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From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 3 2023  (n103  22116) 

00:03:10. Can you adjust volume at start and end after splitting an audio event?

00:05:31. Can the spectrum analyzer show the results of effects on a track?

00:08:11. Can a sample be dragged from Groove Agent onto the project window?

00:12:55. Can I insert warp markers at the cursor position with a key command?

00:16:09. Is it possible to have different shades when zooming vertically?

00:17:09. Can I export a solod track and retain side chain processing?

00:20:56. Is it better to use multiple instances of a VST or run multiplesounds in one VST?

00:23:07. How to switch between step and ramp on a MIDI CC lane?

00:26:46. What actually makes a voice sound nice?

00:30:03. Is it possible to create the label fields in the MIDI Remote?

00:34:37. Can trim automation be controlled by a hardware fader?

00:37:55. How to have the metronome not accent the first beat?

00:40:06. How to do standard drum score in Cubase?

00:51:06. Why does hitting a b key on my controller make the pitch go higher?

00:52:56. How to get my UR824 to be usable inside of Cubase?

00:54:46. Why do I see message that real-time algorithm has been deactivated?

00:56:26. Why is my Amped Elektra instrument not showing up in Cubase?

00:57:51. Is it possible to do a mono/stereo switch on cue mix in control room?

01:00:02. How can I export custom macros and key commands from one computer to another?

01:01:18. Why does VariAudio revert to standard solo algorithm after it is changed?

01:02:05. What can cause my metronome to come in a half bar late?

01:04:56. How to change the name labels of objects in the MIDI Remote?

01:08:23. Is there a regular schedule for the Club Cubase Live Streams?

01:08:53. Any chance of using the GPU for convolution effects?

01:10:25. Where is the Cubase hangout at?

01:11:00. How to change the curve type of line tool with a key command?

01:16:39. Should I get new instruments or explore sounds in Retrologue?

01:17:39. How to make FX and sends output in stereo?

01:19:56. Will the CC121 be continued for sale this year or next year?

01:20:30. Is the upgrade from Cubase 11 to 12 worth it?

01:21:14. Is there an issue with the upgrade as manager does not transfer all licenses?

01:22:19. How to select every 3rd note in a measure with logical editor?

01:30:43. Why are my sends playing back in mono?

01:31:42. What is the level of flexibility in macros page of Cubase IC Pro?

01:32:47. How to use pedals as external effects on multiple tracks?

01:36:53. Will Steinberg add new features like selecting every other note in the future?

01:38:40. Do composers always do mid side EQ all of the time?

01:40:59. How to send an entire project to another studio?

01:42:45. Why does logical editor sometimes not select notes in the key editor?

01:45:20. Why do I not hear vocal files that were just recorded?

01:47:28. How can I remove the vocal from a recording in Cubase?

01:52:00. Can ducker with a compressor be used in direct offline processing?

01:55:35. Why does my Groove Agent preset causes crackling when in use?

01:57:21. Can I comp vocals like I can comp MIDI?

02:00:16. Has Greg put a low pass filter on his voice?

02:00:55. Is there an Android version of the Cubase IC Pro App?

02:01:34. Why doesn’t my text resize when I resize Izotope 10?

02:04:00. How to map the drum map in Cubase to Akai controller?

02:06:17. Where to write a question to make it clear on the stream?

02:06:59. Are direct offline processes listed alphabetically?

02:10:40. Is it possible to key command soft or theft quantize function?

02:13:54. How to get tracks that are out of time to play in time?

02:19:40. How to get Cubase to utilize integration with UR824 interface?

02:21:33. Can we use Retrologue as an insert plug-in on an audio track?

02:23:35. How do the Montage/MoDX plug-ins work in Cubase?

02:24:27. Who makes decisions on new Cubase features?

02:26:19. How to create and access custom folders for VST plug-ins?

02:29:27. How to record in Cubase 12 from stereo mix in Windows?

02:31:20. Can Cubase 12 convert a score pdf to MIDI?

02:32:40. How to compress the sides in a mid side process?

02:34:38. Will Steinberg support the CLAP VST format?

02:35:41. How to remove deesser that has been processed on a vocal track?

02:37:35. How to open a MIDI region without moving the play head?

02:39:38. Is there a feature that Greg wants to see in a future version of Cubase?

02:41:21. How to see automation better when values are near the top of theautomation lane?

02:44:38. How to layer sounds in Cubase?

02:48:42. Can Greg demonstrate SpectraLayers a little bit?

02:51:47. How to find the key note of an audio file that I have recorded?

02:54:35. Do Cubase 12 VSTs show up in WaveLab?

02:55:38. What times are the live streams on during the week?

02:55:59. Do classic synths like Oberheim and Prophet sound better for liveuse in large venue?

02:57:25. Is there a way to insert multiple dots in the event volume curve?

02:59:27. Why do I get a dropout message when I hit record?

03:01:33. Is there a way to separate bass and other instruments withSpectra Layers?

03:02:06. Can SpectraLayers be used to separate 2 different voices of dialog?

03:03:26. Is there an improvement in Groove Agent to assign multiple output seasier?

03:07:06. How can I render multiple tracks in real-time with external effect processing?

03:11:20. What are the advantages of working in 96k?

03:13:24. Can a pattern be copied from one pad to another in Groove Agent?

03:17:11. How to setup different views in the same project for mixing, mastering etc.?

03:19:53. Is there a key command to start SpectraLayers?

03:21:14. How to shorten a MIDI clip but keep note lengths the same?

03:24:00. Does Cubase have a feature to automatically generate automation on audio?

03:25:16. Are there any tips for game composers?

03:26:47. Does Cubase 5 install 32 bit plug-in on Windows 10?

03:27:16. Are Cubase users switching to other DAWs?

03:28:15. Is Steinberg working on a new choral library?

03:30:45. Will there be a significant difference using Cubase on tracksrecorded 45 years ago?

03:32:45. Are there any known issues updating to Windows 11?

03:33:51. Any news on HALion 7 yet?

03:34:39. Why does selecting a track cause loud sound on VEP?

03:36:16. Is it possible to shift formants without using VariAudio or aplug-in?

03:37:11. How to change smoking solo strat preset to not distort with more than 2 notes?

03:39:42. What are the benefits of using separate workspaces?

03:41:06. How can we quantize audio?

03:42:44. What are the benefits of using the part editor?

03:45:10. Does enabling phase coherent free warp change the quality of audio?

03:47:29. How to exclude tracks when using the transpose track?

03:50:01. How to duplicate track colors when adding instruments from right zone MediaBay?

03:53:09. Can I set panning and color of selected group channels at same time?

03:56:05. Is the Olympus Choir included with Absolute 5?

03:56:22. Will the inspector tab ever be expandable in future Cubase versions?

03:57:09. Any tips on getting setup to record a drum?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 6 2023  (n100  22216) 

00:02:35. Why can’t I replace multiple audio files in project with alt + shift?

00:05:17. How to convert mono to stereo without using mono to stereo plug-in?

00:07:40. How to edit channel strips for 5 tracks at the same time?

00:10:50. Is there oversampling in Cubase?

00:11:33. What is the best way to add stereo width on the master bus?

00:13:49. How to copy over all om my plug-in presets if I migrate to a new computer?

00:15:19. What is the best way to quantize an entire project all at once?

00:18:13. Does Cubase 12 have destructive recording in MIDI or instrument?

00:20:43. Is there any difference running Cubase on Mac or Windows?

00:21:36. How to copy and drag down events to the next track?

00:22:31. Can you show how to get started with FX Modulator?

00:28:26. How to automate the pitch of a MIDI clip in cents and not semi tones?

00:31:35. How to copy and paste effects from one channel to others?

00:33:59. How to use the FaderPort 8 to control VST instrument parameters?

00:35:30. Why doesn’t profile manager seem to move my keyboard shortcuts to new system?

00:37:36. How to convert a MIDI track to a sampler track?

00:39:33. Why can’t I find my Retrologue user presets?

00:42:00. Why do my play order chains disappear after flattening the chain?

00:45:28. Is there someone that can teach me Cubase remotely?

00:46:14. Can the volume on the headphones go louder than output with UR22C?

00:48:10. What OS is most stable with Cubase 12?

00:49:51. How to change tempo of MIDI drum track in project?

00:53:47. How do I color code the rest of the channel in Cubase Pro 12?

00:56:19. How to select a range of colors for selected tracks?

00:59:48. What types of features will be coming in Cubase 13?

01:00:48. How to configure a Behringer X1 controller in Cubase?

01:03:12. Does Cubase still have a detachable transport bar?

01:03:52. Can you discuss constrain delay compensation?

01:07:00. What is the best way to layer sounds in Cubase?

01:13:44. How to convert an audio track into a MIDI track and why?

01:16:21. Is there a fast way to move mood and expression data from a clip to a track?

01:20:20. Which version of Cubase was the logical editor introduced?

01:21:22. Can I add a specific instrument using a macro or project logical editor?

01:22:44. Can I use my Pro Tools plug-ins in Cubase?

01:23:36. Is it possible to get accurate notation from an electric guitar?

01:24:37. How to select all notes within a particular velocity range?

01:27:30. How to batch export mono and stereo files in one pass?

01:32:30. Are there any updates to the chord circle?

01:34:56. Can Cubase be HUI controlled?

01:36:52. Can you describe what note expression is for?

01:41:28. Any lessons for composers on layering tracks?

01:43:13. How can I zoom in on the interface in Retrologue?

01:44:18. How to find a driver for my CMC QC unit?

01:45:52. How to find what sound is in Cubase whether sine, square etc.?

01:48:16. Why are there no sounds in HALion Sonic SE after upgrading to Cubase 12 Pro?

01:50:09. Why is my instrument about 3dB lower when monitoring a track vs recording?

01:50:59. Can I use Cubase for editing podcasts?

01:56:28. Can I delete doubles in MediaBay for reversed files?

01:58:36. Why aren’t channel and rack filters retained in global workspace?

02:02:11. How often do we have live chat and when is the next one?

02:03:14. What can cause my free warp markers to disappear?

02:05:50. Are there new instruments in Cubase 12 Pro?

02:09:23. Why don’t I hear plug-ins on input channel during recording?

02:10:28. How to remove the name of the track in upper left hand corner of the key editor?

02:12:10. Is there a menu option to open the floating transport bar?

02:13:14. How to pan MIDI notes like hi hats in the key editor?

02:18:49. How to show only channels in a cycle marker in MixConsole?

02:27:58. How to get consistent levels when recording voice overs?

02:30:59. What can cause my Cubase 11 to keep crashing?

02:32:42. How to use 2 keys to mute 2 tracks?

02:35:25. How to import a MIDI file without having to create a new project?

02:37:05. How to force all pan sends to follow the pan of the track?

02:39:08. Why does my Privia not get to trigger keys after configuring it inMIDI Remote?

02:40:23. Why does duplicate track without events make original track inactive?

02:41:03. What VST plug-ins work best with the latency compensation?

02:44:05. Why does Cubase crash when switching tracks with CMC QC or StreamDeck?

02:45:56. Are the sounds that come with Cubase 12 Pro free to use with copyrights?

02:46:18. Is there a big difference in sound quality between UR824 and AXR4 interfaces?

02:47:13. Does it make any difference to play projects back from slower harddrives?

02:48:15. When will Cubase 12 only run with VST 3 plug-ins?

02:50:00. What does replacing the dongle mean?

02:51:01. Can we use a MIDI controller to control nodes in pitch effect in FX Modulator?

02:53:49. Where to find the language setting for SpectraLayers?

02:54:48. How to hear a loop of VST Plug-in in SpectraLayers?

02:56:33. How to render in place multiple MIDI tracks with the same MIDI data?

02:58:48. How to extract the tempo of a reference track?

03:01:17. What are some other great features of Cubase Pro 12?

03:03:49. How to setup a Tyros 5 so MIDI tracks can be rendered in Cubase project?

03:05:21. Any tips on streamlining the learning process of Cubase?

03:06:54. Is there a way to modify the order of the tools as they appear?

03:07:40. What are some functional differences between HALion Sonic SE and HALion?

03:12:14. How to sort out licensing for UR824 software tools?

03:13:35. How to optimize your PC to work well with Cubase?

03:15:05. What video containers and codecs will be supported din Cubase?

03:17:42. How to randomize velocity on a crash cymbal between 120-125?

03:22:49. Does the UR824 come with Yamaha plug-ins?

03:24:39. How to label an object in a MIDI Remote script?

03:26:56. What are some ways to make a vocal sound closer to the microphone?

03:29:04. How to get shared copy behavior on audio events?

03:32:05. Is there a way to turn existing copies into shared copies?

03:33:03. Does a sample rate conversion affect the audio level of the project?

03:35:40. Any suggestions for a wireless USB hub?

03:36:52. Can SpectraLayers 9 be used as an extension in the latest version of Cubase?

03:37:22. How to get Bluetooth headphones to work with Scarlet 2i2 interface?

03:38:40. Does warping with phase coherent make tracks sound out of phase?

03:43:19. Any difference between using Frequency EQ as a plug-in vs. channel strip?

03:45:13. How to quickly navigate to FX channels quickly in a large project?

03:47:29. What is the schedule for the live streams?

03:47:59. Where can I find ReWire in Cubase 12?

03:49:21. Is the chords editor available in Cubase 11?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 10  2023  (n88  22304) 

00:04:05. Will there be a morphing plug-in in Cubase in the future?

00:05:42. How to select specific notes within the key editor with logical editor?

00:10:08. Is it possible to cut and move markers within a folder track?

00:15:10. Can you go over the license reactivation process?

00:16:45. How to search for files dragged into project in MediaBay?

00:18:36. What is best way to export songs recorded in a long continuous recording?

00:23:42. How to remove the track name in the edit window?

00:26:28. How to keep a stereo interleaved file when importing AAF files?

00:31:20. Why can’t I hear notes sound in VariAudio when selecting note segments?

00:33:25. Why are hi hats out of time when rendering with Arpache MIDIplug-in?

00:37:54. How to set the default bit depth and sample for projects?

00:39:07. Is it possible to lock Groove Agent outputs when loading new kits?

00:44:13. How to add and embed a flanger to only one section in an audio file?

00:47:39. Will a mono track not be affected by +3dB pan law setting?

00:48:21. Is it better to make a great music or to make money in the music business?

00:50:45. Is it possible to insert a time based gap between two events in a project?

00:53:36. How to reactivate UR824 plug-ins and Amped Elektra?

00:55:50. What bass settings to Greg use on A Long Time Ago project?

00:58:37. What should I do to earn a living in music production?

01:02:08. Can cycle marker export embed cycle marker name in file?

01:04:10. Is it possible to resize the edit window?

01:05:41. How to set measure 1 to start at 37 seconds into a video?

01:08:48. How to access automation lanes to a track without recording a bit of automation?

01:10:36. Is it possible to sync zoom in project and lower zone editor?

01:11:52. How to tell Cubase to show which parameter has been automated?

01:12:50. Is it possible to change the order of the sends in Nuendo 12?

01:16:34. How to listen to a single bar of a drum beat while project continues to play?

01:21:01. Are there rules on working with the comp tool across multiple tracks?

01:24:29. What would the great composers have done with a tool like Cubase?

01:27:24. How to create a title and subtitles for scores?

01:34:30. What are some unknown features found in logical editor?

01:39:27. How to import audio from an AAC video file?

01:40:50. How to send audio tracks to an effect via a send?

01:45:11. How to have audio match tempo when tempo is increased or decreased?

01:46:53. How to pan left and right independently on a stereo file?

01:49:48. What can cause tempo and tone to change when opening an older project?

01:51:24. Is it possible to automate different click track patterns?

01:57:02. What is the easiest way to split a long note into multiple shorter notes?

01:59:56. How to see the grid lines easier in the sample editor?

02:02:49. Am I missing a codec if my mp4 files does nothing after importing?

02:04:37. How to get all drums in a MIDI track to have separate tracks?

02:06:04. Is there a way to copy a volume curve to another event?

02:08:10. How to add my own artwork image to my track in Cubase?

02:09:18. Can Cubase import all mp4 files for editing audio from video file?

02:12:20. Can you purchase Cubase color schemes some where?

02:13:40. Why do I hear external MIDI when doing render in place?

02:16:40. Why does last pattern in Groove Agent play after drag and drop to project?

02:20:11. How to nudge forwards or backwards after zooming in on MIDI event?

02:25:04. How to select highest and lowest notes within a 4 voice chord?

02:29:23. Are there issues with offline processing in Cubase and RX10?

02:30:34. How to lower all tracks volume in the MixConsole?

02:32:10. What to look for in frequency view to get a full sound?

02:35:19. Where do created sampler track presets get stored?

02:37:35. What is most common setting in quantize to get a swing feel?

02:41:30. How to see all automation on a track at the same time?

02:44:18. How to save a sampler patch with its associated audio file?

02:47:55. How to use dynamic EQ and DeEssing to fix harsh sounding vocals?

02:52:19. Is there a MIDI Remote script for the Montage keyboard?

02:53:21. Why don’t Cubase 11 Pro instruments appear in Cubase Pro 12?

02:55:03. How to create separate audio tracks for drums from a drum VSTi?

02:58:04. How to record from a Roland TD50X into Cubase?

03:02:13. What is the easiest way to change an instrument on a track?

03:05:10. Why do I hear MIDI tracks of external instruments when rendering a single track?

03:08:03. What are sampler tracks and what are they used for?

03:09:52. What is the secret of the universe?

03:10:19. Can I route Cubase effects and rout them to ins and outs of my audiomixer?

03:13:50. How do I show chord inversions on the chord track?

03:14:37. Why is my MAudio controller not sending MIDI to Cubase?

03:16:56. Where to see input and output routings for a track from the top of the window?

03:17:55. How to change phase between tracks without using phase button inMix Console?

03:19:31. Why does a track sometimes get stuck to a particular size?

03:21:11. Why are some of my insert plug-ins greyed out when adding them asinserts?

03:22:34. Can track heights get locked bigger with enlarge selected tracks activated?

03:23:37. Can you freeze frame a spectral analysis from SuperVision?

03:25:39. Can we just ask questions in the live chat field?

03:26:01. Where else can side chain be applied besides EQ and compression?

03:28:37. How to sidechain a reverb so reverb comes increases after vocal stops?

03:29:12. How to do an 808 bass glide in Cubase?

03:31:38. How not to use lanes for doing audio assembly types of edits?

03:34:04. How to remap notes in an event from a Roland R70 drum machine?

03:37:15. How to increase selected automation and range of automation by +/-1dB?

03:45:59. How to trigger Cubase to play linearly or within a cycle from a MIDI controller?

03:50:07. Why can’t I export a MIDI event as a MIDI loop?

03:52:39. How to get SpectraLayers to work with Cubase Pro 9?

03:53:55. How to get Groove Agent its listed in VST pull down menu?

03:54:57. Why can’t I audition samples in the right zone Media Bay?

03:55:51. Why does panning get lost when I place tracks into a group?

03:57:38. How to get a track to layer 2 different instruments?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 13  2023  (n82  22386) 

00:03:12. Is there a way to change the fade curves from a key command or MIDI controller?

00:05:08. Is there an option for the chord type in the attribute inspector?

00:07:30. How to speed up my Cubase when running Cubase?

00:08:37. Why are there A and B presets in HALion Symphonic Orchestra presets?

00:11:09. How to select middle notes of arpeggios in the key editor?

00:19:22. Why does modulation always reset to 0 using BBC Spitfire Orchestra?

00:20:41. Why don’t Kontakt 5 instruments re-enable after disabled?

00:22:04. What are some ways to program drums in Cubase?

00:28:08. How to avoid having to manually activate follow key in key editor?

00:29:49. How to add a key signature to show major/minor in MediaBay?

00:32:54. Can duplicate samples be replaced only on a single track?

00:36:51. Why is ASIO Guard meter maxed out at around 20 tracks?

00:39:46. Any news on HALion 7 and Absolute 6?

00:42:12. What can cause the play head to stutter visually but play back fine?

00:43:07. How would Greg build a perfect template for himself?

00:45:26. How to show only tracks in specific folder names?

00:54:49. Why does my chord track record data if it is not selected?

00:58:04. Is it possible to transfer colors back and forth from Cubase to VE Pro?

00:58:39. What is use of channel type, and last event in MIDI Logical Editor?

01:02:07. How to get selector to select between 1 or 2 frames?

01:06:55. How to select middle note in arpeggio not using the chord track?

01:11:20. What can cause an ethernet connection to affect Cubase stability?

01:12:38. Can Cubase save and recall samples in project with a custom kit?

01:17:16. How to navigate to top of project and start of project?

01:24:22. Why is tempo faster when importing audio file at different samplerate?

01:28:27. Can you show different uses of the arpeggiator?

01:32:48. Is it better in rock track to mastering plug-ins in Cubase or another program?

01:35:40. How to change color of entire track?

01:38:58. How to double click on a MIDI event so it opens in a new window?

01:39:44. How to colorize the folders?

01:41:10. How to use the expression map function?

01:48:07. Can the project logical editor in Cubase 11 have pre and post commands?

01:49:20. How to modulate the fine tune of a drum sample via LFO for variation?

01:54:47. How to import keyboard shortcuts from Cubase 11 to Cubase 12?

01:56:55. Where could I find grain morphing function in Cubase?

01:58:27. Why would duplicating a track link certain settings together?

02:01:39. Can a node in FX Modulator be controlled remotely via MIDI CC?

02:04:07. Can I see only the plug-ins between 2 markers?

02:06:17. How to add titles in score editor that are embedded on all parts?

02:09:06. How do film composers not get lost in their huge templates?

02:10:52. How to fix timings of live recorded drum tracks?

02:15:34. Why does my audio performance meter different than OS CPU meter?

02:17:12. Does a longer signal path mean worse single CPU performance?

02:18:19. Are track versions or lanes better for recording live drums?

02:20:32. Can macros be recorded like MS Excel?

02:21:17. How to solve a disk cache overload?

02:22:21. How to customize chord voicings vs. import MIDI loop notes?

02:25:38. Are ghost copies different visually than the original event?

02:27:22. Where to find my code for SppectraLayers update?

02:27:57. What files are associated with chord voicings style?

02:30:56. Is there a tutorial for how to route tracks to a group?

02:33:39. Why do I see diagonal lines on my events on project window?

02:35:56. How to do a mirror function using the logical editor?

02:38:55. Where are sampler track presets stored?

02:41:43. How to see a layer frequency graph of middle of 2 tracks?

02:47:18. When importing live tracks for tempo editor? Keywords: Tempo Track live session tempo detecting, import live grid up grid warp tool tempo track
02:51:12. Can you discuss the downmix presets in the control room? Keyvwords: CR

02:53:56. How to create a bar offset so that the project can have negative measures?

02:56:43. How to dissolve instrument track MIDI notes without creating new instruments?

03:00:57. How to adjust multiple parameters in MIDI remote from scaled to pickup at once?

03:02:50. Can you create custom labels in the MIDI remote for objects?

03:06:51. Did I mess something up if I see diagonal lines on my events?

03:07:15. How to change the key of the scale for the chord pads?

03:10:33. How do I remove a plug-in from my list?

03:12:28. Why did Cubase blocklist my BackBone plug-in when updating it to1.5?

03:13:35. How to change one MIDI event on a track and change all reptations of event?

03:15:38. How to move past perfectionist completion paralysis and get a song done?

03:19:23. Why do we need AI assistance or a manual when we have these live streams?

03:20:16. What feature is used to do real time collaboration in Cubase?

03:21:24. Will this live stream be available to watch when it is over?

03:22:17. Why did my controller stop controlling instrument and only pass MIDI keys?

03:26:49. Can I use a keyboard as a keyboard and a MIDI controller?

03:28:34. Is there a way to change keys other than E2 and F2 keys in chord pads?

03:29:21. How to trigger more than one octave on the chord pads?

03:32:39. Where can I find my MIDI remote scripts that were lost in OS update?

03:35:22. Is there a MIDI Remote script available for Nektar Impact?

03:36:02. What is happening on the live stream?

03:36:39. Can I map out MC303 and Novation controller without using the MIDI remote?

03:41:11. How to get rid of empty doubles of zipped audio files?

03:42:39. Why can’t I see some 3rd party plug-in presets in MediaBay?

03:43:38. Can the MIDI Remote read patch names from synthesizers?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 17  2023  (n75  22461 

00:03:58. Is the Cubase 12 Spectrogram a faithful representation off requencies?

00:07:04. How to save a project to C drive and backup to an external drive?

00:10:14. How to have stop key function that stops and goes to start of the project?

00:12:31. Will we see a Cubase 12.5 or 13 this year?

00:13:38. How to do a tempo detection of drums and make other tracks follow?

00:19:44. How to convert drum part routed to multi outs to multiple audio tracks?

00:23:50. Why does my backup project settings look different than yours?

00:24:57. Why are my logical editor presets greyed out?

00:27:33. How to play a MIDI melody that follows the chord track?

00:31:05. Will Steinberg release a 12.5 version or go straight to Cubase 13?

00:32:41. How to get the bass to pop out in a hard rock type of project?

00:36:37. Where are new project creation and backup in Cubase Pro 12 ?

00:37:18. Does emptying trash in audio pool delete it from the pool or fromthe hard drive?

00:41:15. How can I raise multiple faders at once?

00:42:30. How to reset all Cubase settings to factory default?

00:43:36. Why does MediaBay seem to be rescanning files constantly?

00:46:14. Where is the create project file function?

00:48:18. Are colors included with the profile manager?

00:50:03. How to get SpectraLayers to show as an extension in Cubase Pro 12?

00:51:17. How to export tracks that are all equal length to pass on to other users?

00:54:21. Is it possible to adjust track delay on multiple MIDI tracks at once?

00:58:33. How to raise volume of all tracks overriding existing automation?

01:00:17. Is there a way to open all inserts on tracks with a key command?

01:05:18. How to do n edit on an offline?

01:07:40. How to create a new project before backing up the project?

01:10:51. Is it normal behavior to stop not to go to start of the project?

01:11:50. How to play 2 instrument tracks from a single instrument track?

01:16:44. What DAW is this?

01:16:46. How to render all audio tracks in a lane to the same length?

01:19:31. Why does SpectraLayers 9 run as standalone but not as extension in Cubase?

01:19:58. Is there a way to set global tuning for MIDI to 432Hz?

01:21:11. Can you use the control room if you are running Apollo AI?

01:24:25. Can I render in place a multiple tracks of a multi-timbral external instrument?

01:28:38. How to bounce a duplicated audio to create harmonies in VariAudio?

01:31:27. How can I realize the track?

01:32:13. Is it possible in the sampler control to create your own slices?

01:33:44. How can I realize track rap?

01:34:49. Why do I get a message about the naming scheme when exporting multiple files?

01:36:43. How to select notes which fall on beat 3 in the logical editor?

01:40:16. Why does Cubase Pro 12 sometimes crash or hang?

01:41:57. Why can’t I drop my song on SoundCloud?

01:43:23. Why do notes selected in bar range sometimes select notes in bar 1?

01:46:43. Can we do shared copies of audio?

01:48:58. Is there a difference in gain from clip gain vs. pre-fader gain?

01:50:20. What is the most important skill a songwriter or composer can have?

01:52:15. Can Greg share his logical editor presets and macros?

01:52:58. How to close all open plug-ins on a track?

01:54:49. Can I run Reverence as a plug-in on VE Pro?

01:57:18. Any workflow to get Nuendo and Cubase to work better together?

01:59:26. How to bounce multiple tracks routed to Integra 7 at once?

02:00:42. How to change the color of multiple tracks with one click?

02:01:27. Does the convolution reverb in Cubase need to be on a separate PC?

02:03:08. How to run Reverence as a send effect to multiple tracks?

02:05:41. How to get rid of track names for parts in the editor window?

02:08:21. How many layers should we add to get great vocals?

02:11:27. Can you discuss setting up a headphone mix in the control room?

02:17:43. Is it important for a composer to learn sound design?

02:21:31. How to delete empty tracks before doing a project mixdown?

02:26:01. How to place PQ markers only on selected tracks in WaveLab?

02:29:29. Why is my backing track being recorded with my lead vocal?

02:31:20. How to have WaveLab cursor and audio in center of the window not autoscroll?

02:34:04. How to install the Steinberg SDK?

02:37:25. How to share my screen and audio over a facebook messenger?

02:40:09. Why doesn’t WaveLab open when exporting mixdown file post process?

02:40:02. Why do I get message no tempo editing possible as tempo track is disabled?

02:46:27. How to sync pre-existing MIDI events to tempo detected audio?

02:52:46. How to have configuration views not show newly added tracks?

02:59:28. Are there any official advanced Cubase certifications available?

03:00:38. How to quantize multi-track drums on the project window?

03:06:09. How to record the click as an audio track?

03:07:41. How to export a mixdown and have it placed directly into project?

03:09:06. How to activate multiple outputs for a VST instrument?

03:10:05. How to record multiple tracks on a project and not use lanes?

03:15:45. How to adjust the volume of the click track?

03:20:32. Are there stock templates with included plug-ins?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 20  2023  (n92  22553 )

00:03:08. How to use automation to increase or decrease on one or two bar parts?

00:04:05. Will setting a plug-in to always on top carry over to programs like Chrome?

00:05:03. Can I change the MIDI output destination of a MIDI track from MixConsole?

00:06:51. Why can I only snap to the bar when audio warping?

00:09:11. What is the current status of running Cubase on hybrid CPUs?

00:11:12. How to keep the vide still with tempo changes?

00:15:10. How to pan MIDI notes in the key editor?

00:18:26. What is the purpose of auto select events under cursor?

00:22:29. How to get audio into an Arturia MiniMoog soft synth?

00:24:05. Is the envelope shaper a full ADSR?

00:25:51. How to write actual notes when key editor is locked to scale?

00:29:29. How to select the 3rd MIDI note on a particular pitch?

00:33:11. Does Cubase support automatically open automation lane of last touched control?

00:34:55. Are the controller section and parameters buttons hidden?

00:37:53. How to playback audio at 2x the speed?

00:40:33. How to use hitpoints to do quantization and move parts on the project window?

00:43:28. How to enter in fast MIDI parts that you are unable to play?

00:46:43. How to do VariSpeed recording in Cubase like the Beatles used?

00:48:56. What is the best way to make a mono track wider?

00:51:08. How to restore IR impulses in Reverence and where are they located?

00:57:16. Will Steinberg release Cubase 13 on a Friday the 13th?

00:58:11. Can I change the location of where the FX track gets placed?

00:59:36. Any advice on migrating preferences, presets from Cubase 10.5 to 12?

01:01:02. Does changing the tempo affect the playback speed of the imported video file?

01:03:18. How to fix a huge latency issue when recording virtual instruments?

01:05:57. Does Greg know if Klaus Bedalt used Cubase on his Pirates of Caribbean score?

01:07:02. How to randomize velocity and timing of perfect timing drum part?

01:14:34. Does the sampler track have a one shot mode?

01:16:12. Can there be more time added for audio retrospective recording?

01:17:54. Any tips on how to start gain staging imported audio files?

01:21:29. Can you explain the SpectraLayers function inside of Cubase?

01:25:07. How to remove an insert effect other than dragging it away?

01:26:38. How to set the default sends for effects?

01:28:59. Why does Cubase stop responding after changing sample rate with Zoom Live 12?

01:32:18. How to have 3 MIDI tracks in editor and copy notes to different tracks?

01:37:38. Does opening touched plug-in parameter rely on plug-in VST implementation?

01:38:57. What can cause Cubase to crash so hard that it needs to ber eactivated?

01:39:52. What are Greg’s thoughts on releasing my songs on YouTube?

01:42:29. Does it make a difference when rendering MIDI drums if they are monoor stereo?

01:44:12. How to place an EQ on one particular section without affecting the rest of the track?

01:47:51. Can you discuss the time stretching algorithms one by one?

01:51:07. Where to copy Greg’s MLE, PLE and key commands to?

01:53:28. Can we time stretch MIDI notes?

01:55:07. How to sync a Boss RC600 to Cubase via MIDI clock?

01:57:11. How to convert 24bit/48k to 16bit/44.1?

01:58:44. Why am I not hearing stereo when plugging my headphones into my audio interface?

02:00:49. How to change tempo with MIDI and audio and sync?

02:04:10. What are some solutions to resolve audio dropouts on my system?

02:06:38. Can you do adaptive project duration?

02:08:08. How to set a groove from an 808 from a kick track from a single note?

02:12:02. Does Cubase have an FM synth?

02:13:13. Is there a way to move from measure to measure using a key command?

02:15:12. What do the three slashes next to a plug-in indicate?

02:16:22. Can I import files from my old BR8 recorder?

02:19:06. Why use direct routing as opposed to sends?

02:22:59. How can I listen to the reverb independently of the source track forEQ?

02:28:52. What are Greg’s views on CSN with David Crosby’s passing?

02:30:33. How to delete a custom quantize preset?

02:32:20. Is the Hypnotic Dance instrument compatible with Cubase 12?

02:34:51. Is there a Cubase 12 maintenance release coming soon?

02:37:14. Will Greg be at the AES show in NYC this year?

02:39:53 Can I assign the control + mouse wheel to control key commands?

02:42:32. How to export a chord track for use in other software?

02:45:44. How to record the sound of YouTube into Cubase?

02:47:36. How to record any melody on HALion Sonic?

02:49:51. How to lock an 808 track to a single MIDI kick track?

02:56:09. Can you tell us something about the work spaces?

02:59:49. How to undo an accidently deleted insert effect?

03:05:04. How to read a chord track where the top line looks like a melody?

03:07:35. Is it possible to randomize velocity?

03:10:29. Why VariAudio another sound I tried?

03:13:18. How to assign my main outputs to be anchored to the right?

03:14:47. Would it be possible to set individual pitches for slices in sample rtrack?

03:18:21. Where to get pure DAW sound on Mix knob on UR22C interface?

03:20:13. How to cut a section between locators?

03:23:29. Will a post fader insert be before or after the channel strip?

03:26:37. How to edit a duplicated track and not change original file?

03:29:05. How to set audio file on project so that it is not zoomed in or out?

03:31:40. What is the best DAW sound with mix knob on UR22C?

03:32:55. What is the easiest way to change from internal to external effects on MR816CSX?

03:33:54. How to resolve EQ clashes between 2 tracks?

03:37:01. How to set the play position by clicking in the project window?

03:37:53. How to make hidden tracks visible?

03:38:28. How to get warp grid to tweak results after tempo detection? Keywords:  fix Tempo detection Out of Grid after drums fills

03:42:09. How to change name of imported audio so that the names make sense tome?

03:44:19. How to keep all settings of a project and apply to another project?

03:48:15. Can I play my MIDI keyboard while recording a vocal?

03:49:30. Can I group MIDI notes together for editing and recall the linked notes?

03:50:46. Can you suggest a good vocal recording template to start off with?

03:52:14. How to select multiple channels on the MixConsole?

03:53:07. Is there a way to comp a MIDI drum part just like an audio comp?

03:56:48. How to set an encoder to select next and previous track?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 24  2023  (n87  22640 )

00:03:00. How to get the MIDI controllers to appear at the bottom of the MIDI?

00:04:24. Is there a undo history available for removing an insert?

00:07:10. Does Steinberg have any comments on returning local undo history in MIDI editors?

00:07:49. Are these streams primarily focused on how to use Cubase?

00:08:26. Do the Yamaha MSP5 or MSP7 monitors amps run hot?

00:09:17. Can labels on MIDI Remote editor be renamed?

00:11:27. How to tune whole project down one semitone?

00:16:41. How to have piano track controlled by a chord track turn into MIDI events?

00:18:34. How to select 2 specific notes in every other measure?

00:32:09. Do MSP3A monitors use a class AB or class D amp?

