cubase fix the numlock being off in text fields?

01:01:57. Does the normalize process affect whether I can compress anymore?

01:04:14. How to bring up the chord assistant in VariAudio?

01:07:08. Is it okay to change an older song recorded in 24bit to 32bit float?

01:09:11. How can I use my iPad as a 3rd screen?

01:10:42. How to fix metallic artifacts in a vocal recording?

01:13:42. How to configure a Behringer X Touch and X Touch Compact to work together?

01:15:20. How to work with hitpoints and warp markers to fix guitar parts?

01:18:24. How to apply swing to multiple tracks?

01:23:39. Does enabling numlock turn numeric keys into navigation controls?

01:28:51. How to do a offset to start a project at 1 hour?

01:31:10. Why do sometimes tracks not get colors applied to them?

01:33:30. Can you show how to add groups and VCAs to tracks and show channel strip?

01:37:02. Is it possible to add tracks to groups and folders without using a macro?

01:38:02. Can I customize color schemes to look like legacy Cubase versions?

01:39:59. How to setup and recall markers using numeric keypad?

01:43:19. Can I use a second marker track to work with 2nd video track?

01:44:32. Can we do free warping on multiple tracks on the project window?

01:48:39. How does one setup multiple sub mixes in the control room?

01:54:01. What is the best way to delete or remove old unused Groove Agent kits?

01:54:53. How can you download this software?

01:55:29. Will pan law have impact on routing mono track to one out level?

01:58:24. How to set favorite project coloring scheme?

01:59:31. How to minimize latency on a project while recording MIDI to VST instruments?

02:02:14. How to open multiple controller lane presets in a workspace?

02:04:38. How to run Cubase and SpectraLayers at the same time?

02:07:41. What other techniques to try to alleviate CPU dropouts other than raise buffer?

02:08:31. Can I remove the USB elicenser if I am running Cubase 12?

02:09:30. Can I open a .slp file while running SpectraLayers in ARA?

02:11:30. How do the brackets in the logical editor work?

02:18:08. What streaming software is Greg using?

02:18:32. How to route audio from Cubase to OBS?

02:19:32. How to visualize all plug-ins at a glance?

02:20:16. Can Greg show his control room configuration?

02:23:32. How to sync Cubase to external LTC?

02:25:45. How to colorize individual MIDI notes within a single event?

02:26:42. Is it possible to have more than 1 MIDI remote setup in Cubase for same device?

02:29:55. Can Cubase edit audio and video at the same time?

02:31:49. Will the mute of audio when adding instruments be fixed in Cubase soon?

02:34:12. Can Cubase determine a chord from audio recorded from old 4 track recorder?

02:37:44. How to convert instruments to audio free up audio processing?

02:39:40. Which version of MacOS is Greg using?

02:40:30. Can you see peak and average meter in channel meter views?

02:42:44. What can cause Cubase to take a long time to load through VST 2 plug-ins?

02:46:50. How to record or populate articulations into a MIDI event?

02:53:45. How to easily bypass all of the plug-ins in a mix for easy comparison?

02:56:44. Will Cubase software run in metaverse mode?

02:57:00. Will Cubase work on older laptops?

02:58:45. Is it possible to block certain notes in addition to scale assistant?

03:02:05. How can I get autotune plug-in for Cubase 5?

03:02:30. How can we do some simple mastering in Cubase?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

May 27,  2022 (n65, 18164)

00:05:34. How to transpose the chord track and have chords indicate new key?

00:08:45. Is there a keyboard shortcut to delete data in MIDI monitor plug-in?

00:10:48. Is it necessary to have room and overhead mics when mixing Groove Agent?

00:13:54. Does Yamaha Console connection work with Cubase?

00:15:17. How to have a bass just follow bass notes from a chord track?

00:18:43. How to delete all backup files that Cubase creates?

00:20:37. Are we looking at FL Studio?

00:21:10. How to disable 3rd party plug-ins when booting Cubase?

00:22:50. Can you discuss the profile manager with examples?

00:25:22. Is there any way to sync Cubase and Ableton with time code?

00:26:45. How to select only notes when CC is at a certain value in logical editor?

00:34:30. What can cause the scroll bar to stutter?

00:35:21. How to increase the click track volume when tracking a drummer?

00:37:51. Can you explain the different ways to tune a singer’s voice?

00:40:27. How to remove noise from a microphone input?

00:42:40. How to configure my Icon controller in Cubase 12 like Cubase 11?

00:44:01. Why are we doing the Zoom Meetup today?

00:45:36. How to access pitch quantization in the trial version of Cubase?

00:47:02. Can we mix just with eyes?

00:48:51. Can you show the easiest way to switch between A/B references?

00:52:32. How to tune the drums to the key of your song?

00:54:51. When will the next instrument salle be for Iconica Ensemble?

00:56:29. Why does Classic 80s kit cause Cubase to crash on my Mac?

01:01:00. Can Nuendo/Cubase determine the best impedance for microphone?

01:02:33. How to assign macros to buttons on a MIDI controller?

01:06:35. How to switch pages for a MIDI controller in MIDI remote?

01:09:27. Does it seem like a bug that Classic 80s Kit crashes Cubase?

01:10:38. Which Lexicon reverb would you request?

01:11:30. How to select several notes of a track for VariAudio of long file?

01:12:51. What is a rear buss?

01:15:07. How to edit in SpectraLayers with ARA 2?

01:17:59. How to sidechain kick and bass?

01:20:35. Why does Classic 80s Kit crash Cubase on a fresh project?

01:23:32. Can Steinberg try to reduce the price of Cubase Pro?

01:24:52. Is it better to use markers or arranger events for live performance?

01:27:29. Would Nuendo be better suited for film/sound design for games and films?

01:30:06. What are the different parts of Groove Agent?

01:35:18. How to save dynamics mapping in articulation lane?

01:37:37. What to do when Cubase stops responding and freezes?

01:38:40. How can I increase presence for my vocal track?

01:41:39. Can a drummer send out a specific number from kit to trigger a macro?

01:43:07. How to collaborate with a person using VST Connect SE?

01:46:34. Why do I need to reset outputs every time when I start Nuendo 12?

01:49:22. Any info on the UR816C audio interface shipping?

01:50:17. Why does the export audio mixdown window closes after exporting a track?

01:51:33. How to know the location of each using an EQ?

01:54:12. How to run 2 different licenses on separate computers with same MySteinberg?

01:55:59. Why does automating a VCA cause channel’s automation to jump to 0dB?

01:59:37. How to add specific markers using the numeric keypad?

02:00:54. Wrap up. Migrate to Zoom Social Meetup.

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

June 7,  2022 (n98, 18262

00:03:51. Can there be more options audio connections for working with Atmos?

