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From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 3 2023  (n103  22116) 

00:03:10. Can you adjust volume at start and end after splitting an audio event?

00:05:31. Can the spectrum analyzer show the results of effects on a track?

00:08:11. Can a sample be dragged from Groove Agent onto the project window?

00:12:55. Can I insert warp markers at the cursor position with a key command?

00:16:09. Is it possible to have different shades when zooming vertically?

00:17:09. Can I export a solod track and retain side chain processing?

00:20:56. Is it better to use multiple instances of a VST or run multiplesounds in one VST?

00:23:07. How to switch between step and ramp on a MIDI CC lane?

00:26:46. What actually makes a voice sound nice?

00:30:03. Is it possible to create the label fields in the MIDI Remote?

00:34:37. Can trim automation be controlled by a hardware fader?

00:37:55. How to have the metronome not accent the first beat?

00:40:06. How to do standard drum score in Cubase?

00:51:06. Why does hitting a b key on my controller make the pitch go higher?

00:52:56. How to get my UR824 to be usable inside of Cubase?

00:54:46. Why do I see message that real-time algorithm has been deactivated?

00:56:26. Why is my Amped Elektra instrument not showing up in Cubase?

00:57:51. Is it possible to do a mono/stereo switch on cue mix in control room?

01:00:02. How can I export custom macros and key commands from one computer to another?

01:01:18. Why does VariAudio revert to standard solo algorithm after it is changed?

01:02:05. What can cause my metronome to come in a half bar late?

01:04:56. How to change the name labels of objects in the MIDI Remote?

01:08:23. Is there a regular schedule for the Club Cubase Live Streams?

01:08:53. Any chance of using the GPU for convolution effects?

01:10:25. Where is the Cubase hangout at?

01:11:00. How to change the curve type of line tool with a key command?

01:16:39. Should I get new instruments or explore sounds in Retrologue?

01:17:39. How to make FX and sends output in stereo?

01:19:56. Will the CC121 be continued for sale this year or next year?

01:20:30. Is the upgrade from Cubase 11 to 12 worth it?

01:21:14. Is there an issue with the upgrade as manager does not transfer all licenses?

01:22:19. How to select every 3rd note in a measure with logical editor?

01:30:43. Why are my sends playing back in mono?

01:31:42. What is the level of flexibility in macros page of Cubase IC Pro?

01:32:47. How to use pedals as external effects on multiple tracks?

01:36:53. Will Steinberg add new features like selecting every other note in the future?

01:38:40. Do composers always do mid side EQ all of the time?

01:40:59. How to send an entire project to another studio?

01:42:45. Why does logical editor sometimes not select notes in the key editor?

01:45:20. Why do I not hear vocal files that were just recorded?

01:47:28. How can I remove the vocal from a recording in Cubase?

01:52:00. Can ducker with a compressor be used in direct offline processing?

01:55:35. Why does my Groove Agent preset causes crackling when in use?

01:57:21. Can I comp vocals like I can comp MIDI?

02:00:16. Has Greg put a low pass filter on his voice?

02:00:55. Is there an Android version of the Cubase IC Pro App?

02:01:34. Why doesn’t my text resize when I resize Izotope 10?

02:04:00. How to map the drum map in Cubase to Akai controller?

02:06:17. Where to write a question to make it clear on the stream?

02:06:59. Are direct offline processes listed alphabetically?

02:10:40. Is it possible to key command soft or theft quantize function?

02:13:54. How to get tracks that are out of time to play in time?

02:19:40. How to get Cubase to utilize integration with UR824 interface?

02:21:33. Can we use Retrologue as an insert plug-in on an audio track?

02:23:35. How do the Montage/MoDX plug-ins work in Cubase?

02:24:27. Who makes decisions on new Cubase features?

02:26:19. How to create and access custom folders for VST plug-ins?

02:29:27. How to record in Cubase 12 from stereo mix in Windows?

02:31:20. Can Cubase 12 convert a score pdf to MIDI?

02:32:40. How to compress the sides in a mid side process?

02:34:38. Will Steinberg support the CLAP VST format?

02:35:41. How to remove deesser that has been processed on a vocal track?

02:37:35. How to open a MIDI region without moving the play head?

02:39:38. Is there a feature that Greg wants to see in a future version of Cubase?

02:41:21. How to see automation better when values are near the top of theautomation lane?

02:44:38. How to layer sounds in Cubase?

02:48:42. Can Greg demonstrate SpectraLayers a little bit?

02:51:47. How to find the key note of an audio file that I have recorded?

02:54:35. Do Cubase 12 VSTs show up in WaveLab?

02:55:38. What times are the live streams on during the week?

02:55:59. Do classic synths like Oberheim and Prophet sound better for liveuse in large venue?

02:57:25. Is there a way to insert multiple dots in the event volume curve?

02:59:27. Why do I get a dropout message when I hit record?

03:01:33. Is there a way to separate bass and other instruments withSpectra Layers?

03:02:06. Can SpectraLayers be used to separate 2 different voices of dialog?

03:03:26. Is there an improvement in Groove Agent to assign multiple output seasier?

03:07:06. How can I render multiple tracks in real-time with external effect processing?

03:11:20. What are the advantages of working in 96k?

03:13:24. Can a pattern be copied from one pad to another in Groove Agent?

03:17:11. How to setup different views in the same project for mixing, mastering etc.?

03:19:53. Is there a key command to start SpectraLayers?

03:21:14. How to shorten a MIDI clip but keep note lengths the same?

03:24:00. Does Cubase have a feature to automatically generate automation on audio?

03:25:16. Are there any tips for game composers?

03:26:47. Does Cubase 5 install 32 bit plug-in on Windows 10?

03:27:16. Are Cubase users switching to other DAWs?

03:28:15. Is Steinberg working on a new choral library?

03:30:45. Will there be a significant difference using Cubase on tracksrecorded 45 years ago?

03:32:45. Are there any known issues updating to Windows 11?

03:33:51. Any news on HALion 7 yet?