00:32:52. Is there any plug-in for rhythmic pumping for an EDM track?

00:35:26. How can I send tracks to other track for processing as groups lose panning?

00:36:57. How to use direct routing for summing and other situations?

00:41:18. Can you go through the StepDesigner MIDI plug-in?

00:44:48. Can the rulers be made larger vertically?

00:45:43. Why does my metronome come in about a half bar too late?

00:46:57. How to make the horizontal slide bar larger in size?

00:48:24. Where is the MIDI controller setup button?

00:50:15. How to change between different monitoring types with a key command?

00:52:42. Can I copy envelopes within FX modulator?

00:58:39. How to go beyond a range of 11 in offline pitch shifting?

01:00:10. Can I open a send effect to edit from MIDI Remote?

01:09:51. Can I download Dorico without using Steinberg Download Assistant?

01:12:13. Can I change the root note of chord track from C1 to C2?

01:13:05. Can I glue files together using render in place?

01:15:49. Is there scale control in Cubase Artist with Phrygian or Dorian mode?

01:17:02. How to downmix a Dolby Atmos mix to binaural?

01:19:58. Can I use Cubase for podcast production?

01:20:56. Why did my auto audition for loops disappear in my edit screen?

01:26:57. How to use the brackets in the logical editor?

01:29:37. Does the backup project include audio files in the sampler track?

01:32:23. Is it possible to convert existing position markers with text to cycle markers?

01:33:44. Will there be a Cubase update this year?

01:34:17. How to choose the right synth plug-ins?

01:36:52. Why do some people have success and other more talented not in music biz?

01:38:45. How to math script move knobs for sine curves and link them?

01:41:31. How to find my user created presets I did for Groove Agent?

01:43:06. Can I select all events on track by simply selecting the track?

01:45:03. Is Cubase a more demanding DAW on slower computers?

01:45:25. Can Cubase add a feature to mute track above a particular threshold?

01:48:13. How to quantize quintuplets and septuplets?

01:50:25. Do composer fully record and compose all within Cubase?

01:50:57. How to show hide a plug-in in a macro or MIDI remote?

01:55:19. How to set the grid to quintuplet and septuplets?

01:57:34. How to setup a vocoder to work within Cubase?

01:59:58. How to name the arranger events in the arranger track?

02:02:08. How to turn off all plug-ins not bypassed?

02:06:36. Why is my activation manager not working for my Nuendo license?

02:07:30. How to get the chords extracted from a piano part?

02:10:21. How to use the Behringer X1 controller to work with MIDI Remote?

02:13:19. How to create group channels so I can start adding effects?

02:16:09. Is there any way to bypass instruments like we can inserts?

02:17:26. How to best utilize CPU from using VST instruments?

02:19:03. How to start using the chord track on an empty project?

02:24:57. How to do audio to MIDI conversion for drum replacement?

02:27:39. Is it possible to save an arranger track so I can back off after along time?

02:30:23. How to learn to make music from movies like Twister?

02:31:39. How to extend a song by easily copying last portion of the song?

02:34:27. Can I create a group channel for selected tracks in a folder and have it go to top?

02:38:18. How to make a shared event into a real copy?

02:43:23. How to return to original parts after flattening the arranger track?

02:45:17. Why do I see note and w icon in upper right hand corner of audio event?

02:47:38. How to resolve issue when 3 company’s products are not working as expected?

02:50:14. How to print the tempo track of audio that was tempo detected?

02:53:49. How to get SoftTube Console to properly controller Reason VST?

02:55:14. How to use Context Gate and MIDI Gate plug-ins?

03:01:44. Can non Steinberg MIDI and loop backs be played through the MediaBay?

03:03:21. How to render in place and have new files placed onto existing track?

03:07:23. Can I have a MIDI loop from HALion Sonic SE play back from Groove Agent?

03:10:19. How to insert silence without messing up existing tempo changes?

03:13:48. Can we have results in MediaBay searches based only on file name?

03:16:01. How to recognize MIDI chords as they are being recorded?

03:19:01. How to do an offline process or render that includes automation?

03:23:25. Can notes be renamed in the MIDI key editor like the drum editor?

03:24:38. Will Steinberg fix the notation bug that makes notes look like theyare offbeat?

03:27:40. Is there an issue with render in place with direct routing is enabled on the track?

03:29:24. Can have MIDI loops for HALion Sonic SE open in HALion instead?

03:30:39. Will there be an Android version of Cubase IC Pro?

03:32:01. Why is notation out of time when viewing in with track view?

03:32:31. How to enable direct monitoring on my UR22C?

03:34:18. How to select, split, and select a range and color it red?

03:41:31. Can I load Nuendo 4 files into Cubase Artist on MacOS Catalina?

03:44:29. Why do I hear all MIDI when I am doing an audio export?

03:45:37. Can I automate the chord track input to different tracks through out a song?

03:51:07. How to track several takes of drums into separate lanes?

03:55:12. Will there be a Zoom next meetup on January 31st?

03:56:32. Why am I getting a message saying that PadShop license is not found?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 27  2023  (n83  22723 )

00:03:57. How to handle sample rate changes when going between sessions?

00:06:10. How to get Cubase 12 to recognize my TX802 module with patch scripts?

00:10:15. Does converting stereo file to mono in pool automatically enable musical mode?

00:13:10. How to remap HALion 6 Model C draw bars in MIDI Remote?

00:22:53. How to record one track to another in real time?

00:24:34. Does Steinberg have an editor librarian for a TX802?

00:26:03. How to get projects to start on bar 2 and flatten arranger track to bar 2?

00:27:09. Can the hitpoint lines on events be made brighter?

00:30:15. Why does a sample in musical mode play at right tempo but not the right key?

00:34:31. How to mute the chord track so no tracks are played through it?

00:37:18. How to select every other note of certain pitches in logical editor?

00:40:22. How to select certain notes son every other measure in a MIDI event?

00:45:52. Anyway to make inspector wider to read full name of a plug-in?

00:47:00. Why does Cubase take a long time to open with 7 instances of Kontakt?

00:48:25. Will there be a wider sound with VST Amp Rack on stereo vs. mono track?

00:52:57. Any plug-ins for jazz chords inside of Cubase?

00:57:27. How to see audio signal on top of MIDI notes without rendering?

01:00:31. Will we ever be able with arrows within the plug-in window?

01:04:43. How to deactivate a plug-in using the MIDI remote?

01:06:27. What are the brackets used for in the logical editor?

01:08:08. How to straighten out a MIDI performance that was not recorded with a click?

01:11:04. How to adjust the speed of a note glide in the sampler track?

01:16:27. Any tips on writing a good bass line?

01:21:22. What is a good general laptop for Cubase for mobile production?

01:21:52. Why can’t I select events when in VariAudio editor?

01:24:48. Can a controller be used to assign speaker volume in Wave Lab?

01:30:21. Are there any rhythmic functions to make polyrhythmic events?

01:32:22. Can we time stretch a sample to fit the tempo?

01:35:13. Why do I hear Groove agent parts if there is no MIDI data on the track?

01:39:49. How to get newly added track to go to bottom of the project?

01:41:38. Can I navigate the plug-in selection window with up down keys?

01:43:25. Has Greg spoken to composers on the state of AI generated music?

01:44:38. How can I revere the phase of one channel on stereo overhead tracks?

01:48:15. How can I do a rap bass line?

01:50:00. How to sync an SR16 drum machine to Cubase?

01:53:04. How to duplicate and transpose drum overheads down 3 semi tones?

01:56:22. How should a beginner approach learning Cubase 12 Pro?

02:01:12. How to change pitch of audio clips so it slows down and pitch lowers?

02:05:25. Why does one instrument randomly change pitch in middle of a project?

02:08:29. How to have existing MIDI parts follow changes made in chord track?

02:10:52. Can you demonstrate the Beat Designer?

02:17:02. Is Groove Agent hard on the CPU when working on a laptop?

02:18:07. How to get rid of audio pops and crackles from my playback?

02:23:23. How to remove the names from audio events on events in the time line?

02:25:27. Can Cubase display the chords being played in real time?

02:27:55. Do people like songs with complicated chords nowa days?

02:31:33. How to stop MediaBay from searching for piano when entering ian?

02:34:49. Could reason with ReWire cause drums to play by themselves in Groove Agent?

02:37:31. How to remove empty VST instances from VST Instrument rack?

02:41:21. Has Greg’s glide tutorial been posted on the Steinberg page?

02:42:51. Why does mixdown track turn into stereo and play at wrong pitch?

02:48:03. Does the MediaBay detect mp3 files?

02:52:05. How to record MIDI inserts into the track?

02:55:35. What is the best way to get some tech support on issues I can’t figure out?

02:56:46. What is the best algorithm for transposing 3 semi tones?

02:58:08. How to slightly shift tracks that are not 180 degrees out of phase?

03:00:51. Does Nuendo have more mixing plug-ins than Cubase?

03:02:23. Is it possible to undissolved events from Groove Agent?

03:04:58. Can I make all inserts mute when I am not running the project?

03:06:20. Is it possible to render a track and have it automatically routed to specific group?

03:09:38. How to create a new preset for the project logical editor?

03:12:11. Can I move racks in the mixer up and down making them visible or invisible?

03:14:26. What reverb is Greg using on the snare in Sana Wedding project?

03:18:51. What studio gear will make producing on Cubase more fun?

03:21:16. Can the FX Modulator be used to automate other aspects of Cubase?

03:23:03. What are some other features to unleash creativity in Cubase liket he chord track?

03:24:43. How to patch a Yamaha digital mixer into Cubase?

03:26:06. Is it possible to map the tab key for custom key commands?

03:27:31. How to consolidate multiple MIDI events stacked on top of each other?

03:29:11. Why do some tracks in my folder not solo when soloing the folder?

03:30:41. How to copy inserts from one channel to another?

03:34:34. How to setup your project with the Dolby Atmos renderer?

03:37:47. How to comp multi-track track versions?

03:43:57. How to convert a shared copy to a real copy?

03:45:28. How to deactivate not bypass insert effects?

03:46:31. Is there an easy way to insert an automation point on multiple tracks at once?

03:49:58. Why do some instrument tracks in my template not follow tempo changes?

03:51:57. How can I use the same speakers in the control room for stereo and 5.1?

03:54:24. How to do a mixdown and have a new track created?

03:55:23. How to have other tracks play but not hear them when using solo safe?

03:56:33. How to integrate a Yamaha ProMix 01 mixer into Cubase?

03:57:16. Is the Zoom Meetup guest Michael Wagener the guitarist from Munich?

03:57:47. How to record without latency when using a UR22mkii?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 31  2023  (n52  22775 )

00:03:52. How to apply a custom crossfade that is thin and not wide without cross fade editor?

00:05:44. What is best solution to turn off drummer’s talkback mic while recording?

00:07:58. How to nudge automation data on hitpoint back a few ms?

00:10:28. Which is better for music production Cubase or Nuendo?

00:11:28. Why does the scale assistant custom scale all start on C?

00:14:01. Why have lost all sound in the MIDI track even if I see meters?

00:16:08. Why does flattening tracks seem to add MIDI tracks on top of each other?

00:19:27. How to remove all plug-ins and start fresh on a project?

00:23:51. How to transfer all audio files in a project to another HDD?

00:25:51. How to sidechain a group of drums to bring out a vocal?

00:30:40. How to deal with frequency clashing between two different tracks?

00:33:40. What is the procedure to join the Zoom Meetup?

00:34:39. How to control draw bars from MIDI Remote?

00:36:53. How to navigate different song sections from within the MixConsole?

00:39:48. How to repeat 4/4 and 3/4 time signatures throughout the project?

00:42:14. How to stack instruments in the same track in Cubase Pro 10 artist?

00:47:39. Why do files recorded after tempo change not reflect the new tempo?

00:49:39. How to get new tempo reflected in pool on newly recorded audio files?

00:50:49. What are the uses and reasons for the flatten chain function?

00:52:44. How to get my processor window to open to adjust gain and processing?

00:55:09. Is it possible to reverse the MIDI keyboard?

00:58:54. How to best transfer MIDI from instrument to MIDI tracks?

01:02:57. How to find the mute and solo button in the large MixConsole?

01:05:23. Are there any hidden functions of note in the MixConsole?

01:08:48. Why does MIDI instrument play something that is not written inevent?

01:10:59. How to adjust MIDI latency?

01:13:43. How to highlight notes in the drum editor as cursor hovers over them?

01:16:11. How long will the Zoom meet up last for?

01:16:27. How to setup NY Compression in Cubase on a drum bus?

01:20:22. Can e disable the bass note generally within the chord pads?

01:26:53. Why does adding a C minor chord with flat 5th show in the chord editor?

01:28:15. Will we be getting a new Cubase update soon?

01:28:55. How to copy an event and make it independent?

01:30:45. Can hovering over an insert slot remove the insert plug-in?

01:32:45. Is there one keyboard shortcut to fade in and fade out?

01:35:48. Can I have the MIDI keyboard transmit notes in reverser pitch direction?

01:39:21. Why doesn’t strg+Z work for any time settings in Cubase?

01:40:25. How to apply direct offline processes to all instances of an audio file?

01:43:13. Are there questions that you wish people would ask more often?

01:44:13. How to snap tempo events to the grid?

01:45:11. How to solo a track and have all effects it is routed to also besoloed?

01:46:16. Does splitting an audio file change the pitch right after the cut?

01:47:20. How to bounce all audio events that start at beginning of track?

01:49:24. How to edit velocity a CC data of MIDI events in a folder?

01:51:14. Is there a way to monitor enable tracks when selected automatically?

01:52:41. How to vary the main pattern style page in Groove Agent SE?

01:55:01. What can cause ground loop issues with UR22 audio interface?

01:56:46. Is it possible to set Visibility Track Agents tvisibility to be dynamic showing tracks with data?

01:58:11. How to read a Cubase crash dump file on Windows 10?

01:58:45. Can there be a macro or way to reset metering plug-ins?

02:00:09. Wrap up. Transition to Zoom Meetup!

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Feb 3  2023  (n83  22858 )

00:04:39. How to use MIDI learn in Cubase?

00:06:52. When should I use M/S EQ?

00:10:39. Is there a function to move multiple events on a single track to multiple tracks?

00:13:41. What are pre fader options and levels for in Frequency side chaining options?

00:15:56. Will the new plug-in format be supported in Cubase?

00:16:55. What are the 3 brackets used for in the MIDI Logical Editor?

00:22:38. How to change the start point of a project to 1 hour 01.00.00 ? ( timecode to start  at 1h )

00:25:15. Why does quantize sometimes move data in very small amounts?

00:29:12. Any problems running Cubase on Mac with external boot disk?

00:29:49. How can I route groups to other group tracks?

00:33:14. How to get the cursor to locate to a location when clicking on top of event?

00:34:12. Is it okay to bounce multiple recordings as a file at different sample rate?

00:35:42. Can the MIDI Remote script use rotary encoders?

00:37:55. How to lower volume on all tracks in a link with existing automation?

00:41:30. How to use hitpoints to quantize an audio bass track?

00:44:12. How to setup parallel compression on tracks?

00:49:49. Can I use group tracks to route to 21 groups for sidechain limiting?

00:50:37. How to change the reset level on an effect sends?

00:51:45. How to read a crash log file with WinDBG?

00:52:51. Where is the preference to notify sample rate changes of drag and drop audio?

00:56:42. Are there custom scale and chords options in Cubase?

00:58:37. Can a folder be equal to a group track?

01:01:08. What are the differences and benefits of group tracks and folder tracks?

01:04:08. Can I use different MIDI channels in the same event?

01:10:20. Can endless rotary encoders be used in MIDI Remote Control?

01:12:51. Can you explain the Nuendo headphone match plug-in and will it work in WaveLab?

01:14:53. What is a good sub to match with the Yamaha HS-7 speakers?

01:16:38. Is it better to use direct routing or sends for parallel processing?

01:17:46. Is direct routing post fader?

01:18:51. Does editor solo have override solo defeat in the mixer?

01:22:47. What can cause Cubase to freeze when opening and closing the program?

01:23:41. How can I have a different visual mix scenes?

01:26:38. How to setup different mix scenes in Cubase?

01:29:50. Why are my 4 workspaces not recalling correctly?

01:31:57. Is there anything like memory locations in Cubase or Nuendo?

01:33:18. Why are some of my plug-ins not playing?

01:35:35. Does exporting stems with master processing alter the level of final mixdown?

01:48:01. What is something to be aware of when mastering for vinyl?

01:49:16. Is it possible to use 2 USB audio interfaces at the same time?

01:51:49. Is there an indicator in Cubase to show what chord is being played?

01:54:07. How to do sampling in Cubase the old way?

01:57:32. Why do I see red channel lit and fader is still when automating a group channel?

02:01:37. Can there be a way to go to marker and choose a channel visibilityp reset?

02:07:47. Why does my project open with a message saying files are missing?

02:09:49. Is HALion 6 better than the sampler track for working on vocal chops?

02:12:24. Can I use N and B to navigate marker tracks when it is not selected?

02:15:30. How to use sidechain limiting on more than 8 sends?

02:24:48. How does VST Connect work for network sessions?

02:27:09. How to switch between YouTube and Cubase with audio interface?

02:28:01. How to find new audio files that are in favorites folder in MediaBay?

02:31:15. How to hover over a button and use MIDI remote to have knob control it?

02:34:01. What is the best way to send instruments and audio tracks to a group track at once?

02:37:58. How to make an automation of MIDI file to start and stop of the sample?

02:42:08. How to edit MIDI and have other events play at a reduced level?

02:49:41. How to get same playback levels between MOXF8 and Maschine MkIII controllers?

02:52:56. Does Cubase have a 32 band EQ?

02:54:24. Are there different ways to route pad audio outs in different Groove Agent kits?

03:00:29. How to send the audio out of an instrument track to an existing group?

03:02:26. What compressors are band specific with sidechain capability?

03:04:25. How to block a track through sidechaining?

03:16:13. Can we easily move the faders from within the MixConsole?

03:16:50. How to duck a delay on background vocals when lead vocal comes in?

03:23:30. How to swap channels in the MixConsole?

03:24:20. How to load and use Expression Maps?

03:27:35. Can the recent project list be increased beyond 30 projects?

03:28:03. Can you recommend an affordable or free TX802 editor librarian?

03:28:52. Is there a quantization option for the automation points?

03:31:01. Can Cubase 12 save MIDI sysex sounds or patches?

03:32:17. Does Cubase 12 have a vocal rider option or can they be sidechained?

03:32:58. How to invert the pitch of a MIDI controller in real time?

03:35:10. How to see notation of audio file edited in VariAudio?

03:37:05. Can you show the Steinberg Electric Bass instrument?

03:43:54. Can we run 2 different licenses Cubase and WaveLab on different computers?

03:44:46. Are there any Dolby Atmos projects available to download from Steinberg?

03:45:22. How to navigate to marker positions beyond marker 10 in MIDI remote?

03:47:52. Can I edit multiple tracks simultaneously when using Melodyne under ARA2?

03:49:47. How to sync the chord track to a desired scale?

03:51:13. What does the small grey line to the left of tracks indicate?

03:52:22. Is there a way to use shift+B command to navigate the arranger track?

03:53:25. What can cause Cubase to crash after closing a project?

03:54:16. Is it necessary to add compression on Groove Agent when using VST Instruments?

03:55:31. Why did part of drum track dragged to project turn blank when reopening project?

03:57:44. Is there any to include automation with DOP?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Feb 7  2023  (n83  22941 )

00:03:31. Can I run licenses on 2 different accounts at same time?

00:04:55. How to select all markers from cursor to the end with Project Logical Editor?

00:08:25. Is it possible to recall external instruments after switching audio interfaces?

00:11:07. Can you explain how slices and grooves work with VariAudio?

00:15:17. Why does my mixdown of around –5 dB load into new project at around –8dB?

00:17:57. What are some of Greg’s favorite ways to use the automation panel?

00:20:27. Can you explain in detail about the headphones tab in the control room?

00:24:06. Does Cubase have problem with latest generation Intel CPUs?

00:25:36. How to evolve a sound over 9 hours with PadShop 2?

00:28:01. Is there a way to record vinyl records using Cubase 12?

00:29:50. Should I upgrade to Nuendo from Cubase?

00:31:05. What is the best export quality on Cubase?

00:33:24. Can I copy and paste volume automation to different track in same time?

00:35:44. What is the best level to mix on with headphones?

00:37:36. Is there a way to set a preferences default preset?

00:38:54. Is it possible to change the diagonal line grid intensity of overlapped events?

00:42:32. How to make a radio show template in Cubase?

00:46:53. What pan law is best to use?

00:47:39. Did Greg receive my email about MIDI Remote?

00:48:42. How can people judge mix mistakes with so many opinions?

00:51:21. Will Steinberg create a free Spotify YouTube distributor like tunecore?

00:53:14. How to render multiple instruments to be below tracks and to aspecific location?

00:58:25. Is it possible to change the names of objects in MIDI Remote?

01:01:12. How to create a track from another audio event for sliced and edited audio?

01:03:20. Can you move the play bar up to the top?

01:04:38. What are some books that are good for mixing and composition?

01:09:05. Why can’t I get my Panorama controller to work in MIDI Remote?

01:11:04. Why should upgrade to Nuendo over Cubase?

01:13:53. How to match an audio file to match tempo and have drums follow audio?

01:21:22. How to slow down an audio clip and create a sampler track from audiofile?

01:23:11. Why do I have 2 notes directly on top of each other when using a MIDI controller?

01:26:10. Is there a web page showing macros for chops and fades of drum samples?

01:28:50. Is there a function to convert a real copy to a shared copy?

01:31:05. How much do different DAW companies evaluate competitors?

01:33:32. Can Greg share his radio show template?

01:34:41. How to bounce individual tracks out of Groove Agent?

01:38:01. Is the MixConsole snapshot feature only available in Cubase Pro?

01:40:14. Are there any plans to develop the arranger track functions further?

01:42:15. Can you explain the suspend VST 3 plug-in processing when no audio is present?

01:45:07. What is the VSTi for in the browse window used for?

01:48:18. How to configure MIDI faders to control expression and dynamics from MIDI Remote?

01:52:07. Why can’t Cubase read default I/O configuration of my audio interface?

01:55:11. Why can I not hear audio from my DGX650 even if connected by USB?

01:58:01. Can I see all channel strips for selected tracks in MixConsole?

02:01:03. What does the AFL button do in the listen area of the control room?

02:06:44. Why does musical mode sometimes puts parts at half time?

02:08:28. How to close and open folders and automation with same key command?

02:13:31. Why is my instrument always panned to the left?

02:14:41. Can the live stream be cut into smaller segments or use markers?

02:17:22. How to filter out MDI pan messages from a MIDI controller?

02:18:49. What are the correct frequencies that are considered midrange?

02:19:51. Can shared copies be used for audio?

02:22:01. How to move 60 projects to external drive without backing them up individually?

02:25:08. Can you show how to clean up many noisy dialog tracks in SpectraLayers?

02:30:30. Are there features in Cubase for blind users?

02:31:11. Why does it take a long time to get a response for my UR824 support questions?

02:32:31. How to edit audio recording to match tempo in Cubase Elements 11?

02:33:55. What can cause random CPU spikes in Cubase 11 and 12?

02:36:28. Do we always need to have internet connection on to run Cubase without dongle?

02:37:26. Why can’t I hear adjustments when using FabFilter Pro Q3?

02:39:44. How to load a Groove Agent sample onto a track?

02:41:52. What MIDI message can I use to change sounds in PadShop or other VSTi s?

02:44:33. How to select highest notes in each chord with logical editor?

02:47:58. Why do I hear audio through headphones but not monitors?

02:49:30. Can I play T Guitar patterns not synced to the project tempo?

02:51:58. What is best way to have all audio files needed in project are in project folder?

02:54:08. Is everything like HALion, Groove Agent and other programs on new icensing

02:55:21. Why can’t I draw a 1 bar arranger event over 2 bar arranger event starting at bar 1?

02:58:35. What is best way to export groups and effects as stems?

03:06:10. How start working with CV in Cubase?

03:07:56. How to set the target level of a track to be recalled by a keyboard shortcut?

03:10:58. Is there a macro to switch main monitor between stereo and quad?

03:12:49. Can Greg discuss his interactions with Steinberg?

03:15:37. How to send an instrument track to an audio track?

03:18:10. How to get Cubase to work with a video at frame rate of 59.94?

03:19:58. How to change output routing from stereo to mono for printing stems?

03:25:22. Is Greg involved with the Cubase surveys done by Steinberg?

03:27:00. How to slice, dice and chop a drum loop in Groove Agent?

03:31:52. Can I record MIDI notes from the keyboard in HALion Sonic SE?

03:34:19. What is the best way to do reamping in Cubase?

03:39:22. What settings can I use to get my synth to sync to MIDI clock in a loop?

03:42:20. Can I assign a MIDI Remote knob to control room volume between projects?

03:47:20. How to speed up chopped audio by 2x or 4x?

03:50:24. How to use MIDI tracks on Cubase, external instruments, effect sends?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Feb 10  2023  (n102  23043 )

00:02:51. How to copy a project and keep all settings without any media?

00:06:00. How to rename a lane while recording to mark as a good take?

00:09:21. Would a Yamaha MG10XU replace a UR22 audio interface?

00:11:26. Why are some rendered tracks placed into musical mode and other snot?

00:15:47. Why doesn’t PadShop remember presets?

00:19:07. How to resolve audio dropouts?

00:21:18. How to rout 32 audio ins to 32 tracks at once in Cubase?

00:24:21. How to highlight only notes inside MIDI events when selected?

00:27:37. How to approach stereo mix widening and how to know when it is too much?

00:30:40. How to switch the grid value to beat as opposed to milliseconds?

00:33:05. Can audio be edited in WaveLab directly from Cubase?

00:33:52. How to switch quantize values in project window and MIDI editor?

00:37:13. How to save tracks with output routings to groups preserved?

00:39:28. How to load audio files to groove agent pads and save as a preset?

00:42:29. Can you discuss differences between track archive and import tracks from project?

00:45:25. Can kits created in Groove Agent be opened in Groove Agent and vice versa?

00:47:01. How can I get more than 8 sends?

00:49:20. What is the key command to create shared copies?

00:53:01. How to remove and reset all VariAudio edits?

00:55:27. How to move automation with events in case of a sample rate change?

00:58:07. How to cut and delete all silent parts of an audio file?

00:59:48. How to normalize audio based on RMS as opposed to peaks?

01:01:21. Why does channel jump when writing automation with a CC121?

01:05:46. How to use continuous loop function in the sampler track?

01:08:07. How to setup expression maps for libraries like Spitfire?

01:10:23. Is it possible to freeze tracks but keep adding plug-ins afterwards?

01:13:11. How time align tracks in samples and not milliseconds?

01:16:32. Is there a way to collapse tracks in mixer when folder is collapsed?

01:18:58. How can I fix an unbalanced stereo overhead track without converting to mono?

01:22:03. Can tracks be reimported without VariAudio edits?

01:22:39. How to make trance bass lines?

01:29:56. Can The Grand be opened as a standalone program?

01:32:15. Why does audio align sometimes not work properly?

01:35:08. What is the maximum number of sends per track?

01:38:13. Does Cubase support MP4 video envelope?

01:40:23. How to do rolls and note repeats in Groove Agent?

01:44:44. Is there a way to set the default position of post fader insert effects line?

01:46:37. How to see what sources are feeding a group channel?

01:48:33. How to edit factory Groove Agent kit save without affecting original preset?

01:49:51. Is there a way to add more MIDI effect inserts and sends?

01:51:01. Is there a Cubase Live Stream on working with Dolby Atmos?

01:51:45. How to setup Cubase to transmit MIDI Machine Control?

01:53:49. How to configure a Behringer X1 to not mimic functions of a Steinberg CC121?

01:58:35. How to send multiple sources as a sidechain into Retrologue?

02:02:58. Why can’t I hear samples in MediaBay preview?

02:05:01. How to setup parallel compression with prefader inserts?

02:06:41. Can I remix an avicci song like they did in Tomorrow Land in Cubase?

02:07:42. Does the MixConsole have presets for faders?

02:10:58. Should I run a tuning plug-in as an insert or send effect?

02:13:22. Does Steinberg create the Cubasis app?

02:14:23. How to nudge the play head position to the grid?

02:16:00. Can you convert an audio wave to MIDI notes?

02:17:36. How to match color of automation track when track color is changed?

02:20:00. Do I need to use a soundcard with Cubase 12, I am using ASIO4all?

02:21:51. What is the status of HALion 7 and Apple Silicon support?

02:22:27. Will Steinberg expand capabilities for dual mono plug-in support?

02:24:52. How to add a VST effect to a vocal based on the loudness of a audiofile?

02:27:23. Is it possible to have newly add audio track default to a fader value of -18dB?

02:29:19. Can the track colors be changed from within the MixConsole?

02:31:41. Any presets for my outputs on the MixConsole?

02:33:37. How to deal handle long event names making editing hard when dragged in project?

02:37:00. Will Beat Designer get updated in the future?

02:38:47. Can I register Melodyne without ilok?

02:40:13. What are some different ways to fine tune audio in Cubase?

02:43:26. Why does recording a part sometimes activate recording on the chordtrack?

02:47:00. Can VariAudio separate a complete Orchestra?

02:48:12. Can Cubase work with indies from solokinetik?

02:48:51. Do I have to install free software tools offered on promotions?

02:49:24. How to enter in MIDI data to create a score?

02:51:17. Any news on HALion Sonic compatibility with Apple Silicon native?

02:51:50. Do I have to download everything in the Cubase library?

02:53:24. Can you navigate tabs in right zone of Mixer with alt/opt + control/command +R?

02:56:51. Does Cubase come with enough materials to compose any kind of EDM?

02:57:56. Why would Cubase 11 randomly kick out of record?

02:59:31. Does MIDI get recorded to chord track if chords are already ontrack?

03:02:11. When and if Steinberg will release Cubase 13?

03:03:14. Does having a separate track monitored cause MIDI to get recorded to chord track?

03:04:46. How to navigate on active window between project window and MixConsole?

03:06:33. If a track is set to follow chord will recording on it add chords to chord track?

03:08:21. Is there a way to prevent a fader from being adjusted from the mouse scroll wheel?

03:10:26. How many VST Instruments can be within a single project?

03:12:07. Can I use VariAudio to convert audio phrases into MIDI?

03:16:34. How to navigate in different right zones with project and MixConsole windows?

03:19:53. Why is highlighted audio track not included with an audio mix down?

03:22:06. Why did I but Melodyne from a promotion I did not like?

03:22:42. How to activate project window and MixConsole to navigate tabs in right hand zone?

03:24:29. Why can’t items in Cubase promotions use Steinberg licensing?

03:25:18. How to switch the active window between project and MixConsole?

03:26:24. Why does Steinberg do specials with programs that have nothing to do with Cubase?

03:27:37. Was Steinberg involved in the creation of ARA?

03:28:17. Can the waves in WaveLab be larger for easier editing?

03:30:25. How to get a control room volume and have it stick with MIDI Remote?

03:32:49. Is it possible to have 2 inspector tabs open to see inserts and sends at same time?

03:34:09. Why is my HALion Sonic SE tracks go out of tune?

03:38:58. Can I get the TGuitar instrument to play with timing not in sync with project?

03:42:19. How to get TGuitar to play a G chord with a B as the root note?

03:44:25. What can cause the Cubase 12 demo projects to load with missing files?

03:49:59. Any solution for customer whose dongle does not work anymore for his interface?

03:50:39. Can .vstsound files that come with Cubase be used in other programs?

03:51:35. What is the best way to create MIDI drums from audio?

03:55:28. Why do I get duplicated output when using the control room?

03:57:57. Why don’t I see any of these presets after registering my evo bundle?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Feb 14  2023  (n86  23129 )

00:02:59. Why when trying to color tracks does it sometimes not work as expected?

00:04:19. Is it worth turning on oversampling feature in plug-ins when exporting audio?

00:05:49. How to include send and group processing when exporting stems?

00:08:32. Can you explain chord tracks chords, chords + scale and scale functions?

00:12:29. Why are levels different when recording over top of a duplicate track?

00:16:27. How to convert a live audio recording into MIDI data?

00:19:40. How to tune a piece of music at wrong speed and pitch from cassette to be correct?

00:22:06. How to identify the chords and melody of a stereo mix audio file?

00:27:25. Can I have sounds from my MediaBay into ADSR sample manager?

00:29:42. What is the best free mixing and mastering plug-in for Cubase Elements?

00:31:24. How can I make a favorite folder of VST instruments?

00:34:36. How to select all audio tracks in project and in folder with outproject logical editor?

00:37:08. How to change the opacity of selected event?

00:40:11. How to make audio waveforms brighter?

00:41:38. Why does my output sometimes quit at random when working on a track?

00:43:45. Is it possible to add a new subcategory for bass for 808 bass?

00:47:12. How to detect tempo of an audio file?

00:49:06. Is there a way to show a report of a drummer’s timing?

00:51:32. Is there a macro to open any event in a full size editor window?

00:54:12. Is it possible to always have vocal tracks be a certain color?

00:56:27. Are there any 70s disco strings instrument sounds in Cubase?

00:58:41. Any chance the Steinberg promotion page may fill up tomorrow?

00:59:16. How to change tracks in a folder to all be the same color?

01:02:13. How to find the tempo of a live MIDI piano performance?

01:04:00. How to do individual edits in conjunction with group editing?

01:06:34. How to convert 1 44.1 file from CD as reference in a 48k project andplay right pitch?

01:10:20. How to get the level to visibly drop?

01:11:20. Will the new Akai MPK25 controller work well with Cubase MIDI remote?

01:12:29. Is there a Cubase computer keyboard?

01:13:44. How to adjust the level of a track that is reading existing automation?

01:16:46. Select all audio events in project and within a folder using Project Logical Editor?

01:23:01. Is there a quicker way to find and add commands to macros?

01:25:26. Is there a way to not see offline processes when doing audio processes?

01:28:00. Is there a mastering template in Cubase?

01:29:06. Why doesn’t audio volume level change when dropping fader?

01:31:43. How to snap beginning of an event to end of event?

01:45:40. Can you show some of the best features of the drum editor?

01:50:16. How to configure VST3 plug-ins not use CPU when not passing audio?

01:52:14. Why did I lose a drum track from an older project using Groove Agent?

01:53:57. How to import a MIDI file into Cubase?

01:55:10. Can I hide offline process window when doing an audio processor if unnecessary?

01:57:45. How to use PLE to take all imported files, move to folder, name folder and disable?

02:06:28. Can Cubase/Nuendo natively send CV commands?

02:07:14. Can Cubase strip out silence between hits on drums with no data?

02:10:02. Do these live streams regularly happen?

02:11:09. Is it possible to map insert effects with the MIDI Remote?

02:16:08. How can I record an audio click track?

02:17:55. Is there an option to toggle default to open drum editor?

02:20:44. Is there a way to lock a track so audio cannot be recorded on top of event?

02:23:51. Can I add a color as I name a track?

02:28:03. Any possibility to control the velocity or brightness of sound using velocity?

02:29:55. Why does export name get appended instead of using always ask with conflicts?

02:32:44. How to create a sidechain expander effect in Cubase?

02:39:36. How sound looks more wide?

02:42:29. How to make it so that the editor of the gate is shown in the editor window?

02:47:05. Any chance Steinberg can create a section to download LE and PLE presets?

02:48:19. Why don’t I see same signal level in Cubase after recording a vocal?

02:52:25. How to import and export project logical editor presets?

02:53:44. How do group tracks and sends work please?

02:59:31. Does Cubase have a MIDI effect to add randomness?

03:04:00. How can I use a fader to change tempo?

03:06:17. Can you slice sample in sampler track at transients to play in keyeditor?