00:05:25. Why do I get an error message that content can be loaded with scoring percussion?

00:06:43. Can Cubase use standard speakers for Dolby Atmos projects?

00:09:16. How to easily bypass 1st insert slot across 70 different tracks?

00:10:54. How to undo sizing when using sizing applies time stretch edit?

00:12:39. When will the next update for Cubase Pro 12 be released?

00:13:35. How to snap chords detected from audio to grid?

00:16:10. How to hide lower windows taskbar at bottom of screen and prevent from opening?

00:16:59. How to automate bypassing of plug-ins on 1st insert slot?

00:18:48. How to capture audio from MoFX8 connected by MIDI?

00:20:03. How to upgrade tp Cubase Pro 12 from Cubase Elements?

00:23:08. Can I do a competitive crossgrade from Cubase Elements to Cubase Pro?

00:24:05. How to easily reset all faders to 0dB?

00:25:46. Is it possible to quantize chord track events?

00:27:20. Is it possible to change my email address for a MySteinberg account?

00:28:07. Can you discuss the Sus and ABS functions in lower zone mixer do?

00:30:22. Can I run Cubase Pro 12 on my laptop and desktop?

00:31:54. How to humanize MIDI to have a more human feel?

00:39:27. What is the best drum machine to use via USB?

00:40:32. Will project with multiple frozen tracks play on other computer without plug-ins?

00:41:43. How to unstretch audio after sizing applies time stretch edit?

00:42:59. Why does my software sometime shut down on its own?

00:43:39. Is there a way to show RMS metering in channel meters in MixConsole?

00:44:21. What can cause dropout when using ASIO guard?

00:45:46. Can Cubase Pro 12 still be run after upgrading to Nuendo?

00:46:51. Can I run Cubase 12 on MacOS Mojave?

00:47:42. How to bring sax and guitar waves into a project?

00:50:22. Is it possible to offset timing of individual articulations in expression maps?

00:54:09. How to find data path of content in library manager?

00:55:55. Why am I using 3 activations on only 2 computers?

00:59:29. How to master timing and latency when recording MIDI data?

01:03:10. Why does part of a MIDI event continue to play after deleting part?

01:07:01. How to move a BPM clock to a second display monitor?

01:08:48. How to handle Cubase when it won’t open with authorization manager?

01:10:08. How to play different guitar patterns using chord pads?

01:14:40. How to access convert hitpoints to warp markers not in sample editor inspector?

01:18:18. What to do after purchasing Cubase 12 if website says I didn’t purchase it?

01:19:54. How to move content to other drive and have it recognized by Cubase?

01:21:07. Why does playback glitch first time a part is played?

01:22:33. How to move a BPM clock embedded so tempo can be changed?

01:23:48. How to set mute, record and preferences when track is selected?

01:26:02. Do you have a CPU recommendation for new system for Virtual Instruments?

01:27:36. How to configure a key on the keyboard to record in Cubase?

01:32:37. How to extract chord notes to different voices for orchestration?

01:37:39. Why doesn’t SpectraLayers One show up in track extensions in Cubase 12?

01:42:21. Is there a way to start/stop Groove Agent with key command independent of Cubase?

01:50:13. How to run Cubase in full screen on Mac?

01:53:13. How to record expression and modulation when recording MIDI events?

01:59:47. Is there an easy way to edit automation for ducking with pre and post roll?

02:05:07. Is there a way to envelope follow the amplitude of the audio track?

02:10:19. Where to find UR44C drivers to download and install?

02:12:07. How to hide the menu bar in MacOS?

02:13:36. How to thicken up sounds from a mono output synth?

02:15:19. Can I extract MIDI CC data and copy it to automation for quick controls?

02:20:19. How to quantize all audio clips in a song all at once?

02:21:38. What are some of the notable new features in WaveLab 11.1?

02:23:03. How to record MIDI CC and 2 hands on MIDI controller at once?

02:24:04. Is there a way to see a reference MIDI track in VariAudio?

02:26:33. Can I use another track as a reference for tuning in VariAudio?

02:27:12. Is there a more precise automation editor available in Cubase?

02:30:41. Can Cubase follow amplitude of audio and translate it to automation?

02:31:25. Are harmony voices in Cubase 12 SATB diatonic harmonies?

02:34:05. Why is there a 20ms silence when rendering loops for sample pack?

02:38:31. Why do plug-in windows always open on wrong monitor?

02:40:28. When will there be a maintenance update?

02:41:20. Does Cubase work with Dolby Atmos renderer?

02:47:30. How to extract highlighted portions in VariAudio to MIDI?

02:48:54. What is a solution to stop MIDI notes that hold forever?

02:49:43. Can you auto chop notes in sampler track and play notes via MIDI?

02:52:28. Will Steinberg bring out a Nylon guitar to match TGuitar and MGuitar?

02:53:12. How to split a stereo track to 2 mono tracks?

02:54:26. Why does instrument volume fader move down by itself?

02:58:16. Do loops rendered from MIDI add a short area of silence at start?

03:02:00. Will Nuendo receive paragraph font patches from Dorico 4.1?

03:02:36. Is there to automatically adapt 4 part harmony voice leading?

03:03:37. Why does changing project from pool not change the bit depth settings?

03:05:14. Will an external audio interface give better latency than onboard audio interface?

03:06:39. How to generate MIDI notes from slices in sampler track to be played?

03:08:23. How to remove unlicensed plug-ins from computer?

03:11:28. Will changing bit depth and sample rate to higher level improve existing audio?

03:13:46. Why is track fader moving even if there is no automation?

03:15:09. Can VariAudio extract audio if vocal is recorded with guitar on same track?

03:16:15. How to resolve elicenser error message on startup?

03:17:15. Are there any tutorials available on Dolby Atmos in Cubase?

03:20:30. How to creatively change MIDI notes after generating slices triggered from MIDI?

03:26:28. Would a on bard audio interface have lower latency than a bottleneck of USB?

03:27:37. How to get my MPE note data to return to default value when editing?

03:31:12. How to export MIDI data without sounds?

03:32:03. How to match EQs in live recording with many different EQ settings?

03:35:54. Can Cubase allow effects to be routed to any mix bus?

03:37:50. Is there a ping feature to do latency compensation for outboard instruments?

03:39:13. How to stop notification during recording of audio dropout?

03:40:26. How to make tempo detection work on a particular file?

03:45:10. Why does changing sample rate from 96k to 48k cause my Mac to freeze?

03:47:20. Why does the status bar in Cubase automatically reappear after disabled?

03:50:15. Can a macro be setup to automatically load a specific instrument?

03:52:52. How to add an editable BPM to a secondary display monitor?