03:34:39. Why does selecting a track cause loud sound on VEP?

03:36:16. Is it possible to shift formants without using VariAudio or aplug-in?

03:37:11. How to change smoking solo strat preset to not distort with more than 2 notes?

03:39:42. What are the benefits of using separate workspaces?

03:41:06. How can we quantize audio?

03:42:44. What are the benefits of using the part editor?

03:45:10. Does enabling phase coherent free warp change the quality of audio?

03:47:29. How to exclude tracks when using the transpose track?

03:50:01. How to duplicate track colors when adding instruments from right zone MediaBay?

03:53:09. Can I set panning and color of selected group channels at same time?

03:56:05. Is the Olympus Choir included with Absolute 5?

03:56:22. Will the inspector tab ever be expandable in future Cubase versions?

03:57:09. Any tips on getting setup to record a drum?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 6 2023  (n100  22216) 

00:02:35. Why can’t I replace multiple audio files in project with alt + shift?

00:05:17. How to convert mono to stereo without using mono to stereo plug-in?

00:07:40. How to edit channel strips for 5 tracks at the same time?

00:10:50. Is there oversampling in Cubase?

00:11:33. What is the best way to add stereo width on the master bus?

00:13:49. How to copy over all om my plug-in presets if I migrate to a new computer?

00:15:19. What is the best way to quantize an entire project all at once?

00:18:13. Does Cubase 12 have destructive recording in MIDI or instrument?

00:20:43. Is there any difference running Cubase on Mac or Windows?

00:21:36. How to copy and drag down events to the next track?

00:22:31. Can you show how to get started with FX Modulator?

00:28:26. How to automate the pitch of a MIDI clip in cents and not semi tones?

00:31:35. How to copy and paste effects from one channel to others?

00:33:59. How to use the FaderPort 8 to control VST instrument parameters?

00:35:30. Why doesn’t profile manager seem to move my keyboard shortcuts to new system?

00:37:36. How to convert a MIDI track to a sampler track?

00:39:33. Why can’t I find my Retrologue user presets?

00:42:00. Why do my play order chains disappear after flattening the chain?

00:45:28. Is there someone that can teach me Cubase remotely?

00:46:14. Can the volume on the headphones go louder than output with UR22C?

00:48:10. What OS is most stable with Cubase 12?

00:49:51. How to change tempo of MIDI drum track in project?

00:53:47. How do I color code the rest of the channel in Cubase Pro 12?

00:56:19. How to select a range of colors for selected tracks?

00:59:48. What types of features will be coming in Cubase 13?

01:00:48. How to configure a Behringer X1 controller in Cubase?

01:03:12. Does Cubase still have a detachable transport bar?

01:03:52. Can you discuss constrain delay compensation?

01:07:00. What is the best way to layer sounds in Cubase?

01:13:44. How to convert an audio track into a MIDI track and why?

01:16:21. Is there a fast way to move mood and expression data from a clip to a track?

01:20:20. Which version of Cubase was the logical editor introduced?

01:21:22. Can I add a specific instrument using a macro or project logical editor?

01:22:44. Can I use my Pro Tools plug-ins in Cubase?

01:23:36. Is it possible to get accurate notation from an electric guitar?

01:24:37. How to select all notes within a particular velocity range?

01:27:30. How to batch export mono and stereo files in one pass?

01:32:30. Are there any updates to the chord circle?

01:34:56. Can Cubase be HUI controlled?

01:36:52. Can you describe what note expression is for?

01:41:28. Any lessons for composers on layering tracks?

01:43:13. How can I zoom in on the interface in Retrologue?

01:44:18. How to find a driver for my CMC QC unit?

01:45:52. How to find what sound is in Cubase whether sine, square etc.?

01:48:16. Why are there no sounds in HALion Sonic SE after upgrading to Cubase 12 Pro?

01:50:09. Why is my instrument about 3dB lower when monitoring a track vs recording?

01:50:59. Can I use Cubase for editing podcasts?

01:56:28. Can I delete doubles in MediaBay for reversed files?

01:58:36. Why aren’t channel and rack filters retained in global workspace?

02:02:11. How often do we have live chat and when is the next one?

02:03:14. What can cause my free warp markers to disappear?

02:05:50. Are there new instruments in Cubase 12 Pro?

02:09:23. Why don’t I hear plug-ins on input channel during recording?

02:10:28. How to remove the name of the track in upper left hand corner of the key editor?

02:12:10. Is there a menu option to open the floating transport bar?

02:13:14. How to pan MIDI notes like hi hats in the key editor?

02:18:49. How to show only channels in a cycle marker in MixConsole?

02:27:58. How to get consistent levels when recording voice overs?

02:30:59. What can cause my Cubase 11 to keep crashing?

02:32:42. How to use 2 keys to mute 2 tracks?

02:35:25. How to import a MIDI file without having to create a new project?

02:37:05. How to force all pan sends to follow the pan of the track?

02:39:08. Why does my Privia not get to trigger keys after configuring it inMIDI Remote?

02:40:23. Why does duplicate track without events make original track inactive?

02:41:03. What VST plug-ins work best with the latency compensation?

02:44:05. Why does Cubase crash when switching tracks with CMC QC or StreamDeck?

02:45:56. Are the sounds that come with Cubase 12 Pro free to use with copyrights?

02:46:18. Is there a big difference in sound quality between UR824 and AXR4 interfaces?

02:47:13. Does it make any difference to play projects back from slower harddrives?

02:48:15. When will Cubase 12 only run with VST 3 plug-ins?

02:50:00. What does replacing the dongle mean?

02:51:01. Can we use a MIDI controller to control nodes in pitch effect in FX Modulator?

02:53:49. Where to find the language setting for SpectraLayers?

02:54:48. How to hear a loop of VST Plug-in in SpectraLayers?

02:56:33. How to render in place multiple MIDI tracks with the same MIDI data?

02:58:48. How to extract the tempo of a reference track?