03:08:09. Are these sessions recorded to watch later?

03:08:45. Can the sample rate be changed at the track render?

03:11:12. Can I see automation on top of the audio or MIDI event?

03:13:21. How to time stretch an audio loop?

03:14:16. Is it possible to import Cubasis projects into Cubase?

03:14:54. Can I create an automation value based on threshold be created in PLE?

03:15:46. Does exporting mp3 file with always ask to resolve name conflict swork?

03:17:14. How to insert a bar or a period of silence globally in a project?

03:19:13. Can we see waveforms of groups tracks on their automation lanes?

03:22:40. Can we change the sample rate when a MIDI event is rendered to an audio file?

03:23:24. How to cut out 32 bars in a song that is too long?

03:24:48. Is there a plug-in that finds the mixing or frequency faults?

03:27:43. What is difference between set definition from tempo and smoothing tempo events?

03:33:07. Can I use a velocity parameter to drive automation parameters?

03:39:42. How to drop drum samples from Groove Agent back into the template?

03:41:34. What are the differences between the Logical Editor and Project Logical Editor?

03:42:30. Can I use an external fader to record tempo changes?

03:43:11. How to keep the markers in position when changing the tempo?

03:45:34. How to easily setup and configure a new audio interface? New soundcard, add soundcard

03:48:08. Can a plug-in subscription running out cause issues with my system?

03:50:06. Can you further clarify set definition from tempo functions vs. tempo editing?

03:51:21. How to flip polarity of a sample from within the sample editor?

03:51:59. Can I clip audio inside of the sample editor?

03:53:29. Is there an easy way to turn a drum loop into MIDI for easier editing?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Feb 17  2023  (n91  23210 )

00:03:08. How to make a collaboration project?

00:04:16. What programs does Greg use to broadcast and record live?

00:05:12. What is the easiest way to save a small change to a preset?

00:07:54. How can I change color shades of the arranger track events?

00:10:25. How to create a folder to save all my favorite HALion 7 presets?

00:12:37. Can you talk about automation please?

00:17:04. What does the term stem mean, rendered files?

00:19:02. Can I delete old HALion 6 content after updating to HALion 7?

00:19:55. How to take files in vertical tracks to one horizontal track?

00:32:24. How to master loudness?

00:34:16. How to move all muted and rendered tracks into separate folders?

00:41:09. Is there a way to look MIDI notes in a one note MIDI way?

00:42:54. How to prevent MIDI events from being moved when viewed as are ference?

00:47:07. Is there any way to make the project start before 0?

00:48:15. How to make classical Indian beats in Cubase?

00:52:17. How to edit 2 guitar tracks with having warp markers only on one event?

00:55:23. How to have a static velocity on the sampler track?

00:59:04. What is the difference between disable and hide a plug-in in plug-inmanager?

01:00:27. Can Greg show VST Live in a future live stream?

01:00:58. Can Supervision show metering for mid and sides to fix issues?

01:04:46. Is there a way to solo defeat sampler tracks?

01:06:09. Do I get HALion 7 if I upgrade Absolute 5 to Absolute 6?

01:06:55. Why does MIDI fader adjust all drums globally after dissolving by pitch?

01:11:09. Is there a way to record audio from YouTube in Cubase?

01:13:08. Does arranger track color influence arranger track events on project window?

01:15:47. Are there phasing issues with combining 50 or 60 tracks?

01:19:35. How can we transfer licenses in new Steinberg licensing system?

01:20:54. How to group edit multitrack drums via quantize and free warping?

01:27:32. Is there a new version of HALion Sonic SE?

01:28:53. How to copy and paste in a channel above and below?

01:33:59. How to select notes with high velocity with the logical editor?

01:36:32. What are some other advantages of HALion 7?

01:37:42. IS the Spin FX plug-in from Cubasis available in Cubase?

01:38:47. Can I see pressed note in key drum editor as MIDI note is played?

01:41:36. Will HALion 7 play Kontakt libraries?

01:42:48. How to route a MediaBay preview to a different output?

01:44:13. Can HALion 7 be run outside of Cubase?

01:44:36. Does Cubase 12 or Absolute 5 come with HALion 7?

01:47:52. How to set default colors for tracks when exporting into a new project?

01:49:35. How to sync metronome to recordings with variable tempo?

01:53:12. Why can’t peak hold go lower than 500 ms?

01:55:16. Can I use a MIDI controller for doing a tempo recording?

01:57:32. Any tricks to get Cubase to work with a dual monitor?

01:59:18. Can I draw in random notes and have it snap to a mixolydian scale?

02:01:56. Why does my exported file sound bad compared to how Cubase sounds?

02:03:26. Why does edit active part only not seem to work as expected?

02:07:14. Is it possible to randomize an entire range in a FX Modulator envelope?

02:09:39. Can I see hitpoint in one guitar while free warping another guitar part?

02:13:24. Why do I have problems automating mute and solo from my MIDIcontroller?

02:15:11. Can a MIDI controller be connected to the tempo record slider?

02:16:13. Can I highlight multiple MIDI tracks and transpose them all together?

02:17:37. Is Greg planning a HALion 7 series of live streams?

02:19:27. Why do I see my audio performance peaking on a modest project?

02:21:06. Where do I install the drivers and VST plug-ins from my Zoom recorder in Cubase?

02:23:08. How to write tempo change metadata into audio file to be imported into other DAW?

02:25:26. Can I use velocity values as basis for automating plug-inparameters?

02:32:27. Is there any info on selling my Cubase 12 license to some one else?

02:34:13. Can you help with activating my license?

02:34:34. Are these live streams documented and archived?

02:35:45. How to change tempo without changing how long the loop is?

02:39:09. Can you show some of the new features of HALion 7 quickly?

02:43:29. I content for HALion 7 still on the dongle?

02:44:41. Why did source tracks in project get removed after doing a multi export?

02:46:59. How to automation delay?

02:50:18. Can HALion 6 and 7 play Groove Agent libraries?

02:51:41. How to assign MediaBay outputs somewhere other than main outs?

02:52:43. What plug-in in Cubase can do DJ style performance effects?

02:53:42. How can we edit information in artist parameter on presets in MediaBay?

02:55:51. How does granular oscillator in PadShop compare to HALion 7?

02:56:47. How to see meter changes in the score editor in Cubase Artist?

03:00:44. How to get my output go to headphones only and not speakers from Apollo?

03:02:12. Can we do musical tasks like inversion and retrograde inversion in logical editor?

03:05:59. How to check for phase issues on 2 mics recording the same source?

03:09:59. How to start working with VST Transit?

03:12:12. Can I see only one row of notes in MIDI events on the project window?

03:14:34. How to re-render multiple files in different sample rates and bit depths?

03:16:50. What will Greg have for dinner tonight?

03:18:01. How to drag files to project and have it routed to bus instead of stereo out?

03:19:44. How can I jump to markers when VST instrument is the focused window?

03:23:34. How can I not open presets in channel strip when zoomed out fully in MixConsole?

03:26:42. Is there a way to set the talkback to work in a momentary fashion?

03:32:28. Can you mix in quad using a MIDI controller?

03:35:15. How can I adjust volume and panning of click track in the control room?

03:36:06. How to automatically delete gaps between events?

03:40:58. How to have an effect come in only on when audio gets too a loud volume?

03:44:21. How to get a beat to work and sync to the project?

03:50:11. How to fix a badly aligned bass part to a kick recording?

03:53:10. Would improving my graphics card help with occasional Cubase crashes?

03:54:20. Can I route audio out to my iPhone from the control room?

03:56:15. Why is my Cubase project pausing when opening another program window?

03:57:11. How to cut part of one event and paste it to a specific time position?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Feb 21  2023  (n100  23310 )

00:02:43. What can cause projects from Cubase 10 to play out of sync in Cubase11?

00:04:49. Will Steinberg bring back the local undo in the MIDI editors?

00:05:27. What can cause chord track to add thousands of progressions after right button hit?

00:07:54. How to know what to install when updating to later versions of Cubase and Absolute?

00:09:51. What is the fastest way to move the snap point to start on multiple events?

00:12:58. What is the device panel and surround panner in the inspector panel?

00:15:23. How to take events on multiple tracks and place them on a single track?

00:19:49. Can Greg show VST Live on the next Live Stream?

00:21:06. Does the right arrow key add thousands of chord progressions?

00:22:54. How can I use the arranger track to move blocks of events?

00:26:37. How to select every other 32nd note in mixed rhythm MIDI event?

00:28:52. How to apply crossfades to selected events?

00:31:17. Can specific track presets be opened with a key command?

00:32:03. How to automate 2 different reverbs at the same time on tracks?

00:39:05. Can routing tracks to groups cause any panning issues?

00:42:33. Any tips on setting up Cubase with zero latency monitoring with 3rd party interfaces?

00:45:29. How can I edit a song?

00:47:51. Is it possible to use expression map to route different samples to different outs?

00:49:45. Can Steinberg add offsets per articulation in expression maps in the future?

00:50:07. What is the difference between the blue and orange colored inserts?

00:52:41. What is best way to add envelope shaper to multiple drum tracks together?

00:54:55. Is it possible to make an offset on a crossfade?

00:56:42. How do I update the plug-ins?

00:58:21. Will Iconica be moving to the new Steinberg licensing soon?

00:59:28. Why does sound of snare change when doing multitrack drum warping?

01:02:06. Can Greg do a video on licensing HALion 7 for customer scrossgrading?

01:03:43. How to monitor my input signal and adjust pre-gain?

01:06:06. How to remove macros when multi stacked in HALion 6?

01:08:16. How to compose for an imported video file?

01:11:00. Can I use multiple MIDI faders together such as K2500 and Fader Master Pro?

01:14:13. Can the MixConsole zones and visibility tabs be consolidated?

01:15:59. How to have Cubase 10 projects load correctly in Cubase 11?

01:16:18. Why do I have poor video playback performance of video in Cubase?

01:18:36. How does the record function work in the Arpache MIDI insertplug-in?

01:22:11. Can I select every other bar of events in the project logical editor?

01:27:31. Are HALion and PadShop MPE compatible?

01:31:17. Is it best to gain knowledge of Cubase by reading or doing?

01:33:43. Does using the warping tool create artefacts on bass parts?

01:35:26. Are samples getting squared off in the sampler track?

01:37:11. What is the best way to get drum loops to sync to project tempo without artefacts?

01:40:55. Is there a site where you can find macros for Cubase?

01:41:22. Will buss folders be available in future versions of Cubase?

01:43:09. How to add more distortion to a track as it gets louder?

01:48:27. What is Greg’s take on stereo pan law?

01:50:50. How to create multiple track versions and name them independently?

01:54:05. Will Cubase support Ableton Link in the future?

01:54:51. Does Cubase have some plug-ins to resolve tone and timbre conflicts?

01:58:12. When is it best to use ASIO latency compensation recording on MIDItracks?

02:00:52. How to deal with very low notes on bass in VariAudio?

02:04:31. Is it possible to see the send amount ad a fader in a window?

02:05:44. How to setup a custom MIDI controller in Cubase MIDI Remote?

02:09:30. How to match a drum loop to an audio file that is changing in tempo?

02:12:26. Is the CC121 discontinued and if so, will Steinberg release a newone?

02:14:17. Can Greg show how to do everything in Cubase in one video?

02:14:57. Can I record arpeggiator generated directly from chord track?

02:17:35. Can I put a MIDI note playing in reverse in the key editor?

02:19:29. How to route audio track and effect send to same output?

02:21:45. Why do Captain plug-ins VST 2 versions prevent Cubase from loading?

02:22:41. Is there a way to change MIDI latency as it is sometimes nottight?

02:24:44. How to jump to different bars using project logical editor and cyclemarkers?

02:27:06. Why is there no audio after rendering Groove Agent events?

02:29:41. Is there a place to ask questions or do they come from the chat?

02:30:17. Why does my FX Modulator preset on page 2 and 3 and not recall Inprojects?

02:32:44. Why does my template seem to save all of my audio files in project?

02:35:37. How to export stems with parallel processing done via direct routing?

02:40:20. Is it worthwhile to learn the Cubase key commands?

02:41:04. Does Cubase have a lower output for audio mixdown?

02:42:07. How to mute parts from a range selection?

02:48:14. Why do I have to work so hard to match perceived loudness of popular releases?

02:50:05. How to make drum and other instruments punchy?

02:55:01. Can I transfer my purchased expansions from Cubase 11 to Cubase 12?

02:55:34. What is best settings for quantize and what is soft quantize?

02:59:16. Can more bands be added to Frequency and can window be made larger?

03:00:03. Can I get my LM4 and A1 instruments back?

03:02:00. Could a track recorded with Lin Drum sync trigger out have timingissues?

03:02:32. Does Cubase have delay compensation when sending tracks to groups?

03:03:59. How to get a sample loaded into sampler track into playlist?

03:05:51. What are the best video file types to import into my Cubase project?

03:07:29. Do I need to make sure MIDI Loop is in scale importing into chord track player?

03:12:58. Will there be issues importing a video from my cell phone?

03:15:01. How to keep the play head in a fixed position when expanding the view in project?

03:17:42. How to trim the left and right of a stereo channel in Cubase?

03:20:25. Is it possible to have a MIDI mixer control cue send levels?

03:24:01. How can I make a MIDI bass line comply to the changes in the chord track?

03:24:25. How to import Cubase projects from Cubase for Atari into later versions of Cubase?

03:26:09. Do MIDI loops need be in scale to work as patterns in chord pads?

03:28:38. Why do I get message that Supervision phase is bad channel configuration?

03:32:16. Why do I get MIDI overlapping pitch with MIDI cables on Korg PA4X?

03:33:59. Can a plug-in be only applied to one side of a stereo audio source?

03:36:11. How to zoom in and out without affecting the play head cursor?

03:38:47. Do inserts on the main control room come after the main stereo out?

03:40:24. Any plans for Greg to come to Canada?

03:40:55. Will Steinberg add sidechaing to the rest of the plug-ins?

03:41:42. How to check the phase on 2 snare mics with Supervision?

03:43:45. How to get the talkback switch to work as a momentary switch?

03:46:37. How to do VariAudio on a small region of a 2 hour long file?

03:48:23. How to overdub MIDI CC 1 data on a track replacing existing data?

03:50:44. What is the easiest way to move an event by exactly 15 PPQ or 20ms?

03:53:01. Can I use the logical editor to apply predefined rhythm to synth pad parts?

03:57:59. What is a good way to control Cubase transport from an adjacent room?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Feb 24  2023  (n71  23381 )

00:03:07. Is it best to just install VST 3 version only and not include the VST 2 version?

00:05:13. How to make repeated 16th same pitch notes ascend in pitch?

00:08:44. Is there a compressor in Cubase that provides an optical flavor?

00:09:55. How to open MIDI key editor in a separate window with a key command?

00:11:15. Can we use the Project Logical Editor to arrange tracks like arranger?

00:14:02. Is there a discounted upgrade price from HALion Sonic SE to HALion7?

00:16:47. Why I my Groove Agent content missing?

00:18:28. Did Greg listen to a track that I shared with him?

00:19:07. How can I use the comp tool on MIDI tracks?

00:24:06. How to link visibility between the project window and MixConsole?

00:25:52. Is there a way to lock a Cubase file so that it can’t be edited?

00:27:42. Is there a way to select a few tracks and have them mute or solo in project window?

00:29:22. Why are some of my content licenses out of sync and not working?

00:30:43. How to use hardware effects in a mixer signal chain?

00:33:22. Is the new HALion Sonic 7 compatible with Cubase 11?

00:34:11. How to snap automation perfectly to the grid?

00:36:27. Can we send a feature request to lock a project or a template?

00:36:51. Any preference that can affect M and S from working on selected tracks?

00:38:48. How to copy automation from group track to individual tracks?

00:40:44. What is the best way to use an external effect on multiple tracks?

00:42:13. Does Cubase have the best metronome to use as a composer’s tool?

00:44:08. What is difference between invert mute status and mute states?

00:46:04. How to automate the rate of th arpeggiator in Cubase?

00:50:44. Can we invert or flip a melody from within the key editor?

00:53:26. Did HALion 7 appear and disappear from My Products in Download Assistant?

00:54:21. Is there a recommended sequence to learn Cubase?

00:57:10. How do I update my HALion Sonic SE 3 to HALion Sonic 7?

00:58:40. Is it OK to render in place single tracks to use more external effects?

00:59:15. How to save custom metronome click sounds?

01:01:53. Can Greg use attendees’ projects to give insights on their projects?

01:03:19. Can you explain states vs status for mute and solo in keyboard shortcuts?

01:09:19. How to automate arp settings without having to use MIDI CCs?

01:11:17. What is the purpose of the FX channel if I can use group tracks?

01:13:23. Can you access Zoom Meetup from a browser?

01:14:24. Can Greg explain HALion Sonic 7 from HALion Sonic SE 3?

01:16:30. How long does it take a great producer to create a song?

01:18:47. How to select MIDI notes with high velocity in logical editor?

01:21:56. How to move event to end of an event on different track with a macro?

01:29:08. Will projects using HALion Sonic Se 3 load in HALion Sonic 7 without issue?

01:29:53. Is Cubasis available on iOS?

01:30:26. Why doesn’t Tales and FM Lab. Work in HALion Sonic 7?

01:32:36. Is it possible to reset a parameter by double clicking?

01:34:38. How to create powerful macro to do complex things?

01:37:39. What DAW is this and what makes it special?

01:38:19. How to uninstall Tales and FM Labs?

01:39:14. Is it possible to save an idea on a single track without exporting audio?

01:42:16. How to bounce a MIDI comp to a single event?

01:45:07. How to get track colors in the mixer channel views?

01:47:32. How to create a folder to collect different musical ideas?

01:49:33. How to bounce in mono?

01:53:33. How to get left hand piano part in separate track to switch totreble clef in score?

01:59:16. How to copy effects on a send channel to other tracks?

02:03:19. How to properly install Colors Free HALion instrument?

02:07:13. How to create a macro to mute a selected range?

02:09:48. Why can’t I solo tracks setup for Dolby Atmos?

02:16:01. Why does one want to send an instrument track to audio?

02:19:09. How do you become a certified Cubase trainer?

02:20:21. Can you do a quick VST Live Overview?  ISSUE in THIS CLIP there is NO SOUND!

02:35:29. Is there a way to show lanes on multiple tracks to do multi comp at once?

02:40:27. Does Steinberg plan to implement true innovations in future versions?

02:42:08. Is Greg able to monitor the live stream audio during a live stream?

02:43:04. How to use side chain for drums?

02:45:32. Why are multiple tracks underneath each other, is there another method?

02:52:23. Is this an MPC style workflow overdubbing different instruments in 4 bar loop?

02:54:23. Can the tool change to comp tool automatically when hovering over lanes?

02:57:02. Is there a quick way to switch to selection tool?

02:58:05. How to separate each pitch of Groove Agent kit to its own track?

03:03:27. How to change the visualization of audio waveforms?

03:07:59. Can you export tracks without volume or effect information when creating stems?

03:09:23. How to find information for Tuesday’s Zoom Meetup?

03:10:10. Can I use a Stream Deck to do momentary control of talkback mic?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Feb 28  2023  (n58  23440 )

00:03:20. Is it possible to change key of a project using musical mode?

00:05:05. How to automate parameters within Retrologue on a MIDI bass part?

00:08:14. What is the latest version of Cubase Pro 12?

00:09:01. How to move events between locators to a different spot on timeline?

00:11:38. How to setup cues in for headphone mix in the control room?

00:18:51. Where is the best place to put brickwall limiter and dithering?

00:20:31. How to export between the left and right locators?

00:22:54. How to audition chords without hitting play and randomize velocities?

00:25:33. Why does my exported audio mixdown not have any audio in it?

00:28:19. Can multiple files be renamed to distinguish rendered files from project?

00:32:24. How to export a project and have mono files not turn into stereo files?

00:36:35. How to create a chain of a track going to a effect and a group?

00:40:33. How to copy multiple automation lanes to another track?

00:44:01. Is it possible to launch SpectraLayers Pro 9 instead of SpectraLayers One 8 extension?

00:46:06. How can I cut and move a piece of audio and have the automation move with it?

00:47:23. How to get a range selection to snap to the grid?

00:49:09. How to monitor audio from Cubase when running computer remotely?

00:51:22. How to open sampler track and key editor windows?

00:54:01. What is the end result of this project?

00:54:29. How to get started using an external instrument in Cubase?

00:55:51. How to save several tracks routed to a group to recall tracks with routing?

00:58:33. Do all instruments including VST Sounds now run under Steinberg Licensing?

01:01:28. How to set the play head position by clicking anywhere in the project window?

01:02:35. How can I move content from VST instruments to a different drive?

01:03:57. How to add 8 effects to a track and turn them all on at the same time?

01:06:43. What is special on today’s Zoom Meetup?

01:07:17. How did Greg learn so much about Cubase and how to learn Cubase the best way?

01:09:36. How to delete the marker IDs from markers on the marker track?

01:11:52. How to keep tracks maintain channel width when exporting files?

01:12:39. How to switch between faders, inserts, and sends in lower zone MixConsole?

01:13:33. Why do I see stereo in channel settings for mono tracks?

01:15:25. How to make all tracks narrower or wider?

01:16:14. How to trigger chords from within the key editor and randomize velocity?

01:20:13. What is best way to create layers on vocals and how many layers are often used?

01:24:13. Why does my Cubase crash when I open URC control panel in inspector?

01:27:11. Does Greg get asked about side chaining on every live stream?

01:27:37. How to get VST 2 plug-ins to still work in Cubase 12?

01:28:21. Is there a retrospective recording type function for audio?

01:30:56. Why would we want to use the controller instead of note in expression map output?

01:33:36. How to separate MIDI track with chords with each note on a separate track?

01:36:28. Can I drag a portion of an audio event to another track with range tool?

01:37:25. Can you route external effects as dual mono?

01:38:38. Will there be lots of issues when VST 2 plug-in support is dropped?

01:39:29. Where is the best place to start with Cubase 12?

01:41:41. Why were my 64bit VST 2 plug-ins blocked?

01:42:35. Is it possible to have a VST 2 32bit converter in Cubase?

01:42:56. When is Cubase 13 coming out?

01:43:18. Why has Cubase block listed most of my paid 64bit plug-ins?

01:43:54. How to create a HAAs effect in Cubase?

01:46:04. How to make a macro to hide tracks with no events in selected range?

01:48:24. How to see visually if a note in MIDI drum editor is muted?

01:49:56. How to assign a shortcut to open and not run a logical editor preset to modify?

01:51:13. Why can’t I edit velocity on certain notes in pattern dragged from Groove Agent? Solution: Drum sound level does not change 03:46:05.

01:54:33. Is Cubasis available on iOS?

01:55:06. Does Greg have any thoughts on GPU audio effects?

01:56:02. How does Cubase have solutions for all of our problems?

01:56:45. How to turn off delete overlaps when editing?

01:58:19. Where did Greg learn about Cubase and are there any PDFs available?

01:59:32. Migrate to Zoom Meetup!

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

March 3  2023  (n83  23523 )

00:04:22. How to get rid of missing files with question marks in MediaBay?

00:05:52. Why don’t I see Ozone in favorites in right hand side MediaBay?

00:09:24. How can I have a single command on MIDI Remote to open/close automation lanes?

00:15:47. Can I select multiple events on project window with the scissors tool?

00:17:11. Is there a way to keep the HALion edit page the same for alli nstruments?

00:20:04. How to make rough ticks in quantize window be positive only?

00:21:25. How to add and remove macros?

00:22:47. How to trim sample that needs to repeat without damaging first note?

00:25:52. How can I re-enable my mod wheel that I disabled last year?

00:28:23. How can I copy parts from one event to another event within the keyeditor?

00:32:35. Can I monitor UR44C from within Cubase without creating audio track?

00:33:55. When is the new Cubase update coming?

00:34:47. How can I add categories in MediaBay?

00:37:48. Is it possible to link MixConsole faders to pre gain control?

00:40:06. How to change the time signature from 4/4 to 12/8 to 6/8 etc.?

00:43:41. Is it possible to see all MIDI CCs by default when opening keyeditor?

00:49:24. How to create guitar strums in MIDI key editor?

00:51:43. How to delete sound macros tab in HALion?

00:55:11. Why do 3rd party plug-ins sometimes cause Cubase to shut down?

00:56:03. Can I use a Korg MiniKontrol from 2005 with Cubase?

00:56:41. What tool do I use to trim the beginning of a sample?

00:59:39. Is it possible to sidechain one frequency range to another audio source?

01:03:01. Is it okay to delete .bak files to free up hard disk space?

01:04:44. Is it possible to apply swing quantize only for notes on beats 2 and 4?

01:09:38. Is latest version of VST Connect still compatible with Cubase 11?

01:10:05. Can you demonstrate some of the new features in HALion Sonic 7?

01:15:48. Is it possible to add fader control in the track settings area?

01:16:43. Is Cubase better for anyone on a touch screen?

01:18:42. Is there any way for an audio track to trigger an instrument track?

01:21:03. Is it possible to sync HALion 7 to external MIDI clock from arranger workstation?

01:23:43. Does Cubase have any scale correction functions in the key editor?

01:27:03. How are video features in Cubase better than other programs?

01:32:56. Is dithering only needed when converting down for CD audio resolution?

01:34:03. Is it possible to use MIDI noe repeat in Cubase?

01:39:46. Why is my final mixdown audio level lower than commercial releases?

01:44:15. How to move multiple events to the cursor position?

01:50:20. How to turn off velocity sensitivity on the sampler track?

01:53:46. Can I solo and mute multiple channels using the logical editor?

01:57:02. Will the flexphrazer and Groove Agent sync to project tempo?

02:02:58. Can we select different automation shapes such as square, sine triangle etc.?

02:05:28. How to synchronize different track versions on different tracks?

02:09:31. Can I have user created folders be locked and small like FX folders?

02:12:50. What is the best way to detune drum overhead tracks?

02:15:05. How to get rid of artifacts using SpectraLayers?

02:19:23. Is there a stock hand clap sound that comes with Cubase?

02:21:01. How to get the listen tool to work?

02:23:18. Does HALion Sonic SE cause Cubase to crash?

02:23:50. How to add a take and continue recording on the same track?

02:25:55. Does HMT have any effect on mixing or is it just on instruments?

02:27:10. How to save a new instrument sound in HALion 7 Colors Free instrument?

02:31:33. How to make fine cuts on audio files when zoomed in that are overlapping?

02:35:48. Why do I get a weird explosion of noise on exported audio files?

02:36:58. Why do I see a red dot next to update tab in Steinberg Download Assistant?

02:38:45. What is an easy way to delete embedded MIDI CCs from an imported MIDI file?

02:42:04. Is there for Cubase to refresh a hardware instrument after it is enabled?

02:43:31. Why doesn’t the drum map work with MIDI going out to a hardware drum machine?

02:45:10. Can I drag a cut piece of audio from one track and create a new audio track?

02:47:56. How to remove reverb from my mastering project?

02:49:25. What are differences between duplicate, bounce selection and render in place?

02:53:29. Can I import sysex files from DX7 into HALion 7 ?

02:54:30. Can you discuss how the library feature works?

02:57:44. Can you do a brief overview of all Cubase preferences?

02:58:50. Will Dorico ever take advantage of the CC121 controller?

02:59:37. Is it possible to change what the value for middle C is in Cubase?

03:03:01. Is the library all files in a particular single file or folder?

03:05:05. How to fix the time display in SuperVision when adding negative measures to project?

03:10:58. Is LoopMash still available in Cubase 12?

03:12:40. Can we choose different automation styles?

03:12:27. Does the track delay visually affect the audio on the project window?

03:16:21. How to set snap value of an event somewhere other than start ofevent?

03:20:08. Why can’t I choose chord track from the add track dialog?

03:21:43. How to work with different automation shapes?

03:24:20. Is it possible to flip the cue mixes to faders on the MIDI Remote?

03:32:57. Is there a means of seeing at a glance what MIDI ports and channels are used?

03:35:25. Why when playing Groove Agent pattern from project do I see other patterns play?

03:38:26. How multiple MIDI tracks to single VSTi can have separate audio outsin Mix Console?

03:43:48. Why do I get a message that Dorico can’t find sound content after HALion Sonic 7?

03:46:05. How to audition samples in Groove Agent while it plays patterns? Keywords changing velocity does not affect the sound level of midi note in groove velocity drum sound

03:49:42. Why do I have a white screen when editing a vocal file in Cubase?

03:51:29. How to restore the P preference or key command back on my system?

03:53:07. Why does my chord track and MIDI keep ascending in pitch?

03:54:30. How to resolve missing audio files error message when opening project?

03:55:55. Can MIDI sends be connected to an instrument after not being able to record?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

March 7  2023  (n108  23631 )

00:03:58. Why do my final renders sound better than the project playback?

00:07:23. How to delete audio files that are not being used in the project?

00:09:41. How to move stacked parts altogether at once?

00:11:35. How to add a name to selected audio tracks?

00:13:02. What is the difference between 1M or 1,000M?

00:14:50. Is it possible to make MixConsole and key editor window a tab base dwindow?

00:19:12. How to enter artist info when saving a PadShop preset?

00:22:00. What are preset filters for if they can’t be edited?

00:22:57. Is there a fast way to turn on/off move automation with events?

00:25:18. Do I need to move notes by octaves when changing presets in serum?

00:27:10. What is the difference in modern and classic on the Maximizer plug-in?

00:29:05. Can you please tell us about channel latency?

00:31:52. How to fix problems caused by channel latency?

00:33:58. How to color multiple tracks at once?

00:35:41. How to add audio from a different track to a lane in another track?

00:38:39. How to move multiple stacked MIDI events all together?

00:42:35. Which millisecond snap value is best to use for editing?

00:44:31. How to have lower zone tabs in the lower zone window?

00:46:20. Do rendered files get out of time when in musical mode?

00:57:06. Do any Cubase plug-ins work in 7.1?

00:58:06. Can I add artist info in settings dialog when saving instrument presets?

01:02:45. Is there a way to make background in note editor lighter?

01:04:08. Can we do auto sampling in Cubase?

01:07:47. How to sync the Mix window with the project window?

01:09:15. What do you think the best feature of Cubase 12 is?

01:10:51. Can the automation follows events option be set as a key command?

01:12:03. How to get tracks to follow the tempo of the tempo track?

01:16:02. How to reset parameters in plug-ins like Studio EQ with no reset button?

01:17:33. How to make imported tracks line up with the bpm of Cubase?

01:18:38. How to change the colors for tracks?

01:19:25. How does the control room work?

01:22:26. Can you go over Quadrafuzz 2 quickly?

01:25:08. Is there a way to batch color tracks in the Mixer?

01:27:49. Can you go through your preferences and why they are set as they are?

01:29:48. How to setup talkback and how to use it?

01:32:40. How to create more than 4 cue sends?

01:34:59. How to upload your Mixdown to SoundCloud?

01:36:09. Why are all my loops and samples missing and how to restore them?

01:38:05. How to assign particular MIDI keyboards to specific instrumentt racks?

01:40:03. What are the best stock plug-ins for mixing and mastering?

01:42:23. What to renderize an instrument track as an audio track?

01:43:06. Is there a way to create a new scale in the scale assistant that doesn’t exist?

01:45:29. Can you show uses of the library function?

01:51:22. Can HSO run without the Steinberg USB elicenser?

01:52:17. Can I hover over different zones and have them selected without clicking?

01:54:03. How to map pads on an electronic drum kit to work in Cubase?

01:56:23. Can I change to drum editor while in key editor in separate window?

01:57:31. How to get a perfect master in Cubase?

01:59:39. How to make duet vocals equally oud using side chain in SuperVision?

02:05:00. Can imported audio automatically be tempo detected and put in musical mode?

02:06:10. How to use the range tool to work across three tracks?

02:07:46. How to get back after updating to Ventura?

02:09:55. How to generate a rough arrangement and lead sheet from a mixdown file?

02:15:37. Where can I find the upload to SoundCloud function?

02:16:28. Is it possible to hold peaks forever in Frequency?

02:19:47. Is it possible to quantize a track after applying set definition from tempo?

02:21:08. What plug-in is used to make a single voice sound like it is 4 voices?

02:23:25. What plug-in do you have to sound more like autotune?

02:25:07. How to edit a tempo track in middle of a project and not affect audio?

02:27:40. Is the lower zone area a waste of space?

02:28:12. Are the libraries only handling audio files?

02:28:50. Can a synth’s settings be saved to a DAW yet?

02:30:34. How to set that certain tracks will always open in a drum editor?

02:31:55. Can HALion 7 settings be saved to a meta track to recall settings?

02:32:38. How to include sends when adding new tracks to a project?

02:35:39. How to add swing to the click track?

02:39:02. Will MIDI 2.0 enable synth settings to be recalled more easily?

02:40:07. Will there be autogain matching for plug-ins that alter gain?

02:42:02. Can a click track in 33/4 be set to emphasize 1 instead of 2 and 3?

02:43:27. Is dithering used only when downgrading bit depth for CDs?

02:44:21. Is there a way to select a new track from within the lower zone editors?

02:46:57. How to enter different rhythms in different voices in Dorico 3.5?

02:51:55. Do I need to uninstall previous versions of HALion to install HALion7?

02:52:14. How to get up to speed quickly with Cubase?

02:52:55. How to import audio and get it tempo matched together?

02:56:42. Can I find sample songs in Cubase and make my own?

02:58:20. Why does Greg’s chat jump around a lot for him?

02:58:57. Can I use pitch bend automation on an audio track?

03:01:48. Why can’t I see audio waveforms in the project window but do in sample editor?

03:03:33. How to send verification for competitive cross grade to Cubase?

03:05:20. How to have 2 edit channel settings window open at the same time?

03:10:04. Can I add multiple voices for piano with the voicings function in Dorico?

03:10:36. Is there a way to help Greg create topic indexes faster and easier?

03:11:09. How to use MIDI Remote to toggle A and B plug-in settings?

03:13:56. Should I use time stretch tool to get rendered files to trim to grid?

03:17:56. What is an email address to reach out to Greg?

03:18:46. Is there a preference to raise or lower clip gain with mouse scroll wheel?

03:20:50. Why is drum audio imported from Pro Tools not lining up to the grid?

03:24:08. How to see all CCs within the MIDI key editor?

03:25:48. How to make loops fit together in time and musical pitch?

03:29:48. Can I select a dotted quarter note value for tempo in Cubase?

03:34:26. How to route within Superior Drummer 3 to correct mono or stereo outputs?

03:36:18. Can I have a subwoofer on separate output act as a separate frequency for LFE?

03:38:05. Is there any indication that note in the drum editor is muted?

03:40:18. Does SuperVision have issue being recalled on a workspace when using 3 monitors?

03:42:03. Are there issues running Steinberg instruments standalone with Motu interfaces?

03:43:18. Will there be some upcoming videos on HALion Sonic 7?

03:45:04. Can you use the alt key to open multiple channel settings?

03:46:12. Can Greg use a video recording to speed up his topic index creation?

03:47:44. Will carrot change rhythmic value when entering notes in a new voice?

03:48:25. Am I limited with editing in Cubase Elements 12 with muting in the project window?

03:49:35. Do the 4 dots mean anything or are they just decorative?

03:51:05. Can we get the edit channel view in the lower zone?

03:52:02. What do the 4 dots mean on the line at the bottom?

03:52:57. Can you show the micro tuning features in Cubase?

03:56:08. What do the 4 dots on left vertical divider for?

03:57:57. Can the micro tuning function work with non-Steinberg instruments?

03:58:23. Will the Cubase vocoder be updated and included again in the future?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

March 10  2023  (n101  23732 )

00:03:19. Can I have multiple drum samples on a single sampler track?