03:54:58. How to show only the BPM in a floating transport window?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

June 11,  2022 (n81, 18343)

00:04:26. Is there a separate window for editing automation?

00:05:59. Can I save a default audio or instrument track?

00:08:10. Is it possible to have the grid on project window indicate a swing rhythm?

00:11:47. How to see 2 export file paths in the export audio window?

00:13:25. How to change tempo on tempo detected file separated by SpectraLayers?

00:23:55. Why can’t hear notes above pattern notes when in chord track?

00:28:16. Why do both tracks end up on same track with VST Connect recording?

00:31:25. Why does first note disappear when recording into first measure?

00:34:24. Where can I find the best novice video tutorials for Cubase?

00:35:27. Will Nuendo ship with new MIDI remote script for Arturia Keylab MkII?

00:36:18. How to get full colors in color palette?

00:37:35. How to enable disable audio inserts using the new MIDI remote control?

00:45:39. Is the multiple file path locations in export audio same in Cubase 11 and 12?

00:47:57. How to save the startup settings for every plug-in?

00:50:54. Did Greg say that someone’s question was stupid on last live stream?

00:51:37. Will Greg show the new 4Knob PopD piano instrument?

00:52:52. How to stop recording a file and have it deleted automatically from the pool?

00:54:51. Why doesn’t Cubase 12 find my Heavier Strings VST?

00:56:45. Can you show how to start mixing in Dolby Atmos?

00:59:46. Can multiple arranger tracks be mixed down via a macro or logical editor function?

01:00:48. Can I use Apple Loop files in Cubase?

01:02:49. How to turn multiple MIDI files into a single audio file?

01:05:22. Can other notes be played in chord patterns outside range when using patterns?

01:10:49. What does the bounce audio selection track do?

01:12:20. Is it possible to name the colors in the color setup?

01:15:19. Why are quick control assignments not remembered globally?

01:20:04. Can I use plug-ins from FL Studio in Cubase?

01:21:06. How to copy events on project window and move automation with it?

01:23:25. How to recall MixConsole with particular channel settings on 2nd display?

01:28:17. Is it possible to have the metronome have a swing feel?

01:29:26. Is there a way to create a new project from tracks between left and right locators?

01:39:25. What are we working on in the live stream?

01:39:36. Can I create a macro that moves selected tracks to a specific folder?

01:45:47. Can we make macros and racks?

01:48:03. Can Cubase handle split frequency processing?

01:51:55 Does Cubase have sound designing and modulating effects?

01:56:24. How to use logical editor to randomize VST 3 panning?

02:03:23. How to relink sound libraries after moving them to other drive?

02:05:40. Is there a way to dock the master channel in the project mixer to right side?

02:07:42. What does status line automatically appear after being disabled?

02:08:38. Does Cubase have ARA2?

02:09:18. IS there a way to vertical zooming with the mouse scroll wheel?

02:10:14. How to setup Novation controller as a MIDI remote script?

02:14:42. When will there be a HALion 7?

02:15:07. How to match MediaBay drums to project?

02:21:05. Why can’t we see track routing in lower zone MixConsole?

02:23:19. How to multiple output routing from the routing area in inspector?

02:25:05. Will there be GPU support for plug-ins?

02:25:20. Has Greg had any problems since updating to 12.0.30?

02:26:22. Is it possible to lock some tracks in visibility?

02:27:54. Does Greg have any NAMM highlights?

02:30:05. Where can you define the default track height setting?

02:32:51. If I deactivate a track and hide it is it possible to lock it?

02:33:46. Will hiding track and its group be shown if group is unhidden?

02:37:56. How to smoothly move sound towards the back in a soundstage?

02:42:48. What is a good fader bank controller for Cubase?

02:43:58. Why were so many big companies missing from NAMM this year?

02:44:57. Is it possible to have locked hidden tracks to stay in a folder track?

02:48:34. Where are VST Plug-in collections stored?

02:54:21. Is there a potential alternative to Musik Messe in Europe?

02:55:33. Is there an easy way to draw curves for clip gain volumes?

02:58:22. Why does draw tool on event change the waveform view?

02:59:50. How to have a modulation wheel transmit MIDI CC 11?

03:02:58. How to record MIDI CC data as an overdub on existing event?

03:07:45. Can you share a good Groove Agent 5 trick that many do not think about?

03:10:57. Is it possible to skip notes using the logical editor?

03:13:44. Can LUFS meters be customized and what is relation to other meters?

03:18:37. What can be causing my recordings to 60 samples early in time?

03:19:50. After installing Dorico 4 SE I get a message saying there is a missing component?

03:21:47. Why do I get a message that my Izotope VST 3 plug-ins are damaged?

03:24:02. Is it possible to enlarge the font used on marker tracks?

03:28:04. How to apply for 2 measures only on a bass track?

03:32:57. Why did tracking session did one track record in stereo and others in mono?

03:35:28. How to color the tracks and have them appeared colored in the MixConsole?

03:37:26. Did Greg take his son to Disneyland when he was in Anaheim?

03:38:01. What is the best way to make the volume a vocal track more even?

03:40:31. Is there a way to link channel faders for the headphone cue sends?

03:45:02. Is it possible to select and move several warp markers at once?

03:46:44. Can the EQ curve in Frequency be changed to 6dB from 30dB?

03:49:15. Can I use HALion Sonic full as opposed to HALion Sonic SE for playback in Dorico?

03:49:57. What is the best MIDI board for Cubase?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

June 14,  2022 (n76, 18419)

00:03:25. Why does VCA automation get overwritten when adding automation to group?

00:09:27. Why does enabling Kontakt tracks take a long time and sometimes overload CPU?

00:11:58. Why can I not access media files from the right hand zone MediaBay?

00:14:08. Any possibility to apply global mixer presets?

00:18:22. How to restore default Cubase appearance?

00:19:34. What are the steps needed to take to reinstall Cubase 11?

00:21:22. How to stop on and expand folder tracks?

00:24:00. How to set steps between chords in the chord track?

00:26:15. How to set the folder for the file in the export audio mixdown window?

00:27:18. Will there be a new version of the Steinberg CC121?

00:28:40. Why can’t I find LoopMash instrument in Cubase 12?

00:30:26. Does project playback get interrupted when adding a MIDI track?

00:31:53. How to go up 3 steps from chord in chord track editor?

00:32:59. How to remove folders from within a folder track?

00:38:12. Why do I have different levels in headphones when monitor is enabled?

00:40:55. How many MIDI controllers can the MIDI remote handle at the same time?

00:41:20. Can Greg share any hint of news on HALion 7?

00:42:26. What can cause Classic 80s 3rd party Groove Agent kit to crash Cubase?

00:43:43. What is the best way to update to 12.0.3?