03:01:17. What are some other great features of Cubase Pro 12?

03:03:49. How to setup a Tyros 5 so MIDI tracks can be rendered in Cubase project?

03:05:21. Any tips on streamlining the learning process of Cubase?

03:06:54. Is there a way to modify the order of the tools as they appear?

03:07:40. What are some functional differences between HALion Sonic SE and HALion?

03:12:14. How to sort out licensing for UR824 software tools?

03:13:35. How to optimize your PC to work well with Cubase?

03:15:05. What video containers and codecs will be supported din Cubase?

03:17:42. How to randomize velocity on a crash cymbal between 120-125?

03:22:49. Does the UR824 come with Yamaha plug-ins?

03:24:39. How to label an object in a MIDI Remote script?

03:26:56. What are some ways to make a vocal sound closer to the microphone?

03:29:04. How to get shared copy behavior on audio events?

03:32:05. Is there a way to turn existing copies into shared copies?

03:33:03. Does a sample rate conversion affect the audio level of the project?

03:35:40. Any suggestions for a wireless USB hub?

03:36:52. Can SpectraLayers 9 be used as an extension in the latest version of Cubase?

03:37:22. How to get Bluetooth headphones to work with Scarlet 2i2 interface?

03:38:40. Does warping with phase coherent make tracks sound out of phase?

03:43:19. Any difference between using Frequency EQ as a plug-in vs. channel strip?

03:45:13. How to quickly navigate to FX channels quickly in a large project?

03:47:29. What is the schedule for the live streams?

03:47:59. Where can I find ReWire in Cubase 12?

03:49:21. Is the chords editor available in Cubase 11?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 10  2023  (n88  22304) 

00:04:05. Will there be a morphing plug-in in Cubase in the future?

00:05:42. How to select specific notes within the key editor with logical editor?

00:10:08. Is it possible to cut and move markers within a folder track?

00:15:10. Can you go over the license reactivation process?

00:16:45. How to search for files dragged into project in MediaBay?

00:18:36. What is best way to export songs recorded in a long continuous recording?

00:23:42. How to remove the track name in the edit window?

00:26:28. How to keep a stereo interleaved file when importing AAF files?

00:31:20. Why can’t I hear notes sound in VariAudio when selecting note segments?

00:33:25. Why are hi hats out of time when rendering with Arpache MIDIplug-in?

00:37:54. How to set the default bit depth and sample for projects?

00:39:07. Is it possible to lock Groove Agent outputs when loading new kits?

00:44:13. How to add and embed a flanger to only one section in an audio file?

00:47:39. Will a mono track not be affected by +3dB pan law setting?

00:48:21. Is it better to make a great music or to make money in the music business?

00:50:45. Is it possible to insert a time based gap between two events in a project?

00:53:36. How to reactivate UR824 plug-ins and Amped Elektra?

00:55:50. What bass settings to Greg use on A Long Time Ago project?

00:58:37. What should I do to earn a living in music production?

01:02:08. Can cycle marker export embed cycle marker name in file?

01:04:10. Is it possible to resize the edit window?

01:05:41. How to set measure 1 to start at 37 seconds into a video?

01:08:48. How to access automation lanes to a track without recording a bit of automation?

01:10:36. Is it possible to sync zoom in project and lower zone editor?

01:11:52. How to tell Cubase to show which parameter has been automated?

01:12:50. Is it possible to change the order of the sends in Nuendo 12?

01:16:34. How to listen to a single bar of a drum beat while project continues to play?

01:21:01. Are there rules on working with the comp tool across multiple tracks?

01:24:29. What would the great composers have done with a tool like Cubase?

01:27:24. How to create a title and subtitles for scores?

01:34:30. What are some unknown features found in logical editor?

01:39:27. How to import audio from an AAC video file?

01:40:50. How to send audio tracks to an effect via a send?

01:45:11. How to have audio match tempo when tempo is increased or decreased?

01:46:53. How to pan left and right independently on a stereo file?

01:49:48. What can cause tempo and tone to change when opening an older project?

01:51:24. Is it possible to automate different click track patterns?

01:57:02. What is the easiest way to split a long note into multiple shorter notes?

01:59:56. How to see the grid lines easier in the sample editor?

02:02:49. Am I missing a codec if my mp4 files does nothing after importing?

02:04:37. How to get all drums in a MIDI track to have separate tracks?

02:06:04. Is there a way to copy a volume curve to another event?

02:08:10. How to add my own artwork image to my track in Cubase?

02:09:18. Can Cubase import all mp4 files for editing audio from video file?

02:12:20. Can you purchase Cubase color schemes some where?

02:13:40. Why do I hear external MIDI when doing render in place?

02:16:40. Why does last pattern in Groove Agent play after drag and drop to project?

02:20:11. How to nudge forwards or backwards after zooming in on MIDI event?

02:25:04. How to select highest and lowest notes within a 4 voice chord?

02:29:23. Are there issues with offline processing in Cubase and RX10?

02:30:34. How to lower all tracks volume in the MixConsole?

02:32:10. What to look for in frequency view to get a full sound?

02:35:19. Where do created sampler track presets get stored?

02:37:35. What is most common setting in quantize to get a swing feel?

02:41:30. How to see all automation on a track at the same time?

02:44:18. How to save a sampler patch with its associated audio file?

02:47:55. How to use dynamic EQ and DeEssing to fix harsh sounding vocals?

02:52:19. Is there a MIDI Remote script for the Montage keyboard?

02:53:21. Why don’t Cubase 11 Pro instruments appear in Cubase Pro 12?

02:55:03. How to create separate audio tracks for drums from a drum VSTi?

02:58:04. How to record from a Roland TD50X into Cubase?

03:02:13. What is the easiest way to change an instrument on a track?

03:05:10. Why do I hear MIDI tracks of external instruments when rendering a single track?

03:08:03. What are sampler tracks and what are they used for?

03:09:52. What is the secret of the universe?

03:10:19. Can I route Cubase effects and rout them to ins and outs of my audiomixer?