00:05:31. Can I show a stereo input as 2 mono faders in the MixConsole?

00:09:13. How to bounce a MIDI track into an audio track?

00:11:27. Why does my mixdown not sound like the mix I am listening to?

00:14:08. What aspect ratio would you like for Club Cubase video testimonial?

00:14:35. Is there a deadline to email you video clip for Club Cubase live streams?

00:15:16. What can cause linked channels to get unlinked?

00:17:18. Any advice on using Squasher without destroying my mix?

00:20:31. Why does clicking Q multiple times on an audio file keep quantizing?

00:23:19. How can I create a virtual drum set using multiple instruments on a single track?

00:30:45. What can make output routings from channels disappear?

00:32:27. How to configure headphones with UR44C in control room?

00:34:27. Is it normal to see square audio waveforms when zoomed fully in?

00:39:17. How to make a drum loop sample into stems and extract MIDI?

00:43:33. Is BackBone free with Cubase 12?

00:45:12. What is happening in the live stream?

00:45:33. When will Cubase 13 be coming out?

00:46:23. Will Cubase 13 come out immediately after I update to Cubase Artist12?

00:46:57. What is best way to create parallel effects tracks so 5 tracks can go to an effect?

00:49:28. What is the easiest way to play multiple instruments at the same time?

00:53:16. If I buy version 12 and they come out with 13 will I have to buy itall over again?

00:54:11. How to add a stereo synchronized delay on a small portion of an audio event?

00:58:05. How to close the in place editor on a track?

01:00:02. Does Steinberg have a 6 month grace period for updates to new versions?

01:02:01. Should I but Cubase and leave Reaper?

01:03:04. Is there a suggestion to replace my Korg NanoKontrol 2 that has problems on my PC?

01:04:26. How can I delete all audio events with the same name?

01:07:12. Can I setup 2 effects for left and right channels separately?

01:10:07. How can I stop Cubase from freezing when I am doing routing?

01:11:07. If I get Cubase on current sale will it cost a ton to upgrade to next version?

01:11:48. How to get rid of detected hit points?

01:15:25. Can you show some new features in HALion 7

01:20:00. What recommendations do you have for MIDI controllers

01:21:22. Is it possible to add side chain on a multiband EQ?

01:22:23. How to change chords to different keys if you are a? beginner and don’t want to use C?

01:24:01. Why is there Cubase and Nuendo?

01:26:54. Can we move or delete items on eit?her pane of a divided track listat same time?

01:28:35. Is it better to buy Cubase now or wait for next version?

01:29:15. Is there a way to keep multiple takes on retrospective recording?

01:31:48. Does anyone know if Cubase SX is still available?

01:33:19. Does Cubase have a drum editor like Reaper and will it use Superior Drummer editor?

01:34:53. Is Cubase SX 3 still available to download?

01:35:21. Are there ever promotions for SpectraLayers?

01:38:05. Can I save an instrument with all settings and plug-ins to easily recall?

01:39:34. Is there a way to avoid sample accurate cuts after importing AAF file?

01:41:43. How to undo loading the wrong sample in the sampler track?

01:43:57. How to get name from individual outs in Groove Agent name is updated in outs?

01:47:24. How to enter artist attribute when saving a plug-in preset?

01:49:34. Should I go with Intel or AMD for new studio PC build?

01:50:44. How to record the chords from chord pads in HALion?

01:55:29. How to create a volume curve with the drawing tool in Cubase?

01:56:35. How to change key editor notes to display in sharps instead of flats?

01:59:48. Can Cubase be used for live streaming performances?

02:02:03. How can I make drum claps sound like they are 3 dimensional?

02:02:58. What are some advantages of HALion Sonic 7 over HALion Sonic SE 3?

02:07:23. Can MIDI logical editor match sustain pedal to note length?

02:12:27. How can I get consistent volume levels on my vocal track?

02:15:33. Where can we find more track presets?

02:17:19. Is there a way to write java scripts for the logical editors?

02:18:41. How to add 13 notes evenly within a bar easily?

02:23:08. What tools does Greg use to stream Cubase to us?

02:25:05. Will this stream be available to view afterwards?

02:26:03. How to transpose the MIDI notes from my MIDI controller live?

02:28:19. Is there a Cubase version 13 coming out?

02:30:36. Can I use the control room instead of total mix for routings and using Sonarworks?

02:31:56. How to check for phase issues on 2 different mono tracks?

02:34:46. Is there any way to make handles of MIDI curves bigger?

02:37:03. Do VSTi outs activated in rack correspond in name to outs in Groove Agent?

02:40:01. What is Greg’s favorite new feature in Cubase 12?

02:41:23. How to setup hardware outboard gear as inserts and sends in Cubase?

02:42:38. Can you go through the new Colors instrument?

02:45:40. How to change the voicing on the HALion keyboard?

02:47:47. How to use FX channels for multiple vocal tracks and pan them?

02:53:02. Any tips on more efficient CPU usage with 3rd party plug-ins?

02:54:14. Are BBox patterns able to be loaded independently?

02:57:31. What was the square box with the cubes?

02:58:50. How to configure ins and outs of SSL 12 to work with Cubase?

03:01:59. How to setup Cubase for a Live Worship tracking session?

03:07:32. Could the square box that you showed earlier perhaps the MID Ieditor?

03:08:21. How can I change my lo fi piano to new Steinberg licensing?

03:11:37. Can I route different Sonarworks to different outs using the control room?

03:13:59. How to straighten the tempo of an audio event with varying tempo?

03:19:11. Can I use 2 MIDI Remote devices at the same time?

03:21:55. Did Greg perform the song at 2 hours and 55 minutes in this live stream?

03:23:07. What Yamaha mixer does Greg use for the live streams?

03:23:58. How to enable automatic track colors?

03:25:40. How to keep MIDI editor screen position fixed in place while selecting other events?

03:27:58. How to have more open chord voicings on the virtual HALion keyboard?

03:30:42. Can there be a button to make all audio sync to tempo?

03:32:53. Is there a way to temporarily raise or lower the pitch of a drum inGroove Agent?

03:37:38. Does copying and rendering events add extra space at end of audio event?

03:40:51. How to record output of FlexPhraser into the Cubase project?

03:42:52. How to change the click patterns in the project window?

03:46:03. How to hear the click track in control room when main outs are not connected?

03:47:15. How to replace MIDI CC data when copying 2 MIDI events on top of each other?

03:50:44. How to use my mod wheel to control plug-in parameters?

03:52:05. What is best way to use VariAudio like a pro?

03:53:24. What do the different colors in VariAudio mean?

03:54:54. Can I use Q-Link to activate Read and Write on multiple channels?

03:57:31. How to switch input rhythm from 1/8 to 1/16 in Dorico 3.5 Elements?

03:58:41. Can multiple MIDI devices be active in the MIDI Remote at the same time?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

March 14  2023  (n89  23821 )

00:04:06. How to do 4 point style editing in Cubase?

00:09:01. How to set default trigger notes for chord pads in HALion chord pads?

00:12:21. How to hide video and projects in MediaBay media types filter?

00:13:20. How to add chord variations to an existing MIDI track?

00:16:13. Can I make HALion function like an arranger workstation keyboard?

00:18:23. How to work on mono and stereo separately with stock plug-ins?

00:20:05. Does Cubase have a resonator plug-in?

00:21:51. What does acoustic feedback do in the audio editor window?

00:23:45. What is difference between past time and paster time at origin?

00:26:45. How to add a point in the automation without changing the automation value?

00:28:58. How can I change the pre gain volume for multiple tracks simultaneously?

00:30:57. How to convert a mono track to a stereo track for effects processing?

00:31:48. How to use a reference track in Cubase?

00:35:27. Why is my Cubase project playing back at half speed?

00:36:49. How to convert stereo files to mono?

00:38:12. How to use the volume slider on an acoustic agent kit on Groove Agent?

00:40:14. What is the difference between the warp modes in Cubase and which is best?

00:43:00. How to fold/unfold all tracks at once?

00:47:42. How to scroll through added control lanes in controller lanes in key editor?

00:51:57. How to route tracks to and add a group via key command or macro?

00:53:31. Why do I get error messages on free HALion instruments?

00:55:59. Can the MIDI event list be exported as a CSV file?

00:57:52. How to see the waveform reflected when doing time stretching?

00:59:13. May you gift me a key for Cubase?

01:00:07. Why snare still sound when muting overheads and room on SongWriters Essential kit?

01:01:30. How to add an insert effect to only a specific part of an audio file?

01:05:57. How to uninstall VST plug-ins only for Cubase?

01:06:54. How to export a project so that users of other DAWs can open and collaborate?

01:08:56. How to create a feedback loop with effects sends?

01:09:55. Is it possible to get an audio track to follow notes from a MIDI track?

01:12:23. Is it possible to make a beat in 5 minutes in Cubase?

01:17:38. What is the fastest way to embed effects onto an audio event?

01:19:55. How to do internal sidechaining on a gate with pre effects?

01:23:24. What is best way to have audio at 120 bpm play at 130 bpm?

01:25:39. Why is my breath controller not working in Cubase?

01:27:25. How to automate the start of a sample in sampler track with LFO?

01:34:43. How to humanize feel of drums applying slices to one Groove Agent pad?

01:39:27. How to have a project with a bar 0?

01:40:44. How to stretch audio on the project window visually?

01:42:52. How to change the key of a guitar wav file without affecting the tempo?

01:44:18. Is it possible to have same layout with taps in the bottom window?

01:46:41. What are other things that we can do from offline processing?

01:49:04. How to work on audio files that are a different sample rate than project?

01:53:46. How to control click volume via MIDI Remote?

01:56:51. Is there a way to replace audio with a different file all at once?

02:00:46. Why do all notes get affected by a velocity change in logical editor?

02:03:32. How to get Retrologue expansion The Void to show up in Cubase?

02:05:57. Is there a key command to remove offline processing on selected audio files?

02:13:14. How to make shared copies with MIDI events vertically on different tracks?

02:14:54. Is it possible to make a negative delay on a group track?

02:19:26. Can Cubase to convert audio loop to MIDI to see the structure of the loop?

02:22:36. How can I sample a Juno and have all notes play the same length?

02:26:03. How to create a gated reverb on a snare?

02:28:58. How to shorten lengths of multiple long MIDI notes without changing short notes?

02:32:47. Can I install any of the 43 GB of content in Cubase 12 Pro to a secondary SSD?

02:35:55. Is there a fast way to align multiple tracks rhythmically together?

02:39:33. How to easily reset all mixer channels to 0dB?

02:41:50. How to compress a bass that is side chained to a kick when kick is not playing?

02:46:07. How to measure duration from start to end in seconds?

02:48:34. How to change the sample rate of a project without consequences?

02:51:26. Is it possible to collapse tracks from folders in the MixConsole?

02:53:21. How to control HALion Model C drawbars via Quick Controls?

02:56:44. How to save sliced audio as part of a project?

03:02:30. Is the audio for a sampler track saved in the project audio folder?

03:05:52. How does the merge tempo from tapping function work?

03:08:59. What is your preferred method of gain matching after using a dynamics plug-in?

03:11:04. Do exported files have to be the fill length of the project?

03:12:31. How to tab across open windows in Cubase?

03:14:29. Can there be a possibility of adding track delays on multiple tracks at once?

03:14:49. Are there any time shifts when rendering in place or doing a bounce selection?

03:16:35. Can Chris Selim or Dom Sigalas attend the next Club Cubase Zoom Meetup?

03:17:05. If I only use 5 or 6 plug-ins can I hide the other plug-ins?

03:19:10. Can I lock folder tracks so I don’t do accidental automation?

03:21:16. Any tips on how to crossfade overlapping audio material?

03:23:42. What is the fastest way to find an item that has offline processing on it?

03:28:16. Does Cubase keep a MIDI history at all to go back to a previous deleted event?

03:29:46. Why am I not getting preserved console configurations on the drop down list?

03:31:52. What does select events under cursor do?

03:24:09. How to work with the arranger track?

03:39:17. Can do a brief walkthrough of the new Colors Free VST instrument for HALion?

03:42:48. Is there a way to see which track’s plug-ins are using the most CPU?

03:44:35. Is there a detailed MIDI Remote script for a Focusrite Control 2802?

03:46:41. Does touting a track to a stereo group then a quad group affect panning on export?

03:48:07. Why does automation only follow audio events but not MIDI events?

03:49:47. How to remove all unused lanes from the MIDI drum editor?

03:50:51. Any issues taking a Cubase 12 Elements project into Cubase Pro 10?

03:52:48. Any way to globally set all events to musical mode?

03:54:53. How to change a stereo reverb into multichannel reverbs?

03:57:11. How to invert the phase of frequencies between 1k and 2k?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

March 17  2023  (n97  23918 )

00:03:18. Today HAPPY 3 years "Live Stream" Anniversary - Started at March 17, 2020, This is also the #289 Live Stream

00:04:43. Is there a way to make tap tempo a shortcut key?

00:06:54. Can Direct Offline Processing be placed into the lower zone?

00:07:15. How to automate anything?

00:10:11. Where can I find the club house to ask questions?

00:10:46. Can the pre/post insert line be adjusted for multiple tracks at once?

00:13:14. How to setup audio connections folder in HALion 7 full version?

00:15:47. Will there be another Cubase sale if I don’t have the money to get it right now?

00:16:43. Will there be more titles other than HALion 7 included in Absolute 6?

00:17:52. Can you go over some new features in HALion 7?

00:24:06. Is it possible to have different bpm in the same track?

00:26:54. What is the easiest way to put a flanger across all tracks at once?

00:29:02. How does stream the sound of Cubase for the live stream?

00:30:35. How to track knobs on my launch ket controller to control effect send levels?

00:35:19. How to work with adding tales when doing offline processing?

00:38:58. Can you recommend any control surfaces to control a broad set of key commands?

00:41:26. What is Greg’s opinion of putting a compressor on the master bus?

00:44:33. How to get the Void Expansion for Retrologue to show up?

00:45:20. How to get my keyboard and audio connections to work with HALion 7?

00:46:42. How to setup input buffer to get audio to line up in time after recording?

00:48:16. How to get DAC code for the Void to work?

00:49:23. Will Cubase 13 have unlimited Ondo’s?

00:50:06. How to stream audio for Cubase to other software like discord or YouTube?

00:51:59. How to get lower zone tabs into separate floating windows?

00:55:42. Key Commands can you display?

00:56:30. How can I improve the video playback performance in Cubase?

00:58:46. Can I automate multiple parameters using a single controller?

01:00:49. How to color whole tracks?

01:02:03. Can you show the onion skin view in key editor to view multiple events?

01:04:24. Can you share a Podcasting voice processing chain please?

01:07:24. Can I rename a MediaBay sample so the sound is automatically to replace samples?

01:10:10. Can we load old TX802 sysex files into FM Lab?

01:12:11. Can I record MIDI into Cubase 12 from the onscreen MIDI keyboard in HALion?

01:15:09. Are there any differences between real time of faster than real time rendering?

01:18:38. What is the difference between an mp3 and a mp4?

01:19:48. Can we run USB elicenser and Steinberg Licensing at the same time?

01:20:30. How to create a preferred offline process preset?

01:28:19. Why did my keyboard shortcuts not get carried over in my profile?

01:29:58. Are there any swing presets that come with Cubase?

01:35:34. Can you show 4 point editing in Cubase?

01:40:10. How to bounce out stems and not render empty tracks?

01:44:31. Can you demo tracks with and without side chain compression?

01:47:32. Is Cubase downloaded for Windows or Mac?

01:48:17. Is there a way to lock top and low automation values in Cubase?

01:52:22. Can Cubase work with BlueTooth MIDI?

01:54:01. Will the MediaBay from HALion 7 find its way into future versions of Cubase?

01:54:48. How to setup Cubase 12 to work with old hardware with patch scripts?

01:57:38. How can we add gradient color channels in the mixer?

01:58:20. How to send multiple group tracks to a group?

02:00:14. How to make the audio monitor active only during recording?

02:03:59. Live Stream Trivia: What piece did Jeff Zabelski recently perform?

02:05:50. Live Stream Trivia: What Yamaha sales rep from CA visited the lives tream on Tuesday?

02:08:22. Live Stream Trivia: Which attendee went to Ukraine to fly drones?

02:12:47. What can cause MIDI data to be recorded early?

02:14:37. Can the name be changed on multiple tracks at once?

02:18:03. What can cause rendered kick drum to pop from notes on the grid?

02:19:18. How to render or bounce with the effects if I add a delay?

02:22:47. Does HALion 7 come standard with Cubase and is there an update from HALion 6?

02:23:50. Do I need to write down my Download Access Code or will it be stored in account?

02:24:51. Is it possible to post a YouTube link in the chat field?

02:25:38. Is there a way to link 2 frequency band gains and move them in opposite directions?

02:32:23. Does The Void work with Steinberg Licensing?

02:33:34. Is it easy to transfer Reaper projects into Cubase?

02:35:54. Is it possible to render a stereo binaural from a Atmos project?

02:36:30. What are some ways to get hiss out of an mp2 or mp4 audio file?

02:38:07. Is there a way to detect silence and turn it down by 6dB?

02:42:36. How to replace samples in sampler track while Cubase plays?

02:46:00. Why do I get a different level indication in control room than limiter in mix bus?

02:50:12. Can I hide the lines of the grid?

02:53:01. Any idea of when the next maintenance release will be released?

02:53:38. Is there a limit to how many groove quantize presets that are available?

02:55:05. Can Greg share a radio show template he created in earlier live stream?

02:56:13. What are differences between wav and flac files?

02:58:55. How to add dynamics in a piano part to add more dynamics?

03:05:26. How to adjust the colors for the fader volume?

03:07:26. Did Greg download the Club Cubase testimonial video from Benny?

03:08:28. What is the best way to use VariAudio like a pro?

03:15:14. How is direct offline processing handled on events that have been cut?

03:16:47. Does the full version of SpectraLayers Pr offer more unmixing compared to One?

03:18:18. Why do loops in the right zone not sound after a Windows update?

03:20:32. Why do I not see kits, instruments, and styles in Groove Agent?

03:23:33. How to fix processing overload that is always peaking?

03:23:36. Can you master in Cubase?

03:28:16. Is anyone still running Cubase on Windows 7?

03:29:21. How to remove expired trial versions from activation manager?

03:30:25. Does Cubase 12 work well on latest version of Windows 10?

03:33:34. Are there examples of how to edit 100 audio files with logical editor?

03:34:05. How to use Fader Port to control any parameter that the mouse is hovering over?

03:35:45. Does HALion not come with Cubase Pro 12?

03:36:14. How could I buy a new license of Cubase 10?

03:37:08. Why is my exported audio much louder than my session volume?

03:39:53. How to enable zero crossing editing on parts globally?

03:41:30. Does generic remote work for activating sync project and MixConsole windows?

03:45:18. Is there a way to open the track versions inspector tab via a key command?

03:48:19. Is there a way to reorder version IDs on track versions?

03:52:48. Is there a way to save quick control settings on tracks imported to other projects?

03:54:15. How to import multiple projects into a single project?

03:58:09. What is best way to use older Novation controller as a MIDI remote?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

March 23  2023  (n96  24014 )

00:03:44. How to sync chord pads, patches and samples between Cubase on Mac and PC?

00:06:24. How to program send fx on and off and send levels with stream deck?

00:10:07. Does Cubase have a real time peak limiter?

00:12:07. Is there a way to add a new track with a track preset already selected?

00:13:35. When is it best to use 32 bit float, 32 bit and 64 bit floating point files?

00:15:49. What is best way to align MIDI bass with MIDI drums at the same time?

00:20:17. Why when cutting a MIDI event from project do I still hear Groove Agent playing?

00:22:14. Why can’t I find the factory presets for PadShop 2?

00:24:11. How to remove plug-ins from channels with only one click?

00:27:32. When will Cubase 13 be released?

00:29:18. Why when routing does it always sound in the center when panned left and right?

00:29:52. Do track presets include send routing?

00:32:25. How to control 3rd will be shimmer all at the same time?

00:35:36. Can Steinberg add ability to load track with default track preset?

00:36:37. What can cause Cubase 12 Pro to crash in the score editor when going to page mode?

00:38:20. How to make audio only play through effect track only?

00:40:59. Will 64 bit precision processing be beneficial for exporting virtual instruments?

00:43:05. Is there a way to set default gain staging for instruments to -18dB?

00:43:58. Why are the labels of solo and mute buttons not visible onMixConsole 3?

00:46:04. How to get the maximum output gain out of audio drum tracks?

00:48:22. Why do I hear too much noise when using Squasher on vocals?

00:51:03. How to move some notes in an audio track?

00:53:00. Is it possible to view folders in the stand alone MixConsole view?

00:54:46. Why can’t I monitor plug-ins while recording with AXR audio interface?

00:56:59. Can I move the entire lower zone to a separate screen?

00:58:44. Can I have Cubase automatically have multiple audio files always to different tracks?

01:00:13. Why does free warp create unnecessary markers when moving audio?

01:02:45. Is it possible to save a mix chain of a track or a bus?

01:04:33. How can I copy notes in the piano roll with the range tool?

01:09:44. Is there a way to delete double audio files like the MIDI delete doubles function?

01:11:44. Will my sounds from HALion 6 be carried over after updating to HALion 7?

01:12:40. How to always have selected channel settings visible when selecting track?

01:16:12. What does the meter display on VCA tracks?

01:19:30. How to switch note names in key editor from sharps to flats?

01:23:23. What version of Dorico comes with Nuendo?

01:24:37. How to send 100% of audio to an effects track?

01:27:14. Will Cubase support Dolby Atmos?

01:29:19. How to hear track through effects only without any source signal?

01:32:29. How to bring my hi hats MIDI into the piano roll editor?

01:35:28. Can you show how to save changes made by VariAudio into the file?

01:37:54. How to move piano notes in audio to fix timing using free warp?

01:40:11. How to get sound out of my Mac using Cubase 12 on Mac?

01:41:33. Will all recording studios eventually switch over to Dolby Atmos setups?

01:42:48. Does Yamaha offer a heavy duty keyboard stand for a DX7?

01:45:33. Are there issues with the test tone generator on brown noise cause issues?

01:47:34. What book is good for learning Cubase?

01:48:46. Is it possible to quantize MIDI recordings at start of each cycle when cycle recording?

01:51:50. Is it possible to see MIDI notes as ghost notes from other channels in key editor?

01:55:30. Can the last event be deleted by key command when cycle recording MIDI events?

01:59:03. Why does SuperVision’s Spectral Curve does not measure at 0dB FS?

02:02:07. How to use the Step Designer MIDI plug-in?

02:07:16. Is it possible to see all notes on piano roll on keyboard on left?

02:08:53. How can I align MIDI notes starts with or without changing their lengths?

02:11:34. How to remove VST Instruments from within the VST Rack?

02:12:57. How to align vocals and harmonies within Cubase?

02:16:33. Is there a way to send to 3 reverbs with one effect send?

02:19:51. Is there a key command to move selected tracks to the top?

02:27:02. What could cause my StreamDeck to stop communicating with Cubase?

02:27:46. Is there a way to rename multiple tracks at the same time?

02:31:04. Can I bypass channel strip and channel EQ at the same time?

02:37:21. What is the control good to use for?

02:41:13. How to easily creat hi hat rolls like those used in trap music?

02:47:01. Why do I hear lots of hiss from mic on M-Audio interface?

02:49:00. How to slice a sample to several keys and map to specific keys in sampler track?

02:52:29. Is there a way to lock notes to piano roll when scrolling in VariAudio?

02:56:12. How to quickly enter a stream of notes and have it mapped to a specific key or scale?

02:58:19. Does Cubase have a bpm counter to determine the tempo?

03:01:27. Why do copies preferences reference location on original computer?

03:02:24. How do I make a single note sound when I edit in VariAudio?

03:06:56. Is it possible to open a couple of surround faders in a stereo project?

03:08:26. How do I setup my headphones as they don’t show in control room?

03:10:34. Will mouse functionality be changed in the next Cubase version?

03:10:57. Is there a video on the new Cubase 12 MIDI Remote system?

03:11:39. Can you show the phase and oscilloscope meters?

03:14:39. Can selected track be converted to defined percentages like 10, 25, 50 or 200?

03:16:48. Is there something like a talk box plug-in included with Cubase 12?

03:17:14. How to create an FX track and send multiple tracks to it?

03:19:16. What does it take to start mixing in Atmos with headphones?

03:23:17. How to get Korg Volca to be in sync with Cubase?

03:25:56. How to fet the vertical scroll bars to appear in the track versions in track inspector?

03:28:50. Will Greg mix my song?

03:29:35. Does Cubase Artist 12 have the control room feature?

03:30:24. Can we use key command in MixConsole to make non-selected tracks invisible?

03:33:45. How to accent MIDI notes on the and of 2 and on beat 4?

03:37:20. Can I use a Novation Launch Key MkII with the MIDI Remote in Cubase?

03:39:52. Is it better to use my Novation Controller under generic remote or MIDI Remote?

03:41:45. How to use MIDI remote to control 3 different effects for a live reggae dub mix?

03:44:38. Is there a way to mute monitors and only hear headphones in control room?

03:46:01. How to get a track setup as an object to route to LFE channel?

03:46:56. Why does my MIDI data get recorded early ahead of the beat?

03:47:58. Can key commands like Q link work on mixer if it is not the active window?

03:49:51. How to get a MIDI file or a MusicXML file from Cubase to load into notation program?

03:51:57. Why when bouncing stems can there sometimes be bits of silence?

03:52:44. How to automatically sync a song with varying tempo to the metronome?

03:57:08. Is it possible to get the control room to drive levels from ReStream into OBS?

03:58:18. How to hide disabled tracks in the project?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

March 24  2023  (n86  24100 )

00:03:11. How to turn MIDI into an audio include settings and hide disabled tracks?

00:10:06. How to bounce individual stems and send them to another session?

00:15:02. Why don’t Vocalign tracks retain settings when exporting tracks?

00:16:42. How to get files recorded on a Zoom H1N interface into Cubase?

00:18:12. Why can’t I solo a frequency band in FabFilter EQ in Cubase?

00:19:51. Can Greg share his Nektar Panorama P4 MIDI Remote Script?

00:20:32. Why can’t I see any of the new plug-ins that come with Absolute 6?

00:24:05. What is VariAudio?

00:27:00. Will Cubase 13 be released in April?

00:27:33. Is HALion 7 worth it if you have Falcon, Omnisphere and Kontakt?

00:28:31. Why is the Cubase interface design a mess?

00:29:52. Can I keep PQ markers in place while moving audio in WaveLab?

00:32:58. How can I get a response to get my Cubase 12 cross grade verified?

00:34:09. How to keep mmix zones to stick to be Maintained in projects?

00:37:16. Can you demonstrate setting up an external device please?

00:41:01. What do I get a Cubase IC Pro Remote SKI not up to date message?

00:42:08. What can cause external devices not to work with Focusrite 18i8?

00:43:40. How to select all peaking in audio and reduce their position?

00:48:37. Are Apple and Spotify limiting playlists to only Atmos content?

00:49:19. Will Steinberg make a backward OS compatible version of Cubase?

00:50:51. What is the best backup software for Mac OS?

00:51:13. How to do free warp editing on audio with very low level amplitude?

00:53:37. How to keep markers in place when moving audio in WaveLab?

00:59:14. How to verify competitive cross grade from copy purchased in UK dealer?

00:59:58. Are there any new digital mixers coming from Yamaha with Cubase integration?

01:00:43. Are there issues upgrading from Cubase Artist to Pro opening projects?

01:01:34. Can you discuss the latest IC Pro remote app?

01:03:31. Do window zones in the MixConsole work differently on Mac vs, PC?

01:07:41. Is there a way to halve or double a measure of note in the MIDI editor?

01:13:02. How to find the DX7 sounds in HALion 7?

01:16:27. Do Groove Agent samples get included in Cubase backup project function?

01:21:18. Any tips on dealing with CPU meter peak clipping with 3rd partyplug-ins?

01:23:49. How can I hear what is on track and monitor incoming signal at the same time?

01:28:47. Can we see a big detailed view of audio in lower zone as it is being recorded?

01:32:12. Are LoFi piano and Amped Elektra on the new Steinberg licensing?

01:35:55. Why do I see a dotted vertical line when fully zoomed in to the audio waveform?

01:37:54. Is there a way to have play back at a faster speed without changing speed ?

01:42:41. Where is new version placed when doing audio edits?

01:46:32. Is there a preference to have dragged in samples as new filesleaving original intact?

01:47:33. Can the HALion chord pads play the individual notes as opposed  keys?

01:50:28. Why does Cubase Artist 12 open after upgrading to Cubase 12 Pro?

01:51:36. How to get a count-in before recording?

01:53:20. Why is there a delay when selecting samples in MediaBay with a mouse?

01:56:10. How to get audio in the sample editor to be fully zoomed in?

01:58:50. Why does selecting samples in MediaBay take longer with keyboard than mouse?

02:01:08. If I upgrade from Cubase 11 to Cubase 12 Pro can I ditch the dongle right away?

02:02:25. How to add or delete a slice in the sampler track?

02:04:04. Can I track be repeated and transposed using the arranger track?

02:07:03. Will my projects in Cubase SX 1 open in Cubase 12?

02:08:07. Can you show the double speed playback of audio in WaveLab?

02:11:42. Can Cubase change the bpm of a music video to sync an audio remix?

02:12:46. How to assign a slice to a particular note in the sampler track?

02:15:15. Does selecting a stacked audio clip select underlying events as well?

02:18:06. How to easily set the key editor to snap to bars?

02:20:43. How does the dolo work with tracks that have effects sends?

02:25:28. How to setup vertical scaling on the project window?

02:29:15. Why can’t I load SuperVision from Cubase Pro into WaveLab Elements?

02:32:33. Do you have to pay for Zoom to be on the Zoom Meetups?

02:33:15. Where to find best tutorials for to learn composition and transcription?

02:35:35. How to get Cubase not to get stuck on loading VST 2 plug-ins?

02:38:17. Is there a tool to convert bit depth and sample rate of all files within a folder?

02:41:08. Does cutting an event with stacked events cut underlying events?

02:44:36. Why does selecting MediaBay in full screen take longer with mouse vs. keyboard?

02:47:00. If I copy project folders to new location will audio files be found?

02:50:42. Why do I get message saying not enough disk space available?

02:52:40. Can Greg add please hit the thumbs to live stream description?

02:54:18. How can I move the Steinberg content library to an external hard drive?

02:56:40. Is it possible to have certain tracks follow the chord track and others not?

02:58:51. Is there a save option that consolidates all project files?

03:01:04. How to work with audio regions?

03:08:45. How to get different events to line up to the same groove?

03:14:16. How to open a long reverb send using MIDI Remote for reggae dub mix?

03:18:22. Can I create custom labels for my MIDI Remote objects?

03:19:39. How to work with micro tuning in MIDI instruments?

03:25:37. How to automate panning with linked send panners?

03:32:48. Can I map knobs on my controller to different parameters on different plug-ins?

03:36:12. How to quickly import loops in MediaBay and have metadata intact?

03:38:39. Why does free warp work great one day and not available the next?

03:40:07. Whey does SuperVision in control room show different meter values?

03:43:39. Can we get the details for the upcoming Zoom Meetup on Tuesday?

03:44:18. Why can’t I place a snare exactly where I want to on the grid?

03:48:14. Why does my test description in MixConsole snapshots disappear?

03:52:08. Is the live stream fuzzy for other people watching?

03:52:33. Can the linked send panners values be inverted?

03:53:47. Is it better to run reverbs as sends or on individual tracks as inserts?

03:56:13. Can we use a Bösendorfer piano as a raft?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

March 28  2023  (n41  24141 )

00:03:51. How can I show only frozen tracks?

00:05:03. How to make add audio, group MIDI and sampler tracks?

00:06:26. Why does audio loop techno stab 06 C sometimes not play effects?

00:06:49. Can you explain some of the functions in the tempo detection panel?

00:26:33. What is fastest way to add sends to all channels in the MixConsole?

00:28:48. What are the session parameters for today’s live stream?

00:29:05. What is the take on the Waves news?

00:29:20. Why is chord longer than it should be when dragging chord to chord track?

00:34:17. Will my Cubase settings and presets be retained after updating Win10 to Win 11?

00:35:22. How to align start of multiple MIDI notes to the same position automatically?

00:37:59. Can the chord track play the chords an octave higher?

00:39:22. Why isn’t my MIDI device driver recognized in Cubase?

00:41:01. Can someone take advantage of crossgrade promotion pending verification?

00:41:22. What is the difference between HALion SE and HALion?

00:43:27. How to select 1st F1 note on beat 2 of a MIDI event?

00:46:40. What is the purpose of the Wave Cirecle Meter?

00:50:21. What is the difference between control room inserts on main vs. monitors?

00:52:29. How to continue sounding chords from a chord track after hands off MIDI controller?

00:54:54. Can I trigger arranger events from 3 notes on a MIDI keyboard?

00:57:08. How to get MixConsole up so that it shows the meter bridge?

00:58:25. Can you use the sampler track to chop samples?

00:59:30. How to export individual MIDI notes as wav files?

01:06:51. How to duplicate MIDI events so that they retain position within the measure?

01:09:27. Can I trigger a chord track with 3 notes instead of one?

01:11:41. Is today the day for the Zoom meetup?

01:12:43. Can I do VariAudio editing on a vocal extracted with Varis Audio?

01:18:51. Will Steinberg skip unlucky version number 13 to and go straight to 14?

01:19:17. Should I let my trial expire before installing fully purchased Cubase license?

01:19:36. How to convert a vocal sample to MIDI and move all notes to same pitch?

01:21:51. Why can’t I hear playback from Cubase and why do I see VST System Link message?

01:23:19. Should be careful not to move things by accident when doing free warp editing?

01:26:19. How to select 1st 32nd note in a repeated pattern?

01:30:21. What is the quickest way to copy one MIDI event to another track in same project?

01:32:25. Can I put a compressor on an effects channel like a reverb?

01:34:41. How can I temporarily override plug-in parameters on linked channels?

01:37:07. Is it possible to recall a mixer snapshot with a key command?

01:39:09. How to freely move left and right locators in the key editor?

01:41:31. How to copy multiple audio slices to a single pad on Groove Agent?

01:46:56. How to create a macro to zoom in on 8 tracks for 3 measures?

01:51:48. Has anyone actually seen Greg?

01:53:02. How to work with external instruments into Cubase?

01:55:19. Transition to Zoom Meetup!

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

April 10  2023  (n99  24240 )

00:03:25. How to export large orchestral projects without pops or clicks?

00:06:02. Are there live streams this week with NAMM?

00:06:44. Does Cubase 12 use the computer’s graphics card?

00:08:42. Why are two tracks on different MIDI channels recorded at the same time?

00:13:13. Is it possible to name lanes?

00:16:02. How to change voicings for generated harmonies?

00:19:03. Can I separate bass and guitar from each other using EQ?

00:21:29. How to separate MIDI drums onto separate tracks?

00:23:36. How to best do free warping on a six part harmony?

00:27:35. How to make the sampler in Cubase monophonic?

00:30:03. Is there a road map for polyphonic tuning in VariAudio?

00:30:58. What is easiest way of selecting multiple events and moving them to same position?

00:33:42. Why do I have errors on individual exported tracks?

00:34:42. How to stop my sustain pedal to stop transmitting portamento?

00:39:22. Why do I have pops and clicks when using Neural DSP plug-ins?

00:40:48. How to assign control room monitoring volume to a keyboard?

00:43:13. How to remap an expression pedal to a VSTi that does not respond to it?

00:46:05. Are there any USB 3 options for audio interfaces to decrease latency?

00:47:36. Why does last recorded audio file to despair before I am able to play it?