00:45:32. How to make the project window center full screen?

00:49:00. Can you work with video in Cubase?

00:50:26. Is it OK to have Cubase 12.02 on one computer and 12.03 on another?

00:50:55. Does Cubase have tools for working with 5.1 surround files?

00:54:40. What is the best way to change the name of your project?

00:57:01. What sample rate should I use for YouTube and how to change project sample rate?

01:01:42. Can I use 2 Stream Decks in the new Cubase MIDI remote?

01:02:57. Why does rendering in place without master effects cause extremely loud noise?

01:06:45. How to record different audio file bit depths in a project?

01:10:52. What can cause a recording to go from 2 mono to a stereo track in session?

01:13:01. What plug-ins are recommended for gain staging?

01:17:08. Why does Cubase stop sound when I load up a VST instrument?

01:18:14. Can Nuendo detect phase issues when recording with 2 microphones?

01:21:21. Are there WaveLab Live Streams as well?

01:23:22. What does share project with Greg without media mean?

01:24:30. Is it possible to modify the mode of several objects in MIDI remote at the same time?

01:30:37. How to make increase existing volume automation proportionally on a track?

01:33:47. Can I use global copy and exclude some events when pasting?

01:37:38. Can use MIDI remote to mute a track unless it is already muted?

01:42:24. Can hooking up a USB drive affect audio performance?

01:42:50. How to setup MIDI remote to enable monitoring on a track?

01:45:01. How to configure Cubase to work with Aviom system?

01:48:20. Will Cubase Pro license run Elements version in the version?

01:49:36. Why does it take a long time to go through plug-ins when starting Cubase?

01:51:27. How to save changes to a Groove Agent kit and recall it in other projects?

01:55:51. How to include voice over when creating videos with Cubase audio included?

01:57:42. Is there a specific location where all of my plug-in should be on the hard drive?

02:00:32. What reverb is used on the Raven Piano preset and can I use it on other pianos?

02:04:21. Is it possible to have my audio transcribed in the score editor?

02:06:44. Why do some events get pasted not at their start of the cursor?

02:09:54. Can new tracks be added to the project and not all mixer views?

02:11:42. What are some benefits to the full Groove Agent version over the SE version?

02:17:59. Can you use a single MIDI remote command to do multiple functions?

02:19:35. Can events be moved to start or end of cursor?

02:21:09. How to bring in a batch of audio files on one track and have no gaps?

02:34:21. Does it matter if Steinberg library files are on a SSD or SATA drive?

02:35:42. Can you sync Luna with Cubase?

02:38:03. Can you suggest a DAW controller with 8 faders for mixing?

02:42:06. Can Reason be ReWired to Cubase 12?

02:42:59. How to have imported guitar or keyboard loops follow global key?

02:49:33. Is there a detached automation editor like the crossfade editor?

02:53:05. Do I need to run same maintenance version of Cubase on 2 computers?

02:53:58. How to make old cassette recording fit with tuning and time in new project?

02:56:56. How to change the name of the project?

02:58:33. How to get UR12 recognized on PC in Cubase?

03:01:20. How to set metering on each track to show RMS?

03:04:21. Why doesn’t the MIDI mapping show when I click on the remote?

03:06:54. Does the Reason rack plug-in work with Cubase 12?

03:07:40. What plug-ins would you recommend for classic synth drums in Cubase?

03:09:47. Can BackBone work with full kits?

03:10:30. Why can’t I hear any sounds when working with Groove Agent?

03:14:47. Why can’t I see the marker IDs when inserting markers in Cubase 12?

03:18:19. Why does the MIDI Remote mapping assistant not appear when clicked on?

03:21:45. What can cause a UR 12 to be recognized in Windows but not Cubase?

03:23:06. Is the Steinberg CC121 still available?

03:24:27. What is easiest way to recapture master bus to pitch bend track at end?

03:31:11. How does Greg setup his audio for live streams?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

June 17,  2022 (n65, 184484)

00:03:01. How to copy and duplicate a range of events?

00:03:57. Is there way to quickly switch between 4 plug-ins soloed on a track?

00:09:32. Why doesn’t event start and event end not show up in audio editor?

00:11:53. How to at bass in Cubase Elements?

00:14:07. Is it possible to demo VST System Link to replace VE Pro?

00:17:12. Can you explain a bit about how VST Live works?

00:24:06. Why do I have problems exporting a Dolby Atmos mix?

00:27:17. Is there a way of making a draft track?

00:29:06. How to delete all of the bar numbers from the score editor?

00:31:20. How to create a minimal workspace without left, right and bottom zones?

00:32:35. How to see event start and end in the sample editor?

00:35:04. What is an effective environment for a VST System link configuration?

00:37:15. How to record?

00:41:49. Could a track be slipped backward in time to a negative value?

00:44:05. Will Greg be doing any VST Live live streams?

00:45:38. Is there a way tocreate a logical preset to set the default track height?

00:47:50. Could Mackie Control be set as a selectable output in MIDI remote?

00:50:45. Why doesn’t event start and end show in sample editor?

00:54:46. What are maximum number of MIDI channels in VST System Link?

00:55:31. Any thoughts on the new plug-in from Bitwig/u-he?

00:56:54. How to export MIDI date from a project?

00:59:27. How to render chords from trigger pads in HALion from a track?

01:02:26. Does a MIDI file 0 export all MIDI data in a project?

01:03:06. Does starting a project with negative value sync properly with Groove Agent?

01:06:05. Is it worth buying WaveLab if I have Cubase Pro 11?

01:12:37. Can Behringer Touch wheel operate as Mackie Control and others MIDI remote?

01:14:47. Why can’t I connect acoustic guitar to interface to record in Cubase?

01:19:32. Can you please explain pan law?

01:25:41. Is it better to use different Groove Agents for each percussion agent sound?

01:29:59. What is the latest version of Cubase?

01:30:33. How to transfer HALion chord trigger pads to Chord Pads?

01:37:43. Is HALion sampler in Cubase?

01:38:44 What Steinberg compressors should I use on individual tracks for a classical recording?

01:42:26. Why does HALion have program and mix outputs?

01:48:14. How to monitor vocal if recording vocal with beat?

01:50:24. What is the relative snapping mode in VariAudio relative to?

01:54:21. What are main advantages of using the control room with stereo audio interface?

01:59:03. Is WaveLab 12 now released?

02:00:41. Which Steinberg audio interface would be good for working in 5.1?

02:02:53. How to remove volume event envelopes?

02:04:19. Where can I find and access loop sets that I recently purchased from Steinberg?

02:06:12. How to switch between Mix A and Mix B in Cubase?

02:13:10. How to get more precise editing of data in the tempo track?

02:17:58. How to slide the waveform for better navigation in the sample editor?