03:13:50. How do I show chord inversions on the chord track?

03:14:37. Why is my MAudio controller not sending MIDI to Cubase?

03:16:56. Where to see input and output routings for a track from the top of the window?

03:17:55. How to change phase between tracks without using phase button inMix Console?

03:19:31. Why does a track sometimes get stuck to a particular size?

03:21:11. Why are some of my insert plug-ins greyed out when adding them asinserts?

03:22:34. Can track heights get locked bigger with enlarge selected tracks activated?

03:23:37. Can you freeze frame a spectral analysis from SuperVision?

03:25:39. Can we just ask questions in the live chat field?

03:26:01. Where else can side chain be applied besides EQ and compression?

03:28:37. How to sidechain a reverb so reverb comes increases after vocal stops?

03:29:12. How to do an 808 bass glide in Cubase?

03:31:38. How not to use lanes for doing audio assembly types of edits?

03:34:04. How to remap notes in an event from a Roland R70 drum machine?

03:37:15. How to increase selected automation and range of automation by +/-1dB?

03:45:59. How to trigger Cubase to play linearly or within a cycle from a MIDI controller?

03:50:07. Why can’t I export a MIDI event as a MIDI loop?

03:52:39. How to get SpectraLayers to work with Cubase Pro 9?

03:53:55. How to get Groove Agent its listed in VST pull down menu?

03:54:57. Why can’t I audition samples in the right zone Media Bay?

03:55:51. Why does panning get lost when I place tracks into a group?

03:57:38. How to get a track to layer 2 different instruments?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 13  2023  (n82  22386) 

00:03:12. Is there a way to change the fade curves from a key command or MIDI controller?

00:05:08. Is there an option for the chord type in the attribute inspector?

00:07:30. How to speed up my Cubase when running Cubase?

00:08:37. Why are there A and B presets in HALion Symphonic Orchestra presets?

00:11:09. How to select middle notes of arpeggios in the key editor?

00:19:22. Why does modulation always reset to 0 using BBC Spitfire Orchestra?

00:20:41. Why don’t Kontakt 5 instruments re-enable after disabled?

00:22:04. What are some ways to program drums in Cubase?

00:28:08. How to avoid having to manually activate follow key in key editor?

00:29:49. How to add a key signature to show major/minor in MediaBay?

00:32:54. Can duplicate samples be replaced only on a single track?

00:36:51. Why is ASIO Guard meter maxed out at around 20 tracks?

00:39:46. Any news on HALion 7 and Absolute 6?

00:42:12. What can cause the play head to stutter visually but play back fine?

00:43:07. How would Greg build a perfect template for himself?

00:45:26. How to show only tracks in specific folder names?

00:54:49. Why does my chord track record data if it is not selected?

00:58:04. Is it possible to transfer colors back and forth from Cubase to VE Pro?

00:58:39. What is use of channel type, and last event in MIDI Logical Editor?

01:02:07. How to get selector to select between 1 or 2 frames?

01:06:55. How to select middle note in arpeggio not using the chord track?

01:11:20. What can cause an ethernet connection to affect Cubase stability?

01:12:38. Can Cubase save and recall samples in project with a custom kit?

01:17:16. How to navigate to top of project and start of project?

01:24:22. Why is tempo faster when importing audio file at different samplerate?

01:28:27. Can you show different uses of the arpeggiator?

01:32:48. Is it better in rock track to mastering plug-ins in Cubase or another program?

01:35:40. How to change color of entire track?

01:38:58. How to double click on a MIDI event so it opens in a new window?

01:39:44. How to colorize the folders?

01:41:10. How to use the expression map function?

01:48:07. Can the project logical editor in Cubase 11 have pre and post commands?

01:49:20. How to modulate the fine tune of a drum sample via LFO for variation?

01:54:47. How to import keyboard shortcuts from Cubase 11 to Cubase 12?

01:56:55. Where could I find grain morphing function in Cubase?

01:58:27. Why would duplicating a track link certain settings together?

02:01:39. Can a node in FX Modulator be controlled remotely via MIDI CC?

02:04:07. Can I see only the plug-ins between 2 markers?

02:06:17. How to add titles in score editor that are embedded on all parts?

02:09:06. How do film composers not get lost in their huge templates?

02:10:52. How to fix timings of live recorded drum tracks?

02:15:34. Why does my audio performance meter different than OS CPU meter?

02:17:12. Does a longer signal path mean worse single CPU performance?

02:18:19. Are track versions or lanes better for recording live drums?

02:20:32. Can macros be recorded like MS Excel?

02:21:17. How to solve a disk cache overload?

02:22:21. How to customize chord voicings vs. import MIDI loop notes?

02:25:38. Are ghost copies different visually than the original event?

02:27:22. Where to find my code for SppectraLayers update?

02:27:57. What files are associated with chord voicings style?

02:30:56. Is there a tutorial for how to route tracks to a group?

02:33:39. Why do I see diagonal lines on my events on project window?

02:35:56. How to do a mirror function using the logical editor?

02:38:55. Where are sampler track presets stored?

02:41:43. How to see a layer frequency graph of middle of 2 tracks?

02:47:18. When importing live tracks for tempo editor? Keywords: Tempo Track live session tempo detecting, import live grid up grid warp tool tempo track
02:51:12. Can you discuss the downmix presets in the control room? Keyvwords: CR

02:53:56. How to create a bar offset so that the project can have negative measures?

02:56:43. How to dissolve instrument track MIDI notes without creating new instruments?

03:00:57. How to adjust multiple parameters in MIDI remote from scaled to pickup at once?

03:02:50. Can you create custom labels in the MIDI remote for objects?

03:06:51. Did I mess something up if I see diagonal lines on my events?

03:07:15. How to change the key of the scale for the chord pads?

03:10:33. How do I remove a plug-in from my list?

03:12:28. Why did Cubase blocklist my BackBone plug-in when updating it to1.5?

03:13:35. How to change one MIDI event on a track and change all reptations of event?