00:50:30. Should instruments on separate channels be recorded together from a controller?

00:52:26. Can a VSTi affect my clocking with Waves plug-ins and servers?

00:53:10. Is cut head and cut tail available as a key command for Cubase 10.5?

00:54:22. How to enter different velocity values when drawing in chords for variety?

00:57:57. How to setup Cubase for live use to change vocal and guitar sounds during play back?

01:02:40. What are the prized new beats found in Cubase 12?

01:03:57. How to normalize multiple files to all be louder in WaveLab?

01:12:04. Is there a performance impact keeping projects on external USB drivevs, internal?

01:13:51. How to setup MIDI channel and output in Cubase track to Kontakt?

01:15:47. Is there a shortcut to put all instruments to purge all samples?

01:16:40. Why do faders for my MIDI move to0 by them selves?

01:18:58. Why can’t I use MIDI CC1 to control pitch on Groove Agent SE when replacing sample?

01:21:25. How well does SpectraLayers work separating vocals from guitar inrecording?

01:25:45. How to copy a generic remote configuration from one computer to another?

01:27:23. Why do I find the quantize and grid settings confusing?

01:29:10. How to click on an are to set the play head position?

01:31:38. How to add a location to the MediaBay so I don’t have to manually search?

01:34:26. Which processors are best suited for Cubase?

01:35:30. How to copy velocities from one part to another part?

01:38:36. How to add my own dum kit to Beat Designer?

01:41:15. Do I need to use firewire card to use Motif XF as an external instrument?

01:42:57. Are there new developments for Cubasis for Android?

01:43:56. How to do better vocal doubling?

01:48:06. Can a MIDI keyboard play in transpose mode?

01:50:12. How to change pitch of some hi hats in a Groove Agent SE track?

01:54:02. What can cause sound in Cubase to be loast after rendering tracks?

01:55:50. Can Cubase have recorded tracks at a lower buffer than tracks playing back?

01:57:13. Why does CC 80, 81, and 87 affect my volume faders?

01:59:00. How to setup an MPE controller like a Roli to work in Cubase?

02:00:24. How to configure autosave to be enabled in Cubase 12 like Cubase 11?

02:01:51. How to split a range of automation to up or down to 0dB?

02:03:26. How to use poly pressure in Groove Agent to choke cymbals?

02:06:35. Will Cubase 13 fix Groove Agent missing loops and samples?

02:09:48. How many channels wide van Ambisonics in Cubase go?

02:11:20. Why are export inspector patch and volume greyed out in MIDI file export?

02:14:43. Can you explain the freeze MIDI modifiers does?

02:16:14. When is Cubase 13 coming out?

02:16:50. Can I record scenes in portrait mode like other programs?

02:19:55. How to record what is playing out of your computer into Cubase?

02:21:58. How to get grid lines appear in the sample editor?

02:23:20. How to erase a warp marker from the project window?

02:24:30. Why does my peak performance turn red without even touching something?

02:25:46. Where to set pitch controllers in MIDI controller box?

02:27:42. How to enable read and write automation on multiple tracks that are selected?

02:30:36. What can cause tracks to be out of time after removing plug-ins?

02:31:57. Why does MIDI CC assignment for pitch get reset after loading new sample in GA?

02:33:40. How to up sends and plug-ins after recording a vocal track?

02:35:36. Is the i7 8700 still a decent processor for Cubase?

02:36:44. Can Thunderbolt ports on new Mac mini be used for USB 3 and 3.1 devices?

02:38:02. Are there free VST plug-ins with Cubase Elements?

02:39:18. Is there a way to save processing effect chains from audio to instruments or groups?

02:42:48. How to move tracks between 2 different projects on 2 different computers?

02:45:44. How to record parts without metronome and then beat map them?

02:49:35. How to save presets to tie the record enable status of multiple tracks?

02:52:51. Should I contact Nektar if connecting their controller crashes my Mac?

02:54:06. How to handle an input and output parameter in project logical editor?

02:57:10. How will atmos renderer in Cubase be affected by latest Dolby release?

02:58:10. Can you discuss reverbs and sound for arrangements?

03:03:03. Can I get wider surround formats in Nuendo over Cubase?

03:05:45. How to reset the cursor to the far left of the screen when stopped?

03:08:54. Can I run Cubase 10 Pro without a USB elicenser?

03:09:48. How to record audio from YouTube into Cubase?

03:10:57. How to place left and right locators using key commands?

03:13:55. How to see what keys are being played in the MIDI key editor?

03:16:32. Why can’t I find my Reverence presets?

03:18:55. Are there any settings that cause my pan to move by itself?

03:20:52. Is there a quick way to focus on a particular screen when using multiple screens?

03:23:38. Why does MIDI CC value get reset when dragging new sample to Groove Agent Pad?

03:26:36. How to preserve improvised MIDI piano part and move grid to fit MIDI data?

03:30:26. Can you show how to build up a template?

03:37:27. Can long autosave times be caused by MediaBay?

03:38:07. Can string parameters be entered in for project logical editor values?

03:38:40. Will Steinberg/Yamaha come out with a new digital mixer/DAW controller?

03:39:48. Can I have the metronome play back without Cubase being in play?

03:41:58. Is it possible to connect pre-gain in mixer window to a controller?

03:44:26. Is there a way to lock the stationary cursor from turning off?

03:45:49. How to output a single MIDI track to more than 5 output ports?

03:51:10. How to remove MIDI volume CC messages easily from an event?

03:53:29. How to create a karaoke mix from a project in Cubase?

03:56:47. Is there a way for Cubase to colorize racks by their name?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

April 21  2023  (n79  24319 )

00:03:29. How can I transpose a project from Eb major to G major?

00:06:43. Can we EQ top end of click track to minimize bleed into vocal recordings?

00:09:41. Will Cubase work okay installed on a Windows external SSD drive?

00:12:20. Can you please explain what .rex files are and their pros and cons?

00:16:30. Is there a key command to bring up the logical editor?

00:17:55. How to randomly enable or mute notes in an arpeggiator from MID Icontroller?

00:25:37. Is there a way to see real time chords while playing?

00:28:15. How to setup VST System Link between Mac and Windows?

00:31:12. How to best randomize arpeggiated MIDI notes?

00:25:13. How to solo an individual track in a group that is soloed without unsoloing all tracks?

00:37:51. Why do strange lines appear in my Cubase project?

00:41:36. Does Greg know anyone from Propeller heads?

00:42:15. What can cause a single project to not export?

00:43:42. Did any products catch Greg’s eye at the recent NAMM show?

00:44:22. How to setup the Embody Immerse?

00:52:41. What is the upcoming live stream schedule?

00:53:17. What is the difference between the 2 different MIDI arpeggiators?

00:55:18. How to automate parameters in the arpeggiator MIDI plug-ins?

00:59:08. How to see control room inserts and meters at the same time in the control room?

01:01:40. Any suggestions on importing projects from Cubasis to Cubase?

01:02:02. How well does Cubase work with the new Yamaha DM3 mixer?

01:03:04. Will Greg be traveling to San Antonio soon, I will buy him Dinner?

01:04:08. Can I lock signature tracks and MIDI events to move them at the same time?

01:09:35. Should I install all previous maintenance versions in order o rsimply install latest?

01:10:24. Does Cubase have an inverted gate thing built in?

01:13:48. Is there a way to double click on long audio files to see if there were any samples lost?

01:14:56. Does Cubase support control of 3rd party plug-ins?

01:18:13. Why can’t I edit the MIDI part that was rendered?

01:21:37. Can you arpeggiate the chord track?

01:25:39. Is it possible to dissolve a MIDI and not have track names include pitch?

01:28:25. Is it possible to reduce the size pf a plugin in the project window like Groove Agent?

01:31:03. How to find the tempo of a song using Cubase 12 Pro?

01:32:50. Is it best to use control room as opposed to just stereo outs?

01:36:17. How to include sends when importing tracks from another project?

01:36:38. How to setup templates so that when I start a new project everythingis ready to go?

01:40:43. How to drag a chord track down to a MIDI track?

01:42:30. Any plans to add copy and paste between Cubase and Dorico?

01:46:03. How to overcome latency besides lowering buffer or constrain delay compensation?

01:48:08. Is it possible to change notes to different colors in key editor?

01:52:05. How to change the color of the menu bar in Cubase?

01:54:00. Will there be an anniversary give away today?

01:55:47. Can SpectraLayers be used as a standalone program?

01:57:50. How to correctly bounce stems for a film project?

02:00:22. Can arpeggiated chord tracks be extracted onto the project window?

02:04:18. What is typical panning for vocal duets?

02:07:06. Is there something like a beat calculator for film composers?

02:10:05. Does Greg know when Cubase 13 will be released?

02:10:30. Can Cubase record during pre-roll?

02:14:29. Is there a key command to set panner to center using stream deck?

02:16:18. How to save a project with all files in the same named folder?

02:18:58. How to control all sends with faders on the selected track?

02:24:19. Does Dorico work perfectly when opening MIDI from Cubase?

02:25:32. How to chop all drums and move them on the grid with phase relationship?

02:29:22. Any tips on improving SpectraLayers vocal extraction?

02:33:01. How to make a MIDI part sound more realistic without editing velocities?

02:35:21. When is Cubase 13 going to hit the shelf?

02:36:29. Does setting up audio pre record take up huge amount of resources?

02:38:00. How to see CC number triggers in MIDI Remote?

02:40:56. How to reverse the polarity of the sustain pedal?

02:43:20. Will devices configured for Quick Controls also transmit MIDI CCmessages?

02:46:36. Is there a way to have global configurations in Cubase?

02:47:50. How to adjust the clip volumes of multiple clips in WaveLab montage at same time?

02:49:18. How to turn on and off auto quantize during recording?

02:53:19. How to fix delay when playing virtual instruments?

02:55:10. How does Greg find time to create music with all of the marathon live streams?

02:55:50. How to create a macro to bypass room correction insert in master section?

03:03:16. How to read text in MIDI remote when it is following a brightly colored track?

03:06:22. Can you show the Dolby Atmos feature in Cubase?

03:12:27. How to get the control room tab on the right panel?

03:14:20. Where do we need a room for recording if concert hall has been sold?

03:15:13. Any news from NAMM that we need to know?

03:16:57. Did Greg have a good time at the NAMM show?

03:17:08. Any news on MIDI 2.0?

03:19:06. Why do I get a missing license message when starting Cubase?

03:20:13. Who can I get in touch with about developing instruments for HALion?

03:20:53. Will Greg attend the Audio Alchemist show in Connecticut?

03:21:08. Has Greg started using his new Yamaha AG08 yet?

03:22:41. Will Cubase 13 be released in the next month?

03:23:04. Can Steinberg add gpu audio support for dev for VST in HALion?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

May 2  2023  (n103  24422 )

00:03:37. How to swap position of 2 events on different tracks?

00:07:41. How to automatically alphabetize in VST Plug-in collections?

00:10:10. Why does my screen say that the live stream starts in 2 hours?

00:10:46. Is there a disadvantage recording a mono source on a stereo track?

00:11:11. Do you know about microphones and headphones?

00:11:59. Is it possible to change scales with the mouse scroll wheel?

00:13:59. How to mute selected notes in the logical editor?

00:18:18. When should insert iXML chunk be used?

00:19:51. How to clear Prologue cannot be found message?

00:21:33. How to get chord detected chords to line up on the grid?

00:23:03. How to make VariAudio male sound when editing segments?

00:25:13. Why am I asked to save project when closing and not all events open when reloading?

00:27:20. Why do you program with complex and strange settings for users?

00:28:58. Can you teach making a beat with MIDI rack?

00:33:46. How to exclude automation when pasting audio events to different location?

00:35:00. How to toggle command to show tracks with data between locators?

00:37:21. Is Steinberg planning a standalone version of BackBone?

00:38:08. Is it normal for audio performance to occasionally peak red?

00:39:22. Is there a way to determine which plug-in causes Cubase to crash?

00:40:41. How to use MMC and VST System Link to sync 2 computers together?

00:43:31. Are we back on schedule with the Zoom meetup at the end of the month?

00:44:31. Can you show some tricks using the MIDI racks?

00:47:26. How to use multiple plug-ins on one channel?

00:49:19. How can I identify the root key of an imported song?

00:51:03. How to glue layered sounds within the project without exporting?

00:54:14. Is it possible for a track ti have 2 colors one in project and other in MixConsole?

00:55:45. Can you please explain the different volume options for audio, MIDI and instruments?

00:59:05. Why do I get a message that Cubase is starting in safe start mode?

01:00:20. Why does SpectraLayers update from 8 to 9 not seem to be discounted in promo?

01:02:32. How to mute selected MIDI notes?

01:04:16. How to see in metering if compression is applied?

01:08:05. How to copy volume automation from MIDI track to an audio track?

01:10:06. When is Cubase13?

01:10:33. How to activate channel strip plug-ins from the MIDI remote?

01:14:54. What is better mic MXL990 or AKG P120?

01:15:50. How to transfer Maschine Control settings from older studio computer?

01:18:24. Is it worth getting Absolute 6 after HALion 7?

01:19:04. How to keep multiple tracks record enabled while selecting other tracks?

01:21:03. How to create a click track in 5/4 with 2 dotted 1/8ths followed by 2 1/4 notes?

01:27:46. How to import tracks from a project and retain effect routing?

01:35:20. What is the difference between HALion Sonic 7 in Cubase and the one in Absolute 6?

01:37:55. How to load one plug-in on all tracks?

01:39:24. Has VST Connect transitioned to Steinberg licensing and with Apple Silicone support?

01:40:40. How to reset MySteinberg ID password to sync with Steinberg Download Assistant?

01:44:14. How to easily delete all MIDI CC information from events?

01:46:35. Can U use a single command to see only tracks between locators and to see all tracks?

01:50:55. Can we use SL Loops for SL Studio please?

01:53:16. How to close an audio file in WaveLab with no close in file menu?

01:55:11. Has VST Connect been ported to Apple Silicone and Steinberg licensing?

01:57:27. Can I activate a compressor in channel strip with MIDI Remote?

01:59:20. Does Cubase have an equivalent to Logic’s live loops?

02:00:49. How to best start a new project?

02:04:11. Can I split selected MIDI notes with alt/option scissors tool?

02:07:18. Do we have a beat repeat function in Cubase?

02:10:19. How to render out a chord track to audio?

02:12:34. Can Steinberg add more granular control to set different divisions of meter?

02:14:02. Can I have different rhythms on separate pitches in arpeggiators?

02:16:05. Can I pre-delay MIDI recordings before recording with auto quantizeon?

02:18:00. Is it possible to have a track preset loaded by default when addinga track+ k?

02:19:09. How to get a ruler track to start at 0 as opposed to 1?

02:20:19. Is it possible to render in place multiple MIDI tracks and disable tracks afterwards?

02:23:27. What is the status of the official status of the Club Cubase Live Streams?

02:25:27. Can I upgrade to Cubase Artist or Pro from Cubase Elements 10.5?

02:26:04. Has Steinberg done testing on the Win 10/11 Atlas low latency systems?

02:27:36. Can I copy MIDI velocity to audio volume automation?

02:34:13. Is it better to work with Superior Drummer 12 for processing in VSTi or audio?

02:35:05. How to fix tempo of a sound file to have same tempo of multiple clips?

02:39:19. Does Cubase have a clip launcher function?

02:40:23. How are instruments and sounds licensed, do they need a USB dongle?

02:41:17. Have others had problems downloading Iconica or is it my slow internet connection?

02:41:56. Can a stereo track have different plug-ins on left and right channels?

02:45:39. Is there a way to import multiple user track pictures?

02:48:22. Cubase 13?

02:48:42. Does Cubase have a shimmer reverb?

02:49:18. Is there an alternative way to install Iconicanot requiring a download?

02:52:36. Must I buy full version of SpectraLayers Pro if I have SpectraLayers One?

02:53:43. What is the significance of the record shift by samples?

02:55:01. Why are my MIDI notes tripling up when recording MIDI notes?

02:56:57. How to eliminate a little bit of noise in a vocal recording?

02:59:38. Will having VST Connect render my others licenses in accessible?

03:02:26. Will there be a solution for using older VSTs in Cubase?

03:03:49. How to create a shimmer reverb effect in Cubase?

03:06:35. Does recording audio from a VSTi to a group track cause timing issues?

03:15:15. How to setup timing delay setups for Dolby Atmos monitoring?

03:17:56. Why is my Nektar P6 recording 3 notes each time a key is recorded?

03:19:08. Did Greg see the NINa polysynth at the recent NAMM show with motorized encoders?

03:20:02. How to resolve when audio is missing after rendering in place MIDItracks?

03:21:01. How to easily select part of an event and turn it into a separate event?

03:23:16. Do you need to configure atmos delay for each speaker within Cubase?

03:25:23. How to resolve elicenser database errors updating from Absolute 5 to 6?

03:26:53. Can I map a controller to cycle between different keys in the chord pads?

03:29:09. Can you discuss tolerance and AES17 in meter area of control room?

03:31:54. How to make tempo changes from within the MIDI key editor?

03:33:47. Is there a native M/S decoder solution or how to do it manually?

03:36:17. What is difference between Groove Agent Expansions and VST Sounds and loops?

03:38:58. Is there a way to organize user presets in Cubase with folders?

03:42:34. How to transpose multiple MIDI tracks at once?

03:44:06. How to configure a rotary controller to control multiple channel’s hi pass filters?

03:51:41. How to switch focus mode from tracks to plug-ins on MIDI Remote?

03:53:17. Is it possible to scroll wheel ti increment pre-gain by 1dB asopposed to .95 dB?

03:54:25. Is it possible to live quantize MIDI inputs to 1 measure or bar?

03:55:43. Is it possible to save and load quick control presets for VSTplug-ins?

03:57:41. Can I use render in place to bounce multiple tracks down to a single file?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

May 5  2023  (n101  24523 )

00:03:29. How do I install Cubase 12 on a 2nd computer?

00:05:17. Why does duplicated MIDI track with chords in it sometime have chords wrong?

00:07:57. How to import tracks from SpectraLayers?

00:11:53. Are Cue sends available in the inspector of instrument tracks?

00:14:35. Can you please explain the wave circle meter in SuperVision?

00:16:03. Is there a way to layer multiple samples in the Cubase sample track?

00:18:06. Is there a way to automatically set pan values to specific amounts as preset?

00:20:23. Does Steinberg accept audio auditions from Nuendo users?

00:21:24. What is the easiest way to reset peak hold on all meters at once?

00:22:52. Can view channels in cycle and view all meters be toggled by single command?

00:23:43. How to trigger a keyboard with a drum?

00:25:42. Can I assign a macro or keyboard shortcut to load a specific preset in VSTi?

00:28:07. Is there a resonator plug-in that comes with Cubase?

00:30:48. Is there a way to input tablature in score editor by string and fret number?

00:33:12. Is SpectraLayers Pro better at separation than SpectraLayers One?

00:34:28. How to extract bass from a mixed audio files?

00:38:04. How to change color of black text on grey in different parts of Cubase?

00:39:12. How to add faders to control quick controls?

00:41:48. How to activate/deactivate inserts via MIDI control on control room?

00:46:50. Why does exported video not have sound when shared with WhatsApp?

00:48:36. When will Iconica migrate to Steinberg Licensing?

00:49:31. Why is talkback label in black on control room when other labels are white?

00:50:13. How to purchase grand Steinberg synthesizer DAW for $100,000?

00:51:28. Can I create my own folder to be next to favorites folder in right zone MediaBay?

00:53:28. What is iso streaming checkbox in RME interfaces used for?

00:54:05. What causes time based effects to produce clicks and pops on files?

00:55:24. How to trigger the tempo of a keyboard track using a MIDI drum track?

00:59:24. Is there a video on HALion library creator in HALion 7?

01:00:19. Are there any ways to quickly display the chord track into the score window?

01:02:56. How to not see audio when adjusting sizes of lanes in comped tracks?

01:07:51. Where is best way to add key code for Cubase Pro 12 as my trial version is ending?

01:08:29. How to make bypass of inserts stick when controller is pressed to toggle?

01:11:21. Does disabling hyperthreading in BIOS help Cubase performance?

01:12:05. Can you show how to work with the arranger track?

01:16:21. Can you show harmony generation for hip hop vocals?

01:18:38. Is it possible to import all project versions and bak files as versions?

01:23:41. How to have Cubase not sound when playing sounds in windows?

01:24:58. Is it possible to use the slip function in a continuous cycle?

01:28:00. Can I setup a Korg NanoKontrol for Expression and volume CCs?

01:30:12. How to setup macros in Cubase?

01:33:08. Can channels be exported from the MixConsole back to Groove Agent mixer?

01:34:57. How to link your electronic drum kit to Cubase?

01:37:16. How to record electronic drumkit into Cubase?

01:40:32. Were there announcements at NAMM regarding Cubase?

01:41:36. How to make volume changes in a vocal recording to get rid of breaths?

01:45:15. How to stretch modulation data in track to speed up over time?

01:48:04. Can I transfer Iconica from Elicenser to Steinberg Licensing?

01:49:41. How to rigger the tempo of an already done MIDI track using a MIDI drum track?

01:56:55. How to keep bypass on all inserts from Mix Console stick toggle with button push?

02:00:13. What is the best CPU to use for Cubase on Windows?

02:01:42. How to tempo map a rubato MIDI performance?

02:04:28. Is it possible from project logical to select all tracks above selected track to mute?

02:08:35. How to resize lanes and have resizing applied to main track?

02:15:37. Do you need the full paid Cubase to link your electronic drum kit to Cubase?

02:16:38. Will there be an inspirational guest on the next Zoom meetup?

02:17:38. How to setup Cubase to get MIDI CCs from a Korg Nano Kontrol?

02:19:41. Where can I find VSY plug-in manager under devices menu?

02:21:57. How to change tempo and key signature in the middle of a project?

02:24:59. Is it possible to stretch MIDI CC data to increase speed?

02:28:00. Can Steinberg workout a ReWire type of sync between Cubase and Dorico?

02:28:56. Any chance of implementing UI scaling on MacOS?

02:29:58. Should I always crossfade between 2 overlapping audio events?

02:33:00. Can I get rid of the dongle on Cubase 11?

02:33:35. How to have insert bypass stick when using the large MixConsole?

02:36:01. Can Cubase default to always have all files in sync?

02:37:17. How to sync 2 DAWs on a single computer?

02:38:04. Can a folder track show all graphic waveforms of tracks in the folder?

02:41:21. Is it possible to save group tracks and their contents savable?

02:43:53. How to apply a tempo map from one project to another project?

02:46:51. Can we see the dB value of clip gain adjustments?

02:48:37. What is a good email address to reach Greg?

02:49:20. How to prevent Expression to revert to first slot when reset?

02:52:35. What instruments in Cubase 12 Pro offer different articulations?

02:54:02. What does verification pending mean on Steinberg Activation Manager?

02:55:10. How to quantize an audio guitar recording with audio warp?

02:58:32. Is there a way to make the delay slider work in samples as opposed to milliseconds?

03:01:01. What effect would be good for super close sound for commercials?

03:03:31. What can cause some events to not be able to be crossfaded?

03:04:48. Is there a way to save swing settings in the project?

03:07:02. How to setup a single MIDI remote control device to control hovered parameters?

03:09:17. Is there any new info on timing delays when recording VSTis through groups?

03:10:48. Why can’t I hear anything in Cubase?

03:12:22. Can Groove Agent 6 match rhythm recognition to select patterns?

03:12:50. Can quick controls be used for quantization parameters and control room functions?

03:14:36. Does AI knob work on full channel compressors in channel strip?

03:16:41. How to turn off slurs in Dorico Elements?

03:16:38. How to have metronome do 2 ¼. followed by 2 ¼ notes in 5/4 meter?

03:19:44. How to get dynamic kickback metering to shown in the MixConsole meters?

03:21:37. Can I uninstall the elicenser software if all of my software is on Steinberg licensing?

03:22:37. Is there a way to select a key command to select tracks by number and not name?

03:23:39. Are there other special modifier keys to access more functions from stream deck?

03:25:17. Is there a way to access a binaural audio file from my Dolby Atmos project?

03:31:14. Is the huge exported wav file the same one that can be used for distribution?

03:32:19. Is it necessary to purchase the Dolby renderer for atmos work in Cubase?

03:33:18. What ASIO drivers will make my system play back sound?

03:33:50. How to reverse one audio file and not affect a copy of the file in Cubase?

03:37:39. How to export the mixer settings from Groove Agent to Cubase?

03:40:31. Does export kit mixer in Groove Agent work for Beat Agent kits?

03:41:08. How to edit multiple samples on the same pad in Groove Agent?

03:46:05. How can I create a master VCA for mixing?

03:47:51. Why do I get an error message to forget automation when editing samples in GA?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

May 12  2023  (n83  24606 )

00:03:30. Why does SpectraLayers One open after buying and installing SpectraLayers Pro?

00:06:25. How to make all tracks same length after dissolving MIDI drum event by pitch?

00:07:56. How does sidechain delay work and how to do a throw delay?

00:12:26. Why doesn’t chord track in one project not follow tempo changes?

00:14:48. How to stop lots of echoes and delays when adding reverb and delay via sends?

00:17:55. Is it possible to copy MIDI from one project to another project?

00:20:03. How to enter CC20 on an event without a hardware controller?

00:22:08. How to assign my expression pedal to transform CC11 to CC1 modulation?

00:26:00. Can you talk about ADR in Cubase or Nuendo?

00:35:17. How to hear the effect while recording without recording the effect?

00:37:54. How to scrub audio in Cubase so I can hear audio super slow for editing?

00:39:43. How to prepend the name of every track in a folder all at once?

00:43:16. How to preview loops when using control room for monitors and headphones?

00:45:10. Why does track selection matter when on ASIO guard audio performance meter?

00:50:49. Is audio warp different than tempo processing?

00:53:20. How to lock a video track to the extracted audio event?

00:55:10. Is there a way to ramp temp using time warp?

00:57:42. How to invert a series of notes inside of the key editor?

01:00:16. Can SpectraLayers export individual harmonics of a vocal for processing?

01:02:57. Is it possible to invert the mouse scroll wheel input in Cubase?

01:06:52. Why is there no process function in audio montage in WaveLab?

01:10:30. How to set one region to be affected by time warp and another not to be?

01:13:04. Can WaveLab get rid of the audio montage editor?

01:14:09. Can I lend my Cubase 12 Elements license to someone if I am using Cubase 12 Pro?

01:17:43. Is there a process in the WaveLab Elements montage editor?

01:21:52. How to normalize tracks correctly?

01:24:50. Should I purchase a copy of Cubase?

01:25:13. How to save sample files in custom Groove Agent kit in project folder?

01:27:50. How to use FX modulator for a boom sound?

01:34:21. Can I see the audio files in upper portion of the editor?

01:35:41. Why do I get a message on startup that Cubase has recovered from crash?

01:37:00. Can I record a vocal on a lane that already has a vocal recorded on it?

01:38:14. Is it possible to select a specific track for a render in place destination?

01:40:56. Does Cubase ever go on sale?

01:41:42. What are advantages of having a stereo out channel as opposed to control room?

01:45:09. How to preview sound when clicking on segments in VariAudio?

01:47:44. Is it possible to open a channel insert on a window without clicking on it?

01:51:16. Any tips on migrating to a new computer setup for Cubase?

01:52:01. Do inserts on control room get included with audio mixdown?

01:52:37. Can you change the order of the bus faders in the MixConsole?

01:55:35. IS there a deadline to send videos about Club Cubase?

01:56:49. How to open a key editor and record notes without being in record?

02:00:02. How to easily change Groove Agent SE tracks to audio tracks?

02:03:55. Can we still submit testimonial videos to promote Club Cubase Live Streams?

02:05:07. Can retrospective record be used to record without the transport running?

02:06:55. Why can’t I render a MIDI track in Cubase 6.5?

02:08:02. Will we ever see Dorico inside of Cubase?

02:08:66. How to have notes appear in editor after being played without transport running?

02:09:36. What is a good controller now that my CC121 controller has stopped working?

02:12:39. How to have Cubase automatically change the patch on my keyboard for live use?

02:16:21. How to edit samples independently on same pad in Groove Agent?

02:20:08. Is it possible to maintain SpectraLayers waveform and spectral view in project?

02:21:44. What is best way to remove unused layers in SpectraLayers?

02:24:19. How to have left and right locators set by the range tool?

02:25:34. Is it possible to try drum expansions before purchasing them?

02:26:39. How to shift audio events by a set number of samples?

02:31:14. How to merge events from 2 tracks to a single track and set space in order?

02:37:19. How to best organize Cubase project files so I can delete draft projects?

02:41:15. How to have busses show to the right of the stereo out bass in MixConsole?

02:43:17. How to make sample fit in with timing and key of the project?

02:49:43. How to prepare an audio loop to be a sample with key and tempo metadata?

02:54:58. Why are some of my insert plug-ins disabled?

02:56:29. Can I use the mute tool in the arrange window to mute a range of events?

02:57:52. Does transferring licenses from one elicenser to another render the first one useless?

02:58:57. Will acidized files map to tempo and key in Cubase?

03:00:20. Does Cubase have any tools to send CV out of an ADAT digital connection?

03:01:03. Which products are now using the newer Steinberg Licensing?

03:04:43. How to line up imported audio to all start at bar 1?

03:06:19. Is my JL Cooper CS10 still a useful piece of equipment?

03:07:56. Is there any advantage to recording in 32bit mode?

03:10:07. Does input bus order also affect their placement in the MixConsole?

03:12:18. How does crossgrade from Izotope RX 6 to SpectraLayers Pro 9 work?

03:16:44. How to link volume automation to the clip so it follows when it is moved?

03:18:04. How to select a track and have all events on the track automatically selected?

03:19:44. How can I have MediaBay search for samples in 2 folders?

03:21:44. Is TGuitar an amazing instrument?

03:27:56. How to have first audio go to beat 1 when the file has silence a tstart?

03:32:27. Can I send my guitar audio output to MIDI keyboard would it work inCubase?

03:34:41. If I have a guitar processor with MIDI out can I play VSTinstruments like TGuitar?

03:35:46. How to freeze multiple tracks simultaneously in Cubase 11?

03:37:38. Does HALion do granular, wavetable and FM synthesis?

03:38:08. Which is better TGuitar or MGuitar?

03:40:42. What is the best way to bring a track from another project into existing project?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

May 16  2023  (n88  24694 )

00:03:03. How can I make a song and a style using Yamaha keyboard and export ?

00:05:41. How to line up an imported project to be lined up to the grid ?

00:08:34. How to colorize the send tracks ?

00:10:05. Can I use Curve EQ to apply equal amplitude between two audio events?

00:15:27. How to replace a single snare to replace another snare in a project?

00:21:11. Why do I hear a MIDI note when I press the spacebar ?

00:24:25. Should I always see sine wave type waveforms when zooming in near sample level ?

00:27:16. How to create an alberti pattern from a chord track ?

00:30:15. How to get the same volume for 10 songs in a WaveLab Montage ?

00:34:33. Does low resolution of MIDI affect timing when extracting audio to MIDI ?

00:36:30. How to switch between instruments when recording live ?

00:38:41. How to import a song from Cubase into WaveLab ?

00:41:19. Can you give an overview of the mastering mode in Cubase ?

00:45:24. How to get an expression pedal to control wah wah in VST Amp Rack ?

00:50:35. Why don’t my exported audio files from Cubase play in my media player ?

00:52:45. How to slightly randomize timing of the left and right hand piano parts ?

00:55:27. Why does previewer in loop browser sometimes has stuck preview slider ?

00:58:47. Can instruments transferred to elicenser to Steinberg licensing run in Cubase 11 ?

00:59:41. What are the differences between normal and boost ?

01:02:23. Why is there a +12dB sine wave sound when exporting tracks ?

01:03:33. How to do a alberti style of arpeggio ?

01:07:39. How to assign different MIDI CC parameters in synths like Retrologue?

01:13:39. How to setup control room so we can toggle a lofi plug-in on and off easily ?

01:20:32. Is it possible to create a feedback loop with an effect send ?

01:21:26. How to limit arpeggios to left hand only of a piano part ?

01:26:09. Why can’t I add track pictures to inputs and output channels in MixConsole ?

01:28:45. How to change MIDI mapping of my Akai MPC to line up better with Groove Agent ?

01:31:57. Will Cubase have Siri functionality in the future ?

01:33:30. How to remove automation so that it soes not stay on the track ?

01:35:01. Does Cubase come with its own wav format or does Bill Gates still own it ?

01:35:55. Is there any way to group draw MIDI CC across several tracks ?

01:41:17. Why doesn’t auto play to listen to files work anymore ?

01:44:26. How are Absolute 6 and Amped Elektra licensed and why do I have license pending ?

01:46:46. Can you discuss the SpectraLayers Pro 9 licensing ?

01:48:56. How to get Nektar controller setup after upgrading from Cubase 10 to12 ?

01:50:17. Can we apply a swing feel to the metronome ?

01:53:56. Why is my audio to audio render out of time to the original track ?

01:56:29. Why is my MIDI recording earlier than the played recording ?

01:58:12. Can I run Absolute 5 on the new Steinberg licensing system ?

01:58:55. Is there a similar live stream for SpectraLayers ?

01:59:48. Are there any upcoming sales on Dorico ?

02:00:39. Is there an undo history by track ?

02:02:19. Is there a way to get chord tracks into WaveLab ?

02:03:17. How to make edits on a track without a track based undo history ?

02:04:36. How to make a guitar or bass sample track and play though arpeggio ?

02:06:52. Can the score editor import chord names from the chord track ?

02:08:10. How to stop drum tracks from following the chord track ?

02:10:01. How to make a ghost track ?

02:12:03. Can I save a template for Groove Agent with custom colors and routings ?

02:15:43. How to have MIDI loops be triggered from different notes ?

02:20:45. How to get the best takes of different recordings ?

02:22:18. Can I use a wireless Bluetooth MIDI keyboard with Cubase ?

02:23:05. Which would be better for me Dorico or SpectraLayers Pro 9 ?

02:24:11. Who does the SpectraLayers live streams ?

02:24:39. Will there be music made on the live stream or just answering technical questions ?

02:25:03. Can I alter my music with chords in Cubase or do I need Dorico ?

02:26:04. How to copy channel strip effects to one track to several others at once ?

02:29:44. Is it possible to pinch zoom within Cubase ?

02:20:26. How can I automatically get notified of future live streams ?

02:30:54. How to make heavy keyboards in arpeggio ?

02:31:45. How to see events layered in the background when editing ?

02:34:34. How to color the tracks from the MixConsole ?

02:35:23. How to always snap effect returns to the right side of MixConsole ?

02:39:34. Can you setup a key 01 and automatically record and play back your instrument ?

02:41:29. Can Steinberg add a way to draw in MIDI CCs on multiple tracks ?

02:42:12. Are there templates in Cubase to retain color and routing when loading other kits ?

02:43:05. Any reason for differences in MIDI plug-in of MIDI modifiers vs modifiers inspector ?

02:45:36. Can Greg talk to me on the phone about Helix Native ?

02:46:31. How to get note in key when playing a note out of chord ?

02:47:49. How to find presets with VX quickly in Cubase ?

02:49:27. How to make future Cubase feature requests ?

02:50:17. Is there a Club Cubase for Helix Native plug-in ?

02:50:55. Why can’t I see some drum wav files in MediaBay ?

02:54:40. Can 3rd party plug-ins be used in mixer and are there plug-ins thatI do not know of ?

02:55:18. Why can’t you put your own pictures in a Cubase wav file ?

02:57:22. How to use Groove Agent for creative variations on a drum loop ?

03:04:21. Why does Greg make adjustments at start of the file when making tempo detection ?