02:21:01. How to do tempo detection manually in a project?

02:29:07. How to paste lyrics more effectively in VST Live?

02:29:45. How to find all of my instrument packs from Absolute 5?

02:33:41. Why doesn’t tempo and signature transfer when other tracks are imported?

02:36:19. What does Raiser do that maximizer doesn’t?

02:40:22. Why is there not a comparison chart between Cubase Pro 12 and Absolute?

02:42:00. Is there something like master assistant in WaveLab?

02:47:13. How to find patterns in 5/4 and 6/8 in Groove Agent?

02:49:02. Can you show the export MIDI file functionality again?

02:53:53. What is difference between using ADAT and internal clock in Cubase 12?

02:56:05. Is there a way to filter mouse scroll wheel from moving mixer faders?

02:58:38. What is the best way to use the multitap modular?

03:05:18. What is the best way to have 2 vocal takes at the same level?

03:09:11. How to separate a tied track and export a split mp3?

03:11:38. Is there a way to lock on a plug-in window?

03:13:05. What are some of the uses of the selection tool?

03:15:19. What are some options of duplicating events to new track?

03:20:43. Where is the area to change the key in the info line above the project window?

03:21:40. How to have vocals on left channel and instruments on right?

03:25:59. Will Steinberg implement the new CLAP plug-in format?

03:27:19. Is there a way to randomize colors using the project logical editor?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

June 21,  2022 (n77, 184561)

00:02:48. Can a project logical editor be created to delete groups with no audio?

00:05:05. Can Dolby Atmos in Cubase be used for post production?

00:06:14. How can one route audio into Serum or a Vocoder?

00:10:29. Is it possible to use quantize panel on a group of audio and MIDI events?

00:14:02. How to send the metronome to an audio track?

00:16:05. Does WaveLab 11.1 work on 3 different computers like Cubase 12?

00:18:25. How to exchange an event to another instrument in the VST rack?

00:21:41. Can you show how to change sounds using the sampler track?

00:26:58. How to route to ceiling monitors using ADAT on Quantum 2626 interface?

00:29:23. Is vocal editing incomplete in OEM versions of Cubase?

00:31:36. Is VST System Link compatible with Dante?

00:32:36. How to record an outboard reverb without the source?

00:34:58. What is the quickest way to get multiple audio files bounced to a single file?

00:36:30. Is there a way to change the grid view to triplets for easier audio editing?

00:40:50. Why is first event missed when using my UR24C audio interface?

00:42:58. How to export single steps or sounds out of Groove Agent as audio?

00:47:32. Does Cubase AI have a function to edit vocals like Melodyne?

00:49:06. How to run HALion in multi-timbral mode?

00:53:58. Why doesn’t Steinberg library manager install content libraries?

00:56:33. How to configure Cubase to work with an Aviom headphone system?

01:04:07. What is the release driver when application is in background designed for?

01:05:49. What version of Groove Agent is Greg using?

01:06:40. Is there a way to set the strum level on MIDI notes?

01:08:14. How can I record a reverse reverb for a sample?

01:12:32. Is HALion a useful tool for drums?

01:13:51. How can I change automation values on multiple tracks at once?

01:18:28. How to move the cursor to the end of the event?

01:22:13. Is it a good idea to seek out purchasing a CC121?

01:23:32. How to quickly hot swap a sample in the sampler track?

01:28:02. How to undo all of the VariAudio changes from a file?

01:29:57. Can you show some examples of FX Modulator in use?

01:37:12. How to delete all muted events in a project?

01:40:13. How to move audio files next to each other after being chopped up?

01:51:14. What are other platforms to discuss Cubase on other than discord?

01:51:47. Does Steinberg discussed accessibility functions for Cubase?

01:53:49. Why doesn’t my talkback function work with Audient ID14 interface?

01:55:42. How to copy arranger and chord track data from one project to another?

02:01:57. Can I delete my Cubase from an old laptop and put it on a new laptop?

02:03:51. How to convert an audio chord to MIDI data?

02:07:02. Is it a problem to be a Nuendo 12 user on tis live stream?

02:07:56. How to convert a single audio track to a single MIDI track?

02:11:25. How to create a default color scheme with names to use in new projects?

02:14:31. Is it possible to deactivate MIDI device ports?

02:17:08. When to use SUS and ABS quick link modes?

02:19:57. How to change inputs on several tracks at once?

02:21:42. How to find out what is interrupting audio performance on a new PC?

02:25:51. Are there any updates on bringing back local undo in the key editor?

02:27:15. What can cause MIDI controller editor not to work with Nuendo 12?

02:30:30. What would be good to use for classic hip hop drums?

02:32:45. Can I do mixing, mastering, vocal recording and backgrounds in Cubase?

02:34:39. Do I need to merge MIDI loop in track and delete overlaps for chords to MIDI?

02:40:31. Is it possible to send a MIDI CC value on starting project without event in project?

02:44:00. How to delete all inserts on a track?

02:47:44. Does Groove Agent SE mess up some pattern presets?

02:49:02. Will the Cubase VSTs ever be able to run without the USB key?

02:51:01. How to shift frequencies from 50-100Hz by 20ms?

02:58:18. Will there be pre-release previews of Cubase in the future?

02:59:44. Does pre listen of sounds work in Groove Agent acoustic agent?

03:02:21. How to import tracks from different project and retain routing?

03:05:31. How to retain mixer configuration in other projects?

03:07:08. What kind of video formats work well with Cubase?

03:08:47. Is Adobe Premiere the go to video editor most used with Nuendo?

03:10:14. Why are some patterns missing in some Groove Agent kits?

03:11:28. Do Cubase projects ever get corrupted and if so how to repair?

03:14:12. Are there missing patterns in Groove Agent Ambient 1 kit in Cubase 12?

03:19:48. How to do more advanced clip automation?

03:23:35. What is the vertical white strip between track number and channel?

03:25:32. Does Ambient 1 kit in Groove Agent have same number of patterns in earlier Cubase?

03:28:16. How to shorten sample in sampler track while in one shot mode?

03:30:19. How to have SpectraLayers use ARA2 when looping audio events?

03:35:26. Can the range tool be used to jump and change mute automation data?

03:37:43. Which pitch shifting algorithm is best to use on vocals?

03:39:34. How to loop MIDI independently in a project?

03:47:45. Has Greg released tracks in Atmos and does he prefer Dolby or Apple binaural?

03:48:50. Can main outputs be set to different outs than control room output?

03:50:13. Why does a HALion Sonic get added when importing a MIDI file?

03:51:01. Is there a way to monitor the CPU load in Cubase?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

June 24,  2022 (n73, 18634)

00:04:44. How to print or render the reverb return on its own track?