03:15:38. How to move past perfectionist completion paralysis and get a song done?

03:19:23. Why do we need AI assistance or a manual when we have these live streams?

03:20:16. What feature is used to do real time collaboration in Cubase?

03:21:24. Will this live stream be available to watch when it is over?

03:22:17. Why did my controller stop controlling instrument and only pass MIDI keys?

03:26:49. Can I use a keyboard as a keyboard and a MIDI controller?

03:28:34. Is there a way to change keys other than E2 and F2 keys in chord pads?

03:29:21. How to trigger more than one octave on the chord pads?

03:32:39. Where can I find my MIDI remote scripts that were lost in OS update?

03:35:22. Is there a MIDI Remote script available for Nektar Impact?

03:36:02. What is happening on the live stream?

03:36:39. Can I map out MC303 and Novation controller without using the MIDI remote?

03:41:11. How to get rid of empty doubles of zipped audio files?

03:42:39. Why can’t I see some 3rd party plug-in presets in MediaBay?

03:43:38. Can the MIDI Remote read patch names from synthesizers?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 17  2023  (n75  22461 

00:03:58. Is the Cubase 12 Spectrogram a faithful representation off requencies?

00:07:04. How to save a project to C drive and backup to an external drive?

00:10:14. How to have stop key function that stops and goes to start of the project?

00:12:31. Will we see a Cubase 12.5 or 13 this year?

00:13:38. How to do a tempo detection of drums and make other tracks follow?

00:19:44. How to convert drum part routed to multi outs to multiple audio tracks?

00:23:50. Why does my backup project settings look different than yours?

00:24:57. Why are my logical editor presets greyed out?

00:27:33. How to play a MIDI melody that follows the chord track?

00:31:05. Will Steinberg release a 12.5 version or go straight to Cubase 13?

00:32:41. How to get the bass to pop out in a hard rock type of project?

00:36:37. Where are new project creation and backup in Cubase Pro 12 ?

00:37:18. Does emptying trash in audio pool delete it from the pool or fromthe hard drive?

00:41:15. How can I raise multiple faders at once?

00:42:30. How to reset all Cubase settings to factory default?

00:43:36. Why does MediaBay seem to be rescanning files constantly?

00:46:14. Where is the create project file function?

00:48:18. Are colors included with the profile manager?

00:50:03. How to get SpectraLayers to show as an extension in Cubase Pro 12?

00:51:17. How to export tracks that are all equal length to pass on to other users?

00:54:21. Is it possible to adjust track delay on multiple MIDI tracks at once?

00:58:33. How to raise volume of all tracks overriding existing automation?

01:00:17. Is there a way to open all inserts on tracks with a key command?

01:05:18. How to do n edit on an offline?

01:07:40. How to create a new project before backing up the project?

01:10:51. Is it normal behavior to stop not to go to start of the project?

01:11:50. How to play 2 instrument tracks from a single instrument track?

01:16:44. What DAW is this?

01:16:46. How to render all audio tracks in a lane to the same length?

01:19:31. Why does SpectraLayers 9 run as standalone but not as extension in Cubase?

01:19:58. Is there a way to set global tuning for MIDI to 432Hz?

01:21:11. Can you use the control room if you are running Apollo AI?

01:24:25. Can I render in place a multiple tracks of a multi-timbral external instrument?

01:28:38. How to bounce a duplicated audio to create harmonies in VariAudio?

01:31:27. How can I realize the track?

01:32:13. Is it possible in the sampler control to create your own slices?

01:33:44. How can I realize track rap?

01:34:49. Why do I get a message about the naming scheme when exporting multiple files?

01:36:43. How to select notes which fall on beat 3 in the logical editor?

01:40:16. Why does Cubase Pro 12 sometimes crash or hang?

01:41:57. Why can’t I drop my song on SoundCloud?

01:43:23. Why do notes selected in bar range sometimes select notes in bar 1?

01:46:43. Can we do shared copies of audio?

01:48:58. Is there a difference in gain from clip gain vs. pre-fader gain?

01:50:20. What is the most important skill a songwriter or composer can have?

01:52:15. Can Greg share his logical editor presets and macros?

01:52:58. How to close all open plug-ins on a track?

01:54:49. Can I run Reverence as a plug-in on VE Pro?

01:57:18. Any workflow to get Nuendo and Cubase to work better together?

01:59:26. How to bounce multiple tracks routed to Integra 7 at once?

02:00:42. How to change the color of multiple tracks with one click?

02:01:27. Does the convolution reverb in Cubase need to be on a separate PC?

02:03:08. How to run Reverence as a send effect to multiple tracks?

02:05:41. How to get rid of track names for parts in the editor window?

02:08:21. How many layers should we add to get great vocals?

02:11:27. Can you discuss setting up a headphone mix in the control room?

02:17:43. Is it important for a composer to learn sound design?

02:21:31. How to delete empty tracks before doing a project mixdown?

02:26:01. How to place PQ markers only on selected tracks in WaveLab?

02:29:29. Why is my backing track being recorded with my lead vocal?

02:31:20. How to have WaveLab cursor and audio in center of the window not autoscroll?

02:34:04. How to install the Steinberg SDK?

02:37:25. How to share my screen and audio over a facebook messenger?

02:40:09. Why doesn’t WaveLab open when exporting mixdown file post process?

02:40:02. Why do I get message no tempo editing possible as tempo track is disabled?

02:46:27. How to sync pre-existing MIDI events to tempo detected audio?

02:52:46. How to have configuration views not show newly added tracks?

02:59:28. Are there any official advanced Cubase certifications available?

03:00:38. How to quantize multi-track drums on the project window?

03:06:09. How to record the click as an audio track?

03:07:41. How to export a mixdown and have it placed directly into project?

03:09:06. How to activate multiple outputs for a VST instrument?

03:10:05. How to record multiple tracks on a project and not use lanes?

03:15:45. How to adjust the volume of the click track?