02:09:32. How to duplicate to next track using the same instrument ?

03:11:33. Is SpectraLayers One useful for a Cubase user ?

03:16:30. Does freezing MIDI modifiers create double MIDI notes ?

03:20:19. When will today’s live stream index be posted ?

03:21:00. Are chord track playback notes also included with freeze MIDI modifiers ?

03:22:42. Can I chord track be exported as a MusicXML ?

03:25:37. What is the best way to print a fax or effects to send off for mixing ?

03:29:38. How to merge 2 MIDI events that were recorded in cycle mode ?

03:33:46. Can chord tracks be exported as selected tracks and imported as track archives ?

03:35:33. Can I use different audio interfaces to record audio from YouTube into Cubase ?

03:38:36. Will there be a special guest on the upcoming Zoom meetup at end of month ?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

May 19  2023  (n83  24777 )

First time for the new Club Cubase artwork layout!

00:03:37. Why does factory content for HALion come up as HS SE edition?

00:05:43. How does Cubase choose to place tempo changes when doing time warp?

00:09:37. When in tempo detection do you use musical mode and when to use ½ or 2x?

00:12:20. Can the tempo detection tracks be removed and have it be the same?

00:14:00. How to setup a Yamaha external instrument in Cubase with multiple outputs?

00:16:20. Is the Cubase Nation discord an official Steinberg resource?

00:17:06. How to shape the overall loudness when working in an Atmos mix in Cubase 12 Pro?

00:19:38. Why do I have a click of sound every now and then when recording vocals?

00:23:46. If I have Cubase and Nuendo licenses can I trade one in for a Dorico discount?

00:25:13. How to render different cues at different times within a project?

00:30:25. How to import my mixing template into projects where audio is resident?

00:33:10. What is new in Nuendo Live 3?

00:35:10. How to record to 2 different hard drives at the same time in Cubase?

00:36:48. Can Cubase add artwork to an mp3 file?

00:37:44. Is there an equivalent to Logic live loops in Cubase, the arranger track?

00:40:42. Will the VST 3.78 protocol affect previous VST versions?

00:42:00. How to import tracks older project versions and backups into project?

00:44:08. Does Cubase still sell Artist 10?

00:44:42. Will tempo changes made in one version be reflected in previous saved projects?

00:46:38. Does Cubase sell Cubase Artist 10 on CDs still?

00:47:33. How to save a track preset with multiple tracks with routings to group?

00:50:36. How to make small tweaks to refine audio tempo detection?

00:53:59. Is it possible to save MIDI swing percentage within the project?

00:59:11. Do I need to install HALion Sonic and other cut down VST is if I have Absolute 6?

01:01:10. How to save or export a file with an embedded tempo track?

01:02:25. Which audio file formats can include tempo track metadata?

01:03:51. Are there changes in integration with Yamaha Motif XF from 10.5 to 12?

01:04:36. How to create a song or style for Yamaha keyboards in Cubase?

01:05:40. How to save a HALion 7 preset and open it in another computer?

01:12:10. How to get the measures to align perfectly to a guitar recording?

01:14:21. How to use input transformer to switch left and right hands on keyboard?

01:16:12. How to zoom in and out a track without changing the height?

01:19:14. Is there a major UI overhaul in Cubase 13?

01:20:18. Will Cubase come with more granular VST instruments and effects?

01:27:03. How to use input transformer to make lowest note on left and vice versa?

01:33:13. How to play drum break and fills from a pad like chord pad?

01:35:31. Can you show lesser known features of the channel editor?

01:44:35. How to import plug-in presets into Cubase patch name presets?

01:47:38. How to get the cursor to continue recording where it stopped?

01:52:50. What about Cubase Artist?

01:53:34. Can you show the sampling features in PadShop?

01:55:17. How can I place my instruments into user defined folders?

01:57:31. Are music visualzations like WhiteCap and MilkDrop useful for music production?

02:00:06. Can Cubase convert polyphonic audio to MIDI?

02:01:30. Can Cubase store Groove Presets?

02:03:00. What are the dark EQ curves in the channel settings window?

02:04:30. Do I need a Scarlett audio interface if I have a Yamaha DM3 console?

02:05:51. Why does using the Z function return Zoom factor to a different height?

02:11:20. How can I import Cubase key commands?

02:13:11. Is this the new Cubase 12?

02:13:47. How to tell which region of an audio file was processed via direct offline processing?

02:18:11. How to take a kick or snare into a MIDI track for drum replacement?

02:23:07. How long does Greg get to learn new features of Cubase?

02:24:29. When did the channel EQ comparison feature get introduced?

02:25:06. Why do I have problems on 12.06 with Cubase closing?

02:27:21. Is it possible to convert all plug-in presets to Cubase presets?

02:30:25. Can I see the MIDI notes move when I quantize MIDI data?

02:34:49. Does audio alignment work well with choral vocal recordings?

02:37:07. Does the loopback function allow UR22C to record audio from YouTube into Cubase?

02:38:20. How to save quick control parameters so they stick every time aplug-in is opened?

02:41:06. Why do changes in VariAudio get applied to 2 different track versions?

02:44:01. What are the 2 EQ analyzers showing in the edit channelsettings?

02:46:33. Will it be possible to do volume automation changes in VariAudio in the future?

02:49:31. How to import Cubase key commands from a previous version of Cubase?

02:52:57. Does Q link work on adding and modifying parameters of 3rd partyplug-ins?

02:54:37. Can I import a segment of an audio file and have it generate chord track?

02:55:44. Why can’t I hear play back from a synth the day after recording it?

02:59:52. Will Yamaha integrate their keyboard technology into Cubase?

03:01:56. Are graphic visualizations useful for analyzing bass content in audio?

03:03:53. Is there a way to have SuperVision not follow track colors?

03:05:49. What are the 2 different shades of blue with peaks show in channel EQ?

03:08:13. Is it possible to create a fader which control MIDI CC?

03:13:42. Is there a keyboard shortcut to enable re-record mode when tracking guitars?

03:20:14. How to glue several events together and change their pitch when time stretched?

03:24:49. Is there a tool to rotate or phase included with Nuendo or Cubase?

03:28:14. What scale should I set the SuperVision VU meter to?

03:32:17. Are Foobar 2000 components by Wamont Wheel?

03:33:15. Can I use different control surfaces for audio tracks and groups in same mixer?

03:35:37. How to create an arpeggio only on lower notes?

03:38:50. How to trigger different MIDI phrases in real time from MIDI notes?

03:44:04. What are advantages of using 808 samples in Groove Agent over sampler track?

03:50:31. How to deal with handling large projects in Cubase, 50+ tracks?

03:56:46. Any tips on working with files in a long live recordings with file management?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

May 23  2023  (n81  24858 )

00:04:09. Why do I have strange vertical lines from the bottom of my Cubase screen?

00:05:34. How to improve disk cache performance on Windows 10 PC?

00:08:17. Why does saving take so long on my project using Kontakt?

00:10:10. How to get the note expression editor option in key editor to stick?

00:11:46. How to get the line tool selection to stay every time I open the key editor?

00:12:49. How to convert a video file so that it can be imported into Cubase?

00:15:27. Why is CC 11 not passing from my MIDI controller to Cubase?

00:18:24. How to connect my expression pedal to control quick controls?

00:19:38. Is there RMS metering in each track?

00:20:46. How to assign notes in one MIDI track to different MIDI channels?

00:22:26. How are banks used in direct offline processing?

00:24:05. How to delete visual references to removed plug-ins in the right zone?

00:26:38. Why do overlapped MIDI events get merged when events are glued together?

00:29:31. How to setup the control room for a recording session?

00:35:13. Why do I hear previous take when overdubbing MIDI tracks?

00:38:35. What gets inverted when inverse is enabled?

00:40:20. Why is my CPU peak high in Cubase when PC is set to high efficiency mode?

00:42:13. How to easily bypass all plug-ins in a session?

00:43:10. How to lower all of the volumes together at once in the MixConsole?

00:44:26. Why does my system tend to crash after about 15 minutes of use?

00:47:11. Can you show some advanced features in SpectraLayers 9 Pro?

00:56:29. What is best way to get files to Pro Tools as my stereo files are split in a AAF file?

00:57:47. Does the expression mode stick in the floating key editor?

01:01:28. How to stretch a syllable in a vocal sample?

01:05:19. Can I see what my swing percentage was on a previously quantized event?

01:08:20. Will Cubase work with a SSD drive for the program and separate SSD for samples?

01:09:13. How to save presets in offline process history bank?

01:11:16. If my MIDI controller is triggering unwanted pitch bend is it the controller or Cubase?

01:13:21. Where is the control room preset stored?

01:18:00. Can I move the level of the mixer panel with a key command?

01:19:18. Any creative ways to create different swing feels?

01:23:44. Why does my status line appear randomly for me?

01:25:10. Should I bounce audio before free warping a new duplicate track version of an event?

01:27:58. Can we use mix snapshots in conjunction with automation?

01:29:46. Will keyswitch articulations carry over into notation applications?

01:32:23. Is there a way to make macros for switching certain preferences?

01:35:15. How to adjust left and right channels separately for stereo tracks?

01:38:31. How to control VST Amp Rack wah wah pedal with an expression pedal?

01:44:18. Why does using my scissors 3 times or more cause a Cubase crash?

01:47:17. Can you put your own picture in a song in Cubase?

01:48:31. How to use an additional ruler track to show length of region in time?

01:53:13. What are the advantages of quantizing an event?

01:58:26. How to overdub MIDI parts without hearing previous recordings?

02:02:38. Has Greg worked with Teddy Riley?

02:03:26. Can Cubase 12 Pro save I/O settings?

02:05:36. Why is the wave icon in version 1 after editing in version 2?

02:06:58. Can we get a save as and remove unused media not found in other projects?

02:11:20. Why can’t I pin the Cubase 12.0.6 icon to my Windows taskbar?

02:11:59. Is there a way to adjust the master volume of all MIDI tracks?

02:14:21. How to set split tool for 2 files overlapping for stem editing?

02:15:48. Can you please show me split tool settings?

02:17:26. How to move 2 automation points down without adding new automation points?

02:20:09. How many chord tracks can be in Cubase Pro 12?

02:21:25. How to see sample rate and bit depth of audio recordings?

02:23:44. Why do I not see any metering peaks while recording audio?

02:27:15. What is the latest update to Cubase 12?

02:29:02. What gear do I need to send out headphone mixes using a UR824 interface?

02:30:53. How to use learn function for different quick control slots?

02:32:27. How to put a plug-in on a small section of an audio file only?

02:37:25. How to import a MIDI file with included tempo information?

02:39:11. Why is my DAW screen split in half?

02:43:11. How to recall external effects connections?

02:44:34. What is the difference between Cubase and Nuendo?

02:46:26. Why can I not an 1/8th note quantize preset?

02:49:04. Will we ever get a dedicated controller for Cubase?

02:50:53. What types of vocal processing can we do with SpectraLayers?

02:54:23. Is there a way to recall input and external FX routing presets?

02:56:30. Do we need to use ASIO Guard on Cubase for Mac?

02:57:36. How to see the 1/8 note preset in the quantize presets?

02:59:32. Why do I get a message that country violin has no license?

03:01:12. Will there be a follow up to the CC121?

03:01:47. Can I get a controller to bank based on track selection?

03:05:05. What kinds of things get updated in HALion Sonic SE 7 sounds?

03:06:46. Do I have a vírus on my top performing PC causing crashes?

03:09:51. Can I setup my Mackie Control Device to bank from track selection in MIDI Remote?

03:10:40. Can you answer my question on my Korg NanoKontrol?

03:11:45. Why is it taking so long to get rid of the dongle?

03:15:42. How to create a macro to mute a selected range of an event?

03:18:56. How to record to multiple folders in Nuendo Live 3?

03:22:03. How to add picture metadata for an audio file in WaveLab?

03:25:39. How are atmos tracks mastered?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

May 26  2023  (n61  24191 )

00:03:21. Is Cubase better than Ableton DAW?

00:04:06. Do resized MIDI tracks lose sizing when gluing lanes of other takes?

00:12:14. Is it possible to have 2 colors for a track in the Mixer?

00:13:33. How to load non drum samples into Groove Agent SE and play from electronic kit?

00:16:21. How to use groove builders with 3rd party plug-ins?

00:18:02. How to get tunes from itunes into Cubase to use as a reference?

00:20:21. Can I select a minor pentatonic scale in the scale assistant?

00:22:50. How to recover a project that causes Cubase to crash when opening?

00:24:38. Is there a way to record the metronome as an audio file in Cubase 12 Elements?

00:30:44. How to select empty sections between events?

00:32:34. How to match drum loop to a click track from a time warped guitar event?

00:37:44. How to match MIDI drum pattern to time warped audio guitar event?

00:42:49. Is there an easy way to move whoe sections of a project around, like verse, chorus?

00:47:25. What’s difference between grove in MIDI modifiers as opposed to quantize panel?

00:49:10. Can Cubase generate sheet music from wave files?

00:52:05. Can the scale assistant handle scales across 2 octaves?

00:52:58. What can cause Cubase to crash when quantizing multi-track drums?

00:57:47. Do dynamics in expression use MIDI CC7 or velocity?

01:01:51. Is Cubase planning to make an AI powered plug-ins for noise or extracting vocals?

01:08:50. How to reset multiple event volumes back to normal?

01:15:13. What is Greg’s favorite Cubase trick that a lot of people are unaware of?

01:17:49. How to solve issue where tracks from client are out of tune between semitones?

01:19:06. Should I record guitar in mono or stereo?

01:21:31. Is the atmos setup assistant known to crash on Windows 11?

01:23:39. Is it possible to keep Atmos settings importing tacks from another Atmos project?

01:24:57. Is it possible to retain different lower zone heights for editor sand MixConsole?

01:26:31. Can Greg elaborate on Steinberg’s policy on maintaining backward compatibility?

01:29:49. What meters does Greg use and are the colors customized?

01:33:46. How to drag multiple samples into Groove Agent and map to multiple pads?

01:36:52. Why is my reverb tail not decaying smoothly like a stutter?

01:41:32. How to force Cubase to hold on to my UI color sceme when starting aproject?

01:42:57. Any plan to add M/S in Nuendo or edit back and forth with WaveLab?

01:47:08. Does have pre or post fader on track make a difference when using plug-ins?

01:53:01. How to erase the (D) name extension on a duplicated track?

01:57:53. Is it possible to select different lanes not using a mouse?

02:06:25. Can you use erase after space to delete (D) in name of duplicated event?

02:07:34. Does anything get linked when duplicating a track?

02:09:16. Does the toggle lanes function allow lanes to be switched without amouse?

02:14:37. Is there a key command to renamie the selected track without amouse?

02:17:27. Why is my MIDI control map show up as missing on a new computer?

02:20:41. Can routing a MIDI track to a VST tack only be done via MIDI sends?

02:23:26. Why does custom MIDI mapping page show as missing?

02:26:55. How to restore a missing 1/8th note quantize preset?

02:27:14. How to configure one MIDI controller for tracks and one dedicated for groups?

02:31:22. How to audition multiple drum samples while track is playing in Groove Agent?

02:34:54. Will Cubase be introducing Artificial Intelligence in future versions?

02:38:23. How to delete a project in Cubase?

02:41:20. How can we get the Zoom Meetup Invite?

02:42:16. Is there a shortcut to jump to the end of a track?

02:45:17. Will SpectraLayers Pro work in Cubase 10?

02:46:53. Why do some events come out silent when rendering in place?

02:49:33. Should I use the control room if I have only a stereo out audio interface?

02:55:48. Will we be able to remove unused files from a project and not affect other projects?

02:56:33. If there are 2 3rd party plug-ins that will not bypass is it thefault of Cubase or plug-in?

02:57:24. Is there a way to showcase the volume automation on the event itself?

02:58:52. How to use the control room to work with reference tracks?

03:02:30. Can automate volume changes be shown on the event it self?

03:03:48. How to speed or slow the sampler while syncing it to the bpm?

03:07:20. Can we have different versions to have combo of automation and mix snapshots?

03:11:21. Any better way to convert stereo track to 2 mono files than doing itin the pool?

03:12:19. How to activate the control room?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

May 30  2023  (n47  24996 )

00:03:44. Are global tracks available in the key editor like the key editor?

00:04:55. How to change the formants when in pitch mode?

00:06:38. Why are 5 notes recorded from each note from my Yamaha Montage?

00:08:46. Why do templates built from deleted source projects loose audio?

00:10:56. How to get better recorded audio level from synths recorded at linel evel?

00:13:23. Can you discuss multiple tempo detected apply smooth tempo function?

00:15:37. Why does transposing a copied audio file transpose other instances of the file?

00:19:17. Who is the special guest on today’s Zoom meetup?

00:19:30. Why can’t Cubase work with 32bit plug-ins?

00:20:44. Can you join the Zoom meeting just to watch?

00:21:09. Can we create key commands for audio reverse?

00:23:51. Will Cubase bring back groove quantize presets?

00:25:41. How to save audio track presets from the MixConsole?

00:27:35. Will Cubase add Ableton so other gear can sync up to it?

00:29:00. How can I get a file back that was accidentally deleted in MediaBay?

00:30:40. Where can I find backup file of project to recover deleted tracks?

00:32:12. How to make my new Lexicon Reverb plug-in visible in Cubase?

00:35:14. How to select different lanes without using a mouse?

00:38:06. How to get a better level when recording audio from Moog Grandmother?

00:39:55. How to import MIDI files to the chord pad pattern player?

00:44:07. Can download location affect visibility of plug-in in Cubase?

00:45:52. Can audio events be placed into another track’s lanes without affecting lane order?

00:52:15. Any point to use standard vocal solo algorithm when audio warping?

00:53:53. Can having too many plug-ins affect performance of multi-track drum quantizing?

00:54:45. Why is my i9 Macbook Pro get hot when Cubase is idle?

00:56:47. How to choose which automation should be displayed if they have no keys on them?

00:59:33. Any audio interface considerations updating to Windows 11?

01:01:48. How to easily make pan automation visible for a track with key command?

01:08:49. How to determine the root key of a song?

01:11:23. Is there a keyboard shortcut to quickly change the colors?

01:16:43. Does Cubase need to export in real time when an external effect is bypassed?

01:19:34. Do Groove Agent Patterens drift in tempo over a long period of time?

01:24:46. Will Cubase incorporate any AI functions in Cubase 13?

01:26:18. Can portamento be enabled for Groove Agent with samples acrossseveral pads?

01:31:40. Can you go through the activation process for loops?

01:34:24. Why are there issues when freezing NI Noire with particles turned on?

01:35:20. How to make Groove Agent file follow tempo of tempo detected audio?

01:41:14. Why are some loops I purchased can be activated and some cannot be activated?

01:42:18. Why does NI Noir work in render in place but not when freezing?

01:43:23. Who is the guest on tonight’s Zoom meetup?

01:44:31. Can I place a time signature track anywhere on the project window off grid?

01:47:47. Will there be a Nuendo Live 3 trial version?

01:48:33. What to do if my copied DAC code says activation code is incorrect?

01:50:24. Is the Percussion Agent only in the full Groove Agent version?

01:52:04. Does the full version offer 24 bit samples over Groove Agent SE?

01:55:48. How well does the SSL UF1 controller work with Cubase?

01:56:33. When will HALion Symphonic Orchestra be on Steinberg licensing?

01:58:13. Migrate to Zoom Social Meetup!

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

June 2  2023  (n53  25049 )

00:03:32. How to properly quantize MIDI on a piano track, do I need to use the metronome?

00:07:01. How to get monogram console to transmit MIDI CCs to control orchestral VST is?

00:12:19. Why doesn’t automation return to value when working in touch mode?

00:16:20. What happens to an audio track when it is inverted, does it play upside down?

00:19:38. How to remove all plug-ins from the MixConsole window?

00:24:36. Are you able to save your I/O routing somehow for external effect sand routings?

00:26:06. Why do I get an error with latest patch of HALion Sonic?

00:27:52. Can you revert a track to its state before any editing?

00:30:30. Is there a way to set MIDI keyboard to only play notes in chord track?

00:34:06. How to globally filter out MIDI CC88?

00:36:48. How to include Melodyne processing when rendering a track?

00:38:03. Is there any inside information when Cubase 13 will be released?

00:39:40. Is it possible to remove a VST Instrument on a track after instrument is removed?

00:42:47. Why is true peak recommended for mastering?

00:44:24. How to remove a portion of audio and add fades to events?

00:53:23. Are Cubase and most other DAWs designed to work with an open PC OS?

00:55:48. Can a drum VSTi using multiple outs be replaced by another multi-out instrument?

00:59:12. Does Greg always use dithering when exporting files?

01:01:26. Will Steinberg content migrate to 32bit audio resolution?

01:03:23. How well does the Steinberg channel strip compare to expensive 3rd party plug-ins?

01:07:41. How to select a track and all events on the track at once?

01:10:23. Will Cubase run on open Source OS for an alternate to Windows?

01:11:42. What is a fast way to duplicate an entire section of a song?

01:14:13. Can Greg make a video of creating a song with AI?

01:16:52. How to print Arpache only on a portion of a MIDI track?

01:24:41. How to archive a sampler track sample after moving project with audio?

01:32:16. How to reload a track preset on a track?

01:35:39. Yo, why my HALion don’t work anymore?

01:38:20. Can I create more than 4 modules to transform MIDI CC messages?

01:44:28. Is there a way to copy only the articulations from one event to another?

01:59:42. Is it possible to modify the tempo of one section in a project with varying tempos?

02:04:26. Can I use a patch bay to connect 8 analog outs to Aviom and then to external effects?

02:07:47. Can I copy attribute articulations from one event to another event?

02:12:52. Is Steinberg doing anything to celebrate Pride month?

02:13:52. How to set multiple MIDI notes to a fixed velocity easily?

02:17:22. Can you share some other velocity editing tips?

02:19:04. How to learn Cubase without feeling like a full college semester in 1 week?

02:21:36. Is it possible to automate MIDI modifiers parameters?

02:27:59. Is there any news on the live stream promo video?

02:29:54. Can I join the Zoom Social meetup without an email address?

02:30:43. Why do I have a hard time having my exported wave files to iTunes?

02:32:10. Can you show how to add a picture in the metadata of a file in WaveLab?

02:34:25. How to link a send panner to the channel panner?

02:38:42. Can we adjust different tools of equalizers with brushes?

02:41:00. Can you show more EQ tips and tricks?

02:45:04. Can you show the Project Logical Editor for people that do not use it?

02:58:07. Can you show selecting and editing MIDI notes using the project logical editor?

03:03:11. Is there a passive EQ included within Cubase?

03:05:41. Will the picture metadata function in WaveLab show up in media players?

03:06:15. Is there a Pultec style EQ included with Cubase?

03:08:26. Why does my status bar randomly appear in my projects?

03:10:52. Can having connections not connected cause status bar to random lyappear?

03:17:00. Are there any issues exporting and importing MIDI Remote scripts?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

June 6  2023  (n61  25110 )

00:02:41. Can I use MIDI CC to control volume or expression in the sample rtrack?

00:05:24. Why can’t I have my monogram creative console transmit MIDI CC to instruments?

00:08:51. How to tempo change a song without the tempo change being recognized?

00:14:15. How to do a sidechain reverb for leads?

00:23:27. Can you explain the difference of unmix components vs. unmix stems?

00:26:45. How to change the label of the audio event when copying events to another track?

00:28:50. Is it possible to split a keyboard controller to control 2 different VSTs?

00:34:36. How to convert an audio drum file to MIDI?

00:38:08. Why does entire track get highlighted after recording MIDI on top of event?

00:40:24. How to export stems sharing the same reverb return channel?

00:52:52. Can you explain automation to me in Cubase for EQ and Retrologue?

00:59:31. Is there a quick way to calculate the max volume of the master without playing file?

01:02:49. How to transfer hitpoint from slices from sampler track to MIDI?

01:06:20. How to move or sort the sends on its rack in a different order?

01:09:55. Why does whole event move when trimming event from right to left dragging corner?

01:11:43. Why is additional blank part laid over top of merged MIDI recording?

01:15:37. Will we see another “point update to Cubase?

01:16:39. How to send groups to parallel reverb busses in group and to master fader?

01:37:12. How to reorder the effect sends?

01:41:19. Can Cubase add RMS metering at the track level?

01:41:49. Can I export mixes to 2 different locations at once?

01:44:31. Can you explain trim automation mode?

01:48:10. Is there another maintenance update coming for version 12?

01:50:13. How to easily get notes from strummed guitar to be on beat without free warping?

01:54:20. Why does my cursor jump back earlier when doing a merged MIDI recording?

01:56:04. How to configure parallel reverb routing scheme?

02:01:54. How to get MIDI notes from Arturia mini brute to line up with Groove Agent?

02:07:04. Why doesn’t control room retain settings when opening a new project?

02:08:30. How to A/B channel insert presets?

02:11:23. What is the Cubase 12 rar password?

02:12:11. How to create a bus in Atmos routed to a specific output?

02:16:04. Can we modify harmonies for MIDI notes in the key editor to different chords?

02:19:08. Is there an auto quantize feature for audio recordings?

02:20:51. Can I get files that I have use in Groove Agent into the project pool?

02:23:16. How to import VST Instruments from the right zone MediaBay?

02:24:44. How to properly exit Cubase on MacOS?

02:25:27. Why is empty event placed on top of merged MIDI recording?

02:26:27. What can cause a delay when switching between different plug-ins?

02:29:49. Why are Groove Agent samples not included in audio files folder?

02:31:45. Where are the controller visibility lane presets stored?

02:39:03. How to automate the step size parameter in Arpache SX MIDI plug-in?

02:46:38. What is the optimum output level when mixing?

02:48:50. How to samples on external hard drive to populate inside of HALion?

02:52:06. What are the benefits of shuffle mode?

02:54:15. How to copy and insert a selected range of macros using a macro?

02:59:08. How to access EQ on a MIDI track routed from an instrument track?

03:03:50. How to import tracks from a template into an open existing project?

03:06:24. Why are tracks rendered through amp simulators out of time?

03:09:56. How to draw inside of VariAudio for precise edits?

03:13:35. Is VariAudio based on Melodyne tech?

03:14:11. Is it possible to set Frequency 2 as the default EQ in the channel strip?

03:15:17. How to highlight different takes in lanes to select different takes?

03:19:17. Will there be a meter for CPU usage of individual plug-ins?

03:21:48. Is it possible to turn a vocal into MIDI in Cubase?

03:23:56. How to find which plug-ins are CPU heavy culprits when mixing large projects?

03:24:38. Can we see some more iconic Yamaha tech coming to Cubase?

03:26:32. Is it possible to disable groups to find CPU heavy plug-ins?

03:28:29. Why does trim on group channel prevent clipping on the group?

03:39:06. How to edit MIDI inside of a work window please?

03:40:34. How to do a MIDI loop and reverb trail continue?

03:48:32. What is best way to save a project as a template without any audio or MIDI events?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

June 9  2023  (n65  25175 )

00:03:17. How to copy events within the drum editor?

00:05:33. Can you recommend a video on creating a template for my projects?

00:13:17. How to automate changing pitch on a sample or MIDI track?

00:18:11. Is there a video covering how to use VariAudio?

00:25:19. How to configure parallel processing on a drum bus?

00:32:07. Can I use 2 audio interfaces in Cubase 1 for input and other for output?

00:33:45. Is there a way to trigger multiple samples in the sampler track?

00:35:28. Why can I only move events in drum editor with alt instead of copying?

00:38:34. How to write labels in the marker track?

00:43:07. Why is step entry only entering in notes with pitch of C3?

00:48:20. Where can I lower the click volume?

00:49:32. Can I use Project Logical Editor to select only frozen tracks?

00:52:38. Does Cubase 12 Pro have a place to write lyrics?

00:56:19. How to duplicate selected time in the MIDI editor?

00:58:56. How to import multiple tracks at once?

01:01:11. How to cycle through sounds to audition them in the StepDesigner?

01:04:19. Does Cubase 12 trial come with SpectraLayers?

01:05:21. Does cutting a folder track endure that audio is cut at zero crossing point?

01:09:57. How to quantize kick, snare and hi hat audio that is a bit off in time?

01:15:23. Is it possible to draw gain lines on an audio event?

01:17:11. What is difference between set tempo from event and set definition from tempo?

01:22:16. Is it possible to patch a back cable sending effect sends out?

01:24:55. Can the MixConsole retain Zoom settings in saved configurations?

01:28:26. Should I setup my gain staging for -3 or -6dB?

01:30:57. How to print frozen tracks back to audio?

01:36:46. How long has Greg been doing these live streams?

01:38:45. How to change the sample bpm?

01:41:46. How to direct the LFE channel to a sub master group?

01:48:02. How to audition different sounds while auditioning pattern from StepDesigner?

01:51:01. Should I include other tracks bass, vocals when doing multi-drum quantize?

01:51:53. What is the purpose of the input signal faders?

01:56:07. Can the video track be shown in the lower zone?

01:58:10. Can projects saved in Cubase 12 trial be opened in Cubase 10?

01:59:02. What is Greg’s take on render in place vs. freezing tracks?

02:04:02. Does Cubase have a note repeat function?

02:08:44. Why doesn’t audio visually stretch when it is placed in musical mode ?

02:11:04. Can you give me Cubase 12 free?

02:11:28. Is the plug-in latency accounted for when rendering in place?

02:14:24. How to preview and print my tracks to monitor and route LFE channel?

02:22:23. Is there a live pitch correction tool for vocals included with Cubase?

02:25:49. If I upgrade to Cubase 12 from 9 can I open my projects without the dongle?

02:26:33. Is the mix 6 to 2 plug-in the best tool to downmix 5.1 to stereo?

02:28:27. Can I route my LFE tracks in real time to a mono bus?

02:31:09. Is there any way in arranger track to trigger events with a MIDI note trigger?

02:35:26. Is there an auto melody or chord generator built into Cubase?

02:38:54. Is there an easy way to correct fluctuating pitch from faulty analog recorder?

02:43:28. How to time warp 2 guitar tracks at the same time in Nuendo 12?

02:47:22. What is the difference between bypassing or disabling inserts?

02:51:40. How to find and disable plug-ins easily on group tracks?

02:53:42. Where are the MID controller view presets stored?

02:56:22. How to save samples in project folder for custom Groove Agent kits?

03:01:43. Why do empty tracks get created when rendering in place multi-timbral VSTis?

03:07:40. How to eliminate noise from extracted audio in SpectraLayers Pro?

03:10:34. Why are automated punch ins out of time?

03:16:16. How to best organize presets in Cubase into folders?

03:21:04. Can I drag the Cubase mixer left and right from a Slate Raven controller?

03:22:21. Why are my MIDI input channels always changing in large projects?

03:23:41. Is Nuendo more stable than Cubase?

03:24:38. Is there a way to set a countdown timer for live performance?

03:29:07. Can you make and save your on drum pattern for a drum kit?

03:24:37. How can I remove the expression articulation label from notes in the key editor?

03:46:13. What do the noise shaping and autoblanking features in Lin One Dither?

03:47:50. Can I create events as a countdown marker in seconds on the project window?

03:51:19. Is it possible to use patterns from kit to another in Groove Agent?

03:56:43. Are there any issues updating my MacOS from Catalina?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

June 13  2023  (n72  25247 )

00:03:25. Is there any news on Steinberg bringing back the local undo history for the key editor?

00:04:26. How to input played chords using quantize value as rhythm?

00:07:29. Why is causing my Cubase 12 to take forever to start?

00:09:05. How can LFO 1 and LFO 2 be used together in the sampler track?

00:14:32. Why do I have problems importing tempo tracks from projects at cursor position?

00:19:33. Why can’t I see my Motif Studio manager in Cubase 12?

00:21:09. Is there a zoom setting to zoom full to a selected event?

00:23:39. How to take mono strings and spread them to stereo field to hear vocal better?

00:35:40. How can I activate Ozone Elements in Cubase Elements?

00:36:45. How to freely change pitch of generated harmonies in VariAudio?

00:40:55. How to control the same parameter on a plug-in on multiple tracks?

00:44:00. Why are the notes wrong when dragging a Gmaj7 chord to track from chord track?

00:45:56. Will Cubase 13 be released this year?

00:46:29. Why do transport buttons on my Komplete Kontrol send MIDI notes to instruments?

00:48:57. Is there a way to zoom vertically using the mouse wheel?

00:49:56. How to see all available inserts slots when opening the MixConsole?

00:52:57. What are some issues in Cubase that can cause my Cubase to boot up slowly?

00:53:58. How to setup my audio connections correctly to record into Cubase with my Apollo?

00:57:56. Is it possible to add MIDI modifiers to one event and not others on the track?

01:01:51. How would Greg approach file names when passing on a project for mixing?

01:09:17. How to get MIDI note ends to snap their ends to the grid?

01:12:39. Are there any live streams planned for SpectraLayers Pro 9?

01:14:10. How to override CC automation existing CC automation data in event?

01:18:09. How to delete notes that are outside of event boundaries?

01:23:50. Will Cubase 13 and Nuendo 13 be released at the same time?

01:24:44. How to select all MIDI notes above a certain pitch?

01:28:46. Is it possible to use jam modes with 2 agents in Groove Agents?

01:35:42. Is it possible to use 3rd party MIDI plug-ins?

01:36:47. How to quickly pan 100 events on the same track to different values?

01:44:45. Which machines are emulated in the reverence reverb?

01:46:25. How to automate filter changes on synth when in cycle record?

01:53:33. How to shorten MIDI notes when event is resized?

01:58:11. How to have fader always visible on left inspector?

02:01:40. How to customize inspector view like other DAWs?

02:03:13. What are the input channels in the mixer used for?

02:07:00. How to smooth out recorded MIDI CC data?

02:09:33. Does changing key assignments on keyboard work with 2 agents in Cubase?

02:13:41. How to get Cubase to start with different options enabled or disabled?

02:14:45. Can I restore default settings in the automation panel?

02:15:54. How to quickly adjust panning on multiple events to varying levels of panning?

02:21:19. Is it possible to save MIDI events routed to multiple instruments ina single file?

02:26:54. Does Cubase have a built in tape stop effect?

02:30:07. Can Steinberg add a preference to match MIDI note lengths to event lengths?

02:30:39. What is the key command to loop the highlighted selection?

02:31:46. How many questions has Greg answered on live streams?

02:32:20. How to get a dragged MIDI file in project to not create a new MIDI track?

02:33:30. How to have Windows Defender not mess up Cubase?

02:34:49. How to have multiple agents in Groove Agent not link patterns?

02:36:35. How to access SpectraLayers on an audio track?

02:37:56. Will VariAudio be optimized to handle sibilance better?

02:40:36. Is there a master Club Cubase Live Stream document for searching?

02:43:51. How can I click on a MIDI track and have it automatically fit the key?

02:49:06. How to recall sounds on older sound modules like Motif and Fantom?

02:53:22. Can the VariAudio algorithm automatically detect sibilance?

02:54:44. How to detect the key of a song?

02:56:15. What laptops are good for Cubase?

02:59:57. How to quickly change panning of multiple segments on a track again?

03:03:29. How to setup a reference track in the control room?

03:08:54. How to have more than 8 sends on a track?

03:11:15. Do I need to duplicate track version before working with VariAudio?

03:14:35. How to use split tool for individual trim on audio events?

03:18:48. Can I freeze both MIDI modifiers and arpeggiator at the same time?

03:22:10. How can I transpose an audio file used as a reference track?

03:23:54. How can I contribute ideas to the Cubase team?

03:25:29. How can I automate formant changes in an audio file?

03:29:34. How to remove attribute expression label on MIDI notes?

03:32:54. Are control room settings carried over in a template?

03:35:01. Can having a track loaded into SpectraLayers hide the transpose in info line?