00:08:33. What can cause volume change when recording audio to playback?

00:10:14. Why is the PPQ value when removing notes in logical editor?

00:14:02. Are some Steinberg interfaces 32bit floating or fixed point?

00:15:57. Is it possible to load a track with default plug-ins?

00:18:27. Will projects created in Cubase 11 Elements open in Cubase Pro 12?

00:20:00. What is a good preset to start with for Steinberg’s Electric Bass instrument?

00:22:19. Can Greg give some tips on sequencing realistic bass parts?

00:26:11. How to determine which key switch is active on Brass Section XXL in HALion 6?

00:29:45. How to crossfade 2 audio events on separate tracks?

00:32:32. Is it possible for SSL UF8 to autobank and follow Cubase channel selection?

00:36:01. Why does Cubase ask to select audio interface when starting up?

00:37:46. Can Cubase add folders to the recent projects list?

00:39:49. How to make volume knob of my MIDI controller control volume in Elements 8?

00:43:05. What is PPQ value in logical editor preset to delete short MIDI notes?

00:44:43. What does Greg think of kshmir samples?

00:45:19. Is it better to run multiple VSTs or single VSY with multiple sounds loaded?

00:48:12. Any tips for recording a multi-track band rehearsal?

00:51:48. Is there a way to edit fades and crossfades without opening fade editors?

00:53:53. How to prevent play head from moving while zooming from top timeline?

00:55:45. How to set the overall key for your track in Cubase?

00:57:01. Is it possible to assign functions to modifier keys like alt?

00:58:29. How to quickly select all tracks in template to easily record enable?

01:01:22. How to easily copy MediaBay tags to multiple files?

01:09:56. How to set monitoring so it is only engaged during punching?

01:12:09. Does the Cubase sampler track have a filter envelope?

01:13:55. How to get clip to be red while recording?

01:16:38. When will Cubase have its next sale?

01:18:03. Is it best to run Imager plug-in on Master or Stereo Out?

01:20:42. What are some extra features available in full version of HALion?

01:27:51. How to add your name to a project for copyright reasons?

01:29:35. How to get started with the chord track?

01:34:19. Will there be a Zoom after the next Club Cubase Live Stream?

01:34:57. Is there a suggested list of instruments and content to install with Cubase 12?

01:38:23. Does Cubase 12 have any granular playback function?

01:40:36. Is it possible to automate formants in VariAudio or another way?

01:43:42. Is it better to mix with lower volums and how to gain stage a mix?

01:51:33. Can you group plug-ins together to bypass a group of plug-ins?

01:54:37. Do you have to work harder to make stock reverb plug-ins work in a project?

01:58:01. Is there a setting that will always sync play head to left locator?

02:02:59. Can tracks be renamed with incremental ascending numbers?

02:10:23. Is there a way to add inserts to a number of tracks at the same time without linking?

02:13:18. What is difference between HALion 6 and HALion Sonic SE 3?

02:14:57. Can we add automation within the MIDI editor?

02:19:28. When will PadShop Expansions go on sale?

02:23:06. How to incorporate an external compressor in Cubase?

02:25:10. Will Cubase run well on a low-end computer?

02:27:26. How to have tracks colored automatically when they are added?

02:29:01. Can you explain the disk preload settings?

02:30:42. Why does activation manager not show that Cubase and WaveLab are not activated?

02:32:10. Is there any way to run Modern 80s kit other than in Groove Agent?

02:33:36. Any information on Groove Agent migrating to Steinberg Licensing?

02:34:32. How to have LFOs on other plug-ins in Cubase?

02:38:52. How to extract and add grooves to MIDI?

02:41:31. Is Cubase 12.0.30 the latest version?

02:41:50. How to simply edit end of event to the start of the event?

02:44:54. Is Cubase localized do it can run in different languages?

02:45:47. Can tracks in Mixer be different zones be reordered differently than project?

02:49:26. How to decouple punch in and out from left and right locators?

02:52:29. Can find presets anymore for included VST instruments?

02:55:37. Can we slip audio events within the sample editor?

02:58:38. What is the adjust for record latency setting for?

03:00:10. Is the channel EQ the same quality as EQ plug-ins?

03:01:32. What is difference in saving presets in plug-in vs. top bar?

03:05:06. How to translate MIDI PPQ to quarter notes in logical editor?

03:09:00. Is there a way to export multiple combinations of tracks?

03:13:10. Can the play head line be about a pixel thin?

03:13:45. How to store audio used in sample track in project folder?

03:19:20. What is the best way to transpose a song?

03:23:25. How to make automation move with a MIDI clip?

03:26:29. Is the batch audio export queue available in Cubase 10?

03:27:51. How to prevent audio from playing directly after exporting audio?

03:33:15. How to use my keyboard as a MIDI keyboard?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

June 28,  2022 (n44, 18678)

00:03:45. How to use the player modes in chord pads?

00:08:30. How to save audio or MIDI from a folder to open in other projects?

00:09:35. Why am I getting no license available from elicenser message?

00:12:39. What to do after some libraries disappear after updating to Cubase 12.0.3?

00:14:23. Is it okay to leave dongle connected when updating elicenser software?

00:16:17. Why can Imp controllers in MIDI remote from Akai controller?

00:18:32. How to export chord track as MIDI 1?

00:21:06. Can Akai controller work with 5 pin MIDI cable in MIDI remote?

00:22:34. How to load Guitar Rig 6 into Cubase?

00:25:29. How to enter exact values for automation data?

00:28:42. How to turn 2 MIDI tracks when comping to turn them into one track?

00:30:41. How to conform multitrack audio not recorded to a click track?

00:37:01. Can custom wavetables be drawn in HALion 6?

00:41:09. Why doesn’t modulation wheel stick when reloading orchestral projects?

00:43:44. Why is SuperVision VU Meter seem to be so low?

00:46:24. Is Steinberg in talks with GPU Audio?

00:47:32. Why can’t I hear a MIDI string part in HALion Sonic SE?

00:49:07. Any tips on removing coughs from a live recording?

00:53:56. Does Greg use his Korg NanoKontrol in his personal studio?

00:56:54. Can connecting USB elicenser to USB hub cause issues?

00:57:50. How to select beat 1 of MIDI notes on every measure?

01:03:52. When will voucher for Groove Agent be loaded into account?

01:04:16. How to lower the level of the automation node using a fader?

01:07:37. What can cause Nuendo to randomly stop recording MIDI data?

01:08:47. Why do some plug-ins in Cubase 12 not work when dongle is removed?

01:10:00. Can I record audio from 2 different interfaces in 2 versions of Cubase?

01:10:48. Which version of Cubase introduced the MIDI logical editor?

01:11:42. What is difference between creating group inside or outside the folder?

