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This first green section for "Green Cubase beginners" -  Setup Cubase - Make a first project!
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Cubase12 Beginner Tutorial (Lesson 1) Getting Started Setup #101


Cubase12 Beginner Tutorial Lesson 2 - Recording an Acoustic Guitar #102

Cubase12 Beginner Tutorial Lesson 3 - Recording an Electric Guitar #103


Cubase12 Beginner Tutorial Lesson 4 - Virtual Synth & Easy Chords #104


Cubase12 Beginner Tutorial Lesson 5 - Recording a Singer / Vocals #105


Download free workfiles for the above lessons: #106

Keywords: Cubase for the first time Install and getting started Cubase install Cubase setup Cubase elements

Take care of your Ears!   #107
Test your Ears freqency response  --->

This is a small part from an article in Soundonsound.com -  the link is below!
One common rule of thumbis called the 3dB rule. For example, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in the United States (NIOSH), it is safe to listen at a sustained level of 85dB(A) for up to eight hours, but if the sustained level rises a mere 3dB to 88dB (A), that halves to just four hours.

And for every additional 3dB of level, the length of time available for safe exposure halves again: At 91dB(A), it is safe to listen forjust two hours; and just one hour at 94dB(A).  And yes, listening for just 30 minutesat 97dB(A) — which is common at live events or extended mixing sessions — risks developing serious and permanent sensorineural hearing loss.

The full Soundonsound.com article here: #108


Jan's best links  - At the end of this page for beginniers - A green section!

Quantize notes events to move closer to the beat MIDI & Wave  

01:16:48. How to continually quantize MIDI events to move closer to the beat? MIDI #201

02:03:53. How to select Q to quantize an audio event? Wave #202

00:48:53. How to quantize a guitar solo? #203

Speed up work flow in cubase 12 #204


Comping Auto Fade in/out & Slip Audio in a Take #205

MusicStone  - Comping Automatic Fade in/out  &  Slide Audio in a Take


You may not know that Groove Agent 5 can do more then druming - Greg showing! #206

Titta gärna en liten stund, redan efter nån minut kan du få ett bättre drum track.


Halion 6 Electrical Bass video #207


Bästa mix tips 10 tips BAR VÄLDIGT BRA, och Ozone Mid channel and side channel #208 

10 st mix tips!


Mid Side channel #209


Unmask same Fq #210


How to Make Chords for Your VocalMelody - Migrate Channel Settings across Different Project

Migrate Channel Settings across Different Projects | Cubase Q&A with Greg Ondo #211


How to Make Chords for Your VocalMelody | Music Production for Beginners #212


Melodyne Scale #213
Setting chord video https://youtu.be/Xuu_6Y6t61M

Create a chord Score lead a sheet #214

1.Skapa ett tomt VSTtrack,

2. Dubbel klicka evet blir lika lång tsom låten)

3. Ööppna Score edtorort CTLR R

4. Gå til Menu Score - AdvanceLayoutoption - Show chords  track


Key Switches, Expresions map, Setup a Expresion map from scratch #215


Steinberg isnt #216


Medaibay; MIDI editorn,DOM SIGALAS YT cahnnel #217


MIDI tip #218


Dom Sigalas YT channel glöm ej shorts #119


Vario Audio very extremely gooddemo!! Vario Audio Mitt bästa tips

MusicStone Greg explain Vario Audio very extremely good!!  Vario audio function Recommended! #220


Free Warp, new versionen for Cubase 12 #221


Ozone Isotope Learn how to mix asong #222



Audiowarp, Editing, Raiser Cubase 12 #223


Editing #224


Raiser #225


Medaibay; MIDI editorn, DOM SIGALAS YT channel 

Medibay tips #226


MIDI tips #227


Dom Sigalas YT channel glöm ej shorts #228


Which effects should I use for reverband delay? Send delay #229


What is the benefit of using directrouting vs. Sends? Heavy compress drum #230

Which effects should I use for reverb and delay?