03:20:32. Are there stock templates with included plug-ins?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 20  2023  (n92  22553 )

00:03:08. How to use automation to increase or decrease on one or two bar parts?

00:04:05. Will setting a plug-in to always on top carry over to programs like Chrome?

00:05:03. Can I change the MIDI output destination of a MIDI track from MixConsole?

00:06:51. Why can I only snap to the bar when audio warping?

00:09:11. What is the current status of running Cubase on hybrid CPUs?

00:11:12. How to keep the vide still with tempo changes?

00:15:10. How to pan MIDI notes in the key editor?

00:18:26. What is the purpose of auto select events under cursor?

00:22:29. How to get audio into an Arturia MiniMoog soft synth?

00:24:05. Is the envelope shaper a full ADSR?

00:25:51. How to write actual notes when key editor is locked to scale?

00:29:29. How to select the 3rd MIDI note on a particular pitch?

00:33:11. Does Cubase support automatically open automation lane of last touched control?

00:34:55. Are the controller section and parameters buttons hidden?

00:37:53. How to playback audio at 2x the speed?

00:40:33. How to use hitpoints to do quantization and move parts on the project window?

00:43:28. How to enter in fast MIDI parts that you are unable to play?

00:46:43. How to do VariSpeed recording in Cubase like the Beatles used?

00:48:56. What is the best way to make a mono track wider?

00:51:08. How to restore IR impulses in Reverence and where are they located?

00:57:16. Will Steinberg release Cubase 13 on a Friday the 13th?

00:58:11. Can I change the location of where the FX track gets placed?

00:59:36. Any advice on migrating preferences, presets from Cubase 10.5 to 12?

01:01:02. Does changing the tempo affect the playback speed of the imported video file?

01:03:18. How to fix a huge latency issue when recording virtual instruments?

01:05:57. Does Greg know if Klaus Bedalt used Cubase on his Pirates of Caribbean score?

01:07:02. How to randomize velocity and timing of perfect timing drum part?

01:14:34. Does the sampler track have a one shot mode?

01:16:12. Can there be more time added for audio retrospective recording?

01:17:54. Any tips on how to start gain staging imported audio files?

01:21:29. Can you explain the SpectraLayers function inside of Cubase?

01:25:07. How to remove an insert effect other than dragging it away?

01:26:38. How to set the default sends for effects?

01:28:59. Why does Cubase stop responding after changing sample rate with Zoom Live 12?

01:32:18. How to have 3 MIDI tracks in editor and copy notes to different tracks?

01:37:38. Does opening touched plug-in parameter rely on plug-in VST implementation?

01:38:57. What can cause Cubase to crash so hard that it needs to ber eactivated?

01:39:52. What are Greg’s thoughts on releasing my songs on YouTube?

01:42:29. Does it make a difference when rendering MIDI drums if they are monoor stereo?

01:44:12. How to place an EQ on one particular section without affecting the rest of the track?

01:47:51. Can you discuss the time stretching algorithms one by one?

01:51:07. Where to copy Greg’s MLE, PLE and key commands to?

01:53:28. Can we time stretch MIDI notes?

01:55:07. How to sync a Boss RC600 to Cubase via MIDI clock?

01:57:11. How to convert 24bit/48k to 16bit/44.1?

01:58:44. Why am I not hearing stereo when plugging my headphones into my audio interface?

02:00:49. How to change tempo with MIDI and audio and sync?

02:04:10. What are some solutions to resolve audio dropouts on my system?

02:06:38. Can you do adaptive project duration?

02:08:08. How to set a groove from an 808 from a kick track from a single note?

02:12:02. Does Cubase have an FM synth?

02:13:13. Is there a way to move from measure to measure using a key command?

02:15:12. What do the three slashes next to a plug-in indicate?

02:16:22. Can I import files from my old BR8 recorder?

02:19:06. Why use direct routing as opposed to sends?

02:22:59. How can I listen to the reverb independently of the source track forEQ?

02:28:52. What are Greg’s views on CSN with David Crosby’s passing?

02:30:33. How to delete a custom quantize preset?

02:32:20. Is the Hypnotic Dance instrument compatible with Cubase 12?

02:34:51. Is there a Cubase 12 maintenance release coming soon?

02:37:14. Will Greg be at the AES show in NYC this year?

02:39:53 Can I assign the control + mouse wheel to control key commands?

02:42:32. How to export a chord track for use in other software?

02:45:44. How to record the sound of YouTube into Cubase?

02:47:36. How to record any melody on HALion Sonic?

02:49:51. How to lock an 808 track to a single MIDI kick track?

02:56:09. Can you tell us something about the work spaces?

02:59:49. How to undo an accidently deleted insert effect?

03:05:04. How to read a chord track where the top line looks like a melody?

03:07:35. Is it possible to randomize velocity?

03:10:29. Why VariAudio another sound I tried?

03:13:18. How to assign my main outputs to be anchored to the right?

03:14:47. Would it be possible to set individual pitches for slices in sample rtrack?

03:18:21. Where to get pure DAW sound on Mix knob on UR22C interface?

03:20:13. How to cut a section between locators?

03:23:29. Will a post fader insert be before or after the channel strip?

03:26:37. How to edit a duplicated track and not change original file?

03:29:05. How to set audio file on project so that it is not zoomed in or out?

03:31:40. What is the best DAW sound with mix knob on UR22C?

03:32:55. What is the easiest way to change from internal to external effects on MR816CSX?

03:33:54. How to resolve EQ clashes between 2 tracks?

03:37:01. How to set the play position by clicking in the project window?

03:37:53. How to make hidden tracks visible?

03:38:28. How to get warp grid to tweak results after tempo detection? Keywords:  fix Tempo detection Out of Grid after drums fills

03:42:09. How to change name of imported audio so that the names make sense tome?

03:44:19. How to keep all settings of a project and apply to another project?

03:48:15. Can I play my MIDI keyboard while recording a vocal?

03:49:30. Can I group MIDI notes together for editing and recall the linked notes?