01:13:14. Can logical editor be used to select notes on any beat?

01:14:53. Why does dongle not work in an existing hub but directly to computer?

01:15:59. Can enabling instrument track automatically enable group destination tracks?

01:21:49. How to create a macro that splits and mutes audio range?

01:23:45. Can you show some tips on routing editor on insert effects?

01:26:25. How to copy audio connection inputs from Cubase 11 to 12?

01:30:18. Can Greg walk through the VST Dynamics plug-in?

01:34:04. Why do all files get quantized when quantizing events?

01:36:29. Is there any new news on the Groove Agent?

01:38:25. How best to reinstall Cubase 11?

01:40:26. What are some quick ways to access SpectraLayers from within Cubase?

01:41:34. What are potential issues with recording and tracking through plug-ins?

01:44:48. How to quantize only the kick drum in a MIDI drum event?

01:47:25. Can we duplicate routing in direct routing?

01:51:00. Can you control different rhythmic snap values in drum editor?

01:52:01. How to use the audio alignment function in Cubase?

01:55:55. Migrate over to Zoom Social Meetup!

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

July 8,  2022 (n74, 18752)

00:03:12. Does SpectraLayers have any provision to align phase within samples?

00:05:39. How to convert a melody of a song to chords and melody in notation?

00:09:07. How to export track with tempo changes and retain tempo when imported to mix?

00:12:45. When will LoFi piano be available to run on Steinberg licensing?

00:13:47. Why doesn’t Cubase 12 work well if MS Edge is running?

00:16:00. What are the pads in BBox for and how to assign chords to them?

00:21:03. How to create logical editor to show only drum parts and toggle view?

00:26:18. Why do I get message that CPU is too slow for real-time preview in SpectraLayers 9?

00:30:17. How to change the effects in a HALion Raven piano instrument?

00:34:17. How to reset edits on events?

00:36:53. What throughput is needed to make VST System Link work on ADAT connecter?

00:38:25. How many channels doe ADAT carry at 48k and 96k?

00:39:21. Is it better to use multiple VST instruments with one sound or other way?

00:42:12. What configuring is need when moving license from elicenser to new licensing?

00:43:44. What is up with the Cubase Summer sale?

00:45:19. How to rearrange VST 3 plug-ins in plug-in drop down menu for better organization?

00:47:20. Will SpectraLayers 9 do dynamic spectral editing on i7 with 16 gigs of RAM?

00:48:29. Is it necessary to do a crossfade after changing clip gain on region?

00:50:09. How not to capture playback tracks when recording a choir?

00:51:53. How to save individual songs from a live stream containing many songs recorded live?

00:59:47. Is it advisable to have a lot of CPU cores available?

01:00:40. Are there other people getting crashes in Cubase 12.0.3?

01:01:20. Can I crossgrade to SpectraLayers 9 Pro from Cubase 12 Pro?

01:01:51. What are some differences between SpectraLayers One and SpectraLayers Pro?

01:03:04. Does Cubase support the Threadripper CPU?

01:05:33. What are differences in SpectraLayers 8 to 9 Pro?

01:07:58. How to slow down the scroll bar at the bottom of the project window?

01:10:40. Is there a command to change the script for a MIDI Remote Device?

01:12:35. What mouse does Greg use or recommend?

01:17:04. Why are my audio files gone when reopening a project?

01:18:57. Does Greg use a kvm switch for his multi-computer setup?

01:20:13. Can Cubase have a CPU meter for each plug-in like latency indication in mixer?

01:21:46. Can Steinberg add a subwoofer control with crossover in control room?

01:22:40. Can you walk us through the start of a project to show good file management?

01:30:29. How to print SpectraLayers edits to an audio file?

01:32:46. How to select a style of pattern to play in pattern chord pads?

01:37:43. Are there issues moving project folders into a container folder?

01:38:58. How to have Cubase prompt me for new project folder when starting a project?

01:40:43. How to de-bleed guitar parts from vocal mic?

01:41:05. Is Greg the Google of Cubase?

01:43:47. Do I need to select sub styles to find different genres in MediaBay easily?

01:44:50. How to jog the play head with the mouse wheel?

01:47:01. Can the mixdown folder be accessed in the pool?

01:51:03. Does Expression CC data carry over between track versions?

01:58:31. Is it possible to disable effects and group channel tracks?

02:01:09. How to move custom created macros from one computer to another?

02:04:48. How to use a rotary controller advance play head in MIDI remote?

02:11:47. Is there a way to render in place more than one track at a time to go over mixdown?

02:16:05. Why does brickwall limiter default to -3dB?

02:18:00. How do you create the space under the marker track like your project?

02:20:02. Can Steinberg have VO for SpectraLayers not have lip smacks and pops?

02:20:48. Why is record enable stuck on top track in Cubase 12 Pro in Windows 10?

02:24:21. Can you share any tips for installing HALion content?

02:27:04. Should I place a bus compressor before the limiter in signal chain?

02:28:44. Why doesn’t isotope RX show under ARA?

02:30:43. Is there a possibility to use 2 audio interfaces at the same time in Cubase?

02:33:53. How can I add additional chord pads to have more than 30?

02:36:01. How to get started using Groove Agent in projects?

02:48:27. How to get Groove Agent One content into Groove Agent SE?

02:50:15. Is it inappropriate to have inserts in the stereo out bus?

02:53:04. What are best ways to create stems from a project?

02:55:42. How to transfer macros from a controller setup to another machine?

02:57:21. Why. Do some arrange track sections visually creep in on each other when zoomed?

03:02:21. How to add sequences on chord pads?

03:04:20. How to have lyrics running on separate tracks in project window?

03:07:08. How not record background playback tracks when recording a choir?

03:09:22. What is a good instrument pad preset that is not scifi sounding?

03:14:47. How to rename chords using solfege?

03:17:06. How to select a beat agent kit in Groove Agent?

03:20:47. Why do I have problems getting tracks or plug-ins in 12.0.3?

03:22:59. Are people often running Stream Decks with Cubase and Nuendo?

03:24:52. How to do an enharmonic shift for a chord in the chord track?

03:26:59. How to create a favorites folder in the MediaBay?

03:28:36. How to quickly add an audio file from another project quickly from MediaBay?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

July 12,  2022 (n67, 18819)

00:03:20. How to install Cubase to a different drive to free up hard disk space?

00:05:39. What is normalization in Cubase and how can it be used?

00:07:59. Why do I have a message saying VST Connect files are offline?

00:10:29. What was wrong with older elicenser system?

00:11:58. Is there a keyboard shortcut to activate pre filters for LC and HC filters?

00:20:10. Why did I lose Cubase additional content after latest Cubase update?