03:37:26. Can I use some pictures to make a video file in Cubase?

03:38:49. How to unlink Groove Agnet patterns in multiple agents?

03:43:44. Can I make my own MIDI Remote script?

03:46:44. How to map maschine to Groove Agent?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

June 15  2023  (n67  25314 )

00:03:50. Why am I not hearing audio previews in control room from MediaBay?

00:06:24. Is there a way to batch rename multiple audio files in the pool?

00:10:02. Why do some notes quantized after recording them in?

00:12:00. How to configure a second pair of monitors in control room?

00:15:42. How to keep cursor at sin center when auditioning PQ code starts in WaveLab?

00:26:31. Does Steinberg have a program to mix live events with VST 3plug-ins?

00:30:34. How to move tempo and audio track and keep them aligned?

00:32:59. What is the proper way to ask a question for the live stream?

00:34:13. What is the best way to make sure that Cubase project plays in Cubase Elements?

00:37:15. How to keep fade shapes and durations when overlapping in WaveLab?

00:47:15. Is it a thing to still normalize audio in productions?

00:49:55. How to quickly open a plug-in to apply processing in different regions of an audio file?

00:54:46. Is Thursday the new day for live streams?

00:56:23. Why is my Motif ES Rack not showing up in studio manager?

00:58:04. Is Steinberg considering updating the user interface on parts like the inspector?

00:58:55. What happened to the yearly update cycle with Cubase?

01:00:34. How to overlap events with different length fades without resizing?

01:06:58. Will Cubase auto updata MIDI file edited in external program?

01:08:29. How can I show controls of 2 or more plug-ins at once in WaveLab?

01:15:28. How to setup one track as master and others to follow the chords from that track?

01:19:33. Is there a key command to close all open plug-in windows?

01:21:29. How to edit drums while keeping the phase aligned?

01:25:06. Is it possible to add hi cut and lo cut filters from inspector or lower zone mixer?

01:26:24. Is Cubase 13 coming any time soon in the next months?

01:27:19. Can you show using chord track to change string parts?

01:30:53. How to MIDI learn and map controller to program functions in Cubase11?

01:35:44. Why are some people so obsessed with upcoming Cubase versions?

01:36:51. Can you show more examples of changing MIDI events as they follow chord tracks?

01:41:06. When phase is correct visually on tracks does the delay compensation have influence?

01:43:07. Is there any way to have automation default to jump or ramp mode?

01:46:40. Will Cubase 13 have a MIDI learn feature to control functions from a controller?

01:47:58. How to select all automation before or after a selection to delete?

01:52:44. Do we need to set the root key in settings before writing the music?

01:54:26. Can I change the default mode for MIDI CCs to jump or ramp?

01:55:52. Will there be a grace period update SpectraLayers when a new version is released?

01:56:46. How to get started using the project logical editor?

02:01:17. How to align a MIDI track to an audio track?

02:07:22. How to restore original audio file after bouncing and replacing without importing?

02:10:39. How to make vocals stand out against heavy metal techno guitars?

02:17:13. How to keep one or more tracks always at the top of the project window?

02:19:31. How to select all notes of the same pitch within the drum editor?

02:23:05. Can I see the audio waveform in the back when doing MIDI editing?

02:24:41. How to make the SSL UF1 follow track selection in Cubase?

02:26:52. Dies Greg recommend VariAudio or Melodyne?

02:28:47. Can we 2 different video tracks and match timecode inside video to project?

02:34:52. How to have Groove Agent analze a drum sample and create a MIDI groove from it?

02:38:23. Do people watch these streams at work wishing they were running Cubase instead?

02:40:07. Should I use Cubase, SpectraLayers or WaveLab for mastering vocals?

02:42:42. How can I make a VariAudio permanent on an audio file?

02:45:24. Which processors and OS are best to use with Cubase?

02:48:47. Can we use Cubase and WaveLab at the same time?

02:54:06. How to set the tuning note expression editor to snap to semitones?

02:59:24. Can transport return to start behvior be different in project window and editors?

03:03:01. Can the test tone generator work with value of .1Hz?

03:04:39. I record linearly as arranger track plays back non-linearly?

03:07:54. How to generate a Cubase project for exchange without revealingplug-ins used?  Keywords: Create a .cpr file without personl information anonymous cpr file  a clean .cpr  file studio setup studio infomation create a clean cubase project

03:15:09. Can we have opinions on if Greg should change click sound as it is bad on tablet view?

03:16:26. Why do some 3rd plug-ins have weird MIDI routing issues and timing in Cubase?

03:18:26. How to quickly apply offline processing to different regions of an audio file?

03:24:32. Any way to change which MIDI controller lanes are open in keyeditor?

03:27:27. Can I get an email address to send questions to?

03:28:23. Are the SpectraLayers the same in Cubase Pro and WaveLab?

02:29:46. How to have Cubase not copy audio files to project folder as they are imported?

03:33:38. Is it possible to enlarge the horizontal scroll bar when in 4k resolution?

03:37:34. Can I enter notes in multiple events when edit all events is active?

03:44:11. Is it possible to save the preferences and restore them to a new system?

03:45:53. Can I manually slice within a sampler track?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

June 20  2023  (n68  25382 )

00:02:48. How can I attach an image to an mp3 fie?

00:04:18. How to create a Groove Agent kit with effects and save kit to a new folder?

00:07:43. Is it worth upgrading to Nuendo from Cubase for a podcast production?

00:10:42. How to split a chord into separate MIDI channels?

00:14:55. How to make a sample at 130 bpm to play at 120 bpm?

00:17:42. How to create a destination folder track for rendered in place files?

00:19:50. Why does my audio performance meter on the right always go red?

00:22:34. How to have 2 mono compressors work as a dual compressor?

00:25:23. How to link plug-in parameters on 2 separate tracks?

00:27:45. Why is there no hitpoints shown when placing audio in VariAudio?

00:29:24. How to save track presets for rack instruments?

00:37:28. Can I use track name from track when rendering in place?

00:40:06. How to shorten the duration of chords played from the chord pads?

00:44:40. How to export stems and keep mono files mono?

00:47:49. Why does putting a widener plug-in show phasing issues in SuperVision meter?

00:51:24. Can the Nuage system be used with any audio interface?

00:53:17. What is best way of renaming projects without affecting the audiofiles?

00:55:09. How to move rendered tracks into a folder track named render?

01:05:04. What things do I need to be aware of migrating from a Mac to a PC?

01:05:32. Why is audio performance at the top showing red?

01:07:20. Are macros saved within the key command preset files?

01:08:51. How are key commands for command/apple and option keys transferred to Windows?

01:09:27. How to record note repeat from Groove Agent to a a different instrument?

01:17:22. Any key commands to cut long notes to various grid size lengths?

01:24:01. Can Steinberg allow us to choose different channel strips from 3rd party companies?

01:26:32. How to export individual track events without using loop markers?

01:28:00. How to notice phase shifting on a single mon or stereo track?

01:32:01. Can we have 3rd party channel strips loaded by default?

01:33:22. Which Melodyne version does VariAudio compare with?

01:35:00. How to import MIDI from different sessions onto the same track?

01:37:30. How easy is it to build Groove Agent kits, shape envelopes and export them?

01:43:30. If I make a kit in Groove Agent will it load into Groove Agent inLogic?

01:44:58. Can I replace a kick within a drum loop in Cubase?

01:52:45. How to add reverb to a part of an audio clip?

01:55:54. How to use the listen button on the mixer to hear isolated reverb?

01:59:12. What can cause deletion of events to cause later events to move earlier in time?

02:01:10. How to invert or revert a melody with a keyboard shortcut?

02:05:07. How to select only first notes on bars 1,2 and 6?

02:08:24. Can I use Guitar on USB or mic as inputs instead of inputs 1 and 2?

02:10:47. How to use 3d mouse to manipulate position and X/Y Zoom levels?

02:12:12. How to name track events the same as the track names?

02:13:45. How to add other inputs for recording guitars and microphones?

02:15:25. Can I have 2 colors for the track one for the mixer and one on title?

02:16:52. How to reverse single MIDI notes and not all notes?

02:19:56. Is a Stream Deck helpful for creating music in Cubase?

02:22:18. How to change the grid size in the MIDI editor?

02:24:20. How to import a rack instrument with multiple outs into another project?

02:33:07. How to quantize an audio track?

02:35:20. How to open multiple tracks within a single MIDI editor?

02:38:51. Is there a way to recover all external effects connections if I started with interface off?

02:41:37. How to save a template from a project without affecting audio files used in project?

02:43:42. Is it possible to expand the current chord display in the MIDI editor?

02:49:30. How to set plug-ins in WaveLab from being chained or tabbed together?

02:52:42. Can you share some tips on MIDI CC editing?

02:57:23. How to drag and drop insert effect chains into the DOP?

03:00:17. Will I have problems playing back 32bit integer files from a UR22C to a UR22MkII?

03:01:41. How to get the lower zone MIDI editor to show a 1/8note triplet grid?

03:03:30. Why is a vocal sounding on track when there is no event on the track?

03:10:53. Why does cutting an event when zoomed in cause project window to move from cut?

03:14:52. Can you do a quick demonstration on the chord pads feature?

03:24:27. Does Cubase have a reference track feature?

03:29:12. How to convert MIDI to audio in Cubase Elements 12?

03:33:39. Can I connect my USB elicenser to still run Cubase 8 to migrate projected?

03:34:55. What soundsets are working under the new Steinberg licensing?

03:37:28. How to assign a VST instrument to play chord tracks through?

03:39:25. Are there any conflicts running Cubase 11 if Cubase Pro 12 is installed?

03:40:32. How to make assign folder and group tracks at the same time to be more tidy?

03:43:15. How to edit a MIDI track and have it automatically fit the key based on chord track?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

June 23  2023  (n63  25445 )

00:04:05. Is there a key command to open the sample track as a separate window?

00:06:13. Can you show unmixing drums in SpectraLayers?

00:09:24. Why am I getting an activation message for Tales in HALion 7?

00:14:22. What is the best why or way to change a wav file?

00:15:42. How to put CD markers on only one track and not on reference tracks?

00:20:48. Can markers from one WaveLab montage be copied to another montage?

00:25:50. What is the difference between Logic and Cubase?

00:26:43. Can Steinberg add an easier strum tool to Cubase 13?

00:28:36. How to copy and paste a whole track or a selection?

00:29:29. How to insert a bar between a selection?

00:30:25. How to transpose one track or a whole selection?

00:34:03. Any news using the Presonus fader port with Cubase 12?

00:35:39. Can VCA faders proportionally adjust existing automation values?

00:44:21. How to adjust volume of Auratone speaker in control room so it matches level?

00:46:36. How to split long MIDI notes into 1/8th note divisions?

00:53:24. How to not include other montage tracks in CD creation in WaveLab?

01:01:16. Is there a way to select offbeat notes in the key editor?

01:10:15. When will we see Cubase 13 released?

01:10:35. How can I copy and paste the whole project?

01:12:10. Is it possible to import Nuendo key commands into WaveLab?

01:13:15. How to reorder the order of instantiated VST instruments in the VSTRack?

01:16:45. Should I get an AMD or Intel machine for a new studio build?

01:17:57. Should I get a processor based on multicore or single threaded performance?

01:20:17. How to create a MIDI track out of an audio drum loop groove?

01:29:10. What preset in omni?

01:32:16. Does Greg know how to play the piano?

01:33:15. Can Greg make me a song by request?

01:33:43. How to move audio tracks to a folder and have it renamed Rendered?

01:37:46. Can I just ask a question in the live stream?

01:38:42. What are advantages of using rack instruments vs. an instrument track?

01:45:45. How can I make a bass pattern follow aa chord track?

01:54:29. Is there a limit to how many tracks can be rendered at the same time in Cubase?

02:00:20. How to find out of phase issues in mono or stereo synths?

02:04:40. How to setup a program change for an external hardware synth?

02:10:37. Can Greg show some of the new features of SpectraLayers 10?

02:33:34. Does loading multiple instances of same patch in Kontakt use more RAM and CPU?

02:35:37. How to configure a multi-timbral multi output instrument for guitar synth?

02:40:52. Does SpectraLayers work as a VST plug-in?

02:41:29. Do I need to uninstall SpectraLayers 9 after SpectraLayers 10?

02:42:51. Does Stream Deck work well with Cubase?

02:43:51. Is SpectraLayers a good choice for YouTube video transcriptions?

02:44:53. Why can’t I hear audio in VST Connect Session?

02:46:27. What is the main difference between VST Connect SE and VST ConnectPro?

02:48:26. How to create 4 instruments to HALion routed to independent outputs?

02:51:41. Is there a way to lower the scale resolution in FX modulator Frequency Shifter?

02:53:44. Can Greg tell a WaveLab CIA story?

02:56:46. How to setup a VST Connect session?

02:59:10. Would Greg be willing to share a Stream Deck profile?

03:00:00. How to sidechain a kick to more than 8 places?

03:03:22. Which Stream Deck does Greg have?

03:04:41. Can I sidechain more than 8 destinations from a kick track?

03:11:28. Has Greg hear back about saying no to all missing content messages?

03:12:27. Can Greg email his stream deck presets out?

03:12:57. Am I eligible for SpectraLAyers grace period if I bought version 8 in May?

03:15:02. Can the hub window be closed by hitting the escape key?

03:17:13. Can Steinberg add more send slots in the future?

03:18:09. How to see large chords when recording MIDI data in the full key editor?

03:21:06. How to do note repeats on hi hats?

03:26:46. Is it possible to transfer EQ curves from Frequency to channel EQ?

03:31:00. Why is there no SpectraLayers One version 10?

03:34:46. What content is included with the HALion Sonic 7?

03:36:43. Does Cubase or Nuendo have integration with Yamaha DM3 or DM7 consoles?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

June 27  2023  (n69  25514 )

00:04:01. How to create a snare drum fill that speeds up rhythmically in tempo?

00:06:18. How to create a 5 second EDM swoosh riser that increases in pitch?

00:09:01. How to layer a 2nd instrument from chord track with dotted 1/8th notes?

00:15:53. How to do the thing with hitpoints for an audio track of bass?

00:19:18. Can I open the edit VST instruments screen from within the keyeditor?

00:21:52. Is there a setting that can stop my MIDI from recording?

00:24:24. How to input multiple CC in the logical editor?

00:29:35. How can I become Skrillex by next Thursday?

00:31:04. How to creat a hi hat pattern with the logical editor?

00:33:54. Is there a way to hide or show multiple empty tracks?

00:36:22. Why can’t I load FM Lab and Tales in my HALion 7?

00:38:27. How to get a project completed?

00:40:07. What are some factors that can cause MIDI to stop recording?

00:41:27. How to add a couple of ¾ measures in the MIDI of a song?

00:44:11. What can’t I find the chords of an audio file dragged to a chord track?

00:47:38. How to view CC 7, 10, 11, 73,74,81,93,94 into track?

00:53:15. How to have Korg Nano Kontrol 2 write MIDI CC data?

00:56:12. Is MIDI editing easier in other DAWs compared to Cubase?

00:57:16. Will the SSL UC1 follow track selection in Cubase?

00:58:14. Is there a Beat Designer included with Cubase?

01:03:36. Can Steinberg please add a ripple mode?

01:05:25. What type of macros do the pro users tend to use?

01:08:24. Does Steinberg listen to their users?

01:10:18. Can we have Michael join into a live stream to highlight SpectraLayers 10?

01:14:02. Will Cubase 13 come with a trust fund?

01:15:17. How to cut out the bass on a section of a given track?

01:19:39. What is a quick way to get a punchy kick drum sound?

01:23:29. How to get lanes in MIDI track to behave like comping on audio track lanes?

01:26:19. How to add specific multiple MIDI CCs to a MIDI track?

01:28:46. Why can’t I hear click track when it is turned on in the control room?

01:30:43. How can I write MIDI CCs in from a Yamaha PSR-A5000?

01:32:51. Can I find the chords from just a bunch of vocal files?

01:35:29. How to quickly write in MIDI CCs not using the list editor?

01:36:10. Can I copy notes from VariAudio from one track to another?

01:37:40. Is it bad that some users do not buy Cubase because they have to buy each update?

01:40:10. What does Greg do on days that have no live streams?

01:42:19. Why are all outputs rendered when multiple outs are used in Kontakt?

01:43:39. Can I split my MIDI keyboard to play different instruments in different note ranges?

01:51:00. Why are songs bad today with so much great technology?

01:55:05. Is it possible to delete MIDI events on the project window without the eraser tool?

01:59:11. Why do some HALion Sonic SE 3 sounds not load on 2nd Mac loading from icloud?

02:00:37. How can we solve the problem of bass with kick drum?

02:05:29. Is Cubase better or more stable on Mac?

02:07:47. What is new in SpectraLayers 10?

02:08:58. How to edit velocity of a drum in key editor when notes are played at the same time?

02:13:14. How to preview sounds in HALion without loading the sounds into the instrument?

02:16:26. How to move the bar to line up start of file to the downbeat?

02:17:56. Can you give a quick explainer on project workspaces?

02:21:15. How to get an audio recording to be on tempo?

02:26:01. How to fix levels if all tracks are hitting mix bus too hot?

02:30:33. How to setup Cubase for live performance with Novation controller?

02:35:16. How does the linked panner work?

02:36:46. Does track volume increase when panning?

02:38:06. Can I control more than 8 instruments with VST Live?

02:38:55. How to get loopback disabled on UR44 interface when starting Cubase?

02:40:24. How to copy markers from one WaveLab montage to another montage?

02:44:42. How to break out a long recording to individual files per song?

02:51:11. Why does the eraser tool from SpectraLayers seem to not be working?

02:53:28. How to fix an instrument track that loses volume when monitoring in mono?

02:56:56. How to setup a VST Connect Session from scratch?

03:05:00. How to split long MIDI notes in an event when the event is split?

03:07:45. What is the Steinberg equivalent of Kontakt?

03:09:31. How to delay an audio file only in the frequencies between 500 and 2kHz?

03:17:33. Does Cubase have a patchbay function like flok?

03:20:09. What is Greg’s opinion on using a trackball vs. mouse?

03:23:44. Can you give'e an insight on exporting speeds?

03:25:20. Can running Ozone and Gulfoss on master channel with 18 cores export slowly?

03:28:06. When will the next Zoom meetup be?

03:29:19. How to download Cubase?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

June 30  2023  (n39  25552 )

00:02:48. How to fade a project from the editor?

00:04:13. Will Cubase 14 in December get AI to create any sound?

00:05:36. How to change transport to go back to where playback started?

00:06:48. How can I participate in the Zoom meetings, do I need a Zoom account?

00:07:53. What is the difference between freezing and disabling a track?

00:10:21. How to do analog summing in Cubase?

00:12:41. What is best ways to use 8 faders on MIDI controller to control the mixer?

00:15:09. Is it possible to create a feedback loop in Cubase for creative effects?

00:16:03. How to map faders transmitting CC messages to control Cubase mixer?

00:19:10. How to convert sample rate of a project?

00:21:48. What is the easiest way to print multi-channel MIDI to audio?  Keywords: Groove Agent instruments to audio tracks  Groove Agent to audio tracks

00:26:16. Can Cubase have option of closing a crashed plug-in as opposed to program?

00:28:30. Can I select notes within a MIDI event when the event is selected?

00:31:02. How to group FX channels for creating stems?

00:33:43. How to transpose from a major key to a minor key in the key editor?

00:37:09. Is there a way to reverse the horizontal scrolling of shift + Mouse scroll wheel?

00:38:39. Any tips of setting up Cubase for a live broadcast?

00:41:50. Can I write an automation and iterate articulations from logical editor?

00:45:17. How can I hear routing when sending all FX channels to a common group?

00:55:17. How to fix phase shifting issues on mono and stereo synth tracks?

00:58:34. Are there any AI tools to make a transcription of a vocal recording?

01:05:29. Is there a key command to toggle inserts off for a selected track?

01:10:19. How to change the channel EQ from sliders to knobs?

01:14:28. Why isn’t VariAudio working properly for me?

01:18:52. How to fix phase shifting issues for mono and stereo instrument tracks?

01:20:33. Why can I not color 4 or 5 tracks together at the same time?

01:22:58. Does having a track locked affect VariAudio from working?

01:24:39. Can I automate the VST MultiPanner for effects on a VST instruments?

01:29:34. Why are segments not appearing in my VariAudio editor?

01:37:17. Can I open a Cubase 12 demo project into Cubase 10.5?

01:38:20. How to remove the new audio drivers found pop up message when starting Cubase?

01:40:30. Is there an easy way to snap tempo additions with pencil tool to the bar?

01:43:04. How to zoom from top timeline with shift key and not jump later in the project?

01:45:15. How much would it cost to update to SpectraLayers 10 from version 9?

01:46:29. What is Greg’s favorite stock reverb and delay plug-in?

01:51:22. What version of SpectraLayers is included with Cubase 12?

01:52:17. How aggressively should you EQ out low end from a vocal?

01:57:26. How to get MIDI notes to show flats when appropriate for the key?

02:00:18. Wrap up, Migrate to Zoom meetup!

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

July 3  2023  (n73  25625 )

00:03:33. Is there a free trial for SpectraLayers Pro 10?

00:03:54. Is there a special upgrade price to SpectraLayers 10 Pro for Cubase users?

00:05:06. Can you save different project versions on a per project level?

00:06:19. Why does some audio pass through the hi cut filter?

00:11:08. How can I send feature requests for Cubase 13?

00:12:41. What is difference between grid, relative grid, events, shuffle and adapt to zoom?

00:19:32. How to remove vocals from a mixed down song?

00:27:02. How to decrease session tempo by half and have audio stay in sync?

00:29:17. What is auto apply on direct offline processing?

00:31:57. Why can’t I hear audio from the presets?

00:36:30. Could there be a range tool in the MIDI editor in the future?

00:38:22. Why is there some audio mixing and crackling in exported audio mixdowns?

00:39:42. Can you edit wave files once finished so there is no MIDI to make new top 40 songs?

00:43:44. What are some of the new features found in Cubase 12.0.7?

00:47:11. Why is the live stream on Monday today?

00:47:55. Can Steinberg introduce a portable Steinberg zip file for Mac and Windows?

00:50:10. Is it possible to record before the recording starts in cycle mode?

00:54:18. How to apply an LFO to any VST?

01:07:03. Do I need to EQ sends feeding for vocal tracks and effects send to a vocal group?

01:12:56. How to automate stereo and quadrophonic panning?

01:16:40. How to export both stereo and quad audio files?

01:16:36. Is it possible to add tracks like effects and groups from project logical editor?

01:19:42. Is it possible to stop Cubase from freezing when adding plug-ins?

01:21:01. What is a purpose of using direct routing in Cubase?

01:23:58. Does Cubase Elements 12 have the in place MIDI editor?

01:26:39. How to delete parts of a sample from within the sample editor?

01:28:36. Can we use Groove Agent 5 without a dongle?

01:29:34. Is it true that running your DAW at 44.1 is harder on your CPU than 48k?

01:30:24. Can this live stream be in Spanish?

01:31:16. How to return to start of playback after stop?

01:34:35. What is the best wat morph a sound with a Steinberg plug-in?

01:41:20. What is going on here?

01:41:48. Can we create a key macro to export a whole mix?

01:44:17. IS there a project logical editor preset to hide all muted tracks?

01:48:06. Any way to disable gaps when audio plug-in is enabled during playback?

01:48:45. Can we send Greg projects to use on live streams?

01:50:42. How to create a print track for a mix?

01:56:39. Who is Gary Gibbons?

01:57:16. How to color groups of tracks with a certain color including group tracks?

01:59:56. How to remove bleed from a separated stem recording?

02:04:21. Can I move tracks in the MixConsole window?

02:04:57. How to select colors within the channel mixer?

02:06:08. Can I hide muted events with the project logical editor?

02:16:03. Can Logical Editor Presets be shared without sharing a profile?

02:18:52. How to make a stem from one vocal track?

02:22:32. How to download a script for MIDI devices?

02:26:11. Where to use the Multiband Compressor, Envelope Shaper and Expander?

02:30:33. Where to use Squasher and Imager in Cubase?

02:34:55. Is Cubase fine to use for a blind person?

02:37:53. How to make harmony voicings from one vocal track?

02:41:59. Can you share pro tips on buses for creative uses?

02:48:48. Do you have any tips on how to have the MediaBay load faster?

02:51:38. Can you go into details of the plug-in replacement functions of VST3.7.8 SDK?

02:53:43. How to tell the difference between 2 similar audio files?

02:57:32. How to replace and save a Groove Agent kit after replacing a kick drum sample?

03:06:58. How to deal with a project that switched sample rates after a crash?

03:13:33. How to customize the colors of the master meter?

03:16:20. How to snap drawn automation points to the grid?

03:21:06. How to hide musical score when creating bass tablature?

03:23:17. Can I manually set the string when editing bass tablature?

03:24:29. How to create and print individual lead sheets for each musician?

03:26:34. Can I place the chord track into the score editor?

03:29:38. Will the next live stream be this Thursday or Friday?

03:30:41. Can you show me how to go to the site and download the program?

03:32:38. Is there a way to change the virtual keyboard mapping to start a line lower?

03:34:12. Can you make a video on how to mix loud rap vocals?

03:38:00. Do you need to download add on plug-ins for Cubase to cover features?

03:39:08. How to change sounds within a Cubase track?

03:39:43. Can I learn music notation with the help of Cubase?

03:40:36. How to send patch changes to a YC 88 via MIDI?

03:41:59. IS there a promo or discount code for people just starting to run Cubase?

03:43:51. When is the next Zoom Social meet up?

03:44:38. Is it possible to send one track to 2 different groups?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

July 7  2023  (n56  25681 )

00:02:52. What is the best way to replace a snare sound within a loop?

00:06:18. Why can’t I change notes in VariAudio from an generated harmony files?

00:09:43. Did Greg receive my email about alternated or sub projects?

00:10:35. Can Steinberg offer more low latency plug-ins to work on a live broadcast?

00:14:48. How does the mix knob on a plug-in work when in direct offline processing?

00:17:33. Should direct offline processing be made permanent before exporting a mix?

00:18:17. Is it normal to have interface at unity and control room near -25dB?

00:20:48. Why is my Cubase 12 with my UR44 swimming on reverb?

00:22:34. Is there a way to create a macro or shortcut to insert a specific plug-in?

00:23:15. Is there a way to make the Cubase tuner recognize pitch of a vocalin real time?

00:25:34. Can the trimming tool on MIDI events be set to snap to the grid?

00:28:34. What is the best way to remove installed content I don’t have a license for?

00:29:32. How to export a project as multi-track files for someone else to mix?

00:32:24. How to import multiple audio files into tracks in my existing template?

00:35:04. How to identify chords from audio files please?

00:36:38. How to export multiple stems that include the effects they are routed through?

00:38:37. How to delete reverb in the mastering project using Cubase Artist?

00:41:21. How to have logical editor look up multiple words at once?

00:44:12. Can we assign a key command to expand or collapse a selected folder track?

00:46:51. Can you explain how to setup a reference track?

00:52:36. How to copy and ascending MIDI sequence and have it descend?

00:56:08. How to have better file management in the pool with many files?

00:58:01. Is it possible to snap MIDI notes after using the split tool?

01:04:45. How to separate MIDI drums to separate tracks or record note to independent tracks?

01:09:46. Is it best to compression on individual drums or a drum group?

01:13:22. How to save all audio files to the same folder in a single click?

01:15:42. Is there a way to raise automation on all tracks in the chorus by 2dB?

01:35:12. Can I see left side keys on piano roll to show what pitches are playing back?

01:39:52. When will Greg take summer vacation and miss some live streams?

01:42:06. How can I capture an IR impulse for my EMT 140 plate reverb?

01:46:46. Is it possible to have the project logical editor hide tracks that contain muted events?

01:49:47. Does Cubase Elements have the MIDI input transformer?

01:53:03. How to see notes like A# displayed as Bb in key editor?

01:56:40. How to record one or more MIDI or audio tracks to an audio track in real time?

02:00:58. Is there any place to see a chart of frequencies for lows, low mids, hi mids, and his?

02:08:40. What strings did Greg use on the project Sana wedding?

02:11:24. How to raise the automation on all tracks inside of the cycle marker?

02:17:02. Can Cubase be run remotely from a different computer?

02:18:56. Can you explain fades and auto fades?

02:26:41. How to select only top notes in a MIDI event and extract them to different events?

02:29:58. Why does download assistant keep showing that updates are available?

02:34:16. Can I extract the melody from chords using the logical editor?

02:40:08. Why do updates in my products of Steinberg Download Assistant stay after install?

02:40:53. How to get the faded color scheme that are available in templates?

02:42:32. Why do updates in Steinberg Download Assistant stay after update is installed?

02:46:47. How to get my MAudio Soundcard and headphones to do headphone mixes?

02:48:31. What is Greg’s personal feature request for Cubase 13?

02:52:19. Is there any way to get the notepad to be visible within the keyeditor?

02:56:16. Will Cubase 14 include AI functionality to get any sound?

02:58:33. Will there be a feature to change wav files?

03:00:33. How to incorporate all track notes into the project notepad?

03:01:57. What would the Club Cubase Live Stream course cost if it was a paid course?

03:06:07. Is there a free version of Cubase?

03:07:09. How to extract text from a vocal file and have it entered in the score editor?

03:18:48. Can you suggest some music producers and engineers to learn something new?

03:20:10. Can Cubase add hi quality bpm sync with wav files?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

July 11  2023  (n75  25756 )

00:03:56. What is the easiest way to swich drums from audience to drummer’s perspective?

00:09:04. Are there any alternatives for ReWire features in Cubase 12?

00:11:09. Is the control room designed to allow me to output to OBS?

00:13:16. How to tune Cubase Pro 12 to 412 Hz or at least VariAudio?

00:17:29. Can I control cutoff on Retrologue and PadShop at the same time from one knob?

00:22:31. Is there a way to snap to grid in VariAudio?

00:26:53. Why does an unmixed bass part sometimes sound distorted in SpectraLayers 10?

00:29:14. Is there a way to show flat notes in VariAudio for key of Ab?

00:35:40. Does VariAudio use AutoTune technology?

00:37:00. Is there any pitch correction for audio tubed to 432Hz?

00:40:05. Is Cubase setup for Dolby Atmos?

00:46:38. How can I find the kit that I exported in Groove Agent?

00:51:50. How to cycle record violin parts and have them create a multi-track stack?

00:56:10. Does Cubase have any plug-ins to make a hard synth patch sound soft?

00:58:26. Did we get Melodyne Essentials as a Cubase 12 owner?

01:00:09. How to adjust the dB value of automation nodes more precisely with a key command?

01:02:29. What is the proper master chain in Cubase of multiband compressor, limiter etc.?

01:04:33. Does chorder work well in layer interval mode?

01:08:18. Can you name some professional mix engineer that uses Cubase as their DAW?

01:09:05. Should Steinberg support Melodyne Essential since it was a promotional voucher?

01:10:04. Does creating sound design in Cubase make it bad for mixing?

01:13:14. Can you mix tracks that are in solo with reverb and not hear other tracks also in send?

01:19:23. Why is my Moog Sub 37 synth get stuck notes as an external instrument?

01:22:33. Is there a key command which moves the timeline left and right to simplify editing?

01:25:29. How to create logical editor preset to select note on 1 and trigger with key command?

01:28:42. Why does Cubase crash when sometimes recording a bass as an audio track?

01:30:06. What are some other pro users of Cubase?

01:31:48. Why can’t I color several marked tracks?

01:35:52. Is a 4 or 8 core processor preferable for working with Cubase?

01:36:22. Why is SpectraLayers 10 superior to SpectraLayers 9?

01:37:45. Does Cubase utilize all CPU cores in a system?

01:36:51. How to use a delay from 200Hz to 2kHz?

01:43:43. How to setup 5.1 monitoring in the control room?

01:47:48. Can I freeze group and effects channels?

01:52:41. How can I increase the number of colors available in Cubase?

01:53:59. How to mono out the kick and snare if the drum VST only has stereo outputs?

01:59:28. Why do samples from Splice sound distorted in Cubase 12?

02:03:37. Did Greg receive my email about Stream Deck Profile?

02:04:21. How do I create a hit song?

02:08:20. How to copy the contents of a system drive to a larger drive easily?

02:09:20. Do any of the Yamaha digital mixers work seamlessly with Cubase?

02:13:10. Why can’t I draw a second embedded arranger event both starting on bar 1?

02:17:11. How do I renew my license with Steinberg for my Cubase?

02:19:31. How to get Cubase installed and running?

02:22:49. Is Steinberg thinking of a successor to the famous CC121?

02:24:50. How to treat an imported kick drum sample like a beat or bar as an event?

02:27:33. How to replace all of the same kick drum samples within a project?

02:29:46. How to have separate out in EZ Drummer for more flexible effects processing?

02:40:44. Is Steinberg planning to move Absolute 4 to Steinberg licensing?

02:42:31. Should I run Cubase 12 trial and get my parents to fund my Cubase Pro 12?

02:45:07. What OS on Mac should I use?

02:46:38. When will the next Zoom stream be?

02:47:45. How to quantize a section of a track and not the full track?

02:52:08. Is it possible to rename files and description simultaneously?

02:55:14. How to make sure that all handles are available in VariAudio?

02:57:18. How to add 1 or 2 parts to a kick snare pattern?

03:01:25. How to get a plug-in to work with a specific frequency range?

03:08:03. Is there a way to do a track version which includes automation, MIDI inserts, etc.?

03:10:18. Is it possible to use the range selection tool in the key editor?

03:13:47. Is there a download for HALion 7 that has content broken into smaller parts?

03:16:57. Can I have 2 different Cubase versions with different licensing methods?

03:18:12. How to strip out blled from unmixed track in SpectraLayers Pro 9?

03:19:36. If a signal is sent to an effect is the dry signal still present?

03:23:48. How to easily cut up audio into different words or phrases?

03:33:52. What is the control room?

03:36:43. What is the best way to ensure I can have access to my plug-ins in studio?

03:39:19. Do all VST 3 plug-ins have side chaining?

03:40:47. Will there be an autocomposer in the next version of Cubase?

03:42:24. Is it possible to split an audio file at silence areas and delete silence?

03:44:15. What hardware is used to switch different converters to different monitors?

03:46:03. What is best way to delete unused files and get rid of missing files warning?

03:49:53. How to best enter in musical notation using just a mouse?

03:56:26. Will Steinberg sponsor Sekrit Studio’s mastering desk?

03:56:37. Can I number audio events of a track?

03:57:38. Can I move the play head to the start of the selected even automatically?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

July 14  2023  (n77  25833 )

00:03:24. How to split a stereo drum recording and replace parts via MIDI?

00:09:22. What does the comp tool do on a MIDI track?

00:11:31. Can Do other things on my computer as Cubase is exporting a file?

00:12:31. How can I make a new copy of song without affecting original audio files?

00:14:41. Where can I find a whistle sound in Groove Agent?

00:19:22. Is there a way not to get RevX in direct monitoring not to default to Hall?

00:24:27. Is it possible to speed up a song just a few bpm during the chorus of a song?

00:29:33. How to check the phase on a drum kit and is there alignment features?

00:34:04. How to reduce reverb on a prerecorded track?

00:43:40. Will EZ Keys 2 and Scaler 2 be in Cubase 13?

00:46:56. Is there a way to open several automation tracks of a 3rd party plug-in at once?

00:48:39. Can I save groups of inserts to later load into a track non-destructively?

00:51:36. Is it possible to record at half speed?

00:56:36. How to properly use ticks in the quantize panel?

01:00:37. How to route my control room volume to master QCon controller?

01:04:14. Why isn’t pre gain automation sample perfect?