03:50:46. Can you suggest a good vocal recording template to start off with?

03:52:14. How to select multiple channels on the MixConsole?

03:53:07. Is there a way to comp a MIDI drum part just like an audio comp?

03:56:48. How to set an encoder to select next and previous track?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 24  2023  (n87  22640 )

00:03:00. How to get the MIDI controllers to appear at the bottom of the MIDI?

00:04:24. Is there a undo history available for removing an insert?

00:07:10. Does Steinberg have any comments on returning local undo history in MIDI editors?

00:07:49. Are these streams primarily focused on how to use Cubase?

00:08:26. Do the Yamaha MSP5 or MSP7 monitors amps run hot?

00:09:17. Can labels on MIDI Remote editor be renamed?

00:11:27. How to tune whole project down one semitone?

00:16:41. How to have piano track controlled by a chord track turn into MIDI events?

00:18:34. How to select 2 specific notes in every other measure?

00:32:09. Do MSP3A monitors use a class AB or class D amp?

00:32:52. Is there any plug-in for rhythmic pumping for an EDM track?

00:35:26. How can I send tracks to other track for processing as groups lose panning?

00:36:57. How to use direct routing for summing and other situations?

00:41:18. Can you go through the StepDesigner MIDI plug-in?

00:44:48. Can the rulers be made larger vertically?

00:45:43. Why does my metronome come in about a half bar too late?

00:46:57. How to make the horizontal slide bar larger in size?

00:48:24. Where is the MIDI controller setup button?

00:50:15. How to change between different monitoring types with a key command?

00:52:42. Can I copy envelopes within FX modulator?

00:58:39. How to go beyond a range of 11 in offline pitch shifting?

01:00:10. Can I open a send effect to edit from MIDI Remote?

01:09:51. Can I download Dorico without using Steinberg Download Assistant?

01:12:13. Can I change the root note of chord track from C1 to C2?

01:13:05. Can I glue files together using render in place?

01:15:49. Is there scale control in Cubase Artist with Phrygian or Dorian mode?

01:17:02. How to downmix a Dolby Atmos mix to binaural?

01:19:58. Can I use Cubase for podcast production?

01:20:56. Why did my auto audition for loops disappear in my edit screen?

01:26:57. How to use the brackets in the logical editor?

01:29:37. Does the backup project include audio files in the sampler track?

01:32:23. Is it possible to convert existing position markers with text to cycle markers?

01:33:44. Will there be a Cubase update this year?

01:34:17. How to choose the right synth plug-ins?

01:36:52. Why do some people have success and other more talented not in music biz?

01:38:45. How to math script move knobs for sine curves and link them?

01:41:31. How to find my user created presets I did for Groove Agent?

01:43:06. Can I select all events on track by simply selecting the track?

01:45:03. Is Cubase a more demanding DAW on slower computers?

01:45:25. Can Cubase add a feature to mute track above a particular threshold?

01:48:13. How to quantize quintuplets and septuplets?

01:50:25. Do composer fully record and compose all within Cubase?

01:50:57. How to show hide a plug-in in a macro or MIDI remote?

01:55:19. How to set the grid to quintuplet and septuplets?

01:57:34. How to setup a vocoder to work within Cubase?

01:59:58. How to name the arranger events in the arranger track?

02:02:08. How to turn off all plug-ins not bypassed?

02:06:36. Why is my activation manager not working for my Nuendo license?

02:07:30. How to get the chords extracted from a piano part?

02:10:21. How to use the Behringer X1 controller to work with MIDI Remote?

02:13:19. How to create group channels so I can start adding effects?

02:16:09. Is there any way to bypass instruments like we can inserts?

02:17:26. How to best utilize CPU from using VST instruments?

02:19:03. How to start using the chord track on an empty project?

02:24:57. How to do audio to MIDI conversion for drum replacement?

02:27:39. Is it possible to save an arranger track so I can back off after along time?

02:30:23. How to learn to make music from movies like Twister?

02:31:39. How to extend a song by easily copying last portion of the song?

02:34:27. Can I create a group channel for selected tracks in a folder and have it go to top?

02:38:18. How to make a shared event into a real copy?

02:43:23. How to return to original parts after flattening the arranger track?

02:45:17. Why do I see note and w icon in upper right hand corner of audio event?

02:47:38. How to resolve issue when 3 company’s products are not working as expected?

02:50:14. How to print the tempo track of audio that was tempo detected?

02:53:49. How to get SoftTube Console to properly controller Reason VST?

02:55:14. How to use Context Gate and MIDI Gate plug-ins?

03:01:44. Can non Steinberg MIDI and loop backs be played through the MediaBay?

03:03:21. How to render in place and have new files placed onto existing track?

03:07:23. Can I have a MIDI loop from HALion Sonic SE play back from Groove Agent?

03:10:19. How to insert silence without messing up existing tempo changes?

03:13:48. Can we have results in MediaBay searches based only on file name?

03:16:01. How to recognize MIDI chords as they are being recorded?

03:19:01. How to do an offline process or render that includes automation?

03:23:25. Can notes be renamed in the MIDI key editor like the drum editor?

03:24:38. Will Steinberg fix the notation bug that makes notes look like theyare offbeat?

03:27:40. Is there an issue with render in place with direct routing is enabled on the track?

03:29:24. Can have MIDI loops for HALion Sonic SE open in HALion instead?

03:30:39. Will there be an Android version of Cubase IC Pro?

03:32:01. Why is notation out of time when viewing in with track view?

03:32:31. How to enable direct monitoring on my UR22C?

03:34:18. How to select, split, and select a range and color it red?

03:41:31. Can I load Nuendo 4 files into Cubase Artist on MacOS Catalina?

03:44:29. Why do I hear all MIDI when I am doing an audio export?

03:45:37. Can I automate the chord track input to different tracks through out a song?

03:51:07. How to track several takes of drums into separate lanes?

03:55:12. Will there be a Zoom next meetup on January 31st?