00:22:44. Why is MIDI recorded early in the project window?

00:25:56. How to make microtonal music in Cubase?

00:28:19. What is difference between using multi sends or outs for parallel processing?

00:32:40. Can you explain difference between original and crack?

00:33:15. Is it possible to see the chords as I play them?

00:38:53. Is there a limitation of 10 input sources for a sidechain?

00:42:22. How to take one track from another project into other project in Cubase Artist?

00:45:05. What is the fast way to set a small fade at the start and end of an audio file?

00:46:56. How to quantize MIDI note lengths and ends of files in key editor?

00:50:19. Is there a possibility in MediaBay to label more than one sample at once?

00:54:20. How to audiowarp a song file in a Cubase project that has a different tempo?

01:00:13. How to see a grid when warping in the sample editor?

01:02:02. What can cause audio dop outs when using UR22 interface in Windows?

01:03:35. How to have the windows taskbar disappear while in Cubase?

01:04:33. How to close lanes on multiple tracks at the same time?

01:10:51. How does Cubase recognize computer name in Steinberg Licensing?

01:12:04. How to join the Google Hangout?

01:13:32. How to quickly access sounds spread across multiple pages in Groove Agent?

01:17:20. Why is rendered file from analog synth sometimes mono sometimes stereo?

01:19:37. How to remove a vocal from a song and place both tracks in project window?

01:25:38. How to know if there are software updates that I should download?

01:27:00. How to add audio tracks with pre-installed plug-ins?

01:29:31. Why have I lost the ability to save presets in Cubase?

01:31:15. Is it better to update to Windows 11 or should I stay on Windows 10?

01:33:04. How to set a fixed tempo with songs of varying tempo for DJ workflow?

01:42:14. When will Groove Agent expansions be able to run on new Steinberg Licensing?

01:45:29. Can a custom key command be used to load a specific track preset?

01:46:42. What is the schedule for upcoming Club Cubase Live Streams?

01:47:53. Does Cubase account for latency issues when recording in direct monitoring?

01:48:27. Is there any way to undo changes to plug-ins in the MixConsole?

01:52:00. What is the best way to randomize MIDI information?

01:56:43. What MIDI Remote scripts are included with Cubase 12?

01:58:07. Can you explain how to use audiowarp in Cubase?

02:01:31. Is there a MIDI remote script for Native Instruments S61 controller?

02:02:26. Where can I find expression maps for Ample Guitar?

02:03:06. Does anyone have Cubase lock up when opened for the second time?

02:03:45. Will Cubase be in sync with metronome when using direct monitoring?

02:05:20. How to get a guitar to play synth pads like I saw in Cheap Trick concert?

02:06:37. Are there any pitch tracking plug-ins to convert guitar to MIDI?

02:07:49. How to convert the sample rate of a project?

02:10:29. Why are the interfaces of Waves plug-ins corrupted on MacOS?

02:12:25. How to scale interface resolution on MacOS?

02:15:08. How to do with files in musical mode when converting project sample ratees?

02:18:28. Why can’t I open Steinberg Download assistant on Mac?

02:20:39. What are the benefits of gluing several audio events into a part?

02:22:41. How to have audio recorded in pre-roll with a click?

02:25:04. Why do Cubase projects with Waves plug-ins take a long time to load?

02:26:59. How to access audio before it was recorded on project window?

02:29:32. Is there a macro or key command to reload a track preset?

02:33:41. Is there a way to delete fx and group channels that are not being used?

02:34:59. Can I use scrub wheel on X-Touch controller to control clip gain?

02:37:25. Can a Mackie Control follow track selection in Cubase?

02:40:24. How to duplicate MIDI notes up or down an octave in key editor?

02:44:22. How to deliver atmos mixes to clients for approval?

02:46:52. Is Cubase truly M1 native if some components run in Rosetta?

02:48:36. Why does Lo Fi piano open in HALion Sonic SE but not HALion?

02:51:57. How to get Akai controller pads to trigger chord pads?

02:57:21. How to change some of the notes in a MIDI event when it is following chord track?

03:00:59. Does HALion 6 have a preview option?

03:02:12. Does the talkback function in the control room only get routed to a cue mix?

03:06:06. Is there a way to do a global pitch transpose function?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

July 15,  2022 (n14, 18833)

00:01:50.Why do I have issues with Cubase 12 Elements and elicenser?

00:02:56.Can you give a rundown on the cloner plug-in?

00:07:02.Are there plans for a new Cubase smart phone app?

00:07:37.Is there a boost to audio levels after bouncing audio file?

00:10:19.How to overcome latency issues?

00:12:21.How to adjust rate of tempo when syncing with external instrument?

00:13:57.How can I load 7 effect tracks into a project together?

00:16:11.How to bounce lanes to individual files?

00:19:40.How to make my vocals softer in my headphone mixes?

00:21:31.Why don’t my loop packs appear in the MediaBay?

00:22:38.Do I need to have each MIDI track routed to an audio track fororchestral template?

00:23:49.Why doesn’t my purchased SpectraLayers Pro show up in my downloads?

00:24:29.How to send a mix to 2 external mono Pultec EQs?

00:26:44.Why does volume increase when routing audio to 2 groups in directrouting?

Full length Live Stream coming again on July 19 2022

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

July 19,  2022 (n85, 18918)

00:03:19.Can you show the best way to use the tempo track?

00:08:03.How to export an audio file with a video track?

00:09:11.What is the difference between pre gain and return gain?

00:11:50.What is a quick way to edit pitch in VariAudio?

00:14:01.How to render a mono external instrument track in stereo?

00:16:38.How to create a tempo ramp?

00:18:04.What is the difference between MIDI clock and MIDI Timecode sync?

00:20:26.Can SpectraLayers Pro 9 be used instead of the included SpectraLayersOne?

00:21:15.Can you still export an audio segment to a video file like olderversions?

00:23:29.What is difference between pre gain and external instrument returngain?

00:25:56.How to compare tonal settings between stock and 3rd party plug-ins?

00:30:21.Why can’t I hear multiple events opened in SpectraLayers on asingle track?

00:34:54.How to handle stereo files split from AAF file?

00:37:39.What is the best way to do tempo detection?

00:38:46.How to know if a MIDI instrument is out of range of actualinstrument?

00:40:47.How to do free warping on the project window?

00:45:13.How to carry over user settings from Cubase 10.5 to Cubase 12?

00:46:19.Does Cubase know the range of instruments?

00:48:00.Why can’t I unload a VST instrument from rack by selecting no VSTInstrument?

00:50:21.Do external instruments need to be rendered and exported in realtime?

00:51:52.Will a Euphonix MC Controller work with Cubase 12?

00:52:36.How to place cursor to change okay position other than top tine line?