Send delayhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKEjvyuR_rM&t=1917s

Se hur Greg använder MIDI editorn - Key editorn tips och ideer #231


Grid up Live session Live recording #232

00:28:37.Tempo Detection for Remixes ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021**

a. Grid up a live recording. You dont need to change the grid or to set the grid to the live. Tempo track made it easy instaed changing the grid.
b & c. Groove Agent futures

d & e. LIne up drum and change live drums to drums in Groove Agent

f.  Guitars VST amp How to fix live recording to change it to VSTamp
g.  Tempo live dection on one track and then setting the same tempo to all other tracks.

00:28:37.  Tempo Detection for Remixes ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 ** #233

00:32:05.  Groove Agent Beat Production ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 ** #234

00:37:32. . Groove Agent Acoustic Agent **Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 ** #235

00:41:33  . Drum Replacement and Triggering ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 ** #236 

00:43:45. . Multi Track Drum Quantizing ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 ** #237

00:46:49. . ST Bass Amp and VST Amp Rack ***Special overview Cubase 11 NAMM 2021 ** #238 

00:13:38. .  How to do a tempo detection of drums and make other tracks follow? #239

03:38:28. How to get warp grid to tweak results after tempo detection? #258

02:11:55. Why does hitting undo affect tempo detected files? Cont. For above if tempodetcting does not to 100% good job. Use the time warp tool to adjust tempo grid. #240

02:48:23. How to keep tempo fixed after doing a tempo detection? Move tempo to the audio file or to the project. #241
03:38:28. How to get warp grid to tweak results after tempo detection? Keywords: fix Tempo detection Out of Grid after drums fills #242

More about tempo detction etc freewarp

02:56:51. Can you demonstrate syncing a recording to the metronome. Using a tempo track? #243

01:05:59. How to setup parameters on tempo track? #244

00:10:56. How to import a MIDI tempo track in a project already with an audio file? #245

01:31:12. How to set a steady temp on a live recording with a variable tempo? Live recording to tempo set tempo into audio file #246

01:51:02. How to do comping on a live recording? Comping mode #247


Generate vocal harmonies

03:28:29. Is there any way to generate vocal harmonies automatically? #250

02:10:54. Why does generate harmonies create new tracks each time used? #251

Mono To Stereo | Effects and Plug-ins Included in Cubase #252

Mono to Stereo 


01:20:22. Can I disable the bass note generally within the chord pads?  #253

00:30:15. Why does a sample in musical mode play at right tempo but not the right key? #254

01:11:04. How to adjust the speed of a note glide in the sampler track? #255

00:39:48. How to repeat 4/4 and 3/4 time signatures throughout the project? #256

01:16:27. Any tips on writing a good bass line? #257

01:00:19.  Best way to quickly display the chord track into the score window? Create chord track sheet - Then to create a pdf;  menu - file - print - pdf) #259


Very Best Jan Karlqvist

Note. Jan Karlqvist is creator of CubaseINDEX.com 

Klumpigt med Insert Fx vid vissa ställen då det påverkaralla event i tracket, du måste alltså stänga av och slå på Fx vid rätt tillfälle, Direct offline Processing(short cut F7)  är smidigare  #248

Smidigare är att måla upp sista stavelsen eller ett gt riff sista ton direkt i wave-eventen och få delay just där. Då använder man Direct offline Processing(short cut F7).

När du ska flytta ord eller gt i wave filen. Utan Sax och Varioaudio

Ta dig tid att titta 60s så du har sett denna teknik!!!

Det kommer att spara dig enormt med tid istf för att använda sax eller VarioAudio! #249


När DoP används modifieras wavefilen, men aldrig originalfilen. För här kommer det listiga,det går alltid att återställa hur det var innan Dop, även 10 årmed enkelt "undo". Eftersom DoP info lagras i cpr filen ochDoP info finns därmed bevarad för tid och evighet.

DoP modifieringar sparas i en nykatalog "Edits", och det är Edits katalogen jag kommeratt behöva av dig. Alltså de ursprungliga wave finns alltid kvar och ändras ej.

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