03:56:32. Why am I getting a message saying that PadShop license is not found?

From Club Cubase Live Stream hosted by Greg Ondo Source: Cubase Youtube Web creator Jan Karlqvist - SWEDEN Sponsor my music band HardDiskMusic  

Jan 27  2023  (n83  22723 )

00:03:57. How to handle sample rate changes when going between sessions?

00:06:10. How to get Cubase 12 to recognize my TX802 module with patch scripts?

00:10:15. Does converting stereo file to mono in pool automatically enable musical mode?

00:13:10. How to remap HALion 6 Model C draw bars in MIDI Remote?

00:22:53. How to record one track to another in real time?

00:24:34. Does Steinberg have an editor librarian for a TX802?

00:26:03. How to get projects to start on bar 2 and flatten arranger track to bar 2?

00:27:09. Can the hitpoint lines on events be made brighter?

00:30:15. Why does a sample in musical mode play at right tempo but not the right key?

00:34:31. How to mute the chord track so no tracks are played through it?

00:37:18. How to select every other note of certain pitches in logical editor?

00:40:22. How to select certain notes son every other measure in a MIDI event?

00:45:52. Anyway to make inspector wider to read full name of a plug-in?

00:47:00. Why does Cubase take a long time to open with 7 instances of Kontakt?

00:48:25. Will there be a wider sound with VST Amp Rack on stereo vs. mono track?

00:52:57. Any plug-ins for jazz chords inside of Cubase?

00:57:27. How to see audio signal on top of MIDI notes without rendering?

01:00:31. Will we ever be able with arrows within the plug-in window?

01:04:43. How to deactivate a plug-in using the MIDI remote?

01:06:27. What are the brackets used for in the logical editor?

01:08:08. How to straighten out a MIDI performance that was not recorded with a click?

01:11:04. How to adjust the speed of a note glide in the sampler track?

01:16:27. Any tips on writing a good bass line?

01:21:22. What is a good general laptop for Cubase for mobile production?

01:21:52. Why can’t I select events when in VariAudio editor?

01:24:48. Can a controller be used to assign speaker volume in Wave Lab?

01:30:21. Are there any rhythmic functions to make polyrhythmic events?

01:32:22. Can we time stretch a sample to fit the tempo?

01:35:13. Why do I hear Groove agent parts if there is no MIDI data on the track?

01:39:49. How to get newly added track to go to bottom of the project?

01:41:38. Can I navigate the plug-in selection window with up down keys?

01:43:25. Has Greg spoken to composers on the state of AI generated music?

01:44:38. How can I revere the phase of one channel on stereo overhead tracks?

01:48:15. How can I do a rap bass line?

01:50:00. How to sync an SR16 drum machine to Cubase?

01:53:04. How to duplicate and transpose drum overheads down 3 semi tones?

01:56:22. How should a beginner approach learning Cubase 12 Pro?

02:01:12. How to change pitch of audio clips so it slows down and pitch lowers?

02:05:25. Why does one instrument randomly change pitch in middle of a project?

02:08:29. How to have existing MIDI parts follow changes made in chord track?

02:10:52. Can you demonstrate the Beat Designer?

02:17:02. Is Groove Agent hard on the CPU when working on a laptop?

02:18:07. How to get rid of audio pops and crackles from my playback?

02:23:23. How to remove the names from audio events on events in the time line?

02:25:27. Can Cubase display the chords being played in real time?

02:27:55. Do people like songs with complicated chords nowa days?

02:31:33. How to stop MediaBay from searching for piano when entering ian?

02:34:49. Could reason with ReWire cause drums to play by themselves in Groove Agent?

02:37:31. How to remove empty VST instances from VST Instrument rack?

02:41:21. Has Greg’s glide tutorial been posted on the Steinberg page?

02:42:51. Why does mixdown track turn into stereo and play at wrong pitch?

02:48:03. Does the MediaBay detect mp3 files?

02:52:05. How to record MIDI inserts into the track?

02:55:35. What is the best way to get some tech support on issues I can’t figure out?

02:56:46. What is the best algorithm for transposing 3 semi tones?

02:58:08. How to slightly shift tracks that are not 180 degrees out of phase?

03:00:51. Does Nuendo have more mixing plug-ins than Cubase?

03:02:23. Is it possible to undissolved events from Groove Agent?

03:04:58. Can I make all inserts mute when I am not running the project?

03:06:20. Is it possible to render a track and have it automatically routed to specific group?

03:09:38. How to create a new preset for the project logical editor?

03:12:11. Can I move racks in the mixer up and down making them visible or invisible?

03:14:26. What reverb is Greg using on the snare in Sana Wedding project?

03:18:51. What studio gear will make producing on Cubase more fun?

03:21:16. Can the FX Modulator be used to automate other aspects of Cubase?

03:23:03. What are some other features to unleash creativity in Cubase liket he chord track?

03:24:43. How to patch a Yamaha digital mixer into Cubase?

03:26:06. Is it possible to map the tab key for custom key commands?

03:27:31. How to consolidate multiple MIDI events stacked on top of each other?

03:29:11. Why do some tracks in my folder not solo when soloing the folder?

03:30:41. How to copy inserts from one channel to another?

03:34:34. How to setup your project with the Dolby Atmos renderer?

03:37:47. How to comp multi-track track versions?

03:43:57. How to convert a shared copy to a real copy?

03:45:28. How to deactivate not bypass insert effects?

03:46:31. Is there an easy way to insert an automation point on multiple tracks at once?

03:49:58. Why do some instrument tracks in my template not follow tempo changes?

03:51:57. How can I use the same speakers in the control room for stereo and 5.1?

03:54:24. How to do a mixdown and have a new track created?

03:55:23. How to have other tracks play but not hear them when using solo safe?

03:56:33. How to integrate a Yamaha ProMix 01 mixer into Cubase?

03:57:16. Is the Zoom Meetup guest Michael Wagener the guitarist from Munich?

03:57:47. How to record without latency when using a UR22mkii?

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