01:06:41. What is the quickest way to show an automation lane?

01:10:40. Why is my MediaBay slow when loading plug-in presets?

01:13:12. Can there be a default track preset applied to audio tracks?

01:14:44. How to overwrite MIDI CC automation?

01:24:33. How to turn a mono track into a stereo track and vice versa?

01:25:34. Can I run stereo plug-ins in mid side?

01:27:00. Is there a phase rotation plug-in in Cubase?

01:28:45. How to setup the listen function to dim other tracks?

01:32:02. How does Cubase deal with Rosetta 2 and VST 2 plug-ins on M1 MacBook?

01:33:52. Will Steinberg make the randomizer plug-in available to Cubase users?

01:34:44. What is the easiest way to render aux tracks?

01:36:42. Can you integrate full version of SpectraLayers just like SpectraLayers One?

01:37:11. Are Cubase MIDI plug-ins up for some design enhancements in the future?

01:37:49. How can I adjust clip gain on multiple audio events?

01:39:05. Can you discuss different wavetable modes in HALion?

01:42:39. Can an effect chain preset be loaded and keep existing plug-ins in place?

01:47:52. Can you show how the chord assistant works?

01:51:28. Can you explain what musical is and the benefits?

01:55:33. How to load a Groove Agent instrument in Beat Designer?

02:01:32. Why re my audio settings resetting regularly?

02:03:21. Can you show the auto quantize function?

02:08:05. Can I copy my preferences and studio setup from my PC to my Mac?

02:09:14. Why do other tracks mute when I open a drum or key editor?

02:11:24. How to get MIDI drums to line up precisely with automation?

02:21:50. Are there any plans to gove us routing folders?

02:24:24. How to reveal the automation lane for a particular plug-in parameter?

02:25:40. What is best method of converting a guitar phrase of notes into MIDI?

02:27:12. How to add a track picture to the metadata of a file in WaveLab?

02:29:20. Can I get your opinion on the Arturia bundle offer from Steinberg?

02:31:08. Why does Control + Z stop working with message about on screen keyboard?

02:33:03. Where can I get logical editor presets?

02:33:35. How to make a simple part into patterns?

02:37:41. Can I have shared copies on entire track?

02:39:07. Can I still set definition from tempo if there are many tempo variations in file?

02:43:53. Is it possible to have legato settings on info bar for quick access?

02:45:41. How can I harmonize a vocal track without singing in Cubase Artist 10.5?

02:49:51. Are there websites with more MIDI Logical and Project Logical editor presets?

02:50:59. Does Cubase offer any plug-ins that can do tonal balancing?

02:52:17. How to do a project logical editor preset to select automation and move it?

02:54:32. Can I use project logical editor to select frozen tracks?

02:57:05. How to select all events on a track and move them to start of multiple tracks?

03:07:13. What can cause my audio interface to reset on Mac and Windows?

03:09:04. What can I do to restore a corrupted project file?

03:10:56. How to force sustain pedal CC data follow notes as their position is edited?

03:13:41. Is there a way to set channel strip to come before inserts by default?

03:15:47. Will Greg look at email about automation and MIDI drum events?

03:16:44. How to create a macro that toggles disabling loop and punch in and out status?

03:22:33. Why does Helix Native VST open bigger than my screen resolution?

03:25:14. How can I easily split long notes based on grid size with a macro?

03:33:25. How to adjust new tracks to following guitar part with varying tempo?

03:36:19. How to fix a song cut at 44.1 that was imported to 48k?

03:38:09. How to save a channel preset with parallel routing and effects channels?

03:42:04. Does disabling a track free up more CPU than freezing a track?

03:43:05. How should I use reference tracks that seemingly are above streaming loudness?

03:46:12. How to create a pickup beat before bar 1?

03:48:36. How to split a 4 hour recording into 1 minute sections in WaveLab orCubase?

03:51:25. Any tips on resolving crashes in 12.07 or can I revert back a version?

03:52:40. Why do I see white splash using scissors on Cubase 8.5 on MacOS Monterey?

03:55:40. Why can’t I play chords in a track with Iconica Sections and Players?

03:58:13. Can you run down what you have covered so far?

03:58:41. How to open templates in an already active project?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

July 18  2023  (n69  25902 )

00:04:15. Is there any plug-in in Cubase that can be considered AI?

00:06:12. What can cause my CPU from spiking with no VSTs loaded?

00:08:34. Is there a way to draw preset shapes like triangle, sine and square in automation?

00:11:33. How to connect 2 different setups in different rooms to record into Cubase?

00:15:16. Can I audition samples in different speeds like half or double time?

00:17:34. How to play a rhythmic pattern from a chord pattern?

00:21:38. Why can’t HALion Sonic SE, Groove Agent SE work on my Mac 2020 Ventura?

00:23:06. Is it easy to migrate from Reaper to Cubase?

00:24:32. Should I downgrade to Cubase 11 so I can use USB elicenser?

00:26:56. How can I remove a section of audio and move cursor 2 seconds before the edit?

00:31:24. How to get UR 824 configured to work with ADAT connection and external effects?

00:35:20. Can I run my VST instruments and libraries on 3 machines like Cubase?

00:39:12. What is the rough tick function in the quantize panel do?

00:43:14. What can Cubase Artist 9 help with when working with vocals?

00:47:23. Is the dongle more secure to use or offer better performance?

00:48:56. Are there any Steinberg instruments to get 60s or 70s Hammond organ sounds?

00:52:35. Where to find a HALion instrument for HALion?

00:55:34. Why doesn’t audio match when exporting it into a video?

00:57:05. How to select a range of MIDI for easily duplicating phrases?

01:00:02. Why can’t I get my keyboard controller to connect with Cubase 11?

01:04:38. What is best way to split a Groove Agent kit to process with effects in Cubase mixer?

01:09:03. How to split MIDI keyboard for 3 different tracks?

01:16:50. How to do a global shared copy of a range?

01:21:05. How can I see the modulation on notes that I created via MPE?

01:23:19. Will HALion 6 ever work on the new Steinberg licensing?

01:24:27. What are some good uses of the MIDI list editor?

01:30:01. How to transform a rendered audio track to MIDI that was rendered previously?

01:33:20. What can cause exported audio to not align with video if their frame rates match?

01:34:25. Does Greg know of any analog hardware upward compressors?

01:35:24. Can I get a quick explanation of the MIDI resolution value on exporting MIDI files?

01:39:27. Is it possible to lose my Cubase license if my hard drive crashes?

01:40:34. Can you show how well the unmix feature works in SpectraLayers 10 Pro?

01:47:13. Is there a key command to reload the track preset?

01:48:31. Can I lose my Steinberg license on Steinberg Licensing if the computer gets stolen?

01:49:47. Can I easily load my Cubase 12 license on a computer at a different studio?

01:50:37. Can we create a gated plate reverb in Cubase 12?

01:53:38. Is there a way to lock the horizontal scrolling of MIDI clips in editor from the left?

01:56:14. Can you load a track preset on multi track instrument and retain routing?

02:01:25. Is there a way to set the end marker to stop the playback?

02:03:13. How to use the dissolve feature in Cubase 12?

02:04:31. Is it possible to retrieve a deleted VST plug-in collection preset?

02:07:18. Is there a way to see MIDI ghost notes in editor without selecting the MIDI event?

02:09:24. Can we see chords in real time from the tuner plug-in?

02:10:18. How to show the audio waveform as I am recording my guitar?

02:12:42. How to work with Cubase when it has crashed from a 3rd party plug-in?

02:16:15. Why do my automation lines not follow the track color?

02:18:09. Why does\s only one track get routed to Kontakt while importing MIDI files?

02:20:00. Is there a command to split a stereo track to 2 mono files?

02:20:59. How to save presets of the input transformer?

02:22:06. Does the automation track adopt the color of a folder track it is in?

02:23:35. When should I use a limiter and how should I use one?

02:27:30. Will track preset retain routing to a surround group when reloaded?

02:31:51. What is the latest version of Cubase Pro?

02:32:41. Why do control room saved preferences get unloaded with Win10 update?

02:34:33. Does Cubase have some plug-ins that utilize oversampling?

02:33:47. How to manually create a tempo map after tempo detection?

02:38:23. Can the Cubase mix fader setting be exported to excel as a csv file?

02:40:14. Is there a way to print out what plug-ins are being used in a project?

02:41:52. Does Yamaha interfere with Cubase development or leave them alone?

02:43:05. Is there a way to remove all inserts for all channels?

02:52:45. How to delete a temporary elicense key control?

02:58:15. How to add a set amount of space between events on the project window?

02:59:40. How to move multiple events on a single track to multiple tracks all too bar 1?

03:08:41. Is automation sample accurate on MIDI drum events in Cubase?

03:12:26. Can loading workspaces retain the current track selection?

03:16:47. Will metadata from MediaBay be retained if sample folder is moved?

03:22:45. How to fix situation where my play head is stuck and won’t move?

03:24:40. What does the transpose track do?

03:29:35. Is there a fast way to save presets in Kontakt that are accessible from MediaBay?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

July 21  2023  (n76  25978 )

00:03:23. What is the best way to learn all of the functionality of Project Logical Editor?

00:05:43. Is it possible for us to use RegEx inside a logical editor target filters?

00:07:01. Will Steinberg instruments registered on new licensing still work on elicenser?

00:09:18. Has Greg had a chance to work with the Yamaha DM7 console yet?

00:10:53. Why do Cubase projects automatically open in Cubase 10 as opposed to Cubase 12?

00:12:37. How to click on an open space to locate the play head position?

00:15:14. How to create a macro or shortcut to send selected tracks to a group?

00:17:55. How to transfer MIDI notes to different events in the key editor?

00:21:14. What does the (and) do in the logical editors?

00:25:03. Can Cubase do an automatic time signature detection?

00:27:00. How to get Cubase to be heard on YouTube Live?

00:29:43. Is there a video for the new update functions in Cubase 12.0.70?

00:30:55. How to export multiple audio events with unique file names?

00:35:38. Will there be auto accompaniment in Cubase?

00:37:59. Is it possible to detect silence from multiple audio files at once?

00:40:53. What are some of the benefits of updating to Nuendo from Cubase?

00:42:46. Has Greg met Ludwig Göransson, the composer for Oppenheimer?

00:44:31. If I by an AU plug-in for Cubasis will it work in Cubase?

00:45:37. Can I get a Cubase version for MacOS High Sierra?

00:48:38. Would Nuendo be better to use for YouTube Live?

00:52:52. How to switch focus from fixed to track selected in MIDI Remote?

00:56:46. Does Cubase look like old software?

01:00:02. How to have MIDI Remote banks not start on channel 1?

01:06:20. Is there guide to setup Windows optimally for Cubase?

01:07:32. How is the length editor used?

01:09:02. Is it possible to auto quantize live input to 1 bar for recording Groove Agent patterns?

01:14:32. Is it possible to setup plug0ins to work in multi mono mode?

01:18:06. Is it possible to record the outgoing sound of isolated reverb?

01:21:27. Will Steinberg get better of notifying customers of new updates?

01:23:53. What is the fast way that pros use to add swing to their projects?

01:26:06. How to make the Cubase interface ith bright back grounds?

01:28:17. How to set automation to add a sound effect or audio track?

01:30:27. How to best use the tempo detection feature?

01:34:52. Can you discuss the length inspector functions in the key editor?

01:37:56. Can I align the main tools with the number key commands on computer keyboard?

01:40:37. How to render my Superior Drummer 3 to mono audio tracks in Cubase?

01:46:55. Is it possible to listen to a MIDI files in the MediaBay?

01:49:38. How to get audio files used in sampler tracks to be recalled in the project?

01:52:29. Why did 12.07 update take get hung on startup several times before opening?

01:53:46. How to offset MIDI input latency in Cubase?

01:57:13. Are there templates available for color schemes?

01:58:29. Can you explain how to set the definition from tempo?

02:02:41. What is an easy to draw and move automation?

02:06:33. Is the Zoom Meetup going to be next Friday?

02:07:18. How to decrease MIDI latency without adjust audio buffer size?

02:08:19. Is it possible to change the position of tracks in the Mixer window?

02:10:03. How to export stems with processing include?

02:17:53. How to setup the 1 key to move play head back to the beginning?

02:20:21. Is Peter Frampton losing his hearing?

02:22:55. Is Nuendo really a superset feature version of Cubase?

02:24:05. Is there a link available for the next week’s Zoom meeting?

02:24:54. Are there times to prefer Nuendo over Cubase?

02:26:45. Are there any ideas about the next Cubase version?

02:28:55. How to copy multiple insert effects from one track to another?

02:31:28. Is there a way to copy automation with plug-ins to other tracks?

02:35:44. Will it be possible to input chord names like C add9 instead of C9?

02:39:37. Will it ever be possible to customize colors in Cubase OC Pro?

02:40:04. Will it be possible to customize button size in Cubase IC Pro?

02:40:58. Are you aware of any issues causing the MIDI Remote to stop working?

02:44:49. Is there any way to get Windows 7.1 audio to play through Cubase?

02:47:13. How to retain SpectraLayers default view settings after saving the project?

02:53:31. How to set automation though sound effect audio track for doing effects?

02:56:30. How to import a new color scheme?

02:59:37. Can you please show the advanced crossfade editor?

03:07:07. What are some cases of presets in the MIDI modifiers?

03:11:19. Is it possible to create sample instruments in HALion Sonic or do I need HALion 7?

03:13:24. How does Greg remember all of this stuff?

03:14:06. How to remove stereo input channels from lower zone MixConsoles?

03:17:01. Can Greg check on MIDI channel editing in MIDI remote?

03:18:00. What is the release date of the next version?

03:18:41. How to hide input channels from lower zone Mixer?

03:23:18. How to create headphone mixes for llive performance with Cubase and AXR4?

03:26:28. Is it possible to MIDI freez modifiers as lanes for comping?

03:32:41. Are there still issues with the latest i9 processors from Intel?

03:35:05. Can I assign different MIDI channels to buttons in the MIDI Remote?

03:40:06. Is there a way to get Groove Agent SE 5 to retain multi-outs when changing presets?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

July 25  2023  (n73  26051)

00:03:52. Why do I keep getting HALion 7 warning messages after uninstalling version?

00:06:07. Is there an option to half speed a Groove Agent Pattern with push of a button?

00:08:32. Can the chord assistant tell us all chords that can contain a single note?

00:11:09. Do automation tracks get closed or opened when opening a project again?

00:13:50. Is there a gain plug-in in Cubase?

00:15:12. How to get my projects to open in Cubase 12 as opposed to Cubase 10?

00:18:05. How does snap to zero crossing work and does it work with crossfades?

00:21:32. Can I tun on and off the line in the automation lane that exists?

00:23:31. Is latest version of Cubase causing stability issues for others?

00:24:36. How to produce beats using audio warping?

00:28:09. Is it possible to record the click track and get it into Groove Agent?

00:32:10. What Groove Agent sample packs are good for electronic music?

00:35:53. Can I control more than 20 arranger events with a controller?

00:41:07. How to tune vocals in a different to fit into song in VariAudio?

00:42:40. Is it possible to use logical editor presets on 3rd party plug-ins?

00:45:04. How to copy and paste MIDI date from tracks so it retains relative position?

00:48:25. How to salvage a corrupted project?

00:50:28. How to mix vocals with heavy music tracks?

00:57:56. How to change instruments after creating notes from extracted hitpoints?

01:02:27. How to mix vocals?

01:07:39. Does the new SSL UF1 work well with Cubase 12?

01:09:11. Is there a way to make record enabled locked?

01:11:45. How to fix latency when playing instruments from a MIDI keyboard?

01:16:12. Is there a Zoom meetup today?

01:16:43. Can we assign multiple samples in the sampler track?

01:21:03. How to easily trigger multiple logical editor presets like composers do?

01:22:38. Does new Cubase 12 license erase my Cubase 8.5 license from elicenser?

01:23:31. Can I stack instruments in PadShop without using multiple tracks?

01:26:00. How to export multiple audio clips from a single track retaining original length?

01:30:06. Will it ever be possible to have multiple operate different parts of a program at once?

01:31:44. How to change notes in key editor by changing chords in chord pads?

01:40:42. How to A/B multiple insert chains in the mixer?

01:45:23. How to spread a sample across all keys and save as a preset?

01:50:00. How to transpose an entire chord pad preset?

01:55:53. How to change chord inversions of the chord pads?

01:57:33. How to merge MIDI events that are copied and stacked on top of each other?

02:00:08. How to use some of the chord voice selections in MIDI logical editor?

02:03:46. Is there a key command to toggle the state of the monitor button?

02:06:24. Do we need any 3rd party plug-ins with the high quality plug-ins included in Cubase?

02:08:08. Should I have vocal track be mono config and route to stereo or mono out?

02:10:15. Can we update to add more characters to questions on YouTube?

02:11:25. Can you show how to trigger samples from an audio drum recording?

02:14:58. Is 12.8 ms fast enough for Greg to work?

02:15:38. How to select patches on my Yamaha MoxF8 keyboard?

02:20:56. When to use mono in mono configuration or stereo configuration?

02:23:10. Is there an option to grant a title of 432 Hz as opposed to 440Hz?

02:24:51. Any chance to move play head by clicking on empty space in the editors?

02:28:13. Will The Grand SE work on a new Mac mini pro?

02:20:21. Can you increment colors on selected events using project logical editor?

02:42:22. How to see the notes while enter in notes with the line tool?

02:46:49. How to force Cubase to deselect events when selecting tracks to colorize tracks ?

02:49:22. Can you discuss threshold settings on hitpoints to fix timing issues?

02:54:33. Where can I find Cloner?

02:59:03. What kind of situations do composers use MIDI logical editor presets?

03:00:10. Why are the colors in my meters not changeable?

03:03:51. How to capture audio sound of binaural processing in an audio file?

03:10:45. How to get my metronome to play back on beat?

03:13:49. How to use volume in mixer to adjust previously entered volume automation?

03:17:38. Should I use slices to quantize percussion instruments?

03:22:10. Should I use Cubase as my main DAW for guitar, effects pedals, kalimba etc.?

03:23:44. How to remap transport functions on my Akai controller in MIDI Remote?

03:26:08. Am I in trouble if I get a rainbowed out color in SpectraLayers after unmixing?

03:27:08. Can you discuss the auto fades function and if the can be edited visually?

03:31:13. What can cause my meter colors’ preference changes yo not take?

03:34:01. Is it possible to lock the audio outputs in Groove Agent pads when switching kits?

03:40:54. How to flip acoustic agent panning from audience to drummer perspective?

03:42:51. Can I save a track preset with multiple outputs and routings for an instrument?

03:46:23. Can we have folder tracks and group tracks combined?

03:47:24. Can I analyze loudness of audio file in MediaBay before importingi nto project? Keywords show up on Control Room meter Vu meter CR level meter

03:49:09. Any tips on working to prevent starts to be cut off when using thearr anger track?

03:51:44. How to drag multiple Groove Agent patterns to the project window at once?

03:54:11. Is there a way for track names to be derived from event names?

03:56:51. What can cause my inputs to be scrambled between different projects?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

July 28  2023  (n52  26103)

00:03:06. How to change multiple copied events all at once?

00:05:26. What is difference between internal and external sidechain in tube compressor?

00:07:53. Can you share some Dolby Atmos tips?

00:10:38. How to get Akai controller’s faders to transmit specific MIDI CC messages?

00:13:30. Why can’t I increase volume using the pencil tool?

00:15:16. How to extract MIDI for different drums from a drum loop?

00:22:01. How to reverse the mouse scroll wheel direction in Cubase?

00:23:56. How to modulate chords from one key to another?

00:26:12. How to solo a track and not have other tracks that are muted included when soloing?

00:30:54. Can global copy and paste works as shared copies?

00:34:39. What is the equivalent of an 1176 compressor in Cubase?

00:34:56. Is there a Zoom meetup today?

00:35:41. Can Steinberg make group tracks function as a group track?

00:37:40. Are there any issues keeping snap to zero crossing enabled all the time?

00:38:44. Does VariAudio have a function for AutoTune?

00:41:04. Is there a keyboard shortcut to create MIIDI guitar strums?

00:42:34. How to separate 2 events that are linked or grouped together?

00:43:54. How are the chord tracks helpful for composers as opposed to songwriters?

00:46:25. Do I need a new Steinberg audio interface to benefit from 32bit float recording?

00:48:27. Why would you use effects in channel strip over their equivalent separate plug-ins?

00:50:42. If I copy a plug-in should the automation of the plug-in on the track be included?

00:53:22. Why does time stretch sound so crumbly vs. warping algorithm?

00:57:07. What is keyboard shortcut to copy automation with a track?

00:58:29. Is ADM authoring working on a stereo output?

00:59:25. How to have chords following a chord track change to a different key?

01:00:44. Is the sidechain function need to be enabled for the MultiBand compressor to work”?

01:02:52. What is MediaBay and where is it located?

01:04:32. Does Nuendo have better resolution and setup than Cubase?

01:06:59. Does mute automation affect solo behavior in project?

01:08:18. What does message with pencil tool please zoom to resolution lower than 1 mean?

01:11:26. Where can I save a sample of an mp3 of a laugh track?

01:13:29. Is there a method to remove all of VST2 plug-ins?

01:14:36. How is the channel strip routed in relation to the inserts?

01:16:45. Is it possible to tame synth frequencies from vocal frequencies with sidechain?

01:19:03. Does Steinberg offer other algorithms for time stretching?

01:20:36. Is there a real time harmonizer available as a stock Cubase plug-in?

01:23:44. Do I need to upgrade Absolute 4 to version 6 to use Steinberg licensing?

01:24:29. How to have the transport at top and not at the bottom of the screen?

01:25:45. How do I ask a question in the live stream?

01:26:40. How can I have Cubase on PC sync to another DAW on MacOS?

01:29:30. Does Cubase 12 have a plug-in where headphones can simulate studio monitors?

01:32:00. How to apply a pitch curve to multiple files non-destructively for sound design?

01:35:58. How to setup Cubase to do lock recording?

01:38:43. How to incrementally color events on the same track?

01:41:10. How to quickly A/B different insert effect combinations?

01:43:07. How can I add different banks of macros to my MIDI Remote setup?

01:47:02. Where are 3rd party sample attributes stored in MediaBay?

01:48;23. Is it possible to drag and drop track archives from MediaBay?

01:50:24. Can Steinberg add more features in drum editor like note repeat?

01:54:27. Does the Beat Designer have latency when using it?

01:54:52. How can I make a macro to delete all non selected events in range of selected events?

01:57:23. How can I hide certain input channels in the lower zone MixConsole?

01:59:09. Wrap up. Migrate to Zoom Social Meetup!

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Aug 1  2023  (n80  26183

00:04:03. Is it possible to load your own custom made VSTs into Cubase?

00:05:27. Can I have optimize display unchecked by default in MIDI dissolve parts?

00:07:05. How to have a vocal at 120.342 bpm play back at an even 120 bpm?

00:11:14. Can SpectraLayers unmix a cajon recording like it can for drums?

00:14:11. How to assign a key to unarm all MIDI tracks?

00:17:23. How well suited us a Yamaha DM3 as an interface for Cubase?

00:19:32. Can the detect silence function be a resizable window in the future?

00:20:58. Will Cubase release a new version with more features?

00:21:51. Why do I sometimes have to bounce in place to work with slices in sample editor?

00:24:59. Can you explain 32bit integer audio interfaces with Cubase?

00:31:04. Is there a way to do real time harmonization with stock Cubase plug-ins?

00:31:58. Why are their clicks when changing tempo with my mouse as audio plays?

00:34:18. Do MIDI files in Cubase export easily with routing and fx groups?

00:36:06. Why does sound cut in and out even after raising buffer?

00:38:13. Can I record from a QL5 via Dante into Cubase AI?

00:40:06. How to use lanes to comp a vocal?

00:44:02. How can I get in on the Zoom meeting on Friday?

00:45:34. How can I record the EQ into the audio file?

00:47:06. How to reverse the audio data from within the sample editor?

00:49:53. How to colorize backgrounds next to the inspector track?

00:51:32. How to jump from one marker to another and stay on the same bar?

00:56:07. Can Steinberg move LoopMash instrument to Steinberg licensing?

00:57:04. How to setup a keyboard shortcut to pan tracks?

00:59:43. Is it best to setup StreamDeck to control Cubase via MIDI or key commands?

01:03:17. Do I need to select events to do free warping on them?

01:06:23. Can multiple tracks be free warped at the same time?

01:08:27. Can you discuss the sampler track sync and legato options?

01:12:38. Why is my first note always off when recording MIDI?

01:15:04. Can you draw in automation in on 5 tracks at the same time?

01:18:02. Any differences on license activation on Splice rent to own?

01:19:25. Can LoopMash be used with Cubase 12?

01:20:04. Does Cubase have clicks and pops when using long fades?

01:24:27. Can you explain some of the project location management functions in Cubase?

01:29:48. How to copy pitch bend and modulation CC data from one track to another?

01:34:51. Is there a way to see the crash log file to see which plug-in is crashing Cubase?

01:36:54. Can you discuss different chord voice options in the MIDI logical editor?

01:41:22. Will Steinberg implement NKS for its instruments?

01:42:31. Can we rename markers?

01:47:47. Will Cubase ever add a live option?

01:49:45. How to open a Cubase project in VST Live?

01:55:11. How to colorize MixConsole channels?

01:56:17. What are the audio settings for the control room?

01:59:08. Will there be a trial for FM Lab and can I import a sample into it?

02:00:42. What is the key command to open the in place editor?

02:02:38. How to best repair old stereo audio files with audio on one channel missing?

02:05:36. Can automate modulation in reverbs with 3rd party plug-ins?

02:10:37. Is the key command to paste at origin option+V on MacOS?

02:11:30. Do many composers waych these live streams?

02:13:30. What are the effects of mastering your music?

02:17:04. How to change velocity of every other hi hat or randomize velocity of snare?

02:26:02. How to merge 2 different projects into a single project?

02:27:58. Why can’t I record audio from my Motif as an external instrument?

02:30:50. Why does my enlarge selected track decrease track heights?

02:32:41. Is there a special order for putting DeEsser, compressor and EQ on vocal channel?

02:34:07. Can I place all MIDI tracks into a folder with project logical editor?

02:36:48. How to toggle muting effects and talkback during vocal recording?

02:47:28. Can I set a default MIDI input so drum pads only trigger macros?

02:49:02. What is the free DDP 1.5 player used for, is it for SpectraLayers?

02:52:35. How to reassign MIDI notes for drum pads in Groove Agent?

02:55:04. Would Dolby Atmos produced music play back on a 5.1 playback system?

02:58:12. Is there any way to open and close all lanes in a project?

03:02:05. Why can’t I hear the metronome in my project?

03:03:42. Can I open specific inserts for tracks from a MIDI controller?

03:11:10. Can Cubase auto switch to built in audio with headphones on Mac with no interface?

03:15:24. How to view the mapping page without having to open the MIDI Remote editor?

03:17:15. Can tracks with mute automation be included when other tracks are soloed?

03:22:04. Can you explain process of importing audio files with different bit and sample rates?

03:27:04. Will MIDI events automatically conform to time signature changes?

03:31:24. Will VariAudio work with a stereo audio file of a 16 piece band?

03:33:48. How to change of certain parts of a long audio file in Cubase Elements?

03:38:41. Why couldn’t I hear reverb from Performer during a recent VSTConnect session?

03:40:26. Can Frequency EQ work in mid side mode?

03:42:25. What are the reasons that a snap point of an event is not at the start of an event?

03:47:18. How to share resources with other programs so no delay when back in Cubase?

03:50:54. Will there be hangout this upcoming Friday?

03:51:17. Why did Steinberg get rid of the jog shuttle wheel on the transport bar?

03:53:49. How to duplicate for an audio sample or VST Instrument?

03:55:50. Can using ASIO4All have problems with stable audio playback?

03:56:11. How to open and close all lanes?

03:58:01. How to resample audio files to match the project sample rate?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Aug 4  2023  (n70  26253

00:05:05. Any idea if the upcoming Sonoma Mac OS will be problematic for Cubase?

00:06:12. Is there any way to export videos as a smaller size?

00:07:23. Any word on the release of Cubase 13?

00:08:23. Is there a Zoom meetup tonight?

00:09:04. How to move a guitar part from one track to another without changing the sound?

00:11:35. Can I export video with audio edits using WaveLab?

00:17:50. Can I import Akai PGM files into Groove Agent?

00:23:13. Can I hear the reverb from VST Connect Performer software in Cubase?

00:27:18. Can you run a VST Connect session from the same network?

00:27:50. Do we have to restart everything when switching projects with VST Connect?

00:30:15. Where are MediaBay ratings stored?

00:34:58. Why should I create a volume database inside of MediaBay?

00:36:06. How can I hook up my typing keyboard and play MIDI notes from it?

00:38:54. Can you review Cue mixes in control room when there are not enough physical outs?

00:44:34. How to directly set a Cue Mix to headphone out in a UR44C?

00:46:34. How to compile all live stream questions since release of Cubase 12?

00:48:35. How can I get my demo track distributed for Cubase 13 release?

00:49:32. Why are some sounds in HALion Symphonic Orchestra very quiet?

00:52:18. How to restore missing FX Modulator presets?

00:55:02. Why do some sounds need the mod wheel to be heard well in HALion Symphonic?

00:56:52. How to get MediaBay ratings recognized on a secondary computer?

00:58:04. Can I use project logical editor to make shared copies of selected events?

01:01:16. How to easily have large libraries on an external drive?

01:03:22. Is there a way to grab global copies?

01:07:10. What can cause one of my MIDI controllers to not get detected consistently?

01:10:48. How to get chords to snap to left locator or cursor point?

01:14:05. Why do I get no sound in phones when working in the sample editor?

01:18:36. How to figure out the correct sound level fro mixing, not too loudor too soft?

01:23:14. What is difference between MediaBay database vs. data written into files?

01:24:42. Can you load multiple plug-ins to a track without replacing existing plug-ins?

01:27:14. How to enable enlarge selected track without on screen preference notification?

01:32:20. How to change tempo of MIDI and have locators stay in same bar position?

01:38:29. How can I got a document with all live stream questions with links?

01:39:42. When will VCA be usable in Cubase and not corrupt faders when saved at a low value?

01:47:05. What can I do to restore lost FC Modulator presets?

01:47:50. Can you explain global copy and what it is?

01:51:19. Can I have headphones outputting preview and the project?

01:52:22. Why do some files have different categories in MediaBay?

01:55:43. Should I use a reference track to judge audio levels?

01:58:37. Why doesn’t my render in place render separate events from MIDI events?

02:02:30. How to bounce individual chords and retain reverb tails?

02:15:51. Can I record my guitar direct into musical mode?

02:21:10. What can cause my Cubase to crash a lot?

02:23:41. How to make an mp4 container play better in Nuendo?

02:29:00. Is there a way to normalize a mix to get louder final levels?

02:32:54. How to export a Cubase project into VST Live?

02:36:25. How to use Frequency EQ to do shelving on sides?

02:40:41. How to get MIDI out of an audio drum recording?

02:46:27. How to automatically reverse contiguous events on a tracks like E1,E2, E3?

02:49:30. How render a stereo headphone downmix from a 7.1.4 setup?

02:56:27. How to reverse the order of events on the project window?

03:01:10. Why does SpectraLayers change the pitch of audio when unmixing vocals?

03:08:00. What is the best way to stretch a loop to a certain tempo?

03:13:16. Is there a way to detect silence and delete it using Cubase Pro or WaveLab?

03:17:35. What is the typical way to create stems with effects?

03:22:43. Is there a simple way to use Cubase like a live looper?

03:26:28. Are there any movies that Cubase was used for the production?

03:27:41. How to audition a chopped part from the main screen in the lower zone?

03:29:24. How to do vocal chops using the sampler track?

03:31:54. Is there to exclude a part of the project when recording?

03:36:06. How to loop a small part in sample editor independent of project play position?

03:41:46. Where can I find a resource to optimize my PC for digital audio workstations?

03:42:21. Is it possible to set free warp markers automatically for a track?

03:43:52. Why can’t my QC presets from instrument tracks be loaded in MIDI tracks?

03:47:32. Can I use a 6.1.4 speaker configuration for Atmos?

03:49:10. Why is my exported audio empty after adding a summing mixer?

03:51:19. How we survive a week with no live streams while Greg is on vacation?

03:52:25. How to have Kontakt play a MIDI drum kit in Groove Agent?

03:57:21. Why does blue cursor sometimes disappear when doing step recording?

03:59:05. How to get groups back together in project window?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Aug 15  2023  (n86  26339

00:03:11. Which Steinberg program can show chords and lyrics on an iPad?

00:04:04. How to reduce all faders by 5dB in a 100 track project in one move?

00:06:52. Why do some audio files that are dragged into Cubase get randomly truncated?

00:10:20. How to preserve volume levels of group tracks and only change source tracks?

00:14:21. How to comp multitrack drums easily?

00:22:35. How to duplicate tracks without audio events being supplicated?

00:24:41. What is the main advantage of running Cubase Pro over Artist?

00:26:38. Why can’t I get my video file to play in a video track?

00:28:31. What else can SpectraLayers do that Izotope RX cannot do?

00:30:27. How to randomize CC automation only on certain notes?

00:37:10. What can cause Sonible Smart Gate plug-in not to work in direct offline processing?

00:39:29. Does deleting an audio file from the trash in pool remove it from the drive?

00:42:23. Will Cubase ever be available to work with Splice Bridge?

00:43:23. Can we change the theme editor in Cubase for icons, faders etc.?

00:44:12. Is there a trial version for FM Lab?

00:46:49. Can I change Groove Agent to play different sounds from electronic drum kit?

00:48:53. Do I need to remove SpectraLayers 9 if I have purchased version 10?

00:49:38. Can I master a project without using the mastering template?

00:51:25. How to extend the project length after flattening an arranger track?

00:52:32. How to not get stuck in granular editing details?

00:54:06. How to arrange multi track drum lanes so that kick and snare can be viewed together?

00:56:38. Can arranger event names be seen if event nakes are turned off?

00:58:39. Can I separate drum events from a single audio track?

01:01:56. How to split all lanes when doing multi-track drum comping?

01:04:29. How to remove background noise with Cubase 12?

01:08:21. How can I split all lanes in a group by a right mouse click or similar?

01:11:13. Is there another method to possible simplify comping multi track drums?

01:17:29. How to incorporate UAD used in patchbay for summing?

01:19:57. How to loop with effect tails included in rendered in place audio?

01:28:09. Can I draw in MIDI modulation data if I have no controller connected to computer?

01:30:02. Why can I only preview samples in speakers or headphones?

01:34:36. Can you explain how Cubase 12 splits a stereo insert to 2 mono external effects?

01:39:34. Can you please explain the render in place function?

01:42:56. Why does pre gain seem to work for nucleus library but not Spitfire?

01:44:20. How can I lower the volume of 7 drum tracks proportionally?

01:46:58. What is best way to print a stereo mix back into the project?

01:48:57. Does Cubase have a simple panning plug-in that can be used in the control room?

01:53:36. Should I be nervous deleting previous Cubase versions?

01:55:03. Can you explain MIDI learn and how to use it?

01:56:49. Why is audio from other sources not rendering when using ASIO4All?

01:58:30. Why don’t all audio files change when tempo changes while they’re in musical mode?

02:02:01. Is there. Floating fader that upfates based on track selection?

02:04:08. Is there a function similar to AI knob when AI does not work on allVST plug-in values?

02:07:00. How to copy CC messages from one note to other notes of same pitch?

02:25:27. How do we swing the EQ in Cubase 12 Pro?

02:28:06. Can chord pads have different pattern presets loaded?

02:30:07. How to balance a stereo wave file that has more volume than the other?